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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

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♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
♥ one pairing/prompt per comment please.
♥ you are encouraged to try and write a prompt for every request you make.
♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
♥ no pairing bashing, OK? no need to wank over ships.
♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
♥ on RPF: Please disclaim that it is RPF, a work of fiction and in no way related to the actual actors/persons/etc. (i wouldn't even try and discourage RPF from this meme ;))


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♥ all prompts are open to fills at all times, even if they have been filled in the past or are being currently filled by someone else. multiple fills are positively encouraged; if something appeals to you then do not be put off creating a new fill by the existence of a prior one.
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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



[GEN] girl!Mark, unfortunate implications

I've seen a lot of genderswap that's lovely but that doesn't really think about the differences between what's okay with a man and what's okay with a woman. It's okay for men to yell at other men, and even physically intimidate them a bit, though actual harm is usually frowned upon. It's not okay for men to do that to women.

So I want fic where the events of the movie end up meaning something different because Mark's a girl and you can't do the same thing to girls that you can to boys. Maybe the Winklevii have to try hard to make sure that they're expressing their anger with her, but not threatening her physically, because gentlemen of Harvard who are over six feet and two hundred pounds don't scare small female underclassmen (Cameron may be more worried about this than Tyler). Maybe Facebook employees feel less sympathetic to Eduardo than they might after the laptop smashing scene because he was shouting at and being violent towards a woman, even if he didn't actually hurt her. Something along those lines. Pairings are okay, but I don't want this to be a shipper fic.

tl;dr: Mark's a girl. The guys can't scare her.

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (1/6)


“Mark? Why are you and Mom home?” asks Randy with the gravitas and authority of a ninth grader. “Did you get into a fight again?”

The only answer Mark gives is a sullen silence. She doesn’t even turn around to look at her brother, just hunkers down and concentrates hard on rotating the varied shapes. Randy sighs and rolls his eyes. The computer was his bar mitzvah present from Nanna and Papa, and yet, he never seems to get to play with it, ever.

Randy unzips his book bag and dumps its contents onto his bed, and then belly flops onto it. He might as well start on his Algebra homework. Randy toes off his shoe and arranges himself by the headboard. He opens his textbook and flips to the practice section.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Mark suddenly says, mostly to the computer. Randy looks up. Mark seems to sink further into his Batman hoodie. He had been wondering where it went.

“He started it.”

Randy sits up, “Who did? Started what?”

Mark shrugs.

Randy pushes away his math book and scoots down to the foot of the bed. He gently punches Mark on the shoulder. “What happened?”

Mark shrugs again.

“I may have kicked Ben,” Mark finally admits, still mostly to the computer; her face still mostly turned away.

“Ben?” wonders Randy out loud, “Wait, Ben, Ben the eighth grader?”

Mark nods. Randy fumes. Ben Warren is a giant bully and almost twice as big as Mark.

“What did he do?”

Mark shrugs, again. Randy loses his patients and pushes the desk chair, turning it so he can see Mark and Mark’s lower lip is puffy and red, and there is scab forming in the center. Randy balls his fists and vows, “I’m going to kill—”

“I kicked him in the shin, he fell, and then I kicked in the nuts,” Mark says, voice flat and a glare in her tiny eyes. “He cried and we all laughed. It’s fine, now.”

Randy stares at his baby sister’s lips and his stomach flip flops. No one gets to push her around, well, except for him and, increasingly, five year old Alec.

Mark kicks Randy, half-heartedly, and turns back to the computer. She exits Tetris and opens up MS-DOS. Randy sighs, again, and goes back to his homework. It is pointless to try to talk to Mark now; Randy will get more conversation out of his wall.

He crawls back on his bed and starts solving for ‘y.’ And if he makes a few kick-Ben-Warren plans, then it is between Randy and his math notebook.

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (2/6)


Mark shivers and pulls up her hood, bracing herself against the New England chill. There is a group of scantily clad girls ahead, stumbling and falling all over each other and taking up the entire sidewalk. They giggle and shriek, hugging each other for support and warmth. Mark rolls her eyes and steps off on the grass to let them pass. Her flip-flops slide a bit on the wet grass.

Mark shivers again and gets back on the sidewalk. Suddenly, there is a hand on arm. Mark jumps and twists around, her arms raised, instinctively.

It’s the guy that Chris had brought him back to his and Dustin's dorm room. He still had the same ridiculous hair and the even more ridiculous suit. Mark narrows hers eyes. “Yeah?”

The guy put his hands up in apology, “Sorry, about that. I called but I don’t think you heard…”

He trails off, awkwardly. Mark shoves her hands back inside her pockets, and shrugs. The guy gives her a tentative smile and shrugs, too. “Where are you going?”

“To Dustin’s. He texted, said he had beer,” Mark answers. She pauses and then asks, impassively, “Do you want to come?”

The guy grins, his teeth bright even in the dark. Mark leans back slightly and gives him an inquisitive look. He visibly schools his face and says, still too cheerful for cheap beer in a crappy double, “Lead the way.”

They fall into step. Mark wraps her arms around herself and tries to think of something to say.

“What’s your name again? Eddie something?”

Mark turns to look at the taller man, just in time to catch an amused grin on his face. He coughs and answers her, “Eduardo, Eduardo Saverin.”

And then he holds out his hand for her to shake. Mark stares at him for a beat too long and then puts her hand in his. His palm is warm and dry. She gives it a firm grip and short shake, and then pulls back.

“Mark—” Mark starts to introduce herself, but stops, her attention grabbed by the sound of jeering and cruel laughter. Even in the dark, Mark can make out Dustin and Chris, just a hundred yards away, surrounded by a group of obnoxiously intoxicated frat guys. Even from where Mark is standing, she can tell Dustin is terrified and Chris is furious but silent. He can count and they did had neither advantage in number nor power. Mark starts to walk over when the guy, Eduardo, stops her with a hand on her arm.

“Wait!” he starts, but Mark jerks her arm free, ignoring him.

She walks up to the group, with her best bitch-please-face (copyright Randy 2002), and stops right in front of the tallest and widest guy of the bunch. He leers at her, his eyes just out of focus, and says, “Hey, baby, looking—”

Mark swings her fist back and drives it full force into his crotch. And the guy just crumbles to his knees with a choked off whimper. Mark steps back, shaking off her hand, and gives the rest of the group an unimpressed look. “We’re leaving now.”

Mark grabs Dustin by the front of his jacket and pulls him away. She can hear Chris and Eduardo following them. They are all silent, even after they get inside Greenough and climbed to the third floor. Dustin pulls out his keys and it take him two tries to get the door open. The four of them stumble inside and flop onto beds and chairs. For a long minute, they just stare at each other.

And then Dustin starts giggling. And then Chris. Followed by Eduardo. Giggles turn into laughter, laughter into wheezing and tears. Mark rolls her eyes and pulls out her computer.

“Did you see that guy go down?”

“Oh, my god, I almost felt bad for him.”

“Remind me to never piss you off, Zuckerberg!" exclaims Dustin as he lunges at her, trying to give her a hug.

Mark shoves him off. “Fuck off, and give me a beer.”

“Go get yourself," says Chris, still laughing. He finds the remote from underneath his bed and turns on their crappy television. “Hey, Top Chief marathon!”

Eduardo leans over and hands her a beer. Mark nods, absently, in thanks; her mind already tuning out the rest of the room. She just had another idea on how to fix some of the bugs with Coursematch. Mark needs it more or less ready before the start of the class selection for the second term.

Mark laces her fingers together and cracks her knuckles. It is going to brilliant.

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (2/6)

Mark's so kickass! I love it. Oh, Wardo's so tentative and cute. XD

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (3/6)


“Where has Sean Parker been hiding you?”

Mark looks up into the mirror. Mr. Eugene Cooper is standing behind her, in front of the exit to the women’s restroom. Mark calmly finishes washing her hands and shuts off the water. She then carefully dries her hands, back still to Cooper.

He smirks and walks up to the counter, tugging his cuffs straight. Mark disposes the paper towels into the trash can and turns on her heel to face the older man. She cocks her head and intones, “What can I do for you, Mr. Cooper?”

Cooper leans in—Mark forces herself not to move—and tells her, his voice like a nauseating syrup, “You’ve had your chance to pitch. Now, it’s my turn to hit…on you.”

He guffaws, his breath sticky. Mark relaxes her body, putting her weight on the balls of her feet, and then gives Cooper a smirk of her own, “I’m sorry, Mr. Cooper, but I don’t have any father issues to work through.”

And with that, Mark turns to walk out of the restroom and this building. Fuck him and his money.

Cooper grabs her arm and jerks her back. His face is red; his mouth open and angry. Mark doesn’t think; she just reacts with a twist, a elbow, and kick. Eugene Cooper is hugging the ground, trying to breathe and groan at the same time.

Mark leaves him there. She walks calmly out of the restroom and to the elevators. She does not really exhale until she steps out of the ground floor lobby and into the unforgiving California sun.

Sean jogs out of the revolving door, catching up with her. He pulls out his inhaler and takes a dose. Mark rolls her eyes but waits. Finally, Sean exhales and wheezes out, “What happened?”

Mark shrugs and lies, “Nothing. They weren’t interested and I’m done.”

Sean looks unconvinced, but he follows her back to their parked car. He drives them back to Palo Alto and Mark tries to keep her mind on the ever growing list of things she need to code, to fix, to look over, to do.

When they get to the house, Mark is out of the car even before it comes to a complete stop. She gets into the house and ignores Dustin, the interns, and Sean’s houseguests. She locks herself in the master bedroom, strips, and steps into the shower. Mark turns the water to as hot as she can possibly tolerate and just stands underneath it, letting the water scald away the sense-memories.

Eventually, she starts to feel that her skin is like her own again. Mark steps out onto the cold tile and wraps herself in a towel—Sean must have done laundry—and then pads back out to the master bed. Sean is on the bed, hands linked behind his head, eyes closed.

Mark rolls her eyes and goes to the drawers for clothes. She does not have the mental fortitude to attempt this or any kind of conversation with Sean while naked.

Sean stays silent and still. Mark steps into new sweatpants—Sean definitely did laundry—and a t-shirt, and then pulls on her North Face fleece.

“I should have probably warned you about—” Sean starts. Mark cuts him off, “It’s done. There is no need to dissect the events of this afternoon.”

Sean props himself up on his elbow and gives her a look. “I knew you could have handled it.”

Mark shrugs and pulls open the unlocked door. Sean scrambles to get up and follow her, “Tomorrow…the meeting with Thiel.”

Mark keeps walking, but she does call back, “Fine, I’ll be ready.”

She is more than ready. Facebook needs cash and she is going to get it. Whatever it takes.

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (3/6)

Mark is really strong. :)

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (3/6)

ugh I love strong girl!Mark so much

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (4/6)

4 (or the metaphoric one)

“…and with the size of the Case Equity investment, Mr. Thiel and Parker agreed with Mr. Manningham that he should take a greater share…” Collins’ voice fades away, unnerved by Mark’s unblinking silence. Jenkins, head of Facebook Legal, jumps in, completely missing what his subordinate could clearly see.

“Actually, I was the one that approach Sean and Peter with the idea. It is just the perfect solution: Mr. Manningham got his fair share and we’re rid of Saverin. Point-zero-three percent just seems a much more,” Jenkins pauses, smugly savoring his own genius, “poetic.”

He grins at Mark, smug. Mark stares back. As the silence draw out, Jenkins’ smile wanes, bit by bit, until he visibly shudders and then composes himself. Collins clears his throat and tentatively speaks, “Mr. Parker said you agreed to the dilution and since we had Mr. Saverin’s signature on the…”

He trails off. Mark hasn’t said a single word since they sat down, called into HQ in the middle of the night. The rest of the building is a tomb; everyone else, save for night sysadmins and security, was at Thiel’s party.

Finally, Mark looks down, picking up the contract Eduardo had signed. She stares at his signature. A lifetime ago, Mark used to make fun of his loopy elegant hand.

Mark toss the stack of paper towards Collins and then looks up at Jenkins.

“You’re fired.”

Jenkins’ eyes bulge, sputtering and stuttering, “What--”

Mark calmly repeats herself, “You’re fired.”

Jenkins jumps up, sending his chair tumbling backwards with a loud clang. He opens his downturned mouth, but Mark cuts him off, “If you value your future, professional and otherwise, you’ll rethink whatever it is that is about to come out your mouth.”

The older man snaps shut his jaw. Mark cocks her head at Jenkins and sneers, “Now, get out.”

Jenkins gives her one last look of fury and fear, but leaves without a word. Collins is stock still in his chair.

Mark turns her hard gaze at the second man.

“Congratulations ,” Mark says, her voice cold, “you’ve been promoted. Now, your first assignment: Sean was arrested for possession and with an underage intern. Deal with it. And then, go remind your predecessor the consequences of violating his non-disclosure clauses in his contract will mean more than just a bad reference.”

Collins nods and scrambles to grab the papers, desperate to get away.

“And, Collins,” Mark adds, her eyes far away, “Don’t make the same mistakes as your predecessor.”

Collins stands and squeaks out, “No, Ms…er…Boss Mark, Ma’am.”

Mark stands, her voice glacial, “For the record, I did know. And it was my decision to dilute his share to point-zero-three percent. Do you understand?”

Collins nods, once.

Mark is the CEO, bitch.

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (4/6)

love this so much.

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (4/6)

Damn, girl. I'm sorry, just speechless (in good way)

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (5/6)


The elevator, wrapped in pretencious mahogany, pings and its doors roll smoothly open. The Winklevii are already standing inside.

Mark can hear Marylin's soft but sharp inhale. Mark steps inside, Marylin a half beat behind her.

The doors roll close.

The elevator is still and suffocating, like a tomb.

"You must be some fucking amazing lay," sneers Tyler-probably--Mark could never tell the two apart--and the other twin makes an aborted move to stop him, but he continues, "Your lawyers make him out to be some violent thug from little Havana--"

Mark snorts.

"--and he's still here, defending you. What a fucking cunt."

Marylin touches Mark's hand, in warning. Cameron jerks Tyler back a step, trying to hush him. He refuses to listen, shoving his brothers away, he walks up to Mark, towering inches away from her.

Mark does not turn around, but her smirk is visible in the glossy polish of the wood.

Tyler steps forward, towering over her.

"Mr. Winklevoss, please…" Marylin tries. Cameron hisses, "Tyler!"

"He's Brazilian, not Cuban," Mark says, almost to the door, her voice low and bored, but with a razor sharp edge.

"What?" Tyler demands.

Mark takes a calculated step back while shifting the arm holding her backpack, aiming her elbow back into Tyler's stomach.

She miscalculates.

Tyler wheezes and hits the ground with a pained gasp, grabbing his crotch.

The elevator door opens. Mark spares him a brief glance, "Oops."

She walks out with Marylin on her heels.

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (5/6)

I am so loving this fill.

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (6a/6b)


There is someone in her house. Her new house that she had just moved in, upgraded with top of the line twenty-four hour security.

Mark switches off her car. She gets out and opens the trunk; she puts her laptop in and pulls out a nine iron. Mark never thought she will be glad to be forced to learn how to golf for her upcoming trip to Japan, but the heavy club is comforting weight in her grip. She puts her phone in her pocket. Mark walks quietly to the back and goes in through the kitchen door.

There is definitely in her house. If Dustin broke in, again, then Mark is going to kill him, twice.

She quietly pads toward the lit ‘living room’–it is more a box storage area for now–with the nine iron held at the ready. Someone is sniffling and moving towards her. Mark presses herself to the wall and–

The light turns on and Dustin is standing in the hall way cradling her stupid useless dog.

“Jesus, Dustin, you scared the shit out of me,” Mark snaps, “And you’re getting snot on my fucking dog. She just got back from the groomers.”

Dustin lets Dee go and sniffles pathetically. Mark sighs and puts down the golf club, before asking, “What happened?”

“Our babies would have been beautiful and smart!” whines Dustin.

Mark makes a sharp annoyed sound. Fucking hope and change. She wonders if Chris would be willing to fly out on a private jet. Probably not, if past is any indication.

She tries to school her face into something approximating sympathy and beckons Dustin toward the kitchen. “Come on, I need to feed the damn dog.”

A yip and whine from the kitchen agrees with Mark. She walks away, but slows down to make sure Dustin is following behind her.

Mark fills the food bowl and refreshes the waterbowl. Then, she takes out a sixer and sits down next to Dustin on the kitchen floor, leaning against the kitchen island.

Dustin takes bottle and asks, “How come you don’t have any furniture?”

Mark shrugs, “Not like I spend anytime here.”

“In the kitchen, or in general?”

Mark ignores the frankly rhetorical question, “She left, huh?”

Dustin slumps down, against her shoulder and sniffles again, “Yeah. Grant came through; going to go study subterranean worms in South Africa.”

Mark pats Dustin on the head. “Worms are hard to compete with.”

“You are so mean,” Dustin sniffles again.


They sit there, the two of them. Mark knows she has no right to feel abandoned, not when, really, she was the one really left first or ran ahead, or something.

“Do you remember that night, freshmen year, right after Chris’s IR midterm?” Dustin suddenly asks.

Mark thinks back, “When we played never-have-I-never?”

She can feel Dustin nod, his stick cheek rubbing up and down on her arm.

“And Chris said he’s never seen girl breasts in person, well, other then his mom’s?”

fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (6b/6b)


Mark snorts. She remember. “Yeah?”

“And you showed him yours…”

“I’m not showing you my breasts just because you got dumped.” Mark cuts off Dustin, and but adds, “Maybe if you get testicular cancer or something.”

Dustin winces and gives her a punch on her leg, “Don’t even say that. And I wasn’t going to…anyways, remember how Wardo shoved my face in the sofa?”

Mark laughs softly at the memory, a little bitter and a little wistful. “Where are you going with this?”

“I don’t really know,” Dustin admits. “I just…I don’t know.”

Suddenly, he sits up and turns to face Mark. He sways a bit, almost overwhelmed by the force of his own conviction and the alcohol in his blood, and says, “I’m going to kiss you now.”

Without thinking, Mark reaches out and punches Dustin in the dick. He inhales and squeeks, and falls over on the ground, trying, belatedly, to protect himself.

Mark blinks, “Jesus, I didn’t mean to–”

“You could have said no,” Dustin groans out and then lets out a whimper.

Mark blinks, again, and lets out a giggle of hysteria. Dustin glares at her, but she hides her face behind her hands and snorts again.

“Sorry, I don’t know…it was an accident…”

Dustin whines, “No, you definitely aimed–”

“…I know, I’m sorry, but, oh god…”

She laughs again, but this time, Dustin snorts. Mark pushes Dustin, gently, and he falls over on the cold tile floor like a rag doll. Mark sinks down next to him and laughes into her hand some more.

Dustin straightens out and pokes Mark in her ribs. “Stop laughing, it’s not funny.”

“It’s a little funny,” Mark says, a little breathless, and squirms away from Dustin. Dee, the dog, done with her comes around to investigate. Dustin scoops her up and puts her on his chest, letting her comfort him with a snuggle. He tells her, “Your mommy–”

“Oh my god, I’m not her–”

“–is so mean.”



“Shut up.”

Re: fill: 5 times Mark dickpunched a guy, +1 time that was a complete accident (6b/6b)

ok, I fu**ing love it. I'm saving it in my favorites.
I love how you gave us hint about other times (and maybe ships) without write down everything.

Beautiful, really a good work!