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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Eduardo/Mark or GEN Triggers: NONCON

Can we have a Mark being sexually assaulted post-dep? I mean all I've seen here are Harvard era and pivots away from the dilution. I kind of want a Mark who would just convince himself that he deserved what happened and Dustin is so out of his depth (maybe he's the only one who knows?) and he accidentally confides to Chris because he doesn't know what to do with Mark. It's up to author how to bring Eduardo in or how to bring DUstin and Chris in as well. I just want something like this, please? I've been having such an awful day I'm sorry for the awful prompt, I just need a good cry

trying so hard - 1/?

oh god, this might be terrible but i really like angsty prompts. i have no idea how long this is going to be, but here's the beginning!</i>

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault.

When it happens, it's quick.


Hands are on him, choking him, and he tries to fight.

(He does.)

He pushes back and hands are on him and he tries to shout and there's a hand on his neck.

He fights the whole way - and his pants are ripped and his shirt is missing.

He's pretty sure the guy thinks he's dead.

Which - okay.

He can move on from this.

(In a dark corner of his mind, he thinks he might have deserved it.

This is payback.

He hurt Eduardo and now someone else hurts him.)


Dustin's the only one he tells, Dustin curled up on his couch, Mark at his desk, and Dustin's eyes are shining with tears.

"Don't -" Mark tries to say, but Dustin's standing, and putting a hand on his shoulder, and he's trying so hard that Mark almost feels guilty.

Mark puts a hand on Dustin's and forces himself to smile.


He doesn't speak, after that.

Dustin tries to get him to and Chris is in D.C. and Eduardo doesn't care.

Mark's pretty sure he doesn't.

He hasn't spoken to him.

He hasn't spoken to anyone.

He codes.

He codes so fucking much that his fingers almost hurt, and he goes home every day and he shakes a little bit, code still flying past his eyes.

He tries to remember, but some part of him stamps that down.

He's pretty sure you're supposed to remember these things, not send the memories away.



Chris tries to call him - Dustin's told him that Mark's upset but hasn't told him why.

Mark lets it go to voicemail, listens to Chris' increasingly desperate protests with idle interest.

He doesn't care.

(He deserved it.)

Finally, Chris emails him.


What's going on?

Mark smiles, shakes his head, and almost laughs.

Chris has no fucking idea.

Nothing, he writes.

I'm fine.


(He isn't.)


Dustin gives him a hug, one day.

It's short and Mark's afraid to touch him, to hug back, but Dustin's shoulders are shaking and Mark brings up his arms to wrap around him.

He's forgotten what it's like to touch someone.

Dustin cares, that's the thing. He's always cared more than he should, and now, red-rimmed eyes, Mark cares about him, too.

After so long (he has no idea how long) not caring about anything, this is different.

Something like nice.

"I'm going to tell Chris," Dustin says, and he's crying, still, "because I have no idea how to - how to deal with this. You're not speaking and - I'm just - I need help if we're going to help you. Okay?"

Mark considers.

Mark nods.


He doesn't need help, but he trusts Dustin.


(He deserves it.)

Re: trying so hard - 1/?

oh mark ;____; you don't deserve that >

trying so hard - 2/?

"You don't deserve this," Chris tells him, tries to reach out, tries to touch Mark.

He flinches, back, away, and in his mind he sees it, again, sees everything, and he blinks, forces it down.

He doesn't speak.

(Chris is wrong.

He fucked Eduardo over and now he has this to deal with.

He deserves this.

An eye for an eye.)


Dustin takes his laptop away.

Mark almost screams at him, mouth opens as if to do it, but he slumps back.

Dustin looks almost apologetic, but doesn't let Mark have the computer.


Mark can't do this.

Not without his code.

He has nothing, without the code, without the numbers, a promise of safety, of sameness, no surprises.

He has nothing, now.


He has nothing.


Chris stays in Palo Alto, with Mark, in Mark's house.

He makes Mark do things that are normal, grocery shop and sleep at normal hours.

Mark doesn't love it, but he doesn't hate it.

He lives his life in a state of apathy. He walks around as though nothing matters.

Nothing matters, that's the thing. He doesn't care.

He doesn't remember. Chris and Dustin (they become ChrisandDustin in his mind, always linked, a constant) try to get him to think back, to remember, but he won't, can't.

He doesn't want to.

He prefers life, like this.

He doesn't remember how it used to be, now.


The only thing he can't forget is Wardo.

No matter what, he can't forget Wardo.

Re: trying so hard - 2/?

love this:)

Re: trying so hard - 2/?

oh mark ;____;

Re: trying so hard - 2/?

This is great. Really well-written. I look forward to your next update. (AKA this is bookmarked under "omg" on my computer. I'm a sucker for extreme hurt/comfort, what can I say?)

Re: trying so hard - 2/?

Great work. Keep going!

trying so hard - 3/?

uh, so i am continuing this. i'm sorry it's taken me forever. ):

He remembers in his sleep.

He remembers details - hands around his throat, choking him, wrists held against the concrete - but that's at night, and when he wakes up he still doesn't speak.

He didn't scream then and he doesn't scream now.

He didn't speak against what Sean was doing to Wardo and then this happened, and there's no point in speaking, now.


Sometimes he thinks about Wardo.

He doesn't have anything to do, now, and so sometimes he thinks about him.

His fingers tap, incessant, against the wood.

And he thinks.


He doesn't regret but he wishes.

Is that worse?

He doesn't know.


Chris and Dustin are worried about him.

(Chris and Dustin deserve to be happy)

They try to help him and Chris stays for longer periods of time until he's living there, almost, and Mark would tell him to get the fuck out but he won't.

He almost likes having him there.


Chris asks him, one day, if Mark wants anyone else to know.

He shakes his head, sharp.

He doesn't want to talk to the police and he's too late to talk to Wardo.

(He doesn't want the reason they reconcile, if they do, to be because Wardo feels sorry for him.)

"Are you sure?" Chris asks.

Mark nods.


Chris is worried and so is Dustin.

He visits Mark, too, and Chris is sleeping in the bed and Mark is on the couch and sometimes Dustin sleeps in a chair, on the floor, anywhere.

He falls asleep and stays asleep longer than Mark does.

And so Mark watches him, sometimes.

He looks so peaceful, when he's sleeping.

He doesn't look peaceful when he's awake.


Mark worries about them.

Somewhere in the depths of him, he worries about the both of them.

It's the most human he's felt in a long time.


(Wardo doesn't need someone like him in his life, anyway.

He deserves someone who'll make him laugh, who'll be able to speak, who isn't fucked up beyond repair.

He deserves someone better and Mark isn't going to argue that.)


Dustin eventually gives him back his computer.

Mark doesn't code - he can't code.

His fingers still on the keys and he's lost it, it seems, lost the ability to do anything.

Instead, he plays games - stupid games, Solitaire and Freecell, and he masters them quickly.

Dustin watches him at first but after a while leaves him to it, checking only occasionally.

Once, he puts a hand on Mark's shoulder.

Mark flinches away.

Dustin doesn't say anything.


He doesn't mean to flinch when people touch him.

It isn't as though it's always a big deal.

Chris and Dustin (ChrisandDustin) don't touch him that much, they never have, and less so now.

But when they do, even a light touch, Mark jumps out of his skin, shaking.

They stop soon after the fifth time it happens.


Mark's happiest when he's left to himself.

He's not happy but he's not miserable.

He's still apathetic and maybe that's dangerous but he doesn't care.

He doesn't care.

Re: trying so hard - 3/?

oh mark. the happiest he is, is just apathetic. ;____;

trying so hard - 4/?

Chris and Dustin try to force him to see someone.

They pay for a therapist to come to his house for a length of time, and Mark just sits and stares and ignores the guy's insipid questions.

He doesn't give a fuck if he's trying hard, or what, but he can feel himself getting angry, mouth open, ready to shout, and -


The flare of anger quiets down almost immediately after it pops up, and he sits there, swallows.


(He hears Chris and Dustin whispering.

They say words like shock and depressed but none of the words they say come close to how he's feeling, what he's feeling.

Mark's empty.

And perhaps he's in shock or - or fucking depressed, or something - but it's been weeks and it isn't getting better.

He doesn't want it to get better, is the thing. He doesn't want to be fixed because he doesn't deserve to be.


It's not all about Wardo.

This isn't some ploy to get him back. That ship has sailed, everyone knows it has.

This isn't a ploy, is the thing, it's not him trying to get forgiveness for cutting Wardo out.

(The thoughts still sting.)

He holds onto the pain of that because it's the only thing he knows how to feel, the only thing he has the capacity to deal with.

He lets himself feel betrayal coursing through him, lets anger spike its way through his veins, and even though it fades quickly it's getting to the point where he can control it.

He almost wants to speak.


Chris hands him a plate, one day, and Mark says, very soft, "Thank you."

Chris looks at him, sharp. "What?"

Mark shrugs. "Thank you," and he doesn't have the words to say for everything but it's okay because Chris is staring at him like he's done something remarkable.

And he takes a moment to think, because - Chris is one of his best friends, now, has always been one of his best friends.

For the first time, he almost feels bad for the hell he's put Chris through.

"You're welcome," Chris says, and starts toward Mark but stops, looking afraid.

Mark holds out his arms, and he's not shaking when Chris hugs him.

That has to mean something, right?


For the first time, Mark wants to feel like himself again.

It doesn't last, it's fleeting - but it's something.

A beginning.

Re: trying so hard - 4/?

Gosh, I still really love this story anon. Update whenever you can! :D

Re: trying so hard - 4/?

oh mark, at least he can be touched now without freaking out entirely, even if he doesn't totally like it.