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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)




Dustin and girl!Mark have been together for a while. And now, they're having a baby. I'd like to see the whole realization that they're expecting, pregnancy, birth, and maybe a little of the actual life with a child.

Fill - Rubber Ring 1/?

i actually have no idea /o\

Dustin's usually the one who gets really sappy on these things and it's obviously his fault that they're making an announcement anyway even if it's totally none of anyone else's businesses that Mark has been, what did Chris even use? Inseminated. Yes. Inseminated. For a guy who boasts about his social skills and help made history in America, Chris is still pretty fucking ridiculous when it comes to his suitemates. Not that Mark blames him because Mark's somehow different with Chris too. And Dustin. And Eduardo, but she's not here to talk about that.

No, she's in front of the hundreds of heads that swiveled their way when Dustin walked in Facebook (even if he's no longer an employee) and yelled "minions, your masters have an announcement!"

Mark groans and buries her face in her hands. She's learned the skill from Chris, who is also doing the same thing because Mark asked him to fly west to tell him about it personally.

See? Mark has changed; social cues and all.

"Ma—" Dustin starts but Chris cuts him off with "Now, before anything else, I know some of you have worked for Facebook when I was still around and I heard from sources that I'm still apparently a legend here; so I need not remind you that if this gets out in public, I will make sure you won't get another job including menial labour with the lawsuits I'm going to slap on your faces, okay?"

A few senior officers shudder remembering that one time someone posted a photo of Mark walking around the office without shoes or flip flops and it got out on the internet which started a whole ridiculous storm of is Facebook where you really want to work? and Can't Be Tamed: Still CEO, Bitch. and other ridiculous questionable articles. Chris tracked the source down because you can't be friends with Dustin and Mark without picking up a few skills of your own and Chris managed to, like, find 12 different cases that can be filed against him. "Am I making myself clear?"

Mark sees all of them nod. Then Chris slapped Dustin's shoulder as he walked pass.

"Anyway, yeah, before one of my best friends rudely interrupted with a speech that could have made a boner appear in my pants if I'm not complete in love with your CEO," Dustin looks her way and bats his eyelashes.

Mark tries not to throw the nearest laptop at him.

"We just want you to know, we're having a baby."

There are few minutes where everyone just blinks dumbly at Dustin. Then Slee, from sysad walks forward and touches Dustin's stomach in awe. "Are you knocked up?"

Dustin makes an indignant sound and reaches for Mark to pull her forward with her belt loops.

"No, idiot," she snaps out just to get it over with. "I am."

Slee stares. So does everyone in the room. Chris is shaking with laughter.

"No, what? With Dustin's child?"

"No, with Chris. YES, with Dustin, you moron. Why aren't you fired yet?" Mark sighs before walking even more forward until she's standing in front of Dustin and glaring at the general direction of the room (CEO, Bitch still, bro.) "Okay, that's all. I'm pregnant. With a child in my uterus. I will no longer bleed every month," a few males look horrified. Mark feels a little better. "Nothing is going to change in the offices except maybe me vomiting from time to time. That's it, we just wanted you to know first out of Dustin's sense of entitlement. Back to toiling, workers."

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Re: Fill - Rubber Ring 1/?

...where is my shame ;_;

Re: Fill - Rubber Ring 1/?

Hey, no shame dude. This is hilarious and I'm not surprised at all because you seem like humorous person in general. Write away, I'd say. :D

Re: Fill - Rubber Ring 1/?

<333 you are the music in me

Fill - Rubber Ring 2/?

It doesn't really surprise her that Eduardo comes flying in the offices not 24 hours after Dustin's announcement.

"Is this true?" He asks hoarsely as Mark clutches her laptop to her chest protectively. Dustin, who for some reason isn't going back to his job as co-founder of another company, makes weird faces at them from the other side of the glass wall surrounding Mark's office.

Mark glares but shows him her baby bump because she's not in the mood to use words when she can show him instead.

Eduardo gets this weepy look that reminds her of woodland creatures in the Disney films Dustin is unashamedly obsessed with. "I'm— Mark, I'm gonna be an uncle?"

Mark tries not to look just as weepy because she's been trying to get back to how she and Eduardo functioned before, only with less drunken fondling and with more friendly jibes. "Yeah," she breathes out, thinking about excel spreadsheets and puking just so she wouldn't start crying. "Yeah, Wardo, if you want to be."

Eduardo makes a choked noise when he hears Wardo. Then Mark is being tackled gently (how does Eduardo manage that even) and she is being hugged and she's totally going to blame her awry hormones for the tears that prickle behind her eyelids.

"Of course I want to be an uncle of your spawn, Mark," He whispers to her hair even if Mark's pretty sure she hasn't washed it in a week. "Someone's gotta try to make the kid retain some human interaction skills."


Two Seans appear with an incredibly exasperated-looking Chris.

"I feel like I'm pregnant," Chris murmurs whilst clutching his head. Chris's Sean pats him on the back and reassures him of his masculine genitals.

"Ew, waiter, there are feelings in the office," Parker whines disinterestedly but Mark can totally see he's about to crack.

"Yeah, don't even pretend, man," Dustin chimes in. "You were the one weeping about ruining the OT4. It's okay, we forgive you."

Eduardo sighs. Mark says "okay, can we just get the group hug over with so I can vomit?"

Dustin nods and wraps his arms around both of them. Then Chris is joining them. Then Parker is trying to join but he gets dragged away by the other Sean who is taking photos with his iPhone.

"Yeah," Sean Parker breathes out trying to wipe his eyes. "Yeah, we're going to be fine". He tries to hug the other Sean.

"Don't touch my boyfriend with your petri dish of STDs, Parker," Chris says without even looking behind him.

Fill - Rubber Ring 3/?

Everything goes normal for everyone for about 8 months except for Mark whose feet get more bloated and bloated and is actually feeling like a total whale.

Every one cowers behind their desks and tries to do even more exemplary at their designated jobs. It's the first time Facebook's Caf floors gleamed under the white lights.


"—and I think what everyone seems to be forgetting is that I'm the Marlin in this scenario, and all of you are just trouts. If you threaten me with mutiny, I will threaten you back because my shares, combined with Thiel's, Dustin's, Chris's, Sean's, and Eduardo are enough to pull it through without any of your help. So no one should get any ideas, do I make myself clear?"

Everyone sort of just blinks at Mark who is standing in front of the room glaring at a shareholder who had the gall to say he's going to pull out if Mark doesn't at least consider his ideas which are admittedly really fucking stupid.

"Get out. Everyone. Except the names I just enumerated."

No one moves.

Mark, who is holding her back and so pregnant-looking, even Eduardo feels a phantom baby kick in his stomach, is still pretty menacing even in her current situation of pregnantliness. Whatever you call it.

They all shuffle out, reminded of their own wives during their own pregnancies and the various things a pregnant women can do to make everyone's lives miserable if she pleases to do so.

"Yeah, I'm totally whipped," Dustin mutters out in awe.

"We didn't know that, tell us more, Dustin," Sean.

"Okay, continue being petty while I go into labour, sure, sure," Mark grits out.

Everyone turns wide eyed and —

"My water just broke."

It turns out if Mark's water just broke, it also means all hell is about to break loose.

Mark tries not to pull anyone's hair when Eduardo and Dustin insist on making a mock chair made out of their arms as they try to carry her to the car.

Fill - Rubber Ring 4/?

They all shuffle in the private room Chris scheduled for her in advance.

Mark screams at their faces ignoring the spit that she undoubtedly sprayed their faces with. They don't make any moves to leave the room and the doctors are all turning a blind eye, possibly actually blinded by the digits Sean gave them to rent out the entire floor.

Sometimes, Mark resents having billionaire friends.

Then she gets a moment to enjoy their mortification when her legs go up on stirrups.

"No, hey, it's okay, we're going to go out—" Chris says in a horrified tone. Mark basically roars like a lioness.

Eduardo is standing frozen by Mark's side, Mark's hand wrapped painfully around his wrist. Dustin is sitting in the corner rocking back and forth. Sean is mumbling about buying out a factory of Trojan condoms. Chris looks like he's trying not to vomit.

"Okay, you need to push, Marcella,"

Mark makes an effort to pull herself up with her elbows just so she can glare at the condescending doctor with his hand near her vagina. "What do you think I've been doing? Just clenching my vaginal walls for fun?"

Chris moans as if he's in pain.

Then Mark is screaming and cutting off Eduardo's blood flow enough that his fingers are starting to get blue. She is screaming and saying things like "Jesus Ada Lovelace, if you fucking put your dick in me again I will cut it off, Dustin!!!!" and "SEAN YOU BETTER HOPE YOU'RE BARREN OR I WILL STAB YOU IN THE BALLS" and "oh god please I promise to pray every night and sing praise songs oh god JUST GET OUT OF ME ALREADY THE WORLD IS A TERRIBLE PLACE BUT MY VAG IS NOT ANY MORE IDEAL."

At some point, Mark hears a loud slump that echoes around the room. Chris fainted. Fabulous.

Her daughter apparently agrees with it because she is finally crying out and Mark is so exhausted but Eduardo is holding her hand and he is crying and Dustin is trying not to look too terrified when the doctor tries to give him the slimy baby. Sean is trying to, Mark doesn't know, become the spirit animal of the other Sean as he tries to wake Chris up by shaking his shoulders violently.

"I'm never going to have sex again," she hears Sean whisper, which is a total lie.

Eduardo pushes her hair back and kisses her forehead before making way for Dustin is grinning so hard, and crying a little and Mark can't help but feel an overwhelming surge of love for him and their daughter. She grins back helplessly and there may have been a few tears shed on her person as well.

"Mark, look we made a baby. Say hi to mommy, Ada, say hi to mommy."

It's the last thing Mark sees before she lets her exhaustion drag her to sleep.

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Fill - Rubber Ring 5/?

It's not like she's not terrified of having a baby, okay? Mark totally knew she had to make adjustments especially on her skills on not eating the healthiest of things and not having the most ideal of schedules and somewhere along the way, Eduardo manages to channel her mom and all the other mothers in the world and turned into this terrifying motherhen that even made Chris cower back in fear once when he tried to school Mark on a statement she made on national news.

Eduardo helped Dustin design the room they converted into the baby's, he basically kanyeshrugged his work in Singapore as if making up for all the moments he had not been around to take care of Mark like he did in college.

So it's not a surprise that Eduardo's the one who accompanies Dustin in a weeping session.

Mark manages, though. Because every time she sees Ada she feels a little too verklempt. She gets it now, why the adverts about baby milk usually has a mom tearing up at their child's face because it's exactly how Mark gets when she thinks of bringing this baby to the world; she gave life to this and it's her and Dustin only in one small body.

She hopes Ada gets Dustin's hair. Dustin hopes she gets Mark's eyes. Eduardo and Chris just watches over them fondly. Turning into rabid guard dogs whenever they go out to walk Ada around in a carriage that Sean Parker ordered custom made from Versace. Seriously, they're all there when it's time to walk Ada down the neighbourhood. Dustin pushing the pram, Mark walking by his side, Eduardo walking on the other side, Chris walking in front and Sean watching the back.

But she doesn't blame them because Mark thinks she would multiply herself by eight if it would mean Ada would be safe from harm.

The one time a paparazzi tried to get in their way, Chris basically pulled out his cellphone and punched a few numbers in before pushing the phone in front of the paparazzo's face and saying "President Obama wants to have a word with you." The guy sort of paled and surrendered his cameras voluntarily after that.

The first time Ada gets sick, Mark started panicking enough to send the entirety of Facebook into a huge manhunt for the best paediatricia all over the world. Parker shuts them up with "CEO junior has her own doctor, calm down," then he leads a panicked Mark into his car and drives her to where she left Ada in the care of a currently very high-strung Eduardo.

Dustin looks as scared as she is but she appreciates that he's the one who keeps it together this time when Mark is busy threatening everyone with "I will use a rusty spoon on your testicles if you don't tell me what's wrong right now" at the nurses on who tries to get in their way.

Turns out she's just having a cold, but Mark stays home anyway and sends Sean to cover for her in the company.

Dustin, Eduardo, Chris, and Mark all sit silently around the baby monitor so they won't have to resort to staring Ada down just in case she sniffles again.

Eduardo sends Mark to bed. Chris sends Dustin to bed. They take the baby monitor from Dustin's hands and promises to stand guard for them and wake them up if something remotely alarming happens.

Mark wordlessly curls up next to Dustin and allows him to wrap her up with his body.

Fill - Rubber Ring 6/6

On Ada's first birthday, basically everyone from Mark's family tree comes down to Palo Alto to ogle at the thing they didn't think Mark would even think about having. Presumably just to make sure her parents aren't just making up stories.

Mark tries to sulk but Dustin pulls her in the middle of their backyard and starts flailing their hands up and wriggling his hips dorkily, Mark couldn't help but laugh.

"You're doing a great job, honey," her mom said when Mark admitted her fears to her when they got a quiet moment earlier.

She watches Eduardo approach them with Ada in his arms before doing a fairly good imitation of Dustin's ritual-like dance without managing to drop her baby (HER BABY!). She watches as Sean Parker drags Sean and Chris and start doing what Eduardo's doing, only with flaily arms.

She does this robotic sort of jig that sends the six of them laughing uncontrollably as random family members and neighbours look on with amusement at the nerdy billionaires they would love to hate but are actually completely endeared with helplessly.

Yeah, Mark thinks, they're going to be alright.

oh man, what is this? I hope it's alright for the OP.

Ada is named after Ada Lovelace, in case you're wondering

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Fill — Rubber Ring Epilogue, apparently.

"Hello," Mark greets as she sits on the sofa and stares unblinkingly across her towards the guy who's about to take Ada out to prom.

"Good evening, Mrs Moskovitz," then he quickly looks at the three guys who flopped effectively trapped him in the middle by flopping down around him. "—and hello mister....s. Hello misters."

"I'm Dustin Moskovitz, Ada's father. You can call me Mr Moskovitz" Dustin offers him a hand which he shakes.

"I'm Sean Parker. Ada's favourite uncle, you can call me sir."

"And I'm Eduardo Saverin. The actual favourite uncle. You can call me Eduardo" Eduardo looks like he's at least trying to look like he's not ready to hide the body of whoever tries to do anything less than orderly to Ada who's still upstairs with Chris.

Mark leans forward and tilts her head in the way usually freaks out people. The kid shudders.

"You're Benjamin Parker Thompson. 19 years old. Named after your mother's father. Your blood type is O. You were born in Stanford hospital on June fifth. Your doctor is Dr Gary Pascua. You plan on going to Stanford for college and major in Chemical Engineering. I could go on—"

"Mark." Eduardo chides, but he's nodding along anyway. Hypocrite. Dustin is just sitting back and watching Mark stare owlishly at Ben.

"—but I won't. There are countless unfound persons all around America. Some of them might be dead, some may have just ran away, and some of them simply disappeared without any trace. I'm just going to remind you that my daughter better have her hymen intact when she returns before one in the morning tonight not a minute late."

Mark leans even further so she can drum her fingers menacingly in front of Ben who goes paler by the second.

"Or you'll belong in the same statistics as those people who are just not existing anymore."

Sean nods sagely and pats Ben in the back comfortingly. "Think about it this way, dude. Either you promise not to do anything inappropriate to Ada, or we make sure your internal organs can't be found."

There are hurried footsteps and—

"Mom!" Ada shrieks as she finally makes her way towards where they are convening. "You promised you won't do it again!"

"I didn't."

"Then what are you doing!"

"I meant I didn't promise not to do it again."

"You did!"

Mark shrugs. "I shrugged. You chose to interpret it as affirmation."

Ada flounders in disbelief.

"DAD WHY ARE YOU NOT STOPPING THIS?" Dustin just smiles. Ada turns to where Chris is laughing weakly. "Uncle Chris!" then she turns to where Eduardo is sitting. "Even you uncle Wardo?"


"Jesus I can't even—"

"Why did you not even look at me for help?" Sean asks sounding offended.

"Because you spread the rumours about my exboyfriend's syphilis!" Ada snaps out.

"Yup." Then Mark is standing up and giving her daughter a smile that makes her smile back in return. She gets a mix of Mark's and Dustin's hair. Thankfully it's relatively manageable. She has Mark's eyes though. And her dimples. And no matter the impossibility, she has Chris's nose, Wardo's laugh, and Parker's wit.

Mark looks at the dress she wouldn't have been caught in and thinks about the fact that she didn't even go to her prom back in the day yet somehow Ada is turning out fine, social skills, sarcasm, wit, and loyalty in tact. "You look beautiful, Ada."

"Mom, you're just saying that." But she's red in the face.

"Yeah because I compliment people often, obviously." She leans down to kiss her on the forehead then hands her a swiss knife. "Just in case."

Chris makes a sound that's torn between horrification and approval.

"Benjamin. One AM." She warns as they make their way outside. "Or your body will not be found."

Ben nods sagely and proceeds to lead her to his car. Chris's Sean heads in the room as Chris was in the middle of saying "you know I'm impressed you actually allowed her to—" he sees his husband walk in. Then he squints at Mark suspiciously. "You didn't—"

Mark shrugs.

"If you mean I didn't bug the kid's car and put a tracking device on it then that would be a no, I didn't."

Chris can tell he's lying but he notices his breathing get a little more easier.

Mark smirks at him like she can tell what Chris is thinking.

Re: Fill — Rubber Ring Epilogue, apparently.

That was so awesome. I was like "Must comment" which usually I don't do because I'm too lazy to log out every time enjoy something. This though was kick ass funny so... had to bow down properly.

Re: Fill — Rubber Ring Epilogue, apparently.

You slay me really! Great, great job!

Re: Fill — Rubber Ring Epilogue, apparently.

Two Seans appear with an incredibly exasperated-looking Chris.

"I feel like I'm pregnant," Chris murmurs whilst clutching his head. Chris's Sean pats him on the back and reassures him of his masculine genitals.

I laughed so hard through-out this whole thing. It's like three-men and a baby, after the end credits only there are five men and seriously Eduardo being around all the time was just hilarious! AND, OH SEAN PARKER!

Re: Fill — Rubber Ring Epilogue, apparently.

That was so adorable! Love that pregnant Mark is just as (if not more) intimidating as non-pregnant Mark. And that epilogue was pure gold. Of course Mark has no scruples about hacking into her daughter's BF's personal information. And giving her a knife. And bugging the car. Awesome!