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OT4 friendship, Eduardo/Mark, crack fic about lack of verbal filters

lol that subject line.

Anyway, one day everyone wakes up and realizes that everything coming out of their mouth is the truth. They have no verbal or mental filters, they can't lie, and they can't stop whatever they say when they go to speak.

At first everyone's wondering what the fuck is going on, but then Chris, Dustin, Mark, and Eduardo start to have fun with it. Mark especially doesn't really care because he says what he feels most of the time anyway. So there's the normal "you're annoying when you leave the light on in the dorm"/"I hate this beer, stop buying it"/"your hair looks ridiculous" until someone (lol Dustin) comes up with the great idea to start talking about sex and ~feelings~. Cue horrified and embarrassed Eduardo admitting that he's so hopelessly in love with Mark and wants to get married and buy a house and adopt babies. (Bonus if Mark says something similar in his own Mark way). I'd prefer Harvard era because I think it's lead to more embarrassment and crack (and if so, Eduardo can't stop telling people who ask that no, he's not dating Mark, but he really, really wants to).

TL;DR: The boys all have some cracky tropey premise happen where they speak the truth, there are shenanigans and feelings.

hahah i don't even know, also i swear i was going to write this all in one night but then now i am passing out on my keyboard

Dustin yawns, coming awake slowly. He pulled a half-nighter last night and his entire brain hurts because CS 220 can suck his dick.

He scratches his stomach, noting idly that he'd fallen asleep with a porn video half-loaded, and he laughs, stands up to get some food. Mark's sleeping in the library and Chris is always out of bed early, doing God knows what, so Dustin's all alone. Breakfast and a morning jerk-off session sounds perfect.

He pushes open the door and Chris is sitting on the couch.

"What's up, man?" Chris says, looking up from a thick hard-covered book, face distracted. Dustin inwardly rolls his eyes.

"I wanted to jerk off and now you're here and I can't without being weird," Dustin says, and throws a hand over his mouth, eyes going huge.

Chris is staring at him like he can't quite believe that just happened. Dustin can't believe that just happened. What the fucking fuck.

"What did you just say?" Chris says, face pink, and Dustin says, "I said I want to jerk off but-" he puts his hand back over his mouth and shakes his head.

"That's what I thought," Chris says faintly, and then- "And it's not like we don't hear you anyway, Dustin, you make this really strange noise when you're about to come."

He puts both hands over his mouth in horror and they are staring at each other with their hands on their mouths and it is so fucking ridiculous Dustin nearly sobs with laughter.

Dustin tentatively lifts his hand and tries to say, "Whoa, man, what the fuck is happening," and instead says, "You listen when I'm coming?"

"Sometimes," Chris says. "If I'm bored. Once I listened while I was jerking off in my bed and it was really weird- oh fucking shit!"

His eyes go huge and scared and Dustin snorts out a terrified laugh.

"I have no clue what's going on," he says, and Chris nods, lips clamped tightly shut.

"I can't believe I just said that," Chris says weakly, and Dustin laughs again.

"Where- is Mark here?"

"I hope not," Chris says, and screws up his face in shock at his own words. "He's so fucking irritating in the mornings."

"He's always irritating," Dustin says. "Do you know he's been drinking your orange juice? Straight from the carton."

"Well, once I blew a guy on his bed, so, we're even," Chris says, and his face goes bright red. Dustin cracks up.


"We were really drunk and I accidentally went into Mark's room and thank fuck he wasn't there and, I don't know, I just really wanted to blow him," Chris says, and buries his face in the couch and moans, "Oh God Dustin, what the fuck is happening-"

"That's kind of hot," Dustin says, and Chris looks at him in terror and says, "I need to leave," and stands up and slams the door behind him.

He's not even wearing shoes. Dustin opens the door and Chris is sitting on the floor in the hallway, shell-shocked.

"Come back inside," Dustin says. "I'm sorry, man."

"I'm the one who just said I blew a guy in Mark's room-" Chris says, voice choky.

"It's not like I didn't know you were gay, Chris, plus I saw you hooking up with that lacrosse dude on our couch when you thought everyone was out of the suite-"

"Oh my God you saw that?!" Chris screeches, and Dustin is starting to find this really hilarious.

"Man, you kind of have a reputation."

"I just like hooking up!" Chris yells, and his face is boiling red. "It's not like I fuck around! I've only even fucked one guy!"

"Holy shit," Dustin says dazedly, and Chris looks like he might actually expire from shame. He falls sideways onto the floor, clutching his knees, and Dustin leans against the doorjamb and nearly cries with laughter.

He looks through teary eyes at the hallway and Mark is stumbling up the stairs.

Re: fill 1/?

This is quite literally my favorite thing of all time.



oh lol fuck i was going to anon oh whatever JUST FINISHED FINALS HAPPY SUMMERRR

"The fuck is going on," Mark mumbles, backpack slung over one shoulder, deep circles around his eyes, and Dustin just points at Chris and cracks up again.

"Chris is telling me all about his dirty sexual exploits," Dustin says, and Chris waves a hand at Mark, face still mashed into the floor.

"Chris is kind of a slut," Mark says, and Dustin sees a flash of shock go over his face at the unexpected words. Huh. Who knew Mark actually had a filter?

"You fucking asshole, you're just a jealous virgin," Chris says, and then, "Mark, shit, no, I didn't mean it-"

"I hate being a virgin," Dustin says, and feels his cheeks heat. Mark looks at him, mouth tight, eyes angry.

"What the fuck is going on?" he demands. "This has to be Dustin's fault, everything's your fault."

"That's not true, I'm not the one who broke your PSP, it was Wardo-"

Oh shit, Dustin had promised to never tell anyone that.

"Well I don't care what Wardo does," Mark says, and his cheeks go pink. Dustin's mouth falls open.

"We all think you like him," Chris says from the floor, and Mark spins quickly on his heel and pushes in the open door. Dustin and Chris stare at each other.

"He totally wants to fuck Wardo," Dustin whispers.

"Or maybe he wants Wardo to fuck him," Chris suggests, and licks his lips. Dustin is becoming seriously in awe of this version of Chris. Who knew he had such a dirty little mind?

"Isn't the bottom like, girly?" Dustin says, and then, "What would you do?"

"The time I did it, I topped," Chris says, and tries to close his mouth, but he keeps going- "I like being in control."

"That is-" and Dustin actually seriously needs to stop, because he was about to say, that is so fucking hot, and he cannot say that.

"I don't want Mark to feel bad," Dustin says instead, and Chris says, "God, Dustin, that's so adorable."

Dustin snaps his mouth shut, nods, and goes inside. The door of Mark's room is closed.

"Man, come out, I want to make sure you're okay," Dustin calls, and Mark says, "I don't want to talk to you, Dustin, you're annoying."

Dustin tries to pretend that's just the weird thing they're all doing.

But the truth is that's totally something Mark would say anyway.






i was sooo going to go to sleep but idk man hee boys

And then, of course, because this day could not get any more ridiculous, he hears, "Hey, man," from behind him, and turns to see Eduardo, sleepy-eyed, holding a stack of takeout boxes.

"Oh shit, okay, you're here," Dustin says, and goes red. Eduardo narrows his eyes.

"You're being weirder than normal," he says. Dustin can't tell if that's just him or not. Stupid Eduardo with his stupid openness and stupid feelings.

"Eduardo you need to not ask Mark any questions," Chris bursts out, falling into the room behind Eduardo, and Dustin says, "What the fuck, Chris, c'mon."

"Why?" Eduardo asks, and Dustin says, "Because he can't- he isn't lying. He can't lie. Or. Shit. Shit, I'm doing it!"

"This is ridiculous," Chris says. Dustin wholeheartedly agrees.

"I wholeheartedly agree," he says, and Chris gives him a weird look, like Dustin using a four-syllable work is more scandalous than anything else he's told him today.

"Is he okay? Mark? You okay?" Eduardo calls out, and Mark says, "I'm perfectly healthy."

His voice is muffled from behind the door. Dustin narrows his eyes. He would figure out some way to evade it.

"C'mon, Dustin, is he okay?" Eduardo asks, and Chris says, "He's fine, he's just embarrassed-"

"Why is he embarrassed?" Eduardo says, eyes innocent and open, and Dustin cannot take this anymore so he grabs Eduardo's shoulders and says point-blank, "Do you like Mark?"

"Of course I like Mark," Eduardo says, frowning. "He's my best friend."

Chris makes an about-to-aww face and Dustin shuts him up with a look.

"Let me put it this way. Do you want to fuck Mark?"

"Yeah," Eduardo answers, all casual like Dustin asked him if he wanted a beer, and then Eduardo's face goes wide-open and fucking terrified.

"What the fuck," he says, scared and shaky. "I didn't mean to say that, Dustin, what the fuck-."

Chris looks sympathetic but Dustin has already had to admit his frequent masturbation, his virginity, and his maybe-more-than-bro feelings for Chris and he does not have any sympathy for Eduardo because Mark is so stupidly into him and it is dumb. They like each other, they should be together.

"What?" Eduardo says, and he realizes he said that last bit out loud. Fantastic.

"Mark, did you hear that, Eduardo wants to - mmph-" Chris is holding a hand over Dustin's mouth and he says, "Dustin you fucking idiot, c'mon, Eduardo needs to tell Mark himself."

"I don't ever need to tell him," Eduardo says. "He's - he wouldn't want me, anyway-"

"Oh, Wardo," Chris says. "You're so stupid sometimes."

"Whatever, history major," Eduardo says, and then, "Shit, sorry, Chris-"

"Like you'd be majoring in econ if you weren't terrified of what your father would say," Chris says, and then they are just apologizing to each other and Dustin says, "Everyone shut up!"

"Okay, obviously we can't control this thing, so basically we need to not judge each other for the things we say in the next- however long this is, okay, and after it ends we forget it forever."

"I'm never going to forget that you watched that lacrosse player blow me," Chris says, and Eduardo says, "What?"

"I didn't see him blow you-"

"Oh, I guess that happened after you stopped watching."

"What the fuck?" Eduardo says. "You- are you like, into him?"

Dustin says, "I don't know," and honestly means it.

Chris looks away, biting his lip, and says, "I don't like this."

"That's weird, because I love it," Dustin grumbles, and Eduardo says, "I just want to talk to Mark."

"I can't believe you like Mark," Dustin says. "I mean, it's Mark. He's like a prickly little hedgehog."

"He's cute," Chris says, and rolls his eyes heavenward, cheeks going red.

"I know," Eduardo says. "He's nice to me, Dustin, he just gets sick of you."

"Rude!" Dustin says indignantly.

"Everyone in this room is just so gay right now," Chris says, and then, "Have you ever thought about what would happen if we just all touched each other?"

Eduardo says, "That'd actually be really hot," and Dustin says, "Oh God, Chris-"

Chris is hitting his face repeatedly against the couch.

Re: fill 3/?

I would quote my favorite parts, but it's all too good to choose.

(Deleted comment)
The door creaks behind him, and Dustin wheels around to see Mark coming out, eyes narrowed.

"No one talk to me," he says. "Eduardo your hair looks particularly ridiculous today."

Dustin cracks up but stops when Chris kicks him. Eduardo is patting his head, eyes wide with concern.

"Mark, we just really want you and Eduardo to talk things out, I mean, we might as well get something out of this other than the fact that Dustin likes to watch me have sex-"

"Oh my God, I didn't-" Dustin shakes his head and then says helplessly, "I did kind of like it but not in a creepy way just, you look really-"

"No no no no," Chris chants, backing away. "I can't hear this."

"Great, now you fucking hate me," Dustin says miserably.

"I don't hate you, idiot, it's impossible to hate you," Chris says, and he actually looks like he means that one.

"Even I don't hate you," Mark says quietly, and Dustin spins to look at him. He looks murderous at the treachery of his own mouth.

"But I am often really annoyed by your tendency to talk too much, bother me while I'm working, and do those weird voices whenever you answer the phone-"

"I do those things to brighten your day, Mark, because usually you're a sour little asshole!" Dustin says, and bites his lip. Mark looks, if possible, even more murderous.

"I don't want to fight," Eduardo says. "Mark, I'm sorry about this-"

"It's not your fault," Dustin says, at the exact same time Mark says it.

Eduardo, unsurprisingly, turns to Mark and says, "What?"

"It's not your fault, you always think stuff is your fault when it's not." Mark grits his teeth. "We need to talk about how to stop this-"

"I just want you guys to admit your feelings for each other!" Chris calls out loudly, and then stuffs a pillow in his face.

"Stop biting that pillow, it's reminding me of you having sex," Dustin says, and Chris takes the pillow out of his face, eyes resigned to the horror by now.

"Who knew Dustin was so horny?" Mark asks amusedly.

"I did, I mean, I don't even live here and I've heard him jack off," Eduardo says, and then, "Dustin, fuck-"

"Oh goddamnit!" Dustin says, and stomps into his room and slams the door.

In the room alone he says a couple things into the empty air like "I don't want Chris to hate me, I just-" and then, unwillingly- "I'm scared, I'm scared, I don't like this, what if Wardo and Mark get in a fight-"

Finally it stops, the urge to speak, and he's lying on his side on his bed when Chris knocks and says, "Dustin, hey, I want to talk to you."

"Go away!"

"C'mon, Dustin, don't be a little brat. I don't care about the stuff you said earlier-"

Dustin yanks open the door and Chris finishes, "It kind of turns me on that someone was watching-" and then, "Oh fuck. Just, come outside."

"Where's Wardo?" Dustin asks, because Mark is typing furiously on his laptop, brow furrowed, but Eduardo is nowhere to be seen.

"He left to see his advisor, but I'm pretty sure he was lying about that, since you can't spontaneously schedule advisor meetings, so it's more likely he's nervous about what I might say to him when I can't control my filter, which is justifiable since Eduardo is probably the only person I hold anything back to-"

Mark physically holds his mouth shut at that point. He's still typing with one hand. Dustin turns to Chris and Chris says, "Yeah, he's got it bad."

"Shit," Dustin says. "How the fuck did this start?"

"I don't know," Chris says frustratedly, "I was just - you know, reading or whatever, and you came out and started talking about jerking off and holy shit, what if the cure is you jerking off?"

"I'm not going to jerk off in front of you!" Dustin says, cheeks going pink.

"Yeah, I didn't mean in front of me," Chris says, his face like, really?.

Dustin nods wearily. "Of course you didn't," he says. "Fuck, Chris, I didn't want you to know I'm such a weird fucking loser idiot."

"Hey, c'mon," Chris says, and looks like he's going to take Dustin's hand, but on second thought awkwardly pats his shoulder. "You're not an idiot, Dustin. This is weird, but- I don't think anything could happen that would make us not be friends."

Dustin grins.

"I'm supposed to be the one with the gay crisis, not you," Mark says from the couch, and then, "I want Eduardo to come back."

Like Mark is magical or prophetic or something, the door opens and Eduardo stumbles back in, cheeks burning.

"Oh God, I can't stop doing it with other people!" he says desperately.

"What happened?"

"This girl from my econ class asked how I was and I told her all about what's going on and how embarrassed I was and how I kind of lied about having an advisor meeting, at least, the meeting isn't right now, and she just stared at me and Oh God, I'm such a fucking freak-" Eduardo moans all in one breath.

"Eduardo, relax, it's not like she was gonna get anywhere with you anyway," Chris says. "We need to talk about this."

"I'm so embarrassed," Eduardo says, gulping in a breath.

"Don't be embarrassed, I said it's not your fault!" Mark says pissily. "Just relax. I hate when you work yourself up about something, you always bite your lip a bunch of times and it gets all swollen and flushed-"

He puts the hand over his mouth again, eyes narrowed practically to slits.

"Swollen and flushed," Dustin gasps out between fits of laughter. "Oh my fucking God, Mark."

Eduardo is staring at Mark with something akin to wonder. Mark looks stubbornly angry, hand wedged over his mouth.

"I think we need a plan," Chris says.

"I think we need to clear the room so Mark and Eduardo can have hot monkey sex on the couch!" Dustin says, and Chris says, "Fuck, okay, but I'd rather watch."


"I'm sorry, fuck, I'm so sorry, this is the worst thing that's ever happened to me," Chris says miserably.

"It can't be as bad as that time you got a boner during Shark Week," Dustin says musingly, and Eduardo and Mark say simultaneously, "What?!"

"Dustin you said you'd never tell anyone about that!" Chris yells. "It wasn't because of the sharks, it was because you were sleeping on my shoulder and you kept breathing in my ear and you look really cute when you're sleeping-"

"I do?"

"You do," Eduardo says unexpectedly. "You look like a five year old. You kind of look like the kid in Jurassic Park, actually. I want to cuddle you and protect you from the Velociraptors."

"So, people want to cuddle with me, but no one actually ever does, that's so unfair!" Dustin says, pouting.

"Don't touch him ever, Dustin," Mark says, and Eduardo's eyes go dark. He licks his lips.

"Please be more possessive, Mark," Dustin says sarcastically. "You wanna put Eduardo on a leash, or something?"

"I wouldn't mind," Eduardo says softly, coyly, and then goes bright red. "Oh, fuck."

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"We should leave," Dustin says, tugging on Chris' shirt, and Chris looks up from where he's staring at them, eyes glazed, and says weakly, "No, I don't wanna."

"Jesus, Chris, you're actually the horniest person I've ever met," Dustin says.

"He said a leash, Dustin, Christ, can you picture Wardo in a leash, his neck-"

"Oh my God, shut up!" Wardo says, face still flaming. "I'm not a piece of meat!"

"I don't want to think about it!" Dustin yells, brain hurting, and Mark says, "No one is going to see Eduardo in anything ever except me."

"Holy shit," Dustin says, and Eduardo looks flustered and scared and turned-on.


"Stop," Mark says, and puts his hands up. "Everyone shut up." He clutches his laptop against his chest and stands up.

"I don't like this," he says. "I don't like talking about Eduardo with you guys here. I don't- it's between me and him."

Chris shoots Dustin a pitiful look, and jerks his head like, we should leave! Dustin gives him a are you fucking crazy? look and turns back to Mark and Eduardo.

"Listen, Mark, basically it's been like eight months of him hanging around the room like a puppy and you should just cut the shit and like, fuck, or whatever you wanna do. Okay?"

"You can't just say it like that!" Eduardo says hotly, blushing. "It's not just about fucking him!"

There's a pause, and then Mark says, "You don't want to-"

"No, I do, obviously I do, that's- " Eduardo's face is getting redder and he looks like he might actually cry. "I just- I want to be with you, all the time, it's not about sex-"

"Oh my God, this is so cute," Chris says giddily.

"Why the fuck are you still here?" Mark says to Dustin and Chris, face protective and angry.

"Fuck, I'm sorry," Eduardo says, and he actually does put a hand over his face, sniffs. "Fucking shit, Mark, I'm sorry."

"Don't be dumb, Wardo, he likes you too, why is everyone so stupid?" Chris says. "Jesus, this is why I'm never going to have an actual boyfriend."

"You don't want a boyfriend?" Dustin says pitifully, and Chris gives him a weird look and Dustin says, "Shut up."

"Please don't be sorry," Mark says. "I know- I know your dad-"

Dustin groans, "Oh God, Eduardo is scared of liking guys-"

"He'd kill me, he'd kill me," Eduardo says, consuming and desperate like that's what runs through his head all the time, and Dustin supposes- well, it is.

"I hate him so much," Mark says. "I hate how he makes you feel."

"I'm trying really hard," Eduardo says. "I can't stop liking you, Mark-"

"Don't -" Mark exhales frustratedly. "Dustin and Chris, can you please leave? Now?"

Dustin shuts his mouth and nods.

"Shit, I'm sorry," he hears Eduardo say as they pull the door shut, and Mark says, "Don't be, Wardo, please, baby-"

"Baby?" Dustin says in shock when they're in the hallway, and Chris says, "I think he's been holding that in for a while."

"Oh God, I'm gonna get sexiled so much now," Dustin says. "Aren't I?"

"Let's make 'em go to Eduardo's room," Chris says, and smiles tiredly at him and Dustin is not- his stupid mind-

"And we'll be alone in the room," he says, and goes red.

"Have you ever given a blow job?" Chris asks, and then rolls his eyes at himself, muttering, "Fucking shit."

"I think I want to, maybe," Dustin says, and Chris looks at the ceiling, puts a hand over his face.

"This is the weirdest day of my life," Dustin says, and Chris makes a noise of agreement, slumping down against the wall.

what up POV switch also sorry this just got sooo fluffy I'M SORRY OKAY


"Hey, Wardo, don't be sorry, don't be scared, okay, I really- I-" Mark huffs out a breath. "I like you, I mean, obviously, Eduardo, how could anyone not like you."

"You're so much smarter than me," Eduardo says, and then- "Oh shit, I hate this so much. I hate it."

"I'm only smarter when it comes to, you know, coding and shit. I don't know who told you you're not smart, or I guess I know, it's your dad, who is really such an asshole, I hate him, I don't care what you say-"

"I hate him too," Eduardo says, and stumbles backward in shock. "Oh God, Mark. I can't say that."

"Hey, yes you can."

Eduardo swallows hard, and Mark takes a step closer to him, and something sharpens between them and makes his chest squeeze, his stomach go liquid.

"You called me baby," Eduardo says, face scared and something else, maybe excited.

"Yeah," Mark says. "Yeah, I - I've wanted to say that for a really long time."

Eduardo laughs, wetly. "I call you querido in my head," he says. "It's Portuguese."

Mark takes another step toward him, blood thrumming.

"I like that," he says. "I like when you speak Portuguese, makes you sound really hot."

"I like when you talk about code even though I have no clue what you're saying," Eduardo whispers, and he is somehow swaying yet closer, and Mark feels the brush of his breath against his face.

"I think you're hot when you do anything," Mark says. "I've never been more attracted to anyone in my life."

"God, me neither," Eduardo says, and Mark reaches a tentative hand out and puts it on Eduardo's waist, over the navy button-down he's wearing.

"I want to kiss you now," he says honestly. "I think about you when I jerk off, sometimes-"

"I think about blowing you," Eduardo says, breathing hard, voice low. "In the shower, I jack off and think about getting on my knees in front of you and sucking your cock."

"Jesus, I like you so much, Wardo," Mark says. "I don't- when I think about anyone else ever touching you I get so angry-"

That is the thing that makes Eduardo lean forward and catch Mark's lips with his own.

Eduardo opens his mouth right away but keeps it slow, tongue curling around Mark's, stroking his teeth, sucking gently on his lips until he is pushing his hips forward with a needy little sound, and Mark breaks away and says, "You scare me, with how much I want you- it scares me."

"I want to be everything for you," Eduardo whispers, and of course the inside of his head sounds like a cheesy romance novel. Mark says as much and Eduardo laughs warmly, into Mark's cheek, and says, "I can't help it, with you."

They are kissing again, Mark wrapping his hands around to the small of Eduardo's back, marveling at how nice it feels, how warm and solid Eduardo is in his arms, how his nose is pressing just slightly into Mark's cheek and their lips are fitting perfectly together and how Eduardo's hands stroking gently through the curls at the nape of Mark's neck feels really, really good-

"- I have to pee!" Dustin calls from outside. "Shit, sorry! But I really do!"

"We're making out!" Mark calls back before he can stop himself, and Eduardo laughs into his collarbone and Dustin makes an excited noise like a six year old at Disneyworld.

"I'm really happy for you but I might piss myself!" he calls, muffled, and Mark hears Chris say, "Oh my god, Dustin, shut up and go to the common bathroom down the hall."

Mark sucks Eduardo's bottom lip into his mouth and lets it go and Eduardo shudders, eyelids heavy.

"Kissing you is so much better than I imagined," Mark says, and Eduardo smiles, eyes soft, and says, "You thought about this?"

"Yeah," Mark says. "Yeah, when you're- when you study on my bed and you fall asleep next to me, I just- sometimes I look at your mouth and think what it'd be like, you know, to kiss you-" his voice drops involuntarily, and Eduardo looks so turned-on. He keeps breathing out these harsh little gasps, and Mark cannot watch him for one more second so he goes up on his toes and kisses Eduardo hard, wraps one hand around the back of Eduardo's neck and squeezes just slightly, and Eduardo moans into his mouth.

"Do you like when I do that," Mark mumbles, and Eduardo nods frantically.

"I want to be yours," he says, and Mark's cock pulses shockingly, hot and urgent.

"Really, Mark, I'd let you do anything to me," Eduardo says thickly. "Anything."

"Jesus, baby, you are so hot," Mark groans, skin tingling, and Eduardo makes a rough sound in his throat and pushes him onto the couch.

He straddles Mark and Mark says, "I've never hooked up with a guy."

"I have, a couple times," Eduardo says, and a hot rush of anger goes through him. He digs his fingers into Eduardo's hips and says, "I'll fucking kill them."

"Mark, it's okay, I- want you so much. I always wanted you."

"I want you too, I just don't want anyone else to get to touch you-"

"God, you're so possessive," Eduardo says, voice dark. "Jesus, it's hot."

"I just get scared because there are a lot of guys who look better than me," Mark says, and his cheeks go red but he can't stop, it spills out of him-

"I'm like short and ugly and gawky and everyone hates me, which, whatever, I don't care, but you're so beautiful, Wardo."

He swallows hard, ashamed, beautiful, like he's a twelve year old girl, and turns his face away. Eduardo puts his hands warm on Mark's cheeks and makes him look up.

"I think you're beautiful," he says, and no one has ever said that to Mark before. Why would they?

"I love being around you," he continues. "And I want to talk about it, about us, but I also- God, Mark, I feel like a slut but I want to touch your cock, I wanna see it. Can I touch it? With- with my hand?"

"Yeah go right ahead, Wardo, Christ-" Mark gasps out, and Eduardo leans back on Mark's thighs and unzips his jeans.

"You have the biggest dick I've ever seen," he says, and laughs. Mark says, "I think it'd be hot if you choked on it. Shit. Wardo- I didn't mean-"

Eduardo puts his thumb on the head of Mark's cock, leaking precome, sensitive, and says, "Makes my mouth water."

"Jesus fuck, Wardo, you are so sexy-"

"You seriously make me want to deepthroat you," Eduardo says, eyes glazed and dark and Mark nearly comes right then.

"I almost just came," he says stupidly, and Eduardo says, "I know, I felt your dick twitch."

"Can you - can you jerk me off," Mark says, and Eduardo nods and licks his palm, wraps his hand around Mark's cock and says, "Feels good." His face flushes and he lets his mouth fall open, and Mark reaches up with his other hand and slips a finger in.

Eduardo sucks it in hungrily and then another, and he's starting to thrust his hips on top of Mark, groan around Mark's fingers wet and loose in his mouth, and he's still tugging Mark's cock in rough long strokes and he is so fucking gorgeous it almost hurts.

Eduardo moans loud and Mark realizes he said it out loud.

"I'm gonna come," he says, and then, "Shit, oh fuck, baby, yes-"

He comes, vision going white, arching his back, and when he comes back to himself, panting, Eduardo says, "I can't believe I just came in my pants."

"You- oh Christ, Eduardo, that is the hottest thing I've ever heard."

"I couldn't control myself," Eduardo says, and licks Mark's hand one last time, sucks on his fingers, and God, Eduardo is a massive slut when he says what he's thinking, he just-

"Loves sex. Don't you- you fucking love it."

"Yeah, yeah," Eduardo says, neck flushed, still on top of Mark, and Mark says, "I want to cuddle."

Eduardo snorts, grinning crinkly-eyed.

Of course, that is the moment Dustin chooses to come back in the room.

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"Oh my God, you fucked on the couch!" Dustin says, disgusted.

Eduardo pulls a blanket off the floor and curls into the couch, next to Mark, pulls the blanket over them and zips Mark's jeans all in one smooth movement. Mark glares up at Dustin, hand curled protectively around Eduardo's back.

Eduardo lifts his head.

"No we didn't, I just jerked Mark off and came in my pants, oh shit, Dustin, go away-"

"If there is one trace of biological fluid on that couch I will cry."

"Dustin, everyone's had sex on the couch," Chris says, coming in behind him, and Dustin says, "I haven't! How rude!"

"You came in your pants? God, Mark's not that hot."

"Whatever, you look like a twelve year old all the time, so Dustin, you're basically a pedophile for wanting to fuck him-"

"He doesn't look twelve!" Dustin says, at the same time Chris says, "He doesn't want to fuck me!"

They stare at each other for a second, and then Dustin says, "So, coming in the pants, Wardo, that's pretty lame."

"Fuck off, I get off on sucking fingers," Eduardo says, and buries his face in Mark's neck, moaning, "Oh God, this is so stupid."

"Think you'd get off on sucking my dick?" Mark asks, and Eduardo says, "I can't fit it in my mouth, but I'd try, shit, I would, I think it'd be hot-"

"Ahhhh," Dustin says, screwing his face up in terror. "Oh God, Chris, this is so much worse than before when it was all puppy feelings and longing looks."

Chris tears his eyes away from Mark and Eduardo says, and Dustin swears he hear him mumble, "This is just like a dream I had-"

"Biggest you've ever seen, huh," Mark murmurs, and Eduardo goes bright red and says unwillingly, "Yeah, Jesus, you're huge-"

"NO!" Dustin yells. "No no no. Okay. Great. You got your shit together. I like that, I'm happy, Chris probably wants to watch you guys fuck, but I don't want to hear about Mark's dick. I do not. Love you, Mark, I do, but thinking about your huge cock is not something I enjoy doing, and Eduardo is making me do it, and I am angry."

"Maybe we should leave again," Chris says. "Not that I don't want to see you suck him off, Eduardo, because your mouth- you just look like you'd be really good at giving head- oh fuck. Fuck."

"Oh my God," Eduardo says, "I am kind of good at it, though-"

Mark says, "You're not going to suck anyone's cock except mine, you understand?"

Eduardo shudders and says, "Yeah, Mark, of course."

"Eduardo's really subby," Chris says, and Dustin says, "Subby?"

"Like I'd let Mark tie me up," Eduardo explains, and Mark says, "Fuck, that'd be so hot, can we do that?"

"You can do anything with me," Eduardo says quietly, and Mark says, "I want to do everything with you."

"Shit, I think I need to touch some boobs," Dustin says desperately. "Like, stat."

"Eww," Eduardo says, screwing up his face, and Chris nods fervently in agreement.

"You're so gay," Mark says, and Eduardo says, "Yeah, pretty much."

"Fuck, I'm thinking about it again," Chris says, eyes roaming over them on the couch, cheeks flushed.


"Us all fucking each other, because Wardo, if you just blew Mark, and you got on your knees on- on the floor, yeah, and Dustin and I watched and I jerked him off- Oh goddamnit, no! NO!"

He runs out of the room, and Dustin narrows his eyes at Eduardo and Mark and says, "Well, great, way to go, now you broke Chris' brain with orgy fantasies. Thanks."

"Any time," Eduardo says, grinning, and Dustin storms out of the room, shaking his head.

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(Deleted comment)
thank you guys so much for the encouragement! i appreciate it! <3


Dustin pushes Chris' door open cautiously, slowly. Chris is sitting at his computer, back stiff, earphones tucked into his ears, black and looping out of his blonde hair.

Dustin says, "Chris," and then, "Hey, Chris!"

He taps Chris on the shoulder, and Chris jerks, says, "Shit!, and pulls the earbud out of his ear.

"Jesus, you scared me," he says, and he is looking anywhere but Dustin's face, and then he says, "If you want to talk about- what just happened, I - I'm really sorry, Dustin, I just- I hate this so much. I - I'm so fucking embarrassed."

He bites his lip and then says, "Am I a slut? Mark said I- but I'm not- like, God, Dustin, I just wish this whole day hadn't happened. Minus the Mark and Wardo thing, because that was going to take forever otherwise."

"You're not a slut," Dustin says. "I mean, you might be kind of slutty? At times? But it's college, that's what the normal people are supposed to be doing."

His cheeks heat and he flops down on Chris' bed.

Chris stares at him for a second, and Dustin says, quietly, "What was it like, to have sex?"

Chris exhales.

"It was- it was okay."

"Just okay?"

"I mean, I came. He came. It was- it felt good, and then I saw him the next week and he never talked to me again. Ever. I thought, you know, I sucked, or I came too fast, or I didn't know what I was doing, or he just realized he didn't want me, because I'm fucking boring and a nerd and a Southern hick and he's like-"

"Wait, Chris, Jesus Christ. You're like, the coolest person I've ever met."

Chris blinks up at him shyly, and Dustin coughs and says, "Seriously, Chris. You're so smart and driven and you care about stuff, and you're funny and nice and I just, I really, really like you, okay?"

Chris bites his lip and grins. "I like you too," he says. "God, if you were less straight-"

"I don't know how straight I am, exactly," Dustin says, and his eyes go wide. "Oh shit."

"Hey, it's okay," Chris says. "It's okay to be confused."

"You sound like a Lifetime special," Dustin says. "I- I think I took my heterosexuality for granted."

Chris snorts, and Dustin says, "That guy wasn't good enough for you."

"You don't even know who he is," Chris says, still smiling, mouth quirking up.

"No guy's good enough for you," Dustin says, and Chris huffs out a surprised breath, rolls his eyes self-consciously.

"I just- I don't know, I really like you," Dustin says, because that is the only thing running through his head at that moment.

"I know, you said that already." But he's smiling still.

"You think Mark and Eduardo are gonna be okay?" Dustin asks, and Chris sighs.

"I think so," he says. "I mean, Mark is an antisocial jerk, but he loves Eduardo- oh shit, do you think he loves Eduardo?"

"I bet they do," Dustin says. "Ha, that's so awkward."

"It's cute," Chris says. "And, I don't think there's anything Mark could do that would make Eduardo stop liking him. Short, like, murder or something."

He chews his lip, and then says-

"Dustin, I mean- I wouldn't actually watch them or do anything that'd make them, you know, uncomfortable, I just- I can't help thinking about it, you know, it's so hot-"

"Dude, I know, I think about stuff like that too," Dustin says, and blushes. "Like, honestly, once I - shit, I thought about what it'd be like to kiss you, and I swear to God it was like- I don't know, it was just curiosity, because we were watching a movie and your mouth was all wet."

"That's - I mean, I'd kiss you," Chris says. "Even if it was just a- whatever, an experiment. It'd be fun."

"I kind of want to right now," Dustin says. "But I need some gum."

Chris laughs, and rummages in his desk drawer and hands Dustin a stick of gum, ripping off half for himself.

They both chew, looking at each other and laughing intermittently because, "This is kind of ridiculous," Dustin says, and Chris says, "I know. Hey, c'mere, let me kiss you."

"Shit, I can't believe I'm going to kiss a guy," Dustin says dumbly, and Chris draws him in with a gentle hand on the back of his neck, puts their mouths together.

It's awkward for a couple seconds, close-mouthed and dry, and Chris says, "Open your mouth, Dustin."

Dustin opens his mouth. Chris licks inside, soft and wet, and Dustin stays still and lets Chris curl their tongues together, and Dustin breathes soft through his nose, tickly and warm. It feels really good.

"You like it?" Chris murmurs, pulling away, and Dustin says, "It feels really good."

"You're not a very good kisser," Chris says, and then, "Oh shit, Dustin, I didn't mean that, you just- you kind of just sit there."

Dustin says, "I've only kissed four girls."

"God, you really are unexperienced."

"You don't have to remind me," Dustin says, and then, "I feel sad now."

Chris' eyes go all soft and he puts a hand on Dustin's cheek. "Hey, it's okay, I- I really like kissing you. You smell good."

"Really?" Dustin says. "I haven't taken a shower in like a full day."

Chris wrinkles his nose and takes his hand off Dustin's cheek.

"Goddamnit, I'm a slob and I suck at kissing and no girl or guy is ever gonna want to be with me," Dustin says, and his face goes hot. "I mean- ignore that, okay?"

Chris looks concerned. "Dustin, you're such a nice guy, and yeah, maybe, you're kind of a geek, and you jerk off a lot, and you're a little bit awkward-"

"This isn't making me feel better-"

"- but you're like, the sweetest guy I ever met. I know if I- if I had had sex with you, you wouldn't have left before I woke up or ignored me the next week. You care about stuff. And I don't think I- I think we're going to be friends more than anything, because, you know- I want to be friends with you for a really long time. If we were - more than friends, it could end for different reasons and that's bullshit because I love you Dustin, like a- brother. Kind of."

"That's kind of incest-y," Dustin says, and Chris says, "You're such an idiot sometimes."

"Can we still kiss?" Dustin asks, and Chris bites his lip in a grin, noses into Dustin's jaw and kisses him again.

"Hey, guys- oh, hey, cool, you guys are kissing, that's weird-" Eduardo sticks his head in the door. "Mark wants food, so I'm gonna go to the d-hall. You want anything?"

"I'm seriously starving," Dustin says, Chris' hands still on his hips, and Chris says, "Veggie burger, please?"

"This suite is the gayest place on campus," Eduardo says happily. "Carry on!"

He leaves, and Dustin says, "I want to go outside and watch TV."

"Yeah, my mouth kind of hurts, I need some chapstick," Chris says, and then, "It was fun, though."

"If I ever want to kiss someone, I'll text you," Dustin says, and Chris laughs into his neck and says, "That doesn't sound unhealthy at all."

"Who gives a fuck, I love you, man," Dustin says, breathing in the smell of Chris' hair, and Chris laughs some more and goes into the common room, tugging Dustin behind him.

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"You guys were kissing?" Mark asks as they come back out. Dustin flops on the couch and runs a hand over his mouth, wipes spit off.

"Yep," he says. "It was nice."

"I think whenever I'm bored I'm going to make out with Dustin," Chris says thoughtfully, and Dustin says, "Works for me."

"That's actually kind of perfect," Mark says, and then goes red. "I mean, it's totally unhealthy, dysfunctional, and will probably fall apart, but it also works."

"Thanks for the optimism, Marky-Mark," Dustin says cheerfully, and Chris sits down next to him and says, "I want to put my arm around you and also I don't want to watch The Matrix again."

"Yes and yes," Dustin says, and Chris slides his arm around Dustin's shoulder, kisses his jaw.

"You shouldn't get to touch until Eduardo comes back," Mark says, brow furrowed. "I want to cuddle- oh fuck."

"Ma-aaark likes to cuddle," Dustin sing-songs, and Chris says, "You don't get to order us around, we're not your little boyfriend."

"He's not my boyfriend," Mark says. "But I'd be his boyfriend. If he wanted."

"God, Mark, you are killing me with your secret inner cuteness," Chris says, and Mark says, "As long as you don't still want to watch Eduardo suck me off."

"Shut up," Chris says, and Dustin nuzzles his neck, says, "Hey, whatever, Mark is just jealous that you're more sexually creative."

"Sexually creative?" Mark asks, face blank and disdainful, but then he says, "Shit, do you think Eduardo will think I'm boring?"

"You have a massive dick, apparently, you can't be boring," Chris says, and snorts out an embarrassed laugh.

"You're not boring, Mark," Dustin says. "Eduardo would probably like you if you shaved your head and wore overalls."

"But don't do that," Chris says, choking out breathless laughter into Dustin's shoulder. "You'd look like a cancer patient. With overalls. A farmer with cancer."

"I just want Eduardo back," Mark says. "I hope he's not talking to anyone else."

"You're kind of psycho," Dustin says. "But I hope so too, just because of the, whole, not being able to lie thing."

"Oh shit, I forgot about that," Chris says.

"How the fuck did you forget about that?"

"Too distracted by thoughts of my dick, probably," Mark says, and stretches out on the chair, grinning.

"You have dimples," Dustin observes, and Mark's face snaps back into a glare.

"Oh my God, he does! I saw them too!" Chris says excitedly. "Smile, Mark, c'mon-"

"Shut up, I hate my dimples, my mom used to make me smile for strangers," Mark says, and blushes furiously. "You fucking assholes."

Dustin snorts with laughter, and there's a knock on the door.

He lets Eduardo in, balancing a huge pile of white boxes filled with food.

"I got so much food," Eduardo says. "And this guy from my public policy class asked if I was going to that Sigma party tomorrow night and I said I'd probably be giving head to my boyfriend, so, never going back to class ever again-"

Dustin is nearly crying with laughter. Chris says, "Oh my God, that's humiliating."

"Kinda hot," Mark says, raising his eyebrows, and Eduardo says, "I called you my boyfriend, oh shit-"

"You wanna be my boyfriend?" Mark says, and Eduardo says, "Yes. Yeah."

"Cool, me too," Mark says, and Dustin says, "This is literally the weirdest day ever."

"Yay!" Chris blurts out, and they all turn to stare at him. He claps a hand over his mouth and goes pink.

"You think the word yay? Are you a fourteen year old girl?"

"Fuck off, Mark, cuddle with your goddamn boyfriend," Chris grumbles, and Dustin kisses his cheek comfortingly.

Mark shrugs, and Eduardo climbs half onto his lap, holding a burger with greasy fingers, and Mark takes a bite from his hands, lets Eduardo curl up into his neck and lick ketchup off his fingers.

"So gay," Chris says, laughing, and Eduardo nods happily, taking another bite.

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poose, mi amor- i would love a cheese tit. also i had to google luke perry because i am a child.


They watch TV for a while, Eduardo nearly falling asleep on Mark's lap, one tan leg stretched out to the ottoman, ankle peeking out from under his pants. Mark keeps rubbing his thigh possessively.

When the fourth episode of Man vs. Wild ends, Eduardo stirs, long eyelashes fluttering over his face.

"I should probably take a shower, I have come all over me," he says sleepily, and Dustin sticks out his tongue in disgust.

"Mark, go with him and lick it off," Chris instructs, and then buries his head in Dustin's shoulder and mutters, "Fuck."

"Such a perv," Mark says, smirking. "But, yeah, Wardo, want to shower with me?"

"Mm, yes," Eduardo says, smiling slow up at him, and Mark says, "I want to kiss you right now."

"I want you to," Eduardo whispers, and Dustin says, "We are still in the room, you know."

Chris nudges him and says, "Shut up, man!" and Eduardo laughs into Mark's cheek, kisses him briefly, and says, "Wanna blow you in the shower, okay?"

"Fucking- yes, yeah, Wardo," Mark says. "Shit, I'm getting hard."

"Oh Christ," Chris sighs. Dustin snorts, and then sits up quickly, eyes wide.

"This shit better end before class on Monday," he says anxiously. "I am not announcing to the world every boner I get in public."

"Get a lot of boners in public, Dustin?" Eduardo asks, laughing sprawled over Mark, nearly falling off the chair, and Dustin flicks him off.

"There's this girl who sits in front of me in Bio 100 who always wear red thongs and has an awesome ass!" Dustin protests, and then pouts.

"It's okay that you like girls, baby, we won't hold it against you," Chris says, and Mark cracks a grin.

"Shower," Eduardo whines, and Mark says, "Get off my lap then."

"Like being on your lap," Eduardo murmurs. Mark breathes into his neck and says, "Yeah, like you being there. Where you belong."

Eduardo shudders visibly - his eyes go half-lidded and dark, and he melts on top of Mark, leg slung over his thigh, Mark breathing hot in his ear, lip caught between his teeth. Dustin is half turned-on and half scared.

"I'm all turned on," Chris announces, and Dustin realizes he said that out loud. He is still not used to that.

"Me neither," Chris says miserably, and, yeah, he said it out loud again. Jesus.

"It's not that Mark is particularly attractive-"

"Thanks, asshole, at least I don't look like a Dutch milkmaid-"

"- it's just, he's so bossy and Eduardo is so fucking submissive, it's like, insanely hot-"

"Chris! Seriously?" Mark says, and Eduardo says, "Yeah, you're- you're so right, Chris, I mean, Mark, when you- when you tell me to get you stuff, it turns me on. You could tell me-" he stops, and his eyes shut and he takes a shaky deep breath, struggling to compose himself. Dustin almost feels like he's walked in on them fucking, the expression on his face is so intimate.

"Just, there are a lot of things you could tell me to do," he says, voice low and hoarse. Mark says, "Jesus, Wardo, that is so goddamn hot."

"Don't hurt him," Dustin says suddenly, and then, "I mean, not that you would-"

Mark shuts him up with an annoyed look. "Shut up, Dustin," he says. "I'm never gonna hurt him."

Chris aww-s, and Eduardo grins private and sweet at Mark and says, "Can we take a shower now?"

"Hell yes," Mark says, cheeks pink, and Eduardo stands up and pulls Mark flush to him. Dustin shields his eyes and says, "I don't want to see the terrifying monstrosity that is Mark's dick-"

"You're crazy, Dustin, it's so hot," Eduardo says, and Mark says to him, "Come and suck it then."

They trip into the suite bathroom, and Dustin uncovers his eyes just long enough to see Mark with his hand in Eduardo's back pocket, cupping his ass.

"He does have a really nice ass," Dustin and Chris say at the same time, and then stare at each other.

Dustin looks away, coughing, and turns up the volume on the TV.

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this is about to be such a pornhanger, but my comp is mostly out of battery and HOLY SHIT i need to pack. hee. ah well.



They make out in the bathroom, Eduardo pushed up onto the counter, legs spread, Mark reaching up between them to pull Eduardo's lips down to his.

"You taste like a burger," Mark says. Eduardo laughs.

"I don't like you anymore," he says, and laughs again. Mark narrows his eyes.

"It's a - movie thing. Quote. Nothing. I still like you. A lot. Except I want you to not have pants on, and you have them on-"

"I've never been naked in front of someone else," Mark says, and Eduardo's eyes go soft. Mark blushes.

"I mean, I want- I want to be naked in front of you, I want all the - things that happen, with nakedness-"

"Like me blowing you," Eduardo murmurs, and Mark says, "Fuck, yeah. Yes, I want that."

"You want me to take my clothes off first?" Eduardo says quietly, into the hollow below Mark's ear, and Mark shudders and says, "Yeah."

Eduardo looks up at him from under his eyelashes and pushes himself off the counter, biceps shifting under his shirt, and then he is- yeah, he's unbuttoning his shirt slowly, revealing tan soft-looking skin, a little hairy, and Mark wants to lick it, wants to suck his nipples.

"Jesus, Mark," Eduardo groans when Mark says that, and Mark says, "Go faster."

Eduardo slips the shirt off his shoulders, narrow chest heaving, and Mark swallows hard.

"You're so beautiful," he says, and Eduardo smiles shyly at him, pleased, and unbuckles his belt.

"Can I touch you," Mark says, in a distant small voice, and Eduardo says, "God, please."

Mark puts just his thumbs and forefingers on Eduardo's chest, brushes them lightly over Eduardo's nipples.

"They're hard," he says, and Eduardo huffs out a breath and says, "They're- really sensitive."

"God, okay, good to know," Mark says, and leans to Eduardo's chest, puffs a hot breath over one nipple. It tightens to a hard point and Eduardo actually moans.

"Pants, keep, with the pants," Mark says, and grazes his two front teeth over Eduardo's nipple, and Eduardo says, "Jesus, Mark, c'mon-"

"Fine," Mark says, and pulls away, looks at him expectantly.

Eduardo unzips his pants and lets them fall to his ankles, exposing thin hairy legs. They're tan, like everywhere else on Eduardo is tan.

"I wonder if you even have tan lines," Mark says, and Eduardo says, "When I was- a teenager, I used to sunbathe naked."

"You did? Jesus, Wardo. That is so hot."

"We all did," Wardo says, and he is palming himself through his underwear, exhaling softly. His black briefs are sticky and stiff with dried come, and Mark says, "Want to- want to smell you."

Eduardo huffs out a shocked little breath and pushes his hips forward, and Mark drops to his knees, noses the line of Eduardo's cock in his briefs.

"You smell like- like sweat, and like- your cologne, and kind of musky and-"

"Christ, Mark, get up here," Eduardo says, breathing hard, and he yanks Mark into a kiss.

Mark can feel Eduardo try to rub himself off on Mark's thigh, and he yanks away.

"Hey, no," he says. "Wait until we're in the shower, baby. Don't fucking touch yourself, till then."

"Okay," Eduardo says breathlessly.

Mark draws Eduardo's boxers down and Eduardo's cock twitches against his belly. Eduardo bites his lip hard.

"Shit I am so hard," he says, and Mark smirks.

"I'm aware," he says, and Eduardo exhales shakily and says, "Please, I want to see you naked, Mark."

"I'm not - I don't look like you, all tan and gorgeous-"

"I think you're so incredibly hot, though," Eduardo says, and he leans forward just slightly and his breath grazes Mark's cheek. "God, seriously, Mark, I'm so fucking attracted to you-"

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"Okay," Mark says, cock pulsing in his boxers, and he steps back, undoes his jeans quickly, shoves them down, not even giving a fuck about how it looks.

Eduardo is watching him, reverently almost, and Mark shrugs off his t-shirt and Eduardo says, "Fuck, you're sexy."

"You're ridiculous," Mark says back quickly, and Eduardo grins at him and says, "You are, Mark."

"We're naked," Mark says, because it seems appropriate, and Eduardo says, "Yeah."

And then his voice drops low low low and his accent gets thicker, smoky, and he says, "What do you want me to do?"

Mark actually groans, and his hips stutter forward into thin air.

"Get in the shower and wash the come off yourself," he says, barely even recognizing his own voice, lust-wrecked and thick. Eduardo nods, and steps into the shower, flicks it on.

"You have the hottest fucking ass, Wardo, seriously, you look so tight-" Mark says, and Eduardo says, "God, I really really want you to fuck it."

"Yeah," Mark says hoarsely. "Okay, wash yourself."

The water takes a second to warm, and Eduardo shudders when it goes hot, puts a hand down his stomach and slips it over his thighs, his hips, the drenched curly hair around the base of his cock.

Mark is breathing hard, staring like if he blinks Edaurdo will disappear, and he sees Edaurdo run his fingers gently over his balls and he says, "No. Wardo. I said no touching."

"Oh God, Mark, okay, I'm sorry-" Eduardo says, lifting his hand, pupils blown with want, cock leaking against his stomach.

"You fucking love that, don't you, getting told what to do," Mark says, and Eduardo bites his lip hard and says, "Fuck, yes. Mark, Mark I'm clean."

"Good," Mark says, and his cock twitches hard and he holds it with one hand because it actually hurts, painfully sensitive. Even air on it hurts. Precome is slipping down the length of it and he has to resist the urge to tug on himself, especially when Eduardo licks his lips, staring at it.

"Now I want to get in the shower and I want you to suck my dick," he says. Eduardo's eyes go hazy.

"Yeah," he says, and water from the shower falls down his face, makes his mouth glisten. "God, yeah, Mark, I can do that."

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worst travel experience of my life. WHY DO BAGS HAVE WEIGHT LIMITS, GUYS? SO RUDE.


Mark steps into the shower.

"Shit, that's hot," he says, and Eduardo turns the water temperature down a little.

"Mm, you're all wet," he says, and Mark says dryly, "Yeah, we're in the shower, Wardo."

Eduardo laughs, and Mark steps close to him in the crowded small soap-smelling bathroom, touches his chest with the flat of his hand.

"You're so-" he huffs out an embarrassed breath. "Wardo, you're so fucking gorgeous."

"I'm yours," Eduardo says, voice muffled with the water falling against the tile, and then like some romance novel, "God, Mark, kiss me."

Mark doesn't say anything, just presses Eduardo against the wall and licks into his mouth, Eduardo's mouth working against his hot and wet and full.

After a minute Mark has to pull away to spit, mouth full of shower water.

"I don't know if there's room," Eduardo says doubtfully, looking at the shower floor, and Mark says, "There is, c'mon."

He runs a palm down Eduardo's back and cups his bare ass, squeezes, eyes nearly falling shut at the feeling of it, tight and warm in his hand.

"Jesus," he says. "Jesus your ass, Wardo, god-"

"What about my mouth?" Eduardo says coyly, and Mark says, "You little tease. Not gonna talk about your mouth until you suck me with it."

"Yes," Eduardo says, eyes heavy-lidded, and he says, "I'm gonna- do that now, okay?"

"Yeah, yes," Mark gets out, and Eduardo leans forward and kisses Mark's collarbone.

"Love your neck," he says quietly, and Mark puts a hand on his smooth tan back.

"Mm, love your chest," he murmurs, bending down, spine a flexible obscene curve, and kissing Mark's nipple, then above his navel.

"Get on your knees, Wardo, fuck," Mark says, and Eduardo laughs into Mark's upper thigh and sinks to his knees, looks up at Mark through damp eyelashes, hair plastered over his head, mouth wet.

"God you look so good like that," Mark says. "On your knees."

"I like it," Eduardo says, biting his bottom lip, and then he leans forward and rubs his cheek against Mark's cock, a little prickly with stubble, and Mark's knees nearly give out.

He slaps a hand against the tile to keep himself steady, and Eduardo flutters his eyelashes shut and puts his mouth around the head, sucks gently.

"Oh Jesus, Wardo, that feels so fucking good, God," Mark babbles, and Eduardo takes more of it in his mouth, swirls the flat of his tongue against the head.

"God you're so hot and so wet and you- oh shit, Wardo, that is so fucking amazing, I've never- oh, shit yes-"

Eduardo pulls off and says, lips flushed and swollen, eyes heavy, "Put a hand in my hair, Mark, pull- pull my hair, please-"

Mark threads his fingers through Eduardo's hair and Eduardo goes back to sucking him, the sounds wet and sloppy, and when the ridged roof of his mouth rubs the tip of Mark's cock Mark tightens his hand involuntarily, pulling Eduardo's hair taut.

Eduardo groans.

"God, you- you okay?" Mark gasps, and Eduardo pulls off for one second and says, "Mark, I like it-" and swallows Mark down.

"Oh my God, you- your mouth- shit-" Mark says, fingers scrabbling on the tile wall, breathing hard, and Eduardo makes a pleased little sound in his throat and keeps sucking him, pulling on and off in hot wet strokes, and Mark's orgasm hits him before he can even say anything.

"Shit, sorry," he moans, even as his hips keep jerking and his cock keeps pulsing into the wet heat of Eduardo's throat, and Eduardo stays and swallows, eyes closed.

"It's okay," he says when Mark is slumped against the wall, body still shuddering intermittently. "That was so hot, Mark, I need to come right now, please-"

"Come here," Mark huffs out and Eduardo stands up, swaying, and Mark bites his lip and grabs Eduardo's cock, slippery in his hand, with water and precome, and it only takes six jerks, rough, twisting his wrist, before Eduardo is coming all over his stomach, making high little breathless sounds into Mark's neck, biting mindlessly at the skin on his shoulder.

"God, yes-" he says when he's spent, pliant and limp. "Mark, that was so good, was it good for you?"

"You fucking kidding?" Mark says, and Eduardo laughs, voice rough and wrecked.

"It was so good," Mark says softly. Eduardo kisses his neck. "You're- so good at giving head, Eduardo."

"Thanks, I really like doing it," Eduardo says, and Mark sees his face go hot. "God, that sounds bad, doesn't it?"

"No, baby, shit. It's not bad."

Eduardo nods into his skin, sighing, and the water abruptly goes cold.

"Fuck!" Mark says. Eduardo snorts, and pulls Mark out of the shower and wraps a towel around his waist, throws Mark another.

"How much do you think Dustin and Chris just heard of that?" Mark asks, grinning, and Eduardo laughs shyly, pulls Mark into a kiss against the wall of the little bathroom, one foot wet on top of Mark's.

"I don't care," he murmurs, and Mark says, "Yeah, fuck it, me neither."

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They get dressed in Mark's room, and Mark throws Eduardo a pair of his sweatpants and a t-shirt, and Eduardo slips them on.

"God, you look so hot in my clothes," Mark says, and Eduardo says, "Mm, these are weirdly comfortable. I never wear sweatpants."

"Because you overdress for everything," Mark says, rolling his eyes, and Eduardo just kisses him. Mark grabs his ass in the soft sweatpants, murmurs, "Jesus, you feel so good."

Eduardo kisses him again, and Mark opens the bedroom door with one hand and they stumble into the suite, laughing a little.

"Ugh, it's like having real-life porn in front of me at all times," they hear from the couch, and Eduardo breaks apart and says to Chris, "You love it. Where's Dustin?"

"He went to get his mail, or something. I don't know, I think he just wanted to leave because we could hear you guys getting off in the shower and it was kind of uncomfortable-"

"And yet you stayed, Chris. How predictable," Mark says wryly.

"It sounded so hot," Chris says, and then clenches his fist. "Oh fuck you, Mark, don't ask me about it, come on."

Mark grins and opens his mouth and the door bangs open and Dustin scrambles inside, slamming it behind him.

"Oh shit!" he says. "Oh shit, why did I not learn my lesson from Eduardo, why did I leave the room-"

"What'd you say?" Eduardo laughs, sprawling on the couch next to Chris. Dustin flops down in an office chair and puts his face in his hands.

"Oh God, so many things," he mumbles. "Said my roommates kept talking about sex to each other and it was weird but hot, said my suitemate was banging this Brazilian guy and we could all hear it, said I made out with a guy today, said I wanted to jerk off but couldn't because of my best friend in the room, oh holy fucking shit, I want to die. Just kill me. Put me out of my misery."

Eduardo is doubled over with laughter, and Mark says, "Yeah, you should probably just be shot at this point."

"I don't feel as bad anymore, thanks Dustin," Chris says, grinning. "Jesus, that's humiliating."

"Thanks, asshole," Dustin grumbles, face miserable.

"You can come and cuddle, if you want," Chris says, and Dustin shrugs and stands up and flops onto the couch next to Chris. Chris kisses his cheek and puts an arm around his shoulders.

"Movie?" Dustin mumbles into Chris' shoulder.


"Fuck it, I don't feel like doing econ," Eduardo says, and Dustin mock-gasps.

"The great Eduardo Saverin doesn't feel like doing econ? Someone alert the media."

"Fucking hate econ sometimes," Eduardo grumbles. "Why can't I just do, like, art or something?"

"Anyone can do art, Wardo, it's total bullshit," Mark says, and Dustin nods emphatically.

"You guys are dumb, and I could totally mount a four-part defense of art right now complete with examples and a historical timeline, but I'm tired," Chris says, sighing. "I wanna watch Discovery Channel."

"As long as you don't start humping the screen," Mark cracks, and he slides onto the couch and Eduardo scooches up into his lap, legs going everywhere, wraps an arm around Mark's neck to balance himself.

They watch TV in silence for a while, and Eduardo says eventually, "Shit, I should probably go, I have an 8:30 tomorrow."

"Don't leave, sleep here," Mark says, and Eduardo nuzzles into his neck and says, "I have to, I gotta get my stuff and do a little bit of work, I'm sorry, Mark-"

"I have to pee!" Dustin announces, and Chris wakes up from where he was dozing against Dustin's shoulder and mumbles, "Me too."

They all stand up, and Eduardo grabs his jacket but keeps Mark's clothes on, and they, for some reason, all pile into the hallway, Chris blinking sleepily at the fluorescent lights.

"See, we will go to the bathroom down the hall, because we are polite and considerate to the needs of our suitemates!" Dustin calls as Chris drags him down the hall.

"Wait, does that mean you're gonna go make out in the dorm bathroom?" Eduardo asks, snorting. Mark grins, hand on Eduardo's hip.

"Maybe!" Dustin says, laughing, as Chris pulls him by the wrist. "I don't know!"

"Fucking weird," Mark mutters, and Eduardo hoists his backpack up on both shoulders and pulls Mark into a kiss, right there in the hall.

Mark slips his hands down to Eduardo's ass, squeezes again. He cannot get enough of it, seriously.

"Don't ever stop touching me," Eduardo whispers, and Mark says, "I don't think I can, baby."

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Eduardo laughs into Mark's mouth, hand warm on his hip, and says, "I love you, Mark Zuckerberg."

He pulls away, eyes wide. "Shit," he says softly. "I didn't-"

I love you too, Mark thinks, stomach warm, biting his lip to keep from grinning, and Eduardo keeps staring anxiously at him.

Mark blinks.

He's thinking it, that he loves Eduardo, that he has for a really long time, since Eduardo fell asleep on his bed for the first time, shirt riding up, fragile and sweet-looking with his mouth open and Mark's pillow clutched to his chest.

But he's not saying it.

"I'm sorry," Eduardo says, face bright red. "I just- it's okay, if you don't, it was stupid-"

"I love you," Mark says gruffly. "Too. Obviously, Wardo."

Eduardo's face breaks into a grin, and he almost looks - expectant-

His face changes after a moment, to confused, and he says, "I was thinking that I'd waited so long to hear that-"

"Yeah, I can- I can think about stuff and not say it, too," Mark says, and thinks very determinedly about Ritz crackers for a moment.

Eduardo huffs out a laugh, and Mark says, "Can I kiss you?"

"Yeah," Eduardo says easily, grinning, and Mark pushes him against the door, puts his tongue in Eduardo's mouth.

They don't stop until Chris and Dustin walk back up the hallway, and Dustin yells, "Ooh, sexy time, sorry to interrupt-"

Chris doesn't say anything. Mark looks at him, and he's staring at them, cheeks pink, and Mark says, "Holy shit, you're having some kind of pervy thought right now, aren't you-"

"Did I not say it out loud?" Chris says confusedly, and then, "I mean, no I'm not."

"Jesus," Eduardo says, laughing into Mark's neck, crinkly-eyed.

"It's over then?" Dustin says, wide-eyed. He makes a face that looks half thoughtful and half constipated.

"Did I just say something about having a threesome with Princess Leia and Chewbaca?" he asks, and Eduardo snorts.

"No," Chris says, while Mark says, "Well, technically, yes."

"It's over!" Dustin exclaims, ignoring Mark. "Holy shit."

"Thank God," Chris mutters.

"I didn't mind," Eduardo says, shy and soft, and Mark tightens his hand on Eduardo's waist, leans forward and sucks a kiss into his collarbone.

"God, what a weird fucking day," Dustin sighs, and holds the door open for them all to go in.

Mark nods, and when Eduardo pulls away reluctantly to go downstairs, Mark smacks his ass.

Eduardo makes a sound that can only be described as a whimper, and Dustin says, "Kinky motherfuckers. You know Eduardo has a single, right? Spare us the sound of your nerdy lovemaking, please."

"Fuck off, Dustin," Mark says. "Good night, Wardo."

Eduardo turns and smiles at him, biting his lip, and Mark smiles helplessly back.

Dustin yanks him in the door, which he's still holding, and Mark pushes him, irritated.

"Dumbass," he says, and Dustin slams the door and flops down on the couch, stretching, t-shirt riding up.

"Really weird day," he says again, yawning, and Mark nods.

"Not so bad, though," Mark says, and grins.

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