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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Eduardo/Sean/OFC, The Dreamers!AU.

ehhhh, what is my life.

when i went to go see friends with benefits with my bee eff eff she mentioned how mila kunis is genderswapped!wardo and i was like ooooh totally and then the thought of WHAT IF WARDO HAD A TWIN SISTER happened and then i had thoughts a la bertolucci's the dreamers

IMAGINE. post-depositions wardo is just tired of everything and his kind of wild card, promiscuous twin sister (HELLO MILA KUNIS) is all loooool come move back to brazil and live with me. so he does and they get an apartment and wardo's tan gets even more impressive. and then one night his sister brings home so straggler from the bar eduardo assumes she's gonna hump and dump but this straggler turns out to be SEAN. and he sticks around their apartment for whatever reason and there is threesomes and everyone is really morally grey and it's awesome.

i should really anon but what is shame does anyone have a link

porn 1.1/4

OKAY so i started writing this prompt foreeever ago. and it is still nowhere near finished and probs never will be, but this is a sex scene. SEX. ! ORGY ! OH YEAH: warning: group sex. age difference. heh. heh. heh.

also i swear to god i have always wanted to write the threesome, but i haven't yet. idk. basically, sean's been crashing on their couch/in eduardo's sister (Elisa)'s bed for a couple weeks now, and it's awkward, and he is always walking in on eduardo fucking random tattooed brazilian dudes, and it's all incestuous undertones and long-limbed tan beautiful people.



(so, like, three weeks in.)

Sean rubs his eyes, walks out with a sheet around his waist- he has no fucking clue where his boxers are- and nearly runs into Eduardo.

Eduardo who is yawning, wearing tiny swim-shorts that are a deep blue and nothing else, shuffling out to the kitchen with a mug of coffee in hand.

"Hey," Sean says awkwardly, and Eduardo nods at him. He looks skinny but muscled, skin a deep bronze, darker than he ever was in Palo Alto. His hair is shaggier. There is something- loose, about him, wild, almost. Feral. Sean tries to picture him in a suit, all buttoned up, eyes wide with concern over fucking advertisers.

He can't, not at all. Eduardo is very different.

To be honest, that kind of freaks Sean out.


"In the pot," Eduardo says, voice thick with sleep. "Sleep well?"

Sean stares suspiciously at him, but Elisa comes out before he can say anything, wraps her tan arms around his waist and kisses his neck.

"Meu amor!" she exclaims, and Eduardo scoffs softly. Sean doesn't get the joke.

"Uh, hey," Sean says, laughing uncomfortably. Elisa is only wearing her bra and panties, which are a lot more sheer than Sean thinks appropriate for breakfast with her brother.

"'duardo, what are we having for breakfast," she says happily, and Eduardo yawns again, idly lifts his middle finger.

"He's silly," she says, in her accent that is like Eduardo's but thicker, sexier, and Eduardo leans down to look into the fridge.

Scratches his left ass cheek, under the shorts, muscles tight and flexing. Sean has to yank his eyes away.

Elisa doesn't seem to notice, just takes a sip of Sean's coffee, makes a face.

"You put so much milk in, it is like a girl's," she says, giggling, mouth twisted up, and Eduardo turns around, eyes amused, crinkled up.

"So, Wardo, I didn't even- um, know you lived in Brazil, that's great," Sean says, trying to smile brightly, and Eduardo just stares at him coolly. Smile gone.

"Couple years now," he says. "Singapore got old."

"I invited meu irmão home where he belongs," Elisa says, pushing herself onto the counter and swinging her feet. Eduardo makes a noise of irritation when she stretches out one long leg and kicks him, wraps it around his neck.

"That's really awesome," Sean enthuses, eyes caught on the curl of Elisa's toes on Eduardo's long neck, and what the fuck.

Pants are a don't, in this house, apparently.

Though, admittedly, Sean is the one wearing a sheet.

Re: porn 1.2/4

He takes a sip of his (totally not too milky) coffee and Eduardo tosses him a banana, says, "If you want."

Sean would actually really prefer some bacon, because his hangover is sticking around, quietly persistent, but he shrugs and unpeels the banana. Next to him, Elisa is slicing hers into small pieces with a tiny knife, and Eduardo leans against the fridge and bites right in.

Sean pulls off a piece of fruit with his fingers, pops it in his mouth, and nearly laughs out loud. This is fucking surreal.

"How was your night?" Elisa asks, chewing, long legs tucked up under her.

"It was fine," Eduardo says, flatly, taking another bite.

"No one you'd call again?"

Eduardo shrugs yet again, drains his coffee.

"We're going out tonight," he says to Sean, changing the subject.

"I'm making him take you out," Elisa says, winking. "You'll have fun. Eduardo is so much fun."

A smile curls Eduardo's mouth up, private and sly. Sean swallows uncomfortably.

"If he can keep up," he says, and Sean snorts.

"Oh, I can keep up," he says derisively. "Don't worry about that."

Elisa giggles. "Have fun, boys. I'm leaving. Going to visit minha tía, yeah?"

Eduardo nods, throwing his banana peel into the trash can under the sink.

Elisa leans over and kisses Sean. She tastes like coffee, like sweet sugary lip gloss.

Across from him, she leans over to Eduardo and does the same, kisses him straight on his full lips. Sean's skin prickles, he can't look away, and she puts one manicured hand on Eduardo's cheek, murmurs close to his mouth, "Take care of him."

Eduardo nods, and she turns away. Sean watches her ass, his boxers slipping down over her hips, and Eduardo coughs loudly, looks at him knowingly.

Sean flushes.

"Go out, huh?"

"You'll be fine," Eduardo murmurs, yawning.

"I know that, I'm just asking-"

"I know. You'll see. It's just a club, you've been to enough."

There is a hint of sharpness in his voice, something familiar, and Sean sees, suddenly, his tight face, eyes narrowed, what happened here?

So fucking long ago. Christ.

Re: porn 2.1/4

They don't leave till ten. They take a cab, there, which goes too fast and leaves Sean's head spinning. It doesn't help that Eduardo made him a drink, before they left. Strong and bitter, with a kick of lime, and Sean drank it down, because fuck, he can keep up.

The club is dark, music heavy. There are mostly men, there, and Sean gets tired of looking around, ends up just drinking.

Too much, probably, but he has nowhere to be. Elisa will be gone until tomorrow, and it's not like he has anything to do. That was the point, of this whole trip. Escaping the bullshit in Palo Alto, fucking getting away from all of it.

"I don't fucking want to dance, so please stop," Eduardo bites out for the fourth time, jaw clenched. The man turns away, muttering something rude-sounding under his breath.

Eduardo sits back, huffs out a breath.

"Christ, they're- uh, pushy, huh?" Sean asks, eyes roving over Eduardo's body, his tan collarbone in his tight black shirt, tight shorts showing his muscular thighs.

"But harmless," Eduardo says casually. A waiter places a drink in front of him, mumbles something in Portuguese and jerks his head at a group of men a few tables down. Eduardo nods, accepts it, pushes it away immediately.

"What is it?"

"A caipirinha," he says, eyes searching the club, posture carefully relaxed.

Sean takes it, starts to take a sip, and Eduardo says, "Don't."


Eduardo takes it out of his hands, pushes it away.

"You don't know what's in it," he says.

"Cachaca, right?"

"Not what I mean. You don't know what someone has put in it." He leans his head back, exhales.

Sean stares at the drink.

"Like, roofies?" he asks softly, and Eduardo shrugs.

"I trust two waiters in this bar," he says. "Alejandro is not one of them. He doesn't care what men put in my drink as long as they tip well."

"Who the fuck would do that?"

Eduardo shoots him a look, all don't be so naive.

A man approaches, calls, "Eduardo!"

He has graying hair, but he is sexy in an older way. Sharp cheekbones, dark flashing eyes- an aura, of power, or something.

Eduardo stands up, lets the man embrace him, plant a delicate kiss on his jaw.

"My lovely," he says, in finely accented English. "You look wonderful."

"Obrigado, papi," Eduardo murmurs, practically preening under his lascivious gaze.

"Will you be joining us in the back room tonight, Eduardo?"

"Back room?" Sean murmurs, and Eduardo looks at him sharply, then back at the man.

Says, "I think so, yes," and the man grins, a spread of yellowing teeth, disturbingly hungry.

"Wonderful," he says, leans closer and murmurs something in Portuguese, and Eduardo shakes his head.

"He's from the States," he says, softly. "An old friend. Sean, meet Lázaro."

Sean shakes his hand, smiling weakly, and Lázaro says, "You are an old friend? Not a new one?"

"Old," Eduardo repeats. "He is staying with my sister, during his vacation."

"Elisa Saverin," the man says, grinning. "A beautiful woman, yes?"

Sean nods, awkwardly, and Lázaro says, "Almost as beautiful as our Eduardo here," and Eduardo looks down, like he's bashful or something.

Yeah fucking right.

Sean doesn't totally know what's going on, but he knows Eduardo, this Eduardo, is far from shy.

"I will let you drink," Lázaro says. "The pipe is lit, we are reclining for the evening. Come in when you will."

"Thank you," Eduardo says, leaning forward to accept another kiss, this time to the side of his mouth. "We'll join you shortly."

He sits back down, sighs, signals for a bartender.

"Who the hell was that?" Sean asks quietly when he's disappeared.

"One of the proprietors of the club," Eduardo answers. "Lázaro Rujillo. Friend of the family's."

"What's the- backroom, then?"

Eduardo smiles unexpectedly.

"Just a place to smoke," he says softly. "Men only."


Eduardo cuts him off. "You'll see."

Re: porn 2.2/4

the formatting on this is so weird sorrryy


A bartender comes up to the table.

"Joao, ola," Eduardo says, reaching out his hand. The boy shakes it, says, "Como vai, Wardo?"

Eduardo responds in Portuguese, holds up two fingers, and the boy nods.

"What'd you order?"

"Caipirinhas," Eduardo says. "I trust him, see?"

"Did you seriously speak this good of Portuguese when you were at Harvard?"

Eduardo looks at him, face caught between amused and annoyed. "I ordered a drink, Sean, it's not exactly rocket science-"

"That's not what I mean, I mean- you were always fluent?"

"Yeah," Eduardo says. "I mean. I went home for breaks, I had to- yeah."

Sean nods, head spinning dizzily. He's only had a couple drinks, but they're fucking strong.

He could go for a smoke though. Weed mellows him out.

Eduardo studies him, coolly, and Sean looks back.

"What?" he asks, eventually, slurring, and Eduardo just looks away.

"Let's go," he says quietly.

Sean nods, and they stand- make their way to a small black door nearly behind the bar.

Eduardo slips inside, and Sean follows, nearly tripping over his own feet, catching himself on the wall and looking up, and-

There is a circle of men, some dark-haired, some gray-haired. A pipe, in the middle of the room, with a long hose. The air is thick with sweet smoke, and Sean licks his lips.

"Sit down," Eduardo murmurs, gesturing at a low padded seat, and Sean sinks into it gratefully. Eduardo chooses a space across the small room, between Lázaro and another man, unfamiliar.

Sean leans back. Okay. Okay, he can keep up. It's just a little weed. He's fine.

Re: porn 3.1/4

and now it's all weird, and orgiastic and nasty. sorry, OP....


But that weed is fucking crazy strong.

He sucks hard on the pipe, passes it off, eyes watering. A man laughs at him, and Sean blows out the smoke in a steady stream, straight upwards, head warming, buzzing, and sees Eduardo through the smoke.

Eduardo who is laughing, sipping a drink, and then- climbing onto Lázaro's lap.

Sitting on his knee like a kid at Christmas, long lithe body spread out, loose and high.

Lazaro whispers in his ear, noses Eduardo's neck, and the man next to him slips his hand up Eduardo's thigh, squeezes the tight flesh where his shorts are riding up, fingers creeping higher and higher.

Eduardo leans his head back, exposing the long column of his throat, and a third- Christ, a third man bends over him, sucks at the muscle in his neck, pulls Eduardo's head up and kisses him on the mouth.

Sean watches transfixed, and the guy next to him hands him the pipe.

He takes a hit, half-coughs it out, says, "Jesus fuck. Jesus fuckin' Christ."

Eduardo spreads his legs.

He is still perched on Lazaro's knee, Lazaro rubbing the skin on his stomach under the shirt, and fuck, there is a man kneeling between his legs, nosing at the bulge of his cock under his tight shorts.

"He's beautiful, yes?" the man next to Sean asks, and Sean coughs hard, looks away.

"Christ," is all he says. "Jesus. I'm so high."

He lets that be an excuse, of why he is watching a man pull Eduardo's cock gently out of his briefs and suck at the head- why he is staring at Lázaro, who is kneading Eduardo's flat belly and sucking at the back of his neck, why he is fucking fascinated by Eduardo spread out with at least three men's hands on his body, like he is something to be passed around like the pipe.

Fuck, that makes his cock twitch hard, warmth trickle hot into his stomach.

And Eduardo is all laid out in front of him, right there, like- shit.

Eduardo who is so open and pliant but who they love, they all do, even- no, especially the older men, who treat him like some beautiful ornament- fragile but hungry, needy.

Eduardo falls half sideways, gasping, and his head lands in the man next to him's lap, and he moans.

Low and long, and the man next to Sean is rubbing his crotch, now, staring intently at the scene, and Sean would actually really like to do the same.

Eduardo opens his eyes, meets Sean's, licks his bottom lip and gasps as three hands slide up his thigh, another pushes the mouth off his cock and replaces it, jerks him slow, another thumbs his nipple, pushing his shirt halfway off-

Fuck, Sean needs to do the same.

He cups a palm over his erection, hisses.

Eduardo stretches out, lets the men pull his clothes off, until he is naked, spread out, mouth open, eyes dark.

Sean has never seen Eduardo naked.

He is beautiful like a statue, or something, tan and lean and muscular, but delicate, somehow, in how he carries himself, in how they touch him, hands running up his legs, down his chest.

Eduardo pulls the man whose lap he is in down for a kiss, sucks wetly at his lips, throws his head back and is immediately kissed by another, who puts a hand on his neck and applies pressure, just slightly.

That makes Eduardo's cock jerk hard, Sean can see it, and Lázaro swipes a thumb over the slit, licking his lips, the other hand still curled around Eduardo's hip.

"Fuck," Sean whispers, and next to him the man has his cock out, and he is jerking himself off slowly, with long twists of his hand, grunting.

Re: porn 3.2/4

Across the small room another man is doing the same, legs splayed, eyes fixed on Eduardo, hungry and focused.

Sean closes his eyes for a second. Fuck. This is all like some kind of hallucination, like the kinds he used to get when he was close to almost-ODing, like- this is an orgy, right? Sean's never been in an orgy, and he always thought there'd be more - nakedness, not just Eduardo, the youngest in the room by ten years, at least, getting thrown around, touched, stroked.

He swallows hard, thinks about Eduardo all those years ago, the ill-cut suits, the haircut, the aura of I'm better than you, and-

This boy who is naked in a room full of clothed gray-haired men, who is whimpering softly as he is touched, petted like a cat, pleasured-

Fuck, fuck, fuck, Sean needs to come soon.

He forces his eyes open, just in time to see Lázaro quietly drip lube onto his fingers, turn Eduardo over.

Over his knee like a fucking schoolboy, exposing the swell of his ass, tan and tight, and Sean huffs out a loud breath.

Lázaro murmurs something in Portuguese, low and hot, and Eduardo nods, head perched on a man's thigh, the man stroking his hair, a thumb rubbing in the hollow behind Eduardo's ear.

Lázaro smiles, tugs one of Eduardo's long thighs down to the ground between his legs, and wriggles his finger between Eduardo's ass cheeks.

Gentles him with a hand on his flank, focusing carefully- finally, slips a finger into Eduardo's ass.

"Fuck," Eduardo chokes out, low, and the man he is lying on laughs, says something that sounds like, "Minha bonita, shh-"

There is a hand on Sean's arm, making him jump, and the man next to him says, "You can touch yourself, when you watch him."

Sean automatically looks down at the man's cock- it's hard, gleaming with precome, then back up, fast, face going hot, at Eduardo.

Unzips his jeans and pulls his dick out of his boxers, thumbs the head, blood rushing hot and prickly down to his cock.

On the first stroke of his palm down his dick Eduardo turns his head and gasps, because Lázaro is scissoring two fingers in his ass, wet, shiny with lube.

Sean bites his bottom lip, cock shuddering out a pulse of precome, and Eduardo catches eyes with him, mouth red from biting and being kissed, eyes hazy with want.

He opens his mouth, licks his lips slowly, eyes locked dizzyingly on Sean's, and Sean is embarrassed, jerking off over it like a goddamn old pervert, Eduardo seeing how much he turns Sean on, how Sean has no fucking self-control when Eduardo's around.

But fuck, his cock twitches again, hard, and Sean closes his eyes when Eduardo does, moaning at the sensation of three fingers in him now, stretching him open, the pink rim of his asshole swallowing Lázaro's hand hungrily.

"God, god, this is- so fucked," Sean pants to himself, tugging his dick, and Eduardo says something loudly in Portuguese.

Sean opens his eyes.

Lázaro is still staring at Eduardo's ass, fingering him thoroughly, but Eduardo raises his head and says the same thing, and the men look - inscrutable, but disappointed, almost.

Eduardo squirms on Lázaro's lap, and Lázaro lifts his fingers out of him, putting a lube-wet hand on his rounded ass cheek and kissing the soft skin there gently.

And Eduardo stands up, slowly, hands catching on his body, and says something to the man next to Sean, who immediately reaches over and fumbles for something, in the cabinet next to the sofa.

Comes up with a box of condoms, hands it to Eduardo.

Eduardo rips one open with his teeth.

He is standing in front of Sean, and Sean's breath is coming faster and faster and Eduardo leans down, says, "It's your lucky day," and rolls it onto Sean's dick.

Sean leans back, terrified, turned-on, and Lázaro hands Eduardo the lube, watching him carefully.

Eduardo drips it onto Sean's cock like a kid with an art project, head tilted, eyes dark.

"Eduardo, what- what are you doing," Sean whispers, in furtive English like the rest of them will be angry, and Eduardo says, "Just gonna sit on your lap, Sean, shh."

Sean moans despite himself, protests, "Eduardo, I- your sister-"

Fuck, he is high, and his mouth is dry and his skin is prickly and sensitive.

Re: porn 3.3/4

Eduardo leans down to spread the lube over Sean's cock, making Sean shudder, and leans in and takes Sean's earlobe between his teeth, worries it, murmurs, "My sister and I are very good at sharing."

Sean closes his eyes, because it's too much, it's- too much, an old irrational jerk-off fantasy from those early days of Facebook come true, like, ten times over, and Eduardo turns around, presents him with the long muscles of his back, that tempting ass, and the man next to Sean stands suddenly, helps Eduardo lower himself slowly onto Sean's cock.

Sean waits, breathing out shakily though his nose, not wanting to hurt him, but halfway in and he has to move, or he'll come, so he jerks his hips up and Eduardo whimpers, high in his throat.

"Careful," Lázaro says from across the tiny room, voice dark, and Sean nods, bites his tongue hard as Eduardo settles all the way down onto his lap.

Just sits there, for a second, the tight grip of it fucking ridiculous, Sean dying to move, to thrust his cock deeper into Eduardo. He puts his face into the warm skin of Eduardo's back, damp and salty, and finally, finally, Eduardo moves.

Lifts his hips and drops them again, gracefully, muscles contracting, painfully tight.

"Oh, fuck," Sean whispers, and Eduardo leans back against his shoulder. Sean mouths openly, wetly at Eduardo's neck, and Eduardo rewards him with another lift of his hips.

"You like that?" he murmurs softly. Sean bites his neck.

"Fucking shit," he chokes out. "You are so fucking tight."

He wraps a hand around Eduardo's waist, yanks him back further, every fucking inch of his cock wrapped in Eduardo. Exhales hard, mouth open, teeth bared.

"Fucking gorgeous," he mutters senselessly, high out of his mind. "God. You are such a slut, Christ."

Eduardo whimpers when Sean says that, so Sean repeats it, adds, "You do this a lot, Eduardo, get passed around like that? God, fuck, fuck- oh shit, you- I always thought you were so hot, did you know that, but I didn't- you wouldn't have ever- fucked everyone like this. Be this much of a whore."

Eduardo moans loud, says, "Sean, god, god, harder-"

Sean throws his hips up, drives his cock into the heat of Eduardo's ass, scratches blindly at the skin on Eduardo's stomach with his fingernails, bites his neck at the same time.

He is very very aware of the men surrounding them, watching, getting themselves off, and he bites Eduardo's neck again, possessively, baring his teeth reflexively.

Mine, he thinks, and then, Christ, I'm gonna come.

His vision whites out when he comes, he leans back, groaning long and low, hips jerking.

After a moment he is dimly aware that Eduardo is being taken off his lap, pulled back towards Lázaro, and Sean forces his heavy eyelids open to see Eduardo come with a scream as Lázaro slips three wet fingers into him, open and hard, pulling him close with the other hand and murmuring in his ear.

Sean's cock twitches, but he is spent.

He pulls the condom off, and the man next to him holds out a wastebasket.

"Thanks," Sean mutters inanely, and Eduardo opens his liquid-dark eyes, deep with satisfaction, exhales breathily.

Sean leans back, closes his eyes.

That just happened, he thinks, and he can barely process it, but he feels a vague grin creep across his face.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Re: porn 4/4 (apologies for the lack of plot/coherency)

They are both driven home, by a tall man with dark skin pocked with scars.

Eduardo sprawls out in the backseat, rolls down the window and inhales.

Sean is still kind of in shock.

He just fucked Eduardo Saverin. In a room with six men watching, air thick with smoke, Eduardo on his lap, like-

Christ, this is surreal. Everything about this is surreal.

He is exhausted, he is fucked-out, and strangely, there is this flicker of sadness in his chest.

Eduardo has a hand on his own thigh, he is staring straight ahead, chest rising and falling in even slow breaths.

"Do you miss Harvard?" Sean asks, suddenly, and Eduardo turns to look at him, eyes narrowed.

"No," he says.

He's lying, but Sean lets him. Leans back, says, "That was fucking insane."

A grin curls subtly across Eduardo's face. He shrugs, his default movement.

"Did - Lázaro, whatever, did he know your father?"

The grin slips off Eduardo's face.

"Childhood friends," he says, without inflection.

Sean nods, slowly, doesn't say the obvious- gee, it's like you're fucking your dad!

It's late, though, and they're nearing Eduardo's apartment, so he says softly, "What are you- what are you doing here, Eduardo? Why are you here?"

Swallows hard after he says it, nervous.

Eduardo doesn't answer for a moment. His face is perfectly still, thick eyebrows furrowed just slightly.

"This is where I belong," he says, in a low flat voice. "Brazil is where I belong. With my sister."

Sean leans back, looking out his window.

"Can I tell Mark where you are?" he asks, casually, and Eduardo looks at him, eyes wide.

Affected, for the first time in hours.

"Why would you do that?"

Sean shrugs, watching Eduardo's eyelid flicker nervously.

"He'd want to know," he says. "He misses you."

Eduardo looks determinedly out the window. Sean watches his hand curl into a fist on his thigh.

"I'm- done with that, Sean," he says slowly. "If you don't understand that I will make you leave."

"I'm with your sister-"

"My sister would kick you out in a second if I asked her to," Eduardo says, derisively. "She can find someone new in a day, Sean, you understand that, right?"

"You guys are fucking crazy," Sean says, hotly. "You know that, right?"

Eduardo laughs low in his throat. "You really seemed to care tonight when you were fucking me, didn't you?" he says, and Sean flushes.

"I'm gonna tell your sister what happened," he says, and Eduardo's face doesn't change.

"I don't- cheat, Eduardo."

Eduardo snorts, then. "Christ, Sean, you were just in the back room of Fogo and you care about cheating? Let me tell you something, my sister doesn't give a fuck who you decide to have sex with."

He exhales, leans back. "But she'll be glad it was me," he says, smiling. "That's what she wants."

Sean thinks my brother fucking, he is a work of art-

He shudders, goosebumps rising.

"This is all so- fucked up," he says desperately.

Eduardo cocks an eyebrow at him.

"Don't think about right or wrong," he says. "That's what fucks you up."

"That's what fucked you up," Sean says. "Right?"

Eduardo stares at him, inscrutable in the dim light.

"It's not important," he says, ignoring Sean's question. "It's all shades of gray."

"You're lying," Sean whispers, and the car pulls up to the curb. "You're- Eduardo Saverin, the most self-righteous prick at Harvard, you're- this isn't you, Wardo."

Eduardo opens the door. The sounds of the night rush in- birds, frogs croaking, warm wind.

"You never fucking knew me," he says, voice tinged with bitterness, and he steps out, slams the door.

Sean follows him silently up the steps, the sway of his ass, his dragging, exhausted steps.

The apartment is quiet, dark. Eduardo flicks on a lamp, drinks water from the sink, bending over in front of it and slurping loudly.

"My sister will be back tomorrow," he says. "Feel free to sleep in her bed."

Sean falls asleep fast, worn out and still high.

Re: porn 4/4 (apologies for the lack of plot/coherency)


Re: porn 4/4 (apologies for the lack of plot/coherency)

oh god more just more please with elisa unf doooo it



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wow! very hot.

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yyyyyyyyyyyymorton!! Why you do dis to me though??


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uh, hot and wow and please more!!