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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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quick note; GUYS. please be aware that if you posted a prompt in part six and it is now screened, i have posted them to the post already - so that you guys don't have to. thanks for being patient and making the fill-a-thon such a success!

sorry i didn't get much of delicious done; i lacked the internet over the break but rest assured i have absolutely nothing to do so will get it, hopefully.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Mark/Eduardo, Mark/Dustin

So when Eduardo gets punched for the Phoenix, Dustin starts going into Mark's room instead and messing around with Mark, falling asleep on Mark's bed, etc. Eventually Eduardo notices and gets jealous, but can't do anything as Dustin gets closer and closer to Mark.

would prefer endgame Mark/Dustin but M/E is fine as well.

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 1/?

(ugh, someone else please fill this, i feel like this is exceptionally awful.)

Mark only noticed that Dustin was lying in Eduardo’s normal spot two weeks after Eduardo gets punched by the Phoenix. However, Dustin was on his laptop, his cord connected to the plug that Mark didn’t bother to use under his bed, but that’s how Mark noticed Dustin in the first place – wiggling his little white ass underneath Mark’s bed to get to the plug, his shirt riding up so Mark could see the band of his GAP boxers.


“Hm?” Dustin responded, his ‘cool but slightly nervous’ voice kicking in.

“We should put a cooler in here if you’re going to stay in here for extended periods of time so that neither of us has to get up.”

“Okay.” Dustin chirped back.


It took Mark two more weeks to realize that Dustin was sleeping in his bed, and it wasn’t like Mark actually minded – he rarely if ever used it – but he had a serious headache from a conversation with his mother about his feelings about everything and though he had been avoiding telling her about Eduardo and Thefacebook and the fact that Eduardo was leaving him, she still knew.

She was his mother. She always knew when something was wrong.

It was annoying.

So when Mark got back to his room at midnight after meandering around and finding a party with alcohol to imbibe, it was weird falling into bed and falling on Dustin, who had apparently been asleep.

In his pajamas.

In Mark’s bed.

Dustin groaned and Mark managed to get up and shed his hoodie and his pants so instead of slumping back onto Dustin fully clothed, he was standing there in his ratty red boxers and his black tee shirt.

“Dustin, Dustin move your ass over.”


“No, it’s the Tooth Fairy.” Mark deadpanned, and he heard Dustin giggle as he went towards the wall. When Mark guessed there was enough room, he picked up the covers and gingerly slid under, grazing Dustin’s knee.


Mark woke up the next morning with Dustin wrapped around him, surprisingly warm despite the fact that he had no comforter up. Dustin’s leg was in between Mark’s knees and he had one arm wrapped around Mark’s stomach, the other under Mark’s head.

The last time he had been in bed with someone, Eduardo was the little spoon, and Mark had broken out before he had woken up. This time when Mark tried to move, Dustin snorts into the back of his neck and pulls him back towards Dustin’s chest. Dustin smelled like hints of pine trees and garlic and a little like Mark’s toothpaste, which surprised Mark less than it should have. Mark closed his eyes and let sleep come back to him.


That morning, Chris decided that it was weird neither Mark or Dustin had appeared – it was one in the afternoon and Mark’s phone was sitting on the kitchen counter, going off from texts from Wardo, and Chris knew that if Mark himself didn’t answer the phone, Eduardo would be here within ten minutes.

Also, Dustin was not in his bed, which was normal as of late, but he hadn’t magically appeared either, so Chris figured Mark might know where he is.
Instead he walked in to find Dustin nuzzling Mark’s neck in his sleep, Mark still out with a half-smile on his face. Chris backed out of the room, slowly closing the door, then banging on it loudly. “Eduardo’s coming over.”

Five minutes later, Mark stumbled out of the room, in his boxers and a random shirt that looked like Dustin’s. “Wardo here yet?”


“Okay, I’m going to take a shower.”

“Mark!” Chris rolled his eyes and Dustin shuffled out of Mark’s room, eyes sparkling and smile wide.

“I’ll be quick, no worries.” Dustin laughed as Mark picked up his caddy from the floor and shuffled into the bathroom.

Re: fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 1/?

Hey stop right there now, miss! This is not awful. On the contrary, I really like where you're going with this and I believe you should continue. Pretty please? I mean Wardo's coming over and his reaction would be interesting to see. :D

Re: fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 1/?


fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 2/?

When Eduardo strolled in, a little more than five minutes later and a little more hungover than planned, Mark was walking around with a towel around his waist, Dustin was messing around with his laptop while sitting on the couch wearing a clashing red shirt, and Chris seemed somewhere between panicked and pleased.

“So, Eduardo, what do you want? Coffee, orange juice, Gatorade?” Chris buzzed as Mark looked at Dustin, smiled, and went back into his room.

“I’m fine, Chris. Mark!” Eduardo followed Mark into his room, where Mark had barely gotten his underpants on. “Mark.”


“Mark, why didn’t you answer me earlier? I heard you went to a party in Lowell, but when I got there you weren’t there.”

“Yeah, I got wasted and then – “ Did Mark want to tell Eduardo that he and Dustin had spooned? Eduardo didn’t tell him anything anymore – it had been a month and yeah, he and Eduardo had hung out a few times but not like it used to be.

“Then?” Eduardo demanded, and Mark met his eyes from over his shoulder. Eduardo looked panicked and tired, almost as if – as if Mark was someone important.

It made Mark’s chest puff a little bit, to know that Mark meant that much to him. Then Mark’s brain shut him down – why should he care?
Mark shrugged, “I came home and slept? Do you need to know everything, Eduardo?”

Eduardo’s shoulders sagged, as if he realized how silly he was being. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I’m sorry, I just – I don’t know anymore.” His voice cracked, and he went down to sit on Mark’s bed. “Did you actually sleep in your bed last night?”

Mark hummed in affirmation. “Wardo, dude, we don’t have to hang out today. Don’t you have a test tomorrow for that third world class?”

Eduardo thought about it. “I do.” Mark put his pants on as Eduardo rose up.

“I guess I should study.”

“And sleep.”

“That’s rich coming from you.” Mark pulled at a shirt as Eduardo went over to the door, Mark coughed.



“Don’t die.”

Eduardo chuckled, and Dustin passed him with his laptop, going into Mark’s room. “Chris?”


“Is that new?”

“Is what new?”

“Dustin going into Mark’s room to work.”

Chris shrugged. “Mark likes having company, you know that. Dustin’s just there because he likes to talk, and Mark’s not really listening anyway so…”

“I see your point. It’s just – it’s just weird.”

“We know you’re busy – Dustin’s just filling the void so that Mark doesn’t get lonely. He misses you, you know that.”

“He never tells me to my face.”

And so Eduardo left, slightly confused, to go back to his work and his girlfriend, who had already left seven texts on his phone.


Mark slowly noticed that things began to move into his room after that awkward morning when Mark had woken up to Chris banging on the door and Dustin was now nuzzling his neck, which Mark didn’t mind that much.

Well, to be honest, at all.

The next Friday Dustin got a case of Smirnoff and the two of them watched Jurassic Park and fell asleep on top of each other again. Mark slept in until eleven the next morning, and when he had woken up, he found Dustin again pressed to his neck.

Someone banged on the door – Mark locked it the night before in case Chris barged in – and Mark groaned at it.

“Mark, are you alive? Want to go get lunch?” The lilting, accented voice came through the door, and Mark scrambled out of the bed and towards the door. He didn’t want Eduardo to see – this. He didn’t want Chris to see this. “Mark?”

Mark turned around after finding his pants to see a blushing Dustin on the bed, looking upset. “One second Eduardo.” Mark shot Dustin his apologetic look and opened and then slipped out the door.


When Mark got back to the room, he didn’t find Dustin in his room. Or Dustin’s room. Or anywhere.

Mark sighed and got a Red Bull out of the fridge.

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 3/?

Dustin didn’t come into his room that night. Or the night after that. The night after that, Dustin left Mark a note saying he was going out to study and would be back late but had already emailed Mark some more code for Thefacebook.

Instead of plopping down to read it, he sighed and unplugged his laptop from it’s normal place at his desk, then slid across the dorm to get into Dustin’s room, which looked like a trainwreck. Mark cleared a space on Dustin’s unused desk and went back to his room, dragging his desk chair to Dustin’s. He would pick up, but that would involve actually doing something besides work on Thefacebook.

Dustin came home around ten to find Mark in his room.

“Mark?” Mark turned around from his place at Dustin’s desk and raised an eyebrow. “Mark, this is my room.” Mark gave Dustin a blank stare. “Mark, why are you in my room?” Mark shrugged. “Mark.” Dustin sighed. “Mark, if you aren’t going to give me an answer, get out of my room. I want to sleep.” Dustin motioned at the door. After a moment, he sighed. “Seriously, Mark.”

“I’m sorry.” Mark gritted out, facing the computer screen. “I’m sorry if I’ve offended you in some way, Dustin, but I need –“ Mark stopped, that was too demanding, “I’d like it if you came back to my room.” The I miss you, Mark hoped, was implied. Then he looked up at Dustin.

“Do you miss me in your room or something?” Dustin looked incredulous, then when Mark’s neck turned a shade of pink, delighted. “Mark, do you actually miss me? A yes or no will suffice.”

Mark could see Dustin’s reflection off of the computer screen, and he glared at it. “Yes.” With that, Dustin flounced over to Mark and hugged him around his shoulders. “Get off of me, Dustin.”

“Okay, Mark. Are we going back to your room now?”

Mark nodded.


Later on that night, when Dustin had passed out on the bed from trying to read Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance , Mark realized how weird it was to have Dustin in his room, in his bed, when Dustin could have a girlfriend. His reputation wasn’t as scorched as Mark’s, and even then Thefacebook had given them a lot of publicity, but the month that Dustin could be having sex with pretty much any girl – anybody on campus, yet he was passed out in Mark’s bed. Trying to read one of Mark’s favorite books. With his mouth wide open.

Though Mark hadn’t actually told anyone, he was pretty sure he was bi. Even though Dustin just randomly had his mouth open, Mark kind of wanted to do dirty things to his mouth. He had since that day where Dustin had brought up the whole ‘relationship status’ idea, but obviously Dustin had been into someone at the time, and Mark had filed that thought away.

But eight weeks later and Dustin was about to start snoring on his bed. And Dustin was no Eduardo – he was a pudgy Jewish kid from Florida who loved computers and Xbox and sang him Disney songs and was generally always in Mark’s space when Mark really didn’t need him to be.

But Dustin had let Mark decide what to do about the company – he wasn’t off trying to become a member of the Phoenix or get girls, he was coding as hard as Mark, he gave a shit about Thefacebook and two weeks ago had drunkenly sang Follow You Follow Me to Mark when Mark had told him he loved Tarzan.

So Mark slid into bed with Dustin and pressed a kiss to his forehead, allowing Dustin to snuggle into his chest before passing out.


“What the fuck?”

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 4/?

It’s not like Eduardo expected much out of life. Honesty from his friends, some good head from someone eventually down the line, for Thefacebook to succeed.

But he had no response to the fact he found Dustin and Mark in Mark’s bed, nose to nose, Dustin with a giant smile on his face, and Mark’s head faced away or Eduardo might have to strangle Dustin except “What the fuck!”

It’s not like he was gone for years, and he doesn’t know why he has this pinching feeling in his stomach of something he’d rather not identify when Dustin moans and rolls over, away from the light that Eduardo has brought into the room with his curses, and Mark waves a hand at Eduardo and follows Dustin to the corner of the bed, scooting in.

Eduardo’s heart hurts. It’s not like he expected Mark to be alone forever, but he remembered the night when he and Mark had gotten a hold of a giant bottle of tequila and watched Little Women in Eduardo’s room and drank every time they found the plot sappy beyond belief. They had woken up, Mark stretched around Eduardo, snoring into Eduardo’s ear.

Then Eduardo had gone home for Winter Break and he’d gotten punched and suddenly it was all about getting in for him, and all about getting Thefacebook up for Mark. As soon as it had gone up, it had been more work for Mark to keep it up, get it expanding. They had meetings next week, him and Mark and Christy, because for all of the superficial things Christy said and did, she had a brain underneath her perfectly styled hair, and she had gotten them to meet Sean Parker.

Now Eduardo had wanted to talk to Mark about that, but apparently the only person Mark was interested in now was Dustin.

“Seriously, Chris, leave us alone. I’ll make pancakes!” Dustin begs, and Mark laughs into Dustin’s back.

Again, a punch in the gut – betrayal. Chris knew about this, as did – obviously - Mark and Dustin. Now Eduardo hadn’t been the best friend lately but this was like that Britney Spears’ song – he was the last to know.
Before either of them could realize it wasn’t Chris, Eduardo stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him, and Chris came out of his room with a questioning then compassionate look on his face.


He didn’t even know Mark was into dudes. Not after Erica, not after Alice. He would have - well, Eduardo didn’t exactly know what he would have done.
He was glad Christy had a study group on Saturday afternoons so that he could smoke his cigarettes in peace.

About halfway through the pack of Gauloises, he realized that it wasn’t Dustin he was upset with – it was the fact he was in love. Not with Christy, like he’d been telling himself, but in love with Mark.

Apparently he’d screwed that up over the past eight weeks, because instead of him in Mark’s bed, getting held, it was Dustin.

Dustin, who Mark had threatened to kill more times then Eduardo could count. Who knew all of the words to Britney Spears songs too, and made Eduardo feel better about having such a big, unattainable crush on him.

With that thought, he had a plan. He would get Mark back, but he had to distract Dustin.

This would involve a lot of work, but it would be worth it – to have Dustin stop touching his … Mark.


“Dustin?” Mark said into Dustin’s hair, which smelled like alcohol and sweat and a little like that kids shampoo he used.


“I think that was Eduardo at the door.”

Dustin turned to see if Mark was joking, and when Mark gave him an imploring look, Dustin cracked up so loudly that he barely noticed when Mark cut him off with his lips. After that, Dustin’s laughter subsided for an exploration of Mark’s mouth with his tongue.

Re: fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 4/? - (Anonymous), 2011-06-13 06:14 am (UTC)(Expand)

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 5/?

When Eduardo logged onto Facebook the next morning to check out what Mark had changed – his texts had a lot of exclamation points and smiley faces from Dustin, so he figured it was a good thing – he didn’t find anything in the code actually changed. After not seeing any major changes on the main page, he went to Mark’s to see if Mark had changed anything about his profile – he normally tried out the new settings on his own page.

And then he saw it – Mark Zuckerberg is in a relationship with Dustin Moscovitz.

Again, Eduardo wanted to drink. It wasn’t even eleven yet – which meant it wasn’t five in Europe, which was Mark’s way of thinking sometimes – but he wanted a drink. So he plodded out to his fridge and took out one of the Smirnoffs Christy always left in there and some orange juice. After a glass he got his phone and called Mark.

“Mark,” he stressed into the phone when Mark picked up, “did Dustin hack your profile last night?”

“No - he fell asleep at like eleven last night.”

“And you?”

“Haven’t been to sleep yet. I woke Dustin up at five, I had this idea last night about photo tagging – like Myspace except not lame, you know?”

Dustin piped in, “Yeah, but I have no idea how we’ll get there.”

We. Dustin had said we. “Are you sure Dustin didn’t get onto your profile? You’re in – "

“A relationship with him. I’m aware.” It was the tone that Eduardo took as a shock – Mark was defending Dustin. “It isn’t a joke, Wardo. I don’t think it’s a bad move either, one straight, one gay, and two bi men as the founders of Thefacebook. It’ll probably get us a lot of supporters in the LGBT community. We should probably have Chris write up a press release saying that our relationship isn’t a joke.”

“Because it isn’t!” Dustin chirps, and Eduardo takes a sip of his screwdriver. On the other end of the line he heard giggling – Dustin – and a pushing noise.

“Mark, can we get something to eat later and talk about the meetings next week?” Eduardo hoped he was implying they’d talk about Dustin.

“Um,” Mark squeaked, and that wasn’t a normal tone of voice for Mark, “Can we get food uh –“ Mark groaned into the phone, and what the fuck was going on over there. “Um, Kirkland dining hall. Seven. See you then, bye.”

Then Mark hung up on him with a flurry of giggles from the other end.


Mark, however, had bigger problems.

Namely, Dustin. With his head in Mark’s lap. Sucking him off. When he was trying to be polite on the phone to Wardo. Instead, Dustin had made him hang up early and drop his phone to the ground, his fingers twining into red-brown hair.

“What the fuck, Dustin?” He phrased like a question but came out more or less as a moan. Dustin licked at Mark’s shaft then pulled off.

“Wardo wants what he can’t have. I just wanted to remind him.” Then he resumed what he was doing, licking and sucking up the shaft, and Mark groaned again, his fingers wrapping all the way around Dustin’s head.

“You’re the devil, Dustin.” He said and if someone asked Mark later, he would swear to God that Dustin smirked at him as he sucked Mark in further, causing Mark to blank out for a few seconds because it was just so good.


After Mark came, Dustin slid up onto Mark’s lap and slowly started to nip at Mark’s neck. “What the fuck?”

Dustin pulled back, “I’m the devil, remember?” Mark laughed and Dustin grinned, going back to his work.


When Mark turned up to dinner, his neck had a giant purple splotch on it. Eduardo grimaced.

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 6/?

“What?” Mark questioned as he set down his tray across from Eduardo’s. Eduardo looked a little gaunt, wide eyed and a bit off, but Mark wasn’t going to say anything unless Eduardo brought it up. “You okay, Wardo?”

Eduardo shrugged, and Mark dug into his cheeseburger – his mother was cringing right now – as Eduardo fumbled with his salad. When Mark went to take a large bite, Eduardo asked him a question Mark never thought he’d hear. “So how long have you been into dudes?”

Mark began to cough on his burger – he’d taken a big bite for Christ’s sake, it wasn’t like he was a garbage can or something – and reached for his Mountain Dew. After managing to choke it down, he gulped in air and looked over at Eduardo, who looked freaked out. Mark shrugged.

“What kind of answer is that?”

“I mean, I’ve always been into dudes. And girls. I told you that last year.”

“You did not.”

“I did. Remember that night that we went to the Tiki Room themed party –“

“And I drank about half a gallon of the spiked punch and threw up all over your roommate? Yes. I don’t remember anything from that night, but I remember the fact I nearly gave myself alcohol poisoning.”

“Well I told you about three glasses in and you laughed at me, so I figured you remembered.”

“It’s probably why I drank so much.” Mark snorted into his soda can, and Eduardo rolled his eyes at Mark. “Anyway, so we’ll be gone the whole week – "

“Yeah, I know. Big meetings. I need to pay attention.”

“Yeah, one more got scheduled. We’ll be meeting Sean Parker, that guy from Napster.” Mark’s eyes lit up, and he took another bite of his burger. “How’s your neck?”

“Not terrible. Not as bad as when Tyler gave me those bruises on my hips and it made standing up and sitting down hard for two weeks.”

This tidbit of information caused Eduardo to spray his water all over his salad. Mark held his burger close to his chest and hoped none of the water had gotten into his soda. “What did you just say?”

“I said, it’s not as bad as when Tyler gave me those – "

“Stop being a smart ass. Tyler who?”

Mark rolled his eyes. “Tyler Winklevoss.” His look said, duh, Eduardo, did you take stupid pills today? Eduardo did not appreciate the sentiment.

“You slept with Tyler Winklevoss? When?”

“Right before Winter Break. I can’t believe he lied to Cameron about not seeing me, that was so annoying to try and avoid – "

“I thought you were still moping over Erica!” This made Eduardo receive a blank stare from Mark, who then stood up and picked up his tray from the table. “Mark! Mark, where are you going?”

“I’m going to eat with someone who actually pays attention to me, Eduardo.” Mark made his name sound like a curse when dragged out like that. “I can’t believe you think you’re my friend.”

“Mark!” Eduardo got up and tried to package his salad as quickly as possible, Mark taking long strides towards the exit of the dining hall. Eventually he decided to screw it and bolted after Mark, who had dropped his tray off after scarfing down the rest of his burger and gripping his soda.

It must have looked ridiculous to everyone else in Kirkland, but Eduardo swore he could hear clapping from somewhere as he caught up to Mark outside the dining hall doors, swinging him around and pinning him to the wall. “Mark, I’ve always wanted to do this.” And with that, Eduardo kissed him.

He hoped he wasn’t still drunk from earlier, because he wanted to remember this – the way Mark tasted, the way his hair felt under Eduardo’s hands, the way Mark pushed him off of him.

“What the fuck?”

Re: fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 6/? - (Anonymous), 2011-06-12 06:03 pm (UTC)(Expand)

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 7/?

(I feel like i'm turning into the Mark/Eduardo whisperer.)

Mark pushed Eduardo back at his shoulders, and this was not the reaction that Eduardo had expected at all. Mark was angry, Mark wasn’t kissing him back, Mark looked like he could punch Eduardo instead of kiss him.

“What was that, Eduardo?”

“I kissed you?”

“Exactly! You’re dating Christy, I’m dating Dustin – “

“Mark,” Eduardo choked out, “Mark, darling, you’re not dating Dustin.”

“I am, Eduardo! I am. For some reason that fact and the one that you’re straight and in love with a short Asian with her narrow waist and her long black hair and big brown eyes –“

“Mark,” Eduardo wanted to laugh, “Mark, are you jealous?”

“No! I just want you to remember that you are not dating, nor are you in love with a short, blond, blue eyed Jewish boy who you just kissed. I think you’re drunk or something, I’m going to just pretend this never happened and that you are drunk, and go back to my room and see if Dustin’s finished with that code.”

Eduardo gaped at Mark’s retreating back, taking the last shot of his Mountain Dew – which Eduardo had no idea how he’d managed to hold onto while they kissed – and then tossing it in the garbage instead of into the recycling bin right next to it. Eduardo huffed and kicked the wall in frustration. Obviously this was going to be harder than he expected.

Maybe Christy could go talk to Mark about Sean Parker and the fact they were going to New York and Christy’s dad was insisting that she stay with her parents at least one night so he and Mark would be alone in their adjoining suites. That sounded fun – a night of Mark explaining the little details and Eduardo eating all of the lo mein, like it used to be before all of this pointless crap.

Not like Eduardo wasn’t going to join The Phoenix – he was pretty sure they were going to ask, and he’d be one stupid shit to say no – or like he was going to dump Christy.

Well, maybe he would dump Christy. But he couldn’t go around after dumping Christy and then parading Mark around, even though apparently all of Kirkland’s dining hall thought they were made for each other.


When Mark got back to the room he stalked past Chris and whoever he was making out with on the couch this time and into his room, where Dustin was trying to be Spiderman or something, hanging his top half off of his bed, his legs pressed into a tent shape on the mattress. Mark bust out laughing, because seriously, Dustin was like the stupidest person sometimes.

Dustin flipped immediately, his face flushed from hanging upside down, a stupid grin on his face. “How was dinner?”

Mark frowned and huffed, and Dustin sprung up from the bed as Mark went to sit down.


“It was fine, Dustin, just Eduardo being stupid and –“

“In love with you and everything. Yeah, it gets annoying.”

Mark shot Dustin a look, as Dustin had migrated to his shoulder. “Wardo is dating Christy. You should only date someone if you like them or if they give extraordinarily good head.”

“So I guess I fall into the later category?” Dustin said, and Mark snorted.

“I never said a person couldn’t be in both, Dustin.”

This earned Mark a lapful of Dustin. “Oh, Mark, you’re my favorite too.” Dustin tucked his head into the crevice of Mark’s shoulder, laughing into his curls.

“Dustin.” He said to a bush of red hair, some of which was trying to get into his mouth.


“Eduardo kissed me today.”

Dustin pulled back onto Mark’s knees, a frown on his face. “Did you like it?”

Mark shrugged. “It’s Eduardo, but he’s not you.”

“Mark, it’s okay – "

“No, Dustin, I’d be with him if I wanted to be. You know that.”

This earns Mark a lap of Dustin for the rest of the night, whispering the lyrics to Hilary Duff songs into Mark’s neck while Mark coded.

Mark didn’t mind.

Re: fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 7/? - (Anonymous), 2011-06-13 02:25 am (UTC)(Expand)

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 8/?

The rest of the week went regularly – Eduardo kept trying to drop by but every time he would head towards Kirkland, someone would stop him and talk to him about doing something, or a test they had the next day and it wasn’t until Thursday that Eduardo could coax Mark out to dinner with him and Christy.

Now Mark didn’t have the best manners, but he seemed to be hyper aware of his phone going off during their dinner – so much that he left it on the table, ignoring Eduardo’s glares, and chuckled with Christy at Eduardo’s mutterings.

“Dustin’s watching the site – we updated the photo booth application today, and it’s weird to leave it alone, but he’ll be alone with the site. He told me he was draining all of the water bottles so he could ‘become me’ and pee into them all weekend and not move. He also jacked all of my Red Bull and put it his cooler so he can stay awake all weekend.”

“Then after the weekend?”

“Oh, Billy wanted to party, so Billy’s taking over for Monday and one of Dustin’s friends from Systems is coming in to make sure Billy doesn’t double fist beers while Dustin’s passed out.”


“Then Dustin’s going to alternate shifts with Billy and Chris. He’s already ordered enough Chinese to kill a horse, I’m pretty sure Facebook will be fine.”

“You trust Dustin that much?”

“If it dies, so does Dustin. I made that clear to him last night as I withheld –“

“I don’t want to know!” Eduardo beeped, and both Mark and Christy delved into giggles as Eduardo blushed. “What, I don’t!”

“Beer? I withheld beer and you completely flipped, you dipshit.” Christy covered her mouth because she was laughing so hard, and Eduardo realized it was an uphill battle. Because Mark actually liked Christy sometimes – apparently more now because he was getting laid regularly, and when his phone started to vibrate, his eyes lit up and he grabbed it. “Hey, what’s up?” After whoever was on the other end – Eduardo suspected it was Dustin said something – Mark pinked and rolled his eyes, snapping the phone shut.

“Sorry about that.”

“Well, I think this weekend should be fun! We’re in this huge suite, and on Tuesday and Wednesday I have to go hang out with my sister and daddy, but you two are so busy, I figure you two could like, hang out. Eduardo’s been so busy, as have you, Mark. Besties bonding time!” She squealed, and Mark glared at Eduardo over their food. Eduardo paled, and when Christy’s phone rang, she got up and squealed. “Sorry, this is about a fitting I have next week, ohmygod, I hope that dress is ready.”

She flounced towards the bathroom, and Mark took a hard sip of his soda through his straw.

“When did you get a conscience?”

“Why didn’t you tell Christy you kissed me?” Eduardo shrugged. “You’re such a jerk sometimes, Eduardo. She’s your girlfriend and she’s a little crazy. You should tell her sooner rather than later. Well,” Mark amended, “maybe wait until after next week. I need my skin intact.”

“What about my skin?” Eduardo squawked.

“You’re lucky Dustin doesn’t remember we have a spare key to your room or you may have been like, teabagged or something.”

Eduardo squirted water out of his nose and glared at Mark, who sat chuckling until Christy returned, when Mark excused himself to get back to his room and, he said pointedly, his boyfriend.

Christy cooed. “That’s soooo cute, Dustin and Mark. Isn’t it cute, Eduardo?”

“They’re the same height.”

“Exactly. And Mark’s so thin and sassy and Dustin’s so pudgy and cheerful and cute. It’s a perfect match.”

Eduardo just wanted a drink. His plan was so not working out.

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 9/?

(lol does Mark/Dustin even have a ship name? I keep calling it Must in my head.)

Friday afternoon came, and Dustin actually came to the train station with them, and it wasn’t like Eduardo hadn’t spent the whole day bugging Mark – which in turn meant being bugged by Dustin – and Dustin sat in the front seat and chatted up the cab driver while Eduardo shot Mark pointed looks over Christy’s head. Mark, however, was playing an intense round of Pokémon on the Gameboy Color that Dustin had managed to dig up, and had his arm angled around Christy so that she could tell him if the Pokémon was cute enough to catch. Christy’s nails were too long to play herself, or she would have been all over that.

When they got to the train station, Dustin got out and motioned at the cab driver and used his big brown puppy dog eyes to get the cabbie to acquiesce. He then got Mark’s bag out from the back and directed Mark inside to the gate, where he sat Mark down and managed to get his arms around Mark’s back and his head on Mark’s shoulder and giggled into Mark’s shoulder.

Christy laughed and went to Mark’s other side, commented and cheering Mark on as he beat some plant gym trainer. Eduardo was not amused as he sat next to Christy, and as their train pulled in, Mark got pushed up, making all of them get up at the same time. Mark’s finger flicked to save and then turn the Gameboy off, then opened his arms so Dustin could cling to Mark like an idiot and there would be a lot of sloppy kissing sounds, and Dustin looked like a schoolgirl as he pulled away, his lips wet and red. Mark ran a hand through Dustin’s hair, and Eduardo’s stomach twisted as he realized it was like watching a movie – except Mark was the silly hero, and Dustin the brilliant heroine who believed in this hero.

What did that make Eduardo?


The train ride down to New York was uneventful, Christy texting Alice on her phone, Mark playing that dumb Gameboy, and Eduardo on the edge as Mark could softly curse out another trainer and Christy would giggle and he would show her, look at this asshole, dude, he just killed me with a Bambi Pokémon and Christy would say, yeah, that’s one weird ass Pokémon.

Eduardo was going to have a long week if the two of them kept acting like those twins off Sister, Sister. He pulled out his phone and texted Lindsay, the girl Dustin had had a crush on earlier in the semester, who had gone out on one date with him before this whole Mark fiasco.

hey dustin’s roomies are gone for the weekend – you should go see if he wants company.

uh isn’t he dating his roommate?

Foiled. Who did he know that was attractive that wouldn’t have a Facebook? It took him a minute before the name rung clear in his head – Antonio. Antonio, his friend who went to Tufts, who hooked him up with alcohol and back in first semester had totally fucked him senseless.

yo, Tony, remember that time I brought you over to hang out with all of those computer kids?

si, amigo. What up?

that redheaded one wanted you to go hang out with him. tonight.

solid. he had nice teeth.

That took care of that, and Eduardo watched Christy play snake on her phone, laughing softly to himself.


However, when Antonio from Tufts got to the apartment, Chris was standing watchdog at the door as the Latin guy came to the door.

“I’m looking for – Dustin?”

“Did he call for you?”

“No, Eduardo said he wanted to hang out –“

“On Monday, Monday would be a lot better for Dustin.”

“Okay?” For some reason, Antonio was scared of this skinny blond who seemed to be staring into his soul.


does dustin fuck that blond boy because he was very defensive. and he stole my beer. he’s scary.

Eduardo cursed Chris mentally.

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 10/?

(am i like the Mark/Dustin fairy now?)

As soon as they got to New York, Mark packed up his Gameboy and put his game face on, checking his phone and smiling at it. Mark had the rest of the night off to do whatever – Eduardo and Christy had to get ready for a dinner with Christy’s parents and he scrolled through his texts.

“Eduardo, why was some large Latin lover type at my dorm asking for Dustin?”

“You remember Tony?”

Mark paused as he grabbed Christy’s bag from the overhead compartment and handed to it her, then his own, and shrugged. “Big, Latin lover type?”

“Yeah, he goes to Tufts –"

“Oh, yeah. And he wanted to voluntarily hang out with Dustin?” Eduardo shrugged, and Mark rolled his eyes, fingers flying.


From: D <3
I. am. So. bored.

From: Mark
why is every other word capitalized? i can tell that you’re bored because every word is spelled correctly?

From: D <3
I felt like it. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

From: Mark
I’m pretty sure you spelled that wrong. Why is your name in my phone only a D with a heart?

From: D<3
you left your phone alone. With me. Oh my God Chris is singing Steppenwolf in the shower.

From: Mark
when is he going out?

From: D<3
in like two hours. Oh my God. He’s going to style his hair and try on his tight, tight, tighter pants.

From: Mark
be at the hotel in ten minutes. I’ll call and we’ll give Chris a run for his money?

From: D<3


Once Mark got up to the room, he kind of streaked towards his room so fast Eduardo thought that Mark flew there and slammed the door shut. Eduardo rolled his eyes as Christy dragged him into their room.


Mark hit speed dial two for Dustin as he dropped his pants. He flipped it to speed dial as he then stepped out of his good jeans and shrugged his hoodie off. Dustin picked up on the second ring, and Mark growled at the phone.

“Feisty kitty.” Dustin purred back, and he could hear Dustin push back from his – Mark’s, he hoped – desk. “How was the train ride?”

“I’m already at the Masters’ Gym.”

“What a badass.” Dustin purred again, and Mark sighed, flopping on the bed next to the phone. “Mark?”

“I don’t want to be here.” Mark groaned out, and Dustin sighed softly.

“Do you miss me?” Mark sniffled at the phone, and Dustin laughed. “I miss you too, Mark. You know that you have to be there as the CEO. Do you want to sing me a Britney Spears song?”

“No, I want to make you come, then I want you to sing me a Britney Spears song.”


When Eduardo and Christy were leaving, there were groans from Mark’s room, “Mark?” Eduardo called, and Christy giggled.

“They’re in their honeymoon period still, Eduardo, give them time.”


“What, Eduardo? I’m just being honest.” Mark moaned louder and it was like a keening sound, and Christy ushered him out of the suite. “Eduardo, seriously, you need to let him have his fun.”


From: Chris
Please ask Mark and Dustin to cool it - I have to go out, Eduardo. Dustin's making cat noises.

From: Chris
Oh shit I just heard Dustin come. EWWW EDUARDO!!!!!!!!!!

From: Eduardo


When they got back from the dinner, a bad rendition of Soda Pop was floating through the suite and Christy, who had just graced her way through the dinner while Eduardo pulled his hair out in tufts because Mr. Lee just stared at him, and Christy giggled. “Eduardo, you need to loosen up.” She began to strip down, dancing to Dustin’s off tune song, and Eduardo rolled his eyes as he followed her into the bedroom. Maybe if Christy did that hing with her tongue he would be able to block out the serenading from down the hall.

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fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 11/?

Saturday and Sunday went by ridiculously fast, because there were dinners and Christy took Mark out to shop and gossip, Eduardo supposed, while Eduardo freaked out over some of the Econ homework he’d been putting off, and the Shakespeare class his father had insisted was a brilliant class because Shakespeare was a brilliant playwright.

Then, whenever Mark was in the suite, the phone was on and Dustin’s giggling or shouts or once his snores had echoed down the hall. On Monday, they have six meetings – four in the same building – and Mark gives blank stares to every single person they meet when Eduardo tries to engage him, his mind back at Harvard with Billy running his website, and Dustin asleep somewhere, and Eduardo wished Mark would be in the moment now. With him. Not back at Harvard.

First semester hadn’t been like this.

When Christy left that night, Mark moved out into the living room area, and his phone was off. Eduardo was surprised, but pleased as he claimed the spot next to Mark, clicking through channels mindlessly until he landed on a movie that with a redhead and Mark said, “Stop.”

“Stop what?”

“Stop flipping channels, I like this movie. It’s only in the first ten minutes, you haven’t missed much.”

So Eduardo settled in next to Mark, a hand casually thrown across the back of the couch, as he watched the scene unfold. His father didn’t let him watch silly films – the only thing his father considered both educational and child appropriate were animated films, because in his opinion, animated films were the future.

So, when the six kid’s stories unraveled, he turned to watch Mark, and Mark mouthed the words, “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are better at hiding it, that’s all.” and Eduardo’s heart melted.



“Mark, I love you.”

Mark turned, and smiled, and it was all out, dimples and blinding white and it felt so good to Eduardo to see all of that again – it had been too long. Eduardo inched forward and Mark replied, “Me too, man. You’re my best friend.”

“Not Dustin?”

“No, we’re not one of those couples. You and me, we’re the best friends, but he and I, we’re…”

“You’re what?”

“You’re my Duckie – he’s my Blane.”


“Pretty In Pink’s on next – we should watch it. You’ll get it after that.”

So Eduardo ordered some pizza, and after it came and Eduardo was so engrossed with Andrew McCarthy – how could someone with such an imperfect smile be so gorgeous – that Mark got up and paid for it and even set his laptop to the side. Eduardo’s eyes watered up as Blane walked out, and in his head he was screaming in his head, Go after him, idiot! and squealed when she did it, she ran out after him and he leaned over to punch Mark, but Mark was asleep on the side out of the couch, his hands wrapped around his phone, a smile on his face.

Eduardo didn’t want to be his Duckie, but at this point, Mark was right. He was a Duckie – chasing after someone who was enamored with someone else. But he could always be wrong.

Eduardo stayed up the rest of the night watching Sixteen Candles and Mannequin, and fell asleep during St. Elmo’s Fire, his head on Mark’s knees.


Dustin, however, had to deal with Antonio from Tufts, who, once he found out Dustin was dating someone, was a bit dejected but cool otherwise, taking Dustin to smoke in all of the cool places in Boston that Dustin had never even seen before.

When Dustin got in at four the next morning, he only had one missed text from someone.

From: Mark <3333
I believe in us.

Dustin passed out, gleeful.

fill - i wouldn't love you if you changed 12/?

Tuesday itself was quite boring – their only meeting was at three, and it was honestly only Eduardo’s meeting, so he pulled himself off of the couch at eleven, while Mark whimpered in his sleep and rolled over, his legs immediately taking up where Eduardo’s body had been, his phone falling on the floor as he tried to fall back asleep.

Slowly picking it up, Eduardo stowed it in the pocket of his pants before heading into his room, his mind slowly formulating a plot.

But first he needed a shower – a happy ‘80’s tune from last night was his choice of bad showering singing material – before he cleaned up for his interview with Lehman Brothers.

Then he plopped down to mess with Mark’s phone. He wasn’t surprised that Mark had a passcode on it – Mark had locks on almost everything, it was so people couldn’t really get to know the real him, so the public Mark and the private Mark could be distinguished. Mark’s phone password always had been – and always would be – his mom’s birthday, so Eduardo bypassed that with ease, and then he stopped.

Because Mark’s phone background – which had always been a picture of Leonard Nimoy Mark had taken from his trip to Canada two years ago – had been changed to a picture of Dustin, smiling, on Mark’s bed.

Eduardo stopped. He couldn’t break up two people that were obviously happy together – and it’s not like he wasn’t happy with Christy. He did like her, even though she was scary, and it was nice to have someone pay so much attention to him when he had more than enough on his plate. So instead of sending a break-up text to Dustin or figuring out what he wanted to do with Mark’s phone, he went back into the common room and put the phone where it had been and snapped at Mark until he woke up. “What, Wardo?”

Eduardo’s heart dropped a little bit as he heard Mark say his name for the first and last time sleepily, knowing unless Dustin did something really stupid, he and Mark would be together for a long time – longer than Wardo knew that he would wait.

Not could. Would.

“Mark, you need to get up, I don’t know how to check the traffic or whatever but Dustin hasn’t called and so I guess the person watching it is – “

“Billy.” Mark groaned, and rolled over off of the couch to scrabble for his phone. “Wardo, can you – “

“Already calling for room service.”

“Thanks.” The phone was already flipped open, the laptop booting up as Mark rubbed sleep out of his eyes. “How’s Christy?”

Eduardo pulled out his phone to see no new texts. “Asleep.”

Mark chuckled as Dustin picked up the phone. “Love of my life?”

“Is Billy still awake?”

“I don’t know. Shit, what time is it?”

Eduardo went back into his room as they conversed. He knew where he wasn’t wanted.


Then the meeting with Sean Parker happened, and Eduardo thought he would punch someone in the face.

Firstly, he wanted to punch Christy for talking him into this – he had done his research, Parker was only an early employee – and Parker was so charming, so slick, and ugh.

Secondly, he wanted to punch Sean. He knew Mark’s type, he knew Mark’s strengths and the ego boost Mark would get from someone who had been there, someone who had done what Mark wanted to do, and done it relatively well.

Thirdly, he wanted to punch Mark. Because Mark called Dustin, but Dustin didn’t pick up, and Mark pouted out of the window until they got back to the hotel, where Mark logged onto Facebook and completely ignored attempts at communication from both of them until the phone buzzed, and Mark took the phone and the laptop back to his room, a soft smile on his face.

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