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IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts one, two or three over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen.

Eduardo/Mark, girl!Mark

I want Eduardo taking care of girl!Mark, like, utter fluff and oblivious!Mark. Including carrying her to bed after a coding-marathon, bringing her food (or making it... cooking!Eduardo is hott.), brushing her hair (idk, just make it happen!), etc. Bonus if Chris and Dustin are like, WTF, Dude?, everyone else assuming they're together, and they're like HELL, no!, but Eduardo secretly wishing it or something.

If anon wishes to make this longer, then maybe showing Wardo taking care of Mark during the years, even after the deposition, secretly of course, and ending preferably with Mark FINALLY getting it, and then being like "Take CARE of me again, Wardo?" and then sexytimes ensues. =D After Eduardo stops hesitating, cuz' he's still angry/hurt about what happened between then. But who could resist those pouty lips? ;D

... Anon will get my firstborn if it's Sean (fucking) Parker making Mark getting it. Cuz he's just that awesome.

Fill #1, Part 1a: Eduardo/girl!Mark

I decided I wanted to try and fill this. I hope this works out...


“I’m staying here.”


“I’m serious, Wardo. I’m moving in,” Mark announces sitting down at his desk and starting up his computer.

“What?!” Eduardo squeaked slightly, his voice rising, he thought she had been joking, “You’re serious?”

“No, I just said that for fun,” she scowled logging in with his username and password. His password was her birthday and initials so really it wasn’t something she struggled to remember.

Why it was her birthday and initials was something that made little sense to Mark.

“You can’t stay here, Mark. This is a guys dorm. And I don’t think Chris or Dustin will be happy with that,” Eduardo exclaimed, trying to keep her attention on him and not his computer for 30 seconds.

Mark rolled her eyes and proceeded to pulled up the Harvard Facebook. Perhaps if she explained to him that this was the last straw, Christy had gone too far and this time; Mark would not be coming back. Or maybe if she mentioned that Erica (her former friend) had basically made her want to cry… not that Mark would admit it, but it might score some sympathy from Wardo. That bitch had basically called her a selfish, ugly, bitter, tomboy in lamest terms and then added that she couldn’t get friends or a man.

She was NEVER going back, and now she had a plan to get even with her former roommates. If Eduardo cooperated that was. It had only taken four beers, and some stupid comment from Billy Olsen in the hallway but the idea was firmly planted in Mark's brain.

She needed the code and a lot of email accounts.

“Erica and Christy pulled a lame rendition of Carrie on me.”

“With the blood?”

Mark shook her head, but held up a used tampon. Eduardo knew Mark wore pads on her period, clearly they had borrowed the gym scene.

Eduardo swore, “You’re staying here. Are you Okay?”

His desire to take care of her immediately kicking in, despite knowing that Mark had no intention of leaning on him like that. Sure, she would lay in his bed later and maybe tell him it stung like it was a sacred confession but feelings weren't exactly her strong point. And he was a bleeding heart with some kind of twisted desire to essentially mother her.

“Besides being assaulted with used women hygiene products?”


“No comment.”

Mark didn't understand but she had to admit, later when she would be puking her guts up from the four beers she just consumed Wardo would be her saving grace. He would be holding her hair away from the vomit and helping her forget whatever bothered her. Eduardo was good like that, perhaps too good. Mark often wondered why someone so sensitive and kind put up with her.

Of course, first revenge would be nice. Bed hogging and puking could come later.

Mark nodded, opening up a script window, “I will be… when you help me get revenge that is.”

Eduardo stroked her hair, “What do you want me to do?”

“Get Dustin and Chris, and then I need an algorithm. I have a plan involving the Harvard Facebook… and maybe farm animals.”

“Farm animals?”

Re: Fill #1, Part 1a: Eduardo/girl!Mark

I'm excited! :D

Re: Fill #1, Part 1a: Eduardo/girl!Mark


Re: Fill #1, Part 1b: Eduardo/girl!Mark

So that’s how 5 hours later, Dustin, Chris, Mark, and Eduardo beers in hand found themselves sitting around Eduardo’s computer ranking female undergrads against Mark’s roommates (Mark had removed her own picture though). Always picking anyone but Erica or Christy and had sent this link out to all of Harvard. Eduardo had convinced her to ditch the farm animals however dismayed it caused Mark.

The system was about collapse, the popularity huge but somehow that still wasn’t enough for Mark.

“Shit. Did the server just flat-line?” Eduardo wasn’t sure he was reading the screen right but that looked like a failure to him.

Dustin jumped up and ran to his computer, “Aww shit, it’s not working here either.”

Chris stumbled out the door, “I’ll check with the people down the hall…”

Mark smirked and took another sip of beer and brushed her back. It was the best revenge possible, FaceMash was going to make her a star among with the CS students and a god at this school. Who needed things like Final Clubs and girlfriends? Mark was going be riding the success of FaceMash for years to come.

Chris came running back in, his hair disheveled and an excited grin on his face, “It’s down all over Kirkland and one of the guys called his buddy, it was down in their dorm too. You crashed the server, Mark. Crashed the server!”

The victory lap around the hall drunk was totally worth it. Especially when Dustin fell out of the side window and they had to have him rescued from the snow by some sports jock walking by. The feeling should have lasted forever but reality came crashing back down to Mark. She was homeless, was apparently the most hated female in the CS program (not that meant much there were maybe 6 female CS students), and she had just been humiliated.

“Mark?” Eduardo asked putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Wardo. I get to stay in your bed right?”

Eduardo nodded, “Of course. You’re not gonna be staying in Dustin’s bed, right? I think he jerks off nightly, that can’t be healthy.”

An hour later and no more discussions later, Mark found herself sleeping on top of Eduardo whose face was lit up like Christmas decorations in the dark.

“Blogging about the farm animals wasn’t the smartest idea ever was it?” Mark asked half-asleep not looking at Eduardo, her eyes shut, but still awake.

“Probably not but since when have you ever cared about getting in trouble or pissing people off?” He retorted gently.

“I would do all over again even if I got expelled for it.”

“I know you would.”

Re: Fill #1, Part 1b: Eduardo/girl!Mark

I like in character everyone seems, especially Girl!Mark, like she went after girls in general because of how mean Christy and Erica was and not revenge on boys over something else. There's a comfortable and trusting ease that I get from Eduardo/Mark relationship which I love.

Re: Fill #1, Part 1b: Eduardo/girl!Mark

danke^^, I aim to please.

Fill #1, Part 2a: Eduardo/girl!Mark

Eduardo was sitting outside the judicial building waiting for Mark to come out with the verdict. Naturally, 24 hours later, Mark had gotten a letter saying that she was appear and defend herself against getting expelled. Eduardo had warned her, but of course, Mark wasn’t about to let it go. Christy and Erica had gone too far, the not so chivalrous part of Eduardo felt enjoyment in their public embarrassment (Mark’s blog had ensured their low rankings). The other part was worried about his best friend and obvious girl of his dreams, well obvious to everyone but Mark.

Mark the ever so clueless hoodie wearing, always mismatched dressed, and uncaring short sarcastic asshole. Eduardo wondered why his dream girl had to be such an ass, just as he was sure Mark probably asked herself everyday why her best friend was a overly sweet way too nice pushover Brazilian American Jew.

She had once after all casually mentioned she was all about the atheism and that she would never marry a Jew. Or a guy that didn’t know difference between The Odyssey, The Oresteia, and The Aeneid (they were all by different classical authors, a pet peeve of Mark’s was everyone only knowing about Homer and thinking all dactylic hexameters were by Homer), Eduardo had made sure to study them vigorously after Mark mentioned that peeve.

“So?” He asked when he storm out the front of the building.

“Six months probation. A slap on the wrist.”

“Yet you’re angry?” he noted surprised.

She nodded, “They only found out because of my damn blog. You were right the thing about the farm animals was stupid. Erica sung like a canary.”

Eduardo rubbed her back, “I told you if she found out that she would turn you in.”

“I know but that bitch asked for it. She’s the one that called me fat,” Mark apologized slightly walking to Kirkland.

“FAT YOU?” he exclaimed shocked.

Mark nodded, “She told me that I was rotting my teeth with all the sugar and caffeine digestion. She warned me I was looking a little love handley-- love handley what kind of word is that?”

Eduardo put his hand out to stop her in her tracks, “Wait a second. Christy I could believe would hassle you for no reason but what could you have possibly said to Erica to make her say that.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“Yours but Mark, I’m not stupid. I know you, hell Dustin and Chris know you and we all know Erica is a perfectly nice girl. I didn’t push last night because Christy is the sort of vindictive psychopath that would throw bloody tampons at someone and I know she was hassling you about me because she wanted a date with me and I said no. I don’t get why Erica would say that and then join in,” Eduardo reasoned looking at Mark in the face to try and see if she would lie about it.

Mark just removed his hands and side stepped him, “It’s not worth it. She did, I got even, she got me put on probation. I think we’re even now officially. Seeing as, yes I might have threw the first stone.”

“What was the stone…”

“I’ll never tell.”


“Not saying another word, Wardo. Come on, we have to get back. I have OS lab in an hour and I haven’t done shit for it.”

“You need to clean the potato chips off my desktop.”

“I’ll order pizza if you clean them…”

Eduardo ended up cleaning off the potato chips and ordering the pizza.

Re: Fill #1, Part 2b: Eduardo/girl!Mark

The next day, Eduardo was doing his homework on his bed, when Mark came storming into the dorm, hair in a loose wild ponytail, her hoodie wrapped around her waist, and a glare present on her face.

“Mark?” He asked slightly alarmed by how mad she actually looked.

“Fuck image. And fuck the crew team.”

Mark threw down her bookbag and put her headphones at the computer blasting some strong rap music.

When Dustin came back later, he immediately went over to Eduardo who was still puzzled but had failed to say anything since Mark had gotten back a few hours earlier. Mark had coded the entire time without a single word to anyone else.

“Hey, she okay? I heard she was jumped by a bunch of crew jocks but no one knew why,” Dustin said to him setting his bag down on the table.

“What happened?”

Dustin shrugged, “Oh no idea, but some chick in my art class was like “Oh hey Dustin, what’s facemash girl doing with the crew team?” and then it snowballed from there.”

Eduardo shook his head, “She was angry earlier when she walked in but hasn’t said a word since. I’ve just left her.”

“Smart man. I’ll go get us some beer.”

“From where?”

Dustin smirked, “Some senior blew me in art class when she found out I helped with facemash. Offered to get some.”

“Female and Facemash?”

“She got a high ranking apparently,” Dustin laughed pulling out the beer from his travel bag, “I think we should do stuff like that all the time. You just have to convince Mark, Wardo. What else are boyfriends after all but to get their girlfriends things they wouldn’t normally do?”

Eduardo start chocking on the air in the room, “Girlfriend, Mark?!”

Dustin gave him a weird confused look his eyebrows shooting up and his mouth forming into a small frown, “Yea dude, what else would she be? Your pet or wait are you saying you’re her servant? Why else would do everything for her?”

“I’m not Mark’s servant!”

“You do her laundry, make her dinner, and you clean up after her.”

“I clean up after everyone, you guys are all slobs!” Eduardo protested.

Dustin snorted, “Yea, dude my room still looks like it attacked by wild animals or something. Yours? Spotless. And Mark sleeps in your room. She’s 100 times worse than me when it comes to cleaning.”

He motioned to the piles of his clothes lying on the floor of his doorless room and then motioned over to Eduardo’s perfectly neat space which if Eduardo was being truthful would be a disaster zone if he didn’t clean it (or after Mark) every single day because Mark’s idea of clean was to throw things on the floor and wash them mentally with her mind.

One might argue this was a unhealthy relationship between the two if not for the fact that Eduardo had a bit (or a lot) of a care taking complex and Mark feed his need. That was why Chris thought they were meant to be and why Dustin always cracked jokes about them being in love. The co-dependency was amazing, Mark wouldn’t survive without Eduardo, and Eduardo got his desire to be a bleeding caring heart by taking care of Mark. It was slightly twisted but it suited them.

The only thing that might be better to Eduardo was if Mark would realize it wasn’t just Eduardo’s bleeding heart causing this but also that he might be in love with her.

Re: Fill #1, Part 3: Eduardo/girl!Mark

The party was in full swing, and Eduardo should have been out on the dance floor having a blast. Chris had come with Dustin and were hitting on the Jewish girls in attendance. The music was hopping island style with some Bob Marley and all Eduardo kept thinking was that Mark was late.

He sipped his beer half glancing at his watch, the other half peeled to the entrance hoping that Mark would walking in, some Asian chick had tried to jump him earlier, and once upon a time she would have fit his criteria (pre-Mark) but now it only made him want Mark more if that was at all possible.

Five minutes later, Mark came rushing in like someone had been chasing her, hair wild, and eyes seeking madly around the room. Her eyes set on Eduardo and then she came rushing over to him dressed in his funny straw hat and Hawaiian shirt.

“Wardo! We need to talk…”

“Sure, what’s up?” He asked calmly.

Mark pulled him to the exit, “Outside, I don’t want an audience.”

It was the wrong thing to say to Eduardo, who now was smiling like mad. He had figured that Mark was going to take outside for a make-out session, his dream come true.

They ended up in alleyway, and it was so cold out that one could see their own breath coming out in puffs. Snow on ground, and it was a dark out to top it off, Eduardo had to strain to see Mark clearly.

“Remember that Lit class you took last semester?” Mark asked.

Eduardo nodded looking at Mark as if she had grown a second head, “Yea…”

“Why did you take it?”


“Why did you take the class?”

“To get Tai-san’s number…”

“Exactly. College is all about dating, getting laid, and parties. Facemash was a success because it was of pictures people knew not just random celebrities. Everything is about who you know or what attention you want to attract. Why not make a website that has all of that? The social college experience made for the Internet? More than just a dating site or blog site but a site geared to your interests. The ability to find someone online you just met a party,” Mark kept on rambling excitedly, a little bounce in frozen steps and glint in her eyes.

Eduardo nodded, it sounded like a great idea to him but where did he come into this?

“Sounds good, Mark but why tell me and not Dustin?”

“I need a financial backer.”

“Of course, I’ll back you.”

“Thanks, Wardo. You’re the best,” Mark replied before turning around and leaving without another word. Not exactly the outcome he had hoped for.

Re: Fill #1, Part 3: Eduardo/girl!Mark

I still quite enjoy this <3

Re: Fill #1, Part 3: Eduardo/girl!Mark

thanks. It's good that someone is. I'd still probably be writing it anyway though just because I like to finish things.

Re: Fill #1, Part 4a: Eduardo/girl!Mark


“Oh… I’m sorry I didn’t know anyone was still here,” a voice said from the door.

Eduardo turned around quickly nearly forgetting the fact that with him, came a 125 pound female sleeping his arms and was being moved like a rag doll thanks to him.

The woman gasped, Eduardo swore mentally, he thought originally it was some stranger but upon seeing her face he knew otherwise. Here Eduardo was holding Mark his arms like she was sleeping beauty and he was wicked step-father off to go take his secret hideout and ensure her prince never find her.

Big mistake in front of one of Mark’s lawyers. Even if his intent was perfectly innocent.

“You should really put Miss Zuckerberg down before I call security…”

“Wait! This isn’t…”

Too late, the woman had gone rushing off to try and find the maybe one security guard left in the building. He knew after he gave his testimony today that he should have just left. Eduardo was kicking himself, but he had that feeling. That feeling he got whenever Mark was doing something stupid, almost like a six sense that parents swear they develop about their children, that somehow Mark was here and awake and trying to function on no sleep. It was obvious when he found her ten minutes later that was true, what she didn’t know is he sat by watching her for almost another three hours before she feel asleep looking at a Facebook page.

Eduardo never saw it was his page she had been looking at. He simply shut the laptop and proceeded to pick her up with the intent of putting her in a taxi and having her delivered back to whatever hole she was living in currently. They (Dustin, Chris, herself, and whatever employee who came out next) liked renting a place for like three months and then relocating, Eduardo had already lost track of where they were now.

“Mark…” His hissed slash whispered kind of loudly in hopes of psychically waking her somehow, “Mark.”

Mark did little but made a slightly snorting sound. Eduardo in another lifetime might have laughed or smiled fondly at the fact that Mark still snorted in her sleep but really security was on the way and this was not a good situation but dropping her would be a bad idea.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw that woman approach with one dressed guard in hand, looks like the place was empty but deciding to risk more trouble for himself; Eduardo flung Mark over his shoulder and walked out the exit leaving the protest lawyer in his wake.


“Do you think we should move her?” Dustin asked poking Mark with a stick.

Eduardo looked at him, “Where did you find the stick?”

Dustin pointed to outside their window.


Dustin shrugged and started poking Mark again, for his efforts Mark had made a miss piggy like snort before drifting back into silent snores.

Eduardo let out a frustrated grunt, rolling his eyes, he pushed Dustin to the side and went to move the chair. He gently grabbed Mark’s right arm and moved to tug her from the chair before lifting her in his arms and carrying her off to his bed.

“Lame man, you just ruined my fun!”

Eduardo scowled, “Sometimes you’re a real dick.”

Dustin laughed and waved, “Bye whipping boy.”

Re: Fill #1, Part 4b: Eduardo/girl!Mark

“Dude! Did you just seriously kidnap Mark?” Dustin practically hissed throwing the door open, seeing Eduardo coming up the walkway with Mark over his left shoulder.

Eduardo nodded, “I didn’t call you for a social visit.”

Dustin rolled his eyes, Mark’s lawyer, Sy had called ten minutes ago and demanded to know when and if Mark got back or else he was calling the cops and having Eduardo arrested.

“Are you crazy?!”

“She fell asleep and they would have just left her there.”

Eduardo put her down in the couch, and Dustin went to go fetch him a drink for his troubles.

“Mark still sleeps through it all, I’m impressed. A nuclear bomb could go off and she’d still sleep through it,” he said with wonder as Dustin handed him a soda knowing that Eduardo had drove there.

“I’m amazed you even got here without her lawyers calling the cops. Chris is going to flip when he finds out, and I’ll be in trouble for assisting,” Dustin said but at the same time his tone suggested he was mildly amused by this instead of worried or disturbed.

Eduardo shrugged and leaned back on the couch, “Couldn’t leave her there and she was asleep so I had nothing to yell or be mad at.”

Dustin laughed and shook his head taking a sip out of a beer, “You can only be mad at her when she’s awake?”

“Hard to want to strangle anyone when they can’t talk back or defend themselves with their self-righteous attitudes when really they’re just being a dick.”

It was almost comical or tragically sad, Dustin could never decide. Eduardo would later carry her to her room and Mark the next day didn’t even bother to ask how she got home or whom took her back. If she knew anything, she never gave any indication. He would watch her day in and day out until the day the lawsuit ended, until he got his own apartment. Eduardo would never come back to any place they were, sometimes he would text or email or call but it was the last time Dustin had seen Eduardo face to face. And somehow like always, it was when he was taking care of Mark.

The irony and tragedy of it all was never lost on him.

Re: Fill #1, Part 4b: Eduardo/girl!Mark

They are eternally frustrating and yet lovable. Your story highlights this fact about Mark and Eduardo.

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