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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

The Sarcastic Kitty oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[WIP Fill Post]
Some of the other mods are working on putting together a pinboard/archive and getting it working. Meanwhile, some very nice user has been doing a twitter of fills/updates (I don't know them or have spoke to them but I've been to the twitter, so I know it's real :-p) but it's not a day to day thing so in hopes of kind of keeping everyone up to date, we had decided about a month again to Working In Progress (WIP) post so that if you want to tell the world you updated, you can do so here.

Also with this comes two notes overflow three is the official post all posting of fics from rounds that have 9,000 or more comments. Do not post new fills/updates in those anymore please. And when you finish a fic so mods know it can marked as done please post the links Here at Fill List.

Thank you

subject line + (optional: fill no and update number): Round 4, Eduardo/girl!Mark (Fill #1, Part 13)

Link to top/Prompt: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/4426.html?thread=7305034#t7305034
Link to Update: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/4426.html?thread=18905418#t18905418

How do this? On the side of every post is a button called (link), it will link you to that comment actual address, as you can in the example above the numbers at the end changed.

[RPF] Andrew/Mark est., Round 7 (Fill #1, Part 5)

Prompt: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/8388.html?thread=16157380#t16157380
Fill Update: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/8388.html?thread=19258564#t19258564

and now I'm the first. *so embarrassed*.

Eduardo/girl!Mark, Round 4, (Fill #1, Part 14)

Link to top/Prompt: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/4426.html?thread=7305034#t7305034
Link to Update: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/4426.html?thread=19259722#t19259722

Round 3, Mark/Eduardo, Sky High!AU (Fill #2, Part 15-18)

Link to top/Prompt: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=3895110#t3895110

Link to fill: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=7145798#t7145798

Link to Update, part 15: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=19980358#t19980358

Link to update, part 16: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=19980614#t19980614

Link to update, part 17: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=19980870#t19980870

Link to update, part 18: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=19981126#t19981126