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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)




Sean and Eduardo have been best friends since they were little, despite Sean being a good 3 years older than Wardo. Sean is always been incredibly protective of Wardo. Since a very early age (maybe 13 or so) Wardo has come out and is proudly and openly gay. Sean dislikes and regards with suspicion each and every one of Wardo's many boyfriends and flings, never thinks any of them are even close to good enough for his Wardo, and god forbid one of them hurt Wardo? Well they end up with quite a few bruises and broken noses. And there's NOTHING wrong with Sean being UBER protective and possessive of Wardo (and jealous of anyone else he spends time with), I mean, Wardo's so pretty and naive and SOMEONE has to take care of him, right? They're like brothers! All big brothers boil under their skin and want to murder someone when they know some guy is banging their baby brother! It's like that! Sean's TOTALLY straight and not in love with his best friend... Right?
Bottom!Wardo and super!possessive!Sean :)

Fill, 1/?

Making this up as I go along, so I'm not sure where it's going! Hope you like it.

"Come on, Sean, slow down," begs Eduardo, hands over his eyes and slumping down into the seat as Sean peels around the corner onto 88th. "Don't go so fast."

"I thought you said you wanted to get to school on time?"

"I do, but I don't want to go to jail, either."

Sean just grins, but backs off the gas pedal a little bit before reaching across to ruffle Eduardo's carefully styled hair. Eduardo scowls and leans as far away from Sean as possible without falling out of the car door. Unlike Sean at that age, Eduardo is ridiculously vain and will spend hours putting his wardrobe together when given the opportunity. And that's quite a feat, since his school uniform consists of hideous khakis and polos in a rainbow of colors. The only reason he's never missed homeroom is because there would be hell to pay from his father otherwise. Well, that and because Sean is willing to break a few speed limits to make sure he gets there on time.

The sun is just creeping over the horizon as they pull into the parking lot of Gulliver Prep, a school which is basically a breeding ground for future rich douchebags of America. He told Eduardo as much during the second week of his freshman year, and for a moment, Sean thought the kid was going to cry. He's tried to keep his personal thoughts about the school to himself ever since, but it's been a really long three years.

Eduardo starts fumbling with his seatbelt before he even gets and launches himself out of the car, careful not to mess up military crease that he has his housekeeper put in his trousers every morning.

"First day of senior year. Are you ready?"

"I think so," he says, frowning. "I mean, yeah. Yeah, I am."

Sean raises his hand for a fist bump, which Eduardo returns, blushing a little. It's been their thing for since longer than Sean can remember, but the older Wardo gets, the more reluctant he is to do it in public. Of course, that means Sean wants to do it all the time.

"You know, you don't have to go to school. You're seventeen now, and federal law says you're free to quit and get your GED after you turn sixteen."

"Right, and you're gonna pay the hospital bills when my father beats the shit out of me for dropping out."

"Hmmm. That would be a problem. You'd be no good to me if you were a parapalegic, so I guess you're going to school after all."

Eduardo checks his watch, a fancy Movado that his mother bought him for his birthday back in March, and swears underneath his breath.

"Look, Sean. I gotta go. I only have three minutes till class starts and my homeroom is all the way on the other side of campus."

Campus. Sean rolls his eyes. It's like these kids think they're in college already.

"Whatever. Get out of here. I'll pick you up at 2:30, okay?"

"Um, actually, I think I'm meeting up with Christy and Dustin after," he mumbles, looking slightly guilty. "But you can totally come, if you want."

"What, and let them get their adolescent hormones all over me? No thanks, I'll pass."

Eduardo just rolls his eyes, then makes one last adjustment to his hair before getting out of the car and slamming the door shut with just a little bit more force than was really necessary.

"See you around, okay?" Eduardo says, sticking his head back in the window. "I'll text you later tonight."

Sean watches Eduardo turn and jog up the steps, as excited for school as ever. Sean doesn't get that at all--he was out of class more often than not while in high school. And it's not like he wasn't smart, Sean Parker is plenty fucking smart, thank you very much. It was just that he didn't care much for beat poetry or the reign of Charlemagne, and so opted to not participate in those segments of his secondary education. He barely graduated by the skin of his teeth, at which point he made a solemn vow never to set foot inside a classroom again.

Sean rolls down the window and sticks out his head to give one last bit of encouragement.

"Hey, Wardo!" he calls.

Eduardo turns around, shielding his eyes from the sun. "What?"

"If they fuck with you? Give 'em hell."

Re: Fill, 1/?

Well this is already adorable. What is going on? It's like Eduardo & Sean have become my new OTP. There is something seriously wrong here.

Re: Fill, 1/?

Nice start! I'm uber curious about Sean's circumstances and how he came to meet and befriend Wardo.

Re: Fill, 1/?


.. ahem. i am excited by this.

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Re: Fill, 1/?

"If they fuck with you? Give 'em hell."
Awwwwww your Sean is sooo adorable!
sorry I am so excited to say a single word- -!

Re: Fill, 2/?

Thank you for all the reviews! You guys are the awesome-est :D

Sean drives around aimlessly for a while deciding to pay a visit to his friend and fellow businessman Chico to see what he's up to. He and Chico go way back, even further than he and Eduardo, but they were never as close. Chico is a Navy brat from a long line of Navy brats, which means that he was away from Miami more often than not until he was old enough to get his own place.

He uses his key to let himself in to Chico's basement level apartment, which also serves as the headquarters of the little business they'd set up doing basic computer repair, web design, that kind of thing. The whole apartment is disgustingly clean; Chico is kind of obsessive about keeping things tidy. Every cord is always neatly wrapped, the floor vacuumed, and his entire collection of more than one hundred video games is organized alphabetically by gaming system, then by title. Really, it makes Sean a little nauseous, because who does that?

It isn't quite 9 a.m., which means that Chico is either still up working on whatever project he'd started the night before, or he's just gone to sleep. Turns out it's a little of both--he finds Chico slumped over his keyboard, a string of drool decorating the corner of his mouth. He had been in the middle of a pretty epic flame war with some idiot on the Linux forums, but had passed out mid-keystroke. Sean leans in close next to his shoulder and blows in his ear.

Chico twitches awake and halfheartedly backhands Sean across the face. "Fuck off, Sean," he grumbles. "What are you doing here so early, anyway?"

"I had to drop the kid off at school," Sean collapses into the other desk chair and spins in an idle circle, staring at the web of cracks in the ceiling. He always imagined himself doing something bigger than this. He doesn't know what that is yet, or how he'll get there, but it's sure as hell not going to involve spending his life in a basement.

"Why doesn't he have his own ride by now?" Chico asks, scrubbing at his eyes, which always look small beneath his heavy eyebrows.

"His dad won't let him, remember?"

"So you're saying he has no other friends to chauffeur him around."

Sean decides he's not gonna answer that. Of course little dude has friends, it's just that Sean is better.

Chico rolls his eyes. "Dude, I swear, you have the biggest misplaced savior complex in the history of ever."

"I thought we said we weren't going to bring that up again?"

"I'm just saying! Give him some space, he probably thinks you're smothering him anyway. Cut the umbilical cord. Move on, get a life, maybe even get laid for once."

Sean ignores him, glues his noise-cancelling headphones to his ears and cranks up the latest Daft Punk album as high as it will go before wiring in. Chico doesn't know what he's talking about, anyway. Eduardo spends plenty of time with his other friends. It's not Sean's fault that Eduardo likes him best.

He pushes those thoughts to the back of his mind and settles in to work. It's not like he doesn't have things to do, anyway. He's an important and vital part of this company.

"Chico, without me, this whole company would fold," he announces.

Chico opens his mouth, shuts it, then pushes his chair away from his desk. His feelings about cleanliness do not extend to himself; he's still wearing the same faded old Tron t-shirt he had on when Sean last saw him two days ago.

"Sean, I don't know what your deal is today. But I'm going to sleep now, and when I wake up, I really hope that you're over it."

It occurs to him that he's said something wrong, but he doesn't know what, and he doesn't feel like taking the time to figure it out, either. So he just waves Chico off to bed, glad to be alone for a little while. He checks the time--9:32. Eduardo will be trapped in school for almost five more hours, and then he'll probably be with Christy and Dustin for another three after that.

It's going to be a long, long day.

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Re: Fill, 3.1/?

When Sean finally makes it to Eduardo's house the following Saturday, it's a little more than an hour later than he said he would arrive. But it's only because....okay, he doesn't really have a good reason. But shit happens, Sean is an important guy and he has things to do that don't include babysitting the sick computers of his horny teenage friends.

The Saverin estate is a ridiculously huge property up in Aventura with big, airy rooms done in warm colors and windows that look right out onto waters so blue it's almost painful to look at them. Eduardo didn't always live here; when his family first made their hurried move from Brazil they lived in a generic suburban subdivision in Coral Gables that was across the street from Sean's family. After an unfortunate incident in which Sean hid behind a bush and watched a nine-year old Eduardo get beat up by some kids that were making fun of his accent (Sean is not proud of this, but sometimes you have to take care of number one), he decided that the two of them should be allies.

"Sean!" exclaims Eduardo's mother when she opens the door. He's totally shocked to see her, because it's usually answered by their housekeeper, Julia. It's not that he doesn't like Eduardo's mom, but sometimes he catches her looking at him suspiciously, like she thinks that he has designs on her only child's virtue. Which he definitely doesn't, they're just friends.

"Hey, Mrs. Saverin. I'm here to help Eduardo with this computer." He keeps his eyes fixed firmly on a spot to the left of her shoulder. Regina Saverin really has a tighter body than any woman of 45 has a right to.

She gives him a motherly squeeze before she lets him in, filling Sean's nose with the heady smell of the perfume she's worn every day since he first met her. "I'm sure you are, Sean. But keep your hands where I can see them, I'll be watching." She winks and laughs, which means that was a joke. Probably.

Eduardo's mom is kind of creepy. He's never seen her be anything but completely nice, but there's something very Stepford Wives about her, like she's not really a human but a security camera planted in the house to watch Eduardo's every move. Sean figures it's a defense mechanism from living with Eduardo's father, who is an amazing businessman but kind of a dick. It was his fault that they left Coral Gables in the first place, when he became upset at the number of undesirables in the neighborhood.


"There are so many viruses on this computer," Sean says, a little in awe. He turns from the desk in Eduardo' s bedroom to fix him with a disapproving stare. "I gave you enough porn to hold you over for a year at least. It was supposed to keep you off all the trashy websites."

"I got tired of watching the same thing. Can you fix it?"

Eduardo looks up from the legal pad he's scribbling on and pokes Sean in the thigh with his toe. It's so weird that he writes in longhand, but he says it's the only way he can think. All that means is that his desk is buried in crumpled balls of yellow paper covered in Eduardo's looping script, each one a discarded draft of the personal statement for his early decision application to Harvard.

Re: Fill, 3.2/?

"Yeah, yeah, I can fix it."

For a few minutes, there is nothing but the sound of a pen scratching against paper until Eduardo kicks the back of Sean's chair in order to get his attention again. "Okay, what do you think of this: When I first stepped off the plane from São Paulo to Miami, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or both. I only knew about 50 words of English, and I didn't know if I'd ever see home again. But I did know that, as a new American, I wanted to make a difference. "

Sean tries and fails to hold back his laughter. "I thought you were applying to Harvard, not the Miss America pageant."

There's a fraction of an instant where Eduardo's face crumples, but he shores himself up again almost instantly. He rips the piece of paper from the pad with a sigh and sends it sailing in a graceful arc to join its brothers on his desk.

"Fuck it, I'm never going to get into Harvard." He throws the notepad onto the floor and flops backward onto the queen size bed that dominates his bedroom, one arm thrown across his eyes. The shirt he's wearing is a little too small, and it rucks up over his stomach to reveal the sharp jut of his hipbones and the fine dusting of hair trailing down the center of his stomach. Sean sucks in a breath and looks away. Chico has a point; Sean needs to get out more.

"I was just messing with you, it was fine. I wouldn't know, I only made it through the first page of my application to MIT before I threw it in the trash."

"No, you're right, it was too cliche. I'm keeping the part about the not speaking English, though." Eduardo stares thoughtfully at the ceiling. "I read on College Confidential that they like that. You know, the struggle."

"But you told me you were fluent from the time you were five."

Eduardo shrugs. "The admissions staff doesn't know that."

"Eduardo Saverin, professional liar," muses Sean as he reboots the computer into safe mode. He goes back to worki, and isn't surprised when he looks over his shoulder a while later and finds Eduardo totally knocked out. He loses a good five years from his age whenever he goes to sleep, his whole face soft and open. Sean is trying to decide whether or not it's worth the effort to take a picture and make it his desktop background when the doorbell rings. Eduardo jerks awake with a start and groans.

"I'll get it, it's probably Christy. We're supposed to work on our app essays some together."

"Don't you have a maid to do that kind of thing? Answer doors, hold your hand when you cross the street, do your laundry?"

"Yes, but she's on vacation, the only person who wants to hold my hand when I cross the street is you, and I have a complete and thorough understanding of how a washing machine works, thank you very much."

"That's only because you don't want Julia to know when you have wet dreams about me," Sean says with a smirk. The back of Eduardo's neck flushes a deep red, and he flips Sean off before rolling off his bed and running down the stairs to answer the door.

Two sets of footsteps thunder back up the staircase, and Sean feels his mood go sour, but only a little. Sean likes Christy for all the exact opposite reasons that he likes Eduardo. She puts her vindictive streak out front instead of working hard to hide it, and is not afraid to call Sean out on his bullshit. He's glad that Eduardo has her; he trusts her to have his back while they're both at school.


Except this time they are holding hands. And not in a friend way, but the kind of mutual shoulder-touching, tangled fingers, heads bent together way that practically screams, 'we hooked up last night and would like to enjoy a repeat performance as soon as possible.'

Re: Fill, 3.3/?

He had no idea that Eduardo and Christy were a thing--when did that happen? Sean just stares at Eduardo for a second, and tries not to gawk. He manages to hold Sean's gaze for a few seconds before he drops his eyes to the floor, his face flushed.

Christy lets go of Eduardo's hand so she can ruffle Sean's hair and peer over his shoulder at the computer screen.

"Time for the annual porn clean up, I see." She gives Eduardo a quick pick on the cheek and then opens her messenger bag to begin dumping a series of college applications onto the bed. Her too-large t-shirt slips over one shoulder, revealing the the gentle sweep of her collarbone. Eduardo toys with the fringe on the edge of her cutoffs, watching her with a small smile on his face as she unloads everything.

"I can leave if that's what you want," says Sean, already halfway out of his chair.

"No, why would you leave?" Eduardo says, frowning, at the same time Christy is saying, "you don't have to, but if you really think you should...."

"It's fine, I'm gone." Sean fishes his shoes out from beneath Eduardo's desk and slides his feet back into them. "Why didn't you mention that you two were together? Eduardo never keeps secrets from me."

"This relationship is still new," Christy says as she fires up her laptop.

"We don't know what it's going to be yet," Eduardo says. "We don't want to label it." They link hands together and smile at each other, and it's so cute that Sean wants to put his finger down his throat and vomit.


Three weeks later, Eduardo shows up at Sean's place on a Tuesday after school. Christy took over Sean's shuttlebus duties for a while, so he hasn't seen much of Eduardo at all in the interim. He looks uncharacteristically unkempt, with his uniform polo untucked and pants wrinkled. Sean stands in the doorway in his sock feet, afternoon Jack and coke pick-me-up in hand. It's been weird without Eduardo around. Not lonely, but weird. Sean has plenty of friends around, like Chico, and that girl who who is always at the checkout at the grocery store down the the block, she's always nice. But all the times in-between, when Eduardo would usually be blowing up his phone with texts about this or that, had disappeared into some vacuum space.

"Hey," Eduardo says, sounding drained.

"What happened to you?" is the first thing out of Sean's mouth. "You look wrecked."

"I took the bus," he says with a grimace.

"Christy couldn't bring you?"

"We decided to break up." He stares at his feet, his mouth flattened into a straight line.

"But you said you weren't putting a label on your relationship."

Eduardo just elbows Sean out of the way and goes to throw down his school bag on top of the pile of junk mail that lives on the coffee table. With the exception of his overflowing closet and the requisite picture of his dad and stepmom, Sean's apartment is almost empty--it's a place to sleep and bathe, and that's pretty much it.

Eduardo makes a pit stop in the bathroom, and leaves his khakis behind. He looks especially skinny when he emerges in just his boxers and his school shirt; two stick legs punctuated by knobbly knees.

"Tell me what happened," Sean prods. "I think that was the fastest breakup on record. Was she not putting out?" Sean think teenage relationships are fascinating. He went through a number of his own in high school; intensely passionate experiences that flared up and disappeared in seconds like one of those unstable elements they keep inventing in laboratories.

"Sean, drop it," Eduardo says, scrubbing a weary hand over his face.

Re: Fill, 3.4/?

gah, sorry for this weird little stump! And I was excited to get posting and forgot to say it before, but THANK YOU for all the lovely comments! :D

Sean puts on his best sad face. "Please? For me? I thought we were bros, come on, spill."

"Fine. Her mom walked in on us, and she said that if anything like that happened again then she was going to cut Christy off and she'd be on her own paying for college. She cried for two hours. And I don't want to talk about it anymore, so I'm going to take a nap now." He turns on his heel and heads toward Sean's bedroom. Sean wants to point out that Eduardo did not ask for permission before claiming Sean's bed, although he is willing to forgive this gross invasion of personal space just this once. "Wake me up at six, one of my dad's clients is coming to dinner and I have to get home in time."

"What makes you think I have time to drive you back home?" he says to the lump of quilts that used to be Eduardo.

Eduardo peeks out from beneath the top comforter, his hair sticking up in messy tufts. "Please? I know I could have gone home from school but...everything still smells like her."

"I thought you said you knew how to use a washer," Sean mutters, too low for Eduardo to hear. He is pretty sure that he's being emotionally manipulated here. He knows that all that sheet-sniffing nonsense is something they made up for romance novels, and he also knows Eduardo, and how he's a sucker for romantic fantasies.

But in the end, Sean can't quite bring himself to say no.

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Re: Fill, 4.1/?

Hey y'all hey, the h/c train is pulling into town so get ready for fun! Also, I need to name this thing--possible candidates are "All of Me", "come rain or come shine", "Mad about the Boy" and "Baby, You've Got What It Takes", which are all titles of old crooner songs because I'm a grandma like that. Do you like any of them? Hate them? Want to suggest something else? Tell me! XOXOXXOXO, author anon

With October comes the end of hurricane season, and the return of sunshine dosed with a liberal helping of humidity. Eduardo is increasingly obnoxious to be around as the November first deadline for his early decision application creeps closer. If the way Sean feels after reading Eduardo's essays three dozen times is any indication, his teachers probably hate him by now.

"You visiting campus any time soon?" Sean asks around a mouthful of pizza. They're at Chico's place, and Sean has just beat the pants off of Eduardo in Super Smash Brothers. In your face, Zelda.

Eduardo slumps far enough into the squishy leather couch cushions that Sean expects him to disappear any moment. "No," he says sullenly. "My dad says there's no point in visiting, since it's a given that if I get accepted, I'll go."

"But what if you don't get in?" Sean wonders aloud. "Don't you want to look at any other schools?"

"Anything less than Harvard doesn't matter, so I still wouldn't need to go," Eduardo replies.

Sean gives a sympathetic shake of his head. "That blows."

Chico takes a break from his online search for a puppy to sprawl out on the floor next to the couch. He's in the market for a dog that's small, doesn't bark too much, and won't make a mess of his house. Sean keeps telling him that what he really wants is a cat, but so far Chico hasn't picked up any of those generously offered pearls of wisdom.

"Don't take it so seriously, it's just school." Sean always finds it ironic that Chico spends so much time expounding upon the pitfalls of college, since he's been in and out of universities for the past six years. "The American postsecondary education system is rapidly losing relevance in the twenty-first century economy, anyway."

Sean nods sagely. "You don't learn anything in school that you couldn't just pick up on the job or through a well-structured apprenticeship system."

Eduardo scowls. "What about the connections, the opportunities? The...the tradition!"

There's a part of Eduardo that thinks Sean and Chico are hacktivist idiots. Sean knows that he thinks this, and he knows that Eduardo doesn't know that he knows. Or something like that.

Chico pets his monitor and gives a smug smile. "I got all the connections I need right here, baby."

"Whatever," Eduardo says, and cranks up the intensity of his sulking up by a magnitude of ten. Sean feels kind of bad for him--the only thing he's sure of is the life advice his father has been shoving down his throat from day one. How to dress, how to talk, the kind of people he should be associating with (children of his father's colleagues), and the ones he needs to avoid (Sean, Chico...Sean). If Sean were in Eduardo's shoes, he would have found a way to get to Boston by himself. But Eduardo wouldn't dream of crossing his parental units like that. He was raised to be hardworking, polite, and to never, ever rock the boat.

"If you want to go that badly, I'll take you," Sean decides, and only because he doesn't want to look at Eduardo's kicked-puppy face for the next two months until acceptances are sent out.

"What?" Eduardo and Chico say simultaneously.

"I mean it. Let's break you out of that penitentiary you call a school, 'cause we're headed to Cambridge."

Re: Fill, 4.2/?

Sean really needs to be more clear with his directives. When he said he'd take Eduardo to visit Harvard, he meant just Eduardo. Not Eduardo, Christy (they're somehow friends again, he's not even gonna ask), and Christy's friend Dustin, a pale redheaded kid whose only defining characteristic is an excess of friendliness bordering on the psychotic.

"Push harder," Christy says, peering into the trunk. They've been standing in the parking garage at Boston Logan for the last ten minutes, trying to fit both her and Eduardo's suitcases into the trunk of the sports car Sean rented. Sean's garment bag is already carefully laid out on the seat in the back. Their only saving grace is that Dustin brought nothing with him other than his laptop, a toothbrush, and a change of clothes.

"Hey Wardo, what did your mom say when you called her and said you broke parole and fled to Boston?" Dustin asks, slinging an arm over his shoulder.

"She was surprisingly cool with it," Eduardo says, grinning. "It may have helped that my father is London this week and so he'll never know."

"Really? No threats or anything?" Dustin looks a little disappointed.

"He's skipping school to visit Harvard," Sean says with a satisfied grunt as the trunk finally latches shut. "It's not exactly in the top ten list of criminal offenses."

By the time they get on the road the sun is setting, turning the already brilliant fall foliage into an explosion of brilliant oranges, yellows, and reds. A comfortable silence settles over Sean's charges as they sit with their faces pressed to the windows, worn out from their day of traveling and borderline criminal behavior. Despite their ambitious plans to get out and see the city their first night in, the tour of campus starts at ten the next morning, so it's looking like they're all going to call it in early tonight.

To his credit, Sean only gets lost twice before he pulls up in front of the little bed and breakfast they're staying at. It looks as if it's been around for centuries, an elegant brick building topped off by a white cupola that's stolid and sure in the face of all the modernity trying to push it out. When Sean looks up into the rear view mirror he sees that Christy and Dustin are both slumped against each other, sound asleep.

"Here we are," Sean says, cutting the ignition. He was initially excited about the prospect of the trip, but now that they're here the whole idea has lost some of its luster for him. Harvard isn't exactly close to Miami, after all. "Just like I promised."

"Hey, listen--thanks, okay? For all of this." Eduardo gives him a wide smile that makes Sean feel important and special, like he's that guy who solved Fermat's last theorem. "I can't believe we're at fucking Harvard! This weekend is gonna be awesome."


The persistent ring of his cell phone alarm does its best to burrow into Sean's consciousness the following morning, but it still takes a good five minutes before he manages to peel his eyes open. His whole body feels heavy, like his insides were replaced with stone overnight. He drags himself into an upright position only to have his stomach turn itself inside out and send him running into the bathroom just in time to vomit spectacularly into the shiny hotel sink.


Puking didn't make him feel better at all, just empty. There's a lingering burning sensation in the back of his throat that doesn't seem to lessen with all of the water he gulps from the glass sitting next to the faucet. Still shaky, he eases himself onto the floor and rests his head against the cool porcelain of the toilet bowl. He'll just rest here for a while. Five or ten minutes, and then he'll get up again.

"Sean?" Eduardo sticks his head into the bathroom, his hair smushed flat on one side of his head. He has that little wrinkle between his eyebrows that he gets whenever he's worried about something. "Are you sick?"

Re: Fill, 4.3/?

"No, I think I'm already dead," Sean groans. He cracks one eye open and watches as Eduardo makes a face and begins wiping down the rest of the sink. It's definitely a relief--having to clean up his own regurgitated dinner probably would have encouraged a repeat performance.

Sean dozes off again until he becomes aware of Eduardo's hands hooking beneath his armpits and urging him to his feet.

"Shit, you're burning up," he says, grunting under the burden of Sean's weight. "Come on, we should get you back to bed."

Sean concentrates really hard on setting one foot in front of the other, until his knees come into contact with the scratchy softness of the hotel bedspread. Eduardo shoves him into the bed, a motion fast enough that Sean feels his stomach roiling in protest again. He claps a hand over his mouth, but nothing comes.

"Sorry!" Eduardo exclaims, urging him onto his side and pulling the covers up around his neck. "I tried not to drop you, but you're heavy." He places a hand on Sean's forehead, only to swear softly under his breath a few minutes later. "Hmm. I guess you're not going on the tour, are you."

Tell me something I don't know, is the last thought Sean has before he drifts off into a restless sleep.

He wakes up a while later to the sound of a loud banging on their door. It's opened by Eduardo, who shushes their guests before letting them inside. Sean watches them blearily from his nest of blankets, which is too hot and not warm enough all at once. Dustin is wearing a Harvard hoodie, and Christy is in a sundress and Dustin's fleece. Apparently she forgot that there are places in the country where it's not 75 degrees in the fall.

"Hey!" Christy exclaims. "You aren't dressed yet, we're gonna be late for the tour."

"Um, I'm not going," Eduardo mumbles. "Sean is sick."

Dustin's face falls. "What? You're going to miss out on the minority student mixer after the tour! I heard they had lamb medallions, Eduardo. Lamb. There's no one in the world who can't eat lamb, it's like the meat of equality."

Christy pokes a finger into one of Dustin's pasty cheeks. "Dustin, you are not a minority, you're whiter than paper."

"Jews totally count as a minority! Everyone knows that Harvard is a bastion of WASPy oppression."

"And you want to go here why?" Christy asks.

"Guys, keep it down," Eduardo hisses. "He's asleep."

"Sorry." Dustin says, although his voice hasn't really come down in volume. "Are you seriously not coming? Visiting Harvard is all you've talked about for the past year."

"Thanks, way to rub it in," mutters Eduardo. Sean is glad that his face isn't visible from the way he's standing, because otherwise he'd be feeling even shittier than he already does.

"Look, are you sure you can't come?" Christy peers into the room, where Sean tries his best to look like a person suffering from mystery illness-induced fatigue, and not like he's been listening in the whole time. "He should be fine on his own for a couple hours, right?"

There's a pause, and Sean knows Eduardo is thinking about whether or not to abandon him.

Eduardo exhales loudly, then, "I'm sorry guys, I can't just leave him here. What if he gets worse? Go ahead without me, okay? Just, you know, take notes and pictures. Oh, and bring back soup or whatever it is you're supposed to feed sick people."

There's a chorus of murmured goodbyes, then Eduardo lets the door softly click shut. He disappears into the bathroom for a second, then comes back again. His shadow falls over Sean's bed, blocking the mid-morning light streaming in the window.

"Sorry you missed your tour," Sean mutters. His grand plan to save Eduardo from the tyranny of his parents has failed. Sean doesn't mind failure so much as he minds failing in front of other people, who will inevitably remember it forever and rub it in your face at inconvenient times, like holidays or your birthday or right as a stripper is about to sit in your lap during your bachelor party. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Sean feels the cool sensation of a wet washcloth being laid over his eyes.

"Yeah," Eduardo says, "I'm sorry, too."

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Baby, You Got What it Takes, (Eduardo/Sean), 5.1/?

yay, now with title!

Time passes in a blur for Sean. He sleeps most of the day away, dimly aware of low voices and laughter coming and going, and at one point, being shaken awake to eat something warm and salty and to choke down some kind of pill. Eating takes up all the energy he has, and afterward he slips back under into a feverish sleep so deep that he hears nothing at all.

He wakes again when the sunlight smacks him right between the eyes, bright and insistent. Yawning, he sits up, immediately happy with the fact that he feels lighter, more settled. His mouth tastes like a dead animal and he probably smells like one too, but whatever took him out yesterday must have been one of those strange 24 hour illnesses that arrive, dump misery upon you for a short while, then disappear, off to claim its next victim.

Sean wipes a hand over his face, groggy, and realizes that the room is totally silent and empty. There's a note scribbled on the hotel stationery taped to the television screen.

Ran downstairs to put Christy and Dustin in a cab back to the airport, brb. -E

Sean groans. It's a little after eleven a.m. on Saturday--their flight back to Miami was supposed to leave around one, which means they're good as stuck here for the rest of the day. Sean intends to make this trip a success if it kills him. He rolls over in the bed and fumbles for the hotel landline, then berates the concierge into getting him the number of the student union at Harvard. They're as likely as any place to have someone on desk over the weekend.

It's answered by a cheerful girl named Deepa with that bland Midwestern non-accent that is the hallmark of a good upper middle class upbringing these days.

"Hey, I need a tour, today, at two o'clock--can you help me out?"

There's a pause at the end of the line. "I'm sorry, sir, but the our only tour on Saturday is at 10 a.m...we do have one next Tuesday if you're--"

"Shit. No, no, I need one today."

"I really wish I could help you, sir, but our tour guides have already left for the day."

Sean locates his billfold from where he tossed it on the nightstand and quickly counts it to find out how much cash he has on hand.

"How does a hundred dollars sound?" he asks.


"For the tour. Look, I'm sure that's more than whatever minimum wage work-study salary they're paying you to sit at that desk all day. Get someone else to take over for you, and we'll show up at two."

"Sir, really, I--"

Sean inhales slowly through his nose and bites back on his natural instinct to insult people who don't give him what he wants. "Please. It's not anything crazy, just the dorms and the dining hall and an anecdote about whatever crazy tradition you like to tell people about to make them ignore the fact that they're going to spend the next four years of their lives willingly chained to a stack of books."

The girl laughs, and Sean smiles to himself. Touchdown.

"Okay, all right, fine. I'll meet you at the main library, Widener."


When Eduardo gets back from the airport, Sean is bathed, dressed, and waiting for him at the foot of the bed. There's still a little lingering wooziness to contend with, but it's no biggie-- Sean's been through hangovers worse than this.

"Hey." He looks startled to see Sean in an upright position. "You're up. My mom helped me reschedule our flight for tomorrow afternoon. I was hoping you'd be better by then."

Sean frowns at him. "And if I wasn't, you'd just leave me here?"

Eduardo's eyes go wide. "No! No, of course not, I would never--" his eyes narrow. "You're fucking with me, aren't you?"

"I only do it because you let me." Eduardo starts pulling off one of his shoes, but Sean gets up to stop him. "Keep 'em on. We're going to lunch, and then I have a surprise for you."

"Really?" he bites his lip warily. "Sean, yesterday morning I was cleaning your puke out of the bathroom. We can stay in the hotel till tomorrow, it's fine, I promise."

Sean is already pulling Eduardo's jacket off a hanger in the closet and tossing it toward him.

"Sorry, kid, it's not an option. I'm the adult on this trip, and you're going to have a good time for the rest of this weekend, okay?"

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