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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[PART ONE] CLOSED;; welcome!


what is a kink meme? it pretty much gives itself away; you request a pairing and a prompt/kink anonymously, and someone else (or several someone elses for that matter) will be able to fill that request- also anonymously. it's a great way to get fic, a nice way to find fic to write and if you're embarrassed to post porn, like me!

(note that while this is called a kink meme, the rules are pretty lax. nonexplicit fic is also allowed, though pure gen is generally discouraged.

however. i'll be pretty lax about that as well, so long as an emphasis is placed on either a) kinky stuff or b) some form of character relationship, even non sexual/romantic. please, bear in mind this is a kink meme first and foremost, okay? ;)


♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
♥ put [GEN] before GEN prompts.


♥ please don't embed. link to images/videos.
♥ no locked material. this includes communities, even if membership is open.
♥ fills can be posted anonymously or not.
♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.






have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D

Eduardo/Mark, Mark is made to feel like a loser

Mark overhears two women talking about sex in a café. One of them is describing the sex she had last night in a very favourable light and Mark is getting kind of turned on against his better judgement. Until he realises she slept with a man called Eduardo who sounds very much like someone he knew.

...lol, is this even a prompt, God.

Fill part 1

A/N: According to wikipedia, Mark's from Dobbs Ferry, NY. In this story, his family's still there, and he's home for the holidays now-ish. This is my first anonkink, and my first Social Network fic. Please (gently!) let me know what you think! I'm incapable of writing short fic so this (which is complete) is nearly 10,000 words. Thanks for your patience as I get it all uploaded.


Mark mostly loves his family. No, it’s—he does love his family, but in kind of the same way he loves his country, or, you know, God. It’s an abstract sort of love that works best when he doesn’t think about it too much. Because when he does stop to think about it—or spends a week cooped up in a house with it—he doesn’t stop loving his family, he just doesn’t want to be anywhere near them. Especially so many of them, swarming the house with the whole opposite-of-subtle guilt tripping over how long it’s been since everyone’s gotten a chance to see him. Yeah, he hasn’t been home in a while. He’s been a little busy building up a whole global empire and all. Suck it.

Only even Mark’s not going to say “suck it” to his mom, so before his patience runs out completely, he grabs his laptop and hauls ass out into the wilds of Dobbs Ferry, looking for someplace with wifi where he can hole up until he’s ready for human interaction again with people he doesn’t have the right to fire if they piss him off. The wannabe “cozy” café will do, he decides, because like hell is he going to wander the streets any longer. The forecasters say they won’t be getting a white Christmas, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting really damn cold.

The chirpy barista seems happy enough to sell him his cup of coffee that gives him the right to claim a table and plug in, but she looks pretty annoyed when she taps on his shoulder later.

“Can I get you anything else, sir?” she says with a clenched-teeth smile.

“No,” he answers, ready to put his headphones back in.

“It’s just that you’re taking up our biggest table,” she continues, “and it’s lunch rush. And you haven’t ordered anything but our cheapest cup of coffee in three hours you’ve been here.”

“That’s right,” he agrees. He didn’t pick the table because it was the biggest, he picked it because it was next to a power outlet, but if he’s bugging her by laying claim to it while refusing to buy anymore overpriced drinks or food he doesn’t actually want then that’s kind of a bonus, isn’t it? It’s always been a rush to be able to piss people off without saying a word, just by being.

She storms off in a huff, as expected, and Mark’s about to put his headphones back in when he hears something that freezes him in place.

“…swear to God, Maria, it was the best sex of my life.”

The voice sounds impossibly close, like someone’s talking right in his ear, which would be weird on multiple levels. (If nothing else, why would anyone call him Maria?) A subtle glance around shows him that no one’s standing behind him. In fact, it takes a minute of looking around to even figure out who’s talking. Luckily, she keeps going.

“You know I don’t do that kind of thing—invite some guy I’ve only just met to come home with me—but there was just something about him.”

Annnnnd there she is, sitting over on the other side of the café. Mark figures it’s one of those weird acoustic things from the shape of the ceiling or whatever. He’s heard of it before, where some quirk of the architecture means that if you stand in the right spot, you can hear what someone says in a whisper from the exact right spot thirty feet away. Anyway, there’s Not-Maria, talking to Maria at a little table over to the side where Not-Maria probably thinks no one can hear what they’re discussing. They’re pretty, Mark notices. Especially Not-Maria, with that super-model frame, all long legs and sleek lines. And apparently kind of slutty, too—in spite of what she claims—since she brought some strange guy home last night.

Mark starts to put back in his headphones, but stops. He’s got no scruples about eavesdropping; the only reason he doesn’t do it more is that he doesn’t much care what most people have to say. But this sounds like it could be interesting. Best sex of her life, huh? What does that even mean, to a woman?

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Eduardo/Mark, exhibitionism

(reposted due to posting issues.)

I can't seem to comment anonymously? IDK, maybe it's a quirk of OpenID users. Oh wells, I've written Wincest and bandom, it's not like I have any shame anyways. \o/

PROMPT: The bathroom scene. Mark doesn't exactly know what the appropriate protocol for stall BJs is and he doesn't want to embarrass himself--so he times his orgasm to Eduardo's. Eduardo, he's pretty sure, would have good stamina.

And here. we. GO.

(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
Re: FILL - slasher48, 2011-02-06 05:46 am (UTC)(Expand)


Forgive and forget?

After the settlement, Mark hopes he never hears from them again, but Cameron appreciates good work, and eventually joins Facebook. He, then, adds Mark as a friend.

Mark's instinct tells him to decline, but as he thinks about the people he's lost in the past, he decides that it's not such a bad idea to accept.

Mark receives tickets, as a gift, to the Olympic games, and is invited to see Cameron's team row.

(He goes, not necessarily because they're friends, but because he's grown bored lately. But going is how he finds out they really are friends. And if that somehow leads into sex, there's probably kink just because of their size differences, and the strength Cameron has.)

Okay, obviously I'm not the only one who thought there must've been something holding Cameron back from suing/beating the crap out of him in the movie, 'gentlemen of Harvard' or not. I thought 'well, maybe he just wanted to get his abnormally large hands on dat ass or something' and my brain went to a hazy place for a bit. Ahhhh, I'm so stoked to see this prompt, you have no idea.

Working on a fill, but it might take a few days. Just thought you ought to know ;-)

(no subject) - realatomicx, 2011-03-17 02:48 am (UTC)(Expand)

Mark/Sean, the after party

Sean has allergies. So he didn't do any drugs. Mark tells Sean to go home, but after he hangs up the phone, his frustration builds.

Going to Sean's house in the middle of the night is something he would do if he were stupid and intoxicated. He does it anyway. To tell Sean, as he had done with Eduardo, that he'd jeopardized everything, that he's angry, and that Sean will have to work harder to be more careful, no more partying.

When he arrives, and Sean opens the door, hair frazzled with mild rings under his eyes, Mark takes pity on him, instead. Finds that he's capable, and willing to take care of someone else, even when he feels he's been the most let down, not because Sean could get their company in trouble, but because he used to think Sean was someone more than himself.

Edited at 2010-12-15 09:46 pm (UTC)

Christy/Sean, Christy/Eduardo

The reason Christy is so jealous and jumps to conclusions with Eduardo, is because that night they met Sean, he left his number on a piece of paper that he'd slid under her napkin. She almost hadn't found it, but since she did, and because she called it not an hour after they left the restaurant (Eduardo more focused on talking Mark out of anymore interaction with Sean) they met at her apartment.

She cheated on Eduardo, she'll never do it again, but she thinks about it all the time. Thinks about Sean when she's with Eduardo.

(I know this prompt is in past tense, oops. But I would like to see the Christy/Sean scene, and possibly even a scene where she's thinking of Sean when she's with Eduardo at a later date.)

[Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland]

Eduardo wakes up one day in Zombieland; apparently he has one friend. Columbus looks like Mark but he is definitely not Mark. Things happen, they fight, get scared but ultimately they end up ~sleeping together. It all gets hot and heavy

-and then Eduardo wakes up again, back in the real world. Everytime he sees Mark it's hard to disconnect him from Columbus and Eduardo finds himself wishing he was back in Zombieland.

Ending: either Eduardo makes it back somehow (idek how, this whole prompt is just weird) or it has an angsty ending and all Eduardo has are memories. Again.

(That, or you can find a way to work Eduardo/Mark into the prompt - maybe alongside the whole 'Eduardo had one friend in Zombieland' thing. He now knows what it's like to only have one friend? (Now, no friends). IDEK I'm reaching...)

Fill: Point of Origin Eduardo/Columbus 1a/?

It's a crash that wakes up Eduardo. He's immediately disoriented by the strange bedding and abstract painting hung across from the bed. But then Eduardo remembers the lawsuit, the hotel he's reserved for the duration and the sense of dislocation that comes out of living in a suitcase. He sinks back into the hotel mattress. The covers roll under his chin and Eduardo figures it's best to fall back to sleep.

There's a crash again that Eduardo ignores. If it's something serious hotel management can take care of it. Eduardo has enough on his hands. There's a couple of minutes of silence, just enough for him to start getting lulled into sleep when there's another sound. This time It's a knock, knock, knock. It's not the rasp of a general manager or the tap of a nervous hotel resident.

"Who's there?" Eduardo's voice cracks on the question. He sits up, pulling back the covers to set his feet on the sterile carpet.

There's three more knocks instead of an answer. Eduardo shuffles from the bed to the door, looking out the tiny peephole next to the emergency exit instructions. He can't see any thing.

Eduardo steps back, looking at the provided digital clock to see it's three o'clock in the morning. He has to be back at the deposition in five hours. His sigh is interrupted by another knock.

He unlocks the top lock, sliding back the deadbolt to crack open the hotel door. Left then right, he doesn't see anything. Eduardo is ready to dismiss it when bony fingers clamp onto his bare ankle.

"Shit!" He falls back into the room, leg kicking and arms scrambling himself backward.

The fingers are attached to a scrawny arm full of blood and exposed tendons. The face is opened in a perpetual scream with the lower part of the jaw swinging every time the corpse draws itself closer to Eduardo. And it is a corpse. Eduardo can't describe the body any other way even if the rational part of his brain is wondering why there's a corpse in the hotel hallway or why it's trying to latch it's jaw onto Eduardo's ankle. Zombie, his brain supplies helpfully.

"Motherfucker." Eduardo kicks with his foot, striking the corpse in the head. There's a sickening thump when the eye socket crumples in on itself but the zombie's grip is loosened and Eduardo yanks his foot free. He scrambles up, not believing what his eyes are seeing but knowing he wants the corpse out of his room. Eduardo grabs the nearest object, his laptop, using it to smash the zombie's head in. It stops moving as blood and bits of brain spray Eduardo's shirt and computer. He pushes the body out of the doorway and into the hall, slamming the door shut, locking it and jamming a chair under the handle.

There's a few quick breathes and moments of pacing before Eduardo says, "what the fuck?"


The next day of depositions are hell. Even more so than a normal day of suing your best friend. Eduardo answers all the questions that are asked of him, looking somewhere over Mark's shoulder instead of in his eyes. One of Mark's lawyers, the younger lady with her assortment of gray power suits, keeps glancing over and giving him worrying looks throughout the day. Eduardo wonders if he really looks that bad.

It's a weird dream that has Eduardo looking up zombies on an online dream dictionary. He reads just enough to realize it's complete bullshit.

Eduardo gets home, orders room service and breaks into the mini bar. By nine it's pretty obvious the mini bar isn't going to be enough so Eduardo runs across the street to the liquor store. A six pack later and Eduadro's sure he'll have a dreamless sleep.


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(973) i'm sitting in the second floor bathroom drinking coronas in the shower. do not find me.

Chris finds him. They make out/sex it up. Up to you :P

Re: Chris/Dustin, the night's settling in your bones (you gotta give it a go) [Part 1/?]

Title taken from the song Move You by Anya Marina.
This is totally a product of ridiculous adrenaline, I swear I didn't know I was able to type with sweaty palms.

The roaring crowd doesn’t make sense at first sight. Fifteen minutes ago, when Chris had just gone out for a quick coffee run, the office was but a silent honeycomb of codes and computers, habitat to dozens of busy programmers and interns. Now it looks like someone has shaken the whole place vigorously and the worker bees have all gone crazy.

It doesn’t take him long to figure things out when the numbers on the giant screen are still in motion, constantly refreshed, small but steady additions feeding fuel to the frenzy. Apparently, missing the moment and not being in the moment are no problem; Chris has to push his way through five people who want to hug him, perfect strangers or familiar acquaintances who are either laughing maniacally or on the verge of tears. None of the five bothers to give him a rational account of what exactly happened other than repeating the phrase “a million users” over and over.

Chris is in the clear for two minutes and already, the need for a sane companion is overwhelming. He looks to Dustin’s desk automatically. His friend is sitting in his cubicle, headphones around neck, paying no mind to the celebration around him. He doesn’t look much more “together” than the people around him, but at least he’s not jumping up and down on his chair.

Okay, Dustin’s spacey when there are girls watching, something’s up. Chris hurries over to Dustin’s desk, dodging the attacks of two wild-running female interns on his way. He props a hand on the desk; Dustin doesn’t even look up.

“Hey.” Chris waves his other hand in front of Dustin’s eyes. “Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Dustin answers timely and sounds coherent although he’s still not looking at Chris, “but everything else is not.”

Chris frowns. “Is it Mark?”

“I should’ve known,” Dustin leans forward on the desk, hands covering the sides of his head. The tangled fingers and hair make it difficult for Chris to find his eyes. “Yes, Mark screwed it up again, and no, it’s not always about him.”

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Chris stretches up to look for Mark. Their CEO is sitting behind his desk, with his back facing their direction and Chris can’t see his face. Awfully quiet and motionless, like the anchor of a cruise ship full of party people.

Then it strikes Chris. He knows what’s missing in this picture.

“Where’s Wardo? Isn’t he supposed to be here –”

“Let’s not talk about this right now. C’mon, we’re gonna be late for the party. You don’t wanna miss the free booze, do you?”

Dustin stands up abruptly and grabs Chris’s wrist, pushing the office chair back so hard it rolls out of control and squishes somebody’s foot before coming to a stop. The yelp of pain is quickly drowned by the ongoing racket and the stream of people rushing out the door. Chris joins the crowd for the fear that if he doesn’t move along, Dustin may literally rip his left arm off. He tries to ask again when they’re alone in the parking lot, but all Dustin says in reply is, “I’ll drive.”

He’s never said another word on their way to the club house. Chris rolls down the car window. The early December night air rushes in, blowing harshly on his skin even though it’s just a little chilly. He can’t remember the last time Dustin drove with such precise accordance to the speed limit. He also can’t remember the last time Dustin was this upset on the way to a party, on the way to what will be the best fucking party of their lives.

Chris closes his eyes and inhales the fresh roadside air. There’s tension building in his lungs for breathing the same air as Dustin in the past half an hour. He knows he’ll have to bear with it for another while if he wants Dustin to talk at all.

He’s always been the one who waits, anyhow.

Cameron/Divya/Taylor, celebratory sex

After that horrible rowing weekend when they finally decide to sue Mark and Eduardo for real.

Do with it what you want, anon, I just need my Divya kink satisfied. Also, wheeeeeeee twincest. *cough*

Re: Cameron/Divya/Taylor, celebratory sex : FILL Part One

hiiiii!! sorry if it's not quite celebratory? this is also my first time posting fic... EVER. so be kind :) it basically takes place in Divya's hotel room, then a late night reception, then the Winklevi's room. OH GOD, you're not supposed to have to explain fic locations, ARE YOU.. i'm sorry i'm so new at this.

also: formatting might be weird? let me know. thanks!

“Can we just, for one fucking night, not talk about him?”

Tyler takes another gulp of scotch. Cameron’s silent in the corner, staring into his glass.

Divya rolls his eyes at Tyler. “Excuse me for being excited. You know we’re going to have to talk about him for a long fucking while.”

“That’s why we need one night. As a break. Jesus, Div.” It’s true Tyler needs a break, but it’s more for Cameron- he can tell Cam’s close to regretting his decision already.

Divya flops in a chair.

“Well goddamnit,” he says to no one. He’s a little drunk, Tyler can tell, his cheeks flushed. Tyler’s just pissed off. His muscles are tight, he can’t stop picturing the boat flashing inches before them, and he knows there are months of legal work ahead of them. He’s stressed. Divya mumbles something into his cup and Tyler fixes on him. Smirks to himself.

There is nothing quite like taking out stress on Divya.

He coughs pointedly, and Cameron looks up at him.

So does Divya.

“What?” he asks defensively.

“We have to go to the reception at the embassy,” Cameron says, more in response to Tyler than Divya, but he nods shortly at Tyler. They both know what they’re going to do, after. Divya- well, Divya will find out soon enough.

The reception is crowded. Tyler’s face hurts from smiling, and he gulps half of his drink right as it’s served- hands Divya another.

“Why do we have to be here?” Divya asks, taking the drink and nodding at him. “If someone says how close it was one more time, Jesus Christ, I might even hit someone.” He’s still tipsy, and Cameron puts a hand on the small of his back to steady him.

"People expect us to be here, Div," Tyler says, checking his Blackberry. He irritably deletes a message from the Harvard Environmental Group. Fucking tree-huggers. 

"So how long do we have to stay?" 

That comes, unexpectedly, from Cameron. Tyler looks at him sharply and he meets his eyes. There's want there, and Tyler knows he's thinking about Divya, who drinks, oblivious, between them. 

"A half hour," Tyler says softly, and grins briefly. His brother mirrors it. 

They walk back - the team hotel is only ten minutes away. 

"So, when do you think we’ll file the case?" Divya asks as he scrolls on his Blackberry. 

"I’m not sure," Tyler answers absentmindedly. He takes a deep breath of the chilly English air. It smells like rain.

"We’ll start thinking about it after midterms," Cameron adds, sounding equally distant. 

"So, you won't even attempt to contact anyone before that? We should be more proactive in this, Jesus Christ. This is big." 

"Thanks," Tyler says flatly. He looks at Cameron, but he's staring at the ground, a grin tugging at the corner of his lips. 

They enter the elevator. God, Tyler can smell him, Divya, and he wants to tear him apart.

"I think we could go from the angle of intellectual property- I mean, yes, the Internet's uncharted territory in that respect, but the emails will be a key player-" 

He looks up.

"Can you shut up?" Cameron asks quietly. 

"We should shut him up," Tyler says to himself, and Divya swallows audibly, like he's just realized it. Licks his lips. The elevator doors open.

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[Crossover RPF/TSN] Eduardo/Jesse

(Awkward as this is...)

Jesse might sort of have a ... crush, on Eduardo. Like that time his best friend Gregg had a crush on Wonder Woman, or whatever. He knows it's completely ridiculous. Especially when he's watching a special copy of the movie in his living room with a cat on each side of him in a hoodie, jeans, and socks, thinking about drinking a beer he's not sure is even stocked in his fridge.

He hates the way he has to tell himself not to text Andrew, because Andrew's not Eduardo and if he talks to him while he watches the movie, that's who he's going to be imagining is on the other end. Also, he doesn't want to get a crush on his best friend and... he's pretty sure every time Andrew's on screen, that's where his infatuation is leading him.

Edited at 2010-12-15 10:00 pm (UTC)

Re: [Crossover RPF/TSN] Eduardo/Jesse

So, um, this sounds really interesting, and, despite the fact that I've been avoiding RPF like the plague since I was introduced to fanfiction itself, I can't help myself with these two. And your prompt sounds really, really alluring. I have a question, though, is this like, Jesse has a crush on Eduardo that later on becomes a crush for Andrew or is it Jesse has a crush on Eduardo and then they somehow meet (or not)?

(no subject) - raindropfloss, 2010-12-23 04:28 am (UTC)(Expand)
Fill 1: [Crossover RPF/TSN] Eduardo/Jesse - (Anonymous), 2011-01-22 04:54 am (UTC)(Expand)
Fill 2: [Crossover RPF/TSN] Eduardo/Jesse - (Anonymous), 2011-01-22 05:08 am (UTC)(Expand)
Fill 3: [Crossover RPF/TSN] Eduardo/Jesse - (Anonymous), 2011-01-22 05:10 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Fill 3: [Crossover RPF/TSN] Eduardo/Jesse - (Anonymous), 2011-01-22 06:12 am (UTC)(Expand)
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Groundhog Day AU! Where Mark has to relive a day (the last day of the lawsuit, the day Eduardo arrives from NY, etc) over and over again until he ~learns a lesson.

fill! eduardo/mark, groundhog day au.

it got freakishly long, so here is the post at my journal! anon commenting is on :)

Re: fill! eduardo/mark, groundhog day au. - (Anonymous), 2010-12-30 12:05 am (UTC)(Expand)

Eduardo/Mark, Mark/Sean, Military AU

Mark is in between Eduardo and Sean the entire time. Eduardo making snide side comments every time Sean makes someone laugh, throwing his fork down on his tray in the mess hall as he always finishes early and dismisses himself. Sean looking at Eduardo every time he makes Mark break into a smile, eyes serious, not even a smirk on his face as his smile fades.

Until Sean is killed in combat, and Mark's left trying to ignore the tears that spring into his eyes when he thinks about it. And Eduardo's sorry. But he's glad. He's happy he's the one left, still by Mark's side.

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IDEK, I just want some fluff!


What if Eduardo never went to Harvard? What if they meet for the first time when Mark is already ridiculously rich and famous? I would love to see how their dynamic would work if they didn't have that history.

Re: MARK/EDUARDO AU -- the one where eduardo doesn't know what The Twitter is

When the guy from the New York Times starts talking about Ashton Kutcher, Mark wants to leave. To be fair, he wanted to leave an hour ago.

Someone laughs. Mark and the rest of the group turns to see who it is. "Followers?" An angular man in a dark suit asks, his smile goofy and so sincere that Mark can't help but catch his eye and smile back. "That sounds vaguely ... messianic."

There is silence. Mark snorts. "I'm Mark," he says, a bit too loudly.

"Eduardo," said the man, and suddenly he's there, in Mark's space, grabbing his hand, touching his shoulder, and tilting his head like they already have private jokes about everyone in the room.

Mark starts.

Mark/Eduardo, establish relationship.

Eduardo uses their timetables to figure out when and where he can kiss Mark during the day. Sneaky snogging ensues.

Re: Mark/Eduardo, establish relationship.


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[RPF] Andrew/Jesse

Based on the TOTALLY TRUE CANON (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjSzyNdy3GA) that Jesse drove Andrew to work every morning. As the scenes get more difficult and angsty for the Mark/Eduardo relationship, the rides get more tense and awkward. UST that eventually leads to making out in the car (that could escalate to more, if you choose.)

Fill I

(This turned out a bit longer, and it went a bit off-course, but I hope you still like it somewhat, OP!)

It's been like this for days now, and Jesse finds himself honking with more virulence than usual at the girl in the sickeningly pink convertible in front of him who's too busy texting or Tweeting or Facebooking or whatever to notice that the light turned green fifteen seconds ago.

"Jesus fucking Christ, move!"

Andrew stares at him but Jesse can't defend himself, not now, not with this black cloud hanging over both of them. It's been positively awkward and Jesse knows exactly why, knows that they've become too close and it's messing with them because they're filming the end of Mark and Eduardo and it's hard to build that dynamic when they go to and from filming together, when they share late-night unhealthy dinners together, when they laugh together until their ribs hurt, when dawn catches them still rehearsing, leaning into each other, shoulder to shoulder. He knows why, but he hates it, hates every second of it, hates how only yesterday, he'd had to slam the brake pedal, sending them both forward, coffees included, due to some idiot who'd cut in front of them. Jesse had reached out to grab the coffees at the same time as Andrew, their hands meeting, touching, and Andrew had flinched, moving away again, nodding at Jesse's whispered apology.

"I can drive, if you want."

He realises that he's seething, coming down with some serious road rage, and he takes a deep breath, managing a smile.

"You'll get us both killed."

"You seem to be heading that way too."

"Look, I can't die while being driven by an Englishman. No one would come to my funeral."

Andrew laughs, still very much Andrew, still not Eduardo, but trying to keep a distance anyway.

"Today's going to be tough, isn't it?"

Andrew sounds almost nervous, as nervous as Jesse feels, and it's ridiculous for both of them because it's not like it's the first time they've had intense scenes, especially not Andrew. They've both been acting for too long to not know how to deal with this, and Jesse wonders at what's really going on between them, at why they can't let go of each other enough to slip into character easily.

"Yeah. I vote for pizza later. My room?"

"You won't let me watch bloody TV in your room."

"You don't need the TV on."

"It's white noise, alright?"

"That is so messed-up. Does your girlfriend know how messed-up you are?"

"My girlfriend watches more TV than I do."

"I really pity your future children."

Andrew laughs again, head thrown back, and for a second it's all like before, like last week, when none of the tension between Mark and Eduardo had managed to find its way inside them, around them.

Jesse loves watching Andrew laugh, which isn't something he'll willingly confess to anyone anytime soon. It's probably why he always brings out all his resources to provoke Andrew's laughter. Again, something he won't willingly confess to.

But then Andrew withdraws again, his face blank, distant. He's staring out the window at the traffic and Jesse knows that he's rehearsing his lines in his head. He knows he's supposed to be doing the same thing, but he just really wants to get to the set and get the scene over with. Maybe the tension will reach breaking point because today is the end of Mark and Eduardo, today he has to sit there and face Andrew as Eduardo, his devastation, his anger.

He chances another glance at Andrew, at the exposed curve of his neck. For a second, he wonders what the skin there tastes like, under the cologne.
And then Shannon calls and Andrew answers and Jesse shakes his hair out of his eyes and keeps on driving.

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