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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

Mark Zuckerberg
The Sarcastic Kitty oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[PART NINE] & Some News
Okay, I'm a little new at this so sorry if I mess this up first go. Because it's been 5 months since the last round even though we haven't been busy. I figured I might as well earn my keep and try to get this place alive again...




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Hi, right now everyone is working on some changes so hold on new things are coming. In an effort to kick this place back into action, we're doing round 9. In a few days, we'll be setting up a fills post that hopefully will work directly for archiving and an overflow post. Also we'll be doing a friending meme at tsn_km_gather so be looking out for that. I know some of the other mods have plans of their own which will be coming soon.

If you have any questions or ideas that I can help you with, feel free to PM me. I'll be around.



have fun!

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Eduardo/Mark age difference

Hardvard-era semi-AU thing. Mark is the sixteen-year-old computer genius who graduated high school early and got into Harvard and spends most of his time there trying not to get noticed. Eduardo is the sophomore who keeps trying to convince himself that his interest in Mark is purely of a brotherly nature and has nothing to do with how red his mouth gets after eating way too many Red Vines.

Part 1/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

The kid sits in the back of Eduardo's Art History lecture. He's always on his computer, and he never sits with anyone, and he is really, honestly a kid.

Eduardo only notices him because he comes to class late one day and isn't brave enough to sneak down to his usual seat in the third row, and the kid stares at him when Eduardo sits two chairs down from him in the very back.

"You're late," the kid says.

Eduardo blinks at him, and smiles, and says, "It happens to the best of us," and only remembers the kid because instead of a smile or a nod he gets a scornful eyebrow and a mutter of, "Best?" in response. It's only because he's so obviously a kid that Eduardo feels comfortable in his response, which is to take a spare mechanical pencil and throw it at his head. He misses, but it hits the kid's laptop instead, and his look of outrage is downright adorable. Eduardo considers them equal.

He sits next to the kid the rest of the week, during which time he realizes: a) he is a kid, b) he tries to pretend that sixteen doesn't make him one, and c) he is not part of a high school dual credit class that Eduardo hadn't heard of. He learns that the kid doesn't like Art History and that the typing on his computer isn't notes, it's code, and that the code is the reason he's at Harvard at all. He doesn't learn the kid's name.

He asks around, sees if anyone knows the sixteen year old who attends Harvard, but it turns out that there's actually a couple of them. It's only when he clarifies that, no, he doesn't mean sixteen when this year started but sixteen now, as in, it's likely he was fifteen when this year started, that he gets blank looks and some real information. Basically anyone who has heard of the grumpy kid doesn't know him very well, and he's sixteen, so nobody really bothers to fix that.

"What's your name?" Eduardo demands at the beginning of next week's first class.

The kid blinks at him. "Why?" he asks suspiciously.

"I'm Eduardo Saverin," Eduardo says cheerfully, ignoring the glower. "I'm a sophomore."

"Mark," the kid says reluctantly, looking cornered when Eduardo refuses to stop offering his hand. "Zuckerberg," he adds, when he tentatively shakes Eduardo's insistent hand. He wipes his palm on his shorts afterwards, a compulsive, awkward scrubbing, and Eduardo figures he can be either amused or offended, and goes with charmed instead.

"You're the youngest student at Harvard," Eduardo says, opening with the obvious so they can get it out of the way. Admittedly, he is a little curious.

"Yes," Mark says.

"Why?" Eduardo asks.

"Because I'm also the smartest student at Harvard," Mark says.

Eduardo snorts, and doesn't escape it turning into a laugh, and he slides the two chairs distance between them to settle right next to Mark. Mark looks at him, less suspicious now than confused, and Eduardo says, "It's very nice to meet you."

Re: Part 1/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

This is ridiculously sweet and I love your characterization.

Re: Part 1/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

This is wonderful.

Re: Part 1/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

"Eduardo figures he can be either amused or offended, and goes with charmed instead." is like my favorite part of this entire story.

Part 2/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

Mark sort of consumes Eduardo's life. It's not that he's incapable of taking care of himself or prone to doing anything dangerous – though he is and he is, on both accounts – but that Eduardo can't make himself leave Mark alone. It's also not that Eduardo is going to be winning any awards in maturity anytime soon – he isn't, see exhibit mechanical pencil throw for corroboration – but that, compared to Mark, he could run the entire UN tomorrow with no notice.

Mark forgets things. Unimportant things, like pencils and paper and socks, but also important things like food and his phone and sleep.

Eduardo learns about the food because he brings breakfast in one day for himself and, in the time it takes him to lean over and get his book from his bag, Mark has stolen and inhaled it. He learns about the phone because he returns it to Mark twice that second week by catching up with him after class and shoving it in his hands. He learns about the third one because, on the first day of their third week together, Mark sort of collapses sideways and snores into Eduardo's shoulder. He even drools a little while they sit through two lectures neither of them is enrolled in because Eduardo is unwilling to wake him. Eduardo watches him the whole time and thinks this is what it must be like to have the little brother he never thought to want.

He likes it, but he suspects that may just be because he likes Mark.

By the fourth week, Eduardo has managed to insert himself into Mark's life enough that Mark has adjusted to him. He always has Eduardo's chair pushed out for him and he sometimes remembers to leave enough of Eduardo's breakfast for Eduardo to have some – not that Eduardo needs it, since after the first day he brought Mark's breakfast for Mark and made sure he himself at before class – and it's not the most normal friendship Eduardo's ever had but it's one of the most interesting, and that's a fair trade-off.

"So tell me about your roommates," Eduardo says one day, because Mark may not have any friends (or at least none he'll admit to) but he has to have roommates, and Eduardo has to start somewhere.

"Nothing to tell," Mark says, and shrugs, and will later probably regret not sharing more information, because:

Eduardo has already spent more than his fair share of time returning Mark's belongings to him or helping him pack them up after class, and he's seen Mark's student ID. He knows what dorm he lives in. It's Mark's fault for not answering his questions, Eduardo tells himself as he lets himself into Kirkland, and then he smiles at a few girls and asks, "Do you know where I can find Mark Zuckerberg?"

They smile back at him only until he says Mark's name, and then they get a pinched expression on their faces and direct him upstairs.

It's easy enough to find which room is Mark's once he's on the right floor: end of the hall, whiteboard with lots of illegible red writing, video game noises audible from the hallway; all things he was told would indicate he'd got the right room.

Part 3/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

AN: Sorry, replied to the wrong comment up there! All other parts will be a response to part 2 like this one. :)

He knocks and then takes a half step back from the door for politeness' sake.

The video game noises pause and feet shuffle to the door, and it swings open to reveal a guy who's not Mark blinking in confusion.

This is one of the roommates, then, or at least Eduardo presumes. He'd sort of wondered if Housing would've lumped all of the younger students together, but this guy is clearly not another one of the sixteen year olds. He doesn't have the embarrassing aura of puberty still lingering over him, though he definitely has an aura of something.

"Hello," Eduardo says cheerfully and holds out his hand. "I'm Eduardo. I'm looking for Mark."

The guy sort of stares at him, a little open-mouthed, but he takes Eduardo's hand readily enough and he starts smiling once he's recovered from his shock. "Mark?" he says. "I'm sorry, I don't think we have the Mark you're looking for here. Nobody comes looking for our Mark."

"He's not our Mark, Dustin," someone Eduardo can't see says. "He's not a pet, he's a person. And let him in, would you?"

"He is totally a pet," Dustin says. "Like a snapping turtle."

"Okay," Eduardo says slowly, and edges his way into the living room.

The guy who Eduardo couldn't see before is sitting at a desk in the corner. He sighs and gives Eduardo a little wave. "I'm sorry, we're not as insane as Dustin makes us seem. I'm Chris."

"Hi," Eduardo says, smiling again. "So Mark does live here?"

"Yep," Dustin says. He clambers back onto the sofa and picks up the video game controller. "He's actually even here right now, just ignoring us."

"Oh," Eduardo says. He guesses the room with the closed door is Mark's.

"Watch," Dustin says, and then hollers, "Mark! Mark!"

They all wait expectantly, but there's not even a rustle from the closed room. "Huh," Eduardo says.

"He can be a little antisocial," Chris says. He tilts his head and looks appraising. "But then, I guess you already know that if you're here looking for him."

"We have class together," Eduardo answers the unvoiced question. "He's been a little difficult to get to know."

"Tell us about it," Dustin snorts.

Eduardo winces as the video game noises resume at top volume.

"We've been rooming with him for almost three months and we still sometimes can't tell if he's here," Chris explains.

Eduardo nods slowly. With Mark's reluctance to talk, he'd begun to assume he either hated his roommates or had nothing to do with them. It seems like the second option is correct, but Eduardo had been wrong about the cause – they don't seem like they're the type of people who'd avoid Mark just because he's younger, so Eduardo doesn't think they're lying about Mark being the antisocial one.

Straightening his shoulders, Eduardo sets his bag by the couch and walks to the closed door. He knocks sharply and, after a second's wait doesn't garner a response, knocks again and calls, "Mark?"

There's a sudden flurry of movement behind the door, which Eduardo only thinks is unusual because both Dustin and Chris stare at the door quizzically.

Part 4/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

Then Mark's yanking open the door and they both pretend they're not paying any attention at all as Mark says, "Wardo?"

His voice is sharp with surprise and Eduardo has to bite his lip to hold back the smile. Mark looks the same as he did half an hour ago when Eduardo watched him leave class, but he's never worn this expression before. He looks halfway between shock and outrage. It almost makes Eduardo want to pat his cheek, but he's not and suspects he never will be quite that brave.

"Hi," he says instead, a little dorkily if Mark's respondent expression of disdain is anything to go by.

"Get in here," Mark snaps, and pulls Eduardo into his bedroom, slamming and locking the door immediately after.

"Your roommates seem nice," Eduardo says quickly, hoping to derail whatever Mark is planning on saying. Eduardo realizes he's going to get yelled at eventually, but he'd like to forestall that as long as possible. It will give him more time to look around Mark's room surreptitiously.

"I guess," Mark says, shrugging. "What are you doing here?"

"I've never had roommates," Eduardo says, and goes a few steps further into the middle of the small room. There's at least one computer at the desk, running the program Eduardo is familiar with seeing on Mark's laptop. "I've always had a single."

"What are you doing here?" Mark repeats, a little more stridently.

Eduardo feels a little guilty. He frowns. "Sorry," he says. "I just wanted to visit you. Outside of class, you know. It's a thing people do sometimes."

Mark frowns back. "Is invading someone's home also something people do?"

Snorting, Eduardo immediately stops feeling bad. "I've hardly invaded," he says. "Have you eaten lunch?"

Mark looks thrown by the abrupt subject change, and Eduardo takes advantage of his obvious discomfiture to pull him out to the main room.

He sort of wants Mark to himself, but the blatant staring of the roommates makes it impossible for him to just leave the suite. He invites them along instead.

And he loses out on more alone time with Mark, sure, but Mark's roommates honestly are interesting and it's even more interesting watching Mark interact with them. It's something he's clearly not too comfortable doing, the awkward conversation tinged that particular shade of weird that you get when two people know each other really well but don't want to exclude anyone else.

Eduardo has class at one, and he doesn't realize that's a problem until he looks down and it's a quarter till, and Mark has somehow actually got involved in a real conversation with Dustin. Eduardo stands without saying anything because he doesn't want to interrupt them, but Chris says a very quiet, "Goodbye," and smiles in a way that almost looks – grateful?

Eduardo smiles back, looking at Mark once more, and then leaves the diner with a warm flush belying the quickly dropping fall temperatures.

Part 5/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

The thing is, though. The thing is, Eduardo spends the next couple of weeks watching Mark and slowly forcing him to interact with people (both on purpose and just by virtue of dragging him out of his room more often), and Mark isn't actually that bad at it. Well, that's not true – he is, it's just that more people than you'd think are willing to forgive him for it, because he's kind of compelling. He's got this intense sort of energy but it's not frenetic, and mostly he's odd, in a way that people even besides Eduardo seem drawn to.

Eduardo feels a little proud he got to Mark first, and then squashes that as a very selfish thought and drags Mark to the campus coffee shop, where he makes Mark order for them so he'll have to talk to the barista.

He's been doing these sorts of things, partly intentionally and partly not, and he can't even explain why, just that he wants to help Mark feel more comfortable talking to people, because it is at least partially discomfort – he's noticed, and has Chris's confirmation, that Mark is less antisocial when Eduardo's around. Eduardo doesn't know if Mark translates his presence as implicit support or if he's somehow (doubtfully) shamed into attempting more socialization, but Eduardo's presence makes Mark stretch himself a little further.

Eduardo hasn't had much experience with being a good influence, but he likes it. If he starts to deliberately press Mark further and occasionally smoothes the way out of awkward situations for him, well – that's what friends do, and besides, Mark honestly hadn't been staring at that one girl's cleavage. Eduardo knows because he'd been too busy complaining about his Synapse project using polysyllabic words Eduardo wasn't familiar with. There was no way he'd also been busy going "Breasts!" at the same time.

Not that Eduardo underestimates either a teenager's libido or Mark's ability to multitask, but that's just not something Mark would do.

"No," Dustin says, when Eduardo is explaining the whole cleavage incident. "That's not what friends do. Friends laugh and occasionally deliberately make things worse for you. They don't teach you how to be a successful human being and hold your hand through the learning curve."

"I'm not—"

"You are," Chris chimes in. "It's just like My Fair Lady."

Eduardo opens his mouth. Then he shuts it again. He doesn't like calling Mark his project, or anything, but—

"It's better than pet," Chris says dryly.

"Hey," Dustin protests half-heartedly. "And you know, it can be like he's your adopted younger brother if that makes you feel better, though you gotta admit, Mark totally looks like a street urchin sometimes."

And that's not quite it either, but it seems awfully close, and Eduardo settles on that as a suitable description.

With his behavior justified, Eduardo doesn't feel at all guilty about kidnapping Mark that Friday to take him to a party at one of the larger frats.

"I was wondering if you'd ever get around to this," Mark says, and Eduardo, perplexed, asks, "What?"

"Nothing," Mark says, shaking his head, and he lets Eduardo put an arm over his shoulder to tug him along to the frat party.

"Bye, Eliza!" Dustin calls cheerfully, and Mark is so confused he actually tilts his head sideways as he peers at Dustin. Eduardo has to chew on his lips to keep from making inappropriate cooing noises, and counts himself lucky that Mark isn't watching his expression at this precise moment.

Part 6/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

They get there pretty early, so at least half the people in attendance are still sober. Eduardo lets go of Mark slightly, watching for what he'll do. He's in over his head, that much is clear, and Eduardo introduces him around as much as Mark will let him. He won't let him much at all, because he slips Eduardo's grip after the third person, and very rudely leaves Eduardo staring after him. He's heading deeper into the house, though, and not out, so Eduardo lets him go and figures he'll collect him again shortly.

Of course, shortly turns into a couple of hours – or maybe past midnight, Eduardo has a good sense of time but only an average level of alcohol tolerance – and maybe then Mark finds him instead of the other way around.

Eduardo will attempt to recollect the missing pieces of his dignity in the morning, he decides, and wraps himself more tightly around Mark.

Mark is holding onto his waist, helping him a little as they walk unsteadily back to Eduardo's dorm. Eduardo stumbles a little and catches himself with fingers dug into Mark's shoulder.

Mark grumbles, "I don't know why I ever thought you were cool," and hitches himself further under Eduardo's arm.

Eduardo laughs. "You thought I was cool?"

"For a very short span of time," Mark says dryly, but Eduardo doesn't miss the smile Mark turns his head to try to hide.

"Do you have dimples?" Eduardo asks, fascinated.

"No," Mark says, and reverts to the scowling. Eduardo almost regrets asking, but he doesn't quite, because seriously: dimples. Mark is the best package of adopted younger brother ever.

They get to Eduardo's room with relatively few detours and only a couple of slurred conversations with Eduardo's dorm mates. Mark drops Eduardo on his bed in the rudest manner possible and then stares around. His rarely-exhibited self-control is admirable, so Eduardo snorts and says, "Yeah, you can poke around."

While Mark investigates every corner of his room and turns up absolutely nothing because before Mark Eduardo had nothing interesting in his life, Eduardo strips down to his shirt and boxers. When Mark turns around and then blinks at him in surprise Eduardo says, "So was tonight horrible for you? I didn't mean to lose you."

"You took off your pants," Mark says, very intelligently.

Eduardo laughs. "Yes," he says agreeably. "How was tonight?"

Mark shifts on his feet. "Nothing happened."

"You were bored?" Eduardo asks, feeling badly.

There's an expression on Mark's face Eduardo hasn't seen before. "No," he says. "I mean – didn't you bring me there for a reason?"

"To meet people," Eduardo says, nodding.

"No, I mean—" Mark shakes his head. "There wasn't any hazing or pranks or any other form of public humiliation."

"Well, no," Eduardo says slowly. "Parties don't usually have any of that. Beyond the obvious drunk people making bad decisions," he adds as an afterthought.

Mark shrugs and takes a step back. "I'll see you Monday," he says.

"No," Eduardo says, and he's not so drunk that he can't put a hand on the door and keep Mark from opening it. "You thought I brought you to the party to – what?"

"You're drunk," Mark says, rolling his eyes, but he sounds so unhappy that Eduardo can't help hugging him. He may not know what's going on but he could recognize a tone of voice that low on anyone, and Mark stays stiff but he doesn't pull away.

Sighing, Eduardo leans back and presses his mouth to Mark's cheek. He can feel the feather of Mark's breath against the side of his own face. "It'd be so much easier to be friends with you if you'd talk to me."

It's the wrong thing to say. Mark stiffens further and jerks out of his grasp, even though that brings his back flat to the door. "You're drunk," he says. "I don't know why I went to that stupid party tonight. I have more important things to do."

"Besides hang out with someone who you think will take you to get pranked or hazed or humiliated?" Eduardo says.

"I'm going," Mark says, and he might as well be the drunk one for how many fumblings it takes him to get the door open.

Eduardo scrubs his hands over his face when Mark's gone and wonders what he missed.

Part 7/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

Monday Mark avoids his eyes, clearly hoping to avoid talking. Eduardo sits down and then says firmly, "Yes, I get physically affectionate when drunk. Moving past that, can we talk about where you got the idea that I'm an utter asshole?"

"What," Mark says flatly, but he won't meet Eduardo's eyes and yeah, he knows exactly what they're talking about.

"You thought I was taking you to a party to set you up for some awful prank," Eduardo says. "Or something along those lines, I was a little drunk when you were failing to explain your theory about my plan to publicly humiliate you."

"Shut up," Mark mutters from the corner of his mouth. "Class is starting."

Eduardo snorts, loudly enough a few students glance back at him. "You owe me an explanation."

"No, I don't," Mark replies.

"Why did you think I'd do that to you?" Eduardo says. He also wants to know where Mark got the idea in the first place, since he isn't the type to mindlessly absorb bad high school movie plots, but that's less important to Eduardo than the revelation of Mark's extremely shitty opinion of him.

"Have you met yourself?" Mark asks, going for caustic, but he sounds more uncomfortable than anything.

"Actually, no," Eduardo says. "Unfortunate, I know."

"Sarcasm isn't attractive on you," Mark mutters, glaring at his computer.

Eduardo stares at the front of the room, where the professor is going on about some bad grades and how best to study for the next exam.

"Look," Mark says a little while later, and Eduardo feels him shift in his seat. "I don't know why you're upset. I told you because I was talking about how I'd realized I was wrong. It shouldn't matter to you what I thought."

"Excuse me for being unhappy to hear I come off as completely insincere," Eduardo says lowly.

He isn't going to look away from the professor, but he can feel Mark's gaze, and he finally glances over quickly, only to see Mark turned almost sideways in his seat and looking at him as if he's the stupidest person to ever breathe.

"What?" Eduardo hisses defensively.

"I didn't say you were insincere," Mark says. "I said you were nice."

Eduardo glares back, but only for a second. Then he thinks about what Mark said, and he raises his eyebrows instead. "Wait," he says. "So I didn't seem insincere?"

Mark looks uncomfortable. "No," he says grudgingly.

"Then why would you think I was going to—" Eduardo says, before he figures it out and shuts his mouth hurriedly.

It's too late. Mark is turning red, which is something Eduardo hasn't seen before. Any other time, he'd appreciate it. "Never mind," Eduardo says. "It doesn't matter, never mind."

He doesn't say anything else until the end of class. He's started gathering his things slowly, trying to figure out what to say so it won't be unbearably awkward, but Mark talks first.

He clears his throat and says, "I graduated two years early to enroll here this year."

"Yeah," Eduardo says slowly.

"At high school," Mark says. "I pretty much had to transfer or graduate. Graduating seemed—"

Seemed less like running away, he doesn't say, but his frown and hunched shoulders say it for him.

"A lot of people didn't have friends in high school," Eduardo settles on, after he thinks over and discards many other more emotionally sensitive responses. He still has a lot to learn about Mark, but Mark doesn't like emotionally sensitive on the best of days, and more than anything Eduardo wants him to relax right now.

"Yeah," Mark says. His shoulders come down.

"Okay," Eduardo says.

"Okay?" Mark asks. He looks at Eduardo.

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "I forgive you for thinking the worst of me."

The corner of Mark's mouth pulls up. "Then I suppose I forgive you for almost licking my cheek."

"I can't help it," Eduardo says regretfully, and then they have to leave the lecture hall because the next class is filing in.

It isn't until he's walking up the steps to the library that he thinks that Mark chose to spend time with him even when he thought Eduardo was planning on trying to humiliate him. Mark risked it because he wanted to be friends with Eduardo anyway – and that is absolutely what they are now, all pseudo-adoptions aside.

Eduardo is still smiling like an idiot when he meets his study group, but he doesn't give a shit.

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Part 8/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

AN: I wish I could say that there was going to be plot or other exciting things happening soon, but lol no.


Mark is easier to hang out with after that. It's nothing very obvious, and Eduardo is almost certain it's not deliberate on Mark's part, but he doesn't leave so quickly after class and he'll actually talk to Eduardo some during class and, best of all, he'll start to answer Eduardo's questions about his other classes, so sometimes Eduardo sees him around campus and can take him for lunch or introduce him to some of the other people Eduardo hangs out with.

But it quickly becomes obvious that Mark doesn't like that. Even when he's being pleasant to Eduardo, the slightest hint of interaction with someone else makes him shut down, makes him frown and refuse to talk. Whatever suspicions Eduardo might've held about Mark's lack of a social life being caused by his young age are quickly dispelled – he doesn't have a social life because he's an asshole to people, not because no one on campus wants to associate with a sixteen-year-old.

On the other hand, there's a marked improvement in his relationship with his roommates. Often Eduardo ends up hanging out over at their suite, because Mark doesn't like Eduardo's other friends but Eduardo does like Mark's roommates. Dustin and Chris both inform Eduardo that, instead of being closed away in his room all the time, Mark will talk to them and play video games with Dustin and leave his door open more often than not.

Which is not without its drawbacks. In the first three weeks, Eduardo comes over three to either Chris or Dustin in an argument with Mark. The first time is the most memorable, where he's actually fighting with both of them at the same time about two entirely different problems. He seems to hold his own each time, however, so Eduardo just leaves them to it; and Chris and Dustin – and even Mark in his own roundabout way – tell him that the overall atmosphere is much more friendly. Eduardo is pleased, probably more than he should be, to have been of help, and by the end of the month he counts both Chris and Dustin as his friends, too.

He does still wish, a little, that he could convince Mark to expand his social circle. College is the time for that, after all, and almost all of Eduardo's friends are perfectly nice – some of them might even be convinced to give Mark second or third chances. He knows Dustin and Chris would get along with some of them, but he's not going to introduce them before Mark – that seems unfair, somehow.

He's sort of complaining one day to Chris and Dustin, because he'd turned down an invitation to an acquaintance's twenty-first birthday party because Mark had asked for his help with something. Mark has been asking for his help the last couple of days, ever since he leaned over in class and saw Eduardo's work for one of his upper-level economics courses. Mark had been impressed, even if he wouldn't admit it, and made Eduardo explain the predictive abilities of the type of math he dealt with. Mark had said Eduardo could be useful, which really shouldn't have felt like as much of a compliment as it did, and started demanding Eduardo's help deriving equations he was barely willing to explain the use of. Usually he would only tell Eduardo that it was for one of his programs, and that was all.

Part 9/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

"I just don't understand why he won't even give any of them a chance," Eduardo says. "He's not that bad with people when he tries."

"He doesn't want to try," Dustin says. He's sitting on the floor to better see their tiny television as he plays some racing game. He's winning, because he always wins, and he's providing unhelpful comments on Eduardo and Chris's discussion.

"I know," Eduardo says. "That's what I don't understand."

"He doesn't want to," Chris says, mirroring Dustin. "He never wants to. I don't think he likes most people."

"So he's rude to them," Eduardo says. "He's never that bad with me, but some of the things he says to them…" Eduardo trails off and winces.

"Terrible, right?" Dustin says cheerfully.

"Yeah, I know," Eduardo says. That's not the issue here. "I just wish I could figure out how to make it easier for him with other people. Or," Eduardo pauses, considering. "Or if I could figure out what made him more willing to interact with me."

"He likes you," Chris explains.

"I know," Eduardo says, smiling a little.

"No," Chris says more slowly, "I mean he likes you."

Eduardo frowns. Chris stares meaningfully. "Oh," Eduardo says faintly. He feels his own face warming. "Really?"

"It's hilarious," Dustin says from the floor. "So obvious. Poor baby Mark."

"Be quiet," Chris scolds lightly. Eduardo can feel himself smiling. Chris gives him a quelling look. "Don't say anything to Mark."

Just like that, all the warm feelings Eduardo has toward Mark are replaced by dread. "Oh god," he says instinctively. "He'd kill me."

"Poor baby Mark," Dustin reiterates, nodding, and that, Eduardo decides, is enough on that subject.

"It doesn't matter," he says, deciding to ignore it. "It's fine."

"Eduardo," Chris says hesitantly. "He's sixteen."

"I know," Eduardo says. "It's okay. I won't bring it up."

"No," Chris says. "I mean – he's sixteen. You're almost four years older than he is."

"Oh my god," Eduardo says, appalled. "I know. I wasn't even—"

"I'm sorry!" Chris says, holding his hands up a little. "I just wanted to mention—"

"I wouldn't!" Eduardo says, almost squawks. He can't believe—Chris only barely turned eighteen, Eduardo doesn't know where he gets the idea he needs to be giving advice.

"Sorry!" Chris repeats, rolling his eyes.

On the floor, Dustin pretends he can't hear them. Eduardo settles into the couch to do his homework, and very carefully doesn't sulk.

Part 10/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

But it's hard to miss the signs now he knows to look for them. Mark is almost, almost eager to see him, and he absolutely gets annoyed when Eduardo is late or has to cancel plans or, worst, even mentions he has plans that don't involve Mark at all.

Mark gets dark-eyed and unhappy, and he's not even subtle about it. Eduardo thinks he might not realize he's doing it, which is just—

Eduardo can't handle that, for so many reasons. He's sort of adopted Mark, and he's the only person Mark seems to bestow any real trust in, and he thinks that means he owes it to Mark to help him expand his boundaries a little. He can't do that if Mark won't do things because of him.

On the other hand, Eduardo has also started wanting to kiss Mark and see what expression that puts on his face, which doesn't fit with the idea of mentorship he'd adapted for himself at all.

He blames Chris for putting the idea in his head.

It's probably overcompensation, but he tries to force Mark out a little more because of it. If they go to bars – bars they have to smuggle Mark into, but what are you going to do? – or restaurants or open events, Eduardo lets his friends know he'll be bringing Mark. Mark usually comes to about half of them, and he gradually puts up with it as a sort of cost of Eduardo's friendship.

Eduardo knows he still doesn't like it – usually; Eduardo keeps trying precisely because, just once in a while, Mark accidentally looks like he has fun – and he tries to repay Mark by bringing him things like food and restocks of Red Bull when he comes by to hang out or help Mark with algorithms.

Mark always smiles at him, and Eduardo keeps track of what he likes so he can bring it more often. The funniest is when he realizes Mark's sweet tooth – Dustin openly munches on snack foods and candy, but Mark is less obvious about it. Eduardo only figures out he particularly likes candy when he brings him an assortment and Mark eats all the candy first.

"You know you're not helping with the crush thing," Dustin says, when he catches Eduardo by the door to steal some of Mark's snacks.

"What?" Eduardo says.

"You know, a man's heart is through his stomach, that whole thing?" Dustin asks while he steals one of the six pack so of Red Bull and stuffs it in his backpack like Eduardo won't notice him taking it. "Couple more weeks and Mark will be madly in love with you."

"Shut up," Eduardo says uncomfortably. "That's not funny."

"No, I guess not," Dustin says, but he shrugs.

Part 11/? - Eduardo/Mark age difference

"Do you think I should stop?" Eduardo asks, reluctant. "Is it really a problem?"

Dustin snorts. "Nah. Free food is awesome, keep bringing it."

"That's not what I mean," Eduardo says.

"Hey, I'm not Chris," Dustin says. "Mark's a big boy. If he's old enough to be in college, he's old enough to deal with things he'll encounter in college, like hot, possibly gay sophomore crushes. Do whatever you want."

"I don't want—" Eduardo says fruitlessly.

Dustin holds up his hands, backing away with the bag of Doritos he's selected. "I don't care. Whatever."

"Yeah, fine," Eduardo huffs, and goes to pulls Mark's headphones off.

But yeah, so Mark likes candy. He especially, horrifically, likes things he can chew and suck on. Lollipops and hard caramels and things he can put in his mouth and leave there. Eduardo gets into a habit of carrying something in his bag, because Mark always looks expectant and takes to digging through whenever Eduardo gets into class.

His favorite, and the candy Eduardo most detests, is Red Vines. The candy would probably be fine if it didn't turn Mark's whole mouth red, so Eduardo has to listen to Mark describe what he needs an algorithm to do while the stupid candy sits there between his chapped red lips and moves with his words. He suspects Mark also likes it because, in between chewing it into little pieces of goo, he can wave it around for emphasis, which he does quite frequently. Eduardo can't get it out of his head, because on top of everything else, Mark's breath isn't necessarily pleasant but it's sweet, and it always draws Eduardo's attention to his mouth.

Not that he needed candy for that. His mouth and what comes out of it are Mark's signature, and Eduardo can't go five minutes without watching him speak or watching him put something in his mouth or listening to him make noises with his tongue, which he does whenever he's bored or distracted or frustrated.

So Eduardo decides, almost two months after meeting Mark, that it's really the entire world's conspiracy against him that's to blame for the way he lays in bed and thinks about Mark's pretty – and completely inexperienced, fuck why does Eduardo know that – mouth being completely nasty and doing completely filthy things to Eduardo's fingers and dick.

Mark is sixteen and Eduardo can't escape the feeling that he's already taking advantage of him, and neither of those things stops him from wanting to take advantage in an entirely different way.

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