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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Eduardo/Sean, Gen, dark crime AU

This is insanely angsty and weeeird and open-ended and not exactly actually Eduardo/Sean. IDK haha.

So, Sean, Mark, and the rest of the gang except for Eduardo (points for Erica being badass) work in Homicide as detectives/psychologists/lab specialists/whatever. They think they've pretty much seen it all, until they come upon the (highly public and shocking) Saverin case...

Saverin Sr. was a well-respected businessman, husband, and father. That is, until he was arrested for the murder of his wife and the possible psychological and physical abuse of his only son, Eduardo, a twenty-two year old enigma who lives at home, almost certainly saw the entire murder go down, and refuses to answer questions.

It's Sean's (and the others') job to figure out what happened. They just need to get Eduardo to talk.

(I picture the defense trying to pin it on Eduardo, and Sean+others need to prove that Eduardo was a victim of his father also. Seeerious angst, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, close mother-son relationship, and Eduardo's father possibly being a psychopath ALL WELCOME)

Everything Comes Out At Night - 1/?

I AM WORKING ON TOO MANY WIPS BUT IDGAF HERE HAVE THIS. Also Mark and Sean are going to play about equal roles, is that all right?

Disclaimer: Don't own.

Trigger warning: Throughout this whole fic, there are going to be mentions of child abuse, and later, description/depiction of a brutal murder. I'll warn for the heavy chapters, but I want to make that clear.

It's as though he's a child, really.

He sits and he hugs his knees to his chest and he doesn't speak, not really, not important things. He says things like Hello and Goodbye and he is so fucking polite but it's as though there's something beneath the surface, something deep and dark and not altogether sane.

When Sean walks in, his eyes snap up and his arms lock tight and after a moment, he stands.

"My name's Eduardo," he says, and then "Hello," quick, as though he's frightened.

Sean tries to smile, manages it a bit, but Eduardo still looks so, so scared, and Sean doesn't know what to do - because how do you work with someone like this?

(It's then that it's solidified, for him at least - there is no doubt in his mind that Saverin Sr. is the murderer.

He wonders if the wife is the lucky one, if this is his child.)

And then, Mark's stepping forward, holding out a hand for Eduardo to shake. Eduardo stares, uncomprehending, and then finally offers his own shaky hand.

"My name's Mark," and there's no bite to his tone, only something soft that Sean's heard maybe once or twice before. "How are you?"

"I'm wonderful," and the obvious lie makes Sean start, because his eyes are panicked, now, as though he expects to be called out on it. "I'm perfect."

Mark nods. "You look it. Here, should we sit down?"

Eduardo nods, and Mark lets him lead the way to a couch. They sit a cushion apart but Mark doesn't take his eyes off of him.

Eduardo sits with a ramrod-straight back, hands clasped firmly together. "I know why you're here," he finally says, but doesn't elaborate.

"Then there's no point beating around the bush," Sean says. "Did you see the murder?"

Eduardo swallows and looks to the side. "I've seen nothing."

"Are you sure?" Mark asks, still in that low tone.

"I can't," Eduardo whispers, and then he stands. "I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave." He's staring at the ground.

"Of course," Erica says, and gives him a smile. "We thank you for your time, Mr. Saverin, and if you need - if you feel - give us a call if you want to tell us anything, all right?"

He nods. "Thank you," he says then, and there's something in his eyes when he looks back up, something raw and open and honest, and it breaks Sean's heart.

And then it's gone, and they're leaving.

Erica lets out a breath when they get back in the car, resting her chin on the back of Mark's seat. "Shit."


oh my GOD. OH MY GOD i'm so excited!!!! what did i do to deserve such an awesome exciting and HOLYSHIT FAST fill ahhhh!!!

a) thank you so much for filling this :DDD GO AS DARK AS YOU WANT, TRUST ME
b) IT IS SO GOOD SO FAR I CAN'T EVEN - deep and dark and not altogether sane. oh god, yeessss
c) it's absolutely fine for mark and sean to have equal roles!! i love mark so far ohmygod, the softness in his tone with eduardo like he's a skittish animal or something, it's perfect.

eeeeeee i am just excited to see where you go with this, anon! <33

Re: OP - (Anonymous), 2011-09-03 10:47 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: OP - ymorton, 2011-09-04 10:02 am (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 1/?

this is great!

Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 1/?

Whoa, the impression that I get from this story is like electric or well, a good kind of intense anyway.

Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 1/?

holy crap this is good.

Everything Comes Out At Night - 2/?


They go back, later.

It's a week or so--give or take a day or two, Sean doesn't fucking know--but Eduardo looks the same.

This time, he sticks to Mark, staying by his side the entire time. It's as though the kid's afraid to be alone with anyone else, and when Mark asks if he can go to the bathroom, please, Eduardo shakes so violently Mark changes his mind.

They don't learn much about Eduardo's father through the things he says, but in the way he moves, the way he jumps.

"What about your father?" Erica asks, near the end of their visit. They've been here nearly three hours, but none of them mind. It's as though Eduardo's a puzzle all of them want to solve.

Eduardo swallows. "He's a decent man."

"Do you mean that?" Mark asks, and he puts a hand on Eduardo's wrist, the thumb just over the knob of bone.

Eduardo jerks back, head flinching to the side.

The room is silent.

"I'm sorry," Eduardo says, and he stands. "I'm so--sorry. I didn't mean--"

"It's all right," Erica says, and she stands as well, rubbing her hands on her jeans. "We'll leave now, then?"

Eduardo nods, staring at the floor. His hands are behind his back, and his posture is rigid.

"You go ahead," Mark murmurs, still staring at Eduardo. "Do you mind if I stay just another minute or two?"

Eduardo shakes his head, and the rest of them pile out, sitting in the car.

It's a few minutes before Mark comes out, hands jammed in his pockets.

"What'd he say?" Sean asks, as soon as Mark gets in the car.

He shakes his head. "Nothing--nothing really. It's not the things he says, though, it's how he says it. He's scared. We've got to get him to trust us if we want to get this fucker."

Sean nods, and beside him, so does Erica. She's frowning, and Sean wonders for a second how much it must be killing her to not be able to fix this. Of all of them, she has the kindest heart.

He has no fucking idea how, but they're going to get Eduardo to talk. He's in his twenties and he acts like a scared little boy, and anyone that causes that is--well, is sick and evil.

Sean swallows. "What are we going to do?"

Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 2/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-11 04:22 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 2/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-18 07:46 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 1/?

this is good. this is actually really, really good. your eduardo character is just so *interesting.*

can't wait to read more!

Everything Comes Out At Night - 3/?

I love you all. Thank you!

"How are we going to do this?" Erica asks.

They're standing outside of Eduardo's house, staring up at the door. It's just Sean and Erica, now, because they want him to trust all of them, not just Mark.

Sean shrugs. "I suppose we be as gentle as possible," and starts toward the door.

Erica pulls him back, levels him with a look. "Don't be a dick."

"What -"

"Sean," and it's exasperated. "Sean, you can't do this. You can't pretend you don't know how you are."

Sean is silent.

She looks at him. "You have to be gentle with him, okay? Make him feel safe, because if you don't you're just going to fuck him up more."

Sean nods. "I know. I'm - I will."

She gives him another look, and then nods crisply, satisfied. It's her who walks up the steps then, knocks on the door with a smile on her face.

Eduardo stands, rigid, at the frame when he opens it. "You're here again?" he asks, and it's confused.

Erica nods, smile softening a bit. "We are." She puts her hand on his shoulder, rests it there for a moment. "Do you mind if we come in for a moment?"

Eduardo nods, and steps aside. They walk in, stand in his living room until he gestures for them to sit down.

"Where's Mark?" he asks, and he's trying to sound casual but he fails. He's nervous without him, that much is obvious.

Erica crosses her legs. "He had something to do today. We decided to come over, just talk to you."

"Are you going to question me again?"

Sean shakes his head this time, leaning forward, hands on his thighs. "We're just going to talk, if that's okay. Not a word about the case. Scout's Honor."

Eduardo relaxes a bit at that, posture softening a bit. "All right. What do you want to know?"

They ask him about his childhood - not anything about his home life, but about his school, classes he liked, things he did. And Eduardo opens up, laughs once or twice.

"Did you have any girlfriends?" Sean asks after a bit, with a smile, and Eduardo freezes.

"No - I - not many. I did - but - not anything - nothing."

Erica frowns. "What's wrong?"

He shakes his head, stands up. "I'm sorry, I think I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"But -" Sean starts.

"I'm afraid I must insist," he says, and they walk to the door without another word.

They exchange goodbyes, and Erica turns to Sean with a glare.


"He's gay, you idiot. You fucking - his dad probably gave him hell for it, and here you are, asking with that stupid fucking smile on your face, you don't get it, do you?" She walks to the car, and doesn't say a word to him on the way home.

OP - ymorton, 2011-09-19 02:50 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 3/? - (Anonymous), 2011-09-19 11:32 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Everything Comes Out At Night - 4/?

eeee I love you all <3

Mark shakes his head when they tell him what happened.

"You're an idiot," he says, short, to Sean.

Sean holds up his hands. "How was I supposed to know?" Both Erica and Mark give him incredulous looks. "All right, all right, no need to look at me like that. I just - I didn't pick up on it, okay?"

"Obviously," Mark snaps. "You're not the most perceptive cop, which isn't a big deal usually - but not with this, you're not fucking him up before we have a chance to help him."

"It's not that you asked," Erica says, voice sharp, "it's the way you said it, as though you were going to hurt him."

"I wasn't, of course I wasn't."

"I know, but - I know you, all right? And you said girlfriends and Eduardo's face went white and the look you were giving him was confused but he probably saw it as angry, and I'm sure his father wouldn't have - well, wouldn't have approved of that."

Sean nods, closing his eyes. "Oh."

Erica throws up her hands. "Yeah, you dick."

"Hey," Mark chides softly, and he's flipping through the file.

The phone rings.

"Hello?" Erica says, and she sounds happy, a perfect smile on her face, a smile that slips away soon. "What? That's - what?" She listens for a moment, and then laughs darkly. "Oh, for fucking sure that isn't happening," and she slams down the phone.

For a moment, it's silent.

And then, "His father's lawyers are trying to get him in trouble. Eduardo. They want to frame him for the murder."

Sean's face falls, goes white. "Shit."


They call Eduardo the next day - Mark does.

"We just want to talk to you. If you'd like to come down here - yes, I understand - oh. We could - if you want, yes." He nods into the phone. "We'll have someone pick you up, then." And he hangs up. "He's going to come here - said he'd feel more comfortable if there were more people around."

When he shows up, he's nervous, obviously, hands clasped together. Mark walks to him, puts a hand on his shoulder, and leads him into a conference room.

"You're being framed for the murder," Sean says, because he's not fucking around, not now. "We need you to cooperate, all right? Tell us anything that might help."

Eduardo nods, resigned. "What do you need to know?"

Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 4/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-05 10:04 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 4/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-05 10:45 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 4/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-06 07:24 am (UTC)(Expand)

Everything Comes Out At Night - 5/?

and twenty-one days later, i return with more! sorry, everyone. and thank you all for the compliments, they mean a lot!

Eduardo's story isn't very detailed, at first.

He talks about his childhood, not saying a word against his father, not saying a negative word about anything.

"Tell me about him," Erica says, whispers, and puts her hand on top of Eduardo's, a comfort.

Eduardo shakes his head. "I can't," and it's broken.

Mark moves, just slightly, and Eduardo flinches, away from Mark.

He shakes his head. "No, no, you don't have - I'm not mad," and Mark's voice is broken, pleading. "We just want you to tell us what happened."

Eduardo shakes his head, again. "I can't. Not - not with everyone here."

"They're framing you for murder," Sean says, voice low. "If you can't prove that you didn't do it, they're going to prove that you did. Would you have had a reason to do it?"

Eduardo nods. "But I never would have." He's pleading now, too, and he holds Erica's hand, tight, looks down at the table. "I couldn't have. I wanted to. But I would never - could never do it."

Sean starts to think that maybe there's something more to this, something that he couldn't have imagined. "Why not?"

"When you live your life in fear, that becomes a part of you," and Eduardo's voice is toneless. "When you're scared of your own shadow, how could you think of taking a gun to your father, when he's the root of everything?"


Eduardo knows they're trying to help.

He gets it.

He wants to help them, too, wants to show them that he can be cooperative, but he can't, he can't.

His father's dead but his memory lives on, lives in Eduardo's every move, in his every thought.

"Daddy!" Eduardo shouted, and his hands were held above his head. "Don't, don't, don't!"

"You have to learn," his father's voice came, and so did the hand, slapping Eduardo, hard. "You have to be good, Eduardo."

"I will, I will! Please -"

Eduardo blinks at Erica, who's staring at him, expectant. "Sorry?"

"Do you want us to help you?" and, even now, her voice is soft, soothing, caring.

And he should say no, should deal with this on his own - be a man - but he nods, slow.

It feels like a beginning, a shift to something he hopes is better.

Erica nods, and her smile is bright. "We just need you to talk to us. Tell us what's happened."

Eduardo nods. "I will."

"Tell us about your father," comes the whisper.

Eduardo takes a breath, and the words feel like a confession.

author!anon - (Anonymous), 2011-10-26 04:58 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 5/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-27 06:41 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 5/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-27 11:23 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Everything Comes Out At Night - 6/?

Just so everyone knows, I'm going to try to get as much as I can done on this story before November, because I'm going to be insanely busy that month. Updates will be ~scarce, then.

and thank you thank you for the comments, they're lovely to read.

Eduardo opens up to them, somewhat. He holds back the bad things, the really bad things, but he tells them more than he's ever told anyone else.

When he's through, the others sit, stare at him, and none of them say anything.

And Eduardo panics.

"I'm sorry," he says, forces out, and he feels himself stiffen, go back into his shell. "Really. I apologize for telling you all of those things. I should go," but they asked him, they tried to make him -

"No," and Mark's voice is soft, pleading, imploring Eduardo to sit back down.

He doesn't want to, knows he shouldn't - but something about Mark calms him down, always calms him down, and so he returns to his seat, sits carefully, folds his hands.

"You don't have to be afraid of us," Sean says, and he's being careful, too, voice too soft.

"I'm not a child," he snaps, and the words come out sharp, sharper than he intended. He freezes, stiffens, and flinches back. "I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry," and he's shaking.

Mark's hand wraps around his arm, soft and sure, something like a comfort, and Eduardo keeps himself from flinching this time.

Mark moves his chair, stays next to Eduardo, and he seems to be absolutely sure of what to do, how to calm Eduardo down.

"We aren't going to hurt you," Sean says, "no matter what. You don't have to be afraid, but it's okay that you are."

And Eduardo's never had that, never heard someone tell him it was okay, and he feels a rush of something like gratitude well up inside of him.

"Thank you," he says, and he means it for so much more.


Everything Comes Out At Night - 7/?

He sleeps alone, now. He's moved out of his house, into an apartment.

His father is dead, dead but not gone - more there now than ever - and Eduardo isn't sure if he's ever going to be truly gone, not sure there will ever be a time his father doesn't run his life.

The moon is bright outside, and his room is cast in shadows.

He breathes, in and out, slowly, and sits up, runs a hand through his hair.

He isn't sleeping tonight.


When they next meet with him, he is exhausted, eyelids drooping.

Shit, Sean thinks, and his face twists, a bit.

Eduardo flinches, away from them, and then Mark is there, holding Eduardo's hand, soothing him.

"Are you okay?" Sean asks, because Jesus, he doesn't want the poor guy to be afraid of him.

Something like a smile flashes across Eduardo's face, and when he looks up at Sean, he seems to be more alert. "I'll live," but he seems to be holding something back.

"Are you?" and Mark's voice is low, like it isn't with anyone else.

Eduardo nods, still holding himself stiff.

"Do you want to take a break before we start?" Erica asks, and her voice is gentle.

Eduardo nods, looks at Mark, cautiously expectant. "Can you walk with me?"

"Of course," Mark says, and he smiles, pulls Eduardo out of the room.

After a few moments, Mark comes back inside, alone. His face is somber, and Sean feels himself sit up straighter.

"He's scared to tell us anything," Mark says. "I know, that's obvious, but it's not getting better. He's still afraid."

"What should we do?" Sean asks, quick. He feels something like protective of Eduardo, wants to help him, be okay.

Mark smiles, but it's listless. "I don't know that there's anything we can do." He shrugs. "Just try to be careful - but not too much, not go too far."

"Where is he?" Erica asks.

"He needed some time to himself," and Mark's voice is weak, exhausted.

Sean breathes, and he feels himself becoming angry, fucking livid. Eduardo's father is dead but he's still running Eduardo's life, still controlling him. "Is he okay? Is he - shit, is he seeing anyone?" and he means a psychiatrist, of course he does.

Mark stiffens. "No, he isn't," and Sean isn't sure he and Mark mean the same sort of thing.

Before Sean can ask what the hell Mark's on about, though, Eduardo walks back in, eyes red-rimmed but determined. "What do you want to know?" and this time, when he says it, he's promising the whole story.

Everything Comes Out At Night - 8/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-30 05:09 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 8/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-30 05:50 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 8/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-30 05:55 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Re: Everything Comes Out At Night - 8/? - (Anonymous), 2011-10-31 11:13 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Eduardo/Sean, Gen, dark crime AU

other!anon, i wouldn't be stepping on your toes is i tried to fill this would i? because uh, i maybe have something in mind.

but op, it would differ slightly from this? it would be the same general idea but uh i see maybe sean and mark as kind of a good cop, bad cop kinda deal? (el oh el sean as a good cop whatever) and sean starts to like genuinly care about eduardo? and mark is like he's hot i should do him and then he does and mark is just really emotionally unattached and mostly good at his job but he also doesn't care what anyone thinks.

and like their is a lot of lengthy and piney conversations between sean and eduardo in eduardo's house (because sean is over their a lot being like "just checking up on you"/"seeing how you were doing" and other bullshit excuses like that.

hey i might post a fill before i get a reply from neither the op or the other!anon, oops.

fill #2: every night my teeth are falling out [1/?]

okay, here we go i guess? idek guys i really like l.a. confidential and the departed and se7en and that's all i know about anything police-y.. bare with me? and uh TRIGGERS FOR PAST CHILD ABUSE/SPOUSAL ABUSE AND VIOLENCE their is also gonna a lot of asshole!mark because he just doesn't care about anything. i think that's about it? if anything else comes up i'll put warnings at the beginning of the chapters. title from every night my teeth are falling out by the antlers.



Sean doesn't know why he became a cop. And that doesn't say much for Miami PD's Homicide Unit now does it? People who work in homicide are supposed to know what they are doing and why they're doing it. What time it is. What they ate for breakfast that morning. They are supposed to know all about those years between '91 and '95 when Miami Heat was nothing but mediocre but Sean never claims that he's a good cop, he's just a cop. Plain and simple, black and white. He's saved a few lives, he guesses. Pulled his gun a total of six times, only fired it once and he missed. They've never put his name or picture in the paper. This is just what he does.

His partner's name is Mark. He asked Sean once, "Was your dad a cop?"

"What?" Sean had replied.

"You say you don't know why you became a cop," Mark ruffled a hand through the curls on his head when he said this and Sean remember the conversation of that morning, how Mark had said he needed a haircut, "The only other cops I know who say that had dads who were cops,"

The and not-so well-hidden daddy issues was implied but left unsaid.

"My dad worked in insurance." Sean had deadpanned.

Mark never offered the reason he became a cop and Sean never pressed for one.

Tyler Winklevoss from Narcotics, who told Sean he joined because he comes from "a long line of police officers and politicians and my twin brother is already a Senator's Legislative Director so", thinks it's ridiculous. But Sean shut him up when he tells him he could still tell the Captain that Tyler is fucking the his daughter.

So, Sean doesn't know why he's a cop. And their have been no defining moments in his three year career with the Homicide Unit that would have given him clarity as to why he became one, either. He's never carted a little girl to an ambulance, sat her parents in it with her, watched it drive awau and thought, that's why I do this.

He usually lets everyone else be the hero.


It's 5:30 A.M. and half an hour before his alarm is set to go off when Sean gets the call for the Saverin Case.

It was supposed to be his day off and he had planned to wake up early for a run and then a stop for coffee at the cafe near his twelfth story, bare-walled apartment. But the ringing of his phone slices through all that. Its Erica Albright (aforementioned Captain's daughter, participating in hanky panky with one Narcotics Officer Tyler Winklevoss. And his brother too, if you're asking Mark about it.) on the line. She gives him an address and half an hour to get there and hangs up.

Mark is already there when Sean arrives three minutes ahead of Erica's schedule. He is standing, arms crossed, in front of yellow police tape. His back to Sean, he's staring at the white mansion in front of him, held inside that yellow-taped perimeter, pristine and casting a long shadow in low-light of the early morning, the sky still a macabre of oranges and pinks, like on a preschool bulletin board.

"You go in yet?" Sean asks coming up behind Mark.

Mark spares him no glance, "Waiting for you."

He lifts the tape over his head without another word and Sean follows him under it and through the front door.

Inside there is an eerie amount of noisiness going on. It's loud but every conversation is hushed. When Sean worked as a field officer, day shift and night shift in a police car, police uniform, when he was just a Sergeant, it used to give him chills. Now it barely even fazes him.

He spots Erica speaking with what must be hired help, if the heavy accent and bland, starchy uniform is anything to go by and Chris Hughes from C.S.I talking to the Coroner.

The bathroom is the room their looking for.

fill #2: every night my teeth are falling out [1b/?] - (Anonymous), 2011-09-04 01:38 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: fill #2: every night my teeth are falling out [1b/?] - (Anonymous), 2011-09-04 03:39 am (UTC)(Expand)
Re: fill #2: every night my teeth are falling out [1b/?] - (Anonymous), 2011-09-06 03:38 pm (UTC)(Expand)