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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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Prompt and parts 1–12 here: http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=3644998#t3644998. Contains a graphic description of sexual assault in the first section and depictions of the physical and psychological aftermath of sexual assault throughout.


Monday morning, there’s an email from Alexa first thing: Peter wants to have lunch with you this week if you’re free. You don’t have anything 12–2 today or Thursday—do you have a preference?

Mark made the appointment with Dr. Richardson for Thursday at 12:30. Probably she should put that in the calendar. Mark responds, Today is fine. Peter can pick restaurant. I have a dr appt thurs 12:30 fyi. They agree—or, really, Alexa and Peter’s assistant agree—on Lavanda at one.

Mark’s heard the speculation about how Facebook got the initial angel investment from Clarium, because apparently people think it’s categorically impossible to have a vagina and get an investor without sucking dick. The gossips are, as ever, ill-informed: Peter is even gayer than Chris, which is saying a lot, and unironically buys his boyfriend flowers, chocolates, and McLarens. They’re the kind of couple who don’t use singular pronouns; it’s we all the way. Peter Thiel is doubtless getting blowjobs, but not from Mark Zuckerberg.

Peter’s there when Mark arrives, about fifteen minutes late because of an end-of-the-day emergency in London. It’s resolved—although Mark still wants to kill their lead developer—by the time she greets Peter inside the restaurant. “Hey, baby,” he says, and kisses her cheek; normally she puts up with it after knowing Peter for so many years, but he doesn’t have the Chris Hughes Baby Privilege and she doesn’t feel like being kissed right now, and she ducks away. Peter looks surprised but doesn’t comment; he puts his hand at the small of her back, though, as the maitre d’ shows them to their table, and Mark would like to know why it’s such an apparently awesome idea to touch her today. She takes a couple of steps ahead of Peter, which takes some work because his legs are about twice the length of hers, but it gets her out of arm’s reach.

They order their usual appetizer of octopus with potatoes and olives. Mark thinks about getting the salmon, which would no doubt make Eduardo happy if he were here, but she’s not that hungry and it won’t keep well, so she gets the strip steak instead. Her mom can use it in a salad or something; she’s good at that kind of thing.

Mark eats her share of the octopus—Peter will notice if she doesn’t—but she picks at the steak with its accompanying baby carrots, new potatoes, and mushrooms. It would probably make a good soup, too. Those are all things you put in soup.

“So what’s going on, Mark?” Peter asks after a few minutes

She blinks up at him. “Nothing. I’m just not that hungry.”

“I don’t mean the food specifically, although I’ve never seen you not eat what’s put in front of you. I’m talking about the security breach, the facility and network shutdown, the police investigation, the fact that you were probably in the office when the breach happened, and your strange behavior.”

“I didn’t realize my food consumption was under the observation of the Board of Directors,” Mark fires back.

“That part’s me as your friend,” Peter says. “You sent me an email Tuesday morning shortly after midnight, and between the code push for the photo layouts and the fact that you have a habit of staying in the office until two or three in the morning on a regular day, it’s a reasonable guess that you were still there when the breach happened.”

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Entourage-inspired AU. It's doesn't have to be a direct recast or straight-up fusion.

Re: Any

Parts 1-12 here (http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=5031750#t5031750)

Re: Any - xbriyeon, 2012-01-27 04:06 am (UTC)(Expand)


Mark finds out she is pregnant, and emotional turmoil ensues.

Original Thread

is here: tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=3748678#t3748678

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Sky High AU

Originally here:http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=3895110#t3895110

Prompt: Mark is sixteen and doesn't have his power yet.

Because a) I love high school AUs, b) the politics of the world could be interesting, and c) Mark would be the worst hero support ever.

Dustin/Mark (w/ protective gorilla!Eduardo)


MAYBE THROW IN SOME JEALOUS!WARDO BECAUSE THAT IS GLORIOUS. Like maybe he sees them in a conference with Dustin's hands on the small of Mark's back and Eduardo is all WOE RAGE STAB HIT EVERYTHING WITH MY FIST jealous except he pretends to be calm and starts anon texting Dustin on ways to take care of Mark and threatening Dustin like a protective gorilla

Can end as Eduardo/Mark though because Dustin is like ~let true love prevail!!~

Please Don't Insist


I don't even know, okay? Just make it happen. She would be so TINY compared to them, and she's this ridiculously unfeminine messy geek and they're blonde Ken Doll jocks. I don't know if it's hate-sex or seducing-you-into-working-for-us-sex or if-you-sleep-with-us-we'll-drop-the-lawsuit-sex or WHATEVER, IT WOULD BE SO PRETTY.

Bonus points for Mark trying to decide if sleeping with two guys at once makes her a slut, or if that's canceled out by her usually scheduled complete lack of a sex/dating life.

God, I really need to start posting fills I have made way too many prompts. BUT I WANT THIS SO BADLY.

can't say what you won't do, cause you know that you just might

Previous parts here.

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Girl!Eduardo is pregnant with Mark's child during the deposition/lawsuit. Eduardo was going to tell Mark the night of the dilution fall out, but chose not to tell anyone afterwords. She attempts to hide it through out the lawsuits, but Mark starts noticing little things about her and comes up with the right conclusion. Cue Mark freaking out to himself and trying to win Eduardo back by trying to take care of her (mostly against Eduardo's will and their lawyers' protests), reading pregnancy and parenting books, and over all just being a super anxious first time dad. Can be fluffy, but the two of them do have serious issues that shouldn't be glossed over too much.

love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you

Previous parts here.

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[RPF] Andrew/Jesse, AU

Spelling Bee/Debate Club/Teen Jeopardy AU -- Honestly, any one of the three would be FANTASTIC. At either of these they Meet Cute as teenagers. Andrew is immediately smitten, natch. Jesse is adorably clueless/awkward (again, natch). Jesse is also suspicious, thinking they're supposed to be competitive and wondering why this guy is smiling so widely at him and bringing him sodas and candy bars from the vending machine. Kill me with adorable awkwardness, author anon!

he says he's no good with words but i'm worse

Previous...part here.


Arranged marriage AU.

I don't even know. But just think of it.

this is not my idea of fun

Previous part here.

baby!fill - between the two of us [rpf, andrew/jesse, schoolboys]

Original prompt: Can we have (older teenaged) horny schoolboys Andrew and Jesse desperately going at it? I don't care how they know each other - just want Andrew in his public school uniform and Jesse still wearing glasses feeling each other up awkwardly, grinding against each other, sloppily kissing... at http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/3654.html?thread=4608326#t4608326. old-ish, but hey. I didn't do the prompt justice because I didn't actually get to the frantic teenage sex...felt like writing some angsty coming out drama. *g*

It all began with his mom dragging him next door to greet the new English neighbors, Jesse recalls. How he got from there to sucking face with their as-it-turned-out-same-age-as-Jesse son, Andrew, while his boner rages against the fly of his jeans - well, Jesse has no idea.

He doesn't have much time to think about it, though, because just the leap from jerking off discreetly in the shower to, like, actually practically having sex with another human being is already really, really too much for Jesse's neuroses to handle. Andrew's going to realize that Jesse is a complete, honest-to-God, even-for-oral-sex virgin, then he's going to leave and wonder why he even bothered.

Jesse wonders why that hasn't happened yet, but he can't say that he wants it to.

Their faces are mashed together, Jesse's nose pressed against Andrew's cheek. Andrew's face, or at least this particular side of it, is all Jesse can see right now - everything else is mostly blurry because Andrew had taken off Jesse's glasses before, um, kissing him. Which was nice of him, Jesse supposes. He catches a quick whiff of Andrew's cologne or body spray or eau de toilette or whatever you call it and thinks that he himself probably smells like kitty litter.

After licking into Jesse's mouth several more times, Andrew takes a deep breath and draws away. His eyes are huge and brown and Jesse can see his own reflection in them, which is rather uncomfortable, but there's nowhere else to look.

A few seconds pass before Andrew stutters, "Come - come to my room with me. Please? Someone's going to - to see us here."

"Sorry," Jesse blurts out. He doesn't know what he's sorry for.

Andrew's brows furrow. He looks upset, but not angry.

"Oh my God, I didn't force you into this, did I? It's just - you didn't punch me or anything, and I thought it would - it would be okay." Andrew pulls his fingers out of Jesse's curls - hey, I liked that, Jesse protests to himself - and balls his fists up into his lap. "I thought you were - well, I thought -"

…that I was gay? Jesse finishes in his head. Instead, against every single fiber in his body that is begging for Andrew to touch him again, he says, "I'm not."

The look on Andrew's face makes Jesse want to go shoot his idiot self in the head.

Re: baby!fill - between the two of us [rpf, andrew/jesse, schoolboys]

aghh, am so excited for more of this :DDD