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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance

Someone prompted an M/E lapdance a few pages back. It was minifilled and it was hot.

Can we pleeeeease have a sean/wardo lapdance????? I'd love a stripper!au with wardo being the pretty stripper that sean spots on a night out and becomes completely enraptured by... and then LAPDANCE!

unf. give me twinky eduardo pleeeasee.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 1/

this is sad and doesn't have a coherent plot or a nice ending. it has lapdancing though?


Contrary to popular belief, Sean is not usually a strip club guy.

There's something about the feeling of dancing with a girl at a- well, a normal club, getting to touch, getting to slip his hand up under her skirt and kiss her neck, and, yeah, sometimes getting to have a drink thrown in his face.

Human contact, intimacy. The throbbing of music and bodies pressed together and actual, like, interaction.

Strip clubs, on the contrary, are fucking cold.

Literally, most of the time. Sean can always tell a strip club virgin from their t-shirt. Veterans wear sweaters, or sweatshirts, or long-sleeves, because they keep strip clubs fucking freezing. To keep the meat cold, Sean heard someone say once, which turns him on and grosses him out in equal measure.

They're cold in other ways too. See, Sean used to date a stripper. He never saw her dance, but she told him about it, and- it's so forced, the relationship between a stripper and a customer. The good ones, they make it seem natural, they envelop you in a cloud of warmth and sexual energy, but, most of the time, it's just- awkward.

Call him crazy, but Sean likes to be wanted.

As a man in his line of work- shmoozing, freelancing, and general debauchery- though, there are occasions he's forced to attend.

And he's a visual guy, he always has been, so it's not like it's a hardship, being around a bunch of beautiful people with basically-no-clothing on.

This particular time, he is with a friend, an old friend of Shawn's who is turning thirty and wants to be around a bunch of naked dudes. Christ, the things he does for his friends.

Not that there's much of a difference between a gay and a normal strip club. Sean's cool either way. Sure, a dick isn't quite as fun to look at as a nice pair of tits, but when there's a body on top of him, Sean's not caring so much about the genitalia.

Plus, he's always been an ass man. And the ass, at gay strip clubs? Spectacular.

They take shots in the car because they are assholes, rich but cheap assholes. Shawn's friend- Alex, is his name- has never been to a strip club. He's been a good little queer (went to Berkeley, did the whole long-term relationship thing through his entire 20s) and now he wants to see.

Sean claps him on the back, toasts to his late but inevitable sexual awakening- and they pile inside.

He's vaguely aware that the waiters and bartenders dread a group of guys like him- loud, drunk, all damn-check-that-ass - but he doesn't really care.

They sit down near the stage.

The boys are pretty, there. Less muscly and more waif-like, narrow hips gyrating, twinky and sweet-looking.

Sean likes that better, anyway. Though not if the guy doesn't have an ass.

"I miss tits," Shawn whines, and Sean snorts, sips at his overpriced beer, locks eyes with a boy.

Blonde and lean, he grins predatorily at Sean, runs his tongue over his teeth. Sean nods him over.

"Hi," he says, in front of them, clad in a pair of tight briefs and, for some indiscernible reason, a leather vest. "Any of you want a dance?"

From afar Sean can see the annoyed stares of the other dancers. Jealous this one broke into the group first, scared they won't get a chance to get paid.

"Hell yes," Shawn declares, nodding at Alex. "This little fag's never been to a strip club before."

"Hmm," the stripper murmurs, peering at him. "Do you want a dance, honey?"

"Do it," Sean calls, laughing, and Shawn's friend Max says, "I'll buy. Pop his cherry."

"My pleasure," the stripper says, and he climbs lithely onto Alex's lap, straddles him.

"I'm Angel," he says softly, smiling. "And I'm gonna take you to heaven."

Shawn hoots, and Sean rolls his eyes, looks away. Cheesy. He prefers dancers who get the fucking job done. The ones with an edge of desperation under their smile, who say with their eyes- this dance will feed me for a week. this dance is going to keep me alive.

Sean has always been fascinated by that. By desperation, by what a person will do to keep their head above water. How it fucks with people's boundaries. People say oh I would never do this- but. But, honestly. Everyone has a price.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 2/?

Sean is thinking about that, draining his beer, when he sees another stripper. This one, finishing up a dance on an older man a few yards away. Stroking the man's bearded face with both hands, circling his hips. All he's wearing are black briefs, practically negligible, they're so tiny.

The man looks blissed-out. Which is impressive, by the end of a dance. Usually men get frustrated by then, it seems like, as they realize- oh yeah, this isn't sex, this is a forced, monetary interaction that basically amounts to dry humping for three minutes.

But no, this man looks fucking in love. He has a hand creeping up the back of the boy's thigh, and the boy presses himself to the man, murmurs something low in his ear.

Something that makes the older man laugh, squeeze the boy's ass, with one wedding-ringed hand.

The music fades out- that's another trick Sean learned from his ex-girlfriend, they fade the music out after three minutes no matter what the song- and the boy straightens, looks over the man's shoulder.

Catches Sean's eyes, blinks a couple times, and smiles. Slow and strangely sly.

Sean stares back. Tries to drink his beer, doesn't realize it's gone until after he's tipped it up to his mouth for a good five seconds.

The man still has his hand on the stripper's ass, he is caressing it slowly, and the boy says something else, starts to pull away.

There is the customary exchange of money. Sean sees the man stick a bill into the front of the boy's underwear. He pats it, leans down and whispers something- thanks, baby, probably, and stands up.

Looks at Sean again.

Sean thinks, fuck it, waves him over.

The boy comes slow, pulling a drink off a passing tray and laughing to the waiter, setting it down at an empty table, after taking a couple gulps.

He is pretty, young-looking, with an angular face and a fluff of brown hair. Tan skin, dark eyes. Big lips and a big nose, which work, somehow, make him vulnerable.

Great little body. Muscular thighs, a flat tight stomach, and- yeah, Christ, a great ass. Firm and round, fucking edible-looking, and Sean grins in anticipation.

This one he's gonna want for himself. Alex can fuck off.

"Hey," the stripper says. "Buy me a drink?"

"Put out first," Shawn says, loudly, drunk. "Christ, so presumptuous, huh, Sean?"

Sean is not drunk enough that he doesn't see the stripper roll his eyes, imperceptibly.

"After a dance, then?" he says gamely, forcing a smile, and Sean shoves Shawn away, says, "I'll buy you a drink, beautiful."

The boy blinks coyly.

"You're sweet," he says. "That's not my name, though. Jack."

"Jack?" Sean says, surprised. "That's- plain."

The stripper- Jack, whatever- laughs. "Short and sweet," he says, lasciviously.

He sits down, next to Sean, puts a hand on his thigh.

Sean looks down at his palm, raising his eyebrows.

"Thought you're not supposed to touch," he says, and Jack rubs his hand further up Sean's leg.

"You an expert on strip clubs?" he murmurs. "Like your friend said. You buy me a drink, I'll put out."

Sean laughs incredulously. "Lemme get that drink then."

He knows the stripper would 'put out' either way. That's the point. Money is the bottom line, here. But it's still fun to play.

He buys the stripper a vodka tonic. Asks for Ketel One, their nicest shit.

The boy drinks part of it and sets it down, licks his full bottom lip, says, "Alright. You want a dance?"

"Yeah," Sean says, settling back in his seat.

"There we go," Shawn says loudly from next to him. "Alex, check out this one. He's hot."

Jack just smiles, enigmatically- or maybe just pissed-off, Sean can't tell- and slips onto Sean's lap.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 3/?

His skin radiates heat, he leans close to Sean and murmurs, "You've done this before?"

"Yeah," Sean says, low in his throat. Jack smells like cologne and something flowery- hair product, maybe. A hint of vodka, bitter and sharp.

"I'll have to impress, then," Jack whispers, and Sean laughs low in his throat.

"Guess you will," he mumbles.

The music throbs, heavy and sharp, and Sean closes his eyes, lets his head spin.

He can feel the pressure of Jack's thighs against his lower stomach, his slight weight on top of him, and Jack lifts his chin with one hand, murmurs, "Hey, it's no fun if you don't watch," and Sean opens his bleary eyes.

Jack is good. Like, all lapdances are good, because it's hot, having another person at your disposal, wanting to please you, on top of you like a fucking toy, grinding down nice and slow, but-

But Jack is really good. He rolls his hips, bites Sean's earlobe, tugs it between his teeth, and Sean feels his cock start to harden.

When Jack turns, presenting Sean with the long undulating expanse of his back, Sean reaches out and breathes into it.

Presses a kiss to the salty skin, an illicit suck, and Jack hums.

"Careful," he says, softly. "You're breaking the rules."

"Can't help it," Sean comes back. "Christ, you're hot."

Jack laughs, leans back into him, presses the whole length of his body against Sean's, back to chest, pushes his firm ass down hard onto Sean's twitching cock.

Circles it a couple times, and he must feel how hard Sean is, how his cock is strained and aching against the fly of his jeans, throbbing with want.

He doesn't stop, though, just keeps moving his hips in slow dragging circles, and when Sean feels the dip between his round asscheeks, feels the head of his cock drag over it, painfully slow, through too many layers of fabric, he nearly comes. He breathes out hard, backs down from the edge.

"God you are fucking hot," he groans into Jack's back. "Your ass. Jesus."

He slips his hand up onto Jack's thigh, feels his muscles tight and working- at the same time, buries his nose in the surprisingly soft hair at the nape of Jack's neck.

He smells like mint- and rosemary, like expensive shampoo and clean warm skin, and Sean grins, moves the hand on Jack's thigh up to his flat bare belly.

Pulls him down onto the bulge of his cock, keeps him there, and Jack is panting, Sean can feel his stomach heave under his palm.

The song fades out, and Sean is so fucking close. He keeps his hand there, keeps Jack there, until Shawn says, "Damn, man," and Jack says, "I- I have to-"

Wriggles on top of him. Sean lets go, cheeks heating, head dizzy with lust, his face sweating.

Jack stands up, and Sean puts a palm over his cock, catches Jack's hand in his, says, "Really?" with as much desperation as he can muster.

Jack looks at his cock, face a curious mix of annoyance and fear and genuine want.

"I can get someone to take care of that for you," he says, pasting a fake smile on his face.

"Jesus, I want you," Sean says, not letting go of his hand.

"Costs more than a dance," he murmurs, and Sean says, "Yeah, I'm cool with that."

"C'mon, then," Jack says, exhaling, and Sean stands up.

They all cat-call him, whistle, and Shawn yells, "There you go, baby!"

Sean is pretty distracted by the prospect of getting his dick in this guy's ass, so he flicks them off halfheartedly, follows the boy into a back room.

It's dark. It smells- to be honest, not great. Like sex and old sweat, but the promise of getting off is there, and Sean's cock twitches.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 4/?

Jack sets him down on an uncomfortable leather banquette, straddles him again.

"I- I'm not allowed to do this," he says, softly. "Can you be discreet?"

"Yeah," Sean breathes, cupping his ass. "Can I fuck you?"

"Blow job only," Jack says, nosing at Sean's jaw. "Two hundred."

And, yeah, Sean has a thousand dollars in his wallet. Honestly, he was expecting it to cost more. It makes him think again- what's the price, of everything? What's this guy's price?

Two hundred? That's low. That means demand's low. Or it means the kid's in a whole different market.

But Sean isn't here to educate him or to raise his standards. He's here to get his dick sucked.

"Yeah?" the guy murmurs.

Sean nods.

"It's a deal," he says, stomach tightening.

It's not the first time he's- done this. Exchanged money for sex. He doesn't see much wrong with it, though, again, he prefers people to actually want him. But it's just business, when it's like this. Simple and clean. Blow job. Two hundred dollars. An exchange of money for services. He's not one of those nutjobs who pays to fucking cuddle.

Jack slides to his knees, after he checks that the door's closed with a flick of his hand.

Mouths at Sean's cock through his jeans.

"You were so hard when I was on your lap, huh," he murmurs, low and soft, and Sean nods, buries a hand in his hair.

"Don't pull my hair or move your hips," Jack says firmly, flicking his eyes up to Sean's. Sean shrugs.

"Or. Two fifty, and you can do whatever you want," Jack adds after a second, and he's opportunistic, Sean likes that.

Do anything he wants, huh? Except fuck him. But yeah, he wouldn't mind tugging on that soft hair, fucking the kid's mouth.


He scratches his fingernails over Jack's scalp, says, "Yeah. Two fifty."

Jack nods.

Scrapes his white teeth over Sean's hard-on, breathing out hot and moist.

Sean tugs a little, liking that. "Fuck, get on with it."

"Whatever you want," Jack murmurs submissively, unzipping Sean's jeans. "Mm."

"Look good?"

"Looks so good."

"Fucking suck it, then."

And then Jack is leaning down and slipping the head of Sean's dick into his mouth, and Sean doesn't give one fuck if it's fake, because Christ that feels good.

He moans, squeezing his fingers in Jack's hair, and Jack hums around the tip, keeping his mouth loose and wet and sloppy.

Agonizingly slow.

Sean tolerates for a couple minutes, stomach clenching then releasing, dizzily, and then he pulls Jack up by the hair, says, "Stop fucking teasing."

Jack nods.

His eyes are dark. Inscrutable. Sean doesn't think about it too much, because he ducks his head and deepthroats Sean just like that, with no preamble, the head of Sean's cock bobbing against the wet fleshy back of his throat.

"Fuck yes," Sean hisses. "Oh, God. Suck that cock, baby. Christ."

Jack hums, hard this time, his mouth tightening, moving up and down on Sean's dick, fast and satisfying. He looks good like that, lips all stretched and pink around Sean, eyes closed.

"Ohh, fuck. Fuck."

Sean jerks his hips up- honestly, he wants his two fifty's worth- pistons them into Jack's throat and Jack takes it all, swallowing over and over around Sean's dick, noises loud and obscene, practically gagging.

When Sean comes, Jack pulls off, spits into his hand. Sean peers at him in interest, chest heaving.

"Two fifty doesn't get you to swallow?" he asks, out of pure curiosity, and Jack shoots him a look, before he remember who he's with and forces a saccharine smile.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I just like to be safe."

"You have come on your mouth," Sean points out, and Jack flushes, stands and washes his palm in the low sink in the corner of the room, rubs water over his cheek.

"You have a good time?" he asks, and his smile is deflating. Sean stares at him. This is interesting, from a sociological standpoint. The emotional effects of crossing your boundaries, of finding your price and paying it.

Or maybe Jack does this all the time and Sean is just drunk.

Either way.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 5/6

"Yeah," Sean says, absently. "Fine."

"Fine?" Jack says, raising his eyebrows.

"I mean- fuck. Good. You're- yeah, you're good, baby."

Jack just heaves a sigh.

Hovers around, as Sean puts his dick back in his boxers, zips his jeans, and Sean remembers- oh yeah. Two hundred fifty dollars.

Fumbles for his wallet and remembers it's out in the club, stuck in Alex's little bag, because Sean didn't want to carry it in his pocket.

"Fuck," Sean mutters. "My wallet's outside with my friends."

Jack grimaces. "Serious?"

"Sorry, baby. Should I go grab it?"

Jack gives him a look like, duh.

"Wait," he says, though, when Sean's pushing open the door. "I- have to go first. I'm not supposed to be back here for this long. If the manager knew I- he'd just. I'd be fucked. Okay?"

"Yeah, so-"

"So just come out after a second. Then meet back in here. Okay?"

"Pretty complicated for a fucking BJ," Sean mutters, but he watches Jack saunter out of the door, still in his tight black briefs.

He follows him a minute later, and-


His friends are fucking gone.

He peers desperately around the club, and yeah- not a trace.

He pulls his Blackberry out of his pocket.

Texts Shawn- dude where the fuck are you

Jack is making his way around the perimeter of the club, talking to groups of men. The crowd is thinning by now. It's late.

Shawn texts back max puked. we got kicked out. sorrrryy man get a cab home?

Sean grits his teeth.

U have my fucking wallet. i need to pay the stripper

Waits a second and adds for the lapdance.

Shawn says, unhelpfully- can't u just do an IOU

Sean shakes his head furiously down at his phone, shoves it in his pocket.

Okay. So. He's seen this before, when customers can't pay. They take that shit seriously. He'll probably get his ass kicked by a bouncer.

Except- I'm not allowed to do this, Jack had said, and Sean's not usually one for blackmail, but desperate times, and all that.

Jack is near him, now, fixing him with his dark expressive eyes.

Sean nods at the back room, walks there without looking back.

Jack comes in behind him after a second, pushes them into the same room Sean just got blown in.

"So," Sean starts. "So. My friends- left. With my wallet."

Jack huffs out a breath, and Sean fully expects, like, a kick in the nuts, but instead Jack huffs out another breath, and another one, loud and rough, and he leans back against the wall.

"Fuck," he mutters, voice cracking. "Okay."

"I'm sorry," Sean says plaintively, watching him. "I'll come back and pay you tomorrow, I swear to God."

Jack laughs bitterly. "Sure you will."

"Dude, I will."

"Consider this a freebie," Jack says, with a sour smile. "Good job."

"Jack, I fucking swear to you. I'll pay double. Five hundred."

"Always make the john pay first," Jack mutters to himself. "I'm a fucking idiot."

Sean watches him. He can see, already, that he is not going to convince Jack to trust him.

He wonders why that is.

He wonders if he cares.

He honestly, briefly, wonders if he should even come back the next day.

"I have to go," Jack says. "I have to work. Stop wasting my time."

"I'm coming back."

"Sure you are," Jack says, eyes big and accusing. "Do me a favor, leave me alone."

Sean stares at him. Shrugs, eventually.

"Sorry," he says. Half-heartedly.

Jack nods.

Walks out, past him, and Sean follows, remembering too late the rule against it.

Jack doesn't seem to notice, stops at a table and grins, wide and stripper-fake at a man in a cheap ill-fitting suit, climbs without conversation onto his lap, straddling his thighs.

Sean looks away, walks through the crowded cold room to the bar.

"Can I get a cab?" he says, leaning on his elbow, suddenly exhausted.

Half an hour later, he is handing in a couple twenties through the window to the cabbie, then patting the roof of the car and walking into his apartment.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

There are nights he can go straight to sleep, and it is so nice.

Tonight is not one of those nights.

He considers alcohol. Looks at his meager supply of tequila- he'll have to go to the liquor store tomorrow.

He's still a little drunk, anyway.

He ends up taking two Ambien. Passes out on his couch. There is something unsettling gnawing at his stomach, and it lingers, even the next morning, when he wakes up groggy and disoriented, neck stiff.

Shawn drops his wallet off the next day, claps him on the back.

"Dude. You totally fucked that stripper."

Sean waves him off, head thick. "No I didn't," he murmurs.

"How'd you even get out of there alive, man?"

"Go away," Sean grumbles, because he's allowed to do that, with Shawn. Shawn just laughs, steals a slightly-soft apple out of Sean's fruit bowl, and leaves.

Sean goes back that night.

He thinks about it, for a while. About how it fits into the scheme of things. About whether it'll actually matter. In the long run.

He loves being intelligent. That sounds dickish, but whatever. He loves his mind. He loves thinking about things, ruminating on them, reading about them, but-

There are times, when he kind of disgusts himself.

People would be shocked to hear that. His ex-girlfriends, most of them, would laugh in his fucking face.

But it's true.

He is just convincing himself, in a roundabout way, that it doesn't matter, that Jack, fucking Jack, will, honestly, statistically, probably a) be arrested b) be killed c) contract HIV or another STI d) fade into the ether of Sean's life.

A, B, C, D, he thinks, and then, Christ, I'm a fucking asshole.

He drives back.

He walks in, an envelope in his hand. Talks to a bartender, one who doesn't seem like a psycho jealous twink.

Says, "Can you give this to Jack?"

"What is it?" he asks.

"Just- something I owe him," he answers, and the man looks at him carefully.

"Something you don't want the manager to hear about, huh?" he says, levelly, and Sean grimaces, digs in his pocket for a twenty.

Hands it to the guy, along with the envelope, and the guy takes it, nods.

Inside there is a thousand dollars in hundreds.

Sean looks around, briefly. Jack is nowhere to be seen.

"Is he here?"

"He gets in at eight," the bartender says absently, filling a glass with tonic water.

Sean checks his watch. Six-thirty.

"Okay, well. Give it to him?"

"I will," the boy says, glancing up at him.

Sean nods, slowly.

Thinks about saying, actually, I'll wait.

Or- what's his name? His real name?

He drives home instead.

His prescription of Ambien is almost gone.

He washes one down with a glass of scotch.

It's weird. The gnawing, it won't go away.

But he can sleep. So, whatever.

Shawn will come over tomorrow. Maybe they will go out. Maybe Sean will get laid.

Whatever, right?

Rock and fucking roll.

When he's passing out, head spinning in that familiar, comforting way, he briefly thinks what is my price?

What would it take, for him to-

But that doesn't even go anywhere, because it involves giving something up. Sean doesn't have things to give up. Physical things, yeah, but he's never really believed in moral absolutes. They're boring, limiting, uncreative.

I'm a good person, for giving Jack that money, he thinks. I am.

What is a good person?

A better person would have not gone to the club, not gotten a lap dance, not gotten a blow job, not left his wallet with his unreliable friends, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

There is always a way to be a better person.

That's why it's such a waste of time, integrity.

He nods at that, emphatically, head filling with fog, comforting and opaque. He falls asleep to that.

As long as he can sleep at night, right?

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6


with that said and out of the way, I'd like to say that this was a flawless piece of work. sequel?

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

I agree with the other anon, this demands a sequel! But it's stil SO GOOD on it's own - so full of awesome Sean characterization. LOVED IT.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

Ummm, this is really fucking hot. THIS IS WHY I STILL CHECK THE KINK MEME SOMETIMES! I might have missed this awesome and sexy story. Thank you kindly, author anon!

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

uhhhh how do you do this, with the hot but pathetic sex and then just saaaaaaddness

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

This is really great and so HOT!! I have to agree with the other anons in hoping for a sequel, it feels so open ended. But really GREAT!

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

Oh. My. God.

Not to sound like a crazy stalker or anything- but you can't leave it there. Like I will actually hunt you down.

So, so hurty good.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6

OP here.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. this is amazing. this is everything i asked for and more. i also have an inkling of an idea who the writer might be, and i think she's the one i had in mind when i wrote this prompt :D

the lapdance was so fucking hot, i'm going to go spend some time in my bunk with it. also you added some beautiful, tragic angst and my face is like :(((( but then i'm like :))))) because this fill is so beautiful.

please write more? does jack ever get the money? does sean see him again??? a million unicorns will be born if there is more of this fic.

also, thank you. SO MUCH.

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 6/6 - (Anonymous), 2011-09-21 10:10 pm (UTC)(Expand)

Re: Sean/Eduardo stripper!au and/or lapdance- Fill 1/

op here again.

i just wanted to add that this is the song i imagine eduardo stripping/dancing/lapdancing to:

it's "closer" by kings of leon. one of the guys over at maverick men (for anyone else who watches gay porn haha no shammmee) said that he once saw a "beautiful boy" dance to this at a gay club and that the song now *haunts* him.

so i've always wanted a moody stripper!au with eduardo dancing/lapdancing to this song. and author!anon, you've inadvertently given it to meeee :) thank you so much.

just wanted to share that. haha.