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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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research questions!

By request!

if there's anything you're not sure about or you want to ask others for information on, please use this post!

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Oh this is perfect, I was just searching for this smutty fill I read, it was Mark/Eduardo and they were doing some ~roleplay, where Eduardo was Mark's daddy? I can't find it anywhere, maybe someone can help me?
Thanks in advance!

It must be this: tsn-kinkmeme. livejournal. com/ 6467. html?thread=12675139#t12675139 (I added the spaces.). I hope the writer posts a sequel with spanking.

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Just for my own curiosity, not for anything important, does anyone know if Christy is a real person or was based on a real person? Because, I'm thinking if she is real, she'd probably be pretty annoyed with the depiction of her in TSN.

in accidental billionaires, it's mentioned that eduardo has a girlfriend who texts him obsessively, etc., so I presume that's (relatively) factual. I also read a blog once of a Harvard alum who met mark and eduardo when FB was just getting off the ground, and he mentioned that at the time, Eduardo had a gf at Wellesley who he talked about a lot- whether this is the same girl, I dunno, but I would imagine they are because the timeline seems to mesh up (or Eduardo just hops from one gf to another? If we really wanted to take this further, we could take his portrayal in TSN to mean that he has a bit of a codependent personality and thus very well could be one of those people who 'can't be alone', but I digress. YES, THESE ARE THE KINDS OF THINGS I THINK ABOUT, OH MY LIFE)

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone had a layout of Mark, Chris and Dustin's dorm room? I mean, of the whole suite.

I posted my awful graphic rendition of the Kirkland suite on my journal, Here. Hope it helps.

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business rules: shareholders

What are the general rules for shareholder meetings? I remember that listed company are required to have an annual meeting to vote for board members but what about a nonlisted company?

I.e. Are quarterly meetings out of the realm of possibility?

Re: business rules: shareholders

Okay, I'm not a lawyer from the US (if you are one, please correct any mistakes you may find here) but based on the articles of incorporation and by-laws of corporations established in Delaware (where most corporations are incorporated and I think this is also where the restructured Facebook (the one which replaced the corporation which was registered in Florida after Thiel made an investment)) which I have examined, the general rule is one annual meeting. This holds true for listed/public and non-listed companies. I believe that this is also the rule in most jurisdictions.

Special meetings of the stockholders can be held in accordance with the requisites in the by-laws. Usually, these can be held upon the call of the Chairman of the Board or the President or upon the request of a certain percentage of directors/stockholders. These meetings are held to approve special corporate actions (i.e., mergers, dissolution or removal of a director) or when stockholder approval is required for a transaction (i.e., sale of all of the company's assets).

Short answer: It's possible for the shareholders to have four meetings in one year. However, since three out of the four meetings would be special meetings, it would be unusual if they were scheduled every quarter.

I hope this helped you, even a little bit.

Do we know what Eduardo's middle name is?

If not, any takers for suggestions of made-up middle names?

random and unsatisfactory, sorry, i don't actually know, but in fic i always use Luis. lol idk why. :/

AND i just googled it and a crimson article said it's Eduardo L. Saverin. WEIRD MAYBE IT IS LUIS IDK

http://w w w. thecrimson. com/article/2005/2/24/business-casual-a-year-ago-mark/

the article is fucking awesome by the way, i'd never read it!

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Does anyone know where I can find Portuguese translation online?

Re: Portuguese?

Google translate tends to be pretty reliable, but if you're really interested in accuracy it's best to ask a native speaker to look things over. Just learning the basics will really help catch glaring errors like masculine vs. feminine that might get screwed over in an English to Portuguese translation.

Re: Portuguese? - misspontius, 2011-06-22 01:59 am (UTC)(Expand)
I'm hoping someone can help me with a timeline question and a character question...

Approximately how long was it between when Thiel invested & they signed the contracts vs the million members party when Eduardo was fired? I believe the firing was Nov or Dec? Even though I've seen this movie a dozen times I can't recall around what month the first event was. If we don't get any specific timeframe, what do you think the possible range is? (earliest, latest possible)

Do we have any indication how old Sean Parker is supposed to be during the film? And I'd like to hear people's thoughts on how old we think TSN!Sean would have been when he created Napster.

Not sure about the month, but it says in the film that Sean was 19 when he created Napster. He's meant to be 24 during the film.

(no subject) - silviakundera, 2011-06-24 09:36 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Loads and loads of info about Silicon valley startup funding, shares, dilutions, etc: http://www.scribd.com/doc/55945011/An-Introduction-to-Stock-Options-for-the-Tech-Entrepreneur-or-Startup-Employee

I'd like to ask a question about timing.

I've read Wardo's graduated in 2006. But I also know from Wiki the year he's met Mark (season 03-04) he was junior i. e. 3rd year of college. So the question is why it took him so long to graduate? Because of lawsuite in may of 05? I mean he obviously did well (magna cum laude) and is it even possible for him to get less credits for each year then requiered?

Maybe he didn't just do undergrad courses, but went on to grad school? Just specultion, but it sounds like what could have happened.

(no subject) - anatolia_limb, 2011-07-02 06:37 am (UTC)(Expand)
Okay, so in the movie how old are Mark and Eduardo? A lot of fics put them as the same age, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong. So...when Mark was nineteen, Eduardo was already in his very early twenties, right?

And...how old are they supposed to be in the depositions? How many years have passed?

In the movie (2003) Mark was 19 and Eduardo 21.

And I guess the depositions are in 2005? Not sure...

(no subject) - thewhiteowl, 2011-07-01 11:30 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Does anyone know any good Jewnicorn fics that deal with like having Andrew or Jesse be in danger and the other one save him? Maybe like a kidnap fic or something?

You'd probably be better off asking at tsn_ficfinder, but I can't think of any fics like that.

Any good Jesse/Andrew non con fics? I've always been curious about them.

Mark's Harvard Application

Kinda ashamed to post this so I'm staying anon, but...it's already on the internet?
(nope, I have no idea whether it is legit or not. It looks like it is?)


Re: Mark's Harvard Application

lol that's been around forever. also, the transcription from his actual depositions, and the damage report for the Palo Alto rented house.

Re: Mark's Harvard Application - thewhiteowl, 2011-07-17 04:30 pm (UTC)(Expand)
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