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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
♥ put [GEN] before GEN prompts.


♥ please don't embed. link to images/videos.
♥ no locked material. this includes communities, even if membership is open.
♥ fills can be posted anonymously or not.
♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.






have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts one, two or three over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen.

FILL: call to me with words i never knew (3/?)

a/n: so i'm trying to keep the boys in character while recognizing that they'd be very different people at this stage without the influence of what happened between them in canon. hopefully it's a happy medium!

Halo and Beck's on Friday at Mark's place goes remarkably, almost inconceivably well. Mark keeps getting caught giving Eduardo a sort of shocked and incredulous stare. It's a little embarrassing, but he can't help it. He's just not used to someone being so unfazed by him.

"You'll have to excuse Mark," Dustin says to Eduardo. "We don't let him out very often."

The death glare Mark shoots Dustin over Eduardo's shoulder is only half-hearted, because Dustin is right in what he was implying, which is that Mark has no clue how to go about making a new friend. Shit, he just never wanted one, ever, and everybody knows it. The real question is why Eduardo doesn't seem to give a fuck.

Eduardo hasn't played Halo since college – Dartmouth, he admits a little sourly, his father's choice – because he hasn't been living like a man-child since then, unlike Dustin, Mark and Chris (in that order), but he picks it back up quick enough. They blow through the two six-packs he brought, and he grins carelessly when Dustin, as Dustin is wont to do, floats the idea of shots.

"Sometimes in this business it's tough to remember that I'm 24," he says, and the look he gives them is so patently grateful that Mark almost feels bad for him.

Soon enough, Eduardo starts speaking presumably profane Portuguese to the Halo people on the headset, and it has Dustin and Chris laughing their asses off even though they can't understand a word he's saying. Mark stares around at them all, bemused. He kind of likes this foursome thing. It's new and different and fun, and Mark, for all his faults, has never been one to turn down that combination.


Mark spends all weekend coding after that because he hasn't thought about doing so any of the times he's been around Eduardo and that scares him a little. It's good to sit at the keyboard for hours again, shut into tunnel vision – he has people to do this for him now, of course, and he can't pretend he and Dustin are sharing all the work anymore like at Harvard. But he stays up all night on Saturday anyway, typing without stopping, savoring that familiar hazed-out hyperfocused feeling.

He lets himself get wrapped in the characters on the screen without thinking about anything — the money, or the Winklevii, or the media appearances, or Eduardo slapping him on the back at four a.m. Friday night as he made his way to Mark's guest bedroom, too drunk to drive.

Mark had woken groggy on Saturday and stumbled out into the hall, following the smell of coffee from places unknown. Eduardo's face in the kitchen had been a momentary shock, and then confusing, and then for some reason it had made Mark feel odd, unfamiliar, kind of knotted up inside. Eduardo, bustling around Mark's kitchen in borrowed sweats and last night's dress shirt, had somehow looked so much different than Chris or Dustin doing the same.

Mark blinks. His fingers have stalled on the keyboard, and he's staring fixedly at the cork from the bottle of wine they'd shared at dinner earlier that week, the Brumont. Eduardo had pressed it happily into his hand afterward, and now it sits perched on top of one of the speakers.

Mark shakes himself and goes back to work, taking a wide-eyed swig of Red Bull and pinching himself on the wrist with his fingernails in order to stay on task. That had been an odd digression, he thinks, but by hour twenty-six it's out of his mind.

Re: FILL: call to me with words i never knew (3/?)

I'm loving every minute of it. <3
Thank you so much for writing it.
Your Mark is really adorable - I kind of want to hug him the whole time.
I think you do an amazing job staying in character while recognizing that they'd be very different people without everything that happened. Mark as well as Eduardo seem innocenter in a way, which is really sweet.

Re: FILL: call to me with words i never knew (3/?)

You're doing a great job with their characterizations. I love how Mark is so unsettled by Eduardo and can't quite understand why.

Re: FILL: call to me with words i never knew (3/?)

This is totally sweet, and I'm really enjoying it so far!

Re: FILL: call to me with words i never knew (3/?)

This is all kinds of adorable. I love your Mark. ♥

Re: FILL: call to me with words i never knew (3/?)

You are great. I mean it.