September 12th, 2017


Seven-year late Pinboard

There is now a Pinboard! All prompts are now there and will be properly tagged soon enough. At the moment, all the pairing, character, and fill status tags should be completed, so those can be sorted through.

Even though not everything is completely done yet, you can view the shiny Pinboard here!

If you're looking for something that can't be filtered by pairing/character and hasn't been tagged for content yet, you can always keyword search. Additionally, all links are going out to the Dreamwidth community [community profile] tsn_kinkmeme, since it contains some comments that have been deleted here from LJ.

Please contact this journal (or leave a comment on this post) if you're interested in helping out with the pinboard!

Please also let me know if you find a tagging error or missing tags (particularly regarding ships and fill statuses.)