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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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admin; updates!
just checking in to let you guys know some things.

firstly, an apology for my absence. i've just moved house and i've been trying to sort everything out, so i'm now back on board and looking to clean this up.

secondly, delicious! it always comes back to delicious, mostly because i am mindful of everything you guys have been saying about how far behind we are with it. we've had people working as hard as they can to tag stuff, but we lost a few people from the team. we've just had one more person offer to help but i can't remember if anyone else was willing to help out. if you have free time over the summer that you can spare to help out, i would love to know.

there's also the matter of the ideas you raised over at the suggestions post and i'm doing my best to cover all of them.

a beta post will be going up pretty shortly for people to ask for beta help. obviously, this is only for those who want to help out in that capacity. i'm not sure how this should work (if people post in the comments what they're willing to beta, or if people post in the comments about fics they want beta-d - any suggestions you guys have would be great)

there will also be a new post going up for research and a seperate comm for anon concrit. this is because i can then keep an eye on it should things get out of hand. HOWEVER, this comm is only going to work in the way that AUTHORS post to the comm on fills they want con-critted. this isnt going to be a free-for-all. it's up to the authoer then, if they want to get con-crit or not and there's no hoo-hah over people con-critting fics from authors who dont want it.

if there's anything else you want me to see/anything else you think i should deal with, please let me know!

there has also been interested in a twitter account for people who can't/have issues with the spreadsheet. i'd like to know your thoughts on this as well so that i can get back to the person that mentioned it! i did think about this before, but i wasnt sure how well it would sit with people :/

I think I commented before saying that I was willing to help with tagging and what not in delicious. Just let me know. I probably can get a lot done. I have some free time.

i think a good way to do a beta post might be to come up with a form where people who want to beta can fill out their contact information, their beta strengths, things that can read and things they don't want to read, etc. that way authors looking for beta help can just look through the list and pick out who fits their needs best. :)

I think this would be a great way to do this- just like a beta directory and if a beta no longer had time or something she could just delete her post (or he/his, replace as needed).

You are an awesome mod. Just thought you should know that. *thumbsup*

Thank you so much for asking about the Twitter thing. I am going to go a bit more public about this (ie posting to some comms that it exists) and I would love if you could announce it on the meme!

Thanks so much again for all your hard work!

@TSN_Wip_Track is the link

Along with the beta help could we have a Portuguese help post? For authors that need it for their fanfics, so Brazilians or anyone that learned the language could help. :)

Okay, this is not meant meanly, but it seems like every time you post about the kinkmeme it's to apologize for being behind on stuff, and I'm just curious as to why you don't get a co-mod for the community itself? Or would that not help at all?

i didn't take it as mean, don't worry!

i am in the midst of negotiating for a co-mod. things might actually get done!