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[PART NINE] & Some News
Mark Zuckerberg
oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
Okay, I'm a little new at this so sorry if I mess this up first go. Because it's been 5 months since the last round even though we haven't been busy. I figured I might as well earn my keep and try to get this place alive again...




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))

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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.



AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five, six, seven, or eight. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. We know there's been some issues but we're working on it with pinboard. No duplicates from this round either. THANK YOU.


Kidfic AU! Eduardo shares custody of his child with Christy, but the kid lives with him. On a weekend their child is spending with Christy he decides to go out and pick someone up and just have amazing no strings attached sex because it’s been a long time. Except Christy has an emergency and drops by with their child the next morning while Eduardo’s one night stand is still in his bed.

TL;DR, Eduardo has a child who catches Mark in Eduardo's bed one morning and assumes Mark is Eduardo’s boyfriend. Mark plays along until Eduardo can explain casual relationships to a little kid. Cue falling in love, Y/Y?

I guess you could also do it with Mark and Erica having a kid and Eduardo being the one night stand. I just love kidfic is that a crime?? D:

Also, please please please no bashing Christy or Erica or whoever you choose to be the mother.

I really, really want to do this. I may. But I'm horrible with commitments, just as a warning. /gets typing

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it was rl eduardo's 30th birthday yesterday.can anyone write a nice birthday fic please.mark treats him to a really special day.

...oh my, tonight, I swear I know nothing about RL!Wardo & Mark, I dreamed that Mark wrote an e-mail to Wardo for his 30th birthday, where he "opened" his heart (well, in Mark's way, of course).


Eduardo/Mark + poor Sean

See, this is why Sean doesn't do good deeds. He tries to save Mark from some overgrown blowhard by pretending to be his boyfriend, and how does the universe thank him? By smashing a fist into his face, courtesy of Eduardo Saverin - who, might he add, hasn't even spoken to Mark in years.

Ugh, Sean is just too good for this world, clearly.

I'd prefer if Eduardo and Mark truly haven't spoken in years, and are not in a secret relationship or something

minifill 1/?


"Don't tilt your head back; you'll choke on your blood. And here, use this. Make sure you don't get any on the seat. Leather is a bitch to clean."

Sean would glare at the not-helpful-at-all Mr. Eduardo Saverin, but he's currently fully occupied with the task, even if it is increasingly futile, of keeping some of his blood inside his body. He picks up the t-shirt Eduardo had blindly tossed in his lap and eyed it warily.

"Is this clean?"

Eduardo takes his eyes off the road to shoot a death glare at Sean, before he spits out, "Cleaner than you…Motherfucker—"

Sean closes his eyes and exhales, opening himself to the gentle indifference of the world and mentally prepares himself to meet his fucking maker. Sean didn't think it was possible, but Eduardo may actually be a worse driver than Mark. The Audi (seriously? Sean Parker was not meant to die in an Audi) swerves, overcorrects, and then jerks itself right again, speeding through another yellow light. The long wails of the car horns protest in tune with that of squealing brakes.

Sean has always known that he was going to die young and handsome, possibly by assassination or perhaps overindulgence (though the latter was far less likely even if widely predicted, because Sean Parker has self-control, thank you very much).

"Seriously, Parker, watch where you're bleeding."

"Seriously, Saverin? Go fuck yourself."

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Dustin/Any - girl!Dustin

There is not enough girl!Dustin on this meme!

[Gen] Alice(/Christy)

Kinkmeme, tell me how they met, are they roommates? Do they usually have sex where the other one can hear? Does she think Eduardo is a lameass boyfriend and Christy can do better? Does she and Mark become bros and commiserate about Eduardo and Christy being nauseatingly coupley? TELL ME, THESE ARE THING I WANT TO KNOW.

FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (1/6?)

Alice likes giving head. Not as much as Christy does, and not for the same reasons, but she likes it.

(Christy says it makes her feel powerful, and Christy chases that feeling all the time.)

For Alice it's entirely tactile; she's always had a bit of an oral fixation, and she likes the way it feels to have someone else's body against and inside hers. Whether it's a man or a woman doesn't seem to make much of a difference; she likes the warmth of this kind of contact and making someone feel good.

Sex is fun for Alice, and it has never been about feelings. She thinks that maybe it's because she knows her own body so well. She's done taekwondo all her life and she's been getting herself off since she was thirteen. She has never had any trouble saying no, and she only fucks people that make her feel safe.

Christy says that she's weird; for Christy, casual sex is about feeling dangerous.

Ideally, Alice likes sucking people off in a bed, rather than kneeling on a dirty bathroom floor. But she tends to go where Christy goes, and Christy hadn't wanted to wait until they'd left the club.

And Alice likes Mark. She likes the way he laughs when she gets his pants undone and around his knees, a little incredulous and perfectly content to be in a bathroom stall next to his best friend.

Mark isn't exactly sweet, that's not the word she'd use, but he's honest and smart and when he talks to her he looks at her face. He seems like he would have been just as happy to leave the bar alone and go back to his dorm to work, but when she pulls him into the bathroom he follows without any reservations.

When she tells him to touch her afterwards he does so immediately, focused and sharp, and he follows her every instruction to the letter. It hardly takes any time at all for her to come, which seems to amaze him. There's the tiniest smile on his face, sated and utterly guileless. She smiles back.

"I think I'm going to date Eduardo," Christy says when they're smoothing their hair and straightening their clothes in the bathroom mirror afterwards.

Eduardo is Christy's type exactly. He's tall and handsome and wide eyed. An idealist, too well meaning to understand his own arrogance.

Alice thinks he's pretty clueless and definitely unprepared for the brushfire that is her best friend.

"Cool," she says, reapplying lipgloss and sharing a secretive smile with Christy in the mirror.


"Bitch, did you borrow my bra?"

"Which one?"

"The white push up, with the lace. And the bow."

Alice looks up from her homework. She's sprawled over their couch, a textbook in her lap and and the television on at a low volume. "Chris, I'm two cup sizes smaller than you." The only time that Alice has borrowed any of Christy's undergarments was one Halloween, when she'd dressed up as Cher and needed something she could stuff with tissues.

"Well it's gone, and I have a date, and there's no point in showing this much cleavage if my boobs are sagging around my bellybutton." Christy looks down at her chest and cups her breasts, maneuvering them into the position that she'd like them.

"Like he gives a shit." Like anyone gives a shit; Christy's boobs are awesome. And from what Alice has heard Eduardo really appreciates them.


"Did you leave it at his place?" She does that a lot.


"Just wear the blue one. The effect is pretty much the same."

Christy makes an unhappy, frustrated noise and flounces back to her room. "Why are you studying?" she hollers once she's out of sight. "It's Friday night, you weird hermit."

"Some of us are more interested in keeping our 4.0s than fucking hot Brazilians," Alice calls back, smiling a little.

Christy reappears, wearing only her skirt and the blue bra, which is definitely doing its job. She leans against the doorframe and smirks slowly. "He is hot, isn't he?"


"He's sweet, too. In bed, I mean."

Alice looks at her. Christy is smiling softly. Things seem to be going well between her and Eduardo, but Christy is unpredictable, and she gets bored easily. Alice has only seen her in love once before. It wasn't pretty.

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Eduardo is a wealthy businessman/investor. Mark is the teenage son of one of his clients.

Bonus points for size kink and Mark being a snarky bitch.

welp if you're at all interested in the prospect of a second fill, the second i'm done with my other wip which should be this weekend-ish, i'lll probs do something for this one too ;___;

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[rpf] andrew/jesse

ummmm so LEGS also i can't be the only person who saw this picture and thought of ciimh/"i refuse to get out of bed for a man dressed like a member of vampire weekend"

give me something with those stupid wonderful legs

also eduardo/mark

op would also accept vacationing hipster!wardo

Eduardo/Mark they are competitive people

This prompt is very, very dear to me, so I'll post it everywhere. Beware!

Inspired by this post on tumbrl.

Mark and Eduardo were friends because they are two intelligent, ruthless, larger than life, bamfs.
What happened with FB? Not their best moment. Yes, at the end it turned very well, but they made mistakes, dangerous mistakes, and they made it because they were blinded by their feeling for each other (very platonic, best friend forever, all very "we love just asian girlz").

Now they are two thirty years old Billionaires (intelligent, ruthless and still larger than life) with just a little competitive streak. Just mainly for each other.

Mark is dining with the USA president - Eduardo is dancing with the Queen.
Eduardo is "Entrepreneur of the Year" for the World Economic Forum - Mark receives the Nobel Prize for Peace, bitch.
Mark is all kiss-kiss-bang-bang with the inventor of tumbrl - Eduardo becomes special consultant for twitter.
Eduardo and his friends are parting at Hvar with prince Harry - Mark is with his in New Zealand in a Lord of The Rings tour.
Mark buys a castle in Ireland - Eduardo a penthouse at Dubai.
Eduardo is all on facebook with is upper beautiful ex-idol girlfriend - Mark has all the love and devotion he needs from Beast.


(they need to work together to solve a bigger problem, or maybe one makes a super romantic gesture for the other.... it depends a lot if you write something crackly or serious)

TL;TR they are two competitive motherf*cker with a lot of money. they are not pining, not miserable, not sorry, but still a lot in love

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Re: Eduardo/Mark they are competitive people


tfln:(310)we've had our differences but let's set them aside,go home and fuck


Post-depositions/lawsuits, at a party or shareholder meeting Sean has an asthma attack and Eduardo looks after him...

Eduardo/Mark - Chess

So, these people who have dug up stuff about rl!Eduardo have me interested:

So can we have something that deals with Eduardo and chess? I don't care what really, he can run off and become a chess grandmaster or something like that. I just want the geeky side of Eduardo out in full force XD

Mark/Eduardo fb fails scenario

I'd love to see a fill where fb fails (perhaps Sean never shows up or Mark never betrays Wardo or Thiel never makes his angel investment) and Mark moves to Singapore with Wardo as Wardo becomes the big shot businessman he always wanted to be for his father (and to take care of Mark of course)

Eduardo's new CLOSE FRIEND


'My close friend' he said.

I don't care about the pairings. Aldo/Eduardo or Mark/eduardo is fine. Just please write something about this!!!! PLEASE!!!!

P.S glasses wardo is love =>

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(Deleted comment)
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[GEN] or Eduardo/Mark, Dexter AU

What it says on the tin. I want an AU with Mark as Dexter. I don't particularly care about other details; you can have it be a direct recast or just vaguely based on the show.

If you're doing a direct recast you can have Eduardo as Rita, the significant other that doesn't know about his secret serial killing life (although if you could avoid the whole dying thing? That'd be swell) or as Lumen, the not-so-damsel-in-distress and his partner in serial killing crime.

Or you could ignore everything I've said other than: DEXTER AU. :D

Re: [GEN] or Eduardo/Mark, Dexter AU

oh my god, Dexter AU!

Could it work with the first season/book? Mark as Dexter and Eduardo as Brian? I mean, despite the circumstances, the sexual tension between those two is ridiculous. Not that I'd be able to write it either way, because I can't write to save my life (WHYYY) but just a thought. (Dustin as Masuoka would also make me weep with joy.)

But yes, I concur: DEXTER AU.

[RPF] Jesse/Andrew

Andrew is a single dad in his early 30s with a 16 year old daughter. Jesse is his daughter's best friend and he has a massive crush on Andrew. Andrew reciprocates his feelings but is terrified of acting upon them.

everything else is pretty much up to the author but I would love it if you could somehow work a scene in where Jesse let's slip that he's seen Andrew in red riding and definitely liked what he saw.

this is gold! jesse would be so bumbling and adorable and andrew would be like "what? what!"

Mark/Eduardo piggyback rides

Eduardo gives Mark a piggyback ride!


Where's all the Dustin het, people?

I'm not picky! I don't care if it's Dustin/Marilyn, Dustin/Alice, Dustin/Christy, Dustin/Erica, Dustin/Amy or Dustin/SOMEONE I'M FORGETTING. Give it to me, please!

Re: Dustin/Any

asf;lajk !!!!!


[crossover] chris/dustin, eduardo/mark, brittany/santana [glee]

clearly what this meme needs are more unfilled glee prompts BUT BEAR WITH ME THIS IS KIND OF A WEIRD IDEA

santana is mark and wardo's daughter (she's got mark's deadpan wit and shamelessness with eduardo's vulnerability and sass. eduardo would be the biological father judging by the eyes and lips)
brittany is chris and dustin's daughter (she has a lot of dustin's naivety mixed with chris's drive. chris would be her biological dad)

i am just mixing my otp's here, do what you wish (though i'd love to see mark and eduardo's reaction to santana coming out/being outed instead of just UPDATE YALL because you KNOW mark would want to ruin finn's life for that)


Mark centric, gen or Eduardo/Mark

In which Mark's life is a comedy in several acts entitled The Exciting Adventures of Mark The Magnanimous. Mark who is mostly harmless and tries very hard to be nice to people but whose brain cannot handle stupidity, and who really likes his roommates and, maybe sort of has a crush on his best friend.

With scenes like Today, Facing Dumb People; Letting Dustin Win At Halo Because His Girlfriend Broke Up With Him; Complimenting Eduardo About His Clothes In An Efficient Yet Not Sexually Threatening Way; Today Again, Facing Dumb People; Cleaning The Bathroom Because Chris Said I Should Even Though I Don't See Why; Being Nice To The Library Girl; Avoiding The Library WIthout Making It Look Like I Am Avoiding The Library; Trying To Get Eduardo To Stay Over Tonight In A Very Adult And Manly And Not At All Childish And Needy Way; etc.

I just want awkward Mark interacting with humanity and being baffled by the sheer amount of idiocy that can come out of one's mouth most of the time but trying anyway because Dustin, Chris, and Eduardo get that proud, happy smile when he manages to be nice.

Re: Mark centric, gen or Eduardo/Mark

YES. Please write ALL the socially impaired!Mark

Eduardo/Mark, Mark/Other

This is maybe too weirdly specific, but: someone should write one of those fics where one character mistakenly believes the object of their affections is already in a relationship. Cue pining and dumb misunderstandings! Eventual clarification and boyfriend-y fluff! (I always enjoy when the supposed relationship looks like an unhappy one--anything ranging from mistaken abuse to constant bickering--and the pining character is just like COME ON YOU CAN DO BETTER I AM STANDING RIGHT HERE UGH I COULD MAKE YOU SO HAPPY IF YOU WOULD JUST LET ME TRY.)

I was thinking Eduardo as the pining character and Mark as the one he thinks is already in a relationship (with Chris or Dustin or Erica or Alive or the Winklevii or WHOEVER, y'know). (Oh oh oh but if it's a post-depositions fic then the non-relationship being between Sean and Mark would probably be really funny.)

Re: Eduardo/Mark, Mark/Other

I like this idea!

Eduardo/Mark - female facebook!

Inspired by this:

Mark wakes up to a female version of Facebook wearing that dress. And she’s all suave but pissed and wants her creators to stop being douches and get back together so she can stop having to deal with their utter incompetence while being separate (because obviously the only way they can be perfect is when they're together, just look at what a perfect thing was created when they were). And also have Wardo around to redeem Mark’s lack of fashion sense. Someone has to run this company who’s not completely fashion retarded.

this prompt is complete crack and I have no regrets

Fill: Fashion is Never Finished, 1/1

a/n: i sorta got fixated on the pic & wrote this about the dress itself, without a person in it.

Mark enjoys the occasional office catnap.

He's having a luscious one when taffeta brushes against his hand and almost wakes him up.

The throat-clearing noise does wake him up.

It sounds like a lady.

He opens his eyes to a headless dress form swishing around in blue and white ruffles. It looks somehow...Facebooky. It's so fucked up he's pretty sure it's a dream.

The thing somehow has a voice.

"Eduardo's on his way. I don't care how long it's been and I don't care about the money or the feelings or any of that shit."

"Okay, first of all how did you call him because you have no mouth, and called him?"


"And you're a floating disembodied dress."

"I'm Facebook." It pushes one hip forward like a model.

"Okay, I get it. Sort of."

"Allow me to preface by saying there are going to be some changes around here. And don't give me any of your 'I'm CEO, bitch' shit. If you ignore me I'll just manifest as something else. Like a blueberry shortcake that'll land you in the bathroom crying for your mother."

"Wow. Okay."

"Eduardo should be here any minute. In fact I sense the approaching presence of someone with more savoir faire in his thumb than you have in your entire body."

"He doesn't work here."

"That's half your problem, Mark. There's a lot more to Eduardo than nineteen thousand dollars."

"I know. That hair."

"And the algorithm. And the Phoenix list..."

There's a soft knock at the door, and the dress turns. Mark reaches out to touch the big, fluffy striped bow on the back to test its realness, and it falls into two limp hanks of silk.

"Hey!" the dress scolds.

"Sorry," he says, and tries to re-tie it nicely. He can't, though. It's wrinkled and flat and all wrong.

"Dammit...thanks, Mark."

Eduardo enters the office looking tall, dark, and perfect.

"Wow,” Mark says. “You're really here."

"Yeah. She said it was important."

"She is a talking dress. Don't you think this is a little weird?"

"Yes. It's definitely weird being in the same room as you.”

"Enough!" the dress says with a flounce. "The reason we're all there is that I've got problems."

"I'll say," Mark says. "You don't have a face. Or feet."

"Don't flaunt your ignorance," the dress tuts, and sidles up to Eduardo. "Tell him what's wrong with me."

"Okay," Eduardo says and eyes her up and down. He fixes the crumpled bow in back and makes it look poofy again, but pauses thoughtfully for a moment. "You need a kickpleat back here. A deep one."

"Yes!" the dress says. "What else?"

"May I?" Eduardo says, and carefully unzips the back. The dress holds still and waits for some kind of point to be made. "Mark, this isn't even lined!”

The neck stump nods in triumphant agreement.

"How do you know these things?" Mark howls.

"Haven't you ever gone to a formal and had to re-zip your date later?" The dress shakes with a giggle. "Never mind. Anyway, this should totally be lined. And come over here." Mark begrudgingly does. "There should be a hook and eye closure at the top of the zipper."


"I don't know, there just should be."

"What's a hook and eye closure?"

"Hold out your finger. Okay, hook it." Eduardo makes a little horseshoe shape with his own fingers, and Mark finally understands.

"I would like to remind everyone present that I'm a programmer."

"We know."

" I need to get sewing stuff?"

"We'll see," the dress says. "You two are going out for drinks. Take some time to catch up and remember what you like about each other." She ushers them out the door and adds, "Mark. Look him in the eye when he speaks to you. And Eduardo, under no circumstances are you to get weepy."

They're outside the building when Mark says, "I don't even know what to say about this.”

“I think she's an allegory.”

“I think she's awesome. In a weird way.”

"I'll go along with it if you will.”

“We probably should. She threatened me.”

“Hey,” Eduardo says. “Maybe it'll be like Pinocchio and she'll turn into a real girl."

They walk together in comfortable silence.

"Hey, Wardo?"


"Suppose that happened. Do you think she'd have any interest in dating us?"

Mark/Eduardo, Mark/Erica - time travel, Mark has trouble being 19 again

We've had a few time-travel fics, but I haven't seen one with quite this premise.

CEO Mark wakes up in Kirkland, and 19-year-old Dustin is yelling at him to get up now if he wants to shower before class, because otherwise Dustin has first dibs, and Mark really should shower today because he has a hot date with E-ri-ca tonight, right?

Mark realizes that it's the morning of the Facemash day, and decides he'd better retrace his exact actions unless he wants to screw up his future, but wow, he'd forgotten how hard his OS class was, and he can't have Harvard kicking him out before he has Facebook, and he can't quite manage to make himself be that oblivious asshole to Erica, and he definitely can't ramble on about final clubs for 15 minutes.

So Mark winds up back at Kirkland at 11 instead of 8, still dating Erica, with Billy asleep in Chris's bed instead of making helpful suggestions about farm animals, and no reason to be drunk and angry and blogging. And the last Facebook hackathon was a couple of months ago, he really can't hack nine houses and code a website in six hours any more. And Eduardo's not going to be coming over to check on him and be coaxed into giving up the algorithm...Maybe he freaks out at this point and Chris or Dustin does get Eduardo over, or maybe he decides that he can do without the Winklevosses and their lawsuit anyway, but Facemash doesn't happen.

There's potential for crack here with 20-something-billionaire Mark trying to act like his college self, and weirding out Chris and Dustin and Erica with his unexpected maturity, or knowing things he's not meant to because they haven't happened yet. But he's worried that he's already started diverging from his future, and he's going to have to choose between Wardo and Facebook all over again, only this time he knows exactly what he's doing. And he didn't know just how much he missed Wardo till he had him back. And he's Mark, so he's going to try to get both.

Re: Mark/Eduardo, Mark/Erica - time travel, Mark has trouble being 19 again

*I approve of your prompt*

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Eduardo/Mark, Eduardo/Erica friendship fix-it/kid fic

Take a seat, this might be long...

I was hoping for something like this: maybe Erica got pregnant but only found out after the break-up/Facemash incident, and decided that she would keep the baby, but that she didn't need someone like Mark in her child's life. But the thing is, she and Eduardo reconnect pre-depositions, post-dissolution and they become best friends. After the lawsuit, he learns that her son/daughter is Mark's and swears to keep her secret. She gets an awesome job offer and moves to Singapore, Eduardo decides to follow and becomes some sort of father figure to the kid, except that once Mark learns Eduardo moved halfway across the planet, he decides that he's given Eduardo enough time and that he needs Wardo back into his life. Cue to angst, reconnection, Mark learning the truth about his son/daughter and eventually forgiveness? Bonus point for Erica/Dustin!

To summon things up, I basically want an angsty fix-it for Mark and Eduardo, Erica being badass and a HBIC, the three of them learning to forgive each other for their past mistakes, an adorable but challenging kid, Erica and Eduardo being awesome and best-friends together. Also, some porn? Yes? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Re: Eduardo/Mark, Eduardo/Erica friendship fix-it/kid fic

omg, that would be the most adorable kid with the most adorable dimples!

[rpf] andrew/jesse

anything based on this:

can be an art school au, just the two of them painting, whatever you'd like

impression, love [1/?]

a/n: ummm…I feel a little bit of shame. I hope to finish this by the end of the week but I still have to finish up springfest prompts, so if it’s done next week, I hope OP won’t be mad. Eventually it will be smutty, but at the moment, it’s just lead up. I know where it’s heading, not sure how to get there so comments, complaints, suggestions are welcome.

Jesse had met Andrew through his friend Emma.

She was in art school with Andrew (sharing a sculpting or a nude or something artistic class) and then Emma threw a party so she could force Jesse into a button up shirt and drag him away from his thesis under the guise of “meeting new people”. Jesse was standing along the side of the room, watching the withering masses of artists and models and other scholars moved and gyrated while drinks and pills and hands wandered around the room, nursing a watered down rum and coke when a tanned, doe-eyed boy was pushed against his chest, laughing and flushed and oh so lovely. Jesse couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, didn’t want to move.

“‘Ello,” the other boy said, backing up as the crowd was pulled away in order to move closer to the next best thing, sticking his hand into Jesse’s face. “My name’s Andrew Garfield, best friend of Emma. Yours?”

“I...umm…Jesse,” Jesse said slowly, reaching out to grasp the clammy hand in his face. “Eisenberg. Jesse Eisenberg. Also a best friend of Emma. Emma Stone to be precise. The one over there dancing on the table with Joe.”

"I'm glad that we know the same Emma," said Andrew beaming before leaning on the wall next to Jesse.

Andrew talked to Jesse until they somehow migrated to Emma’s room, which was messy and organized in Emma’s own quirky way. Andrew moved some of Emma’s clothes off of her bed with a sweep of his arm before flopping on there, stomach down. Jesse sat next to the bed, leaning his boney back against Emma’s nightstand in order to look up at Andrew’s face that was hanging off of the bed.

“I’m not an artist,” Jesse admitted, after hours of talking. They had talked about nothing in particular; debates over musicals vs. indie, best movie they’ve ever seen, Emma’s amazing ideas to take over the world that will ultimately fail due to lack of planning.

“Neither am I,” Andrew said easily, swinging his right arm slightly, letting it occasionally brush against Jesse’s knee. “Well, not a visual artist. I’m usually an actor but occasionally I dabble in painting or sketching. Emma likes to use me for photography shoots.”

Jesse opened an eye lazily, having been talking lazily and near asleep. Jesse had acted when he was younger before discovering his love of Russian history and literature, dropping it before entering into grad school. He had acted in a few shoddy plays during college (like the demented one where he had to act as a bird) but not consistent enough to consider it to be a “serious” career choice.

“Really? Which plays?”

Andrew smiled before starting to list some off, lulling Jesse back into a calm, and eventually into a sleep.

(Jesse woke up the next morning in Emma’s bed, spooning against Emma’s back, a new number on his phone, a text from Andrew, and a smile.)

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Eduardo/Mark, kitten play

Mark is Eduardo's pet kitten.

take a chance to unwind, 1/?

It's been a long day for Eduardo; he's tired and his feet are sore and his throat is scratching at the back from the terse, loud words he had to use on a client today, and Mark's on his week off. Eduardo's somewhat biter Mark gets the luxury of lying around this week when Eduardo can't be home to fuck him all day, and even though Mark's been good about calling him during his lunch hour-and-a-half and mewling about "please come home early today, pleasepleaseplease" while touching himself to Eduardo's commands, it's not enough.

Mark pounces on him when Eduardo walks through the door, and Eduardo chuckles, melts against his lips. "Hey, love," Eduardo says, soft, then grabs the leather collar that hangs from the keyhooks near the door. "Do you mind if we?"

Mark's eyes widen a fraction at the garment, but he nods. Eduardo wastes no time fashioning it around Mark's slender, pale neck, the dark blue leather such a gorgeous contrast, the silver detailing on the buckle perfect.

Mark noses at his jaw, silent, now. He can't talk while they do this. Eduardo smiles, tugs on his hand, leads him to the couch. "C'mere, kitten," he nearly purrs, motioning to his lap. Mark crawls onto his legs, scratching his nails down the front of Eduardo's chest. "Ah, ah. No, not tonight, querido. You're going to be good, right?"

And Mark nods, tucks his nose into Eduardo's neck and waits for his command.

Eduardo shivers. "Good, Mark," he whispers, running his hand through Mark's curls. Mark answers with a soft sigh, nosing lovingly at Eduardo's neck, and Eduardo continues to pet him-- scratches behind his ears so Mark melts against his torso, runs his fingers through every curl.

"Have you been good today, pet? You didn't touch yourself like I told you, right? You can nod." Mark nods, then, bashful, still not taking his face out of Eduardo's shoulder. He always reverts to this state, this shy, cuddly Mark that is almost never present when he has the collar on.

Eduardo laughs, flicking the buckle on the front of the collar. "That's good, Mark," he whispers, kissing Mark's cheek. "Should I reward you, then? I've had a hard day, though," he contemplates out loud, a tease. "I need my kitten to help me unwind."

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