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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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quick note; GUYS. please be aware that if you posted a prompt in part six and it is now screened, i have posted them to the post already - so that you guys don't have to. thanks for being patient and making the fill-a-thon such a success!

sorry i didn't get much of delicious done; i lacked the internet over the break but rest assured i have absolutely nothing to do so will get it, hopefully.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Mark and Eduard have a teenager child

I know there are many stories about Mark and Eduardo and cute little kids, but I haven't found yet one about an older son or daughter.
Their child has a boy/girlfriend and I'd like scenes where the partner meets the parents, the child tells them about his or her feelings and doubts about the relationship, Mark and/or Eduardo telling the partner that if he or she dares to break their precious child's heart they are going to end his or her life, etc...

Without social graces Part 1

“Daddy, dad, I’m not sure, but, well,” Alex begins, his palms slightly sweating. Eduardo looks up from his newspaper with a soft smile and gently nudges Mark, who is sleeping with his face buried in the pillow in Eduardo’s lap. After Mark is sitting straight and staring at Alex, sleep still lurking in his eyes and his lips curling into a slightly annoyed pout Alex continues. “I think I’m in love. Actually, I’m pretty sure I have fallen in love with someone.”

Mark looks at him with eyes so wide it’s a little alarming, and for a moment Alex thinks that maybe he suddenly has two noses or something stupid like that, but then he glances at Eduardo and Eduardo is grinning. His whole face is alight with happiness, and it feels like seeing the sun rise after someone told you that the sun died, or something like this, whatever. Alex lets out a relieved sigh, because he feels like Eduardo lifted the weight of the world from his shoulders.

“This is so great,” Eduardo says, his voice touched and awed, and Alex is a little uncomfortable, because Eduardo sounds like Alex just told him that he did something really incredibly amazing, something groundbreaking and world changing, and Alex didn’t do anything like that (his dad and daddy did), he is simply in love, everybody falls in love, you don’t have to be anyone extraordinary to be able to fall in love. “Come here, Alex.”

Alex steps in front of them and Eduardo pulls him down to kiss his forehead. It feels like a “We are very happy”, “Good luck” and “Be careful” all in a gentle touch of soft lips. Then Eduardo turns toward Mark, who is smiling awkwardly at them.

“Mark, our son is in love, what do you have to say about this?” And his tone is kind, but Alex detects an underlying tension and the promise of something horrible if Mark stays silent. Mark knows it too, of course, because nobody knows Eduardo better than Mark, and so Mark gulps and gently touches Alex’s shoulder.

“Yeah, it is, ah, well, it’s very cool. Really, it is amazing. Do we know this person?”

“Marianne Montgomery,” Alex tells them. They have met her many times, because Alex often invites her to study, watch movies, swim in the pool or do whatever else comes into their minds. And when Marianne tells him that his house is amazing and he would really like to leave here, because it’s much better to be here than where she lives he tries really hard not to misinterpret her words. They’re only best friends yet, and maybe they never will become something more.

There’s a light of recognition in Mark’s eyes and his awkward smile turns into a grin.

“Isn’t she the girl who was able to kill more zombies than Dustin when there was this computer games night and you also invited some of your friends?”

When Alex nods Mark squeezes his shoulder, then looks at Eduardo and shrugs.

“Well, I don’t have any objection. A chick who can kill zombies is someone I’d like to see next to my son.”

“Because you can never know when the zombie apocalypse comes, right?” Eduardo doesn’t seem to be as impressed as Mark; actually, he doesn’t seem to be impressed at all. “I don’t know, Alex, Marianne is a little… I don’t know her very well, but isn’t she a little, well, cold and asocial? I don’t think she’s very good girlfriend material.”

“The fuck do you mean? Am I very good boyfriend material?” Mark turns to Eduardo, who seems taken aback and he’s looking very young suddenly. Alex feels so uncomfortable he wants to leave the room, but then Eduardo answers.

“Of course not, you’re horrible boyfriend material,” Mark makes an indignant noise and now Alex wants to leave the house, perhaps even the city. “But I’m older than Alex, I’m a lot more mature and probably more masochistic and yeah, I had to deal with so much shit because of you and for you, Mark…. but this is Alex’s first love and maybe first relationship and I don’t want it to be as fucked up as… But I don’t know…” Eduardo shifts his gaze to Alex and Alex tries not to be mad at him, because Eduardo is just worried about him, but Alex is really in love and he is pretty offended on behalf of Marianne. “What do you think; does Marianne feel the same way you do?”

“I don’t know,” Alex answers. He had thought about it before, and he honestly doesn’t know.

Without social graces Part 2

“I was ten when my parents and my sisters died in a car accident,” Alex tells Marianne. It happened six years ago and it still hurts to speak about the tragedy, but he’s made his peace with the loss of his family as best as he could. They were his first family and Eduardo and Mark are his second family, because they are just as dear to him, he loves them just as much now. “Almost one year after it happened I was adopted by them, by Eduardo and Mark, and at first it was strange, but it isn’t anymore, is hasn’t been for a long time. My father had ginger hair, he taught my mother and my older sister how to use a fishing-rod and he sang me drinking songs when I couldn’t fall asleep even though my mother disapproved of them. But my dad and my daddy cofounded Facebook and my dad wants to teach me how to use every programming language and my daddy wants to teach me how to cook every Brazilian dish and once when we went to an amusement park daddy told dad that…”

“Hey, Alex, I want to ask something.”

Alex doesn’t mind that he’s cut off in the middle of his sentence. Maybe Marianne is going to open up, just a little bit, maybe she’s going to tell him something personal and it’s going to feel like something intimate, something that belongs to only the two of them, brings them closer to each other.

“I’m listening, Marianne.” She has a lovely name, Alex thinks. It feels amazing to be able to say it out loud, to say it to Marianne herself.

“If you had to choose between your two families, I mean, if God or something like that told you that they could bring back your dead parents and sisters if your two dads die, then what would you do?”

It feels like a slap. Alex gapes at Marianne and can’t understand this, can’t understand her. Is she serious? Is this just a cruel joke? Is she trying to make him mad? Is she just truly this insensitive?

“The fuck do you mean?” Alex asks and Marianne flinches, probably because Alex hardly ever curses. Alex grabs his bag and leaves without a word. He’s sure he wouldn’t stop even if Marianne shouted after him that she is sorry and she wants him to come back. But she is silent and she is still sitting on the bench even when Alex’s already on the bus, watching her though the dirty window.

When he gets home he quickly finds Eduardo and Mark. Usually if he can’t find them in five minutes he gives up, because then they’re either out of the house or fucking behind a closed door. This time they’re in front of the computer in their bedroom, Mark in Eduardo’s lap. Eduardo has his arms around Mark’s waist, but they’re talking about Facebook and Alex can’t detect any obvious sexual tension between them, so he greets them.

“Alex, hello,” Eduardo smiles and Alex lets Eduardo peck his cheek and ruffle his hair. “What’s wrong?” Eduardo asks and Alex is both happy and annoyed that his daddy can read him so well.

“Nothing, I’m just hungry,” Alex lies. Eduardo gives him a look that makes it clear he doesn’t believe him, but says nothing.

Mark stays upstairs and in the kitchen Eduardo makes Alex a sandwich, pours him a glass of raspberry juice and Alex realizes that he’s actually quite hungry. After finishing the sandwich Alex quickly tells Eduardo what happened with Marianne, because he knows Eduardo won’t leave him alone otherwise.

“I just don’t understand, how could she ask something like that? Such a cruel question! I can’t choose, damn it…”

Eduardo takes his hand and squeezes it, the way he always does when Alex is upset, even when the reason is something really stupid and superfluous.“People say stupid things, especially young people. You can’t stay mad at a teenager because of something like this. Tomorrow, if she wants to apologize to you listen to her and forgive her, alright? Because I think you aren’t this upset because of what she said, but because she was the one who said this to you, because you really love her and expect her to be perfect and exactly like you want her to be. But if you love somebody this much, then being mad at them hurts you so much more than it hurts to accept that they’re capable of making mistakes.”

Without social graces Part 3

Alex laughs and his heart feels a lot lighter now.

“I thought you would be scowling and saying things like ‘I told you she wouldn’t be a great girlfriend’”.

Eduardo smiles at him, patient and maybe a little sad.

“Yeah, I thought that too. But Alex, I was thinking about what happened…”

The doorbell rings. Eduardo leaves the kitchen, and Alex is annoyed because they were in the middle of discussing something really important.

Eduardo comes back with a letter and a clumsily wrapped package. His smile is strangely gleeful as he gives Alex the letter and puts the package down onto the kitchen counter.

Dear Alex,
I’m terribly sorry for asking that horrible question. I was a little angry because you have such a great family. But I was in the wrong. I was, am, will probably always be envious of you because of your parents. And anyway, I think I have less social graces than a rock, so no one should be surprised if I say stupid things.
I made some lemon sponge cake; I hope you and your fathers will enjoy it!

When Alex looks up he sees Mark standing next to Eduardo and Alex blinks because what is he doing here? Perhaps Eduardo told him that they got some cake.

“It’s a love letter from Marianne,” Eduardo smirks at Mark.

“It’s not a love letter!” Alex protests, and he’s pretty sure he’s blushing.

“She admitted that she has as much social graces as Mark Zuckerberg.”

“No, she wrote that she has less social graces than a rock, daddy, don’t be mean to dad!”

“You think your dad has more social graces than a rock?”

Mark tries to look insulted, but his lips curl into a fond smile.

“I just can’t believe she wrote a letter with a pen instead of typing it on her computer and then printing it.”

The cake is delicious, though a little too sweet, and Alex doesn’t feel like drinking raspberry juice with it; he has a glass of tap water instead. Mark puts too big pieces into his mouth and eats them too swiftly, so the cake goes down the wrong way four times. The first time Eduardo looks at the choking and coughing Mark with worry and when Mark seems to be alright again Eduardo kisses him and licks away the crumbs in the corner of his lips. The fourth time Eduardo just rolls his eyes, but kisses Mark anyway. Alex has the feeling that if Eduardo didn’t reward him with a kiss every time Mark eats his food so greedily he wouldn’t choke so often. Eduardo probably thinks his kisses are consolation for Mark’s suffering.

After the cake is finished Mark is the first to stand up and place the empty plate next to the sink. He’s halfway through the door when Eduardo catches his wrist, and tugs him back into the kitchen.

“We’re going to make some dessert for Marianne as a thank you,” Eduardo says. Mark shrugs like he doesn’t care, but he doesn’t try to free his wrist.

“Alright,” he nods. “I’ll be coding. When you two are finished just tell me and...”

“You are going to help us,” Eduardo interrupts him. Mark doesn’t even try to look surprised. His sigh is resigned, but his eyes shine with a quiet, honest happiness Mark thinks probably no one can see.

“Are we going to make Brigadeiro?” Alex asks hopefully, because that’s his favorite dessert.

“That sounds good,” Eduardo smiles. “Do you think Marianne would like it?”

“Do you think there’s a human being in this world who wouldn’t like Brigadeiro?” Mark asks, and Eduardo lets go of his wrist with a delighted laugh. Mark starts to look for the condensed milk in the kitchen cabinet before Eduardo can find a pan.

Without social graces Part 4

Alex sees Marianne in the shopping mall and he follows her to the food court. He isn’t stalking her or anything creepy like that; he just wants to see what kind of food she likes, so that one day, maybe, if they have a date Alex can bring her there and she’s going to be very happy, hopefully.

She buys a cup of coffee or tea and a slice of cake. She sits down behind a huge, unnaturally bright green plastic pine and in front of Mark. Alex ducks behind the ugly pine and his heart beats so hard he starts to feel dizzy. He takes deep breaths and after he feels a little better he’s all ears. What the hell is his dad doing here?

“Marianne Montgomery,” Alex hears Mark’s voice.

“Mark Zuckerberg,” Marianne answers. There’s an awkward pause, then Marianne’s voice, clear and emotionless and perhaps a little rapider than usually. “I think you’re amazing. I mean, the whole Facebook thing, it’s amazing. I don’t really understand most of it, I mean I don’t know how difficult it was to, well, to make it, and then to make it famous and successful and stuff… I think you’re really great, Mr. Zuckerberg.”

“Yeah, most people think I’m really great,” Mark answers, and Alex cringes because wow, way to be super arrogant in front of your son’s best friend and potential girlfriend. “It’s probably because most people don’t really know me.”

And now Alex feels bad. The pause this time is thousand times more awkward. Finally Marianne breaks the silence.

“I liked the Brigadeiro. It was incredibly delicious.”

“Yeah,” Alex can’t see Mark’s little smile, but he can hear it in his voice. ”Thank Eduar…”

“Yes, I know,” Marianne interrupts him. Alex raises his eyebrows, even though he knows no one can see his face. Is it really that obvious that Mark and Alex would never even touch the stove without Eduardo’s encouraging smile? Or, and actually that would make a lot of sense, does she think that because Eduardo is Brazilian and so is the dessert? “I mean, Wikipedia says that it was named after Eduardo Gomes, because he was a Brigadier and…”

“No! I was talking about Eduardo Saverin, the…well, I guess I can call him the… love of my life or…”

“He is the love of your life?” Marianne shouts and Alex can see some of the other people looking at her with either curiosity or disapproval. Marianne notices them, too, because she lowers her voice, luckily still loud enough for Alex to hear it. “But of course, I’ve seen you two before a lot, you’re always very lovey-dovey. To be honest, it is quite disgusting.”

The blood freezes in Alex’s veins; suddenly he feels sick. There’s silence. Alex can see neither Mark’s nor Marianne’s face, but then Marianne makes a noise that sounds like a groan, or maybe like a sob.

“Shit, I’m sorry, Mr. Zuckerberg, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry, I really have no social graces, I…”

“Hey, calm down,” Mark says, half amused and half annoyed. “I forgive you, alright?”

“It’s just that, it’s just the green eyed monster thing. I mean, I can feel the love between you and Eduardo and Alex too, I mean that’s a different kind of love, obviously, but the three of you are like a really happy and sweet and loving, even adoring family. I want something like that too. Alex is a little like that, I mean he’s always very sweet and sometimes he’s a little too doting, so much that it makes me uncomfortable, mostly because it makes me feel so happy, but I know it isn’t something… normal, something usual for me, and I’m going to lose it once Alex find a better best friend, or finds a girlfriend, and I’m going to be left alone with my parents. I don’t remember the last time my parents hugged each other, or gave each other a kiss. Not even a peck on the cheek. I saw a photo once where they were holding hands and it was strange, as if they were strangers who resembled my parents. And they don’t really give a shit about me as long as I’m not stealing or cutting myself and I won’t do that, so… ” Marianne’s voice peters out.

Without social graces Part 5

Alex wants to stand up and kiss Marianne, wants to caress her lovely face, wants to feel the sweet fruity smell of her shampoo, the scent that stays in her long, shiny hair for days, but he knows he can’t. He’s like a spy now, he has to hide. He hopes she is not crying and he hopes even more that his dad is not going to be an asshole.

“I’m not a poet,” Mark begins, and Alex presses a palm over his mouth to stop the giggle threatening to escape through his lips. “I’m not very good with words, but listen, Marianne, well… this whole love and feeling stuff is very complicated. Sometimes someone loves you so much that it feels so natural you don’t even think about it, you don’t give a shit about it sometimes because why would you, it’s yours and who is going to steal it away from you? It’s like breathing, which is actually something pretty awesome, but no one thinks that “Wow, I’m so glad I’m breathing!”, but if you can’t breathe anymore, that’s horrible, right?”

“Yes,” Marianne says, and it sounds a little like a question, like what she actually wants to say is ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’, and then Alex hears the clank of an utensil. “Mr. Zuckerberg, do you want to convince me in a terribly roundabout way to get together with your son? Is this the reason you wanted us to meet?”

Alex hides his face in his knees, embarrassment heating up his face. Why the hell is his dad of all people trying to play the matchmaker?

“Well, yeah.” Mark shrugs awkwardly, probably. “You’re a cool girl, Marianne. You can kill zombies like a pro and your lemon sponge cake is the best I have ever eaten and you are the best friend of my son and who is a better romantic partner than your best friend? Don’t you love him? Or like him very much? Are you not attracted to him? It’s not like you should get married, just try to be in a relationship with him?”

Marianne laughs, and Alex can feel soft warmth growing inside his chest at the sound of that laugh.

“I really hope this means that your son feels the same.”

“Do you think I’m so bored and cruel that I would do something like this if I didn’t know for sure that he loves you? Yes, I did a lot of hurtful shit when I was younger, but I never wanted to hurt anyone, I was simply too arrogant to think about the feelings of other people. But this time I just want to help and I’m completely honest. I know it’s difficult to trust me, but I really just want Alex to be happy.”

Alex’s happy. He’s so happy he wants to stand up and hug Mark, who is probably the less touchy-feely person Alex has ever meet and only puts up with and secretly cherishes Eduardo’s displays of affection, but Alex is sure he wouldn’t push his son away now.

”So let’s make this clear, Mr. Zuckerberg,” Marianne’s voice sounds uncharacteristically hesitant, almost shy. “If I go out with Alex but then I realize that we do not belong to each other and I break up with him… you’re not going to do something nasty, right?”

“Do you think I’m the kind of guy who would do something nasty just because…” There’s a pause, and then Mark sighs. “Yeah, there was a time when I was the picture of the guys who do nasty things when a girl breaks up with them, but that was a long time ago and now I’m a better person and no, I won’t do anything. I’ll be sad, probably, but I’ll accept it and I’ll hope that you’re going to be happy.”

“I’m glad,” Marianne’s tone is playful and teasing now. It sounds strange, because she speaks mostly in that monotone, emotionless voice and this is something new and Alex falls in love with it in a heartbeat. “And what about Mr. Saverin, what would he do?”

“Well, he’s a nice person, a much better person than I could ever be; he’s going to accept it too. Oh, but… maybe you should hide your laptop before you announce that you want to break up with Alex.”

Marianne laughs, though Alex is pretty sure she doesn’t understand it. She laughs at the absurdity of the advice, probably.

“I’m going to ask him out,” Marianne says suddenly, her voice brimming with delight. “Yeah, I’m going to do that… on Facebook!”

Without social graces Part 6

Mark laughs, a little awkwardly, but it’s an honest, happy laugh.

“That would be a great honor for me, I think.”

Alex thinks he’s hyperventilating. The moment he gets home he’s going to turn on his computer and refresh his Facebook page every minute and if Eduardo and Mark look at him strangely he will ignore them and he’s going to eat in front of the computer. Eduardo will scowl, but he lets Mark eat his sandwiches and drink his energy drinks above his keyboard all the time, so just this one time Alex is going to do it too.

They stand up, push their chairs back, and then Marianne starts to speak.

“Mr. Zuckerberg, now that you have this family, if you could go back to the time when Facebook started to get serious, if you had to choose once again between Eduardo Saverin and Facebook… But it’s a stupid question like this, because now you have both, of course you wouldn’t change anything. But if you could only have Mr. Saverin but no Facebook, or Facebook without Mr. Saverin, then…?”

Marianne gasps and mutters something that sounds like “Shit!”, but Alex isn’t sure. There’s a dull ache inside him because how many times will she do this?, but his happiness overwhelms the hurt.

“Goodbye, Marianne,” Alex hears Mark’s voice, guarded and grave.

Alex has three fingers inside of Marianne. Her breathing is hard and uneven, her pupils are really big, a sign of sexual arousal, Alex remembers reading it somewhere, and Mark opens the door without knocking.

“Mr. Zuckerberg!” Marianne cries and turns her head towards the door, but she isn’t moving away, she isn’t pushing Alex off. Alex is completely petrified above her.

“Oh, sorry,” Mark’s voice is mildly surprised. “We’re looking for the lubricant, Alex.”

“Fuck, why would it be here?” Alex doesn’t turn towards the door because he can’t face Mark right now. He looks down at Marianne’s long neck, at her collarbones, at her messy curls on his pillow. “If you two had sex in my bedroom before…”

“What? No, no!” Mark sounds indignant, shocked even, and Alex would laugh, were he in any other situation. Now he just wants to burst into tears of embarrassment. “But surely you remember that time when you thought the lube was hand crème or maybe you thought it was toothpaste, and Wardo found it next to your exercise books.”

“I was twelve, dad!”

Alex remembers what happened after that; The Talk. He remembers that Eduardo’s lips turned up in a shaky smile and he tried to explain everything so awkwardly that Alex thought maybe Eduardo and Mark switched bodies somehow. Eduardo told him that Alex could love girls or boys or both and it wouldn’t make a difference because his daddy and his dad would love him no matter what. And when Alex asked about the lube Eduardo said that girls don’t need it, but boys do, if you do it that way, but actually you can do it with a girl that way too, but most of the time you don’t do it that way with girls and girls have a natural wetness except sometimes they don’t get wet, and if they don’t then you should use the lube and sometimes you don’t have to use it at all and Alex had no idea what he was talking about. But he told Eduardo that he gets it, and Eduardo was either too relieved to detect the lie or he simply chose to ignore it. Alex looked the lube stuff up on Wikipedia later and it was a lot clearer there than Eduardo’s babbling.

Neither Eduardo nor Wikipedia could prepare Alex for this, for how wet and tight and warm and amazing Marianne is. Alex wants to push his tongue and his cock inside her, and his breath catches and his fingers twitch. The fingers that are still inside Marianne and he wants to pull them out, horrified because Mark is in the room, but he thinks that the movement would only drew Mark’s attention to his fingers and that is the last thing Alex wants now.

“Mr. Zuckerberg, there are many ways to have sex between two men and many of them do not require lube. Why don’t you give each other a handjob, have oral sex, intercrural sex, or you could…”

Alex thinks he loves Marianne, but fuck, she really has no social graces.

Without social graces Part 7

“Do you know how many years ago was the first time we fucked?” Mark sounds, well, not exactly angry, but he isn’t happy either. “We know each other in every sense of the word and I don’t think we need any advice from anyone, especially not from a sixteen years old girl.”

Alex closes his eyes. Yeah, his dad has no social graces either.

“Mr. Zuckerberg, I was trying to be polite and make you leave without shouting ‘You bastard, why the fuck are you still here, can’t you see that your son is fingering his girlfriend?’, but you’re so dense you couldn’t see subtlety even if it hit you in the face!”

“Fine, carry on, you two!” Mark slams the door shut with a little more force than necessary. Alex laughs and it sounds a little hysterical. Marianne kisses his nose and then grins up at him, as if everything is alright.

“Carry on, Alex. Haven’t you heard your dad?” Marianne giggles, and Alex pulls his fingers out, lies down with his back turned to Marianne and thinks he’s going to faint because what the hell was this?

“What’s wrong?” Marianne asks, worried and completely clueless.

“My dad saw that,” Alex mumbles, and if his voice is whiny he doesn’t give a fuck. “Shit. Don’t you think that it was a little, well, awkward? And fucking terrifying?”

“Come on, I’m sure he couldn’t see anything, well, important. I don’t think he knew that you had your fingers inside me.”

“Actually, you told him that his son is fingering his girlfriend.”

Silence, then Marianne kisses his neck lightly and a shiver runs down Alex’s spine.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. That was not cool, I should have thought about how it would make you feel. Sorry. Hey, you know what? Since your dad cockblocked us so effectively I’m going to practice playing that car race game, you know which one. If I practice enough maybe next time I play against Mr. Moskovitz he’s not going to win hands down, only by a nose.”

Re: Without social graces Part 7

oh...wow...didnt expect that...

i love that you make marianne's personality mirrowing mark's and the whole dynamics among the characters are well established.

i wish you will deanon and post this on one lj entry so that i can add this to my memory.

Re: Without social graces Part 7