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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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research questions!

By request!

if there's anything you're not sure about or you want to ask others for information on, please use this post!

Okay, so after looking at a_jejune_star's wonderful diagram, I was really disturbed by the lack of in-suite doors. So I did the logical thing- I went to Harvard's website, found their student life section, and went to Kirkland's page (each dorm has their own crest, like they're all aristocracy- I love it!) I found out some interesting stuff- they have tips and procedures written out on how to do laundry, which makes me laugh, because these kids are going to one of the world's most prestigious schools, should they really need instructions on that? Also, I got the idea from the main page that Kirkland only has a heating system, and that students can only bring an air conditioning unit if the school accepts the written physician's note the student must send in. As someone from New Orleans who is perpetually hot, this seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me. It also seems that student's have their academic advisors through their housing, which makes me wonder if they have assigned housing/roommates all four years, based on major course of study, or if they're given options.

Anyway, to make a long story slighter shorter, I was looking for room diagrams on the website, as most university websites provide this (at least the sites for the schools I attended did), and they're not available. However, the site is extremely in-depth, and very interesting. And Kirkland itself looks fancy fancy. I guess that's what you get at any Ivy, but I was still impressed.


Trust me, Harvard's dorms aren't really that fancy inside. Some of them are pieces of crap and it's better to live somewhere off campus. The suites like theirs are similar to most New England schools, only marginally bigger. And NE schools have this thing about letting students put in air conditioners because the school has to pay for it instead of the students, so it rarely happens. Most of the buildings around here are old enough that they're not built for things like air conditioners.

Ha, I did the same thing you did when I first saw someone asking for a dorm layout. I thought surely they'd have something, but no, just... laundry tips.

Now I'm just thinking about the boys going around in the dorm with no AC stripping clothes off to deal with the heat. Sigh.

they have tips and procedures written out on how to do laundry,which makes me laugh, because these kids are going to one of the world's most prestigious schools, should they really need instructions on that?

LOL! This made me giggle because I went to an Ivy and there are a healthy number of kids there who have never done laundry in their lives because they either had housekeepers or indulgent parents (this was esp. true of wealthy students from developing economies where the cost of labor is relatively cheap). I remember teaching more than one of my hallmates how to do laundry during orientation week.

lol, I went to a huge public university (think 30,000+ students) and there were a healthy amount there who had also never done laundry. I think it was indulgent parents and laziness. They all either went home or sent it out when they needed clean clothes. Kids today! :)

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I thought it was a general practice in most colleges not to put in air conditioners in the dorms, regardless of whether it was a private or public school. I went to a good school and was on the 20th floor of my dorm in the late humid summer months and we could only use fans.

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Different anon, but the more prestigious the school, the less nice they'll make the dorms because the dorms are generally for scholarship kids or kids who don't have rich parents.

As a student at UNC Chapel Hill, where (as of August 2011, all the dorm are airconditioned), I am morally obligated to laugh at Duke for not having A/C in the dorms. It's the SOUTH. IT GETS HOT.

I do think that, in general, it's a north-versus-south thing. When I lived in Boston, my school's A/C was questionable but it wasn't a big deal because it was only really hot for a while at the end of the year.

Does Kirkland have a dining hall or is that fanon? Is there anywhere the kids can make coffee and ramen, or are they doomed to Red Bul, Twizzlers and takeaway pizza?

Most dorms don't have their own dining hall and kids have to make ramen in the microwave or the hall kitchen (which usually consists of a stove or two) and they probably have their own coffee pot in the room.

At Harvard, every "House," as they're called, has its own dining hall.