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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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please leave a comment on this page once you've posted a fill. this makes it a lot easier to find newly posted fills, and to ensure that they are tagged in the delicious as filled rather than stay unfilled (due to this mod being slow to see it!)

please use the following format:

subject line: round #, pairing, (if work in progress, add WIP).

message: please fill out the form below

example comment:

subject line: round 1, Eduardo/Mark.

prompt: http://community.livejournal.com/tsn_kinkmeme/390.html?thread=54918#t54918
fill: http://community.livejournal.com/tsn_kinkmeme/390.html?thread=72070#t72070
fill: Never Marry For Money...

reminder: only prompts are indexed and tagged. when a fill is posted, "_unfilled" is changed to "_fulfilled."

Round 6, Andrew/Jesse

Round 5, Andrew/Jesse

prompt: The one where Andrea and Jesse becomes that odd couple you see where everyone thinks MAN he must either be shitting money and/or has a "3rd leg". Basically vague because I want some girl!Andrew!

prompt: "I want you to take me into the kitchen and show me how to make a pizza and then tell me that you know how to make something better. And then we'll get on the floor and create millions of health-code violations."

prompt: Jesse's car breaks down one morning and they have to take the Vespa.

prompt: I think the most classic storyline when shows want to have gay characters is for one of them to freak the fuck out because they are attracted to a guy. Well I want Jesse to be confident in his sexuality, and Andrew to have a BIG GAY FREAKOUT.

prompt: According to Emma Stone, filming the rest of The Amazing Spider-Man has officially moved to New York until mid-May, and we all know who lives in New York. ;) I would love anything to do with their proximity: Jesse visiting Andrew on-set, inviting Andrew to stay in his apartment, being turned on by the sight of Andrew in the spidey-suit, making out and hurried sex in Andrew's trailer, etc.

prompt: SO JESSE AND ANDREW WERE HANGING OUT IN NYC EARLIER TODAY. IN A BOOKSTORE. Someone write me something involving THIS particular meeting and what happens after! Be as creative as you want, but it has to involve the bookstore, okay.

Round 5, Cameron/Divya

part six, Eduardo/Mark

prompt: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/5147.html?thread=10799899#t10799899

The Zuckerberg's and the Saverin's are sworn enemies, something which their sons and daughters feel closely. One night Mark (Romeo) and Dustin (Mercutio), sneak in to a party at the Saverin's to see Erica (Rosalind), who Mark has a crush on. Who he notices however is Eduardo

fill: algeria http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/5147.html?thread=12400923#t12400923

round 5, Eduardo/Mark, WIP

prompt: Sean sees how miserable Mark is without Eduardo. He decides to set them up and renew their epic love. Basically I want nice Sean who wants what's best for Mark and Eduardo. Can be set before the depositions or after them. (http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/5147.html?thread=9683995#t9683995)
fill: Buyer's Remorse (http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/5147.html?thread=9943323#t9943323)

round 6, andrew/jesse WIP

prompt: Okay so I can't be the only person who totally thought of this after seeing the pics of Andrew and his skateboard. Jesse recently moves to a city (NYC?) and he spends his summer sitting outside where he sees Andrew skating along etc. Maybe Andrew wipes out right in front of him and they develop a relationship? I'm just looking for cuteness and maybe Jesse's Neuroses when Andrew tries to teach him how to skate.. :) (http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/6467.html?thread=11582275#t11582275)

fill: here!! (http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/6467.html?thread=12645699#t12645699)

Round 6, gen, WIP

prompt: girl!Sean I want something with girl!Sean. I mean, think about how it could change things, because some would say that the only reason Sean gets away with most of his wild behavior is because he's a guy and possibly if a girl was doing it, it'd be seen as something even worse than it originally is. Which...considering what Sean does/did, is weird to think about.
fill: I Don't Give a Damn ('Bout My Bad Reputation)

Round Six, Eduardo/Mark

prompt: The thing is, when Facebook really started taking off, Mark didn't have time to think about his (ex) best friend. He didn't have time to obsessively follow Eduardo's Facebook, or drunkenly write up emails to him that he'd never send, or any of a number of things he knew Dustin and Chris actually secretly hoped for. Really, he didn't have time for anything but Facebook because he was a fucking young CEO and he needed to be taken seriously, and it was a lot of hard work that a lot of people didn't understand. It's what made having Sean around so great, and he hated that Dustin and Chris still resented his presence so much and couldn't just grow the fuck up because Sean was a godsend, he really was. Half of what he told Mark was what not to do, but he was the best source of advice and now that the hero worship was gone and Sean had mostly cleaned up his act, he was probably Mark's best friend (as much as he could have one, because again, Mark was fucking busy, but at least Sean got that). So no, Mark wasn't drowning his sorrows in beer and asking Dustin and Chris for any spec of information on Eduardo he could get his hands on, he was running a multi-billion dollar company like a fucking boss. And, well, Mark could compartmentalize with the best of them and he and Eduardo had been friends for such a relatively short amount of time, he wasn't going to spend his life pining for the ex-best friend who now hated him. What it all comes down to, he thinks, is that it's not his fault (and fuck Sean so hard for laughing for so long) that when whoever that nameless fucking businessman at the gala Mark and a whole bunch of Facebook employees were at last night, mentioned Eduardo Mark responded absently, but obviously sincerely, with, "Eduardo who?" The silence that followed may have only lasted a few seconds, except for Sean's quickly muffled snort as he excused himself to go laugh in the bathroom (he never forgave Eduardo for the laptop thing, Mark could understand that) but it was deafening. Because Eduardo? Not so good with the compartmentalizing. And he had been asking Dustin and Chris about Mark, not obsessively, but weekly, at least. And he had made sure to watch his interviews to make sure Mark was eating and sleeping enough (no for both, of course) and had seen him whenever he was caught unawares by the paparazzi, and jesus christ, it had only been a few years since the settlement and they were best friends. There was no way Eduardo wouldn't hear about this. ...sorry, Eduardo. Me thinks you might need to make Mark feel your presence, hmmmmmm? I don't know, maybe this was a kind of light hearted prompt but I want some angst. I see a lot of stories where Mark is always hacking Eduardo's Facebook and has like, files of unsent emails and all that, and whatever, I like that sometimes, but really? He was probably insanely busy when Facebook first started and I doubt he had that much time to think about his ex best friend once the settlement was done with, and I know it's fun for fic, but they really weren't friends for that long which yes, okay, doesn't really matter when it comes to True Love, but I want something where Eduardo wants back into Mark's life after realizing he wasn't as big a part of it as he thought, or something? Which he totally was, but like I mentioned above, Mark's been fucking busy and he compartmentalizes shit so, you know, there's that. And he can be like, great, you want to be friends again, but why? ...or something?
fill: Not Opposed