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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

Mark Zuckerberg
The Sarcastic Kitty oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[PART NINE] & Some News
Okay, I'm a little new at this so sorry if I mess this up first go. Because it's been 5 months since the last round even though we haven't been busy. I figured I might as well earn my keep and try to get this place alive again...




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Hi, right now everyone is working on some changes so hold on new things are coming. In an effort to kick this place back into action, we're doing round 9. In a few days, we'll be setting up a fills post that hopefully will work directly for archiving and an overflow post. Also we'll be doing a friending meme at tsn_km_gather so be looking out for that. I know some of the other mods have plans of their own which will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or ideas that I can help you with, feel free to PM me. I'll be around.



have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.



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[Gen] Alice(/Christy)

Kinkmeme, tell me how they met, are they roommates? Do they usually have sex where the other one can hear? Does she think Eduardo is a lameass boyfriend and Christy can do better? Does she and Mark become bros and commiserate about Eduardo and Christy being nauseatingly coupley? TELL ME, THESE ARE THING I WANT TO KNOW.

FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (1/6?)

Alice likes giving head. Not as much as Christy does, and not for the same reasons, but she likes it.

(Christy says it makes her feel powerful, and Christy chases that feeling all the time.)

For Alice it's entirely tactile; she's always had a bit of an oral fixation, and she likes the way it feels to have someone else's body against and inside hers. Whether it's a man or a woman doesn't seem to make much of a difference; she likes the warmth of this kind of contact and making someone feel good.

Sex is fun for Alice, and it has never been about feelings. She thinks that maybe it's because she knows her own body so well. She's done taekwondo all her life and she's been getting herself off since she was thirteen. She has never had any trouble saying no, and she only fucks people that make her feel safe.

Christy says that she's weird; for Christy, casual sex is about feeling dangerous.

Ideally, Alice likes sucking people off in a bed, rather than kneeling on a dirty bathroom floor. But she tends to go where Christy goes, and Christy hadn't wanted to wait until they'd left the club.

And Alice likes Mark. She likes the way he laughs when she gets his pants undone and around his knees, a little incredulous and perfectly content to be in a bathroom stall next to his best friend.

Mark isn't exactly sweet, that's not the word she'd use, but he's honest and smart and when he talks to her he looks at her face. He seems like he would have been just as happy to leave the bar alone and go back to his dorm to work, but when she pulls him into the bathroom he follows without any reservations.

When she tells him to touch her afterwards he does so immediately, focused and sharp, and he follows her every instruction to the letter. It hardly takes any time at all for her to come, which seems to amaze him. There's the tiniest smile on his face, sated and utterly guileless. She smiles back.

"I think I'm going to date Eduardo," Christy says when they're smoothing their hair and straightening their clothes in the bathroom mirror afterwards.

Eduardo is Christy's type exactly. He's tall and handsome and wide eyed. An idealist, too well meaning to understand his own arrogance.

Alice thinks he's pretty clueless and definitely unprepared for the brushfire that is her best friend.

"Cool," she says, reapplying lipgloss and sharing a secretive smile with Christy in the mirror.


"Bitch, did you borrow my bra?"

"Which one?"

"The white push up, with the lace. And the bow."

Alice looks up from her homework. She's sprawled over their couch, a textbook in her lap and and the television on at a low volume. "Chris, I'm two cup sizes smaller than you." The only time that Alice has borrowed any of Christy's undergarments was one Halloween, when she'd dressed up as Cher and needed something she could stuff with tissues.

"Well it's gone, and I have a date, and there's no point in showing this much cleavage if my boobs are sagging around my bellybutton." Christy looks down at her chest and cups her breasts, maneuvering them into the position that she'd like them.

"Like he gives a shit." Like anyone gives a shit; Christy's boobs are awesome. And from what Alice has heard Eduardo really appreciates them.


"Did you leave it at his place?" She does that a lot.


"Just wear the blue one. The effect is pretty much the same."

Christy makes an unhappy, frustrated noise and flounces back to her room. "Why are you studying?" she hollers once she's out of sight. "It's Friday night, you weird hermit."

"Some of us are more interested in keeping our 4.0s than fucking hot Brazilians," Alice calls back, smiling a little.

Christy reappears, wearing only her skirt and the blue bra, which is definitely doing its job. She leans against the doorframe and smirks slowly. "He is hot, isn't he?"


"He's sweet, too. In bed, I mean."

Alice looks at her. Christy is smiling softly. Things seem to be going well between her and Eduardo, but Christy is unpredictable, and she gets bored easily. Alice has only seen her in love once before. It wasn't pretty.

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FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (2/6?)

"I'm going to bring him back here tonight. Do you have somewhere to go?" (Eduardo has a single, but Christy has a drawer full of toys.)

Alice nods. "I'll go to Mark's."

Christy wrinkles her noise. "Are you fucking him? He's kind of a vegetable."

"We're friends," Alice says simply, and shrugs.

"Weirdo. Whatever."


Alice sees Mark sporadically, whenever she needs some time away from everything else or somewhere quiet to study. He's always in his dorm, always coding, and it isn't hard for her to get someone to let her into Kirkland.

Dustin is usually there too, and he's always happy to see her. They play Mario Kart and chat about school and Facebook until Mark inevitably tells him to get back to work.

(Chris thinks she's a groupie and is largely indifferent towards her, but never impolite. Alice isn't sure what she is, in reality.)

After that she usually curls up on the couch and studies, enjoying the continuous stream of fingers on keys and the general atmosphere of busyness. She's left alone, for the most part, and she is able to get things done.

Sometimes she likes to watch Mark, when she needs a break or a moment to think. His fencer's posture and fastidious eyes, wired in for hours like a technological Buddha is an odd sight to behold. He is steady and works like a steamroller, and she doesn't bother trying to figure him out.

"What time is it?"

Alice is jolted out of a light doze. Her textbook is on her stomach and she's on Mark's couch. The room is dark, the only light coming from Mark's computer screen and the muted TV.

Dustin has gone to bed. Chris is still out.

She looks at Mark. His eyes are closed and his headphones are around his neck, silent. He looks pretty out of it and he probably doesn't even realize she's still here, but she says quietly, "I think it's past one."

He blinks his eyes open and swivels his chair towards the sound of her voice. "In the morning."


"Ok." His eyes drift closed again and his head droops towards his shoulder.

She watches him sway for a moment. "Mark."


"Come lay down." He's going to fall over, and he'll try to keep working tomorrow even if he's concussed.

He nods vaguely, saves his progress, and takes the other end of the couch. She moves her legs over a bit to make room for him, and shares the blanket she had borrowed.

"Why are you still here," he says fuzzily, face pressed against a cushion.

"Christy had a date with Eduardo."

"Eduardo has a single."

Alice shrugs, even though he can't see it. "Yeah."

Mark hums. "He's never here. It's good he has someone."

Alice says nothing. She knows that things have been a little strained between Mark and Eduardo, and she knows that Mark doesn't understand why. He doesn't have the time or the energy to even consider why. Facebook has changed things. Facebook requires all of his attention.

"We're not dating, right?" Mark says suddenly, as if the possibility has only just occurred to him.

Alice snorts, and her eyes trail idly over the silent television, squinting against the brightness. "No."

"Oh. Ok." He yawns. "Good."

"Go to sleep, Mark," she says mildly. She leans her head back against the arm of the couch, and can hear Dustin snoring faintly in his room.




This is so good! Her interactions with Christy, the way she sees Eduardo, playing Mario Kart with Dustin and "We're not dating, right?" Mark says suddenly, as if the possibility has only just occurred to him. ahhhh, I can't. You are the best. <3

Re: OP

I'm so glad it's along the lines of what you wanted!

Thanks for posting this prompt. I didn't even realize I wanted to write about Alice and Christy until I saw it. <3

FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (3/6?)

Christy goes to New York with Eduardo and Mark.

"They have meetings set up with ad execs. Boring stuff," Christy explains as she's packing a suitcase. "And then we're going to meet Sean Parker."

Alice tilts her head to one side. She's lounging on Christy's bed, eating a bowl of cereal and watching her pick out outfits. "The Napster guy? That Sean Parker?"

Christy nods a little smugly. "That Sean Parker. I know someone who worked with him and he wants to meet Mark."

"Mark specifically."

Christy shrugs. "He's interested in TheFacebook. That's all I know."


Christy tosses another blouse on top of her suitcase, then flops onto the bed next to Alice. "I'll get you some things while I'm there. What do you want? Clothes? Perfume?"

Alice smothers a grin in her bowl of shredded wheat. "I really don't need anything," she says with her mouth full.

"It's not about needing something, you dork." Christy rolls her eyes, and they're silent for a moment. "I wish you could come too." They aren't used to being apart.

"I know." Nudging Christy with her foot, Alice gives her a mischievous smile. "You should probably take some of those shoes out of your bag. I watched you put in four pairs, and you're still not done."

"But I can't decide which ones to take," Christy says, and turns her face into her pillow with a despairing noise.

"The black pumps. And your flats." Alice nudges her again, this time with enough force that Christy nearly rolls off the bed, making her shriek with laughter.

She resumes her packing and chatters about inconsequential things, while Alice nods and hums and tries to fight the uneasy feeling that things are about to take a wrong turn.

Without Christy there, Alice is considerably less social, and their dorm seems overly quiet. She tries blasting Christy's music, a weird combination of sugary pop and aggressive rap, but it doesn't help.

For the most part she doesn't mind too much; Alice is alright with being alone, usually. But she and Christy have been attached at the hip for so long that it always feels—weird.

She hangs out with Dustin a little bit, who is largely in charge of things while Mark is gone and has been confined almost entirely to Kirkland House. He's been working up the courage to ask out a girl named Stephanie for ages, who apparently has 'eyes like the night sky and dimples like wells of joy.' Alice gives him a few pointers (namely to never say those things out loud again) and they play slightly drunken video games.

"Why are you so good at this?" he asks at one point, after she's kicked his ass for the fifth consecutive time.

"I'm Asian," she deadpans.

"Oh, right."

When Christy comes home, it's like the wind has suddenly changed directions. Christy is worried and moody, and says that Eduardo is distant. Mark, on the other hand is more energized than ever before. He is positively alight with productivity and pride in what he's done.

"Wardo didn't like Sean," Christy tells her, simplifying the situation. "Mark did. They kind of fought about it. And they're still arguing about ads."

Alice doesn't know what that has to do with Christy's relationship with Eduardo. But something is different. All she can do is watch and listen to heated conversations and hold Christy's hand when she grows despondent and sad.

Their usual comfort ritual of watching Thelma & Louise and eating gummy bears seems to help, and Alice has finals to worry about, so she tries to have faith that the situation will pass.

FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (4/6?)

And then Christy tells her, "Wardo and I are going to spend the summer in New York."

Alice is stunned. "What?"

Christy nods, looking brighter than before, even though she's exhausted from all-nighters spent studying. They're in their kitchenette, finally finished with their tests and a long crash afterwards. There's coffee brewing. "He got an internship. I'm going to go with him and look for a summer job."

"You're going for the whole summer?" Alice asks faintly. They have never lived outside of Boston for any period of time. Not since they met in grade school.

"Yeah." Christy bites her lip, apologetic and looking at Alice carefully. "I just-" She looks down, seems to collect herself. "I think this will fix things. We're doing better, and we'll get to live together. I really want to be with him."

"You do?"

"I love him, Ali."

"You do?" Alice isn't sure if what she's feeling is shock or actual horror.

"Can't you say anything else?" Christy asks sharply, and frowns at her.

Alice gapes, swallows, and says carefully, "Are you sure some time away from each other wouldn't be better?"

"Of course not. He's so distracted by Mark and Facebook. If we're apart I'll just get left behind." Christy's face is unusually somber. She's thought about this, and Alice realizes that she won't be able to change her mind.

Childishly, she wants to say something like, What about me? I'm the one getting left behind. But she doesn't say that, because she loves Christy.

Suddenly, irrationally, she is furious with Eduardo. Because she loves Christy, and he probably doesn't. Not really. To Eduardo, Christy is just a girlfriend. He hasn't seen her heartbroken; he hasn't held her hand while she cried her eyes out over that boy in tenth grade, or because her parents were being hard on her. Alice has done that for Christy, has been there for her, and Christy has been there for Alice.

Eduardo doesn't understand that Christy is more than pretty and confident and smart. She is everything, all at once, all the time.

"Okay," Alice says, instead of what she wants to say.

"Everything will be ok," Cristy says, and pulls Alice into a tight hug. "I'll be back before you know it. It's only a few months."

"Yeah," Alice says, voice suddenly thick. "Okay."


Alice sees Mark after they've finished 'interviewing' the new interns.

They move the ensuing party to their dorm sometime after eleven, and she arrives to a lot of noise and drinking. They're probably breaking a lot of rules right now, but she could really use a drink after everything that's happened lately.

Holding a glass of straight vodka, she says hello to Dustin and Chris briefly before she looks for Mark. He's sitting on his bed, computer in his lap, and fairly intoxicated judging by the slight, dopey smile on his face. She stretches out next to him.

When he sees her he smiles a little wider, so she smiles back. Honestly, those dimples are too adorable not to.

"We're going to California," he says.

"I heard."

"We're renting a house. It's going to be amazing." He shifts, loose limbed, until he's resting on his back with his head near her. Definitely intoxicated. "Palo Alto's where everything's happening."

"Boston's not so bad, is it?" Alice asks, partly to herself. Everyone wants to be somewhere other than Boston.

"I guess not." He pauses, thoughtful. "But it's not what it was supposed to be."

She nods, sips her drink, and winces. Then she gulps it; it'll be less harsh once she isn't so sober.

"It was supposed to be..." he trails off, glazed eyes looking up at the ceiling, and can't seem to finish the thought. "I can't wait to get out of here."


My love for this knows no bounds. :D I really love how you manage to capture so much about their friendship and so much about who Christy is, not just how Alice sees her. Thank you so much for filling this! I can't wait to read more. <3333

Re: FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (4/6?)

*thumb up*

I like it A LOT! TSN has so few women and the few one have so little space...

And yet, I like how they seems true person, not plot device

FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (5/6)

Alice looks down at him, and thinks that maybe she understands what he means. They're not talking about Boston, or even Harvard. Harvard is just the scenery; it's the people Mark needs to get away from, or maybe just the game that everyone seems to be playing with one another.

Alice had come to Harvard thinking she'd finally understand what everyone means when they say, Someday you'll be out in the real world. But this world is just as imaginary as the last. They've just traded one set of expectations for another.

"You're coming back in the fall, right?" Alice asks, feeling the warmth of alcohol in her stomach and chasing it down with another swallow.

Mark shifts his shoulders in a vague shrug. His eyes move away from the ceiling and focus on hers for a moment.

Alice doesn't know what goes on in Mark Zuckerberg's brain most of the time, but somehow she knows that he's going to be gone for good.

"Where's Eduardo?" she asks quietly.

Another shrug. "He was here earlier. He left."

She pauses. "Christy said they're going to New York."

Mark swallows, and his voice sounds a little rough when he says, "Yeah." His face is impassive.

"I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter."

"It matters to you." It matters to her.

Mark says nothing for a moment. He looks at her face, and there is a wistfulness to his eyes that fills her with sympathy. "It's just for the summer."

"Yeah," Alice whispers.

They get impossibly wasted, because there is no reason not to. Dustin is thrilled, and so is everyone else; there is a lot to be thrilled about. Dustin's smile is always infectious, and it is enough to convince her to have a good time.

There is a ridiculous game of twister and a lot of slurred, mock toasts. To Facebook, to them, to California, where everything is happening.

Alice commandeers half of Mark's bed without asking, and they pass out foot-to-face.

She wakes sometime in the early morning, roused from sleep by the sound of a door opening and closing.

Squinting open bleary eyes, she sees Eduardo tiptoe inside and look around at the horrendous mess they've made of the place. She doesn't move or make a sound, watching as he takes a pad of post-it notes from one of Mark's desk drawers, scribbles something on the top one, and pulls it off. Then he walks quietly towards Mark's bed, and Alice shuts her eyes quickly.

There is a long pause and a rustle of clothing as Eduardo leans over the bed. Alice risks cracking open an eye, and sees Eduardo place the post-it on top of Mark's forehead.

Mark snuffles in his sleep, shifting minutely, but doesn't wake.

Eduardo smooths a tender finger over the note. He is smiling a gentle, wistful smile that Alice has never seen on his face before.

When Eduardo leaves, closing the door carefully, Alice sits up. Her heart is beating inexplicably quick. She looks down at Mark, and thinks of his eyes the night before.

Came to say goodbye

didn't want to wake you

- E


Alice stays with her family that summer. She's missed them, and her younger brothers have grown taller. She can look them straight in the eye now.

She gets a summer job in an office at an important company, answering phones and spending long hours wishing she were out in the sun instead.

Christy calls and texts, and things aren't too bad. Alice does have other friends, and she makes time for them.

Boston in the summer is picturesque and a little lonely. She reads a lot and tries to learn how to bake.

Several weeks pass, and Christy's messages become more sporadic and more unhappy. Things are not going well in New York; things are not better with Eduardo.

He is never there, she says. And when he is there he still isn't present.

There is nothing Alice can do, and she hates it.

Re: FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (5/6)

*sigh* it's like watching a train wreck :(

(I still love it, btw)

FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (6/6)

It is almost entirely out of the blue that the final, defining message arrives. After over a week of complete silence Alice receives a simple text message

I'm coming home.

She can't help the immediate rush of relief, even though she knows that this means Christy and Eduardo are probably over.

Christy sends her the date and time of a flight, and Alice is at the airport waiting for her when she arrives.

Christy's hair is a bit of a mess and her eyes are puffy, and Alice is so happy to see her she could cry. The first thing they do is go in for a hug, impossibly tight and accompanied by mutual sniffling.

"Are you tanning now or something? This isn't Jersey." Christy's voice sounds flat and strained, but even a faltering attempt at humor makes Alice breath a little easier.

"I'm not the one wearing Snooki's shoes. You hanging out with hookers now?" Alice says, squeezing her eyes shut and breathing in the smell of Christy's shampoo.


"Skank." Alice pulls back and looks at Christy's face. "You want to stay with me at my parents' for a few days?"

Christy's expression crumples a little, even though her eyes are dry. "Duh."

The drive is mostly silent, and Alice lets it stay that way. Alice's family is out, so the house is empty when they get there. She helps Christy lug her bags inside, and then they stand for awhile with the refrigerator open, Christy's chin on Alice's shoulder.

"Is that pie?" Christy reaches around Alice to point.

"Yup." Alice takes out the pie and a carton of milk, and gets them a couple of bowls from the cabinet.

She doesn't ask any questions as they kick off their shoes and pile onto the couch. When Christy has finished her food she puts her head in Alice's lap and they stay that way for awhile, flipping through channels.

It's almost an hour before either of them speak, Alice threading her fingers through Christy's hair absently and trying not to get any crumbs on her.

"It was my fault," Christy finally says a little wetly. Alice puts her hand on Christy's cheek and feels a tear run over her fingers.

"It's not your fault that other people are douchebags," she says after a moment, coaxing a hiccup of a laugh out of Christy.

"I was stupid."

"No you weren't," Alice says immediately, absolutely sure of it.

"Yes I was. I am. I'm so stupid-" Christy's voice breaks, and Alice finally feels her shoulders shake.

Alice's throat feels thick with what she's pretty sure is anger. "He's the stupid one."

"You don't have to lie just to make me feel better," Christy says, sullen and flat.

Alice grips her shoulder. She feels too young for any of this; she's a student at Harvard, but she doesn't know what to say to make her best friend understand how wrong she is. She doesn't know how to fix this, and wants to, so badly. "Chris, he's stupid. He was never there for you. He looks like a llama. And if he didn't want you then he's the stupidest person in the world."

"A llama," Christy sputters, equal parts indignant on Eduardo's behalf and delighted to hear Alice slamming him.

"It's true and you know it."

"It kind of is." They burst into helpless laughter, even though Christy's still crying.

They quiet, and are silent for a moment. Then Christy says, "I set the bed on fire."

Alice pauses. "Good."

a/n: Sorry, meant to have this finished sooner! I'm going to post a copy to my journal as well, with some mistakes fixed.


he looks like a llama, omg dying. :D

i love this fic THIS much. thank you so much for filling my prompt! <3

Re: FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (6/6)

LOL a llama xD

Beautiful, love this one *add to favorites*

Re: FILL Like Outlaws, Only Richer (6/6)