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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
♥ put [GEN] before GEN prompts.


♥ please don't embed. link to images/videos.
♥ no locked material. this includes communities, even if membership is open.
♥ fills can be posted anonymously or not.
♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.






have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts one, two or three over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen.


Mark speaking French. (Especially when they're fucking).

Fill: La Petite Mort

I'm not sure if this is appropriately mind-melting & I used Google Translate. If there's a native speaker who wants to correct, please do! I couldn't help myself with the title.

Mark's voice is broken, raspy and hoarse from earlier in the evening. Eduardo watches red lips form words though they come out no more than a gasp when he's taken the tip of Mark's prick in his mouth.

“War- Mon Dieu Wardo ne jamais arrêter s'il vous plaît!” He draws his head up and smiles crookedly, letting his cheek rub against Mark's warm flesh. The coder lifts his head from the pillow and tries to glare at his lover – the look isn't half as effective when Mark's hair falls in his eyes and his cheeks are flushed. He untwists a hand from the sheets they're lying, thumb stroking Eduardo's cheek gently when he plants a soft kiss on Mark's thigh.

“Vous êtes si belle. Avez-vous une idée de ce que vous faites pour moi?” Eduardo nips lightly at a trembling pale thigh and returns to his previous task, letting Mark's cock weigh heavily on his tongue. He wraps a hand around what he can't take, languorously moving in tandem with his mouth. Mark's hips buck and Eduardo feels the tip of Mark's cock hit the back of his throat. The flesh is hot and slick when Eduardo licks a stripe from the bottom to top and he wraps his lips around the head, sucking.

“Oh mon dieu Wardo. Vos lèvres, tu es superbe; fuck, je veux.” Eduardo hums a little, moving his hand faster as he tastes the salty drops of precum on his tongue. Mark's voice is wrecked, begging in French that Eduardo only halfway understands, but the hand in his hair is familiar enough. He sucks Mark down, swallowing further until he can feel all of Mark, as much as he can get and his other hand is on Mark's bony hip, holding so tight there will probably be a bruise later.

Mark's hand twists painfully in his hair and Eduardo's mouth is filled with hot and salt and he swallows it all. He lets go of the softening flesh with a lewd sound and nuzzles Mark as he shakes. Mark's hands reach down and haul him up and finally, there's blessed friction for Eduardo's own hardness against Mark's thigh. Mark shifts and takes him in hand, stroking quickly and it's an embarrassingly short time before Eduardo is squeezing his eyes shut, groaning quietly in Portuguese.

Eduardo comes back to himself, panting breath to match his lover's own. Mark looks at him, thumb swiping gently over Eduardo's lips before drawing him into a kiss. He whispers words that Eduardo knows against his skin, words that Eduardo doesn't expect to hear in English for some time. The language doesn't matter because the words never needed to be said in the first place.

“Je t'aime.”

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

OH. MY. GOD. I never knew I had a ~thing~ for languages.
"Oh my god Wardo. Your lips, you're gorgeous, fuck, I want." fucking adored that line.

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

You never knew you had a thing for languages? Well, I'm glad I could help! I have such a kink for them. :)

and if truly interested, the proper French as corrected by a native is further down this post.

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

this is clearly a superior way to study for my french exam.

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

Anon!Author is looking forward to taking French 101 in the fall...

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

I hope you like it...I personally find it a nightmare...(but that could be my teacher...)

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

Hi! here is a french native anon!! First of all: You just chose the perfect title, I love it!

First line :War- Mon Dieu Wardo ne jamais arrêter s'il vous plaît! => Mon Dieu Wardo, ne t'arrêtes jamais s'il te plaît!

Second: Vous êtes si belle. Avez-vous une idée de ce que vous faites pour moi? => Tu es si beau (belle is actually for a girl). Est-ce que tu as une idée de l'effet que tu me fais?

Third one: Oh mon dieu Wardo. Vos lèvres, tu es superbe; fuck, je veux=> Oh mon Dieu Wardo. tes lèvres, tu es superbe; putain, je veux..

Hope this is convenient. It was actually just a few miustakes.

Ps: I love the fact that someone actually fantasize about Mark saying things in french!! Make me proud somehow, lol.

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

I blame Google Translate for any & all mistakes so THANK YOU. Merci beaucoup, native anon! If I repost under my username, I will use the correct French. :)

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort

Pareil! :D Ca me fait trop marrer quand je vois un film ou lis un livre en B.O et y a du français dedans. Mdrr XD

Re: Fill: La Petite Mort


I'm an American taking French, but this language is the love of my life. GUUUHHHH thank you for this fic, and frenchnative!anon, thank you for your words. <3