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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

Mark Zuckerberg
The Sarcastic Kitty oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[PART NINE] & Some News
Okay, I'm a little new at this so sorry if I mess this up first go. Because it's been 5 months since the last round even though we haven't been busy. I figured I might as well earn my keep and try to get this place alive again...




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

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♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
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Hi, right now everyone is working on some changes so hold on new things are coming. In an effort to kick this place back into action, we're doing round 9. In a few days, we'll be setting up a fills post that hopefully will work directly for archiving and an overflow post. Also we'll be doing a friending meme at tsn_km_gather so be looking out for that. I know some of the other mods have plans of their own which will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or ideas that I can help you with, feel free to PM me. I'll be around.



have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.



AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five, six, seven, or eight. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. We know there's been some issues but we're working on it with pinboard. No duplicates from this round either. THANK YOU.

Mark/Eduardo Wardo Mark and ringpops

Total AU where Mark and Wardo meet in when they're tiny tiny kids and Wardo gives Mark a ring pop telling Mark, I'm going to marry you someday!

FILL: The Promise (1a/?)

Author's Note: This is just a beginning... it can stand on it's own and doesn't really require finishing (aka delving into the future) but I do want to go there, so this is considered part 1 or ?


The first time he leaves São Paulo, Brazil, Eduardo is just over the age of seven and his mother says they are going on vacation, but even at the early age of seven Eduardo knows better. In his seven short years of life, the furthest from home (the furthest from his father's business) they ever traveled was to the coast for the day (without his father no less), and even then the time spent away from home was limited and a bit stifled as his mother wouldn't let him get too far out of sight. It was simply the way of life, accepting that business always came first with his father, but even knowing that, knowing his father would have no real time for them during their vacation, Eduardo didn't mind (not too much really) because they were going to Miami, not just someplace outside of Sao Paulo, and not just someplace outside of Brazil, but an entirely different country and continent away. A plane ride and over eight hours of travel time (half of it spent sleeping), a grand adventure like none other, which eventually gets an overly excited Eduardo scolded a few times. Please, act your age, Eduardo, his father repeated time and again, followed shortly after by his mother's fingers combing though his hair, soothing the hurt away.

The sun was bright on the beach that first morning, unhindered by clouds and warm against his skin. The smell of the ocean is salty and clean as it laps the shoreline. The beach is crowded, which is to be expected on a hot summer afternoon, but Eduardo pays little attention to most of the people on the beach, wanting nothing more than to run up and down the shoreline as the water nips at his bare feet.

"Please, Mãe," Eduardo pleads, hopeful eyes plaintively on display.

She hesitates a moment, and knowing his mother, he expects her to deny his request, as she usually does back home, but something happens, something's different this time, here, and her posture relaxes as she gives him a smile.

"Of course," she says, adding. "But, please, stay where I can see you."

Eduardo takes off towards the water, laughing and splashing, enjoying the small amount of freedom he isn't usually allotted. There are a few other children scatter along the shoreline playing and splashing and chasing as well, who let him join in their summertime antics. It's the most fun he can ever remember having and he thinks briefly, I never want this day to end.

He returns to his mother about an hour later, hungry but smiling, happier than he's been in a long time. They eat their packed lunch with little fanfare and words (mainly fruits and cheese and bread), but he's so beyond happy the lack of conversation doesn't bother him much. He wants to get back to the water and play.

Scanning the other clusters of families enjoying a day at the beach, Eduardo's eyes settle on a head of sandy colored curly hair two blankets over. The boy's hair is a bit grown out and in need of a haircut, but the curls are just about perfect in their fluffy tufts, moving with the afternoon breeze.

"Mark, can you get your nose out of that book for one minute and eat lunch?" The boy's mother says, setting up plates for her two other children.

FILL: The Promise (1b/?)

The younger boy doesn't respond, head bowed over a rather thick volume that seems reading material far above the level Eduardo is even expected to read at. Eduardo can't help being transfixed by the small boy, curious. He's paler than anyone Eduardo's ever seen, even the boy's sisters have more color on their skin, but the pale skin isn't ugly or unappealing, it just adds an innocence and purity to the boy, frailty even, that strangely makes Eduardo want to protect a perfect stranger.

The boy's (Mark's) mom sighs heavily. "Some days..." She snatches the book away from him (Mark making grabby hands for it) and hands him a plate. "Eat."

Eduardo smiles at the pout the young boy displays before biting into the sandwich his mother has given him, reluctance clear in his eyes and posture while he looks longingly towards his book.

"Eduardo, it's not polite to stare," his own mother says, tisking at him for good measure. "Finish your lunch, and then you can see if the boy wants to play a bit before returning to the hotel."

Eduardo nods, silently agreeing and quickly finishes his lunch, probably with less manners than he's been taught by the way his mother eyes him, but he's on vacation and his father isn't around so who cares? She wipes up his face, and despite the usual manners and propriety they live by day in and day out back home, she smiles at him and pats his bottom.

"Enjoy yourself, Queirdo," she says, smiling and kissing his cheek.

It's different walking up to this kid than the others on the beach. The girls Eduardo assumes are the boy's sisters have already run off to play with the rest of the kids down at the shoreline, without even looking back to include their brother, but he doesn't seem to mind or care either. Mark retrieves his book and picks up where he left off, much to the shake of his mother's head, but she runs her fingers through his head of curls, a fond smile pulling the corners of her mouth up.

Eduardo takes his time, watching, circling, before finally approaching the mother and son pair. It is Mark's mother who sees him first.

"Hello there," she says with an inviting and encouraging smile.

"Um..." Eduardo attempts a polite introduction, just like his father taught him, but whatever he was going to say (his name for one) lodges somewhere in his throat when Mark looks up at him with a pair of piercing blue eyes, warning of distrust. "Ed-Eduardo."

"You talk funny," Mark states bluntly, nose scrunched and eyes squinting.

"Mark! You behave, and be nice to your new friend here," Mark's mother admonishes, but there is still fondness in her eyes when she look's at her son and a smirk telling of how much she adores him.

"But we're not friends, Mommy," Mark insists with all seriousness. "We just met."

FILL: The Promise (1c/?)

"Oh, the sass," she says, laughing. "Keep acting that way and you won't be friends. Can we help you, Dear?"

"I just wanted to see if he'd like to play," Eduardo replies, ducking his head and sneaking a peek at Mark through his hair.

Mark watches him, eyes calculating and mistrusting, but there is a stubborn confidence shining through the uncertainty, daring Eduardo to what, he isn't sure.

"Why?" Mark asks, biting his lip a moment later when he looks over at his mother. "I mean, you were playing perfectly fine before with the other..."

Mark's words trail off as he obviously realizes what he's admitting to, and Eduardo can't help grinning (neither can Mark's mother). Mark sighs heavily, closing his book, pausing a second before handing it off to his mother.

"Alright, but don't let the girls touch my stuff," Mark tells his mother.

"Yes, Sweetheart. You and Eduardo have fun!"

Mark rolls his eyes again, but he looks up at Eduardo and offers a small, unsure smile. "Come on, Wardo."

Eduardo's brain must short out because he doesn't follow straight right away, and it's not until a smaller hand grabs his own and tugs that his brain's processing starts back up again and he's tripping over his feet to follow.

"Come on, you wanted to play, let's go."

Eduardo regains the use of his legs and falls instep next to Mark, making their way down to the shoreline, but away from the other kids (away from Mark's sisters who are pointing and whispering). They are still holding hands, and maybe he should feel a little self-conscious about it, perhaps even embarrassed at being dragged off by the younger boy, but he's not. He would probably go wherever Mark led as long as they went together.

"How old are you?"

Mark stops abruptly, letting go of Eduardo's hand and crossing his arms against his chest defensively. "Why?"

"It's just a question," Eduardo returns, realizing the a touchy subject. "I don't care really."

Mark holds his ground momentarily before his shoulders relax, but his arms remain crossed.

"Five," Mark replies, his voice holding a hint of reluctance before he defensively adds, "but I'm an old five, that's what my dad says anyway."

Eduardo laughs, finding Mark the most adorable thing ever, and maybe a tiny bit jealous of Mark's family (even though he's only met Mark's mother).

"What about you?"

"I'm seven," Eduardo replies. "This is my first time in the states."

"Really? Where are you from?"

Eduardo grins wide, always excited to tell someone about home. "São Paulo."

Mark stares at him, a look of thinking in his eyes, before he comments. "Is that like Saint Paul?"

Eduardo perks up, surprised because none of the other kids knew or even cared about knowing that. "Yes! Yes! How did you know that?"

Mark shrugs and turns to continue on their way. "I read a lot."

Eduardo shakes his head at Mark's retreating back and jogs to catch up to him.

"How do you speak English so well? Isn't São Paulo is in Brazil? Portuguese right?"

Eduardo nods, surprised again by how much the younger boy knows. "My father, he said to make it in business it was important I learn early, also that would put me ahead of the other kids and let me concentrate on other languages while in school."

"Huh." Mark stops at the edge of the shoreline, toes barely being tickled by the water rolling in. "My dad says a kid is only a kid once, and that they should enjoy it. He's not too fond of all my books."

FILL: The Promise (1d/?)

"We're only here because my father has business to attend to. I've barely seen him since we arrived," Eduardo absently (wistfully) admits, remembering a hand brushing through his hair and murmured Portuguese late last night when his eyes were heavy with sleep, and nothing more.

"I can't swim," Mark states matter-of-factly, staring out at the water in a way that expresses a margin of fear and yet challenging nonetheless, determined.

"We don't have to play in the water," Eduardo offers, kicking at it and splashing it back from where it came.

"But you were having fun before," Mark says, turning to look up at Eduardo.

Eduardo meets Mark's eyes and grins. "I can have fun doing other stuff too!"

Mark nods, accepting this as fact, truth, and turns to lead them away from the water, and laughter, and up towards the boardwalk of food stalls and shack like shops, away from the sand which Eduardo suspects is another aspect of the beach Mark doesn't like judging by his unsteady legs wobbling with each step.

"Can we stop by my mãe? She will worry if she can't see me," Eduardo asks, taking hold of Mark's hand and pulling him in the direction of their mothers.

Mark shrugs, but follows and doesn't pull his hand away. Mark just trudges along, lagging a bit behind but still keeps up. When they approach Eduardo's mother, she smiles up from her book.

"Mãe, this is Mark. We're going up to the boardwalk to look around, if that's okay," Eduardo says and asks hopefully, knowing usually she would keep a tighter rein on him, but it seems being here in Florida has relaxed her usual hesitance.

"Of course, Queirdo," she says, reaching into the bag next to her and pulling out a few bills. "Here, in case you see something you want, but don't be too long. We will need to get back soon. I have a dinner to attend with your father."

Eduardo grins and nods his head, taking the money his mother offers and kissing her cheek, whispering a quiet thank you before pulling Mark along up to the walkway and off the sandy beach.

They walk along the boardwalk, and talk, looking at the crazy hats and sunglasses for sale. They tell each other about their lives back home (apparently Mark is from someplace called Dobbs Ferry in New York, and his dad is a dentist, here for a conference and an actual vacation with the family). When they pass a booth offering hair braiding, Eduardo teases Mark about it, and Mark playfully pushes Eduardo calling him a jerk.

"Shut up, I like my hair," Mark pouts, putting a bit of distance between them, but Eduardo stops, reaching out to grab Mark's arm and says, "I like your hair too!"

Mark blushes, ducks his head and mumbles, "You're weird."

Eduardo laughs. "Yeah, maybe, but who cares?"

Mark grins up shyly, and they continue on, buying a few trinkets here and there, and ice cream cones, chocolate for Eduardo and butter pecan for Mark. Eduardo enjoys Mark's company, his words, which are honest and biting at times, but refreshing. He's not trying hard to be Eduardo's friend and doesn't care that Eduardo's family could buy the ice cream stand like its a pack of gum. He just sees Eduardo as another boy, who wants to be his friend, and that is all Eduardo could really ask for.

"How long will you be here for?"

Mark looks over to where his own mother is sitting with his sisters, and his father now who has arrived. He doesn't look happy.

FILL: The Promise (1e/?)

"Um... We're leaving tomorrow," Mark says, turning back to Eduardo looking sad, and lost, looking a lot like how Eduardo feels at those words. "Sorry?"

Eduardo musters up a smile, pulling from his depths all the lessons his father has taught him about being strong and to not show any weakness. Mark looks so sad, and Mark should never look sad.

"Here," Eduardo reaches into his pocket and pulls out a package he had been saving for himself for later, when his parents are out and some daughter of one of his father's business associates baby sits him, but this, Mark is more important than rotting his own teeth out.

Mark takes the package and stares at it oddly, brow furrowed. "Are you asking me to marry you?"

"What? No? Maybe?" Eduardo stutters, because that is not really what he was thinking at the time, he's seven after all, but then again, it's not really a horrible idea either.

"You know I'm a boy, right?"

Eduardo snorts and laughs. "Yes, obviously."

"What does this mean then?"

"It means," Eduardo begins, thinking about what he wants it to mean, and trying to figure out what Mark wants it to mean, and trying not to make a fool of himself either way. "I don't want you to be sad, so I promise we will see each other again."

Mark eyes the ring-pop in his hand, and looks back up at Eduardo with a smirk of a smile that looks as fond as Mark's mother's from a few hours ago. "Promise?"

Eduardo closes the distance between them and pulls Mark into a comfortable hug. "Promise, and maybe I'll even marry you... When we're older of course."

Mark laughs, returning the hug before quickly stepping away, clearly uncomfortable with displays of affection, but not running off in horror either, so Eduardo assumes all is okay.



Both mothers call for their sons at the same time, and they spare their mother's a glance before looking back at each other, reluctant to end the afternoon together, but understanding all the same.

"I guess this is goodbye," Eduardo says, kicking at the sand, hesitating.

"Yeah," Mark agrees, hand crinkling the candy ring's packaging, eyes trained on his flip-flops. "But not forever, right?"

When Mark looks up, his piercing eyes from before, the ones that warned of distrust, still pierce in their intensity but now they are inviting and hopeful, actually trusting in a way that Eduardo understands is not usual. Mark's offering trust makes Eduardo stand a bit taller, and respond with all the confidence in the world.

"Right," Eduardo agrees adding, "I'm going to marry you someday after all, remember?"

Mark snorts his amusement and shakes his head, before waving and throwing out, "See you Wardo."

Eduardo watches Mark return to his family, Mark's dad ruffling his head of curls before scooping the small boy up in the air, Mark laughing despite his such serious demeanor. It warms his heart to see the boy happy, even envious of the happiness, but then his mother is next to him, their belongings packed up and ready to go.

"Come, Eduardo," she says, taking his hand as they leave for the day.

Every day of their vacation they return to the same beach, and he plays with the same kids down at the shoreline, but every day after that first day doesn't seem to compare. He still has fun, and enjoys the freedom of not needing to be under thumb, but he misses the boy with the clear blue eyes that say more than words, honesty that is a fault with biting and unfiltered words, and a timid, hesitant smile that isn't easily received but offered only when one is worthy of it, Eduardo being one of the lucky ones who received it more than once. Every day of their vacation he remembers his promise, and swears never to forget, to find Mark again, even if he doesn't fully understand how big the world really is, because he made a promise that he plans on keeping.

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FILL: The Promise (2a/?)

The second time Eduardo leaves São Paulo, he is nine years old and doesn't realize it's for good until they pull up to a gated house rather than some grand looking hotel as he had expected from their last visit to Miami. He turns questioning eyes up at his mother, confused as to why they are here (his father not present to explain after having parted from them shortly after landing). She smiles sadly down at him, fingers carding through his hair in an effort to comfort but really, it only makes him tense up further, suspecting whatever she is about to say will change his life forever.

"We're home, Queirdo."

It was the hardest punch to the chest he'd received, not that he's received many (or any) before, but he imagines the tight, gasping weight constricting his chest is exactly what it would feel like. When he looks up at the house as the hired car pulls in front, his heart drops through his stomach further, realization settling deep in his bones that no matter what, no matter what he says, or how prayers or deals he could trade with God, there is no turning back. There is no going home anymore.


One day he's going to school with friends he's had since he can remember, playing soccer with them (supervised) on his family's property, enjoying being a kid, comforted by familiar surroundings, the help who became more like family than the maid, butler and nanny, and his real extended family, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, then next the world is literally ripped from under him, making no sense and offering no way out, no way back to São Paulo and everything he knows and loves. He's staring up at the foreboding house (mansion really, if he's being honest) and feels betrayed for the first time in his still young life.

"Home?" He questions, a quiver unmistakable in his voice, heart thump-pounding in his chest with the overwhelming anxiety of leaving everything he knows behind, of not getting a chance to say goodbye, of losing the unconditional trust in his parents, the two people he never really questioned before, but now can't help wondering what else they've kept from him.

"You loved Miami before," his mother says, referencing their vacation two years ago, ages it seems, a lifetime really.

"I did," Eduardo replies quietly, remembering the sun (not much different than Brazil), the warm sand between his toes, and Mark, who he really hasn't thought of much in the last year but finds it easy to conjure up each memory of that one day spent on the beach with the younger boy as if it were yesterday, missing that day, that boy, and remembering a promise that he's been resigned to believing impossible to keep.

"See, you will be fine here," his mother adds, a hopeful and encouraging smile. "It will be like that Summer two years ago. You'll make new friends, just as you did then, and you will go to school and make your father and me very proud."

She pats his cheek, kisses his forehead and proceeds to exit the vehicle when the driver opens her door. Eduardo watches her get out, stares out the open door with no real desire to leave yet, no real urgency to make this change, to make this move permanent. He's also in no real hurry to have what he's come to accept made more stone written than before, that after two years he has given up any hope of ever seeing Mark again, and being here now, being here and not having Mark with him to explore the beaches, to help him settle into his new life in Miami, maybe even teach the other boy how to swim, will just remind Eduardo day in and day out how impossible it is to keep such a juvenile promise because Dobbs Ferry is a far ways away from Miami, and he never did get the other boy's last name.

FILL: The Promise (2b/?)

"Come, Eduardo," his mother instructs, hand reaching in for him to take, eyes warning that he will obey and follow, in her motherly way. "We need to get settled before your father returns."

Eduardo swallows the lump in his throat, slides across the expensive leather interior and hesitates only but a moment before taking her hand and following as he's expected. He doesn't understand why this is happening, or why he wasn't told of not only the change but the complete upheaval of their lives. Then again, he is only nine, and in the grand scheme of life, the opinion of a nine-year-old really holds no merit in the adult world of life-altering decisions. Children are supposed to seen and not heard. Children are supposed to obey and follow the examples set for them. Children are heirs with expectations and plans set for them, plans set long before they took their first step, perhaps even their first breath. In that moment, Eduardo doesn't even know if he wants to follow his life's set plans. In that moment, he wants to run, as far away from his father as possible, maybe even to Dobbs Ferry (if he can find the town), but one look at his mother buries that thought completely because as much as he is mad at her for keeping this secret too, he can't imagine hurting her like that either.

This is how Eduardo lives his new life in Miami, Florida. He becomes the picture-perfect son, speaks when spoken to but otherwise keeps to himself within the walls of their home. He absorbs lesson after lesson from his father about being attentive and observant, he molds himself into the son his father can be proud of and his mother would be pleased to pass off to any of her friends' daughters. He has friends at school, lots of friends and as he's progressed through grade school, middle school and into high school, he's become generally popular with everyone. He is a grade A student, liked by both teachers (for his prim and proper scholarly example) and students (because he is always willing to help anyone who asks) alike, which has earned him even more praise at home and solidified the perfect son facade he's sculpted and crafted, because Eduardo is really far from perfect.

At sixteen he's taken up smoking borrowed cigarettes during lunch period behind the gym, not because he needs to out of addiction but rather wanting to, wanting to do anything to can stamp out the perfect image his father demands at home. At parties (when his father is out of town) he's the one providing the alcohol (from his father's cabinets) and keeps up with the best of them, discovering he is more tolerable than most when it comes to hard liquor. The first time he kisses a boy, it's on a drunken dare, but finds he likes kissing boys a lot more than kissing girls, and it's just one more aspect of his life his father would detest (if he knew) and makes Eduardo feel marginally more normal, a little more like all the other teens his age struggling to discover who they really are, who they want to be.

FILL: The Promise (2c/?)

It's summer again, and Eduardo is walking the same beach he always does with the same group of friends he always seems to end up hanging out with day in and day out. There is Tommy, a stereotypical surfer dude who uses the word dude far too much, but has never really ever set food on a surfboard. Tommy's an easy going guy with a permanent tan and bleached hair who no one ever complains about. Abbey, a brunet Barbie on her way to becoming a model, turns the heads of teenaged boys and middle-aged men alike in her sting bikini and just perfect curves, is sweet and honest to a fault, and the first (and only) girl he ever kissed. Then there's Dominic, who is just an asshole (one that every group of friends has and puts up with because someone has to), but he's been friends with Abbey since they were five and no one has the heart to kick him to the curb (though Eduardo has wanted to punch him on more than one occasion). Dominic is the one, who in twenty years won't remember any of their names, nor the fact he stepped on each and every one of them to get where he's going. They are all the sons or daughter of parents who run in the same business circle. They are all just trying to survive with some part of themselves intact.

"Oh man, looks like the tourist have finally invaded," Dominic says, disgruntled at the annual onslaught of unwanted guests in their playground. "Every year it's the same thing."

Eduardo can't help snorting, finding it ridiculous for Dominic to complain after living in Miami his whole life.

"Dude, where have you been the last decade? Seriously?"

Abbey giggles at the poking of Dominic, especially when the other boy grumbles to himself.

"Come on guys, you know what I mean," Dominic begins pleading his case, the one they hear every year. "This is our beach, three hundred sixty-five days of the year, and these interlopers come in and invade it like its there own, and why? So they can pretend for a week their lives are different? Better? It's a pointless, false sense of hope that in the end, seven days later, ends when they go back to the way things were."

"Uh-huh," Abbey begins, already prepared for this debate. "And you invading Paris over Christmas break isn't anything like that. You're such a hypocrite, Dominic."

"Yeah, well at least when I go to Paris it's because I want to be there and not because it's the thing to do," Dominic volleys back, wound up and ready to keep pressing his point. "Take that kid for instance. A classic case of boy forced to go on vacation because his parents say so. A perfect waste of good beach space, if I do say so. Who wears jeans to the beach anyway."

They all turn to look, Abbey giggle again (most likely against her better judgment) and Tommy snickers too adding (not surprisingly), "Dude, that is so wrong. The sun is love, man, and meant to be soaked up."

Eduardo is pretty much left speechless as he takes in the familiar head of curls and pale skin of a boy, teenager really, with his head bowed over a book, sitting under the shade of an umbrella. It's eerie how similar the scene is to the past, like he's been ricocheted back nine years and seeing Mark for the first time all over again. What are the odds?

"Eddie? What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost," Abbey asks, touching his arm.

FILL: The Promise (2d/?)

"Just about," Dominic adds, poking more fun of the nameless boy (nameless to three of them at least). "If he were any whiter he'd be invisible."

"Shut it, Dominic," Eduardo says, snapping back to the present and snapping at his friend.

"What, can't tell me you weren't thinking the same thing."

"Dominic, you can be an asshole sometimes," Eduardo states heatedly, a thought he usually keeps to himself because it's always a given with Dominic, but this, now, Dominic's gone too far and Eduardo takes great pleasure in reminding their friend of the given they all accept.

"Sometimes?" Abbey asks, laughing.

"Whatever, I don't even know why I waste my time with you three," Dominic huffs, walking off.

"Because you'd be lonely and miss us," Abbey calls after their friend's retreating back, laughing. "Come on guys, let's go. Someone has to protect the rest of the beach from Dominic's wrath."

Abbey turns to follow after Dominic, as does Tommy, but Eduardo stays rooted in his spot, eyes trained on the boy Dominic pointed out, trying to convince himself that he's not witnessing a mirage of hope. The boy is older, of course he's older, so is Eduardo, but there is no mistaking that head of sandy curls, the pale skin (of what he can see), and the lip biting. Eduardo watches as Mark's slender fingers trace over the book's words, consuming its contents rather fast judging by the speed of tracing, and he swallows the lump in his throat.

"Eddie, you coming?" Abbey asks, having come back to get him, pausing to look at Mark. "Do you know him?"

Eduardo looks at Abbey and doesn't know what to say, how to explain. He doesn't even know if Mark will remember him, after nine years, but he'd like to think he was more than a long forgotten blip on the radar.

"He's kind of cute," Abbey comments, knowing his preference and not judging him in the slightest. She may have been the first girl he kissed, but a kiss is the only thing they ever shared because kissing Abbey was like kissing his sister (if he had a sister) and felt just wrong, wrong, wrong. She squeezes his bicep and adds, "Young, but cute."

Eduardo laughs, looking back at Mark and realizing he has to agree. Mark is definitely his type.

Abbey kisses his cheek and wipes off the lip-gloss left behind. "We'll see you later?"

He nods and smiles his thanks, thankful for Abbey understanding without having to explain, and thankful he doesn't have to face Tommy and Dominic unmerciful teasing. He's thankful that he can still keep Mark to himself, not that he is or would ever be embarrassed by the other boy, but there are some things in life he doesn't like sharing. Mark, apparently, happens to be one of those things.

Eduardo feels seven years old again, excited and nervous all at the same time, uncertain of the next step. He wonders how much they've changed and if it really matters. He knows he is a world away from the naive child he'd been when they first met, but at his core (what he keeps for himself) he likes to believe he isn't all that terribly different, even with all his defiant behavior that really, is it all that defiant if his parents haven't a clue? Eduardo is mid-thought when he's met by a pair of piercing blue eyes, at which point any and all thought chooses that moment to check out, and he's left gaping a bit, mimicking a guppy mouthing at the water for oxygen, brain a white blank page of fear and hope, waiting for its next instruction.

FILL: The Promise (2e/?)

Mark, for his part, is just as distrustful as his previous five year old self, eyes narrowing and book being pulled up against his chest in a defensive stance. Eduardo takes a hesitant step forward causing Mark's eyes to widen in shock or recognition, possibly even fear, as Eduardo continues putting one foot in front of the other until he his standing at the blanket's edge where Mark is sitting. Up close, Eduardo can trace the fine lines of Mark's jaw and cheekbones with his eyes, his cheeks hollowed now without the baby fat that hid them away years ago. Up close, Eduardo realizes he could easily get swept away by this boy, again, and it scares the crap out of him, especially knowing that Mark being here is most likely not permanent. This, right now, is just pure luck, or simply a happy coincidence, one Eduardo won't let pass by without doing something (like getting Mark's last name) and hopefully spending as much time as he can with Mark before the other boy disappears from his life again.


Mark's eyes widen, probably wondering how this strange kid knows his name, but hopefully they widen because he recognizes Eduardo now too, remembers the younger version of himself who made a promise so many years ago, so many lifetimes ago, and is maybe happy, or relieved that the promise (even though not fully thought out) was kept (thanks to fate). Mark scrambles to his feet, book dumped off the side of the beach blanket and into the sand in unexpected disrespect of property. Mark's hands attempt digging into non-existent pockets, but he quickly settles for slipping the tips of his fingers into the pockets of his jeans.


Eduardo smiles, grins really, open and wide and so freaking happy, relieved. He never expected this, not after nine years, but here they are, mere inches separating them and it seems so surreal he wants to (needs to) pinch himself, but he just keeps staring and grinning and being happy. In the first year after moving to Miami, Eduardo would catch himself looking over the multitude of families gathered on the beach, seeking out a head of curls that never seemed to be there, and after a summer full of disappointment, Eduardo let his hope go and basically moved on. Looking at Mark now, still shorter than him, but with a strength in his eyes and posture that wasn't there before, seeing Mark there and very much real and in the flesh, Eduardo doesn't understand how he could have ever let himself give up so easily.

Taking a step forward, he catches Mark's body defensively flinch, and a flicker of uncertainty flash through blue eyes, but Eduardo doesn't stop until he's close enough to wrap his arms around the other boy, and then he holds on as reality settles in around them, the contact making the moment more tangible, more real as Mark's stiff posture slowly settles, relaxes, and eventually, returns the hug being offered. Eduardo vows in that moment to never let Mark go again.

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FILL: The Promise (3a/?)

Note: I am completely insane for continuing this, but I couldn't help myself!


The first time Eduardo leaves Miami on his own, with no adult supervision or even friendly, accompanying moral support, just a whimsical idea and hope fueling his determination, he's eighteen years old and a newly graduated high school student (former high school student). He's technically an adult, has be for a few months now, but even so he still feels very much like a wet behind the ears kid who doesn't know what he's doing (or what he wants). It doesn't help that his father pretty much says as much when Eduardo broaches the subject of a trip North, and while technically his father can't stop him from going, he can make it difficult if not impossible monetarily all the same. Thankfully Eduardo's mother intercedes with an idea, a solution of sorts, one his father can't balk at and Eduardo, while not fond of having to spare part of his vacation time on something his heart isn't even near a majority interested in, he agrees to the minute diversion that will bring him by the campus of Harvard for networking as his father puts it, before reaching his final destination of Dobbs Ferry.

Abbey is supportive in that she is always over compensating for his own parents' lack of enthusiasm in anything he is remotely interested in, but also less than enthusiastic about Eduardo leaving Miami, or in her own words, Eduardo running off to see Mark.

"We're talking about a sixteen year old boy, Eddie. A boy," she stresses for good measure. "Are you sure... I mean, how do you even know he wants..."

"To be my friend?" Eduardo finishes for her, already knowing where she was going. "Abs, we've been exchanging emails for the last two years. I think we are already friends."

She snorts and rolls her eyes, walking over to stand next to where he is packing for his trip. "Eddie, you know that is not what I am talking about. I'm the who listens to you go on and on and on a about Mark this, and Mark that, and how brilliant he is and the sighs, Eddie. And my God, the sighs... You are smitten my friend."

Eduardo throws a pair of jeans into is suitcase with a little more force than necessary and sighs frustratingly. "Abbey, I'm not... There's nothing... I'm not going to do anything..."

"I know! That's the problem," she returns, spinning him around to look at her. "You want, and he's still a kid..."

"He's not a kid," Eduardo heatedly cuts her off. "He's not. He's Mark, my friend, who I'm going to visit, because he's my friend, and we haven't seen each other in two years. That's it."

"Do you honestly believe that?"

Eduardo, against his will, feels his cheeks flush, and he ducks his head before returning to his packing, because of course he'd be an idiot if he didn't want more from Mark, but that doesn't mean he has to act on it right now. Mark is so smart, freakishly and scarily smart, so smart that it's hard to believe he is actually sixteen and not, say, twenty (possibly even thirty). Sometimes, especially when their correspondences switch to computers (more specifically coding and the morons who think they know it but really can't find their way through BASIC let alone a clear path of a forest) even Eduardo has a hard time following, but the heat and passion in each of Mark's precise and biting words makes him wonder now and again what it would feel like having that level of passion directed at him.

FILL: The Promise (3b/?)

"It's going to be no fun here without you," Abbey pouts, crossing her arms and plopping down on the bed next to his suitcase.

"I won't be gone all Summer," Eduardo assures, zippering his suitcase closed and moving it to the floor. "You, Tommy and Dominic will survive without me."

When she looks up, her eyes are watery, and lips quiver. "It's our last Summer..."

"Hey, I promise to be back, and we will have the best Summer yet. We need to put Dominic in his place before sending him out to the world at large."

The joke makes Abbey laugh, and he wraps an arm around her shoulder. "There's my girl. I'll be back before you know it, and you can tell me all about Dominic's hypocritical commentary, and all the people he managed to alienate. Hey, maybe this year Tommy will actually set foot on a board."

"Hah! That would require him getting over his fear of water, and I don't see that happening anytime soon, especially after Dominic pushed him in that pool last year."

Eduardo chuckles and shakes his head. They may be a motley bunch, but despite their differences they are friends nonetheless. They are part of his childhood and adolescence, and like soldiers in battle, surviving their youth is something that will tie them together for life. It was Abbey, Tommy and Dominic who saved Eduardo from his father's oppression. They gave him an out where he could be himself, or something more like himself than what his father demanded, and now, even though they've grown and are adults, even though after this Summer nothing will ever be the same again, they're friendships are the basis in which all his future interactions will be gauged upon. They taught him how to be a good friend, and that is something he will always be thankful for.

It isn't his father or mother who see him off at the train station, but Abbey and Tommy. His father thinks it ridiculous that he's taking the train over flying, something about time being money, and needing to learn not to squander it, and his mother always obeys his father. When his father said, "Eduardo is an adult now, let him find his own way," that was the end of it. Perhaps he expected Eduardo to change his mind, but the father obviously doesn't know the son very well.

Much like his first trip to Miami when he was seven, this trip to Dobbs Ferry is like a grand adventure, one he doesn't know exactly what to expect, or even what he's looking for when he gets there. First and foremost he wants to (needs to) see Mark again, to reconnect, something that no amount of emails can really provide, and to reassure himself that what they share is real, that Mark isn't something or someone he just made up in his head, because sometimes it feels like that. Sometimes, Mark feels like this entity he retreats to when things in his life get really bad and that in reality, Mark doesn't actually exist at all. Of course, Eduardo is smarter than that and knows Mark isn't some figment of his imagination, but there are days when the miles between them makes it feel as if he were.

The three days travel time between Miami and Dobbs Ferry (with a stop in Cambridge of course to make the trip somewhat purposeful) isn't a waste of time, as his father seems to think, because Mark actually doesn't know he's coming. They've exchanged hundreds of Emails in the two years since meeting up for the second time in Miami, and Mark's always saying you should come for a visit to which Eduardo always responds, yeah, maybe, someday. This year is that someday, but he feared telling Mark would make it too real, and in the end he'd chicken out and thus, in the end, disappoint his friend. So off he is, on an adventure, with a one-way ticket to New York and a few prayers sent heavenwards that he isn't turned away or overstepping his boundaries.

FILL: The Promise (3c/?)

"You're being silly," Abbey said at the train station before boarding. "Who would ever turn you away?"

"You haven't met Mark," Eduardo returned, not really believing Mark would shut the door in his face, but also knowing he wouldn't be surprised if he did either.

"Well, whose fault is that?" She teased, squeezing his bicep. "No matter, even if he wants to turn you away, his mother would never allow that to happen. One look at your doe eyes and they will be wrapping you in a blanket and adopting you."

It's not a direct route obviously, even after his detour in Boston, he's still required to transfer in New York City, and while he doesn't spend too much time or sees much in the big city, all he can think about is a hopeful day trip spent sightseeing in the New York later in the week. Museums and galleries, a walk through Central Park, eating hot dogs from a vendor no matter how unhygienic it may be because they are in the city and that is just what you are supposed to do. And maybe, on the train back to Dobbs Ferry, after spending the day together running through the city on their own, getting comfortable with one another, a droopy-curly head will rest against his shoulder and Eduardo will relax back in his own seat and enjoy the moment, soak up the warmth of Mark's body pressed against his side and wish every day could be like this day.

After an hour wait at Penn Station, he transfers to the Hudson line that will take him into Dobbs Ferry. The Hudson line is a bit less crowded than the Amtrak into New York, but it probably has more to do with the exact time of day than popularity of use. He watches the scenery pass by, much different than what he's used to in Miami where it's sun and sand and beaches in every direction, not to mention the tourists and bodies clothed in barely anything. Miami is very much superficial, half the people there living a life they normally don't live day in and day out, and the other half living the life they believe others expect them to lead, reaching other peoples goals with no thought or look back to their own. Eduardo is looking forward to his first term at Harvard, if anything, to distance himself from that meaningless lifestyle, not to mention is father as well.

Eduardo is standing on the Zuckerberg's front porch, suitcase dutifully sitting to his right and his palms nervously sweating, shaking a bit, hesitating, questioning his decision in coming here and whether he'd be welcome. They are friends, or at least pen pals of sorts (Email pals), but their time together has only ever been stolen vacation moments on the beach in Miami, technically in Eduardo's territory (not that Miami's ever really felt like home) but this, this is different. This is choosing to be somewhere, wanting to be somewhere because of someone. And now he's thinking maybe there is some truth to what Abbey was saying before.

He wants, but it's probably something he can never have.

"You can be such an asshole, Mark," a girl's voice shouts from behind him. "Lucky for you, we like you anyway!"

The girl's own laughter is joined by deeper laughter of two boys. When Eduardo turns around he sees Mark walking backwards towards him, flipping off his friends.

"Just remember who's helping you all pass literature."

"Yes, the great and powerful Zucker-bot!"

"Fuck you," Mark bites out at his friend's continued laughter as he turns around and freezes at the sight of Eduardo.

It's funny, whether he's in Dobbs Ferry or Miami, Mark is dressed exactly he same. Cargo shorts, worn obscure T-shirt, open hoodie and flip-flops. Mark's hair is a bit tamer than he's used to, shorter, but the curls are hard to hide. And his eyes are as drawing as ever, which evaporate the words right out of Eduardo's mouth.

FILL: The Promise (3d/?)


Eduardo shakes his head, clears his throat, and waves pathetically. "Hey."

"What are you... You..." Mark starts, and restarts, taking the few steps that bring him to the porch, but still a few steps from Eduardo. "You're here."

It's not a question, but a statement, or more assurance, like seeing Eduardo standing in the flesh isn't enough to really believe. Hell, even Eduardo is finding it hard to believe he is here and Mark is here, and... Yeah. He offers another smile, a fuller one, and takes the three steps down to bring him to Mark's level footing-wise as it seems Mark is still waiting for his growth-spurt.


Mark's eyes widen, and he takes a step back, looking Eduardo up and down and up again, cheeks flushing for whatever reason, Eduardo isn't sure of. It's then Eduardo realizes just how much he does really like Mark, refusing to call it anything more than that, namely because he is eighteen and Mark is very much not. He is going off to college in a few months and Mark is still going to be in high school (for another two years). Not to mention the fact he's not really sure of Mark's own inclinations regarding relationships. There's still a lot he doesn't know about the boy in front of him, but he wants to know. He wants to know everything.

"Come on," Mark finally says, gesturing for Eduardo to follow, as if Eduardo being here is as natural as the friends who walked off earlier.

"Wait, what about your parents? I can stay somewhere else..."

"Wardo," Mark interrupts, already grasping the handle of Eduardo's suitcase and halfway through the door. "Don't be an idiot."

The screen door bangs shut and Eduardo's mouth flaps a moment before he hears Mark's voice shouting through the house.

"Mom! Wardo's here!" Eduardo scrambles up the steps and into the house, the screen door banging again behind him, making him jump. "Can he stay?"

Eduardo stands inside the door, taking in what he can see. This isn't a house, what he sees is a home. Before him are stairs leading to the second floor and what he will assume are the bedrooms, and to the left is the living room, not one that is for show alone as his parents keep, but lived in, with books scattered here and there, and a few dolls, even shoes that aren't line up perfectly, just slipped off and left. Lining the wall leading to the second floor are pictures, from what Eduardo can tell, of the Zuckerberg children at varying stages of their lives, not professional shots but more candid and intimate, personal photos catching moments that can never be staged.

"Eduardo, what brings you to Dobbs Ferry?" Mrs. Zuckerbeg inquires, wiping her hands on a towel as she walks in from the kitchen he presumes.

"I... Ah... Mark..."

"I invited him," Mark intervenes, stomping back down the stairs, sounding a bit petulant, but it only makes his mother smiles fondly at her son and laugh. "I did!"

"Yes, Dear," she accepts, reaching out to ruffle Mark's hair, earning her a scowl.

"How long will you be visiting us?"

"Um... A week, Ma'am?"

Mrs. Zuckerberg laughs. "Oh my goodness, please don't make me feel any older than I already do. It's Karen, please call me Karen. And you are more than welcome to stay with us, for however long."

"Thank you Ma... Karen," Eduardo says, a blush rising in his cheek that darkens when he catches Mark rolling his eyes.

"He already has parents, Mom, so you can drop any ideas of adopting him..."

"Oh Mark," Karen says, ruffling Mark's hair again and laughing as he swats at her hand. "Go and get Eduardo settled, and then come help set the table for dinner. The girls will be home any minute."

"Your mom is so," Eduardo begins, pausing to think of the right words to express his feelings, but Mark beats him to the punch.

"Weird? I know, just don't judge me on it."

"No," Eduardo says, grasping Mark's forearm. "I was going to say amazing and wonderful..."

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