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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

if you're in doubt, please message the mod or leave a comment in the discussion post.

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♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
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♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
♥ please try to refrain from saying 'seconded!' as much as possible.
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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)




Can I just get some Sean/Eduardo, anything with them together will make me happy.

Re: Sean/Eduardo

well, I just started a fill for Sean/Eduardo a few prompts back...

fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (1/3)

Dear OP, this is why you never EVER say that anything will do.

ok, I seriously don't even know where this came from. Don't hate me, meme. Sometimes I write utterly cracky crack. *face palm*


When Sean woke up a girl he initially assumed it was just a really bad acid trip.

Then when Andrew confirmed that he was indeed a tall chick with a mess of short blond curls and hairy legs it's entirely possible that Sean might have been screaming like he was being murdered (since that's what the 911 call next door claimed and the reason they were visited by two cops and a very surly police dog), but no one really blamed him because a missing dick is pretty traumatic shit.

Once the police observed that there were no bloody handprints or dead bodies, Sean got high as hell and then proudly showed everyone the goods (because changing sex characteristics doesn't give you a personality transplant or anything – even if he did feel a little deflated for letting some evil witch or whatever clearly get the best of him).

But once all the requisite yelling and substance abuse and flashing was finished, it was mostly back to business as usual.

It wasn't a big deal in the scheme of things, because he just told Peter Thiel that he was Sean Parker's cousin and silent partner, Peter had always been partial to big-titted blonds (even skinny tomboy ones in glasses), and Sean had no problems constantly flashing the cleavage, so that was going well. Mark just squinted, shrugged, and then went back to proving his ex-girlfriend wrong or trying to get her back or showing Eduardo that he was better than him and also everyone else who ever lived, or whatever Mark's fucking deal was that week.

Eduardo heard about it and flew over to look all concerned and helpful or whatever, though, and that was a little weird. Since they mostly completely hated each other and everything.

Sean wasn't sure he'd have even placed a consolatory phone call if Eduardo had been turned into a girl, and when they'd all got smashed together than first night everyone had agreed that if Eduardo had a sudden magical sex change then he'd probably be sort of ball-achingly gorgeous.

But no, that kid had broken all of their unspoken but blatant sworn-vendetta rules and flown across the damn country when Sean wasn't even a slightly hot one.

Sean had no hips, still refused to shave, and since none of his clothes fit other than that emergency pantsuit he borrowed from the neighbors, he just kept wearing his white undershirts with Andrew's board shorts.

His favorite sandals still worked, though, and he let Dustin paint his toenails with something see-through but glittery.


A step or five lower than drop dead gorgeous or not, Sean was initially very excited about the constant access to pussy but it turned out that playing with yourself is still... playing with yourself. And girl bits are complicated.

Randi with an i, who had had started coming over to the house a few weeks ago after he met her at an Apple Store, gave him a bright pink vibrator and some masturbation tips that turned Dustin hilariously red and worked pretty good, but it just wasn't the same.

So path to billionairehood or--nope, definitely going to be billionaire, Sean was a man-cleverly-disguised-as-a-woman with needs. "So obviously one of you guys is going to have to take one for the team," he explained, "because it's not like I can go pick up some hot dyke who doesn't even know I'm a guy. I could ruin her gold star or something. I know about these things. My best friend when I was supposed to be going to high school was a lesbian and she wouldn't even let me eat her out when we were drunk."

"Not it," Chris said, and then went back to hide in Mark's room again.

"A lot of words just came out of your mouth," Andrew said, "but I think my mind just isn't letting me process them."


fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (2/3)


Basically, no one cared that Sean might actually die of sexual frustration (which is an actual scientific fact, no matter what Mark says about not even touching his dick for a month during freshman year), only Eduardo looked halfway sympathetic and would join Randi and Sean for a bra shopping expedition, and everyone kept saying that they were too busy to fuck Sean super quick or just really really didn't want to.

Admittedly, this might also be because Sean absolutely refused to have vag sex. But seriously,

“What if I get pregnant and then turn back into a guy? Best case scenario, I’m a pregnant dude. That should just not happen outside of anime and bad 80s movies. Worst case, it fucking shreds my intestines or something, and I bleed out screaming."

“… and with that imagery I may never have sex with a woman again," Dustin said. "Thanks for that.”

"Hey, you wanna try the backdoor approach, you know where I am!"


"I need you to take my anal virginity," Sean finally told Eduardo very earnestly after Mark turned him down for the sixth time.

"wait, Dustin's been serious?"

"Look, I am not made for celibacy. In any incarnation."

Unlike those other ungrateful bitches, Eduardo did seem to process this. And his neck got a little flushed, which was interesting and had Sean suddenly wondering why Eduardo was the only one of them he hadn't directly asked before (other than the whole deep smoldering resentment angle) .

"How about I just," Eduardo paused and turned redder, "go down on you?"

"Why do motherfuckers suddenly think I’ve gone all delicate and weak sauce?" Sean demanded, "I go all the way, because I fucking do that. That has not changed."

"This is why chicks are pissed off all the time," he realized, "I totally get it now. You’re going to fuck me in the ass and then I’m gonna google some wicked feminist shit."

He could see the moment when Eduardo caved. "Someday I’m going to sleep with a woman who’s not crazy."

"But not today!" Sean said cheerfully.


fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (3/3)

It turned out that Eduardo did not stop sleeping with a crazy woman for approximately three weeks, which is when Sean changed back.

They mostly had slept in Sean's room after having increasingly good sex (and then one time out in Eduardo's rental car, but that wasn't post-fucking – they were just banished for making too much noise and then suffered horrible back aches).

At first it was mostly slow and with Sean on his side, Eduardo curled up along his back and nudging his leg up with a knee and panting into Sean's neck kind of sweetly. He was predictably gentle about it (long fingers petting at Sean's insides and then opening Sean up with the head of his dick, pushing in firmly but stroking Sean's stomach as he did it, mouthing at the top of Sean's spine). But that was just as new as everything else and thus fresh and interesting.

And Sean got a bit more confident, used to the burn and the warm thick feel of him, and would bite him awake at night with teeth dragging over Eduardo's chest, hooking fingers in his boxers and rolling them down so Sean could scoot up to hug Eduardo's hips with his legs and rock over Eduardo's dick until it was as hard as he liked. Until he could slick it up and slide down on it, arching his back and gripping Eduardo's arms, pressing them down hard into the mattress. It was still interesting, Sean wiggling and rolling in just the right way, making them gasp and making Eduardo fight him until he raised his hands and let Eduardo turn them over and get that dick in real deep and fast enough to finish them, slipping a hand down to make Sean shudder.

It had maybe gotten a little fiercer than usual the night before Sean's body finally remembered what kind of body it had been for the first 24 years of his existence. He could see a long, thin pink scratch along the soft plane of Eduardo's back when he opened his eyes and then joyfully cupped his junk.

This obviously warranted a full house celebration and it was complete bullshit how Chris bitched about still wanting to gouge his eyes out no matter what manner of body part Sean wanted to show him, and Mark continued to be unimpressed, and Eduardo trotted in awkwardly to hunch his shoulders and stare at the coffee maker without even offering to give Sean a kiss good morning or his dick an introductory handjob (which would only be polite).

"You know, I'm still going to expect morning sex," Sean informed him, "I just got all excited, because: look!"

"When my auntie told me to take a chance and follow my dreams, I don't think this is what she was envisioning," Andrew said morosely.

"Plus," Dustin said, "Mark never lets us sleep."

"Shut the fuck up," Chris said, "Eduardo got a boyfriend before me, even if he started out as a woman and it is still Sean Parker."

Eduardo didn't get to say anything because Sean was busy fucking Eduardo's mouth with his tongue as he initiated the necessary introductions against the fridge, and then in the hall bathroom, and then with Eduardo on his back and making quiet whines into Sean's neck, shaking and clutching at his shoulders, as Sean rocked in, circling his hips, and showed Eduardo exactly what he had been missing, why Sean had ended up liking it so much, and why he should like it even more.

And if they hadn't been looking where they were going too well and ended up in Dustin's bed, well, events have been known to go awry in the heat of the moment.

"Guys? Why is my door locked?" Dustin said, "I need my wallet. Guys?" and then pressed his ear up against it because he was a sick pervert like that. "We're switching rooms, I swear to god."

"I'm switching houses," Andrew said.

"You're switching jobs if you don't get that debug fixed within the next thirty minutes," said Mark.

Stranger things had happened.

the end.

I mostly wrote this because I thought it would be funny to write a Turns Into a Girl fic and not even include traditional style het sex, because my straight friends attest that some girls do love anal. LOL

note: Just remembered RL!MZ has a relative named Randi that people mention in fic, but I try to block out most RL!canon stuff so that didn't even occur to me. The Randi in this story is just an OFC. Sorry for any confusion.

Edited at 2011-08-14 10:42 am (UTC)

Re: fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (3/3)

Awww, I adore this! It's like, still slash, even if there's technically het in it. (Not that there's anything wrong with het. Het is perfectly fine. Personally I just prefer slash, possibly because that way I have the luxury of not having to identify with either of the characters.)

I very much like how it took Sean a bit to see Eduardo as a possible option for a sex partner, because it takes into account where their relationship stands at that point - they don't like each other and wish the other would just disappear and make everything easier that way. And I am now imagining Sean getting all emotionally attached to Eduardo, because the sex is nice and Eduardo is hot, sure, but while he could very well go out and be Sean fucking Parker again and have sex with lost of other willing hot people he kind of wants to keep doing so with Eduardo... Which, no big problem, Eduardo is easy to talk into things. Sean will have to work on that. It's perfectly okay if it's him taking advantage of it, but it's really different when it's someone else doing the advantage-taking, you know, and Eduardo is really bad saying no, especially when people tell him a sad little sob story or are assholes and just tell him to do it (and Sean doesn't mean in the good way, okay, Eduardo has issues), and. Look, for once Sean actually has the best of intentions, okay, and he'll teach Eduardo to tell people 'No, hell no, no fucking way!'. Except maybe Mark, because then Mark would kick Sean out. ...Okay, Mark too. Because sometimes Mark makes Eduardo look this way, like, Sean doesn't even know how to describe it. The way he looks when he got a call from his father. And Sean is not gonna stand for this. But first they'll have sex again.

...I'll shut up now and try to remember the days when I hadn't even considered E/S except for in a hate sex kind of way.

Re: fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (3/3)

I love you a lot. That is all.

Wait, no, it's not. I'm just cackling with glee over girl!Sean being so Sean. And Eduardo taking one for the team. And Chris' line , "Eduardo got a boyfriend before me, even if he started out as a woman and it is still Sean Parker."

Re: fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (3/3)

Heeeeh, adorable. Only Sean would turn into a girl and be all practical about it.

Re: fill: What a Girl Wants (Sean/Eduardo) (3/3)


OP Here!

Oh god, you just made my day with this fic. I knew there were a few Sean/Eduardo fic, but I just wanted more since they're kind of my favorite thing to read right now. This was just cracky, amazing and hilarious, the perfect thing for me right now. Thanks for filling it <3

you give a girl an open prompt... (eduardo/sean, 1/4) - potential TRIGGER

TRIGGER WARNING - element of implied rape

.. and she writes something dumb. a palo alto summer AU where eduardo has a boyfriend at harvard who is a dickwad! lolz, idk. there's not even porn.


"Mark, you got an email," Sean calls, and Mark says distantly, fingers in a blur of motion on Eric's computer, "Open it."

Sean scans it.

"It's from Wardo. Says he's getting in at eight tomorrow with Andrew. Who the fuck's Andrew?"

"Ughhhhh," Dustin groans, reading the email over Sean's shoulder. "I can't believe that asshole is coming here."

"What asshole?"

"Andrew, Wardo's boyfriend," Chris says absently from where he's sitting pretzeled on the couch, reading a book.

"I didn't know he had a boyfriend," Sean says, and Dustin says, "That's because no one wants to believe Andrew's his boyfriend. He's a fucking psycho."

"He's not psycho," Chris says wearily, raising his head. "He's a Republican. Which is worse."

Dustin waves him off, takes Sean's drink out of his hand and takes a sip, shoves it back at him and explains.

"See, we all thought Andrew was just a hook-up, like any of the other dudes Wardo bangs. But nooo, he doesn't believe in the homosexual promiscuous lifestyle-"

Chris raises his middle finger, mutters, "We didn't want you anyway, fuckface-"

"And so they started dating. He's like, the fucking most annoying person I've ever met. He just graduated, he's getting his Master's at Wharton-"

"He's a self-hating homophobic Republican, basically, who only keeps Eduardo around to treat him like shit," Chris says, lifting his head and sighing. "And we can't say anything, because Wardo's really defensive about it."

"Can you guys shut up?" Mark says testily, staring at the laptop screen. Dustin sticks out his tongue at Mark's back.

"Mark and him fight all the time," Dustin stage-whispers, and Chris nods.

"Interesting," Sean says, taking a sip of the drink. "Why is he coming here?"

"Because there's nothing that any of us can do that Andrew can't do better!" Dustin says, acidly, rolling his eyes. "Plus, he doesn't trust Wardo. Which is bullshit. Eduardo would like, get shot, before he cheated on someone."

Chris glances down at his book, and Sean sees his cheeks flush.

Also interesting.

"Huh," Sean shrugs.

"Make sure you call him Andrew, too, not Andy, or he'll flip a fucking tit," Dustin says, rolling his eyes. "Ugh. Can it be over already, Chris?"

"This is what we must suffer through," Chris intones absently, and Dustin puts his head on Chris' shoulder, huffs out an unhappy sigh.


Andrew and Eduardo show up the next day, and Sean understands, immediately, why Dustin and Chris hate him so much.

He's just- a total dick.

From the first moment, where he wrinkles his WASP-y perfect nose at the house, nearly trips over a stray USB cord, says, non-fucking-ironically, "I weep for the future."

Until when he says, "How has San Francisco been for you, Chris?" voice dripping with condescension.

(To his credit, Chris looks up and says, deadpan, "Amazing. I sucked at least fifteen guys' dicks this week. Five, just today. Man, I love dick, don't you?

Flips him off, and turns back to his laptop.

Sean kind of loves Chris, sometimes.)

Re: you give a girl an open prompt... (eduardo/sean, 2/4)

"Sean Parker, right?" Andrew says to him, staring at him. He has a weak jaw, Sean notices with satisfaction. Blonde hair like a Ken doll, but his eyes are a dull brown.

Not brown like Eduardo's. Not that, like, Sean notices.

"That's me," Sean says, clenching his jaw just slightly, grinning. Eduardo stands behind Andrew until Dustin bounds up from the couch and drags him over to see an update, babbling excitedly.

"Andrew Van Buren," he says, ignoring Sean's proffered hand. "What role do you have in the Facebook?"

"It's just Facebook, now," Sean says, gritting his teeth. "And I'm - an unofficial strategist."

A hint of a smirk plays on Andrew's lips. "Fascinating," he breathes. From the other side of the room, Sean catches Chris mouthing furiously at Andrew's back, eyes wild with rage. He nearly laughs out loud.

"So, Van Buren, huh? Is that, uh, Scottish?"

Andrew scoffs. "Dutch. My great-great-grandfather started one of the first paper businesses in Connecticut."

"What business?" Sean asks, cocking his head.

"It's- not active, right now," Andrew says tightly, and Sean watches Chris laugh to himself.

"Tough economy, man," Sean says sympathetically, patting him on the shoulder. Andrew jerks away. "I'm sure you'll find something."

"I just graduated and I'm getting my MBA at Wharton, so yes, I'm sure I will," Andrew huffs, and Sean smiles.

"Any relation to the president, at least?"

Andrew flushes slightly. "I haven't studied my family's genealogy extensively enough to know for sure," he says, nose pointed firmly up. Sean nods.

"You should get on that, man."

"Thanks," Andrew sneers. "Eduardo, come here."

Eduardo comes, says, "Yeah?"

Like an obedient little puppy.

That probably shouldn't piss Sean off as much as it does.


So Andrew seems like your standard douche- pretentious, prissy, and uptight. An asshole, but tolerable. They're both leaving tomorrow morning, anyway, so it's not like Sean can't deal.

It's not till that night, that Sean finds a legitimate reason to hate his fucking guts.

He comes upstairs at 1 AM and sees the light filtering out from under the door of Eduardo's guest room.


He splashes water on his face and falls into bed, yawning hugely, bone-weary but keyed up, because Mark is on the verge of something, he knows it, and it's gonna be so goddamn beautiful-"

"No," he hears, from the other room, and he freezes, lifts his head.

The walls are thin, he knew that, but Eduardo's barely ever there, so Sean's still surprised by the voices coming clearly through.

"Eduardo, Jesus Christ."

"Andrew, I'm not- God, stop, Andrew. I'm not in the mood, okay? I'm exhausted."

"It's been a week, Eduardo."

"Fucking jerk off if you want to, Andrew, but I'm not in the mood."

Sean laughs silently, leaning his head back. Nice, Eduardo.

"You are such a fucking tease," Andrew says, and his voice is sharp and low. "I'm not going to masturbate when you're right fucking here."

"Well, I'm not going to have sex, so-"

"Christ, stop being such a tease."

"I'm not a tease," Eduardo says, voice hard. "I'm tired, and I don't want to do that."

There's a pause, and Sean pictures Andrew pouting, stiff-backed, turned away from Eduardo, and he grins to himself.

But instead he hears, softly, "Andrew, I said- fuck. Stop it. Stop it, I said I don't want to-"

"Eduardo," Andrew whines, but his voice is muffled, like he's pressing his mouth into a pillow. Or into skin.

"Stop it," Eduardo repeats, then again, higher. "I'm not- Andrew, please, stop."

Sean's eyes widen, and he hears, "Just- turn over, Eduardo."

"I don't want to," Eduardo says, voice still sharp but resigned, almost. Sean hears the distant shifting of sheets, and then, "Fuck, open your fucking legs."

Eduardo doesn't say anything.

Sean sits up, breath quickening.

"Where're the condoms?" Andrew asks, and Eduardo says, quietly, "Front pocket of my suitcase."

A pause, and then- "Front pocket?"

"The one with the zip. Yeah. That one."

"Yeah, okay. Get up on your hands and knees."

Sean stands up, heart pounding.

Fuck this.

Just, fuck this.

He opens his door, goes to Eduardo's.

It only takes one second of hesitation before he's knocking hard on the door.

Re: you give a girl an open prompt... (eduardo/sean, 3/4)

There's a split-second of silence, and then Eduardo calls, "Who is it?"

"Sorry, man, but Mark really needs the CFO," Sean lies. "He has to run something by you, Eduardo, it's an emergency."

"Right now?" Eduardo says, and Andrew calls, "We're sleeping."

"Yeah, well, duty calls," Sean says back, struggling to keep his voice from rising, anger hot in his stomach.

"Give me a second," Eduardo says back, and Sean steps back, waits until Eduardo opens the door a crack and slips out, rubbing a hand over his face, dressed in a crumpled white button-down and black briefs.

"Okay, what," he says, yawning. He really is tired.

Sean drags him a couple feet away from the door, Eduardo blinking bemusedly at him, and Sean says, quickly, "Uh, Mark just- uh, wired in, but he really wanted you earlier. Do you- do you want me to make you a drink and wait it out?"

"Wait, what?" Eduardo says, face stormy. "There's no emergency?"

"He just-"

"What the fuck, Sean."

"How about that drink, though?" Sean says, waggling his eyebrows. "Come on, come downstairs-"

"No," Eduardo says, rolling his eyes. "It's like one thirty, Sean. I was sleeping."

"Sure you were," Sean says, a hint of bitterness creeping into his voice. Eduardo narrows his eyes.

"What's that supposed to-"

"Come on, one drink."


"Why?" Sean says, cocking his head. "Not in the mood?"

Eduardo's face tightens imperceptibly. Sean watches him swallow.

"What, you have your ear to our fucking door?" he says cuttingly. Sean rolls his eyes.

"I sleep next door, actually. Hey, you're paying for the house, it's not my fault the walls are so thin."

"It's none of your fucking business," Eduardo says in a low tight voice.

"You shouldn't have to have sex if you don't want to," Sean says, leaning against the wall. "It's your body."

"Oh, thanks, Feminism 101," Eduardo snaps bitchily. "What the fuck do you know about a long-term relationship anyway?"

Sean shrugs. "My ex and I were together for a year and a half, a couple years back. And, it's funny, I somehow managed to keep it in my pants when she didn't want to get fucked, because it's fucking illegal."

"Why, was she fifteen?" Eduardo says nastily, and Sean huffs out a breath, rubbing his hand over his forehead wearily.

"Whatever, Eduardo."

"He's my boyfriend," Eduardo says, voice less venomous. "Okay? You don't get it."

Sean shrugs, watching him carefully. Eduardo is chewing his lower lip, dark eyes focused on some point on the wall beyond Sean's shoulder.

"Drink?" Sean offers for the fourth time, after a second. Eduardo looks up at him.

Shrugs, a delicate subtle movement of his shoulders.

Sean grins, gestures downstairs. "After you, my good sir."

As he follows Eduardo down the stairs, Eduardo says, "Okay, fine, tell me."

Sean flicks on the light in the kitchen. Eduardo squints, makes a face, and Sean turns it off again. Moonlight's sufficient, anyway.

"What?" he asks, yanking the tequila out of the cupboard.

"What you think about Andrew," Eduardo says, pushing himself up onto the kitchen counter, legs dangling. "I know you're dying to."

"Thought you didn't care what I thought," Sean says, raising an eyebrow. Eduardo hands him a lime from the fruit bowl behind him.

"I don't," Eduardo assures him. "But I can see your ill-formed little opinions just bursting to get out, so I figured I'd relieve you."

Sean laughs, slices the lime in half, then quarters. Squeezes some into two glasses, tips tequila in, then triple sec. Uncaps a bottle of sweet and sour with his teeth and pours a little into each glass, stirs it with his index finger, and throws the lime wedges in.

Eduardo kicks his legs against the counter, accepts the drink when Sean hands it to him.


Re: you give a girl an open prompt... (eduardo/sean, 4/4)

"Fine," Sean says, leaning against the counter, taking a sip of his drink. "I think he's an uptight douchebag who could never be good enough for you."

Eduardo's dark eyes widen, a little bit, and then he slips the smirk back on.

"Think you got that the wrong way around, actually," he says. Sean sighs exaggeratedly, rolls his eyes.

"Wardo, you're a really fucking cool person. And you're- by my expert calculations, at least twelve times more attractive than him."

Eduardo laughs, surprised, looks up at him, corner of his mouth tugging up.

"Seriously, man. You go to Harvard, you know Portuguese, and you have a really nice ass. You're a catch."

Eduardo huffs out a laugh.

"Been checking out my ass?" he asks, grinning. Sean grins right back, chest warming.

"Passing glance," he says, casually, and Eduardo leans his head against the cabinet, mouth wide open in a silent laugh.

"Just gotta make sure your ass is up to CFO standards," Sean says, laughing. Eduardo nods, face mock-serious.

"Except, like, most CFOs are probably old," Sean snorts. "And saggy-"

"Oh, fuck you," Eduardo says, crossing his arms and grinning crinkly-eyed at him.

"So, yeah, not that."

There's a pause. Sean stares at him, the lean line of his torso, his full lips, the way his throat bobs as he takes a deep gulp of the drink.

"Bet he's the kind of dude who, like, doesn't like giving head, and pretends you're a girl, right?"

Eduardo rolls his eyes, but acquiesces, nods, adds-

"And- wait, get this. He, uh- he doesn't like to call me Wardo. Says it's diminutive and emasculating-"

"Shut up."

"Nah, it's true."

Sean shakes his head incredulously, and Eduardo stares at him for a second, then looks away, eyes still amused.

"Bet he doesn't bottom, right-"

"Oh, like you would."

"Fuck yeah I would!" Sean says defensively. "I'll try anything once. Plus, it- makes people feel so good, you know, I- why wouldn't I?"

Eduardo looks at him, head cocked, and then laughs, puts a hand over his face, slides down off the counter, narrowly keeping his drink from spilling.

"This is ridiculous," he says, but he takes a step closer to Sean. Sean inhales his scent- sleep, cologne, tequila, the soap Sean's noticed in their rarely-shared bathroom, woody and rich.

"Anything?" Eduardo says, and Sean thinks fuck it, reaches out and runs a palm up Eduardo's hip, under the shirt. Eduardo shivers under his hand, smiles, quick and sharp.

"I don't cheat," he says, firmly, and Sean kisses his neck.

Eduardo is breathing fast, pulse fluttering under Sean's mouth, and-


Eduardo jerks away, flicks his big eyes up to Sean's, wide and guilty.


Andrew appears in the doorway, hair askew, glasses on.

"We have a flight in five hours," he says, yawning. "You should come up to bed."

He shoots a look at Sean, ignores him, then says, "Come upstairs. Baby."

The baby sounds impossibly awkward. Sean has to bite down a grin.

"Thanks," Eduardo says, quietly, and stares levelly at Sean for a second before turning and following Andrew up the stairs.

Sean watches his ass a little bit.

Like he said, it's really nice. Especially in his tight little briefs.

He jerks off in the downstairs bathroom, hard and fast, gasping quietly into his un-occupied fist, before he passes out on the couch.

He wakes up the next morning to a Post-it note on his chest.

thanks for the drink, it says, in scratchy ballpoint pen. i'm coming back next weekend. alone. ES

Sean grins, shoves it in his pocket.


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OP Here!

I do not regret giving an open prompt, this was so much fun to read. I love sassy Chris. Sean coming to the rescue and the moment with him and Eduardo was just super adorable.

"He's not psycho," Chris says wearily, raising his head. "He's a Republican. Which is worse."

That line up there is hilarious, I busted out laughing, this was so good.