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[PART NINE] & Some News
Okay, I'm a little new at this so sorry if I mess this up first go. Because it's been 5 months since the last round even though we haven't been busy. I figured I might as well earn my keep and try to get this place alive again...




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
♥ Please do not repost prompts from earlier rounds
♥ put [GEN] before GEN prompts.


♥ please don't embed. link to images/videos.
♥ no locked material. this includes communities, even if membership is open.
♥ fills can be posted anonymously or not.
♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.
NEW: ♥ PLEASE comment with the first of your fill to the PROMPT and then all future updates as a comment to the FIRST PART of the fill. this makes it easier for both the WIP spreadhseet and for archiving stuff on delicious. it also helps people who are trying to catch up on updates and don't have to look through every fill on the prompt (should it have more than one). thank you.

Hi, right now everyone is working on some changes so hold on new things are coming. In an effort to kick this place back into action, we're doing round 9. In a few days, we'll be setting up a fills post that hopefully will work directly for archiving and an overflow post. Also we'll be doing a friending meme at tsn_km_gather so be looking out for that. I know some of the other mods have plans of their own which will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or ideas that I can help you with, feel free to PM me. I'll be around.



have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.



AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five, six, seven, or eight. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. We know there's been some issues but we're working on it with pinboard. No duplicates from this round either. THANK YOU.

When Gabe Saporta and Eduardo Saverin first met (4/?)

Gabe was confused, though, and asked in return, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, your... little group is badly produced electronic music. Why don't you write songs with real instruments and meaningful lyrics?"

"Mark, stop," Eduardo hissed, looking apologetically at Gabe. "I'm really sorry about him, he can be a bit pretentious when it-"

"I'm not pretentious, I'm honest-"

Gabe saw the power struggle between the two and the personal challenge Mark brought forth in front of him. He wasn't one to back down from a challenge, even from a younger college student that was probably ten times smarter than he was.

Gabe sat up a little straighter. "Dustin said he danced. That's what I want to do for a living; make people dance. Dancing is movement that can free emotions, relieve stress, create art, among other things. To me, the music is secondary. What's primary is that I make you want to get on your feet and sway your hips a little.

"I'm not a professional musician, Mark. I'm a dance enforcer."

Mark raised an eyebrow. "No offense but that's the biggest crock of shit I've ever-"

Chris stood up. "Enough." He looked at Gabe, who seemed relaxed and not at all affected by Mark, which was a good thing. "I'm sorry about him. We should be getting back anyway. Thank you very much for inviting us back here."

Gabe held a hand out, which Chris shook. "My pleasure."

Chris grabbed Dustin's shoulder. "Come on."

Dustin whined, "But I wanna-"


Hearing the strict tone of Chris' voice, Dustin stood up without another word and walked toward the door, Chris following behind him. Mark stayed in place, though, waiting for Eduardo to follow, but when Gabe patted the empty cushion between them and Eduardo scooted over, he was uncertain what was going on.

"Wardo," Mark called.

Chris shook his head, grabbed Mark's elbow. "He's staying. We aren't."

"What, we're just going to ditch him?"

"It's not ditching, Mark."

Eduardo and Gabe didn't seem to mind that they weren't yet entirely alone, speaking quietly to one another about their experiences in South America and how their countries cultures differed. Besides Cobra Starship, it was the only common ground they knew they had and they decided to build from there.

Whispering in Mark's ear, Chris said, "He wants to be here. With Gabe. Alone. If he didn't, he'd be in the hall with Dustin right now."

When Mark saw Gabe casually, briefly touch Eduardo's cheek, he finally understood. For once, Eduardo chose someone over Mark. Someone Mark really, really was starting to resent. That resentment, though, may just have been from the fact Gabe took Eduardo from him, regardless of the fact he tried to put the blame on the bad music.

Really, though, Mark thought they sounded like shit and he actually could not get over it.

Eduardo giggled when Gabe spoke to him in Spanish and Chris pushed Mark out the door forcibly. "Let's go."

Mark looked back, searching for any sign Eduardo didn't want to be there, but when Eduardo didn't bother to tear his eyes away or tell him bye, he had to accept that Chris was right and that pissed him off even more.

Re: When Gabe Saporta and Eduardo Saverin first met (4/?)

ahhh I'm absolutely in love with this fic. Update soon :D

Re: When Gabe Saporta and Eduardo Saverin first met (4/?)

This is fantastic. And your Mark is hilarious. He would have to remind Eduardo for the rest of his life that he lied, he was away from his corner for more than an hour.

Re: When Gabe Saporta and Eduardo Saverin first met (4/?)

This is great!!
Sorry to ask, but what did you mean by Que son muy bonitas, mis companeros del sur ?

Re: When Gabe Saporta and Eduardo Saverin first met (4/?)

i google translated something, i think it was "you're beautiful, my friend from the south."

but, google translating it from this to makes no sense. i just wanted gabe speaking spanish in there XD

Re: When Gabe Saporta and Eduardo Saverin first met (4/?)

It should have said sos hermoso, mi amigo del sur (or something like that), but yeah, google translate is pure crap. Anyway, this fic is awesome!!!


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