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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)




I've only seen Mark or Jesse age play fills on the meme, I'd really like one where Andrew likes to play with toys and cuddle with Jesse until he's sleepy enough to be put to bed, Jesse dressing him in his favorite Spiderman pjs and reading him a story or whatever you like!

Can be a sexual thing or not!

FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 1/?

Title from Peter Bjorn and John's song Young Folks :) So uh, yeah! Hope you like this OP!

It’s a little mad, really.

It’s also the very opposite of what anyone would think.

It’s just that, despite his quirks and neuroses and jitters, Jesse is the only person that can calm Andrew down. That can make him stop thinking and just--be. Just be Andrew.

And so it begins like that. With Andrew losing himself and needing--something, anything, to bring him back. And Jesse is that something, that person, that anchor that keeps Andrew right there. Grounded.

Jesse’s lap is warm. Andrew’s not sure what draws him to it, but he needs to breathe Jesse in, needs to feel his body heat and know that it’s his Jesse surrounding him, all warm and rumpled and tired and entirely there.

“Is this okay?” he murmurs into Jesse’s shirt. It smells like him, and Andrew inhales deep, pressing his face close. “Is this weird?”

He feels the slight shake of Jesse’s head and keeps his head down. “This is fine,” Jesse says. His voice is so familiar, so Jesse, that Andrew can’t help but smile into the fabric of Jesse’s shirt, heart aching with fondness and affection. “You can stay here. But you, um, don’t you have to be back on set soon?”

Andrew sighs, chest heaving with the depth of it. “Don’t remind me, Jess.” His voice is strained and exhausted, but he only has a few hours before he has to expend all his energy yet again. Toss Andrew aside and become Peter Parker.

And it’s not that he’s ungrateful, really, but he’s beyond thrilled. He can still feel the excitement settling in his bones, the simple unadulterated joy of getting to portray his childhood hero, and yet.

And yet.

“You’re thinking enough for the both of us right now,” Jesse interrupts. “You may even be thinking more than I am, which I always thought was impossible.” Jesse’s hand runs through Andrew’s hair, still damp from sweat and adrenaline. “I’ve got you.”

I’ve got you.

Andrew hums softly, a bit of contentment, a bit of sheer exhaustion. “You won’t let me be late, will you?” he mutters, eyes shut and staying that way. “I can’t be late.”

Jesse laughs. It’s quiet and soft and it seems to echo in Andrew’s ears. “I said I’ve got you,” Jesse repeats.

So Andrew lets himself sleep.


FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 2/?

It doesn’t happen again for awhile.

Andrew has no time for Jesse. They’ve been filming for what feels like nonstop for the past week. Emma tells him he has these horrible, dark half-moons under his eyes, deep and bruising and stark. He doesn’t snap at her like he wants to, his eyes don’t flash with sleep-deprived annoyance, his mouth doesn’t set itself into a thin, muted, angry line.

Not yet anyway.

He knows Jesse is busy, as well. he has scripts to read, of course. And plays to write, always with those.

Jesse’s doing things. And Andrew is--Andrew is Spiderman. Which is amazing and surreal and overwhelming and exhausting.

It’s a lot of things with a lot of feelings that Andrew’s not sure he can handle all at once.

He feels out of control and under a huge amount of pressure and everything, absolutely everything depends on the success of this. The entire rest of his career rests on this. And for all that he doesn’t care about fame and fortune and the Hollywood dream, he doesn’t--he doesn’t want to fuck this up.

But for every inch Andrew pushes himself past his limits, it seems to push him backwards.

So it starts when he forgets his lines.

It’s not a big deal. He’s gone over this scene with Emma countless times. She knows the lines, and Andrew can hear her begin to repeat them, low and practiced.

“I got it,” he snaps, feeling stretched thin.

He says the same thing the next three times it happen, each time making his heart race a bit more, making his breath quicken, his jaw clench.

“What is going on with you?” Emma asks, when Marc calls for a break and no one says it’s Andrew’s fault, but he knows.

“Nothing,” he tells her. He closes his eyes, tries to regain his composure. “Just a little tired.”

She doesn’t call him out on his bullshit, but it’s Emma, so she just knows.

“Have you seen Jesse lately?” she asks him, and Andrew tries to keep his face neutral.

He shrugs, turning around when he hears the call to return back to set. “Not in awhile, no,” he replies, as if the very thought hasn’t been clawing inside his mind for days now.

It’s twelve takes before he nails the scene.


Emma doesn’t follow him off set, though Andrew can feel her eyes on him, heavy and judging.

He barricades himself in his trailer, despite the claustrophobic tightness forming in his chest, the pacing of his legs that urge him to get out, to run.

Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Andrew’s thoughts consume all, all-encompassing and dark. The possibility of failure, the weight of this responsibility, the absolute need to get it right.

His fist smashes against the wall, fast and painful and destructive.

With the hand that isn’t bleeding, he gets his phone out.

“Jess?” he says once it’s done ringing, voice low. “I--I need you.”


FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 3/?

Andrew doesn’t say anything when Jesse opens the door. He cradles his hand close to his chest, eyes cast downward.

“Andrew,” Jesse says with a sigh, and it sounds concerned and resigned and so Jesse that it makes Andrew want to cry. “What happened?”

Andrew shrugs and tries to say something, anything, but his throat feels tight and he’s so tired.

Jesse sighs again, pulling Andrew inside and shutting the door. “Have you eaten?” he asks, and Andrew can barely shake his head no before Jesse is muttering about food. “We should clean this,” he says, looking down at Andrew’s hand, and before Andrew can really do anything he’s back with antiseptic and a wet rag.

Andrew hisses through his teeth at the sting.

Shhh,” Jesse tells him. “This will make it feel better. At least that’s what my mom told me.”

Jesse wraps Andrew’s hand, slow and steady and efficient. “There,” he murmurs once he’s done. “Better?”

Andrew nods again and so does Jesse. “Right. I’m going to fix you something to eat. Soup sound okay? That’s actually all I really have.”

He leaves before Andrew can say anything. Andrew sighs to himself and falls back into the cushions, finally letting himself relax. The whole sofa smells just like Jesse too, cats and that shampoo he uses. Andrew turns his face into it and breathes. He lays like that for awhile, listening to the sounds of Jesse in the kitchen, the heady smell of broth making its way toward Andrew.

He hears Jesse come back but doesn’t move, just lets himself be soothed by the even rhythm of Jesse’s breathing, the soft pad of his footsteps.

“Are you asleep?” Andrew hears Jesse ask, his voice quiet and soft, almost soundless.

Andrew shifts to face Jesse, looks up at him through his sweaty hair and heavy, tired eyelids. “I’m awake,” he says.

Jesse sits on the floor in front of him, steaming bowl in hand. “Can you eat this yourself?” Jesse asks, glancing down at Andrew’s bandaged right hand.

Andrew sits up slow and waves his left hand, sending Jesse a small, grateful smile when he passes Andrew the bowl.

It’s not that Andrew’s never held anything in his left hand before. It’s not that.

But he’s exhausted and worn down and his hand won’t stop fucking shaking. He grits his teeth when he feels the soup drip onto his jeans, hot and burning. “Shit,” he mutters angrily, gripping the spoon tighter and getting the same result. “I can’t--”

“Here,” Jesse says, and he takes everything away from Andrew. “I can--if you want, I mean, I could--” He stutters off into nothing, cheeks flushed and eyes hesitant but persistent.

They stare at each other for a few seconds, until Andrew opens his mouth just a bit and Jesse lifts the spoon to his mouth.

They do this for awhile, Jesse feeding Andrew, while the cats roman between them and Andrew feels his heart stop.

“Good?” Jesse asks, and waits for Andrew’s nod. “Not too hot?”

“Mhm,” Andrew mumbles around a mouthful. “It’s fine.”

He doesn’t finish it all, because his eyes keep falling shut, and Jesse has to keep saying, “Just eat a little bit more, Andrew,” and he tries.

Eventually though, he clamps his mouth shut, because he’s hungry, yeah, but he wants sleep more.

FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 4/?

“‘M tired,” he mumbles, letting his head fall limp against the cushion. “Long day.”

Andrew can hear Jesse getting up, hear him walking back into the kitchen, here the sink running and dishes clanking together. He tries to stay awake but he keeps dozing off, the steady sound of running water lulling him into sleep.

He’s dozed off again when he feels Jesse shake him once, hand warm where it touches Andrew’s shoulder. “Do you want to change into something more comfortable? It’s getting late.”

Andrew shakes his head and burrows more into the sofa. “Wanna take a shower first, I’m all sweaty.”

“Okay,” Jesse says. “Are you going to get up?” He sighs again when Andrew doesn’t move. “You are acting like a child right now.”

Andrew sniffs indignantly, sleep still clinging to the corners of his consciousness. “You love it,” he mumbles, but wakens more fully when he realizes Jesse is lifting him off the sofa. “What are you doing?”

He feels Jesse sway under his weight, under all this muscle he’s had to put on as Peter Parker. This new body that still feels so strange to him. Andrew struggles to keep his balance, clinging to Jesse’s shirt as he gets dragged into the bathroom.

He sits on top the toilet and lays his head on the edge of the sink, watching Jesse fumble with the faucets.

“Can you even stay awake long enough to take a shower?” Jesse asks him, but Andrew doesn’t have the energy to lift his head and answer. Instead he mumbles an mmph into the sink tile and hope Jesse understands. “I’m going to say that’s a no,” Jesse says and adds something sweet-smelling to the water. “Bath, it is.”

Andrew watches through slitted eyes as Jesse readies the bath. He checks the temperature a few times, his lip raw and bitten when he turns to glance back at Andrew. “Can you get your clothes off?”

Andrew tries to lift his arms, but they drop by his side, his bandaged hand hitting the side of the sink hard. “Ow,” he huffs out, and hears Jesse’s quiet laugh.

Jesse stands in front of him. “Arms up,” he says, and Andrew listens. Jesse tugs his shirt off over is head and smiles at the mess of Andrew’s hair. “Stand up,” he tells Andrew.

Andrew holds tight to Jesse’s shoulders as he pulls his pants down. There’s a moment of hesitation when it’s just Andrew in his boxer briefs, but he whispers, “Come on, Jess, ‘m tired,” and Jesse takes those off too.

“In the tub,” he says, with a hand to Andrew’s back to keep him steady as he lowers himself in the water. Jesse asks, “Is the temperature alright?” but Andrew’s already submerged in the steaming hot water.

Andrew tilts his head back and rests it on the ledge on the tub, flicking dripping wet hair out of his eyes. He smiles a bit when he spots a rubber duck on the ledge, squeaky clean and brand new, it looks like.

“Really, Jess?” he asks, snatching it up and squeaking it a few times. “You actually have a rubber duck for the tub.”

Jesse’s cheeks flush, maybe from the heat but more likely from embarrassment. “Hallie Kate bought it for me as a housewarming present so stop talking.”

FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

Andrew lets it fill up with water, letting out a quiet exhale of laughter when the water shoots out. He doesn’t know how long he does it, but he feels Jesse’s eyes on him, warm and heavy.

“What,” he says defensively, good hand clutching the duck tighter.

Jesse shakes his head though, feigning nonchalance. “Nothing. Time to wash up, okay?”

Jesse’s almost unbearably gentle with the rag, slow and steady drags of the cloth against Andrew’s skin. The soap smells good, like Jesse, like everything in Jesse’s house, and now like Andrew.

“You can keep doing--whatever it is you’re doing with the duck,” Jesse tells him, when Andrew starts fidgeting while Jesse’s washing his hair. “I’ve got you.”

I've got you.

So Andrew watches the duck spit out fountains of water, trying not to laugh when he splashes against Jesse.

“You’re making a mess,” Jesse says when it happens a third time, when he’s rinsing out the shampoo and Andrew’s squishing his eyes shut so none of it gets in them. “Water’s everywhere.”

Andrew chances opening his eyes. “Sorry,” he replies, but Jesse doesn’t seem angry. He seems--calm. Calmer than usual. He seems loose and pliant and Andrew likes him this way.

Jesse says he’ll be right back and comes back with something like pajamas. He helps Andrew out of the tub, drying him off quickly and putting the towel round his shoulders. “Lift,” he says, and Andrew puts his feet in the sweatpants. “Arms up,” and there’s a shirt being pulled down over his head.

It’s soft and worn and comfortable and when Andrew looks down there’s a picture of Spider-Man on the front.

“Shut up,” Jesse says before Andrew even opens his mouth. “Emma got it for me, I swear. It just seemed fitting.”

Andrew doesn’t point out that Jesse’s obviously worn it before. It smells just like him, like the soap, this soft scent that’s enveloping Andrew all over.

“I like it,” is all he says and then, “Bed?”

Jesse turns off the lights and leads him into the bedroom. “You can, uh. You can sleep here if you want. And I’ll--the couch.”

Andrew shuffles onto the bed, patting the spot next to him. “Don’t be an idiot, Jess,” he mumbles, head hitting the pillow. “Stay with me.”

So Jesse lays down next to him, muttering about his own pajamas and “I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet, Andrew, I can’t sleep now,” so Andrew snuggles in close and lays his head on Jesse’s chest.

“Shut up or I’ll make you read me a story,” he threatens sleepily. “Something really illogical and silly, even.”

Jesse sighs, light and amused. “Go to sleep, Andrew,” he tells him.

“You’ve got me, right?” Andrew asks, just to hear the response.

“Yeah,” Jesse whispers back. ‘I’ve got you.”


Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

OP here! This is really sweet, I love how everything just clicks into place when they're together.

Thank you! :)

Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

This is so lovely and sweet and gorgeous and I don't really have words to describe it but I adore it.
I love how calm Jesse is, how he relaxes Andrew. Jesse taking care of him like that...with the bandage and the soup and the bath and the PJs <3 <3 <3

Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

Siiiiiiiigh. I feel all warm and snuggly just from reading this. So sweet.

Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

So sweet and comforting! I read it right before bed and snuggled with them both! xo

Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

This was so cute and sweet with the feeding and the bathing and the the dressing and this:

“You can keep doing--whatever it is you’re doing with the duck,” Jesse tells him, when Andrew starts fidgeting while Jesse’s washing his hair. “I’ve got you.


Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

Not OP but interesting prompt. I love this take on age play. I find it plausible the way you put it. Very subtle and well written.

Thanks for writing and sharing this <3

Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

So sweet. I loved it.

Thanks for sharing!

Re: FILL: All we care about is talking; talking only me and you 5/5

this was just so subtle and lovely, knocked me right off to sleep (not that it was boring, i mean as in like it was soothing :B)