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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Mark/Eduardo, Inception Crossover

Basically, I want a fic that's a TSN&Inception crossover, where Mark has hold the secret love of one member of Cobb's team and then Mark uses this secret to threat that member to incept Eduardo. This person is important to Cobb, so Cobb can't refuse to help. I prefer Arthur to be this member, but it's totally up to the writer to decide who this person is.

About the inception, I want to see Mark's request is to let Eduardo forget they was in love or they have been in love...basically, I want to see a different Mark, who just need Eduardo is fine and won't feel hurt anymore, even Eduardo doesn't remember their love, even Eduardo takes Mark just as a previous failed business partner with no personal feelings...

Cobb's team of course succeed. However, somehow Eduardo feel different when he is alone with Mark in social parties or something like this. And he can't help caring Mark with unknown feelings. Chris and Dustin know the truth, but they don't know whether to tell Eduardo or not. Cobb eventually find out that secret love and he struggles as always...but love is love, having unbelievable power, Cobb makes a decision; it's up to the write to decide if Cobb determines to fall in love once more because he has already unconsciously been in love, or Cobb just help Eduardo and Mark because he was in love that deep for that long time...

I want this is a h/c story, Happy Ending definitely!

FILL: This World is Not Real (1/?)

It has been one year and five months since Cobb talked with Arthur in person last time. It’s reasonable, considering Cobb has bowed out of being an extractor, having children to take care, but Arthur is still the best point man, working with other teams, not much time for them to see each other, but they did call, email and even chat online, well, sometimes. Now Cobb knows there is something significant happened; otherwise Arthur wouldn’t ask for a face-to-face talk.

“Could you do that again, inception, I mean?” Arthur sits opposite, asking without preamble.

Cobb squints his eyes, considering, weighing, assessing. He finally says, “Reason.”

“I….” Arthur hesitates. Cobb frowns: Arthur could directly refuse to share when he doesn’t want to, but he has never hesitated before. “Dom, could you not ask the reason, just tell me if you could do it?”

Arthur calls him “Dom”, definitely something harsh, Cobb concludes in his mind. “It’s important for you, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” Arthur nods.

“OK, I’m in.” Cobb replies decisively.

“I’m sorry, Cobb, I know you should be with Phillipa and James. Just you are the only one who knows how the inception.” Arthur looks very guilty.

“I said I’m in.” Cobb doesn’t want Arthur to feel guilty. This is the man coming to him without any doubt when he escaped outside, being hunted; this is the man still working with him without any complaint when he was in a dangerous mental state; this is the man trusting him when he was not that worth being trusted. Cobb will never tell Arthur how many thanks he wants to say, so he just accepts to be the Extractor Cobb once more. “Who?”

“The client is Mark Zuckerberg and the object is Eduardo Saverin.” Arthur answers, licking his lips.

“The Mark Zuckerberg?” Cobb asks with surprise.

“You know Mark Zuckerberg?” Arthur seems to be more surprised.

“Of course I know him. Arthur, I know things and I have a young girl who is fascinated by Facebook now.” Cobb leans back to his chair, smiling.

“As young as Phillipa?” Arthur really can’t believe this.

“You have no idea of the young generation.” Cobb lessons. “Focus, Arthur, well, who is that Eduardo Saverin?”

“He is, well, he is the co-founder of Facebook. He was there when Zuckerberg invented Faceook, and then he and Zuckerberg had a lawsuit last years after his share was diluted; finally they reached an agreement Zuckerberg paying him billions of dollars and they not talking about it anymore. Here are the details.” Arthur hands Cobb a column of files, reminding Cobb of their days, the best Extractor and his best point man.

“You’ve been preparing.” Cobb raises his eyebrows.

“No, I’m not, all of the information is offered by Mark Zuckerberg. I’ll begin now with your joining in.” Arthur shrugs.

“What’s the idea?”

“Zuckerberg wants us to plant an idea Saverin, making him forget their love.” Arthur looks complicated, taking a breath out.

“Wait! Their what?”

“They was in love. I’ll find out if they are still in love, but it’s clear Zuckerberg still loves Saverin while Saverin has been hurt by him.” Arthur looks at Cobb, nameless feelings in his eyes.

“And Zuckerberg wants him to move on by letting him go?” Cobb asks slowly as if he needs to check whether he understands.

“Yes, that’s Zuckerberg’s request.” Arthur looks like slightly sighs.

“Now I’m not sure if I can do this. It’s their personal emotions.” Cobb stares at Arthur, “What trouble are you in with Mark Zuckerberg? Are you OK, Arthur?”

“I’m fine. I understand where you stand. It’s fine and I might fine another Extractor.” Arthur smiles but not smile at all.

Cobb is stunned for a moment, glancing at Arthur, frowning, shaking his head. He watches Arthur drinking off his coffee and at last says, “Whatever, I’m in, Arthur.”

Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (1/?)

ooh, very intriguing beginning. I wonder why Arthur took the job.

Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (1/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-08-14 12:38 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (1/?)

I'm beyond excited anon!!!

Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (1/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-08-14 12:39 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: This World is Not Real (2/?)

I'm sorry to update so late, but I hope you like this update

After settling down Phillipa and James, Cobb asks Arthur to arrange an appointment with Mark.

From the data Arthur collects and other sources such as internet and media, Cobb thinks he is very aware of the great reputation of Mark Zuckerberg’s pretentiousness, but when he meets and talks with Mark, he tells that Mark is just not the networking type though he has invented an unbelievable online social network.

“I’ll be there with your team.” Says Mark after discussing the details.

“No, Zuckerberg, you can’t.” Cobb slightly raises his shoulders at Arthur, as if he is asking why these people are so obsessed to go into the dreams.

“Zuckerberg, you’re not trained. So…” Arthur explains to Mark.

“I can be the tourist.” Mark interrupts him, “like Saito.”

Cobb doesn’t reply but eyes Arthur, who makes a confused look.

“Can you two stop your quiet communication?” Mark keeps his poker face, “I’m Mark Zuckerberg. I have Facebook. I know everything.”

Now Cobb regrets taking the job, because apparently, Mark is, well, Mark is Mark.

“The last thing,” Cobb folds the papers, “What made Arthur work for you?”

“Well,” Mark makes an impassive face but his blue eyes are mysterious and dark still, “If succeed, there’ll be nothing.”


“They’ve left?” Chris knocks at Mark’s door, of course, with Dustin.

“Yep.” Mark returns to his laptop.

“Are you ready?” Chris tries to make Mark look up from his laptop.

“I will be.” Mark swallows.

“Mark…” Dustin looks sad, “I really really don’t think you have to do this. Why not apologise?”

“I did.” Mark still stares at the screen of his laptop, but Chris notices his fingers stop.

“Mark…” Chris wants to say something.

“I did so I know it doesn’t work.” Mark bites his lip.

“What do you need us to do?” Chris asks with soft voice.

“Stop showing your love in front of me.” Chris and Dustin look embarrassed and a bit guilty. “Hey, I’m joking.” Mark continues, “I’m joking and I’m happy for you. So, can you let me work?”

“Fine, Mark, but you know we’re here. We’re here for you.” Chris grabs Dustin out, ignoring Dustin clearly has something to say.

Mark doesn’t work.

He hates that statement; he hates anyone tells him “I’m here for you.” He can’t stop him from recalling every time Eduardo told him “I’m here for you”. Now considering their ruined relationship, this statement sounds so ironic and painful, pulling Mark into something he indeed is not capable to do.

Eduardo has accepted Mark’s apology; however, he is still like a wounded deer, sensitive and vulnerable, having difficulty to trust people, even Chris and Dustin.

Mark knows he is responsible, so he has decided to fix Eduardo, his Wardo.

Cobb, Arthur and inception, Mark calls the files from his hard disk, extremely proper.


“Get as many details as you can.” Cobb frowns at Eduardo’s files, “not enough at all.”

“I know and I’m going to.” Arthur stops, “Eduardo Saverin appears in a fog, but I’m good at my job. Believe me, Cobb.”

“Always.” Cobb, as always, pulls a long face, but his voice is soft, “I’m calling the team. I hope everyone is available.”

“No one can refuse you, Cobb.” Arthur shrugs like he is joking, except that he looks away, which Cobb doesn’t notice.

“Let’s begin.”

FILL: This World is Not Real (3/?)

“I can’t believe you’re still working with this stick in the mud.” Eames is the first one showing up. He lets out a whistle and then says to Cobb, not bothering to pretend being polite.

“Thanks, Eames.” replies Arthur flatly.

“He is still good at what he does.” Cobb appears not to be affected in the least, “He is still the best.”

Arthur looks up at Cobb, but looks away soon.

“Yusuf will be here three hours later.” Eames sits down, checking the equipments, “they’re improved. Good.”

“Mark Zuckerberg is a very wealthy man.” Cobb speaks off the cuff.

“He is the second youngest billionaire in the world, indeed.” A sweet girl’s voice jumps in.

Cobb smiles and walks to the girl, giving her a hug. “Hey, Ari.”

“Hey, Dom.” Ariadne smiles back, and then smiles to Eames and Arthur.

“Dom?” Eames makes a face and glances from Arthur to Ariadne, “You’ve been in touch with Cobb, Ariadne?”

“My supervisor is his father-in-law.” Ariadne shrugs.

“Then I’ll call Zuckerberg to come here four hours later?” Arthur looks at Cobb and asks.



Yusuf widens his eyes when Mark walks in; he looks like he’s gonna rush to Mark, asks for Mark’s autograph, makes a photo with Mark, and then posts them on his facebook wall.

“Um!” Cobb makes a cough, and thanks, which stops Yusuf. “Zuckerberg, introduce my team to you.”

“No need.” Mark takes out his cell phone, browsing the screen, and then calls everyone with correct name.

The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” Arthur mumbles.

“From Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO.” Mark replies with a bit surprises. Then everyone turns to Arthur with surprises.

“I read, not like you guys, OK?” Arthur answers curtly.

Cobb squints but he says, “Focus, can we?”


“Zuckerberg, as I told you before, we need to plant an absolutely basic idea in Saverin’s mind.” Cobb starts, “Eames is the best forger, but he thinks it’s tough this time.”

Mark turns to Eames, who is fixing his already combed hair. His mouth curves upward, says, “There might be at least three people I have to forge, Saverin’s father, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. If need be, I have to forger you, Zuckerberg.”

“No, you don’t need to. I’ll do everything I can to cooperate.” Mark stops, “So you need to be familiar with Chris and Dustin?” Mark stops again, “And that Mr Saverin?”

“Yes, I need to get access to them.”

“No problem with Chris and Dustin.” Mark bites his lip, “I can make it, Mr Saverin, I mean.”

Cobb gives Arthur a look, and Arthur slightly nods showing he knows the situation of Eduardo Saverin and his father, quietly communicating with Cobb.

“This will take me at least two months.” says Eames.

“The others will spend this period of time preparing.” Cobb adds, “We’ll go into the fields deeper, three levels in fact.”

“You’ve told me, I remember.” Mark nods, “At least 10 good hours, right? Why do you look at me like that? I’m not Saito. I won’t buy an airline.”

The team members smile but smile wryly with obvious embarrassment.

“Chris can persuade Eduardo to come back for the shareholders meeting. I’ll hack into the air company, making sure we have an ideal place for the inception.” Mark explains as if his idea is the most natural idea.

Now everyone is shocked.

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Re: OP~ - (Anonymous), 2011-08-17 03:02 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: This World is Not Real (4/?)

“I want to be tourist, too.” Dustin walks into Mark’s office, not knocking as always.

Mark doesn’t look up from his laptop, even not stop programming.

“Seriously, I agree Dustin being a tourist.” Eames’s voice draws Mark’s attention. Mark frowns and Eames continues, “I can’t be Dustin, Zuckerberg. I can be Hughes, the old Saverin or anyone, but I can’t be Dustin.”

“Cobb said you were the best forger.” Mark leans back.

“I am.” Eames unhappily corrects. He thinks like hunting for the words, but finally shrugs, “It’s just, Dustin is Dustin.”

“Well, then it’s your problem. You took the job, so you have to prove you adequate.” Mark looks cold.

Eames mutters something but Mark just skips.


“Mark-” Dustin walks close to the table and sits down opposite Mark, “Don’t threat to fire me. You used to say it every time I mentioned Wardo.”

Mark tries to make a face after what Dustin said, “I…I…Thank you, Dustin.” Mark speaks quickly, like he is saying something that Mark Zuckerberg would never say, “I know you’re concerned so you want to be there with me, but I need you here. I need you and Chris here for Facebook.”

“I know that! Mark, I’m not stupid and Chris knows, too. We, Mark, we just can’t let you do that alone.” Dustin looks out through the glass wall, and Mark finds out Chris is staring at them.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, you said this before.” Dustin points out with no sympathy, “You said this before you diluted Eduardo’s shares, then before you two signed the agreement and then before you realised he refused any contacts. You were not fine, you are not fine, and you won’t be fine.”

“Don’t speak like Chris.” Mark tries to cover up, but he can’t stop the tiredness in his eyes.

“Mark, you’re stupid.” Dustin announces and then leaves.

Mark watches Dustin walking to Chris and talking with him. Chris holds Dustin’s hand and squeezes it for a while.

Once upon a time, Mark and Eduardo have held each other to comfort like them.


“Zuckerberg won’t let Moskovitz go into the fields with him.” After Eames complaining, Arthur says.

“Why?” Ariadne is curious.

“Hughes and Moskovitz are a couple and Zuckerberg won’t let his friend be in the dream for ten years without his lover.” Arthur is getting the tools in order.

“Are we talking about the same Zuckerberg?” Ariadne looks up from her mazes.

“Pity!” Eames lies down on the couch, “Dustin is much more interesting than any of you.”

“Well, obviously, you call him Dustin.” Ariadne continues, “Where is Cobb, Arthur?”

“He is with Phillipa and James.” Arthur smiles for thinking of Cobb’s treasures, “They’re…they’re great.”

“They were always talking about you.” Ariadne looks at Arthur, “You haven’t seen them after inception into Fischer, have you? Every time I visited, they talked about you.”

“Oh!” Arthur makes a look but continues ordering the tools.

“So, when Cobb comes back, we’re gonna fly to Singapore with Zuckerberg?” Eames jumps in with a ponderous smile.

Arthur nods.

“Great! I heard there are a lot of sexy girls in Singapore.”

FILL: This World is Not Real (5/?)

There are lots of sexy girls in Singapore for Eames, and lots of yummy foods for Yusuf, and lovely sunshine for Ariadne, and nice working environment for Cobb and Arthur, and, well, and Eduardo for Mark.

Chris called Eduardo before Mark left America. Mark was there when Chris called but he couldn’t figure out how Chris persuaded Eduardo. It seems to Mark that Chris just has that magic power to persuade anyone agreeing with him, no exception; well, maybe sometimes Chris will let himself be persuaded by Dustin.

Anyway, they arrived at Singapore two weeks before the shareholders’ meeting, which Cobb required in order to be more familiar with Eduardo.

Mark knows how Eduardo’s life is in Singapore. He knows Eduardo’s job, Eduardo’s friends, and even Eduardo’s neighbours’ cats (please don’t ask how Mark gets the information), but honestly, he has no idea about Eduardo, about how Eduardo is. That’s why Mark is here, again, in the community where Eduardo lives, near Eduardo’s house. Mark sits in the rented car, waiting for Eduardo coming home from his office (one day from a party, apparently).

Today is a little different. After 9 o’clock, then 10, then 11, then 12, Eduardo hasn’t come back and Mark can’t help falling asleep in the car.

Someone is knocking at the car window, annoying Mark. He lowering the window, Eduardo’s face is in the front of him, with a hammer in his hand. Mark is completely awake now.

“Wardo-” He lets out the name but doesn’t know how to continue.

“Mark?” Eduardo seems confused, and stunned, “I thought of a thief or…Mark? Oh God, Mark!”

“I’m here for business.” Mark clenches his fists to keep his voice steady, “Chris told me you’re going to attend our meeting next week. Um, see you then.”

“Hold on!” Eduardo stops Mark before he wants to start the car, “You’re here for business, for the last whole week, near my house, in this car?”

“I…I…Wardo, I…Fine, I’m stalking you.” Mark makes a that-is-it-and-what-can-you-do-to-me face.

“Mark, can’t you let me alone?” Eduardo yells, but he looks so exhausted that he finishes the sentence with a heavy sigh.

“I will.” Mark murmurs. He looks up at Eduardo, “Will you go to the meeting? I mean, Wardo…”

“I promised Chris.” Eduardo takes a breath out, “I’ve told you, Eduardo, please.”

“Yeah. War-Eduardo, thank you.” Mark bites his lip, “At least I don’t need to worry about Chris killing me.”

Eduardo looks like he is amused by Mark, but he holds back. “Leave, Mark.”

“Yeah.” Mark starts the car, “See you next week, War-Eduardo.”

“Mark…” Eduardo opens his mouth, and then shuts up. He weakly waves his hand, breaking the eye contacts with Mark.

Mark drives away, and observes from the rear-view mirror; Eduardo is standing there still until Mark can’t see him.

Mark decides to code to spend his sleep-deprived night.


“Time to sleep, Cobb.” Arthur turns the machine off.

“We don’t shoot in dark, Arthur.”

“I know, but it’s time to rest.” Arthur closes the lid.

“Want a talk? The deal between you and Zuckerberg?”

Arthur stops.

“OK, fine, no talk.” Cobb stands up, “Hey, are you OK?”

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine. Why?”

“I can see you treat Zuckerberg as a friend, or you understand him. You know we can’t be attached with clients. Things will be getting worse if that.”

“I’m not.” Arthur snaps. This is familiar. The same thing happened when Cobb was away and had to put a gun on his temple to make sure he was in the reality, except that it was Arthur who asked at that time.

Cobb squints at Arthur, “I trust you.”

Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (5/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-08-17 05:48 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: This World is Not Real (6/?)

Cobb has kept his doubts until the plane takes off. Mark shows up until Eduardo drinks up the water with compounds.

“Zuckerberg, ready?” Cobb asks. Mark nods. Ariadne is monitoring this time.


“Thank you that you have peed before you went under this time.” Arthur laughs and Yusuf is embarrassed.

“Is it necessary to kidnap him?” Mark’s cold voice is combined with uncertainty.

“We’ve discussed.” Cobb frowns, “You’re a tourist, just a tourist, Zuckerberg.”

Mark sets his lips into a line, tightly. He widens his eyes and bites his lower lip when Cobb points a gun at Eduardo. Arthur shrugs at him and says quietly, “It’s a dream.” Mark doesn’t response; he can’t feel comfortable whenever Eduardo is pointed by a gun, whether in reality or dream.

Arthur jumps out to help Cobb.

“Our little deer hasn't been trained. I don’t want to cope with another militarised subconscious.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry for the last time.” Arthur blurts out.

“I’m joking.” Cobb rolls his eyes, “Get him in the back room.”

“I’m so glad that this time we don’t have to take the risk to be lost in limbo and wait till our brains turns to scrambled egg.” Eames says like he wants to sing, “It’s my show time. Watch!”

Mark follows Cobb and Arthur to the back room, of course, with balaclavas.

“I’m insured.” Eduardo appears to be calm down.

“Shut up! There is a safe in the head quarter of Facebook, and we need the combination.”

“I don’t know about the safe.” Eduardo winces a bit, “I, I haven’t been in that building for years. You can’t get anything from me.”

“It doesn’t mean you don’t know the combination.” Cobb gets close to Eduardo, giving him a menacing look.

“Tell us what it is.” Mark asks.

Eduardo suddenly turns to Mark. He frowns, hesitates, and then stares at Mark’s blue eyes. Oh, no, it seems that Eduardo recognises Mark.

“Tell us what it is!” Arthur grabs Eduardo’s collar, repeating, thank God, which distracts Eduardo from Mark.

“I don’t know.” Eduardo shakes his head.

“Well, you won’t insist if you see our authority.” Cobb makes a sound and Yusuf pushes Eames, no, Dustin in.

“Dustin? Oh, Jesus, what did they do to you?” Eduardo tries to touch Dustin’s bruises, but Dustin moves away.

“Well, you two better have a good talk.” Cobb kicks at Dustin’s knee, and the latter cries out.


“Are you OK, Dustin? Dustin?” Eduardo is worrying.

“Oh, Wardo!” Dustin looks like he is going to burst into tears, “Wardo, I…I…I need Chris, Wardo.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I know.” Eduardo manages to give Dustin a hug, “Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. Chris is waiting for you, and Mark, yes, Mark will find us, definitely. Don’t worry, Dustin.”

Mark, who is leaning on the other side of the door, bites his lip and blinks, as if he can’t bear this any longer. Arthur looks at Mark and then turns to Cobb, but Cobb just slightly sighs.

“They thought I know the combination, Wardo.” Dustin chokes, “I don’t know. Wardo, it was Mark who set the combination. How could I know?”

“Neither do I.” Eduardo smiles with difficulty.

“What? But Mark told me you know. Wardo, he told me you’re the only one who knows except Mark himself.” Dustin stresses.

“Did Mark say that?” Eduardo’s voice becomes soft, but with doubts.

“Yes, he did. It might be something that belongs to you and Mark, I thought.”

Eduardo silences.

“God, Wardo, you know it, right? You find out.” Dustin grins.

“I think so. Dustin, I can’t tell Mark’s safe combination to anyone else. We need to go through this, a couple of hours? Mark will find us. He will.”

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Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (6/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-08-18 02:24 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (6/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-08-20 05:17 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: FILL: This World is Not Real (6/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-08-20 05:18 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: This World is Not Real (7/?)

“You’ve taken a leap of faith on Mark, Wardo.” Dustin stares at Eduardo, “Chris always says that's why you’re different.”

Eduardo doesn’t reply. Honestly, what should he say? Yes, he trusted Mark so much that he didn’t aware Mark set him up? Or, yes, he still trusts Mark to an absolutely creepy degree even though Mark kicked him out? Or, yes, he can’t open himself to anyone else now but Mark is always his exception after all crap between them? There is nothing he can tell Dustin or anyone else, including Mark.

“Wardo?” Dustin’s lips are set into a pout of annoyance and scare, “I’m hungry and I miss those muffins Chris baked. Wardo, we won’t die here, will we?”

“No, we won’t.” Eduardo answers at once.

“So tell them the combination!” Dustin eyes Eduardo, like a little racoon begging for food. “It’s just your deal with Mark in that safe. I can’t see any importance of it, considering you were not his fake friend any longer.”

“Fake friend? What are you talking about, Dustin?” Eduardo looks at Dustin with a puzzled frown on his face.

“The deal that you and Mark made?” Dustin looks confused, too. “You two pretended to be best friend to make the Facebook more personal. Yeah, I know it, surprise?”

“No, there was no such thing.” Eduardo frowns deeper, his big eyes widened.

“Of course there was and there is.” Dustin looks a bit upset, “You told me when you got drunk. Well, it’s been a long time. You might delete it.”

Eduardo is obviously shocked, “No, that’s not true.”

“Oh, Wardo! Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth.”

Eduardo straightens his back and takes off his hand from Dustin’s shoulder. He gazes at Dustin as if he is weighing something.


“Damn!” Cobb rebukes and rushes into the room. Arthur doesn’t aware of what happened but he just reflexively follows Cobb.

“Say the combination!” Cobb puts the gun on Dustin’s temple, “Now!”

Eduardo dithers and Dustin lets out a just quite right painful groan. Eduardo clenches his fists, “040204.” It’s the date when facebook went online. Mark won’t never forget that day but, but Eduardo remembers it as well.

Cobb’s eyes squint into a line. He kicks Dustin’s knees once more, much harder, and then loads the gun. Dustin, no, Eames curses in his mind. “I said, right now! Right now!”

Eduardo can’t turn to Dustin but can hear Dustin’s fear breath. He swallows and swallows, “102437.”

Cobb talks with his phone and then tells Arthur, “Bag them.”


“What?” Mark eyes back, after Arthur gives him a complex look.

“That combination, it is your combination, isn’t it?” Arthur asks.

“It’s the time Facebook went online, 10:24:37, exact time. I told him I would use it as my combination.” Mark bites his lip.

“You know we can stop here. Really, we can stop here.”

“No.” Mark bites his lip harder. Mark has never thought that, in a relationship, sometimes love would be just enough, but now he knows it can be true. For him and Eduardo, love is just not enough.

Cobb, Eames and Yusuf walk in. Cobb pauses when he sees Mark and Arthur talking, but Eames is still chattering. “Just five more minutes.” Eames is dissatisfied, “You kicked on purpose, Cobb.”

Arthur is about to say Cobb will never be unprofessional when Cobb starts. “Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth? Eames, it’s from Joseph Goebbels, Joseph Goebbels. How can these Jewish quote from a Nazi?”

“I’m an atheist.” Mark mutters but he nods, “but, yeah, Eduardo is always considerate.” Mark cracks into an unconscious smile; Eduardo always knows what should be said in different scenarios, knows everyone’s religion, knows how to be polite and popular, knows how to make people tolerate Mark and then like Mark.

“We’re planting a negative emotion. It’s difficult, and it’s obviously much more difficult than we thought.” Cobb glares at Mark, who makes a deadpan face, “but at least we open up the box. Now go into the second layer and work with what we find.”

FILL: This World is Not Real (8/?)

“Thank God, the last time I impersonate Dustin.” Eames is wearing his make-ups.

“Well, Eames, I’m impressed by your fake crying.” Arthur raises his eyebrows and laughs.

“Your condescension is always appreciated, Darling.” Eames shrugs, “When you see Saverin’s own projection of Dustin in the second layer, you’ll know.”

Cobb walks in and checks Eames’ makeup. He glances at Arthur and walks out; Arthur follows out.


“Tell me what you’ve done so that Zuckerberg could blackmail you.” says Cobb directly.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Then tell me what would happen if we failed.”

“You think we would fail.” Arthur repeats.

“Arthur-” Cobb hesitates, measuring his words, “One would never willingly let one’s love go. It’s instinct to keep the love.”

Arthur still keeps his empty face, but this is the first time Cobb crosses the line of co-workers and friends, discussing personal feelings. “I see it. Cobb, I see it. Although Saverin has cut himself off from Zuckerberg, his subconscious can’t lie.”

“So, if we fail?” Cobb asks again.

“I don’t know. Truly.” Arthur tries to make a smile.

Cobb stares at Arthur. There is a moment that Arthur is going to lift his hand to smooth Cobb’s deeply knitted brows, but he stops himself in time. Cobb sighs, “I should have got Ariadne down with us. She is much better at talking and you’d like to talk with her.”

“Why?” Arthur lets out a quick snort.

“You kissed her. It’s logical to assume you like her.” Cobb shrugs.

“No, I don’t, not the like you’re suggesting.” Arthur changes the topic, “Cobb, sometimes one just has to let one’s love go. Zuckerberg is stubborn.”

“I’ve realised that.” Cobb looks up and Eames becomes Dustin again, “Let’s hope the projection Moskovitz would feed the idea right back to Saverin so that he would believe he gives himself the idea, as we expected.”


“Are we gonna invite Mr Charles?” Yusuf asks as he is driving.

“Who is Mr Charles?” Mark asks. He has been in silence for a long time and his darkness apparently has made anyone who wants to talk with him shut up.

“Why not? We need Saverin to go against his subconscious.” Eames doesn’t answer Mark. He says to Cobb.

Cobb thinks for a moment and then nods. “OK. Eames, I need you to be Hughes to let Saverin trust me.” He turns to Arthur, “Saverin believes Hughes, right?”

“Yes. We all believe Chris.” Mark confirms before Arthur, “So Mr Charles is the gambit Arthur seems not to approve.”

“It doesn’t matter. Cobb is capable to do it.” Arthur guarantees, which attracts Cobb’s attention, but Cobb doesn’t say anything.

“Got it.” Mark nods.


“Chris?” Eduardo stands up, “oh, Chris, I have a lot in my mind and…”

“Wardo, listen to me.” Eames, no, Chris interrupts Eduardo, “You’re dreaming now. I’m here because we are friends and you still trust me.”

“I’m dreaming?” Eduardo frowns.

“Yes. We chatted dream extraction before, you remember?” Eduardo recalls and nods. Chris continues with soft voice, “Right. I think you project me here because you feel insecure. This is Mr Charles, Wardo. He specialises in dream security.”

Cobb holds out his hand and Eduardo doubtfully shakes hands with him.

“Mr Saverin, pay attention to the strangeness of the dream.” Cobb sits down next to Eduardo, “strange weather, unstable water surface, the shift of the gravity, Mr Saverin, these things won’t happen when you are in reality.”

Eduardo widens his eyes, like a scared deer, “Jesus. Chris, oh, Chris, you’re not real, too. My subconscious, right?”

“Hey, hey, Wardo.” Chris puts his hand onto Eduardo’s shoulder, “I’m here to protect you. We’re here to protect you. Believe me, Wardo.”

“No, you can’t.” Eduardo swallows hard, his voice shivering, “You can’t. Mark, where is Mark? I need to project Mark. I need to.”

Cobb and Eames exchange a look. “OK, OK, Wardo, close your eyes, think of Mark, and then you can project him.”

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FILL: This World is Not Real (9/?)

“This is a perfect opportunity.” Arthur tells Mark, “Now Saverin has realised he is dreaming, his projections will attack the dreamer, which is me. I’m out of here to buy you more time. Cobb will help you.”

Mark nods. Before he walks to Eduardo, Mark turns to Arthur, “You trust Cobb without any condition. How do you make that?”

“Just the same as Saverin trusting you.” says Arthur blandly, his face still empty and his eyes, too. Mark doesn’t notice the slight curve on the corner of Arthur’s mouth.

“You shouldn’t do that, Arthur.” Mark starts, “You shouldn’t make the decision without asking him.”

“Like what you and Saverin did to each other?” Arthur is better at making a poker face than Mark since sometimes Mark’s blue eyes release his feelings but Arthur can hide all of his emotions without any release.

“You shouldn’t.” Mark doesn’t keep on this topic. He takes a deep breath in and walks to Eduardo.


“Wardo.” Mark knows he should not have let his voice be soft; however, looking into Eduardo’s frightened eyes, Mark let himself.

“Mark!” Eduardo jumps from the chair to the ground, looks like he is gonna grab Mark’s arm, but he flinches, hand freezing in the air.

Although not like any physical contact, at this moment, Mark has such an urge to hold that hand and then wait for the kick to wake them up. Instead, he points at Cobb, speaking in his normal clipped, rushed tone, “Who is he?”

“Um…Mr Charles.” Eduardo holds back and glances at Chris, “Chris introduced him. Mr Charles is in charge of dream security.” He grabs Mark’s arm, murmuring like he is persuading himself, “It’s fine. You’re not real after all. You’re my projection, the same as Chris.”

“Wardo? OK, tell me again what he is.” Cobb gives Mark a look, so Mark repeats to enhance the reliability of Mr Charles. Yet, he wants to kill himself, because this might be the only way for him to escape from struggling. He wants to go back to the reality, where Eduardo doesn’t show any love or trust to him any longer, a place he can only focus on Eduardo’s pain.

“Mark, you’re stupid.” This was what Dustin said. Now Mark thinks Dustin is probably right.

“He is here to protect my subconscious.” Eduardo answers. He sounds not as nervous and scared as before. Mark nods and sits next to Eduardo. Eduardo lifts one hand but then put it down, “You don’t drink wine, but I don’t think they’re providing Red Bull here.”

Mark shrugs.

Eduardo smiles, “Well, this is my dream. One mustn’t be afraid to dream a little big.” Dear God! Chris, no, Eames has to try his best not to burst into laughter. Eduardo closes his eyes, and then there is a can of Red Bull in his hand. He smirks into a wide smile, just like a child gets his favourite toy or lots of candy, “Here it is, Mark. Though I don’t like you live on Red Bull, enjoy this one!”

Mark cracks a smile but he feels his eyes burning.

FILL: This World is Not Real (9.1/?)

Um...stupid character limit!

Cobb coughs. “Excuse me.” Eduardo shrugs at Mark with a mischievous look, and then turns to Cobb. A shadow of sigh flashes over Cobb’s eyes, “Mr Saverin, someone is trying to access your mind through your dream. Think, what do you remember from before this dream?”

Eduardo frowns. He pushes his temples in circles. “Jesus, no, I’m kidnapped. And Dustin, Dustin and I have been kidnapped, Jesus.” He doesn’t look at Chris, as if he doesn’t know how to face Chris even this is the projection-Chris not the real Chris.

“But you know you’re in the dream now. Dustin is safe here.” Chris pats his shoulder, and then points him a direction. Eduardo sees Dustin playing his laptop there.

Eduardo appears in a daze for a while. He lets out a breath, “Yeah, you’re not real Chris. Real Chris will kill me if I’m in front of him but Dustin is in danger.”

“They must sedate you, so that they can do the extraction. Keep going.” Cobb stares at Eduardo, telling him. It is easier than Cobb expected, and Chris is the one to have contributed to this. Everyone trusts Hughes, Cobb thinks in his mind, no matter he is Eduardo or Obama.

“It’s something, something to do with…with a safe.” Eduardo unconsciously holds Mark’s hand and squeezes it.

“Wardo, Eduardo.” Mark locks Eduardo’s eyes, “OK, what safe? A safe for what?”

Eduardo whips his hand away, as if Mark’s hand suddenly becomes hot and he has been burnt. “Do you have a safe locking a deal between us? I don’t remember but they, even Dustin, said there was a deal. You’re my subconscious, Mark. Something even I chose to forget, you still should know. Am I right, Mr Charles?”

Cobb nods. Mark doesn’t answer at once. He knows his answer will determine everything.

Simple little thought that changes everything.

FILL: This World is Not Real (10/?)

“I’m not the real Mark, you know I’m not.” Mark says slowly, selecting every single word he is going to use, “So I don’t know whether Mark has a safe, OK?” Eduardo blinks and then nods, Mark continues, “That’s also why I don’t get what you’re talking about. A deal? What deal? Wardo, they, I mean, the criminals, were asking for a deal?”

“No, no.” Eduardo turns to Cobb for help, “Mr Charles, it’s so difficult…to remember…”

“You’re doing great.” Cobb encourages, “Just keep going.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Eduardo looks around, putting his hands into his hair, “Yeah, they were asking for the combination, the combination for the safe.”

“OK, the combination. What’s that?” Cobb stares at Eduardo, “We’re in the hotel, the room number, maybe?”

“No, it’s not.” Eduardo replies. His fingers caress Mark’s hand back, “It’s a time, the time belongs to Mark and I.”

“And it’s the combination for a safe?” Cobb continues.

“Yes, I think so. Dustin, Dustin says there is a deal in that. Oh, I need some space.”

“Don’t worry.” Cobb says. “We’re leaving, but we’re not far away.”

“Um…” Eduardo is hesitant, “Mark, could you?”

“Mark will be here with you.” Chris says, “but Mr Charles need to teach him something to protect you, OK?”



“Can you go on to this, Zuckerberg?”

“Why do you keep asking?” Mark’s eyes are still on Eduardo.

“To make sure there won’t be any after service.” Eames rubs his nose.

“Because I don’t think so.” Cobb explains, while it seems to Eames that the patience Cobb is showing is miracle.

“I need Eduardo move on.” Mark bites his lip, his hands clenched into fists but then he puts them into the pockets of his hoodie.

“Take him to the common room for the Shark Week.” Cobb says, “His projection-Dustin will be there, too.”

“How can you be sure?”

“That’s what I do, Zuckerberg.”

“Then we’ll see if we’ve made him believe the deal is his self-generated idea.” Eames adds.

FILL: This World is Not Real (10.1/?)

“What did he teach you?” Eduardo lets Mark sit down.

“Nothing.” Mark shrugs, “Just make sure you’re not alone so that they can catch you.”

“Dull.” Eduardo shrugs, exactly in the way Mark does. He laughs and Mark wants to keep that laugh on Eduardo’s face, forever.

“Then let’s do something interesting.”

“Like what?” Eduardo pouts with grimace.

“How about Shark Week?” Mark offers, “I think there will be a TV box in the common room.”

“That’s my favourite.” Eduardo pulls Mark down from the chair, walking to the common room.

“Do you?” Well, this is the question Mark always wants to ask. He used to think Shark Week is their favourite, until someday Chris told Dustin he loved Shark Week just because Dustin loved. Mark wonders if Eduardo really loves it.

“My cute subconscious, don’t you know?” Eduardo is clearly flirting now. They’re sitting in the couch, and Eduardo is flirting with his subconscious-Mark (at least Eduardo believes so). Mark wants to murder himself, yes, murder.

“You don’t.” Mark gets the answer.

“It doesn’t matter.” Eduardo leans to Mark, whispering in his ear, “I can pretend I love it, just like I pretend I understand your coding talk, love the music you like. I love you, Mark. I love you so Shark Week is my favourite.”

Mark can’t feel his heart beating. Everything in the world freezes. Even in those days when they were so in love, Eduardo didn’t say these three words, neither did Mark. When they wanted to say these words, it was too late.

Mark doesn’t know how many times Eduardo says “I love you” in his dreams, whether as many as Mark saying to Eduardo in the dreams.

“Hey, hey, Mark!” Eduardo pushes Mark’s body, “Say it back, Mark.”

“I love you, too, Wardo.” Mark says quietly.

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