zuckonitkinkeme (zuckonitkinkeme) wrote in tsn_kinkmeme,

[mod post] off-topic discussion

i've seen a lot of discussion taking place in the main meme entries and i'm asking you to please take it all to the discussion post.

if you have issues with prompts or fills, if you have something you want to say in general or you just want to chat, please move it off of the meme entries. also TRY not to put anything in the subject header if it doesn't have to be there. (calls of MOD OMG, OP and THIS SHOULDNT BE HERE are fine) but anything else just clogs up the email which you can imagine is already ridiculously huge enough as it is.

i'm pretty laid back about everything; i hope you're all enjoying yourself and i want this to be a place that isn't weighed down by rules and isn't hideously strict but some things are hard not to notice.

issues with fic;

it's come up a few times and i think it's worth noting that if you do have an issue with someone's prompt or someone's fill, please try to be diplomatic about how you word both questions and responses. it's been civil and respectful so far and i'd like to keep that way. if possible, can all disucssion please be moved to the discussion post - link in a reply that you'd like to talk about the prompt elsewhere.

if you want anything deleted afterwards, i'm always around to do so for you when i get online.

this kink meme has an amazing amount of people in it - all of them talented and respectful and lovely and it pleases me when everyone gets along, even when we might not agree ♥
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