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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

Mark Zuckerberg
The Sarcastic Kitty oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[PART NINE] & Some News
Okay, I'm a little new at this so sorry if I mess this up first go. Because it's been 5 months since the last round even though we haven't been busy. I figured I might as well earn my keep and try to get this place alive again...




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

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♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
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Hi, right now everyone is working on some changes so hold on new things are coming. In an effort to kick this place back into action, we're doing round 9. In a few days, we'll be setting up a fills post that hopefully will work directly for archiving and an overflow post. Also we'll be doing a friending meme at tsn_km_gather so be looking out for that. I know some of the other mods have plans of their own which will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or ideas that I can help you with, feel free to PM me. I'll be around.



have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.



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RPF: Andrew/Jesse, Emma/Taylor Swift (Andrew/Emma)

Double bearding, or Andrew and Emma pretend to be dating for publicity. I'd love equal amounts of Emma/Taylor and Jesse/Andrew, and of course Andrew/Emma being bffs.

Re: RPF: Andrew/Jesse, Emma/Taylor Swift (Andrew/Emma)

Hi bb, is it okay if Jesse doesn't realize Andrew & Emma are pretend!dating? Like, a story about how Jesse & Andrew get together with help from Emma, Taylor and Meredith the cat? Also I haven't written fic in years, so it may take a while and may not be the best.

Re: RPF: Andrew/Jesse, Emma/Taylor Swift (Andrew/Emma)

totally! go for it. :)

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) 1/?

Andrew received the email in bed. He and Jesse were under the covers, naked, and sharing short kisses between intense stares because they couldn’t get enough of just seeing each other.

Jesse was visiting before going to Europe because Andrew was pretty sure he himself wouldn’t find time to visit him as much as he wished he could. They knew this time would come, when they would be deeply in love and neck-high in work that tore them apart to different sides of the country and world. They knew yet that didn’t prepare them. They did the best they could with the time and dates they were given and neither had complaints so far.

Andrew kissed Jesse’s neck once, twice, and his phone went off on the side table for the second time in the tone he designated for work-related messages. He groaned in agony and pressed his face to Jesse’s shoulder.

Jesse ran his fingers through Andrew’s hair. “Answer it.”

Andrew’s answer was muffled and stubborn. “No.”

“It might be important.”

“Not more important than you,” Andrew defended, pressing his forehead to Jesse’s and staring at him desperately.

“It might pay more than I do,” Jesse countered with a small smile.

Andrew whined, kissed Jesse one more time, and turned around to snatch the phone irritably, pressing buttons hard until he came to the email, reading it with a frown pulling down at his lips. Jesse’s fingers gently scratched Andrew’s back.

“Shit,” Andrew whispered, running a hand down his face and turning towards Jesse. “I have a date. With Emma.”

Jesse gave a nod, smiled weakly, and cleared his throat. “That’s. Alright, so I’ll…I’ll wait here. It’s no big deal.”

Before Andrew agreed to fake-date Emma, he asked Jesse’s permission first. Understandably, Jesse was upset at first, not able to relate the fake part and the publicity part with one another. He saw it as a way for Andrew to leave their relationship to start a new romantic one with Emma. It took ten minutes for Andrew to convince him that wasn’t the case at all.

Eventually, Jesse agreed, Andrew telling him that Emma had a girlfriend so there wasn’t even potential for them, but that didn’t make his insecurities go away, though.

Andrew called before each outing he had with Emma, told him how long it would be and what it would consist of, and immediately after, sometimes even during when he could tell that Jesse was particularly stressed. But Jesse still couldn’t help worrying that Andrew would find out Emma was more beautiful than him, more funny, more elegant, more talented, more normal, and overall better.

He didn’t care that Emma had someone else, too. Andrew finding out what it’s like to date someone better might encourage him to replace Jesse. That’s why he was always anxious.

Andrew whined, pushed Jesse onto his back, and lied down on top of him, kissing his neck over and over. “Don’t do that. It kills me.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Jesse babbled, arms around Andrew to hold him tight in hopes that he would never go away.

Andrew bumped his nose against Jesse’s and stared in his eyes, all the emotions he was feeling exposed and obvious. Andrew knew him well enough to know how he was feeling even if he wasn’t looking at him. He appreciated Jesse’s support more than he could express, especially because he knew how uncomfortable he was about it regardless of what he said. Andrew wasn’t stupid, he knew Jesse hated it, but it wouldn’t be forever. It was only for a couple months and then the world would go back to normal.

He whispered, “I’m sorry, Jess. I know we have limited time and I’m sorry I have to use some of it for this. I truly am.”

“It’s okay. Really.”

Andrew didn’t believe him. It was never okay.

Andrew stood up, leaving Jesse feeling cold and bare, and got dressed quickly, Jesse pulling the blankets around himself tighter and watching as Andrew’s skin covered up. Andrew lied on top of Jesse again once he put his shoes on and kissed him for a little while longer. He knew Emma would be in no rush either.

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) 2/?

Emma received the email in the middle of Taylor’s vocal warm-ups, sitting on the side of the couch that was in Taylor’s dressing room and frowning at the phone’s screen.

Taylor was in town for a concert and Emma had the day off aside from a brief television appearance in the morning. They had met up at a small café right after Emma’s interview finished and hugged long and tight, whispering how much they missed each other and how happy they were to finally be together. They ate brunch, sipping on espresso drinks and eating blueberry muffins, and headed straight to the venue for Taylor’s sound check. It wasn’t until they were completely alone and in the safety of Taylor’s dressing room, door locked, that they kissed slow and fell into ease with one another.

Emma had planned on staying with Taylor for the rest of the day, watching her rehearse and seeing the concert later that night, maybe go out for a late dinner at some pizza place before heading back to Emma’s apartment.

The email in her hands disrupted that plan.

Emma sighed quietly but Taylor heard it, her pacing in a zigzag across the room halting and her singing scale muting as she looked at Emma, concerned.

Emma stood up, slid the phone in her back pocket, and sighed again. “I have to go. Columbia planned a lunch for me and Andrew, but I’ll be back as soon as I can, I promise.”

Taylor didn’t mind when Emma said that the studio would like to have her and Andrew waltz around the world, holding hands, sharing meals, kissing quickly, and laughing secretly, to help with the publicity of their movie. She understood Hollywood and she trusted Emma beyond words. She met Andrew, knew he was with Jesse, and that he had zero intentions of even trying to steal anyone’s significant other, especially a girl and particularly Emma. She trusted Emma and believed Andrew. It wasn’t in her nature to get jealous if there was no need to.

Emma walked over to Taylor and put both hands on her cheeks, kissing her lightly with a whine. “You have no idea how unbelievably sorry I am. It’ll take two hours max, I promise, and I’ll be back in time for the concert.”

“You better be. I won’t start without you.”

“Good, I don’t want you to,” Emma whispered with a smile, kissing Taylor again and wrapping her arms around her neck.

(i hope i'm on the right track with this prompt??)

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Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) 3/?

Andrew and Emma had barely gotten their butts in their chairs when they pulled out their cell phones, Emma replying to a text Taylor sent her and Andrew sending Jesse the first one. The waitress introduced herself and put menus in front of them but they both ignored her, too caught up in their messages. She walked away after saying she’d be back with water.

“You two should come to the concert tonight,” Emma said, setting the phone on the table and watching as Andrew continued to type slowly.

He was an amateur texter.

Andrew finished his short text at the same time the waitress came with a pitcher of water, filling their glasses. He reached across the table and covered Emma’s hand with his, the waitress aww-ing as she walked away. They had gotten into a little routine with the charades they pulled and holding hands before their food came was one of them.

“Sorry, what were you saying?”

“You’re a terrible boyfriend,” she whispered with a wide smile. “I hope Jesse doesn’t have to put up with this.”

Andrew wiggled his eyebrows and she laughed loudly. “He puts up enough, thanks.”

“I was saying that you guys should see Tay tonight. It’ll be like a double date.” She took a sip of water and smacked her lips together before opening the menu. “Jesse’s never met her and maybe he should.”

Andrew opened his menu, too, fingers tapping on the top of Emma’s hand thoughtfully. It was a great idea, Jesse meeting Taylor, because they were going through the same thing and since she handled it better, she could sympathize and maybe help him. He’s not sure why this didn’t occur to him sooner. When he met her, she was the biggest sweetheart (bigger than Emma) and even told him to tell Jesse hi from her. If that wasn’t a big sign he completely missed, he didn’t know what was.

“I know Tay’s music isn’t your cup of tea but go as my guest and her support. Jesse should really meet her.”

Andrew nodded, closing his menu once he decided. “Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. We will.”

Emma grinned and the waitress came over to take their orders.

They exchanged stories with each other and texts with their partners before the food came. Once it did come, they put their phones away, which was another part of the routine, to focus on their plates and each other until they left the restaurant. The crucial part for a Hollywood couple was during the actual eating; if they were enjoying the food and each other’s company, if they were getting along and how well the conversation was with mouth’s full of food, and how close they got throughout the duration.

By the time the waitress came back to grab their empty plates and fetch their dessert, which would be a shared slice of pie, their heads were bowed close together toward the center of the table and Emma laughed loudly, as she usually did, as Andrew very quietly told her the story about the time Jesse used the espresso machine for the first time.

“So I wake up to this smell of burning beans and burning metal and Jesse isn’t next to me, so I figured it had to have been him.”

“Of course.”

“And I put on my robe and go in the kitchen and he has the thing in the sink, water running on top of it.”

Emma gasped and covered her mouth. Andrew loved his espresso and she knew the machine he had wasn’t the cheapest being super-automatic and chrome with the steamed milk and doser options. If she remembered correctly, it was imported specially from a foreign company.

The waitress put the small plate and two small forks on the table, beamed at them for a second, and walked away. If Andrew were to guess, he figured she’d be the one that would report to the gossip magazines and labeled “witness” or “onlooker” when the story of him and Emma was published. It could also be one of the surrounding tables that glanced at them too quickly and too often. They would say that he and Emma shared laughs while getting to know each other better, texting for business purposes in the beginning before shifting their attention fully on each other and that he held her hand when she stressed about what to eat because she needed to keep her shape.

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) 4/?

It would be a bunch of lies but Emma would benefit from it. She made a drinking game that had her take a shot every time something untrue was printed. Andrew joined her twice, once with Jesse, and Taylor was with her during many of them. She never got upset by any of it but to avoid that possibility, she made it into something fun to remind her to never take it seriously.

“The machine was fine, thankfully,” Andrew concluded as Emma ate the final bite of the pie’s crust, “and I have since taught him how to use it properly but he doesn’t trust himself, so he never touches the thing.”

“At least he tried. That was cute.”

Andrew smiled adoringly, thinking back to how Jesse looked that morning; hair messy, random small bruises scattered around his neck and shoulders, boxers wrinkled, face and hands bright red, light scratch marks across his back, bottom lip between his teeth, chest covered with drops from the high-pressure faucet. It had been a good morning after Andrew calmed him down and fixed the machine. He brewed them cappuccinos and made eggs sunny-side up while Jesse toasted bread and peeled and sliced an orange. After they had finished breakfast, they took a two-hour bath that needed to be followed by a shower.

It was a good morning indeed.

“Look at you, all blissful,” Emma teased, finishing her water and smiling around the straw.

Andrew shrugged but blushed, wiping the corner of Emma’s mouth with his thumb to swipe away an imaginary crumb. “How do you and Taylor do the long-distance thing?”

Emma patted her lips with a napkin and looked down at her lap in a way that could be described as shy, though Andrew knew that shy was not a trait she was capable of. It was all an act. “A lot of texts, a lot of e-mails, a lot of trust, and nightly video chats, even if only for five minutes.”

The waitress came with their bill and Andrew pulled out his wallet, placing the credit card the production company’s PR department gave him in the case. It wasn’t that he would mind paying for lunches with Emma but more that he wanted the production company to pay for having him waste Jesse time and having Jesse and Taylor deal with it, too. Emma always picked the expensive, hot new restaurants for a reason.

“You two will make it, I know you will. You love him too much to let some European filming come between you guys.”

Andrew didn’t think anything extremely bad would happen with him and Jesse, with him still dedicated to the movie for the next seven to eight months and with Jesse an ocean away. He was just worried about the fact they wouldn’t have as much time for each other. He needed Jesse more than he needed two shots of espresso in the morning, a glass of moscato before bed, and two mints after consuming each. They were perfect parts of his life that made his day better and he needed them, including Jesse, but Jesse contributed more than they ever could.

He was worried what Jesse’s absence would do to him and, in effect, to them.

“Hey.” Emma squeezed Andrew’s hand and smiled gently. “You guys have me and Tay if you need us. My biggest suggestion, though, is to do a video chat every night. Except with time differences, it can get tricky…”

Andrew nodded, turned his hand over, and laced their fingers together. Her hand was too long and not bony enough. “Thanks. I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she casually said as the waitress came to take the bill and card away. “It was bumpy for us at first but you’ll figure something out.”

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) 5a/?

Bumpy was an understatement. Emma had been jealous of Taylor’s past relationships. How could she ever compare to Taylor Lautner or Jake Gyllenhaal or John Mayer (she was better than Joe Jonas, she gave herself enough credit for that)? They were rich, beautiful, successful, talented, established, sought after, in shape, and, most importantly, men. Typical female insecurities came out instantly after they started dating and Taylor noticed right away, their friendship long enough for her to realize when something wasn’t normal. Emma would insist she pay for everything instead of splitting 50-50, walk one step ahead to lead instead of side-by-side, order salads with a side of olive oil instead of loaded burgers, never eat the bread basket instead of scarfing the whole thing with slabs of butter, and keep texts short instead of laying out her brain in them.

Taylor had to talk to her, doing so one night when they were at Emma’s apartment in New York and watching television on the couch. She wanted the old Emma back, she said, and grabbed both of her hands. She wanted the Emma she always knew that would let ketchup drip down her chin and only wipe it away two bites later. She wanted the Emma that drank as much soda as she could because she knew refills were free. She wanted the Emma that would walk with her, not walk her, which made talking a lot easier. She wanted Emma, not Emma trying to be like man or whatever she thought Taylor might’ve wanted.

Emma had given a nod, kissed Taylor slow, and got up to get ice cream because she had been craving it all day and was honestly sick of attempting to be healthy.

After that hurdle, Emma and Taylor’s relationship was effortless and relaxed yet worked for to make it that way.

Hand-in-hand, Andrew and Emma walked through a group of photographers and into his car that was waiting by the curb from valet. Now was the part of the routine that they both didn’t look forward to.

Emma rested her head on the headrest of the seat and blinked at Andrew dramatically in her attempts of bashfulness. He started the car, took a deep breath through his nose, and leaned over to kiss her, muffled shouts and flashes surrounding the car despite the fact it was a sunny afternoon.

He never got over how awkward it was kissing Emma, whether it be on set or off. Her lips were too soft and when he put a hand on her cheek, it was too smooth. It was all feminine and not to his preference at all. He imagined Jesse whenever they kissed, imagined how his lips felt and tasted and the occasional stubble if he didn’t shave. He imagined it but never enough to forgot it was Emma, his best friend.

To be convincing, Emma pulled Andrew into another kiss when he pulled away and only let him go when he squeezed her knee. It was the same thing they had done for the last four dates and if anyone was keeping track, they should’ve realized it, too.

Andrew sped off away from the restaurant and photographers and Emma called Taylor to let her know their date was over, she was on her way back.

“I wish we could get Oscars for this,” Emma said once she hung up, snatching Andrew’s phone from the cup holder to call Jesse. “The category: Best Publicity Performance. We’d get nominated individually, obviously, and one of us would win, though it’d probably be me and my batting eyelashes.”

“A special thanks to Cover Girl’s mascara, coincidentally advertised by Taylor Swift,” Andrew added.

Emma laughed and when Jesse picked up, she repeated what was just said.

Andrew drove into the back lot of the venue and Emma unbuckled, turning to him and saying, “So you’re coming tonight, right?”

“Yeah. It’ll be good for Jesse…and me, too.”

“Great. Come in this same way,” Emma dropped her backstage pass into the cup holder on top of Andrew’s phone, “and go through that black door on the side. There are signs for her dressing room, it’s just down the hall. Text before you get here, I’ll actually meet you so you don’t get lost. Because you will.”

They hugged before Emma got out and walked in a rush to the door, disappearing inside.

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) 5b/?

It’s a great idea, Andrew repeated to himself on the drive back to his apartment, running his fingers nervously through his hair. Not only would Jesse be able to talk to Taylor, who was in the same situation, but they would get to spend time together. Only good could come from this, it’s a great idea, Andrew repeated. Yet, he was nervous why?

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) - 6

Jesse was wearing one of Andrew’s flannel button-ups, dark red and too long for his thin, short body, as he sat in the middle of the bed, legs crossed with a book on top of them while Andrew walked in circles to get ready. He moved from the closet to the dresser to the bathroom across the hall, then back to the bedroom to the dresser to the closet in a never-ending cycle to get ready.

Consider it a double date, Andrew had said first before he even told Jesse the whole idea. Jesse quietly agreed, only having the same issue as Andrew about the fact they would be willingly listening to Taylor Swift songs. Andrew had nothing against the girl, thought very highly of her, but he really couldn’t like her songs as much as he tried, and he did try some times. Jesse was just very particular about his music and Taylor didn’t make the cut, but he was sure she was nice from what Andrew told him.

Since they considered it a date, they had gotten ready as they normally did for them, which included Jesse being ready first and waiting and Andrew scrambling around to pair his shirt and jeans, then match his jeans to shoes, all while trying not to sweat off his cologne. Jesse learned not to stop Andrew after trying one time, learned to let him be and run around like an hyperactive puppy.

“This’ll be fun,” Andrew said once he calmed down, sitting on the edge of the bed to slip on his shiny brown shoes. “Date night. A concert.”

“Mhm,” Jesse agreed, flipping the page in his book.

Jesse originally had put on a nice sweater, thin horizontal stripes of navy and gray, but Andrew vetoed it, saying the neckline was too high and the waist wasn’t tight enough, and pulled the sweater off. This in turn led to Andrew kissing Jesse’s chest and licking up to his neck, Jesse lying down and still horny from when they had sex on the kitchen table when Andrew came home from dropping Emma off. People didn’t know this about Jesse but he was like a bunny in summer, always wanting and willing. Andrew was the moderator, though he wasn’t too good at it because he couldn’t get enough, either.

Jesse had been breathing hard when Andrew jumped up, went over and dug through his closet, and tossed the flannel shirt at the foot of the bed. After Jesse did it up, Andrew undid the top three buttons, kissed his neck again, and started getting ready himself.

Andrew turned around and pushed his fingers through Jesse’s hair. “You alright? You still want to go?”

Jesse nodded, looking up from his book to Andrew with a small smile. “I want to go wherever you go.”

When Andrew listed the pros of going to Taylor’s concert (talking to Taylor about the fake dating thing, spending time together on an actual date, getting out of the apartment and doing something, seeing Emma and Taylor together, the chance of maybe fucking in Taylor Swift’s dressing room, which would be kinda cool, wouldn’t it?), as much as Jesse tried to control and stop it, his mind presented to him, “Maybe Andrew had such a good time on the date that he can’t wait to see Emma again.” He didn’t actually believe it, getting passed thinking that Andrew wanted Emma day and night, but the thought was there and he couldn’t erase it.

Andrew stood up to put on a brown leather jacket over the light blue plaid shirt and Jesse’s mind said to him, “He’s dressing for Emma, not you.”

He slammed the book shut and pushed it off of him onto the bed, running his hands over his face and sighing. He had no reign on his thoughts, that was the problem here.

Andrew stared at him, sliding his wallet into his back pocket. “What’s wrong? Tell me.”

Jesse shook his head, pressed his palms harder over his face as if that would pause all the thoughts he didn’t want, and dropped his hands to his lap before looking at Andrew, lips parting at how sexy he looked. He always looked sexy but there were times, like this one, when it was made obvious and caused Jesse’s heart to speed up.

“You look,” Jesse eyes went up and down slowly, “really good.”

Andrew stuck out a hip and crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t change the subject.”

Jesse creased his eyebrows. “What-?”

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) - 7

“What’s wrong?” Andrew sat back down beside Jesse and rubbed the back of his neck. “If you don’t want to go, we don’t have to. We can get some dinner, maybe see a movie after. Emma won’t mind. We aren’t obligated to anything.”

“No, no, it’s.” Jesse waved at his book. “Bad chapter.”

Andrew raised an eyebrow and picked the book up to examine the cover. He didn’t believe Jesse for one second but went along with it otherwise. If he’s learned anything about Jesse, it’s to not pressure him into saying what was wrong. If Jesse wanted to tell him something badly enough, he would on his own.

Andrew flipped through the pages carelessly and Jesse asked, “Are you ready?”

Andrew tossed the book next to his phone on the bedside table, pushed Jesse onto his back, and kissed him hard, shaking his head and whispering, “Not quite.’

Emma grabbed their wrists and pulled them backstage when they finally made it to the arena’s back lot. She only made a small comment about how late they were and that she wouldn’t judge them by the big, dark hickey on Andrew’s neck or at how flustered Jesse seemed. When they walked passed a full-length mirror that was on the way down the dressing room hall, Andrew saw that it really was quite a bad hickey.

Emma pushed open the door that had a piece of paper saying “Taylor Swift” and led them inside. The room was brightly lit with tall lamps in each corner that Taylor brought along with her on tour, since she knew from past experiences that dressing room’s didn’t have the best lighting. She also brought along her own green loveseat, small enough for when she was alone but big enough for when she needed to share, since she didn’t know how clean venue furniture was.

Also in the room was a small dinette set off to the side, a mini refrigerator that was on the floor next to the vanity, two cushioned chairs by the couch, and a large maroon rug on top of the beige carpet in the middle of the room.

Wearing a dress that was her outfit for the first part of her set, Taylor sat in front of the vanity mirror with a hairstylist and makeup artist around her. She smiled wide at Jesse and Andrew in the mirror.

“Hey you two! Give me a couple more minutes, I’m almost done.”

Emma let go of Andrew’s wrist and pulled Jesse over to Taylor’s couch. “This is her favorite part. Getting her hair pulled, her eyelids beaten, her cheeks slapped, her lips gooey…”

“The highlight of my day,” she said dully, Andrew smirking because it seemed that Emma’s mannerisms were rubbing off on her. It was as funny as it was cute.

The room quieted and Jesse stared at her. She looked back when she was allowed to open her eyes after eyeliner, mascara, or eyeshadow was applied, a small smile directed at him before she had to close them again. Jesse knew but couldn’t believe she was in the same position he was. She seemed so sweet, innocent, and genuine to have to deal with something like this. It was crazy to think that there was one person that was going through the exact same thing and that one person was now in the same room as him.

He truly wasn’t alone.

Taylor was finished getting done up, Andrew admiring one of the lamps and Emma playing Angry Birds on her phone, and the two cosmetologists left. She turned around, stood up, and approached Andrew, hugging him tight.

“It’s so good to see you again.” She pulled back a little but still held on. “How was the date?”

“Peachy. Like the pie we shared.”

“You had one bite, that isn’t sharing,” Emma commented, her eyes not leaving the phone in her hands.

“We don’t want you being Hollywood’s next eating disorder,” Andrew defended, Taylor laughing and going over to Jesse.

Jesse swallowed hard, Taylor standing in front of him, and he held a hand out nervously to her. She laughed and shook her head.

“Get up here, silly,” she said, pulling on Jesse’s hands to help him to his feet and wrapping her arms around his neck. “I was taught only politicians shake hands.”

Emma had told her about Jesse’s social and anxiety issues so she would know what to expect and not get offended by anything he may do or say. She understood but was used to it, meeting fans that froze up at the sight of her or said ridiculous things they didn’t mean to.

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) - 8

Jesse hesitantly put his arms around her waist and looked over her shoulder at Andrew, who was smiling at him and gave a nod of encouragement. He liked hugs as much as the next person but he was particular as to who he let be pressed against his chest. It was a new concept for him to let a stranger hug him the first time they ever met and he wasn’t entirely comfortable. He let it happen, though, and was relieved when Taylor didn’t linger in his arms, pulling away after a couple seconds.

“It’s nice to meet you, Jesse. I’m so happy you came.” She glanced over at Andrew. “Both of you. It means a lot.”

Andrew walked over and put an arm around Jesse’s shoulders. “Well, I wanted to see you again and when Emma invited us, I couldn’t say no. Jesse had been inside all day, too, and I needed to take him out so he could go to the bathroom.”

“You aren’t funny,” Jesse mumbled, Taylor and Emma laughing as Andrew kissed his cheek quickly.

Emma tucked her phone in her pocket and stood up. “Catering should have dinner done by now.” She looked at Andrew. “Help me carry all the food tables in here.”

Andrew rolled his eyes, both at her comment and at how unsubtle she was at suggesting they leave Jesse and Taylor alone, but followed her regardless.

Emma also told Taylor to talk to Jesse about the fake dating but to be gentle and careful about it, since it was a slightly sensitive topic for him.

Taylor crossed the room to the mini fridge and Jesse sat back down, legs tight together and hands folded on his lap. “Want anything to drink? I have pretty much everything in this little baby.”

When she opened it’s door, he was surprised to find that she was right and impressed at how many cans and mini bottles were crammed inside, ranging from water and beer to soda and tea to vodka and milk. He saw her take out a water and said he’d take one, too.

She sat next to him, putting his bottle between them, and crossed her legs, her dress covering just below her knees. Her makeup was dramatic and heavy up close and lipstick stained the rim of her bottle as she drank in big gulps.

“I think they made a chicken roast for dinner. Do you like chicken?”

Jesse shrugged, leaving the bottle against his leg. “I think chicken is universally liked, or at least tolerated.”

“I think you might be right.” She finished the small amount of water and put the empty bottle down on the floor next to her feet, turning toward Jesse. “I hear you don’t like their whole dating thing.”

Jesse creased his eyebrows, keeping his head down. “Do you like the fact your girlfriend is dating someone else?”

“Fake dating,” Taylor corrected and tilted her head to the side. “I don’t mind it, no, because it isn’t real. It’s not that they’re really dating.”

“You have no reason to worry. You’re not awkward or mediocre or replaceable or at risk-”

“Ohhh, I see.”

Taylor realized right away that it went beyond Andrew and Emma’s set-up dates and wasn’t about them making the world believe they were couple. It was a combination of his trust in Andrew, what he thought Andrew would get out of the dates, and, mostly but not surprisingly, his insecurities.

All that Taylor was prepared to say and ready to address was thrown out the window.

There were a select few people that knew about Taylor and Emma’s relationship that were on tour, whether on purpose or accident. They told their publicists because they always had to be in the loop and giving them a heads up couldn’t hurt. The stage assembly director knew because Taylor trusted him and he also saw them holding hands. Her bus driver knew the first time that she pulled Emma onto the bus and locked them in her bedroom in the back until morning. The caterer found out when he delivered her request of white wine and fresh fruit to her dressing room, Taylor opening the door to a room of candles and flowers.

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) - 9

Some others also knew and all that did never spoke of it, loyal to not only Taylor but also Emma, respecting and caring about them both enough to let them remain private. Taylor was grateful and if they remained quiet until the end of the tour, she was going to give them a bonus and a contract that guaranteed they would work with her on future tours. Trustworthy people in the entertainment industry weren’t easy to find, especially in the music part, and she wanted to hold onto to those rare gems.

More public and known was Andrew and Emma’s relationship and as they approached the carving table, the caterer putting slices onto plates for the people that were waiting in line, eyes watched them closely, not starstruck or in awe but with expectations. Emma was the first to see it and stepped closer to Andrew, lacing their fingers together.

Andrew looked at her, confused, and she gave the slightest nod towards the tables that were set up, people staggered and eating with enough looking for him to understand. He sighed quietly and moved forward with the line.

“Don’t look so happy,” Emma whispered as quietly as she could in Andrew’s ear, though she was certain the persons in front of and behind them heard and she could only hope they didn’t hear or care. “They’ll think we had a big feud about me dragging you to see Taylor’s concert and how you think she’s a terrible influence on me.”

“Terrible influence?” Andrew laughed, tension dissolving. “Is it possible for Taylor to be a bad influence on anyone?”

Emma lifted a shoulder and squeezed Andrew’s hand. “I mean, she dates older men.”

“Well,” Andrew took a deep breath, looked around once last time to make people were still watching and listening, “so do you.”

Emma snorted at how fast and instinctive the response came, clearing her throat to bring herself together before she burst out laughing because it was cliché and corny. She was going to mock him about that for a very long time.

She kissed Andrew quickly just as they were next in line, the caterer winking at her knowingly as they stood in front of him. Andrew narrowed his eyes a little at him but relaxed when she didn’t seem at all affected.

“Hello, Master Iron Chef Ramsey,” Emma greeted, knowing his name was actually Marcus and ignoring the name tag he was wearing. “Tay’ll want a pretty big plateful and I just want a normal human amount.”

Andrew asked for two plates with a normal human amount, too, and the caterer put them on trays, directing them to the table full of sides and more food. Emma snatched bowls and plates to fill her entire tray, Taylor eating a lot before performing, while Andrew was more thoughtful about his choices, thinking about what Jesse would eat and maybe like to try.

When they came back to the dressing room, Andrew having to trade carrying trays with Emma because hers became too heavy and unbalanced with dishes overlapping unstably, Taylor and Jesse were on the couch, a thick travel magazine across Taylor’s thighs with Jesse looking down at it closely.

“Yeah, we weren’t there for as long as you were,” Jesse commented, giving a nod as a signal for Taylor to flip the page. “I would go back. I didn’t see nearly enough as I should have.”

“Well, make a day trip or something when you’re in Italy,” Taylor suggested, both of them looking up when Emma and Andrew walked in. “Hey, I was right. Chicken.”

Emma and Andrew set the trays down on the table and Taylor and Jesse walked over.

“What were you guys talking about?” Emma slowly asked suspiciously, hoping Taylor would know better than to waste that time discussing travel.

Taylor ran a hand down Emma’s back, Andrew and Jesse sitting down, and kissed the side of her neck. Emma knew that they, she and Jesse, did in fact have the dating discussion when Taylor’s fingers pressed in the familiar way that told her not to worry. “England. London, specifically.”

Andrew, who was organizing his and Jesse’s tray by pointing to foods and pushing them in front of Jesse when he nodded, straightened up at that. “I live there. I mean, I did. I do, technically, before I-”

“You either can or can’t, Andrew, pick one,” Emma interrupted.

Ignoring her, Andrew looked at Jesse. “Why didn’t you tell me you wanted to go back? We could go.”

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) - 10

Jesse blushed and hunched his shoulders. “You’ve been busy…and I’m about to be busy… I didn’t want to bother you about it…”

Taylor cleared her throat, loud and obnoxious, and Jesse snapped his head up to her, her eyes wide and screaming all the things they had previously talked about. Andrew blinked at her and Emma slowly sat down, not wanting to ask or know.

“I-I mean.” Jesse looked back down at the table, not having the strength to meet Andrew’s eyes while his brain scrambled frantically to form a sentence with Taylor’s advice in mind. “I mean… We can plan something. I’m sure you’ll do a premiere there later that I can maybe come out for, or-or we can meet up while I’m over there and have off.”

Andrew looked between Taylor and Jesse madly, back and forth, back and forth, trying to discover what they were both thinking and sharing to each other from across the table. Emma ate some corn and pulled Taylor down to the empty chair.

Jesse panicked, stuttered and added, “Only-Only if-if you want to, that is, becau-”

Taylor coughed again and Jesse jumped a little, shaking his head, as her chicken was cut by Emma. It was going to take time to change his attitude but she didn’t seem to have that time, wanting to enforce a full change right here, right now.

“But-But of course you’ll want to,” Jesse said, altering his sentence to a perplexed Andrew, who kept his eyes on him, “because we’re boyfriends and you’d love to have a vacation with me to spend more quality time together. That’s what people in relationships do.”

Andrew had never heard Jesse say anything so rational and not negative before. It was the first time Jesse had proposed an idea for a date with poise and he was more pleased than anything. Whatever Taylor had said, Andrew approved of the course it was taking not only Jesse but the future of their relationship.

Andrew put a hand on the back of Jesse’s neck and pulled him close to kiss him soft and long. Their eyes fell shut and tongues collided fast before Andrew whispered against his mouth, “You’re right. That is what people in relationships do.”

Covering her mouth that was full of chicken, Emma hiccupped and burped.

“Pig,” Taylor commented around a mouthful mixed of chicken and baked beans.

“Cow,” Emma countered, eating more chicken.

Their hands met under the table, resting on top of Taylor’s dress. “Probably.”

Love Conquers All (even when your significant other fake dates a co-star for a movie) - 11

Andrew, Jesse, and Emma stood to the side of the stage while Taylor performed. Emma danced and sang along while Andrew and Jesse nodded their heads politely. There was one song that Jesse found himself genuinely enjoying and he bounced his legs throughout, mouthing the chorus the last time and Andrew nudging him with a grin when the song was over. Jesse squeezed his hand quickly before letting go, not forgetting that there was a packed arena and an entire crew around them.

Andrew seemed as bummed about it and yelled into Emma’s ear over the music, “We’ll be right back.”

Emma widened her eyes at him, pressing a finger to his chest. “Don’t you dare have sex on her couch.”

“We’re just going to talk for a minute. We’ll be right back.”

Unconvinced, Emma kept staring at him until he turned his back on her and took Jesse’s hand, leading the way to Taylor’s dressing room.

There was food leftover all across the table and they sat down to nibble on it some more after grabbing cokes from the fridge. The music could be heard but less clear and a lot more quiet. Taylor said they didn’t have to listen to the whole thing, said she sometimes wished she could escape her music, too. Jesse sympathized, responding that watching his movies at premieres and special showings as many as fifteen times had the same feeling; accomplished but gradually annoyed.

They sat close together, chairs touching and leaning against each other’s sides. They fed each other small pieces of cold chicken and kernels of corn, sipping from their cans with small talk in between.

When they’re eating slowed down, they moved to the loveseat and it was then that Andrew decided to finally ask, “What did you two talk about?”

Jesse bit his lip, glanced at the travel magazine that was laying on the floor, and shifted around when Andrew pulled his legs up to put across his lap. “Just…you know…stuff.”

“Stuff.” Andrew rubbed Jesse’s knees, knowing it was a direct way to get him comfortable. “What kind of stuff?”

“You already know,” Jesse mumbled as he relaxed against the arm of the couch. “About you and Emma.”

“What did she say about it?” Andrew questioned more, curious as to what Taylor said to make Jesse talk the way that he did before over dinner.

Jesse whimpered quietly, Andrew’s hands squeezing down his legs. “Well…actually…not much.”

Andrew stared at him and stopped his hands from moving.

“It isn’t about the fake dating or Emma or your guys’ relationship. It’s about me and you-us.”

Andrew hadn’t seen that coming. He was expecting Jesse to say that Taylor told him to get over it, don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, it’s temporary and will eventually be over. He was expecting Jesse to say that Taylor showed him the light, that he had nothing to worry about because both Emma and Andrew were happy with their partners and didn’t want each other.

He wasn’t expecting Jesse to mention their relationship, or to mention it so solidly and bluntly.

“Us?” Andrew slowly shook his head. “What about us? I thought we were…good.”

“No, no, we are. We’re terrific-more than good.” Jesse nodded fast and licked his lips. “But I’m not. I have my…my issues that I need to get over. I need to get over them for us.”

Andrew was about to argue, not necessarily protest but counter, that he loved Jesse’s issues, accepted them and didn’t find them as a negative factor, except Jesse, who foresaw that coming, continued.

“It isn’t just for us; it’s for me, too. My thinking and insecurities are excessive and unnecessary. When you were getting dressed, I automatically thought it was for Emma.” He smiled sadly and Andrew frowned. “That isn’t how it should be…how I should be.”

Andrew’s heart broke. Never had Jesse been so honest with him or expressed so much about his feelings before. Jesse had always been mysterious to him, never fully an open-book nor elaborating what he really meant. He had to constantly guess and he eventually would learn for himself. He knew what he was getting himself into when they started dating and he didn’t mind it. He liked figuring Jesse out on his own, it was like a puzzle.

His heart broke because Jesse, finally, told him how his brain worked and it killed him knowing what thoughts Jesse had to live with day after day.

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