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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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quick note; GUYS. please be aware that if you posted a prompt in part six and it is now screened, i have posted them to the post already - so that you guys don't have to. thanks for being patient and making the fill-a-thon such a success!

sorry i didn't get much of delicious done; i lacked the internet over the break but rest assured i have absolutely nothing to do so will get it, hopefully.




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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

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[RPF] Jesse/Andrew, faking the bromance

When Andrew and Jesse filmed TSN, they actually didn't like each other. At all. Maybe it's character bleed, maybe.

However, in a desperate attempt to give the movie about an unapologetic billiionaire asshole, directed and written by men who aren't scoring high on sympathy points either, a human, sympathetic element the studio asks Jesse and Andrew to fake being BFFs whenever there's a camera on them.

Andrew being a great actor but not an expert on BFF-like behavior goes over the top with this much to the studio's delight and Jesse's confusion but he plays along. Except what was supposed to be four weeks of promotional work extends to six months when the studio decides to campaign for all the awards. Awkward.

During that time the faking turns into the real thing for both of them, only each thinks he's all alone in that and the other still hates his guts. Pining and angst ensue.

FILL: we don't have to like each other 1a/?

i haven't written in about two years, this is my first rps, and this is my first fic in the tsn fandom. please go very easy on me. i warn you guys that i'm horrible with tenses sometimes, but i hope that this fill will otherwise be okay. i'll try my best to update often!


“Oh, um. Sorry, I—there was traffic and—I’m really not used to being in LA yet, so I’m kind of late. I mean, am late. That’s, um. Unprofessional. Sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Andrew blinked at the guy that just rushed into the room for the table reading. He didn’t really recognize him, which was probably bad since there was a chance that this man would one day be his costar if they got the job. Not that he knew anyone else in the room, really. The new guy didn’t really look like much. His posture was horrible and he looked like he was uncomfortable in his own skin. He must have a pretty small part, Andrew thinks. No one that awkward could land a big role.

Sorkin and Fincher smiled at the new guy and ushered him into the seat right across from Andrew. Andrew was a bit confused by that because that would have to mean…

“Okay everyone, now that we’re all here and away from that horrible LA traffic,” Sorkin pauses here to wink at the awkward guy who blushes furiously and slumps a tiny bit in his chair. “Let’s go around the table and introduce yourselves and your role. Jesse, why don’t do us the honor of going first?”

“Hi. I’m, uh. I’m Jesse Eisenberg and I will be playing the role of Mark Zuckerberg.”

Andrew reached up to adjust his fedora a little, because he just got a little fidgety from having to suppress a disbelieving laugh. Mark Zuckerberg. Hell. That’s the leading role. A horrible part of him brings up the thought that this Jesse guy must be sleeping with someone important, but he squashes it because, well. It’s horrible and also hard to believe. Andrew listens to everyone else who introduces themselves including this really tall, prince-charming-type guy named Armie and a pretty little Asian named Brenda that he realizes will be playing his girlfriend. Eventually they reach him, and he stands up and smiles to the table. “I’m Andrew Garfield, and I’ll be playing the victim, Eduardo Saverin,” Andrew gives a little wave and grins to show that he’s joking.

He gets a few chuckles from around the table, but Eisenberg doesn’t understand that it’s a joke though and ends up saying, “I don’t really think there’s a victim in the story. Or there is, but if viewed in different perspectives like it’s meant to, everyone can be considered a victim.”

At that point, Andrew realizes he really doesn’t like Jesse Eisenberg at all.

FILL: we don't have to like each other 1b/?

lol, i nearly anon failed when I posted 1a. i'll probably reveal myself at the end of this if i'm not feeling too shy though


No one notices that Andrew and Jesse are looking at each other somewhat tensely because they all seem to be genuinely interested in the idea that was just thrown out.

Sorkin grins a little and starts to speak. “I’m glad your brought that up Jesse, because it’s actually something I think all of you need to know. You guys need to think about this if you do the movie. This script is based on facts so there are different sides of the story. When this movie is finished, I want the audience to come out of the theaters wondering who was right because we don’t want to establish it for them.”

Andrew kind of hates that the perspective thing is true and genius, and he is a little embarrassed of his joke now. He fakes a smile because he’s good at that. Good at acting. He can turn this around. “I think all of us will secretly be rooting for our characters though, don’t you?”

Sorkin and Fincher laugh at this and Fincher is the one to wink, this time, directed at Andrew. “I’m counting on it. This script is all about dialogue, so I hope all of you are ready to really put your all into the characters and give them the strong emotions and dimension that they should have.”

Andrew thinks that Eisenberg may have narrowed his eyes a little, but he’s not sure. The lights in the room are pretty bright and it's early morning. Andrew grins a little smugly across the table at Eisenberg. Eduardo and Mark spend a lot of time on opposite sides of a table and on opposite sides of a law suit. That means there's a lot of anger and hate. Andrew figures that that's really good because Andrew and Jesse might eventually be lucky enough to have to do this movie together. Andrew figures that he and Jesse don’t have to like each other to make this movie good. In fact, this dislike they have might help the film be a lot more convincing than any warm feelings will. Yes, Andrew thinks. They don't have to like each other at all.

Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 1b/?

Wow, I like how different this fill is already. So strange to have Andrew dislike Jesse, thinking he probably got a small role or slept with someone important to land a big role. Oh and the arrogance/or smugness, hmm...trying to form an opinion there. More soon? :)

Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 1b/?

this is my favourite prompt...i've been stalking the site forever for this to be filled...you anon are my new hero...

Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 2a/?

Fincher passes stacks of the script down the two sides of the table and waits until everyone has one in front of them. “Alright you guys, let’s start our table reading! Jesse, Rooney?”

Andrew was sort of hoping that Eisenberg would stumble through his lines and end up not getting the role, but instead, he ended up unfortunately surprised at how well he read. The nervousness that Andrew saw just a few moments ago seemed to have slipped away completely. The guy sitting in front of him didn’t seem like Jesse Eisenberg anymore. He was Mark Zuckerberg, this amazing character that Aaron Sorkin wrote. And Andrew sort of hated that he was so good at it.

When it finally came time for Andrew to read the part of Eduardo, he made the decision to act like there was a camera filming him at that very second. Andrew isn’t the most confident of actors since he’s still fairly new, but he knows that he can be really good if he wants it enough. He really does want it really bad and uses that to build up his confidence a little. He wears that confidence during his lines and adds these little flairs to the character to make it his own. The character of Eduardo is serious and heartbroken, but he is also a college student for part of the script. Andrew makes sure that he reads those parts like he’s trying to be a college student being normal and having fun, not waiting for a death sentence. When he finishes some lines, he looks up at Eisenberg to see if there is any reaction. Eisenberg is still Mark Zuckerberg and Andrew sees no reaction other than the ones Mark would have. It’s sort of beautiful, but Andrew just finds himself kind of annoyed.

FILL: we don't have to like each other 2a/?

At some point, Sorkin stops the reading to let them all off for lunch. As Andrew is getting up and stretching, he finds that Eisenberg has walked around the table to come to his side. He still looks a little like he’s in character, but as Andrew stares at him while he waits for him to talk, he can see the anxiousness from before coming back. Eisenberg takes a breath, and then:

“Um. Hi, I’m Jesse. Well, you already know that, but I thought I’d properly introduce myself because we’re supposed to be best friends. In the script. Well, mostly best friends. I thought it would probably be good to get to know each other? I was thinking for a bit near the beginning that I gave a really bad first impression coming in late, but LA traffic really is bad you know? Like…people always seem to start texting at stop lights and they never move even when the lights turn green and it seems to always be right in front of me and it’s horrible. But, um. Yeah. Do you want to grab lunch together?”

Andrew stares at Eisenberg and his “dancing” hands for a few seconds because, seriously? This guy is a little weird. How can anyone be so amazing at acting yet so socially awkward? Also, he seems a little self-centered. It’s not like everyone chooses to stop exclusively in front of him, but he acts like that’s how it is. Andrew tries to think of something to say that isn’t too rude and ends up with, “I don’t really know how bad LA traffic is. I never get stuck because I have a Vespa and can just get past people.”

“Oh. Well, um. I can drive us to get lunch? I mean. I think it’s raining outside right now,” Jesse tries to ask again.

There’s a soft pitter patter that Andrew didn’t hear before, and he realizes it really is raining. Andrew decides then that he’ll just go with Eisenberg because riding his Vespa when it’s raining on days like these isn’t really that fun. Also, maybe the guy isn’t always this bad at communicating with people and he’s jumping to conclusions. His mum taught him to be a much better person than this, but he’s finding it extremely difficult to be nice to this guy because he just rubs him the wrong way for some reason. But he should give it a try, right?

Wrong. Jesse Eisenberg is apparently a vegetarian and he doesn’t know anything about LA cuisine. Andrew eventually tells him that they should just go to a Subway or something because otherwise they’ll be late and Andrew begins to suspect that LA traffic is just an untrue excuse when it comes to Eisenberg’s tardiness. Also, Eisenberg is a horrible, horrible driver and at one point he scares the shit out of Andrew when he accidentally migrates into the parking lane and narrowly misses a car.

“Sorry, sorry! I live in New York and I don’t really drive that much so I’m still getting used to it,” Jesse bites his lip and seems a little like he’s panicking.

Andrew just gives up on trying to like Eisenberg because it’s not going to happen when he has these many problems. When they get back to the table reading, they’re both late and Andrew dislikes him a little more because he really doesn’t like being late to something when he isn’t even sure if he’ll get the role. Andrew takes off his fedora and runs his hand through his mostly dry hair. Eisenberg didn’t have anything to keep the rain off of him and he looks like a drowned cat. Andrew feels only a little bad when he thinks about how funny it looks.

^THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE 2b. SORRY. - (Anonymous), 2011-07-19 03:25 am (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: we don't have to like each other 3a/?

i have no idea what order scenes were shot in, so i’m making it up. i hope it works well enough because i know stuff from the same location should probably all be filmed at once. also, sorry for lack of dialogue in this part, but i figured there are probably some time skips and i can’t go through all of filming. also…i’m going to be quoting bits of real Jesse and Andrew but in a completely different context to see how that turns out


Andrew really likes to think of himself as a nice guy. It’s just really hard to be nice when he dislikes someone so much that he doesn’t want to be nice. He feels sort of horrible about it, because he’s never really disliked anyone this much except for those guys that bullied him when he was in school and not doing well for himself like he’s doing now. Andrew is shy. He’s a little awkward too. He’s scared of what everyone thinks of him and he really hates thinking so much. It’s not healthy but it’s just how he is so he tries to take his mind off of thing by surfing and doing other physical things that require a little focus. Acting helps him a lot, because he can be someone else and not worry so much about himself. It makes him feel a lot better about himself.

Jesse Eisenberg is just one of those people that Andrew can’t seem to get along with even though they’re sort of alike in some ways. Actually, maybe some of Eisenberg’s neuroses remind Andrew too much of himself sometimes. Andrew never really liked Young Hollywood very much because those people were always just like all the people he didn’t like in high school. Everyone seems to smile at each other and then turn around and talk shit, and he can’t stand it because it makes him sick. Andrew likes being alone more than being with those people and he likes making friends with people who aren’t into that stuff. Eisenberg definitely isn’t into Young Hollywood, but the way he speaks. He’s nervous all the time, it seems, but there were moments during the table reading when Andrew, waiting to start reading a scene, hears Eisenberg whispering to Fincher about an idea he wants to try and it’s brilliant, his thought process. Eisenberg is a young, bright mind and Andrew for some reason feels threatened by him. Maybe he knew it would be like that at that first few moments when they met and Eisenberg talked about perspective. So Andrew really can’t bring himself to like Jesse Eisenberg one bit, because Jesse Eisenberg is like him with his anxieties but better. It makes Andrew feel really insecure. Andrews knows he isn’t stupid, but Eisenberg just seems so smart sometimes that Andrew finds the need to defend himself too often. It makes him feel like an asshole. Eisenberg makes him feel too many things, none of which are positive. Andrew really does hate it.

After that one time incident with lunch and bad driving on table reading day, Andrew finds himself being in contact with Eisenberg one-on-one less and less. When he finds out that they’re doing the movie (they as in everyone at the table reading), he is so relieved and happy because this script—The Social Network—is sort of really beautiful and Andrew is so glad to be able to be a part of it. Eisenberg can’t make it less beautiful for him and Andrew thinks Eisenberg might help him learn a little. Andrew doesn’t want to be exactly like Eisenberg or anything, but he can admit that he admires his genius. That doesn’t have to mean anything. He still doesn’t have to like Eisenberg. In fact, his strong dislike seemed to only strengthen even more the more he saw him. Andrew brought in a book to rehearsals when they began—Economics for Dummies. He figures it’ll be kind of funny for the others to see and will help him prepare for the role of an Econ major. The next rehearsal, Eisenberg has C++ for Dummies and Andrew starts to hate him a little more. One of the crew jokes with him about how he and Jesse were such good friends, doing similar things like that. Andrew just laughs it off and smiles brightly. Inside, he thinks of all the reasons he wants to do this film and why he shouldn’t decide to drop out.

FILL: we don't have to like each other 3b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-19 05:43 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 3b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-19 09:02 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 3b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-19 01:50 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 3b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-19 02:47 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: we don't have to like each other 4/?

thank you for all the reviews! i'm glad people like this. i'm a night owl and it's summer, so if you're in America, my updates will probably be in the middle of the night. sorry. i'll try to update a lot because i really do want to have a nice finished fic for all of you guys :) also, sorry, this part is kind of short. wanted a little insight onto how Jesse is feeling but from Andrew's POV


On his way back to his dressing room to change into more comfortable and less ridiculous clothing, Andrew ends up in front of Eisenberg’s door because he hears frantic talking. Eisenberg must be on his phone or something. Against his better judgment, Andrew decides to listen in for a while, because Eisenberg seems to make Andrew a bad person and his morals end up getting lost in whatever this thing is.

“Anna, I don’t know what’s going on! Garfield just grates on my nerves and no one understands what I mean because they all think he’s sweet like freaking Bambi or something, but he’s horrible to me. I tried to befriend him the first day and it was awkward and I think he’s always hated me and now I kind of hate him a little too and I feel really, really bad about it.”

Figures. Eisenberg is the type to feel bad about hating people too. Andrew feels a little sick because he’s able to relate so well but he just doesn’t want to, because he has ideas about how Eisenberg is unlikeable and he doesn’t want to let go of those ideas just yet.

There’s a moment of silence, which Andrew guesses is probably when this Anna person is replying and Andrew is starting to feel a little nervous about eavesdropping because he could get caught and it's also such a bad thing to do in the first place.

“I know, I know. It’s just that tonight was bad. We just finished this scene where my character finds out that his character had something good happen to him and my character kind of hates it and then he was listening to me. Me as in my character. I was talking about my ideas for my website and he just seemed like he didn’t care enough and I don’t know what happened, but when we finished and one of the crew told him he did amazing, I was just horrible. I couldn’t shake off Mark but I was being myself too and I was mean and then I actually told him that I wanted him to feel bad and he’s probably going to murder me in my sleep one day because he looks like a serial killer when he’s all focused…” Eisenberg is starting to hyperventilate a little and Andrew can’t help but feel a little worried that he’s going to hurt himself.

...Also, first Bambi and now serial killer? Eisenberg's ideas really were the crazy sort at times. When Andrew hears a breath of shaky laughter come from Eisenberg’s room, he decides it’s time to stop listening. So what if Eisenberg knows he hates him and feels the same way? They’ll have their little moments and just go right back to acting like they’re supposed to. A good chunk of the rest of the cast and the crew seem to know what’s going on and mostly stays out of their way. A few of the people that Andrews sees less think they're just joking around when they push each other's buttons. The only one incident that could sort of be considered bad in a any way was when Fincher had pulled them aside once and told them to keep whatever it is to themselves.

They're professionals. Everything will work out fine.

FILL: we don't have to like each other 5a/?

Andrew has never before felt as liberated as he does while filming The Social Network, because it feels incredible knowing that he can be believable about caring for Mark when all he wants to do sometimes is punch Eisenberg in the face. Maybe it’s more character bleed from the dick-ish comments that Mark makes than anything really, because Eisenberg avoids him like the plague when they’re not filming. Andrew is really grateful for that because he’s not sure he can handle being around him too much.

There was one time where they did a shoot in which Andrew as Eduardo has to carry a chicken in a cage around and they were trying to get it to turn a certain way in that particular scene and it just wouldn’t turn. For some reason, Eisenberg starts going on about Russian revolutionaries and the chicken would turn around only when that happened. Andrew’s first thought was, why the hell does he know so much about Russian revolutionaries? And second, Eisenberg is seriously weird to have even figured out that the chicken would look away if he talked about Russian revolutionaries in the first place.

Perhaps being weird isn’t even the worst part about him. Eisenberg is just sort of sick sometimes. Fincher gets everyone to feed each other lines before takes to make certain emotions more convincing and at other times they would all just mess around with each other. When Josh got to film his cameo, they were all throwing out some really funny but messed up things. It was great, but then Eisenberg said something about sewing up hymens and Andrew just thought it was so gross, but everyone was laughing a lot and Andrew couldn’t really do anything about that. The whole cast and crew got along with the two of them really well. The two of them just didn’t get along with each other.

Eventually when given the chance, Eisenberg and Andrew just started to try to one up each other by causing each other to break character. For Andrew during the first scene with Sean Parker, it was extremely frustrating and also grudgingly helpful when Eisenberg made snide comments towards him while in character. Although Andrew laughed along with Brenda and Justin when Eisenberg told him he couldn’t have the scallops because there weren’t enough, Andrew was just extremely annoyed that he was continuously singled out by Eisenberg and it showed when they filmed the scene seriously and Eduardo showed a strong dislike towards Sean. It really shouldn’t be this helpful to hate somebody.

FILL: we don't have to like each other 5b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-19 09:05 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 5b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-20 02:58 am (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: we don't have to like each other 6a/?

Thank you to my lovely readers, I'm glad you guys are enjoying. I may not update tomorrow (although I want to) because I have some plans, but I'll definitely try to! Sorry about that. Also, whenever I find places to cut these into parts, my part a is always so incredibly short D:


Just last week they filmed the scene that Andrew likes to call the break up scene. After his revelation, everything in the script really does just seem like a part of a tragic love story and it made it so, so easy for him to act like Eduardo probably felt because his mindset is focused on heartbreak. The script opened itself up to him and he admires it more than he originally did. Sorkin’s genius jumps off the page as Andrew realizes just exactly how relatable it is to everyone and how likable a movie it probably will be. Andrew felt so good and free discovering these things about his character and the script and when Fincher tells him that he needs to say something to Eisenberg for a reaction shot, Andrew knows exactly what to do. He is hurt because Eduardo is hurt. He dislikes Eisenberg. It helps him find the right thing to say. “You’re a fucking dick and you betrayed your best fucking friend. Live with that.”

Eisenberg flinches and Andrew’s eyes widen a little from surprise because that vulnerability from before is back and Andrew feels a foreign and sudden urge to just pull Eisenberg into his arms and hug him. Andrew shakes it off and attributes it to Eduardo’s love for Mark. If Andrew were Eduardo, he’d probably still care too.

Andrews stays near and watches as Eisenberg does his scene, dishing out more abuse when signaled to do so. They do many takes and Andrew feels tired. Eisenberg sits in his chair on the set and Andrew thinks Eisenberg probably feels tired too.

Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 6a/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-20 03:55 am (UTC)(Expand)
FILL: we don't have to like each other 6b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-20 03:54 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 6b/? - (Anonymous), 2011-07-20 05:30 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: we don't have to like each other 7/?

Sorry if I don't update very fast anymore. It took me forever to be okay with this part enough to want to post it D: Sorry it's so short. Also, life is distracting. But I definitely plan to finish this!

It is so incredibly easy, the last days of filming. In the deposition room shots, beginning to end, Eduardo feels turmoil and despair and loss and Andrew can feel it too, because, Andrew hates to admit, method acting with Eisenberg helped him get into the right frame of mind. Andrew feels so good filming these shots, so free to explore these emotions that aren’t his and so happy to bring them forward so that the rest of the world will be able to see them too. This is why he likes to act.

Andrew barely slips out of being Eduardo these days and it’s easy because Andrew feels like he’s made the character his own. Andrew revels in being someone else; finds it easy to be this character that Andrew has connected with so well. It’s only when Andrew is near Eisenberg that he finds it hard because there are so many feelings there that Andrew doesn’t know exactly how to deal with. Eduardo, even in those moments when he’s angry and bitter and so, so heartbroken, still loves Mark. And Andrew finds that it breaks his own heart just a little too.

Filming of the deposition scenes come and go and if Andrew is honest, he’ll admit that he can’t remember very much of it other than the high he got from filming and the emotions, most of which were Eduardo’s. When Eduardo’s last scene is done, Andrew changes into his own clothes and goes out for a smoke, to shake Eduardo off for the last time and become Andrew again. It takes a while, and when Andrew comes back, Sorkin has announced wrap (Fincher had left shooting the last scene to Sorkin’s directing to go somewhere, apparently).

A couple of the crew members come over to Andrew to congratulate him and say their goodbyes before heading home to get ready for the wrap party later that evening. Andrew smiles at all of them because they really were great people to work with. When he’s finally on his own, he heads back to his dressing room to make sure he didn’t leave anything important behind. He runs into Eisenberg.

“Oh. Um. Hi. I was just looking for you actually,” Eisenberg glances at him and looks down at his hands, fidgeting with the sleeve of his button up shirt. “Judy from PR says that she needs to talk to us before we leave.”

Andrew resists the urge to roll his eyes at Eisenberg’s anxiousness. He’s like that all the time when he’s not acting. You would think he’d get over it after being around the same people for months. “Where did she say to meet her?”

“I think she said near hair and makeup. Kelsey and her are best friends or something like that,” Eisenberg looks up and bites his lip. “Shall we go then?”

“Yeah, sure. Hold on a sec though, I need to check my dressing room first,” Andrew says, walking past Eisenberg to the door of his dressing room. He opens it and gives it once-over. He isn't surprised to see nothing of importance there, but he's made it a habit to check just in case. He closes the door and looks over at Eisenberg.

“Okay, lead the way.” Andrew politely gestures for Eisenberg to go first. This is probably one of the longest, normal conversations Andrew’s ever had with Eisenberg. It’s a little awkward. Stilted. Too polite.

Eisenberg just nods, his hands continuing their jittery ballet as he turns to walk ahead. Andrew notices the slight curve of Eisenberg’s back; the bad posture that Andrew saw when they first met. He watches Eisenberg shuffle forward with his head bent down and thinks that, maybe, Andrew pities him a little. Eisenberg looks vulnerable and fragile and folded in on himself as if he needs to defend himself from the rest of the world. It makes Andrew kind of sad, because he remembers a time when he used to be like that too.

Andrew follows Eisenberg all the way to hair and makeup. They don’t talk.

Re: FILL: we don't have to like each other 8a/?

When Andrew and Eisenberg walk into hair and makeup, Andrew notices that almost everything has already been packed up. Judy and Kelsey are sitting on stools by one of the makeup tables having a conversation. Andrew only catches the tail end of it.

“Oh my gosh, I love you, Judy! You always say the greatest things!” Kelsey laughs, reaching over to grab Judy’s hand playfully.

Judy grins at Kelsey, taking her hand back to shove at her playfully. She then turns to face Andrew and Jesse when she notices their presence. “Oh, hey you guys! Let me just help Kelsey put away some of her things and we’ll go to the coffee shop on the corner to talk, okay?”

Andrew smiles politely and nods. “Need any help?”

“Can you check to make sure we didn’t drop anything around the room?” Kelsey asks, grabbing some of her brushes off the table and putting it into her bag.

Andrew immediately moves from his spot to do as he’s asked and notices that Eisenberg does the same. Taking the opposite side from him, the two of them are quick to finish their scan of all the surfaces that could possibly hold makeup or tools. They both come back empty handed.

“I guess we’re done here then!” Judy says, then gives Kelsey a hug. “I’ll see you at the wrap party, sweetie!”

Kelsey hugs her back and then pulls back to give her a thumbs up and a smile. “I am so ready to party!”

Judy laughs and they all say their goodbyes as they head out. On the walk to the coffee shop, Andrew makes small talk with Judy while Eisenberg fumbles around with his cell phone, quietly following and not saying a word.

When they get to the coffee shop, Judy leads them to a secluded table in the corner of the shop and asks them what they want to drink. Andrew tells Judy that he’ll buy because he likes to be a gentleman when he can even if it means having to buy Eisenberg a drink.

“Oh, you’re so sweet. I’ll take a soy latte, please. Jesse, what do you want?” Judy smiles kindly at Eisenberg.

“Oh. I think earl grey tea should be fine?” Eisenberg runs his hands through his hair nervously.

Andrew doesn’t wait to see if Eisenberg wants to change his mind to Darjeeling or some other sort of tea. He makes his way over to the counter and orders the two drinks and a coffee for himself. After paying, he stays by the pickup table and waits for their drinks. From across the room, Andrew watches as Judy leans in towards Eisenberg and speaks to him. When she pulls away, she’s laughing and Andrew can see a light blush dusting its way across Eisenberg’s cheek and down his neck. It’s the first time Andrew has seen Eisenberg blush and he wonders what Judy said to have brought that on. He grabs the drinks when they’re finished and heads back to the table.

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FILL: we don't have to like each other 9a/?

“You’re really weird,” Andrew states, sliding onto the stool next to Eisenberg at the bar.

They’re at the wrap party that’s taking place in a rented out bar where everyone else is crowded around Josh and Armie trying to drink each other under the table. Armie’s wife, Elizabeth, stands by watching them exasperatedly, but hiding a grin behind her hand every time Josh wavers a little.

Eisenberg turns to give Andrew a confused stare and says, “Um. Thank you? There are times when I find that you have that characteristic as well.”

Andrew waves the bartender down and orders a beer. Andrew doesn’t like to drink too much, but he thinks tonight is the night to develop a buzz and loosen his tongue. Otherwise conversation with Eisenberg won’t work out very well.

“Weirdness does seem to be a common characteristic among most people,” Andrew says, after gulping down a couple swigs of his drink.

Eisenberg just nods and fiddles with a coaster on the surface of the bar. If this “best friends” thing doesn’t work out, Andrew thinks it will mostly be because Eisenberg doesn’t seem to want to talk. Andrew decides he needs to keep the conversation moving or else they’d just sit in silence the whole night.

“How did you get into acting?” Andrew asks, after going through a couple different questions that came to mind.

Eisenberg’s mouth twitches a little and he takes a sip of his beer. “When I was younger—and even now, actually—I get anxious a lot, and I never feel completely comfortable being around people. I didn’t really like the people I was around when I was younger and they didn’t like me because I was that one kid in the room that everyone thought was weird. I eventually decided to try acting because it was a solution, you know. Like, I’d be in a group. Like if I were to be a different person, they would like me. It didn’t really work out for me in the classroom, but I had theater friends and people told me I was good on stage and I stuck with it.”

Andrew pushes his hair back with both his hands and breathes out. “Quite a story you’ve got there. I understand how it feels to want to fit in. I never really fit in at school and I was bullied a lot.”

Eisenberg laughs. “That’s kind of hard to believe actually.”

“I don’t see why it would be.”

Eisenberg bites his lip (Again, Andrew thinks). “Well, I was bullied because I have a lot of anxiety issues and my hair is a curly mess and people just generally didn’t like me because I had nothing to like, but you’re a fairly attractive guy and you seem pretty normal most of the time. I don’t see why you would be bullied.”

Andrew blinks at him, surprised. “Um. Thank you. For calling me fairly attractive. I grew up really lanky though and it was always a bit awkward. And I do have anxiety issues too. I threw up after my first audition for a movie role. Needless to say, I didn’t get the part.”

“I guess we both have our neuroses then,” Eisenberg states.

“Yeah. Yeah, we do.”

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FILL: we don't have to like each other 10a/?

The first half of their first interview goes horribly. When they’re taking a break, Andrew feels like he’s been through a hurricane, jostled around by questions that he should have been prepared for. Eisenberg had been more fidgety than ever, and Andrew begins to question both their acting skills because they should have been better. But they weren’t and so far, their first interview is going horribly.

Andrew had expected that they’d be able to appear comfortable together, because Mark and Eduardo were close before they fell apart and Andrew and Eisenberg had been good at that. Andrew doesn’t think himself the best actor, but he knows that he can act or he wouldn’t have jobs. And Andrew doesn’t like to admit it, but Eisenberg is a brilliant actor. After Shannon’s shopping trip, she had forced Andrew to watch a couple of Eisenberg’s movies. Eisenberg acted amazingly well, even in the bad movies. He’s good, and Andrew can accept that fact. It’s just that they apparently weren’t good enough.

Andrews feels kind of sick.

Judy rushes over to them as soon as she is able to convince the magazine’s people to give them ten extra minutes (it doesn’t take very long at all because Judy is great at her job). She is a little frazzled, but her voice is calm when she speaks. “Okay, you guys. That didn’t go very well at all. I think maybe we should have done some practicing, but it’s a bit too late for that now. I’m freaking out a little, but that doesn’t mean you guys should. Unlike me, you don’t have to deal with those people over there. You just have an interviewer who is much nosier than any interviewer I’ve seen, but I think we can work this out.”

Eisenberg shakily rubs one of his hands on his neck a little below his ear and blows a breath out. “We’ve only gone through questions about filming with David and Aaron and filming in LA so far, so we can probably play it off as us having busy schedules.”

Judy nods at Eisenberg and gives him a small smile. “Yes, that’s good. I doubt the magazine cares a whole lot about the filming process. I’m confident their only reason for asking about LA is because it’s the movie capital and it’s where we are right now. If they ask about Boston though, say that you two lived together. I’m sure you can improvise off of that.”

Andrew nods and pulls at his collar nervously. “Right. Yes. We can work with that.” He pauses for a beat, thinking, and then, “What exactly did you tell the magazine people to get them to give us a longer break?”

Judy’s face breaks out into a grin. “You two make it too easy. It’s probably incredibly rude of me to exploit this, but this mess began with you guys so it’s only fitting. I’m glad the two of you have your neuroses for moments like these, although only for moments like these because I’m not a bitch, but you looked a little sick near the end, Andrew, and it helped. I told them you weren’t feeling well and Jesse’s nerves were enhanced due to his worry for you. They probably won’t ask, but be careful with that. We’ve got a couple of minutes, so calm yourselves and drink some water.”

Judy gives them a wink and smiles at them reassuringly before swiftly walking away.

Eisenberg turns to Andrew and leans in as far as he can without falling over. There is an end table between their two armchairs, so it isn’t all that close. “How are you feeling? Do you think you’ll be okay for the rest of the interview?”

Andrew, for a split second, forgets himself and gives Eisenberg a surprised look. He squeezes his eyes shut and rubs his forehead, playing it off like he’s got a headache. “I’ll be fine, Jesse. Don’t worry so much, okay?”

Andrew thinks that this is the first time he’s called Jesse by his first name.

It’s also the first time Jesse smiles at him, and Andrew doesn’t have to like the guy to know that he’s got an attractive smile.

Andrew gives him a small smile back, and it’s a good moment, because the interviewer comes back to see them smiling at each other.

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