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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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have fun!

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i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Eduardo/Mark OR Eduardo/Sean (OR BOTH ;D), UNDERAGE

Eduardo is 14, Mark/Sean/both is/are over 30 and in love/lust with the very precocious Wardo. Forbidden love, super underage, Lolita style. Bottom!Wardo obviously.

FILL 1/?

aaaugh idk what this is. i've never read lolita? or seen fish tank, but man i loved that idea.
warnings for, uh, underage stuff, and incesty stuff, and rich fucked up stuff, and idk.


Sean is not an idiot, okay.

He knows people think that, because he's thirty-three and he still mows lawns.

He gets the judgment, whatever, but he's not an idiot.

People totally underestimate the lawn-mowing lifestyle. All Sean does is listen to music and make money and get high. It's fucking sweet.

He fucks a lot of moms, too. Which is also sweet, though sometimes hazardous.

He had to relocate, two years ago, because Mr. Olson from Playa Bonita didn't exactly react well to finding Sean wearing his wife's panties while he worked.

It was cool, though. Sean wasn't really all that into the role-play, so that was kind of a relief.

He works in a suburb now, half an hour outside Miami. Rich families with alcohol problems and bratty kids stuck in private schools.

AKA, prime MILF territory.

Plus, there's practically no competition for his business, because the fifteen-year-olds who usually print out their little painfully-ugly handmade flyers and try to steal his customers are too spoiled to ever get a real job.

They mostly steal shit out of their mother's medicine cabinets and moan about how they're going to be in therapy someday.

Sean knows this, because he's kind of- uh, fucking one.

Which, yeah, makes him sound like an idiot at first glance.

But the thing that no one would get, especially the police, who, yeah, never need to become aware, is that it was totally not his fault.

See- Anita Saverin is a fucking fox. And that's not Sean's fault.

And she offered him an iced tea when he finished mowing the backyard, which turned to be a little less lemon-flavored and a little more Long Island, which was totally not Sean's fault.

And then she said, "Sean, would you mind doing something for me?" and she unzipped her dress one-handed and stood fucking half-naked in the kitchen, and her nipples were hard through her lacy elaborate red bra and she was waxed or shaved or something and wow, none of that was Sean's fault.

And then, well- Sean ate her out, pushed her up onto the kitchen counter and licked her while she dug her Louboutin heels into his back and moaned, and- okay, yeah, that part was Sean's fault.

Two weeks later, he'd mowed every inch of the Saverins' lawn three times over (and, uh, "mowed" Mrs. Saverin's lawn more times than that) and he had a feeling he might have to move on soon.

Not that Ricardo Saverin is ever home, or ever completely sober, but he's a tiny bit super-fucking-terrifying and Sean's not really into the getting caught thing, like, at all.

So when Anita says, tracing circles on his bare chest as Sean puffs on a joint in the guest bedroom, "You know, my son could use a tutor," Sean accepts pretty readily.

"What class?" he says, coughing out smoke, and Anita slips the joint out of his fingers, sucks on it hard, leaving dark-red lipstick all over the paper.

"Oh, I don't know," she says airily. "I'm sure he needs help in something. He's not all that bright, Ricardo's always saying that."

He laughs, and she says, "You graduated, didn't you, Sean?"

She probably means college and not, like, public high school in New Jersey, but Sean nods anyway.

"I'm pretty good at econ," he says, shrugging, high out of his mind because he failed high school econ, actually, what the fuck is he talking about? "I have my own business, I don't know if you've heard."

"I have," Anita purrs. "But I've heard you play more than you work, anyway, don't you, Sean."

She straddles him, stubs out the joint on the ashtray on the bedside table.

"Mm, play with me," she murmurs, and he obliges, because, really. Customer's always right. Right?

Re: FILL 2/?

That's how he ends up sitting across the Saverins' polished oak wooden table from Anita's kid, a surly fifteen-year-old called Eduardo.

"So, econ," Sean says, nodding. He smoked a joint before he came over here, and he kind of feels like he's floating. Eduardo looks like his mother, full-lipped and angular, with long lashes.

He has an expression that's all teenage-boy, though.

"I have the top grade in my class in econ," he says, suppressing an eye-roll. "And you're thirty-three and a high school graduate. I don't think we have much to talk about."

"Whoa, whoa, okay, first of all- how do you know shit about me, and second of all-"

Sean pauses, waves his hands around for emphasis. Eduardo narrows his eyes.

"Second of all?"

Sean kind of forgot what was second of all.

"Uh, I have a lot to teach, little dude," he stumbles. Eduardo stares levelly at him, purses his lips. They are fucking weirdly full, for a kid, for a boy. Like collagen-full.

"Do you," he says, unimpressed. "That must be why you've been tutoring my mother for the last couple weeks, huh."

"Um, I don't know what you're implying, but I am a strict p-professional," Sean says, and fuck, why did he get so high? Eduardo totally knows he's high. And he'll probably tell his father, and then his father will find out about Anita, and then Sean will get his dick cut off.

And he really likes his dick.

"I'm not high," he says, dumbly, and Eduardo laughs, low in his throat, sits back in his chair with a grace that is way beyond his years.

"Listen, Parker," he says. "I know you've been fucking my mother. You're not the first, and you're not gonna be the last. Just don't get her pregnant, because I don't need a sibling fucking up my inheritance."

Sean goggles, and Eduardo laughs again, grinning, teeth white and perfect-straight. Sean knows he had braces in seventh grade, he's seen the pictures on the mantel, of Eduardo's bar mitzvah.

That awkward zitty metal-mouthed kid seems really, really far away, though.

"I can neither confirm nor deny your accusation," Sean says, and Eduardo rolls his eyes.

"Can we stop pretending you'd actually be able to teach me something and find something for me to get high on? Unless you brought more weed, in which case I'll gladly accept, thanks-"

"I don't have weed! There is no weed. I'm not high."

Eduardo scoffs, and pulls Sean to his feet by a hand, says, "Come upstairs."

"I think we should stay at the- table," Sean says weakly, but he's already following Eduardo up the sweeping open staircase, watching the way his school trousers frame his ass, which is nice and tight, like, virgin-tight, which Eduardo probably is, which is weird. Sean hasn't been a virgin for so long. He lost it when he was thirteen, to an older chick in his neighborhood.

He's been having sex for twenty years, and Eduardo's never had it.

Maybe he does have something to teach him.

Fuck, he's high. He must be high, because that's fucking sick. The kid's fifteen.

Eduardo's in his parent's bathroom, rummaging through a drawer on the righthand side. Sean peers over his shoulder, sees lipstick, makeup- a bottle of Chanel No. 5, a tub of creamy white lotion, and finally-

"Ha!" Eduardo says triumphantly, straightening.

He's clutching an orange bottle in his hand. Anita Saverin, it says on the side. Take as needed.


Eduardo grins, unscrews the top of the bottle, and Sean says, "Hey, man, are you sure you should-"

"Please," Eduardo says with an eye-roll. "I've been taking these since I was twelve. Relax, paranoid."

"How the fuck do you even have these?" Sean says, picking up the bottle.

"My mother had knee surgery like ten years ago," Eduardo shrugs. "Tore her ACL playing tennis. Her doctor just keeps refilling the prescription."

He puts one on his tongue, scoops a handful of water into his mouth to swallow.

"Here," he murmurs, holding one out to Sean.

"I don't know, man-"

"Come on, don't be a pussy," Eduardo says, and he smirks, thick eyebrows raising.

Sean accepts it, peers at the little white pill, then shrugs, pops it in his mouth.

Re: FILL 3/?

auugh, ignore my slight de-anon if you saw it :/


Eduardo watches him swallow, dark eyes appraising, and then says, "I'm thirsty."

"There's water in the sink," Sean says dumbly, and Eduardo snorts.

"Don't want water," he breathes, and tugs Sean by the hand, downstairs.

Sean can't feel anything, yet, except the low buzz of stoned, in the base of his skull.

Eduardo is up on his tiptoes, shuffling through his parents' liquor cabinet.

"Scotch or cabernet?" he asks, and Sean says, "I don't know, Eduardo, I think we should stick with water."

Eduardo pulls down a bottle, with a sharp clink.

"You're right, scotch gets you drunk faster," he says, grinning, pleased with himself, and Sean helplessly watches him pour out two glasses, fill the bottle of scotch with water to the level it was at before.

Practiced movements, like he's done it before.

Said he's been taking Oxy since he was twelve?

That's like, serious shit.

Fucking suburbs, man.

"I don't know," Sean says, again, and Eduardo clinks glasses with him, says, "Yeah, we've established you don't know, Sean. Drink."

"Aren't you scared of getting caught?" Sean says, sipping the scotch- shit, that's good. It burns pleasantly as it goes down, hums in his throat, rich and woody. He exhales, and Eduardo does the same.

Eduardo rolls his eyes.

"Let's see," he says, taking a gulp of scotch. He's too young to have learned how to savor alcohol.

Something else Sean could teach him.

Though Sean usually just pounds a few Nattys when he wants to drink. He's not a millionaire, Jesus.

"Let's see," Eduardo repeats. "We've already established my mom will let you do anything to her." His voice is filthy, and Sean's cheeks heat.

"And my dad doesn't get home until, like, eight. Plus, he's too drunk to give a shit."

"I'm sorry," Sean mumbles, and Eduardo raises one eyebrow.

"Sorry? For me? That's cute. The overgrown loser doing child's work is sorry for me."

"Fine, I'm not fucking sorry," Sean says heatedly. "Think you and your family are fucking weird. And sad."

Eduardo nods approvingly. "There we go, Sean. Get out all your rage."

"Your mom's fucking nuts, and she doesn't care about you," Sean says, gritting his teeth. "She only asked me to tutor you so she could keep getting a piece of this."

Eduardo laughs.

"A piece of this," he muses, swirling his glass. "And I know that, Sean. Doesn't mean I can't get something out of it, too."

Sean swallows, thinks about that tight ass, shoves it out of his mind. Sick. Fucking sick.

Eduardo's smiling though, dangerous and sharp, and maybe the Oxy's hitting Sean now, because Eduardo's face is going blurry, and Sean says, "Shit, I think I should lay down."

"Let's study in my parents' room," Eduardo says, and he laughs again, loud in the silence of the kitchen.

It goes on too long. He must be high too.

Sean shrugs, follows him upstairs.

Re: FILL 3/?


Re: FILL 3/?

This is excellent.

Re: FILL 3/?

Oh no! This seems doomed to be sad and pathetic :(

Nonetheless I am transfixed by the trainwreckyness of this.

Re: FILL 3/?

this is destined to make me obsessed :)

Re: FILL 4/?

not quite sure where this is going. probably in a sad, sad direction. but more warnings apply. FOR EXPLICIT UNDERAGE SEX (lol, this is a kinkmeme but stillll.)

also LJ totally just was fucked-up for a couple hours there wasn't it. weird!


Eduardo's parents' room is terrifying.

The bed is massive, covered in a downy white comforter. On Anita's side there's a polished wooden cabinet, a book and reading glasses she totally denies wearing.

Ricardo's is completely bare, except for a low black wooden shelf.

Sean rarely fucks Anita in this room. They go in the guest room on the third floor, mostly. It's intimidating.

But Eduardo says, "I'm sure this is familiar, huh," and he yanks Sean onto the bed.

Sean stares at his feet, realizes he doesn't have his shoes on, and then yanks his legs up onto the bed.

"Nice," he says dumbly, and Eduardo says, "My favorite room," and for a second his voice is soft like a kid's.

He is a kid.

Sean is thinking that, very hard, when Eduardo straddles him.

"The fuck," Sean mumbles, and Eduardo is smiling loose and sexy, his shirt is unbuttoned a little bit, revealing a couple inches of tan hairless chest.

"Hi," he says.

"Eduardo, we really-"

"Can't?" Eduardo says, and he leans down and mouths at Sean's pulse point, kisses behind his ear.

"But you're my tutor, you have to teach me," he murmurs, in a low voice, and Sean lifts his hands to push him away because no way is that cheesy-ass line working on Sean, and ends up grabbing his ass.

Squeezing a little.

Fuck, it's tight. Warm muscle under expensive fabric, narrow, and firm under his hands.

"Mm," Eduardo hums. "Yeah, that's good. Mr. Parker."

Sean says dumbly, "What," hands creeping down to the backs of Eduardo's thighs, and Eduardo leans in nice and close, whispers, "Want to fuck me?"

Sean nearly chokes. The aftertaste of scotch burns in his throat.

"Dude, dude, no, that's like- that's, uh-"

"You'll fuck my mother in this bed but you won't fuck me?" Eduardo murmurs next, and that is so fucked-up but Sean's head is spinning, he is thinking about Anita with her legs spread and Sean's tongue up her cunt, her hands in his hair, moaning in Portuguese-

And he is thinking about Eduardo's dark-lashed eyes and tight ass and nice, pink, plush, cock-sucking lips, and oh God, he's so fucking-

"You're fifteen," Sean says firmly, nodding a bunch of times, blinking rapidly. "It's illegal."

Eduardo laughs again, rolls off of Sean and fumbles in his mother's bedside drawer.

"Lots of things are illegal, Sean," he says. "Doesn't make them any less fun."

Sean stares at him, and Eduardo comes up with a condom, a bottle of lube.

"Knew she keeps it here," he says smugly. "She has to use lube because she's old, you know that, Sean?"

Sean wrinkles his nose in distaste. Sure, he knows that, but Eduardo shouldn't. About his own mother.

"And the condoms, well, daddy would be mad if mommy gave him syphilis," Eduardo says, in a mock-baby voice, pouting, and Sean says panickedly, "Your mom has syphilis?"

"Who knows," Eduardo says, laughing a little. "Daddy would also be mad if he found mommy's condoms. I'm clean, anyway."

"Yeah I know you're clean," Sean says, shaking his head. "Because you're a-"

He stops, and Eduardo climbs onto his lap again, clutching the condom and lube. He rubs his palm against Sean's cock through his jeans, laughs when he feels Sean start to get hard.

"I'm a what," he breathes, onto Sean's closed mouth. "A virgin? Guess again."

Re: FILL 5/?

omfg i don't know why i keep de-anoning ughhasf


"You're a kid," Sean says, stupidly.

"And that turns you on," Eduardo says, grinning. "You know what I use the lube for, Sean?"

"Fuck, what," Sean grits out, cock throbbing.

"To finger myself," Eduardo whispers. "But it's never as good as a real dick, huh, Sean."

"Jesus fucking Christ," Sean says, overwhelmed. Eduardo unzips his jeans, licks his lips, staring down at Sean's cock, pressing hard against his belly, twitching under his boxers.

"I like real dick better," Eduardo murmurs, and he lowers his head, pushes his face against Sean's cock.

Sean groans.

"You smell good," Eduardo says, muffled against the cotton. "Bet you taste good, too."

"Oh, fuck, fuck," Sean moans.

"You want me to taste it?"

"God- yes. Yes."

Eduardo grins up at him, says, faux-outraged, "That's fucking sick, Sean!" and yanks down his boxers.

Sean throws his head back when Eduardo holds his cock in one hand, fits his mouth over it, sucks messily at the head.

"Fucking shit," he says, tight and low, head spinning with the drugs, the wet touch. "Oh, fuck."

"We're getting to it," Eduardo says smoothly, and he lifts his head from Sean's cock, which is fully hard, flushed and red and fucking leaking.

Sean spares a moment for moral dilemmas- he's fifteen! But he's not a virgin. But he's fifteen. But he wants it, he said so, he wants this, and God, that feels really good, and no one has to find out, and Sean is really high, and-

Sean chokes on his own breath, because Eduardo is squeezing the head of his cock in lube-slick fingers, staring levelly at Sean.

"Pay attention, Mr. Parker," he says, licking his lips. Sean stares shakily down at him, watches as Eduardo slips a condom onto Sean's cock, spreads lube carefully over it, grinning like it's a fucking art project or something.

Sean can't breathe, when Eduardo sits down on his dick.

He is so fucking tight.

Eduardo exhales slowly, eyelashes fluttering.

"Oh, shit," he murmurs, a slow grin spreading across his face.

"Yeah," Sean echoes, clenching his jaw, the feeling of it prickling hot over his skin. Eduardo is still wearing his fucking school shirt, unbuttoned, and under it Sean can see his flat stomach, his nipples, which are tight and hard and pink, and God, it feels so good, his whole body is practically humming-

And then Eduardo starts to move, and fuck, that feels even better.

Sean's fucked a lot of people. He's fucked his fair share of guys, from the first (Brian Tarwell- high school, closeted football player stoner) to the last (a twink he picked up at a bar while he was wasted two months ago).

But it is different, because Eduardo is not a man, he is a teenager.

And he is tight like a fucking glove, he is lean and pink-cheeked and flexible and open for Sean, for his cock, begging for it-

And Sean is loose all over with the Oxy, skin prickling pleasantly, eyes heavy-lidded, muscles relaxed and liquid-warm-

He is panting, slow loud hard breaths, gripping Eduardo's thin thighs in both hands, grunting, and it is- wow, it is embarrassingly fast, his orgasm.

Eduardo is rocking on top of him, cock bobbing in front of him, eyes closed. He's practically silent, which kind of freaks Sean out, but he takes Eduardo's cock in one hand, watches Eduardo's mouth open in a gasp, and as it pulses under his hand, Sean comes, moaning long and low, cock jerking, caught in Eduardo's ass.

"Fu-uck," Eduardo says breathlessly, eyes bright, pupils dilated wildly, and Sean heaves out a breath, jerks him off, his own orgasm still hitting him, hot and full and relentless.

In three pulls Eduardo is coming, all over his chest and into Sean's palm, sticky and hot, and Sean takes his hips in both hands, holds him steady through it.

Re: FILL 6/?

Eduardo's face is glistening with sweat. He exhales hard when he's done, breath quick and shuddery, and rolls off of Sean, leaving Sean wincing.

"Jesus Christ," Sean says, grinning dopily, every muscle hot, like warm honey is spreading through his veins, and shit, they're on Eduardo's parent's bed.

Eduardo has the same thought apparently, and he's padding into the bathroom, stumbling a little. Sean can see the curve of his ass under his white shirt, golden and enticing.

A second later he comes out with a wet hand towel, throws it to Sean.

Sean catches it dumbly, stares at it.

A and R, it says, in gold embroidery.

He shrugs, wipes come off his stomach.

He thinks he sleeps, after, when Eduardo takes the washcloth gently out of Sean's hand.

He knows that his eyes close, and that he is warm, somehow, even with his body bare and the A/C blasting. He sweats, a little bit, and rolls over a couple times, restless, and when he wakes up Eduardo is lying next to him.

"Wha," Sean mumbles, head starting to spin, and Eduardo grins.

"Let me guess, you've never taken Oxy," he says, and Sean rubs a hand over his face, yawning.

"What time is it," he mutters.

Eduardo sprawls on his back, long lean body on display. He sighs, puffs moodily on one of his mother's cigarettes.

"Like three," he says, lightly, blowing out a cloud of smoke. "My mother won't be back from Miami until six."

Sean nods slowly. The smell of smoke is heady and familiar. Sean's head is pounding, but in a good way. If that's possible.

"So you're not a virgin," he says, trying to re-establish some ground here. Not that it matters either way. Wouldn't matter to a judge and jury.

"Not anymore!" Eduardo says, batting his eyelashes, and Sean's stomach twists, but Eduardo kicks at him, laughs at the ceiling.

"I'm joking," he says. "No. I'm not a virgin."

"When'd you lose it?"

Eduardo sucks on the cigarette, eyes watering.

"Two years ago," he says casually. "Don't worry, Sean, you didn't deflower me."

Sean takes the cigarette out of Eduardo's hand.

"Who did?" he asks, also casually, and Eduardo's mouth closes, he blinks up at the ceiling.

"Friend of my father's," he says finally, and an uneasy grin spreads half across his face. Sheepish, almost. But proud.

"Fuck off."

"It's true."

"Jesus Christ."

"It was nice. He was careful."

"Oh, yeah, he was real fucking careful when he fucked a thirteen year old-"

Eduardo laughs.

"You're always so scandalized," he says coolly, motioning for the cigarette. "Worse things happen every day, Sean. Kids get kidnapped, sold, beaten, raped-"

He lets it hang in the air.

"It's just sex," he finishes, shrugging. Sean looks helplessly at his body, so fucking young. His mind's too old, he's too- no kid can be that cynical.

"Sex is important," Sean says slowly.

"Sex is recreation," Eduardo retorts, waving one hand in the air.

"You can't honestly believe that."

"You can't honestly pretend you don't. You're thirty-three, and you're hanging around suburbia fucking married women. If sex was so important, we wouldn't all do it so much."

"Maybe that's why we do it, because it means something every time."

Re: FILL 7/?

"Doesn't mean commitment, or whatever," Eduardo says, looking at him with his dark eyes. "I lost my virginity to a married man. You fucked my mom, who, I don't know if you knew- totally married. And my father- well."

"Your father?" Sean asks, curiously, because Anita never talks about their sex life. Sean was under the impression they didn't really have one.

"When I was nine years old I caught my father fucking the maid's daughter," Eduardo says, and he grins. "Infidelity, Sean, it runs in the family. What can I say, they love to fuck the help. Probably gives 'em a little rush."

"So why'd you do it," Sean asks, softly.

Eduardo shrugs.

"For fun," he says. "Because I'm bored."

Sean huffs out an incredulous laugh, rolls over onto his back.

"You're such a kid," he says, and Eduardo looks sharply at him.

"No I'm not."

"Yes, you are. All convinced you got the whole world figured out. I was just like you."

"You're a high school graduate with a questionable grasp on sophomore level econ, you're nothing like me," Eduardo snaps, and Sean just grins at the ceiling.

"Fine, Eduardo. If you don't care about your parents, why are you obsessed with getting into college? Why do you work so hard? See, the stuff you do with sex, messed-up stuff, that's how I felt about school. I didn't care. I was bored."

"It's not messed-up," Eduardo says quietly, and Sean peers at him. His jaw is clenched, he's staring up at the ceiling, long graceful throat bobbing in a swallow.

"Yeah, fucking a married dude when you're thirteen, not messed up at all," Sean mutters.

"It was- it wasn't like that. It was just- it was just sex. He wanted me. I- I could feel how much he wanted to have me and I liked that, so I let him fuck me."

His eyes go soft, for a second, and then he says, smiling at the ceiling. "It was good, you know? Bet you've had a lot of sex in your life, Sean, so you know what I mean, it just- it just felt good, to have him-"

"Want you," Sean murmurs. Eduardo looks at him.

"Yeah," he whispers, eyes dark and huge.

"But you're fifteen, you don't- you don't know what good sex is," Sean says, stammering a little. Eduardo smirks at him.

"You gonna teach me?" he asks, batting his eyelashes. Sean flushes down his neck.

"That's not what I meant-"

"I know, I was joking. Jesus, relax. You're kind of uptight for a stoner."

He stubs out the cigarette on the bedside table ashtray, and Sean's eyes drift down the line of his back, his tan tight ass.

Eduardo flips over, catches him looking, grins.

"See," he says, pushing himself up on his elbows. "People want me. All I do is give people what they want. If they're too pathetic to admit it to themselves, that's their problem."

Sean shakes his head slow, looks away.

Re: FILL 8/?

"What about love," he says, stupidly. Eduardo laughs, just like Sean expected.

"What the fuck does that even mean, anyway," he says, voice wry. "When Peter fucked me he loved me. He loved being in me. He loved how I felt, how tight I was. Is that love?"


"My father's friend," Eduardo says softly. "The one I lost it to."

"Love means, like, commitment, means wanting to be with someone, all the time," Sean says, even though he's not a fucking expert.

Eduardo lies his head back, exhales.

"Then love is bullshit," he says, voice hard. "Because sooner or later, everyone starts to get sick of each other."

Sean wants to hold him, for some reason, pull Eduardo's head onto his chest and embrace him.

But he is prickly, sharp-edged; he may not know it, but his entire body screams don't fucking touch me.

"Not always true."

"Yes it is," Eduardo says, fast and confident. "I've seen pictures of my parents, on their wedding day. They looked happy. Fast-forward sixteen years and they can't fucking stand each other. Same thing, when I was born. They made a baby book, you know, for me? Took pictures every day till I was two months old. Had nicknames for me. My dad used to sing to me, in Portuguese. I only know because I caught him throwing out the videotapes."

He pauses, puts a hand on his bare stomach.

"Then they passed me off to the nanny," he says, voice flat. "And they haven't given a shit since."

"Your mom loves you," Sean says, over-sincere and painfully fake.

Eduardo laughs.

"She really doesn't," he says, shrugging. "The only people who have loved me are people who have been paid to love me."


"And the men I fuck," Eduardo says, and he sounds utterly convinced. It is achingly sad, suddenly, and Sean swallows hard. "They love me, even if it's only for a second. They love how I make them feel."

"That's not- that's not real," Sean says, voice cracking- men? how many men has he- and Eduardo looks over at him, then sits up, fumbles for his briefs.

"You should probably go," he says, and grins, a snatch of white teeth. "I learned a lot, Mr. Parker, you're a great tutor."

Sean stands up too, rattled. Eduardo puts the box of condoms back into the bedside drawer, zips up his pants.

"Same time tomorrow?" he says, smirking.

Sean swallows hard.

"I'll have to talk to Anita-"

"Don't bother," Eduardo says. "Just come in. Two PM. Tomorrow. See you then."

Sean shrugs helplessly, follows Eduardo downstairs.

Eduardo hands him his bag, tosses him a bottle of Dasani from the fridge.

"Bye," he says, unconcernedly, and Sean lets himself out.


What the fuck.

Re: FILL 8/?

Wow, yah. Eduardo has issues.

Re: FILL 8/?

Gah, Wardo, you're breaking my heart with your terrible self-esteem. This fic reminds me of the Phillip Larkin quotation They fuck you up, your mum and dad/They may not mean to, but they do.
I love how raw and honest your Eduardo is - he's convinced he understands everything happening around him but Sean can see that he's naive despite his cynicism. I really like the sort of moral greyness you've created with Sean. He's encouraging Eduardo to expect more than what he thinks he deserves.

I know there's going to be angst galore ahead but I can trust your payoff to be brilliant, anon.

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