February 10th, 2011

{mod post} how far?

i didn't want to make this decision based on my own personal preferences so i offer you a poll!

please try and spread the word about this because i think it needs to be seen. i'm aware i should have done this at the beginning but i just need to know how the majority of you feel.

i assume by now everyone is aware that the movie is based on real people. however, there have been a couple of prompts that bring real people in connection with mark, eduardo etc. who weren't in the movie and therefore, we have no 'characterisation' for. how comfortable are you guys with having them included in prompts?

(people like priscilla chan and real life!chris hughes for example)

there have been a couple of prompts where mark and eduardo go and see the movie - and the 'actors' end up still being andrew and jesse. that's a fine line because it could imply the mark and eduardo in the fic are then the real life mark and eduardo.

please note; this is NOT about RPF. these people are not the cast/crew - they are just people who happen to know the real life people this movie is modelling itself alongside.

Poll #1679624 The line between Real Life and Move representations

should prompts of this type be allowed in a meme about the movie?

I don't know
Other: I'll discuss in the comments