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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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quick note; GUYS. please be aware that if you posted a prompt in part six and it is now screened, i have posted them to the post already - so that you guys don't have to. thanks for being patient and making the fill-a-thon such a success!

sorry i didn't get much of delicious done; i lacked the internet over the break but rest assured i have absolutely nothing to do so will get it, hopefully.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

♥ post requests and responses in the comments to this post.
♥ be respectful.
♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


♥ alphabetize pairings/threesomes/moresomes. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark/Sean etc.)
♥ put [RPF] before RPF prompts. (e.g. [RPF] Andrew/Jesse)
♥ for crossover prompts: "[Crossover], The Social Network Character(s)/Other Character(s), [Fandom]" (e.g. [Crossover], Eduardo/Columbus, [Zombieland])
♥ no "!" in pairings, only in descriptions. (e.g. Eduardo/Mark, FacebookCreator!Eduardo, CFO!Mark)
♥ anyone, everyone, no one? Use "Other." (e.g. Sean/Other)
♥ put [GEN] before GEN prompts.


♥ please don't embed. link to images/videos.
♥ no locked material. this includes communities, even if membership is open.
♥ fills can be posted anonymously or not.
♥ fills can be anything: fic, art, vid, fanmix, podfic, etc.
♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.
NEW: ♥ PLEASE comment with the first of your fill to the PROMPT and then all future updates as a comment to the FIRST PART of the fill. this makes it easier for both the WIP spreadhseet and for archiving stuff on delicious. it also helps people who are trying to catch up on updates and don't have to look through every fill on the prompt (should it have more than one). thank you.






have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Chris/Dustin - Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging AU

Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging (perfect Snogging, for those who've seen the movie, and not read the books) AU.

The teenage life of Dustin Moskovitz and the fACEbook Gang.


Dustin as Georgia
Mark as Jas (>.> bonus points if you refer to Eduardo as Hunky)
Billy Olson as Rosie (even more bonus point if for some reason, Billy Olson has a big huge Scandinavian Viking boyfriend/girl friend)
Sean as Dave the Laugh (he's a laugh!)
And Chris? Well, he's Robbie, AKA: the sex god!

Shenanigans ensue, involving fake beards, learning to kiss, stalking Chris's spotty boyfriend Sean(and finding out he stuffs his pants!), and a better look into the adolescent life of Dustin Moskovitz,

Chances are you're really only going to get this if you've read the books (or watched the movie, both of which is more likely if you're across the pond). But if you do, Georgia Nicholson!Dustin just seems to fit in my mind. I'm weird.

{fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

You really couldn't consider Dustin popular. In the traditional sense, at least. Or in the modern sense. More in the 'he's the kid who once got really drunk freshman year and threw up in Mindy Griffin's pool” popular. Which isn't really popular because he doesn't have friends and no one really likes him.

Except for Mark. Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg is a bitter asshole. He and Dustin have known each other since they were babies, quite literally. His mom knew Mark's mom in high school and they were the unpopular hippie geeks. He and Mark are the unpopular computer nerds who pretend they would rather spend a night in drinking cheap beer and coding instead of going out and getting laid.

His mother claims that popularity in high school doesn't matter and that once he leaves, he'll be the one racking up job after job.

And you know what, Dustin believes her. But he can't help it. He's here now, and the only friend he has is Zuckerberg – the guy who once skipped out on his Geometry exam just to finish up a coding binge.

Mark is his best friend. He remembers having combined birthday parties with him as a kid because they were best friends. He remembers kissing Mark when he was twelve years old, desperate to have his first kiss, because they were best friends. He remembers waking up on Mark's room floor – shirtless, smelling like vomit, and wrapped in a towel – with Mark carefully explaining the situation, because they were best friends.

“You threw up in Mindy's pool.”

“You're fucking kidding, right?”

“No. I don't joke about shit like this.” Dustin's vision was still blurred at the edges, but he could clearly see Mark standing, a glass of water in one hand and his other on his hip. “You're lucky my mom switched her hours.”

Dustin propped himself up on his elbows, looking around the room. Mark pulls him up into a sitting position and hands him the glass.

“I hope you know, “ Mark says, “that we are forever the losers of this class. Way to go, Dustin.”

He really couldn't help it, there was alcohol and he is only human, of course he was going to drink. What he wasn't looking forward to was going back to school and all the sideways glances and being shoved in the hallways. Especially when Mindy Griffin would send her cronies out simply to make his life hell, including once asking him out on a date sophomore year and then never showing up.

Dustin's a junior now.

And no, things really haven't changed at all.

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}


Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}


Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

this seems lovely XD

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

<33 thank you!

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

omg i looove this. hilarious high school dustin/mark friendship fic!?!? BE MINE, ANON

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-07-31 09:42 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

i have a feeling that this is gonna be so amazing..

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-07-31 09:43 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

I should probably be embarrassed by how excited I am about this, but I just can't be because the Confessions series was the greatest thing ever when I was in middle school.

Plus, I love this Dustin/Mark friendship so freakin' hard.

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-07-31 09:44 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?}

this is a marvy great beginning, interested in more :B

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {1/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-07-31 09:44 pm (UTC)(Expand)



Anyways, this is fab. Fabbity fab fab.

As fab as the Norwegians and the fact that they paint with sledges.

I do the viking disco inferno for you.

Re: OP FINALLY BECAUSE I FORGOT - (Anonymous), 2011-07-31 09:46 pm (UTC)(Expand)

{fill} Suburban Warfare {2/?}

can i just say that i actually lost this fill in a bunch of links and YES i have been writing, but ugh, wtf life. i have a ton more written out, but i just have to go through some editing stuff and revision? i'll be updating more! yay!


They're about two months into junior year, at this point, so there isn't any excitement anymore. You know your classes, you know everyone in them, you get homework regularly now, the teachers have grown bitter, and the seating arrangements in the lunch room have been determined.

Dustin and Mark sit with the so called computer geeks.

Their table isn't obscenely full. It's Dustin, Mark, Billy Oslen, and this girl.

Dustin doesn't know the girl but it isn't the first time she's shown up. She's in his Government class and frankly, scares the shit out of him.

“She's from Sweden.”

“You're fucking kidding, right?”

“No.” Mark stares at Billy and the girl from across the lunch room, his bag in his hand. “She's an exchange student. She gave Billy a handjob afters school a few weeks ago and have been inseparable since.” Dustin turns to Mark and cocks a brow. “You know what this means?”

Dustin shifts his feet uncomfortably and shakes his head, gripping his lunch tray harder than necessary. “No, care to explain?”

Mark turns to him, in his worn out grey hoodie, reaches out, and takes a hold of Dustin's arm.

“There is literally no excuse left.”

It's all Mark says. Dustin isn't sure what he means, but something inside him nudges him to look back at Billy and his six foot Swedish princess to see them throwing fruit into each other's mouths. Dustin's face twists.

“Dustin, I'm serious – there is no excuse left.”

“What the hell are you saying?”

“Billy fucking Olsen is going to lose his virginity to – let's face it – a girl who is actually considerably hot.” Mark says this with a straight face and his grip on Dustin's arm tightens. “She may be like four inches taller than him and speaks with an accent so heavy that it is actually a waste of time to even listen, but she is hot, okay?”

Dustin can feel his palms getting sweaty because he knows what Mark is getting at.

Dustin is cute. This he knows. Maybe he isn't the most attractive guy ever, but he's got cute red hair and a pretty face. He's lean and maybe he doesn't have abs, but he does have a flat stomach, so that has to count for something. If he really, really wanted to, maybe he could get a girl... or a guy.

Except that's where everything messes up.

Dustin has tried, but he doesn't know what goes wrong.

The girl always ends up laughing him out of the room or not really listening at all. Whenever Dustin feels ignored, he just lets himself be ignored. That's one of his worst habits.

Mark isn't like him. When Mark feels ignored, he tears through the wall separating him and the person he wants attention from with snarky remarks and sarcasm.

Which is why he's an asshole.

Dustin, let's say, lets himself be ignored.

“There's no excuse for us to be virgins anymore.” Mark says it simply, arms crossed. “Billy Olsen is too high most of the time to even maintain an intellectual conversation – and the Swede is hardly understandable, so maybe that's why they're going out – but that's not the fucking point.” Mark catches himself before he wanders off track and takes a deep breath.

“Look, we're juniors now. How about we start...” Mark lets his hand drop. “How about we stop being scared of these so called 'attractive people', stop being so scared of rejection, and just fucking go for it?”

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {2/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-08-10 06:47 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {2/?} - ms_bnda, 2011-07-31 10:40 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {2/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-08-10 06:50 am (UTC)(Expand)

{fill} Suburban Warfare {3/?}

“Guys, this is Viveka.”

Mark blinks but extends his hand anyway. “Nice to formally meet you, Viveka.” Mark gives the girl three shakes, looking straight at her. “Viveka, what an interesting name. Mark.”

“Mark!” Viveka chirps happily, nodding. She goes on to say something about Billy but even if she slows down her speech, Dustin can't help but wrinkle his nose in effort to understand her.

Mark says something that could be considering insulting to an American but Viveka just laughs, waving her hand. She says he's charming. Dustin wonders if there are any other European girls around for Mark because all the American ones seem to want to strangle him.

Suddenly she turns to Dustin and holds out her hand.

She's got long wavy blonde hair that falls down past her elbows. Her skin is kind of a sickly pale, but in a good way. She's got big blue eyes and a big toothy smile.

Mark is right. She's hot. He can only begin to imagine how in the world Billy managed such a catch.

But he takes her hand and shakes it softly. “Dustin.”

“I love that name!”

The rest of the lunch period is spent discussing what kinds of names they like.


Dustin goes the rest of the day thinking hard on what Mark said.

Regardless of what happens, he knew what Mark was saying was true. Viveka would have sex with Billy and he would lose his virginity and they would probably have more sex until Viveka was packed back up into her box and shipped back to bumfuck Sweden.

He watched her closely in his Government class that day. Watching as she rose her hand and answered nearly every question while at the same time make sly digs at the United States and the crappy education system.

To hear Mark say that, to hear Mark say, just go for it really shook Dustin up. If anything, Mark had always been the passive one. He flows with the motions and even if he does get pissed about something that happens, he's never pissed enough to actually do something about it, probably just get drunk and code.

{fill} Suburban Warfare {4/?}

Once in the eighth grade, Mark had a crush on a girl. Her name was Mini and she was an adorable red head with big glasses. Dustin doesn't know why, but Mark had an insanely huge crush on her. Whenever she would wonder by their lunch table, he would freeze up and blush but still hold his cruel surface.

One day, in April, he declared that he was going to ask Mini out.

”I'm gonna ask her out.”

Dustin looked up. He was spread out on the floor with a laptop sitting on his stomach. It took a second to sink in and he wasn't sure how to digest this. It's not like Mini wouldn't say yes... it's just that Mark was...


Mark's face crunches up, “What do you mean 'why'? Because I like her and I want her to be my girlfriend.”

The eighth grade wasn't the best year for them, really. Mark would always get into arguments with the teachers and call them idiots and when he wanted someone to fall back on, that kind of became Dustin. Dustin, of course, was always there and they ended up in the principal's office, receiving lectures on respect for authority.

Mini was kind of a teacher's pet. She was always sorting the paper work and stamping papers, she always got special treatment and such.

'Why would the teacher's pet go out with the kid who starts arguments about everything?' is what Dustin was thinking.

Mark asked Mini out the following day and it kind of went something like this:


Mark was standing at the end of her lunch table, hands in his pockets. He blinked.


“Yeah.” Mini pushed around her carrots with her finger. “Yeah as in yeah, no.” She pauses for a few more seconds. “Yeah, no to the date... no.”

Eighth grade was also the year that Mark discovered the wonders of coding.

When the bell rings signaling the end of his Government class, thus the end of the day, Dustin realizes something.

Mark gave him that speech for a reason. Mark told him that they needed to stop being so scared for a reason. Mark wanted to break out of his shell for a reason.

Mark had a reason. And what kind of reason would warrant Mark to give a speech on breaking out of their socially awkward shells?

A light bulb goes off in Dustin's head.

{fill} Suburban Warfare {5/?}

Dustin wants to come in with a bang so when he spots Mark at his locker, he tries to sneak up, but he doesn't get far before Mark spots him.

“What the hell are you doing?” Mark cocks a brow and throws his bag over his shoulder. “Are you trying to scare me? Because if you are, remember what happened last time?”

Dustin laughs, throwing himself forward. “Let's not talk about that, Zuckie! But!” He jabs a finger into Mark's shoulder, grinning widely. “I was looking to talk to you about something really really, like totally and undeniably important.”

Mark begins to usher Dustin to the back of the school and leads him out into the parking lot.

“You know that really odd speech you gave me about Viv and Oslen?” Dustin trails Mark closely, biting his lip. He's not really sure how to approach subjects like this. “Well... I was wondering – “

“You were wondering why I gave you that speech?” Mark leads them to a run down two door car. The floor is littered with fast food bags and the windshield is covered in bird shit – the car has always screamed 'Mark' to Dustin.

“Uh. Yeah?”

“No reason.” Mark shrugs, unlocking the doors of the car and hopping in.

Dustin slides in. He knows he'll have to approach this very carefully. Mark isn't the kind of guy to admit that he has a crush. He's stubborn and whether or not he likes to admit it, Mark loves and even maintains the whole 'Yeah, I'm an emotionless robot' persona that was branded into him. He closes the door and sighs.

“You're lying.” Dustin narrows his eyes at him as Mark begins to back out of his parking space. “Why would you give a speech about breaking out and going up to attractive people and do shit?”

Mark shrugs, eyes on the road. “To break out and go up to attractive people and do shit?”

“Is there an attractive person.. I don't know, that you have in mind?”

Mark is a very concentrated driver. He rarely ever has music on and doesn't look at people. He doesn't answer his phone and hardly even talks. He puts all his concentration on the road. It was probably because he once ran a car into the side of a building but now Dustin is trailing off now.

“What are you implying Moskovitz?”

“I'm implying you have a crush and you're holding out on me, you bastard.” Dustin hisses, once again jabbing the very tip of his finger into Mark's shoulder. “So, who is it? Obviously the reason you told me all that was so that you wouldn't have to go out and face this mystery person on your own, you'd have your dumbass of a best friend there with you too.”

Mark doesn't say anything. He completely ignores Dustin, actually. He drives all the way to his house. Dustin follows him into the house and through Mark's kitchen and up the stairs and into his room. He stands in the middle of the room as Mark sits on his bed.

“His name is Eduardo.”

Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {5/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-08-10 08:23 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: {fill} Suburban Warfare {5/?} - (Anonymous), 2011-08-10 07:25 pm (UTC)(Expand)