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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

AwkBerg Marks
The Sarcastic Kitty oresteia wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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Part 10 is open and prompts from 1-4 can be re-posted here if they were not filled.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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It's finally time for part 10, it's been a few months but even after the article of doom, we're still open.

If you have any questions or ideas that I can help you with, feel free to PM me. I'll be around.



have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.



AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT re-post prompts from parts five, six, seven, eight, or nine. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. We know there's been some issues but we're working on it with pinboard. No duplicates from this round either. THANK YOU.

Mark/Eduardo - depositions reveal

Since Eduardo likes saying heart-wrenching things during the depositions - he decides to go on the record with how he feels (felt?) about Mark. "Do you have any idea how much I love(d?) you?"

Re: Mark/Eduardo - depositions reveal

does OP have any specifics on what kind of ending they want or...?

Re: OP

I like happy endings if you feel up for that :D

But as I also LOVE the idea of this blind-siding Mark, perhaps a hopeful ending, if you don't want to wrap everything up in a nice bow? :D Honestly ...whatever works for you :)

FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (1/?)


“You had one friend,” Eduardo hears himself say. “I was your only friend. My father…he won’t even look at me.”
“Okay –” Gretchen tries to interject, but Eduardo doesn’t even hear here. He can’t stop it, the words are tumbling out.
“Do you have any idea how much I loved you, Mark? How much I still do? How much you meant to me?”
There is a moment of frozen, inexplicable silence. He finds Mark’s eyes across the million mile wide table.
Mark, incredulously, looks angry. Mark is never angry. The only time Eduardo has ever seen – heard – Mark be angry was when he (stupidly) froze the account.
“Don’t kid yourself.” The word hit Eduardo across the face like a slap. “You never loved me, you only loved the idea of me –”
“Off the record!” Sy says suddenly, desperately. Mark keeps going.
“– and if you loved me you certainly didn’t love me enough to listen.”
“Let’s take a break!” Sy shouts. Gretchen is nodding.
“What the fuck,” Eduardo breathes. “You…you asshole.”
“Yeah, what’s new?” Mark snaps bitterly. Incredibly, he gets up and leaves the deposition room – the first time he has done that all day. Eduardo stares after him.
“Eduardo, how about you and I go out to lunch –” Gretchen is saying.
“No.” He snaps, too tired to be polite. Then: “What the fuck did he mean?”
“Mr. Saverin,” says the pretty black haired girl, “I think –”
Eduardo stands. “Which way did he go?” It’s a demand. He is never rude and then suddenly Mark is an asshole, as usual and his entire world is falling apart. Again.
“To the bathroom…”
“Eduardo, you aren’t allowed to talk to him!” Gretchen yells at his back, desperate.
Yeah, well.

“Mark!” Eduardo shouts after slamming the bathroom door open. Mark is standing at the sink, drying his hands. He looks unsurprised to see Wardo. In fact, he only looks exasperated.
“What?” Everything about Mark is snappish today. He tugs down the sleeves of his stupid black hoodie and waits.
What is he supposed to say? I do love you? You’re a fucking asshole who ruined my life?
“Talk,” Eduardo orders. “I’m listening, okay, Mark? I’m listening to you now.”

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (1/?)

my heart ;___;

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (2/?)

(i am so sorry for double posting, i've never done kink meme before! hope OP likes this!)

“Are you?” Mark demands. His chin is lifted, like a challenge. “If you’re going to get mad then it’s not worth it.”
“I want to understand.” Wardo unclenches his jaw with difficulty. He sighs. Mark was always so fucking difficult. “Mark. Mark? Hey, look at me. I’m here, waiting to hear what you have to say. I want to understand.”
“Okay,” Mark says. And then he pauses, looking unsure, because even though Mark is hyper-verbal and annoyingly articulate, feelings are hard to talk about.
Then: “I didn’t…I didn’t only come to you because you have money.”
“Okay.” Wardo says slowly. He thinks back to the first day of depositions, when he had said recounted the AEPi party, and had concluded with so that was why.
“Because, Wardo!” Mark snaps. “Facebook…wasn’t just mine, okay? It was for you, too. Yeah it was my idea” – Eduardo carefully doesn’t mention the Winklevii – “and I coded it all and everything, but it was supposed to be ours. It was going to change the world and it was because of me and you. I just…You think I didn’t know what it meant to put you on the masthead? I didn’t do it so your dad could be proud of you. I did it because I wanted…I wanted to share Facebook with you. So the two most important things…” He trails off and looks away, fiddling with the sleeves of his hoodie.
“So the two most important things could what, Mark?” Eduardo demands.
“So they could be together! You, me, and Facebook.”
“You’re…you’re saying I was important to you?” Eduardo cannot believe this. “But you screwed me out of the company, Mark!”
“Because you didn’t care, Wardo!” Mark’s words are faster, stampeding over each other, and his voice is suddenly ragged. “I worked so hard to build this incredible thing, this life changing thing, and it was cool and exclusive but it also connected people! I wanted it to connect us! I’m not good at this emotional thing, but you are, and I thought you understood why I put you on the masthead, why I came to you in the first place! But it was something I made and you were going to ruin it. Like…like you didn’t even care about it, Wardo. Like you didn’t even care about me.”
“Everything I did was for you, Mark!” Eduardo shouts before covering his face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to – please, continue.”
“So yeah, I diluted your shares because I wanted to protect Facebook. It was never about you, Wardo, it was about protecting Facebook because you were going to fuck up it. You froze the account! You didn’t listen! And…you didn’t come out when I needed you too.”
It was too much. He would have to think about it later. “Okay…” Eduardo lets himself trail off. “But what did you mean, when you said that I only loved the idea of you?”
Mark looks trapped.
“I…my mom says that for relationships to work, you can’t try to change someone. And…”
“You felt like I was trying to change you,” Eduardo conludes quietly. Oh.
And he had been. But it had been for Mark’s own good.
“I don’t need you as a babysitter,” Mark says quietly, and Eduardo bites back his response of oh yes you do. “I don’t want you as a babysitter.”
“But surely you knew, Mark,” Eduardo says after a long pause, “surely you knew how I felt.”
Mark shakes his head, then stares off at the side.
“No?” Eduardo prompts.
“You…had Christy, and…”
“Mark, you’re going to have to say it.” Eduardo says. His voice is suddenly very quiet.

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (3/?)

“I…” Mark physically turns away, turns back to the sink. He starts to wash his hands very methodically, apparently desperate for a distraction.
“Wardo if you look at it from my point of you,” Eduardo can barely understand him, he’s talking so fast, “with what I did for you with the site and you didn’t understand you wouldn’t listen and it’s like you didn’t care about me and then you had Christy and you didn’t come out and then you tried to ruin the site and…” He shuts off the water and rips viciously at the paper towel machine. “Look, cutting you out of the site wasn’t about you. But everything else was and you didn’t even get it, you pissed on it.”
“Mark,” Eduardo is desperate, “it was business…I had no idea that you thought that I was…personally rejecting you, I would never do that too you, Mark, please believe me.”
“Right,” Mark’s voice is back to his monotone. “Eduardo, you’re good at this emotional…stuff. If you’re telling me you didn’t get it…it was so obvious, Chris and Dustin even knew.”
“Mark, I swear. Please believe me. I…I had no idea. If I had…”
“Things would have been different.” Mark finishes for him. His voice is still flat.

They’re quiet for a long, long time. No one else has come in to use the bathroom. It’s a nice room, with green granite countertops and black tiles, a bit confused in it’s design. Mark has taken to staring very intently at Eduardo, like he’s trying to figure Eduardo out.
Eduardo, having never been able to handle Mark’s scary intensity, has been surveying the bathroom. But he feels very stupid, standing here in his three piece suit.
“Okay,” it comes out hoarse. He clears his throat and starts again. “Okay. I…I’ve listened now. And…”
“The depositions have been entirely your take on the matter so I understand very well what you think happened,” Mark’s voice is neither cold or biting, it’s just factual. But it’s still painfully abrasive, and Eduardo clenches his fist. Mark sees this motion and says nothing, but there’s another pause for Eduardo relaxes.
“So how…how do we move forward?”
Mark tilts his head, like a fucking bird or something. “What do you want?”
“I…I want another chance.”
So it’s not as hard to say as he thought it would be, but he still freezes and tenses up, waiting for the laughter, waiting for Mark to cut him down for size. When that doesn’t happen he looks up. Mark is still staring at him.
“Okay,” is all Mark says.
“I want…I want to actually love you, not the idea of you. I want us to start over. I want to settle this deposition and I want to forget it ever happened. Are you…does that sound good?” Eduardo practically holds his breath, but then:
“What are you doing tonight?”

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (3/?)



I got rid of your accidental double post of part 1, just wanted to let you know. :)

Re: mod - (Anonymous), 2012-07-13 09:06 pm (UTC)(Expand)

question for OP

Before I continue - OP, are you enjoying the fic or is it not what you wanted? I think there will be two more installments and it's not going to be wrapped up perfectly but.
The point is I hope you are liking it?
Love from Author Anon!

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (3/?)

nice ç_____ç!

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (4/?) NSFW

[i'm hoping it adds line breaks automatically this time, blah! hope you enjoy!)

They end up having dinner in Eduardo’s hotel room, because it would suspicious if they were seen together at a restaurant. He is suing Mark for 600 million dollars, after all.
Conversation is stilted. What do they talk about? The lawsuit, and Mark’s betrayal, and their entire history have been Eduardo’s life for the past three years, and he knows that Mark’s entire life revolves around Facebook. And it’s difficult to talk about their mutual friends. Eduardo still resents Dustin, is still convinced that Dustin knew and didn’t say anything, though Dustin has assured him he didn’t. Chris is busy hammering Mark into something PR acceptable, and Mark’s lips quirk whenever he mentions this.
So they’re left with small talk, and Mark stares at Eduardo the entire time, barely touching his pasta.
It makes Eduardo…flustered.
“Why are you staring at me?” He demands finally. He’s had just enough wine that his limbs feel loose, that the world is slower now.
Mark’s eyebrows crease – his version of puzzlement. “I’m paying attention to you, Wardo,” he says, like it’s obvious.
Eduardo concentrates on his wine. Never would he have guessed that was the reason. He can’t quite believe, can’t quite realize that instead of dining with Mark: Traitor and Immature Asshole, he’s dining with Mark: Three Years Older.
When he looks up again, Mark is half grinning, but it’s strangely self-deprecating.
“You don’t believe me,” he says. Eduardo blinks.
“You’re easy to read.” Mark informs him. “When I’m paying attention.”
Eduardo doesn’t know what to say to that.
“I’m…I’m going to order more wine,” Eduardo says finally, and gets up to move to the hotel phone. But Mark stands too.
“Wardo,” Mark says, almost chidingly, and then he’s in Eduardo’s personal space, just staring at him. His mouth is red from where he’s been biting it.
“Mark,” Eduardo says. His voice doesn’t shake. He’s absurdly proud of that.
Mark kisses him.

It’s not quite out of no where, because there has always been sexual tension between them, and after their…after whatever happened in the bathroom, Eduardo has been gradually allowing himself to want this, has been realizing that this could happen. But it’s surprising enough that Eduardo steps back, not because he doesn’t want it but because it’s…just…wow.
Mark, because he is Mark, follows, not allowing Eduardo to break the kiss. In fact, he backs Eduardo up against the wall.
Kissing Mark is both everything Eduardo thought it would be and nothing like he expected. Mark kisses with the single-minded intensity that he does everything with, but he’s incredibly gentle. He’s kissing Eduardo with a shyness that doesn’t match up with the fact he has Eduardo up against a wall.
After a moment, Eduardo kisses back. His hands come up automatically to grip Mark’s shoulders, and he realizes that Mark is shaking.
“Mark,” he whispers against Mark’s lips. “Mark, it’s okay.”
Mark pushes forward at that, mouth opening. It’s messy, tongue and teeth, and Eduardo bites Mark’s lower lip and fists a hand in the curls at the base of his skull. Mark makes a little, half-choked sound in the back of his throat and surges forward again, so that they’re pressed against each other.
But otherwise, it’s chaste. Mark is patient, seemingly content to simply kiss Eduardo, and it is Eduardo that nudges Mark’s legs apart and presses a thigh between them with difficulty. Mark makes that little choked sound again, the one that Eduardo wants to hear again and again, and presses against Eduardo’s leg.
“Mark,” Eduardo whispers against his lips. “Bed?”
He can tell when his words make it to Mark’s brain, because he breaks the kiss to nod vigorously and then tries to steer Eduardo to the bed.
It’s so strange. Mark is half aggressor and half follower, unsure if Eduardo will agree but unwilling to move away.
Though Eduardo has no doubt that if he said stop, Mark would.

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (5/?) NSFW

The back of Eduardo’s knees hit the bed and he falls on it, taking Mark with him. Mark is kissing him again, but his fingers are nudging the knot of Eduardo’s tie loose, trying to work it free. Eduardo tugs ineffectively at the shoulders of Mark’s hoodie, and feels Mark huff a laugh in his ear. His tie is briefly abandoned as Mark unzips his hoodie and lets Eduardo tug it off, and then they’re back to kissing.

Suddenly Mark shifts and slots his hips properly against Eduardo’s, and he’s hard and pressing against Eduardo’s own erection.


Eduardo, helpless, grinds up and Mark grinds back, and Mark makes that sound again, apparently helplessly pleased by the friction.

“Your…tie,” he grunts out, and Eduardo acquiesces and undoes it, throwing it aside. Mark tugs feebly on his shirt and Eduardo laughs.

“What, you’re not just going to rip it off?”

Mark shakes his head. He’s dragging his nose down Eduardo’s neck. “I know you care about your clothes, Wardo,” he says almost reproachfully.

Eduardo swallows and helps Mark unbutton his shirt. It’s true. He does care about his clothes.

The concept that Mark really is paying attention is too much.

Mark is sucking a red mark at Eduardo’s collarbone, and Eduardo sighs, almost content.

“Why is your shirt still on?” He asks Mark, who shrugs, not pausing, and Eduardo sighs and begins to unbutton it.

When they’re both down to their underwear – Mark in boxers, Eduardo in briefs – Eduardo is tweaking Mark’s nipples and listening to the way he’s panting and whining against Eduardo’s skin. Mark, for his part, is painting bruises along Eduardo’s collarbone. Eduardo shudders. He loves being marked, loves the small displays of aggression and ownership and caring. He doesn’t question if Mark somehow knows this or if it’s a coincidence. He doesn’t want to know the answer.

Mark finally pulls back. “Can I blow you?” He asks, and Eduardo feels himself blush hot, which is ridiculous because they’re going to have sex and Mark is not too subtly stroking Eduardo’s still clothed erection.

“Um,” Eduardo says. “Um, yes?”

Mark smiles, his cheeks dimpling. His smile is distinctly smug.

“Don’t come,” he says before he’s nudging Eduardo’s briefs down and nosing his cock.


Mark sucks the tip in, tongue flicking against the head, and then he takes in earnestly.

Before he can stop himself, Eduardo’s hips jerk up.

“Oh, sorry!” He whispers, unsure why he’s whispering.

Mark makes an impatient noise and pulls off. “You can fuck my face, Wardo.”

Oh my god.

He can’t really process that because Mark is blowing him in earnest, and the head of his dick is bumping against Mark’s throat, and Mark is gripping his hips and egging him on. He thrusts because he can’t not, and drags one hand through Mark’s curls.

Mark, for his part, is fondling Eduardo’s balls and pressing up against Eduardo’s taint. His hand is creeping steadily backwards, and when he finds Eduardo’s hole, Eduardo cries out.

“Stop!” Mark does immediately, pulling off and looking concerned. “No, it’s ok. I…I’m going to come if you keep doing that.”

“Oh.” Mark still looks concerned.

“I liked it, Mark,” Eduardo babbles. “I really liked it, please don’t worry, that was incredible.”

“Can I fuck you?” Mark asks bluntly.

“Yes,” Eduardo yelps, because who just asks like that?

Well, Mark does.

“Okay,” Mark is grinning again, and Eduardo grins back, helpless.

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (6/?) NSFW

By the time Mark has two fingers in him, Eduardo’s not smiling anymore.

“You…fucking…tease!” He grits out, and he knows without looking that Mark is rolling his eyes at the fact that Eduardo is still trying to speak in complete sentences.

“Do you want another one?” Mark asks, and Eduardo nods, hips working frantically. He doesn’t want to beg, doesn’t want to give Mark the satisfaction, though for some reason he feels stupid for not wanting too.

Another slick finger slides in and Mark’s fingers crook and prod against a particular spot, and –

“Ohmygod,” Eduardo yelps.

“There?” Mark asks. He doesn’t sound amused, or patronizing, or smug. He sounds…concerned. “Or is it too much?”

“Again? Please?” he doesn’t have the energy to reassure Mark. He just wants.
Mark obliges, and soon Eduardo is shaking, his vision unfocused, warmth crawling up his spine.

“I’m…I’m going to…”

“No,” Mark says and slowly extracts his fingers. “Not yet.”

“Mark…” Eduardo drags out the r.

“I want to be inside you,” Mark says, soft, and Eduardo goes silent, because he really can’t right now. He can’t deal with how emotional, how loving Mark is being, when all he wants is a rough fuck and an orgasm.

He hears the foil of the condom wrapper tear.

Then, Mark is looming above him, hands bracketing Eduardo, and he presses a kiss to Eduardo’s mouth.

“Okay?” He whispers.

“Do it,” Eduardo snaps, and he feels the head of Mark pushing at him, slowly, so slow, so deliberate and gentle.

Eduardo wraps his legs around Mark’s waist and tries to force Mark in, but Mark resists and takes his time, inch by inch. Eduardo swears at him, wanting to come and unable to handle Mark being so gentle.

When Mark’s fully inside Eduardo, he’s panting and sweating, and Eduardo is dragging his fingernails down Mark’s back.

“Come on,” he whispers, and Mark nods and bends to kiss him again. Eduardo sighs and kisses back, and then Mark is moving, thrusting in and out, and Eduardo is pumping his hips to meet him. He’s making incredibly needy sounds that he can’t prevent and when he opens his eyes, Mark is smiling down at him in a way that is so very opposite of indifferent and cold and apathetic.

Mark shifts, tilts his hips, and then the head of his cock is bumping Eduardo’s prostate, and Eduardo cries out in earnest as Mark does it again and again.

“Mark,” Eduardo grits out, “Mark, you asshole, I hate you so much, please let me come.”

Mark shivers a bit and pauses, staring down at Eduardo who stares back defiantly. He…he hates Mark, but he wants him, wants to feel him shudder and go boneless on top of Eduardo, wants Mark to come inside of him. He wants to punch Mark in the face and let Mark know just how much he hurts, how much he hates, how much he wants.

“Wardo,” Mark whispers, and Eduardo glares at him, because they’re on the opposite ends of the spectrum, and have been all along; Eduardo wants to hate fuck, but Mark is making love. It’s their friendship all over again.

Then Mark is thrusting again, and Eduardo forgets everything and is crying out, is being fucked open so sweetly and so gently, and he’s scrabbling and scratching Mark’s back, desperate.

“Rougher,” He chokes out finally, and Mark pauses again, unsure.

Eduardo wonders if Mark feels as alone as Eduardo does, even though Mark’s inside of him, even though the hotel is empty except for the slap of skin on skin and their ragged breathing.

Then Mark slams into him, and he’s biting Eduardo’s shoulder, and Eduardo surges up to meet him, because finally, and Mark keeps going faster and faster, hitting Eduardo’s prostate each time, and then Mark extracts a hand and grips Eduardo’s cock and pumps twice as he bites down and Eduardo shouts and comes violently, comes all over Mark’s hand.

He doesn’t know if he screams out Mark’s name or a curse.

Mark is trembling, but hasn’t come yet. Eduardo sighs, suddenly tired of this, tired of how careful Mark is being.

“Mark,” he says, voice annoyingly rough. “Come on.” When Mark doesn’t move, Eduardo carefully threads his fingers through Mark’s hair and pulls Mark down so they can kiss. When Eduardo bites Mark’s lip, Mark comes, trembling, whispering: “Eduardo, Eduardo, Eduardo.”

Re: FILL: Eduardo/Mark Depositions Reveal (7/7)

After, Mark pulls out and kisses the inside of Eduardo’s knee before disposing of the condom. They sprawl on the hotel bed and pant, and Eduardo wonders what Mark is thinking, wonders if it will matter, wonders how to say this.

“Mark,” he says quietly, and the bed rustles as Mark shifts to look at him. Eduardo turns to, until he’s facing Mark.

Mark’s face is open and unguarded, and he’s smiling down at Eduardo cautiously.

It’s exactly what Eduardo doesn’t want.

“Mark, I can’t do this,” he says, and then something inside him breaks when Mark stills, and then his face goes carefully blank and his eyes hood. He nods and stands up, pulling on clothes at random.

It’s classic Mark. When faced with rejection, retreat.

“Mark, wait,” Eduardo says. “Please listen to me.”

Mark only pauses when he has the rest of his clothes on. He’s clutching at his hoodie like it’s armor.

“Please come sit,” Eduardo pats the bed, feeling stupid since he’s naked and Mark is fully clothed.

Mark perches on the edge of the bed, clearly uncomfortable.

“What…what I meant is, I can’t do this now.” Mark needs to understand. “I’m still…I’m still so incredibly angry at you, Mark, and I’m not used to the new you. I still see you as…”

“The asshole that screwed you over.” Mark’s voice is flat.

Eduardo nods, helpless. “And the clueless asshole that I need to take care of. I just…I need time.”

Mark’s silent.

“I’m not saying that it will never happen, Mark. I want it to happen.”

“Me too.” Mark’s voice is so soft that Eduardo almost misses it.

“Good. That’s, that’s good.” He rubs a hand across his face. “I just need time to move on from the lawsuit, and to get over it. I know it wasn’t personal for you but it was for me.

“Okay.” Mark says. His eyes flicker. “That makes sense.”

“I’m not…I don’t expect you to wait for me,” Eduardo says after a minute. “That wouldn’t be fair. But in the future, if we’re both single…we should try, okay?”

Mark actually huffs a laugh.

“Wardo,” he says, almost wonderingly – like he’s surprised that Eduardo can be this dense, this stupid, something. “There will never be anyone else.” He stands, shaking his head. “Call me when you’re ready, okay? Call me, and I’ll be there. I promise.”

He leaves before Eduardo can respond.

Alone, Eduardo stares blankly at the wall. He knows that he should shower, but he doesn’t want to get rid of the only parts of Mark he’ll have for a while. He doesn’t want to clean himself and try to forget this ever happened. He just…he wants, he wants so much.

With a sigh he drags his laptop out of his bag and begins to rummage around on it. After a while, he opens up Facebook. He has a friend request and a message.

He reads the message first.


I’m going to settle. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. The money or shares aren’t worth it.

I never got to say this, because it wasn’t the right time. And you deserve a proper apology. But: I’m sorry.

I love you, I think, and I think I always have. But I want you to be happy. So if you can be happy with me, call me. If not, I understand.

- Mark

Eduardo doesn’t know what to do with that, so he checks his friend requests.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to be friends. Accept this friend request?

Eduardo stares at the page for a long time before hitting accept. He goes to Mark’s page and stares at the pictures, at Mark’s smiling face. Mark’s profile picture seems to say, look at this thing that I made. I’m so happy to share it with you.

Eduardo tears his eyes away and clicks back on the message icon. Shaking, he types out:

There was never anyone else. You were always it. You still are.

I’ll call you.

- E

The End!