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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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Hey guys!

Sorry, I know it's been a while but this is just an update;

I've been a bit fail lately but steps are being taken towards getting a new mod, so please don't fear! There will be an announcement shortly on that. For those of you concerned about delicious as well, I am in the process of moving the links over to PINBOARD. I don't have the address for you yet but rest assured, when I have more links up than I have managed so far, the new link will be put up here.

I know delicious is a bit crazy because they have decided NOT to use bundles etc (WTF?!) but I will have a workable system for you in PINBOARD, so please be patient!

I'm still keeping an eye on the meme but there is also tsnmemehelper if you have any issues.

Thank you :)

Delicious is so mucking up fandom :/

Btw, have you thought of promoting some of the unfilled prompts? I saw the Merlin kink meme do that, and since there are so many awesome ones here, that'd be an awesome way to get some more fills.

i know!

don't worry, we have! we're all working together and we'll come up with some way that the "forgotten" prompts become remembered again :)

Wow. You paid for a Pinboard for fandom? *whistles* /impressed

Love it.

Thanks for giving us this update and just yeah thanks <3


I forgot to ask would you like to join Fandombook and/or promote it? Please pretty please? O:)

i don't mind knowing it's the Social Network fandom :P

i love the concept of fandombook. are you going to keep it on the spreadsheet?

(enquiring mind wants to know :P)

Uh...I don't know where else I'd put it xD Sometimes I forget I'm not actually making a FB because then I'm like ZOMG. I also like the idea of something simple so it lets our blogs and tumblrs and other social networks do the real shining :)

Did you have an idea for fandombook? Mind sharing? Now I'm curious and I'm wondering what you had in mind for it. I briefly toyed with thinking about making a comm just for it but I sort of enjoy it being a really grassroots thing right now, nothing too big just friends trying to find each other ^^

haha i had no concrete thoughts! the idea intrigued me (and, to be honest, appeals in a lot of ways, not least because of my obsession with jesse!mark and all things mark related /0\)

i don't know. the spreadsheet is brilliant! i love it. i don't know, maybe just a small-ish website? because then you could add tags or something, so for specific things that people write etc could lead to other people who like that as well. idk, just some random thoughts running around my head :/

Well I'm intrigued too! I'm not opposed to developing it more at some point when I also learn some more about stuff and/or get new ideas. It feels like a census tbh and I'd love to get some stats on our fandom for fun (like where we hang out the most etc) but I'm a total n00b rn ;) Will see how it goes. Feel free to hit me up if you have a 'can't feel my legs' moment :D

hahaha YES. i love stats and SPREADSHEETS so i am already all over what you have! i've been stalking it a lot in the past few hours (instead of writing an essay which is due soon but lol who needs uni?!)

that said, i am going to be thinking about this so much when i should be doing over things D:

i don't mind knowing it's the Social Network fandom :P

I feel that this deserves a prize. Your generosity is astounding and very much appreciated.

I definitely get it. I stayed up to test how fandombook might work with people and their different platforms and talked to peeps and tried to come up with one that would work. Ahaha lack of sleep. I would not do that for any fandom. But TSN? FUCK YES.

i just love this fandom and i've never been to a kink meme with so little... conflict? i think it also helps that i love this fandom ridiculous amounts and, to be honest, the only other fandom i've been in like it was merlin and that has a bitter taste for me a lot recently, so this is the fandom i've chosen to give my all to :P

I was in Merlin a while back but then near the end of Season 2 I lost interest which is a personal thing and isn't necessarily about the show. I was like that for SPN too.

I'm quite surprised I haven't lost interest in TSN because it's been like a year and I'm still here? Must be all the awesome. TSN is the only fandom I've participated in this much, it makes me want to make stuff happen y'know? It's amazing.

I keep reading this part (I have stuff open in tabs all the time and I get around to it all eventually ahaha unless it crashes and then I'm like noooo):

so this is the fandom i've chosen to give my all to :P

And I want to do a little dance and cheer. MTE. MTE. <3