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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
♥ put [GEN] before GEN prompts.


♥ please don't embed. link to images/videos.
♥ no locked material. this includes communities, even if membership is open.
♥ fills can be posted anonymously or not.
♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.






have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts one, two or three over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen.

i know i'm lost -- 3b/?

However, in The Enterprise, Dustin was just as actively beating up Mark’s arm. “He has my number Mark. I tricked him into thinking I’m dumb so he’ll text me to remind me the homework that I’ve already done .Then when I ask him for answers, he’ll find me adorable and silly and we’ll bond. Then I’ll implement my master plan. Plus, today’s payday, which means you get to buy me another pair of seersucker shorts from work!”

“I cannot believe that you’re using me for the discounts.” Mark deadpanned as he drove towards Brattle Street. Dustin had a full hour to browse, but Mark had to be clocked in at American Apparel at 3 flat, and that only gave him twenty minutes to get there and slip on his Toms and skinnies before he had to go in and look bored for four hours.

Originally, the plan was for Mark to work at the theatre and Dustin to work at AA. But Dustin had forgotten to take his ADHD meds on the day of the interview and went crazy, while Mark had cut down the manager at the Theatre’s taste in film so much that the manager had ordered him out of his sight and cried into his poster of some knockoff of Rudolph Valentino that Mark had noticed was a fake the minute he walked in.

Dustin, however, had been charming towards the manager and had spent the whole interview talking about the merits of The Birdcage versus the original La Cage, and Mark had that too skinny, a touch bored look that the manager at American Apparel had taken one look at and told him, “You have the job.”

It was beneficial – one of the girls who worked there, Ellen, had taken one look at him and had told him that she needed to dress him. At first, he was unsure that a girl the size of a dwarf could help him, but she had persuaded him into a few pairs of skinnies that didn’t completely cut off his necessary circulation, gave him some of her too big concert shirts and had burned him like six mixes of ‘pure hip goodness’. After he’d explained his plan to her about Eduardo, she had started to make him watch pretentious movies with subtitles.

Mark cried during Amélie. Ellen held him and promised never to tell Dustin.

Luckily, Ellen was the schedule producer, so whenever Mark worked, Ellen worked. She was perched on the counter as Mark screeched in after getting pantsed by Dustin, pulling up his skinny black pants up, the label of his GAP boxers barely over his pants.

“Were you getting your sex on or did Dustin pants you again?”

“Dustin, though he said that Eduardo was staring at me when I was changing for work. I had my Harvard shirt on, and the last time I wore it to work, I got hit on. By the way, where are those seersucker shorts? Dustin wanted me to put a pair on hold for both of us. He wants the royal blue, and I want the red ones. Dustin said it’ll go well with my Harvard shirt.”

“It would.” Ellen preened, and Mark rolled his eyes. “Hey Mark?” Mark looked up from where he was logging into the cash register. “Please don’t rearrange the mannequins again.” Mark rolled his eyes.

“It was because you made me watch that dumb Mannequin movie. It was retaliation.”

Ellen laughed, and Mark rolled his eyes. “Turn up that radio!” she commanded, and Mark turned up the volume to the store’s radio, which streamed directly from Ellen’s iPod in the back room. Mark had hooked it up on the second day of working there, and it was probably why he still had his job.

Then he got to rehanging while Ellen started to sing along to the Dean Martin song that was playing. After a few minutes, she shouted to Mark, on the other side of the store, “How’s your lover?”

In return she got the finger.