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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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quick note; GUYS. please be aware that if you posted a prompt in part six and it is now screened, i have posted them to the post already - so that you guys don't have to. thanks for being patient and making the fill-a-thon such a success!

sorry i didn't get much of delicious done; i lacked the internet over the break but rest assured i have absolutely nothing to do so will get it, hopefully.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

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♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
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♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
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NEW: ♥ PLEASE comment with the first of your fill to the PROMPT and then all future updates as a comment to the FIRST PART of the fill. this makes it easier for both the WIP spreadhseet and for archiving stuff on delicious. it also helps people who are trying to catch up on updates and don't have to look through every fill on the prompt (should it have more than one). thank you.






have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)




Because I really don't think I've seen any fic where Dustin was the only one genderswapped, and I think the dynamics would be interesting. I'd love to see Chris/girl!Dustin even though I feel kind of bad asking for that idek but Mark or Eduardo or gen would be awesome as well. Mostly I'm just curious about Dustin as a girl.

that's all that you'll let me be 1/?

Dustin met Chris on a Thursday in October. She knows because she wrote it in her diary as I MET A HONEST TO GOD GAY GUY AT HARVARD TODAY. I THOUGHT THEY ONLY EXISTED IN THE IVY SYSTEM AT YALE.

On the following Saturday, Dustin followed Chris home after a party where she had gotten really trashed and Chris had fireman carried her out of the party and into her dorm room. She fell asleep on Chris, and when she woke up the next morning, all of her hair was strewn across Chris’ chest.

She didn’t understand why her hair wasn’t up, but she wasn’t throwing up, so that was good enough. When she had woken Chris up and pawned a t-shirt off of him, she entered the common room to find a tan dude hovering over that pale guy from the back of her Systems class.

“Morning!” She chirped – she thought she had drank more last night than her stomach was telling her – and both looked up, and she realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Mark, right?”

The pale boy – Mark – nodded, and the tan boy gawked for a second and Dustin realized her boobs were sticking out and moved to cross her arms over her chest. After a few moments the tan one regained his composure and crossed the room in moments, thrusting his hand out at her. “Eduardo Saverin. You are?”

“Dustin, Dustin Moskovitz.”


“Yeah, my dad’s a big Hoffman fan. My middle name’s Annalisa.” Mark snorted.


“Dustin Annalisa Moskovitz. DAM.”

Dustin chuckled. “Yeah. Mark, have you finished your Systems homework?” Mark shook his head.

“You’re in Systems?”

“Yeah, Computer Science, it’s my major.” Eduardo’s jaw dropped, and she blinked at him once, twice, and then Chris exited his room .

“Dustin, here’s your dress from last night, and your contact case.”

“Thanks Chris.” She chirped, and Chris smiled and handed her her stuff. This earned him a hug. “Well, I better get going.” She said, heading towards the door.

“It’s very cold out there, you better wear a jacket –“ Eduardo commented, starting to fumble with his North Face, but before he could get there, there was a hoodie hitting Dustin in the face.

“Thanks, Zuckerberg.” She said cheerfully and slid it on, heading out with her dress in one hand, her contact case in the other.

On her way out, she was sure she heard Eduardo whispering to Mark, “How can Chris get more ass then we do? He’s gay!” She was sure Mark shrugged at him, because Eduardo huffed.


The next Monday morning, there was a Red Bull on Mark’s normal desk when he got to Systems, along with his hoodie.

Dustin was sitting three rows ahead of him, and when he took his stuff and sat next to her, she beamed at him and he smiled back, not very widely but wide enough for Dustin.


Dustin unofficially moved into their room after her roommate – Marina – puked all over Dustin’s favorite shoes and their fourth suitemate - the one that roomed with Mark – dropped out to go to American Idol.

Her stuff slowly started to accumulate in Mark’s room, and after he and Erica broke up his sock drawer suddenly became more organized.

Then his t-shirts.

Then, finally, his hoodies actually were hung in size order. Except for one.

An oversized burgundy Harvard hoodie made it’s way into Dustin’s stuff, though he didn’t notice. Until one day when Eduardo was over and Dustin was making her way to the shower, her black boyshorts sticking out from under the hoodie.

“Mark?” Eduardo asked.


“Mark, are you sleeping with Dustin?”

“No, why?”

“She’s wearing your hoodie.”

Dustin had earbuds in, and couldn’t hear them as she shook her ass into the bathroom. Mark looked up, then shrugged. “She must have just picked it up off of the floor by accident.”



“Mark, Dustin’s hot. And wearing your sweatshirt.”

“And my roommate.”

Eduardo rolled his eyes and went back to his Econ textbook as Mark turned back to his computer. Mark was an idiot – a nice Jewish girl was walking around his dorm room in his hoodie and all he could think about was his laptop.

Re: that's all that you'll let me be 1/?

OP here; this is awesome! :D

Re: that's all that you'll let me be 1/?

I just plain love your writing and whatever you come up with! :D

Re: that's all that you'll let me be 1/?

that's good - sometimes i think i'm ridiculous.

fill: that's all that you'll let me be 2/?

Mark wasn’t stupid. He knew from the minute that Dustin moved into his room that something was up between the two of them. She slept in his bed most nights after binge drinking or binge coding or both, and occasionally he fell asleep next to her, the smell of her perfume in his nostrils for days afterwards.

Personally, he thought that Dustin may have been a big reason why Erica broke up with him – once she had sang him a Hall & Oates song while he was on the phone with Erica – but he didn’t really mind that much.

What he did mind was Eduardo macking on her every chance he got, and Dustin being completely ignorant about it. Once Dustin had asked if Eduardo wanted to be her best friend and Mark had responded no, and Dustin had pouted.

“Why would you ask that anyway?” Mark asked, confused.

“I mean, I’ve always wanted a gay best friend, and Chris totally pulls my hair and calls me the Ginger Devil when I drink all of the Smirnoff. Eduardo just seemed like the smarter choice.”

Once Mark figured out what Dustin was talking about, he snorted Mountain Dew out of his nose. He began to cough and Dustin immediately wrapped herself around him, smacking him on the back until Mark’s coughs turned into chuckles. She then wrapped herself around him, monkey style. “Dustin, Wardo’s not gay.”

“He isn’t?”

Mark chuckled some more. “No, he’s been hitting on you since you walked into the room with Chris’ too tight shirt on like you lived here.”

“Oh. He has?” Dustin said, and it was more of a confused tone than an hopeful one.

“Yeah. It’s annoying.” Dustin chortled into his ear. “That’s not very polite or lady like.” Dustin managed to wretch her face into Mark’s and pull her ears out away from her face and blow her mouth up to resemble a chimp. Mark snorted. “I know you don’t care. I don’t either. I wouldn’t be your friend if you changed.” Dustin laughed and scanned over his code on his laptop.

“That’s wrong.” She pointed at something on the screen and she and Mark delved into the nuances of code for another hour before Eduardo came barging into the room, Chinese in one hand and a case of beer in the other. “No, no, no Saverin. None for me. Speaking of, I have to get going.”

“You have to go?” Eduardo whined as Dustin detatched herself from Mark, giving him a peck on the cheek before smiling at Eduardo.

“Yeah, I have to work out. You don’t think this figure comes easy, do you? It’ll be a nice pinking season when I go home for Winter Break.”

“Ugh, don’t remind me.”

“Shut up, Miami.” With that, Dustin flounced into her and Mark’s room, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“She is so happy sometimes.”

“I know.” Mark groaned, and Eduardo set the food down on the table. “Movie time?”

“Yes. Luke, I am your father. and all of that shit.”


When Dustin got back at around midnight, her dress was screwed up and her makeup was a little smeared, and she looked blissfully drunk. Eduardo and Mark were still on the couch, both a little buzzed, and Eduardo wolf-whistled as she took her sky-high heels off.

“Wardo! Mark!” she flung herself over Eduardo to get to Mark and climb into his lap, her dress climbing dangerously up her legs. “Hi Mark.” She giggled, and Mark rolled his eyes.

“Am I going to have to hold your hair in the morning?” Mark said teasingly, and Dustin nodded, pulling a hair tie off of her wrist, her red hair going easily back into a ponytail.

“You’re the best, Mark.” She said as she pecked one cheek, then the other. “What are y’all watching?”

“Star Wars so shut it, Moskovitz.” She sat in Mark’s lap quietly for the rest of the night, shooting Eduardo very drunk and adorable looks until Mark picked her up slung her over his shoulders.

“Night Wardo!” She chirped as her stocking covered legs flitted in the front of Mark’s face.

Re: fill: that's all that you'll let me be 2/?

Endless smiles are the best just so you know.

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fill: that's all that you'll let me be 3/?

The next morning, when Dustin’s busy counting in German the number of seconds between the times she throws up, Mark’s brain starts to work.
Next week finals start, and along with that the final selections for the female finals clubs – which is obviously where Dustin was, she was a sophomore with a killer GPA, one of the prettiest and funniest and was on the track to graduating early from Harvard because of all of her AP credits. She had told Mark these amusing anecdotes about these two girls stalking her for Pleiades the first two months of school but she’d been punched by The Bee and Isis, but she liked The Bee better. He also knew that Eduardo knew that, because it was something that mattered to Eduardo. Having his girlfriend in one of those clubs would be cool with Mark but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Then he backtracked – since when was Dustin his girlfriend?

It was obvious that she was at least a little into Mark. She rubbed her boobs in his face when he wasn’t paying attention to him, she made him little cupcakes for Thanksgiving when he was too sick to go home and she didn’t want to find a way to Florida and back, so she’d slept in Chris’ room while keeping tabs on Mark.

Mark was also not blind. Eduardo would hit Dustin so hard that the walls would break if she would give him the time of day – which she didn’t. Eduardo was his best friend, and he knew Eduardo had a plan to get Dustin to go down and eat dinner with him on Christmas, take her to a nice restaurant and ask her to be his girlfriend if Mark didn’t make a move.

So, Mark looked at his code, Thefacebook, and thought, hey, brilliant idea.



“Are you able to walk?” There were some sliding noises, and then an answer back.

“Doubt it.”

Mark sighed – Dustin was like a puppy, eager but couldn’t use her legs for shit – and walked into the bathroom, where Dustin peeked up at him over her sippy cup, timid. She had the normal color in her face, so it was a motion issue rather than a sick issue.

Now Mark wasn’t the strongest person, but Dustin was light enough that he could carry her sober or three sheets to the wind, so he bent down and picked her up bridal style, then carried her sideways back into the room. He didn’t even bother to move her , just pushed the chair back with his ass and let her rest in his lap as his right hand went to the mouse and she dangled her legs. “So I was thinking because of the whole college experience thing, we should have like an interested in section and a relationship status, so if you met someone at a party and were interested –“

“You would just check their page and see if they were dating someone. Would it like, link to the other person’s page or?”

Mark hadn’t thought of that, and he kissed her cheek. “Genius.” Dustin blushed and wrapped her arms around his neck, obviously embarrassed at the show of affection. Not like they hadn’t gotten handsy before – Dustin – but normally Dustin was informed of her escapades in that little black dress, or in her “dress-shirt” that totally showed the curve of her ass when she went into the mini-fridge for a beer.

Not like anyone minded.

As Mark shifted forward, Dustin shifted to in between Mark’s legs so that he could have both hands free and she could use his neck as a pillow. He typed furiously, and she pointed out a few errors and shortcuts as he coded for this little, tiny detail and then, voila, there it was.

“I say we test it.” Mark said, and clicked on his own page. Within seconds he went from single to in a relationship.

“Yay, the code works.” Dustin said meekly, and a few seconds later a link came up. Dustin squinted at the screen, then smiled when she read the whole thing.

Mark Zuckerberg is in a relationship with Dustin Moskovitz.

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fill: that's all that you'll let me be 4/?

Winter Break flew by fast for all of them – mostly for Mark, who had gotten his parents to quiet down about him being in his room for unreasonable amounts of time with a simple picture of him and Dustin smiling goofily for Chris’ Polaroid camera, the caption on the bottom says “D & M Hanukkah 2003” and his mom practically foamed at the mouth.

He got out the smallest of details about Dustin when he went to meals – yes, she’s Jewish, yes she’s a CS major, yes she’s making sure he eats – but kept the more important things to himself, like how she had his sweatshirt with him, how she slept in the bed next to his, her bad karaoke abilities.
She calls every night at seven, and Mark actually gets off of the main coding deck, to some of his side projects, to listen to her talk about her day.

Eduardo hadn’t spoken to either of them since the whole ‘dating’ thing – namely because it was finals week and Dustin had kind of locked the three of them into the suite so they could actually study and Chris had bemoaned the loss of outside contact until Dustin told him that he was doing Calculus completely wrong and then he had chased her around the suite until she had promised to help him with his math.

He made an A- on the exam and if she and Mark hadn’t already been making out when he’d gotten back, he would have kissed her.

He was allowed – namely because he wasn’t turned on by all of her ‘cute’ little antics to get Mark to do what he had already done.


Somewhere near the last week of December, there was a knock at the door to Mark’s room.

Strange. No one in this house knocked. “Come in.” He called, expecting his mom to bust in with some new dress clothes and that’s why she knocked – she couldn’t reach the door handle.

Instead there were muted steps on his carpet, and he turned around to see a chest of burgundy sweatshirt.

“Did you miss me?” Dustin enthused, and Mark met her eyes and smiled.

“Yeah, everyone else in this house thinks in either English or Yiddish.”

“So, what did you have in mind?” She said, looking his shoulder at the lines of perl streaming across the page.

“Just need you to make sure that all of the little bits that I may have looked over.”

“Have you slept lately?”

“No, but I don’t see how this is pertinent to code.”

“Are you feeling well?” Dustin put her hand on his forehead, and he leaned into the touch.

“Yes, I’m feeling fine. Now what does this have to do with anything?”

“You never ask people for help. I mean, it’s you.” Her voice was softer than usual, kind of an awed voice.

Mark thought about it – he did ask her for help, but he was a bit more direct, and even he made mistakes – he wasn’t perfect, though he was a little neurotic, which could come off as a bit of a perfectionist. “I care about you, you’re the best –“

But before he could finish, he had no use of his brain or his mouth because there was Dustin, and three weeks was a surprisingly long time.

fill: that's all that you'll let me be 5/?

Six months later and they’re in Palo Alto.

Fucking California, without Eduardo and his crazy psycho girlfriend, without classes, without rules.

Mark swears to all that is holy and sacred that Dustin is walking around in those strips of fabric someone had pawned off to Target as a bathing suit so that he would get distracted from what they were doing, but most of the time she was hovering over a computer, pointing out Kyle or Christian’s problems while tapping her foot to whatever music someone had put on and shimming around the main common room.

Unlike the boys in the house, she cooked – mostly Kosher, once or twice she made cheeseburgers because people begged – and she sometimes did laundry if she was restless and her fingers were too banged up from coding to do some more coding.

So they had clean shirts and pants at least once a week and occasionally Dustin and Chris would venture out to Wal-Mart or whatever and the supplies in the house would be magically replaced.

Normally Dustin would get loud on the night that everything was replaced because that meant Mark would realize there was fresh beer, fresh toothpaste, and better, if they were out, new condoms.

Over the past six months their relationship had slowly gone from a slightly physical one to a totally physical one – namely the weekend that Mark had gotten back from the meeting with Sean Parker.

Mark had gotten inches with her – oral sex, hand jobs, etc – but when he got back with that smile on his face, that joy that Dustin had never seen on his face, and she had smothered him and they had a put a sock on the door so Chris would most definitely not walk in like he had in the past and should “Ew HETERO SEXUAL ACTIVITY!” and run out like a little girl.

Now that they were in Palo Alto , they had claimed the master to themselves, and no one ever walked in on them..

Ever. Even when they were verging on porn star noises, everyone ignored them. It was glorious.


Then Dustin gets the fucking amazing zip line and it makes her boobs bounce all over the place and when she and Chris went to get her a more secure bikini Mark had told everyone to unplug and told every single one of his programmers that if they even thought about Dustin, Dustin’s ass, or Dustin’s boobs besides “oh, that’s a girl” that they may want to consider that they wear clothes and live in a house with that girl’s boyfriend. And yes, Dustin had let him motorboat her once. Yes, it was glorious. Yes, Mark would know if they spanked off to that thought so just not now.

Within the first week Dustin gets really good at sliding off of that fucking thing, and all of the freshmen that he hired get anonymous death threats in their cargo short pockets and stuck to their Red Bulls when they aren’t looking.


One random Wednesday Dustin takes out a quarter of the chimney and when she lands in the pool immediately clings to Mark, who is fully dressed, and whisper-shouts, “That was fucking crazy!”

“I have a video camera.”

“Oh, oh yeah.” She backs off of him, and he puts it on the side of the pool before picking her up and walking her out of the pool, her natural blush rising as he leaves her on the couch and goes to get some ice or something in case she’s hurt. Someone knocks at the door.


When he finally finds something cold enough, he hears the front door.

“Are you all alright?”

“Yeah, we were worried, we were moving out across the street and saw the chimney break.”

Mark knew that voice, and he steps out from where he was in the kitchen to find Dustin, in her bikini, face to face with some girl and Sean Parker.

“Sean Parker?”

Sean’s face lights up, “Mark Zuckerberg! Hey, buddy!”

“This is my girlfriend, Dustin. And she’s fine, though she’s an idiot.”

“An alive idiot.”

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fill: that's all that you'll let me be 6/?

Somehow Sean starts to drop by more often, and he mentions coming to live with them. Mark gets excited, but he sees Dustin’s face go into a line, and he tells Sean give them a little, it may be a bit much because of the fact there a lot of them.

Sean looks at Dustin and understood.


That night, Mark came in from coding to find Dustin crying on the bed.

This freaked Mark out. Dustin didn’t cry. When Christian had accidentally punched her in the boob, she had laughed and smacked him in the chest, to prove how strong she was. No matter the hickies Mark gave her, the scratches they gave each other, Dustin didn’t cry.

Except when she watched Bambi, but that was rare because Mark had thrown the DVD out “by accident” and they had gotten so distracted that no one had bother to replace it.

Mark placed his laptop on the floor and immediately went to the bed, wrapping an arm around Dustin, who gave him one watery glance and started to sob into Mark’s chest, big wracking sobs which shook her shoulders and bobbed her head and Mark could only hold her until her loud sobs got softer, then she slowly stopped.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Mark asked, but from Mark that meant ‘tell me what upset you.’

Dustin almost resisted, she almost told Mark it was just time for the Crimson Wave and then he would probably drop it, but she couldn’t handle that. “He’s going to ruin this. If you let him come here, Mark, he’s going to ruin it”


“Sean. He’ll, he’ll bring girls,” and here she hiccupped, and she was seriously torn up about this Sean thing, and Mark didn’t get it, “and they’ll distract people, and more drugs and more people and I just don’t think I can handle that. If he comes, I’m going to go stay with Eduardo in New York for a while.”

Before Mark can take that as a threat, she starts to cry again, and shit she was really upset about just one person moving into the house for a little bit. “What if we just let him use a room, but he couldn’t bring new people in here or drugs or whatever unless you okayed them beforehand?”

She shook her head. “Why does he need to be here in the first place? I know he made you feel more confident about the company, but he didn’t even found Napster, he just helped. And I mean, he can help with like investors and stuff, but I mean, we’re having fun without him. Aren’t we?”

“Yeah.” Mark answered without thought. They were having a fine time without Sean and his drugs and his paranoia, but he could find investors. “But, Dustin, what if he finds us our big break?”

They had talked about the big break – something that would make both of them drop out of Harvard and come out here full time, something brilliant, like an angel investor or some way that they could do like really classy ads that didn’t take up a bunch of room. They both knew money had to come in eventually, but the how was still technically Eduardo’s idea.

“I don’t know.” She said softly into his neck, and Mark sighed. “Mark, I miss Wardo. Isn’t this his job, to do all of this crap?”

“He’s not doing a good job of it.” Mark said snippily.

Dustin sighed again, and they both knew this argument was getting stale. “I called Wardo – he’s going to come out next week, try to get some meetings here. Ask Sean to do the same – whoever gets us the bigger investor wins. It’ll be like when you used to code in the dorm while Eduardo would get to schmooze with the clients, except you won’t have to deal with any of that crap. You just get to see who gets the better meetings.”

“And if it’s Sean?”

“If it’s Sean, he can move in.”

“Shake on it.” Dustin laughed, but she extended her hand from somewhere near Mark’s ribcage, and they did the most awkward shake ever. “Can you get me some water?”

“Sure, baby.” Anything for you.

fill: that's all that you'll let me be 7/?

The next weekend Mark found himself being dragged out of his house, into his car, and being driven towards the parking lot by one very determined Dustin Annalisa Moskovitz, who had some sort of bit between her teeth that Mark couldn’t get her to let go of. So far Sean had lined up three meetings with some actually legit people. Eduardo wouldn’t tell Dustin how far he had gotten, but Dustin surmised he wasn’t happy with the current situation and had to pull a few strings, but had meetings.

Dustin had made Mark take of his trademark hoodie, and the plain black t-shirt and regular jeans were not of his choice. Though his uniform was quite normal, Dustin wanted them to at least look presentable. She was wearing this tight black dress though, and Mark wanted to get her out of it. It was new – it had to have been what had come in that package earlier that week, that she wouldn’t let him see, because he didn’t want to stand here and wait for Wardo. He wanted to see Dustin splayed out under him, her hands in his hair, her hair splayed everywhere. She’d gone the California route and her hair was down to her waist now – she could do all of these crazy things to it. Braids. Knots. Braids with knots that came undone under Mark’s hands.

Mark was half hard thinking about Dustin’s fucking hair – how fucking ridiculous had California made him?

As he let his fingers creep down from Dustin’s shoulder, down the line of her dress towards her lats, she jumped up from where they were sitting in the waiting area and crowed, “WARDO.”

And there he was. Mark’s best friend, dressed in a suit – well, airplanes were notoriously cold, and it was freezing in this airport, so Mark couldn’t begrudge him the warmth his suit probably gave him – looking up from texting Christy and breaking into a genuine smile and putting his suitcase in the upright position behind him as Dustin in her short dress and her glamorous silver sandals ran towards him, her hair like a long trail of fire behind her. When Eduardo grabbed her and shook her, it looked like they were a pair of glamorous models who had been separated from each other for a long time; a tantric pair you saw in magazine spreads, on tabloid covers. Not Mark’s girlfriend and best friend.

Mark went to go pull the car around, but the call of “Mark!” made him turn back around to face an almost on top of him Eduardo, who had his goofiest smile on his face. When Eduardo grabbed him – Eduardo would probably use the word “hug” but Mark didn’t care – he lifted Mark off of the ground and twirled him around. By the time both of Mark’s feet were back on the ground, Dustin had come back to them with Eduardo’s suit bag and case behind her neatly. They traded, Eduardo his suitcase, Dustin her boyfriend.

“Are you hungry, Wardo?” Dustin asked as she stuck her hand in Mark’s back jean pocket and squeezed.

Mark squeaked out, “yeah, we should get something to eat.”

“Okay.” Eduardo responded slowly, and Mark stuck his arm around Dustin’s shoulder as he lead them out towards the car. “To be honest, I thought it would be Chris picking me up from the airport.”

“Chris is kind of distracted.” Mark and Dustin answered in unison, and Eduardo chuckled, standing on Mark’s left as they walked towards the car.

“Glad to see some things really never change.”

“What – us or Chris?”

“You two.” He cursed as his phone rang. “Ugh, Christy, leave me alone.” He begged the phone.


“Yes, Dustin?”

“You’re talking to your Blackberry again.”

Mark snorted. Everything did feel normal again.

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fill: that's all that you'll let me be 8/?

As they prepared for the meetings more of the dresses that Dustin had shipped to her came out of the box and onto the bed so she and Eduardo could plan outfits. Mark was in the room, watching as Dustin changed from dress to dress, some more casual, some made to literally go to a rave or something. Eduardo and she began to set out the outfits by day, then going through Mark’s clothes and picking out stuff, laying it out.



“Take your shirt off.”

Mark shrugged and did as he was told, turning around to see why they would possibly need the most non descript black polo that he owned at this very moment, but his mind was soon overcome with thoughts of Dustin in these navy panties she was walking around with in the room like it was no big deal she was naked in front of Eduardo.

Eduardo, who, with his model good looks, his charming smile, his sheer sweetness could have easily been her boyfriend right now. Who was standing there, frowning at his cell phone while Dustin yammered on about Sean.

“And I guess he’s nice, but I don’t know, it’s not like he done anything wrong, really.”

“He hasn’t really done anything right. Plus, he’s paranoid as shit.”

“Most great people were. I mean, history does oft repeat itself. But I see what Mark wants to do – we need a president and Sean’s got some killer experience that none of us can match, more or less gain in the time that’s needed to start up.”

“But I don’t want Sean to have anything to do with this company.”

“Well, Eduardo, you need to be here to prove that. And what are you doing in New York anyways, fucking around with old money investors who don’t understand this new money company?”

“I’ve got connections through – “

“Through the Phoenix, as do I through The Bee. But that doesn’t mean shit, Eduardo, this company could be huge but instead you’re thinking of the East Coast way of doing things. This is a West Coast company – that was decided from the minute Mark stepped foot here. Now you have to play catch up and stay before bad shit happens to your stake in this company.”

“Was that a threat, Moskovitz?”

“No, it wasn’t a threat. It was a promise.” Eduardo looked up from his phone and Mark watched as the two did battle without speaking a word, fighting with their eyes.

Mark knew jealousy was an ugly monster, but Dustin had just proved to him why she was here, with him. She got him on not only a real level but a philosophical level – this was the future, and here was Wardo willing to try and de-modernize a website. She knew that once this thing really gained momentum it wouldn’t matter if Mark dropped out and spent his life savings - $2,432- on Red Vines to keep him going because this website was not going to fail. It was big and getting bigger by the day.

It had too much going for it for it to loose.

“Do you really think that I could be gone if I don’t come out?” Eduardo said meekly, and Mark knew Dustin had won this round.

“Honestly?” Dustin breathed in and met Mark’s eyes. “Yeah.”

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However, what felt like the most anticipated week of Mark’s life went incredibly fast. He had felt like he was moving light years ahead of everyone, but now it was like he was going fucking everywhere in this city. Dustin was the designated driver because the boy from next door had finally decided that Chris was worthy of his time, and Chris would deal with the publicity stuff when it came through.

But luckily the only press they got was Facebook grows bigger; looking for new investors in the Silicon Valley, which they couldn’t deny because it’s honestly what they were doing. No one knew of Sean’s freelance advising or the internal troubles between Mark and Eduardo – mostly because the interns had signed NDA’s and Chris and Dustin gossiped like old ladies but wouldn’t say anything to anyone else. It was nice – like college - except Eduardo seemed more stressed than he had during the last semester.

Halfway through the second day of Eduardo being there Dustin had called Christy and broken up with her for him because Dustin was fucking annoyed with her. Mark had laughed so hard that he had ended up with his head in Eduardo’s lap, practically crying into Eduardo’s Armani pant leg. This had gotten Eduardo to start laughing and Dustin to crack up, her shirt riding up around her waist and Mark’s boxers being set so high that Mark had to start laughing again and pointed it out with his finger, so when Eduardo looked up they both burst out laughing because Dustin looked like a freak.

She blushed and giggled at the fact she looked like a hick until Chris came in with his hair all messed up and the belly laughter started again, which ended up with Chris storming through the room, over Dustin while Mark and Eduardo laughed so hard that Mark actually snorted, which set Dustin off again.


The meetings, however, were not as much fun as their hanging out was. Though Sean had set up some of the meetings, he was only allowed to go to the ones he set up, and then it was just as a consultant. Dustin had made that very clear when they were driving to their second meeting after picking Sean up from some hotel in the center of Palo Alto. Also, everyone had to be introduced with their titles, and Mark had to try to be nice.

Mark had also spent most of the car ride with his hand on Dustin’s thigh, because he had to get used to people checking Dustin out like she was a piece of meat.

The first meeting had ended quickly because the guy watched Dustin come in and had thought that she was some sort of bargaining chip, or even better, a Silicon Valley slut that had attached herself to the company. When he had asked her what part of the Valley she had been born in, Dustin had told her that she was from Florida and thanked him for calling her a whore, and obviously any man who could not believe that a girl could be a Computer Science major and work for a budding website was obviously the wrong choice for their company. She had then proceeded to leave the meeting, which meant Mark followed her out and flicked the investor off.

Eduardo met them at the car, where Dustin looked furious, Mark confused, and shrugged. “People are assholes. Dustin’s our CTO, anyone who’s seen the website knows that. No one gets away with insulting a member of our company. I told him if he had insulted her one more time, I would have decked him in the face."

“I don’t look slutty!” She screeched, and Mark and Eduardo both paled.

After a moment, Mark sighed. “Dustin, it’s because you’re gorgeous. Men don’t know how to act around you.”


During the second meeting, Eduardo introduced them all.

“Eduardo Saverin, CFO. This is Dustin Moskovitz, our CTO, and Mark Zuckerberg, our CEO.”

“And Sean?”

Sean smiled, “I’m just helping them move their project forward.”

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