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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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[mod post]
i realise there is plenty of prompts to tag on delicious and i know there are a lot of WIPs to update on the list.

i've been busy with university and i'm working saturday but i will be around on sunday and i will try and get everything up to date.

that said, i am looking for tagging help on delicious and someone to help me update the WIP spreadsheet. if you are interested, please comment here and i'll PM you for a chat about what the job will entail and if you're willing to work on it.

if you could tell me in the comment which one you would like to help with, that would be great.

Hey, hon. I´d love to help you with the delicious account. I´m almost asleep now though, and won´t have proper internet time until tomorrow evening, so I´m volunteering as back-up helper in case you find no one, which I doubt, btw.

Good night :) *snores*

Hey, can definitely help with tagging, at the very least.

I was just about to email you because I basically live in the kink meme (also oh god how do I english I just woke up) and I really wanted to help.

I can do both. And anything else, really. I'm basically almost completely done with school so I have plenty of free time.

I'd love to assist with the wip spreadsheet if you need anyone.

I can help with the delicious account :)

Question - what is flat view? :)

It shows the comments in the order that they're made without putting them into threads, basically allowing you to follow the latest comments in the post instead of checking the pages that have fills that you're following for updates, saving crazy amounts of time.

It's hard to explain, but easy to understand once you try it. Click 'flat view' on one of the posts and you'll see that the number of pages has increased, you'll figure out the point soon if you didn't get it from this (bad) explenation.

oh, i figured that an example might explain it better, so my previous comment for example would not show up below your comment, but instead at the end of the post, as it's the lastest comment made in the post.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Not entirely on topic...

Fixed. :)