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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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[RPF] Andrew/Jesse

Andrew is a single dad. His kid is in the last semester of primary school and has some trouble with a subject taught by Mr. Eisenberg. Andrew goes to the school to have a talk with the teacher and a single meeting somehow turns into friendship, which then turns into something more. And then the summer comes, the kid is no longer Jesse's student and hey, it turns out that when he's not exposed to excessive amounts of chalk dust, Mr. Eisen-- Jesse, must remember to call him Jesse now - can be a pretty cool guy and he certainly makes mean pancakes for breakfast.

FILL: To Sir, With Love (1a/?)

A/N: I’m having so much fun writing this that I can tell you right now it’s going to be long. Long and fluffy. Also, I have absolutely no idea how the school system in the United States works, so please excuse any mistakes in that matter.
This is unbeta’d, I’ll probably post a cleaned up version to my journal when it’s finished.

To Sir, With Love

Most of the time Andrew thinks he’s done well in life. For someone who became a dad at nineteen, and a single dad at twenty, he’s always had everything under control. With a little help from his friends he took good care of a toddler, all while working in a coffee shop, going to acting school, and eventually ditching the Starbucks to commit fully to acting in plays.

Now that Lucy’s in elementary school, things are even easier - he’s able to drive Lucy to school and back home himself, before and after rehearsals. His friend and neighbor, Emma, only has to watch Lucy three nights a week, when Andrew does shows. Yes, right now Andrew can pride himself on handling their lives really well.

That is, until Lucy starts having trouble in one of her fourth-grade classes.

“Dad, this grade is so unfair!” Lucy exclaims, trying to wrench her report card out of Andrew’s hand, but not quite reaching it. “I swear, Mr. Eisenberg doesn’t like me, that’s why he gave me a D.”

Andrew knows his daughter a bit too well, although it’s probably a good thing she doesn’t realize it yet. He knows the teachers usually adore his daughter. Besides, he can’t imagine how anyone could give a nine-years-old girl a bad mark out of spite. Something’s not right here.

“Unfair, you say?” Andrew inquires, looking at the card thoughtfully. Straight A’s, and a single, lonely D in US history. “So when did you say this test was?”

“Two weeks ago? I don’t know. But dad, the grade is…”

“Lucy,” Andrew interrupts her. “If this test went so well, why didn’t I see it? You always show your tests to me.”

“Sure, the ones I got A’s on!” Lucy explains like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. “Not the ones I… the ones that got very, very unfair marks!” Lucy corrects herself, and Andrew sighs.

“I think I need to have a talk with Mr. Eisenberg. This can’t be right, you’ve never gotten a D in your life.”

“Exactly!” Lucy exclaims happily and looks up at Andrew with big, hopeful eyes, so similar to his own. “You will get my grade changed, right? You’ll tell him it’s unfair, right?”

Andrew ruffles her hair affectionately. Lucy inherited his eyes, but her brown hair was curly like her mother’s.

“I’ll see what he tells me first, sweetie,” Andrew says with a warm smile. “I’m sure we can all figure it out, don’t worry about it anymore.”

Lucy beams at him and hugs his legs. Andrew kneels down to give her a proper hug and kiss the top of her head.

“Now, go and wash your hands, dinner in five minutes!” he says, releasing Lucy from his embrace. She skips off towards the bathroom, and Andrew makes a mental note to visit Mr. Eisenberg at school tomorrow.

FILL: To Sir, With Love (1b/?)

Mr. Eisenberg, as it turns out, is probably the most harmless person Andrew has ever seen. He’s about Andrew’s age, which is a little bit surprising – based on what Lucy has told him, he was expecting an old, stern professor, with maybe a slightly terrifying appearance. This image does not compute at all with the… the boy Andrew has now in front of him. He has a mop of untidy, curly hair that keeps falling onto his forehead and into his eyes. He’s currently hunched over some papers laid out on his desk in an otherwise empty classroom, wearing a pair of glasses and a tweed jacket.

Seriously, tweed. And they call Andrew a British hipster.

Andrew knocks twice on the doorframe and offers a small smile when Mr. Eisenberg looks up at him. It doesn’t escape Andrew’s attention that Eisenberg has also a pair of piercing blue eyes.

“Mr. Eisenberg?” Andrew asks, just to be sure, and enters as he receives a nod in response. “Hello, I’m Andrew Garfield, Lucy’s father.”

“Good morning, Mr. Garfield,” Eisenberg says with a friendly smile and takes off his glasses – apparently, he only uses them for reading. “Please, have a seat. What can I do for you?”

Andrew pulls one of the chairs up to Eisenberg’s desk and sits down. He bits down on his lower lip, trying to think about a way to start this conversation without implying that he blames Eisenberg for Lucy’s grade. Which he doesn’t, of course, even less so now that he’s seen her teacher, who is now watching him expectantly, eyebrows raised slightly.

“It’s about Lucy’s grade,” Andrew says finally. “She recently got a D in your class.”

Eisenberg nods again. “She did,” he confirms, and leans back in his chair. Andrew smiles apologetically and continues:

“Look, I know you probably get tons of parents every week complaining about their children’s grades, but I’m really concerned. She’s never gotten a D in her life. What happened?”

“It’s quite alright, Mr. Garfield, I understand your concern. Truth be told, I’m not sure myself what’s happened. Lucy is one of my brightest students, and she’s been doing wonderfully, but lately she seems… distracted.”

“Distracted? Do you think something’s bothering her?”

“No, I wouldn’t say that… more like she’s not interested in the subject and lacks the motivation to make an effort.”

“And what do you think I can do to help her?”

“Well, it’s possible that she’s just bored with the material. She’s been doing great when we were talking about Native Americans and the Pilgrims, but the biographies of the Founding Fathers seem to not agree with her. The test we’re talking about was about Jefferson, this Friday I’m giving them one on Franklin. It’s possible that once we’re through with this particular material she’ll regain her interest in history.”

“But what about her grades until then? She can’t get any more grades like that, what do you think I should do?”

Andrew immediately thinks he shouldn’t have said that. He’s asked once, Eisenberg has been considerate and helpful, but it’s not his job to tell the parents how to convince their lazy children to study. But of course, Eisenberg has an answer ready.

“You could get her a tutor, I find that getting one-on-one lessons motivates students to make extra effort. In fact, if you would like, I sometimes tutor students who need more of my time or are just particularly interested in the subject.”

“Oh, that is a wonderful idea! Thank you for the offer, Mr. Eisenberg, it’s extremely kind of you.”

“Not a problem. If you could come with Lucy to my house on Thursday, say, six o’clock? I suppose we’ll need about an hour to go over the material for the test.”

“Of course, we’ll be there. Thank you so much, really, I…”

“Mr. Garfield, it’s okay, I’m just as concerned about Lucy’s grade as you are,” Eisenberg says, and gives Andrew an amused, lopsided smile. “Besides, I like teaching, it’s my pleasure.” He reaches for a pen and a piece of paper, then writes down an address and gives it to Andrew. “Here’s my address.”

“Great. Splendid. We will see you Thursday, then.” Andrew beams at Eisenberg as he exits the classroom and receives a matching grin in return. He has a good feeling about this tutoring session, and not just for Lucy’s grade’s sake.

FILL: To Sir, With Love (1c/?)

Predictably, Lucy is less than thrilled when Andrew tells her about his arrangement with Mr. Eisenberg. They’re in the car, trying to get home in the rush hour traffic, and Lucy glares at the back of his head from the back seat.

“But… dad, I don’t want to have MORE lessons with him.”

“Honey, it’s for your good. Mr. Eisenberg says you’re very smart, and you just need to work a little more. And he offered to help you with that, which is incredibly nice of him.”

“But he’s so…”

“So what?”

“Boring? He’s a teacher,” she says, scrunching up her nose.

Andrew stifles an inappropriate laugh and looks at his daughter in the rearview mirror.

“Lucy, that is not a nice thing to say. And it’s not a subject for discussion, we’re going there on Thursday and that’s it.”

Lucy sighs, resigned. “Fine. But I hope it earns me an A!”

Andrew laughs. “Just listen to Mr. Eisenberg and I’m sure it will.”

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FILL: To Sir, With Love (2a/?)

On Thursday night Andrew shows up with Lucy in front of Mr. Eisenberg’s door, six o’clock sharp. He’s feeling a little uncertain, because during their previous conversation Eisenberg did not mention any payment for the tutoring, and since he does that in his house it can’t count as overtime at school. Should Andrew pay him? How much? Would that insult Eisenberg? Perhaps Andrew should have brought something. But what? Not alcohol, not for a tutoring session. Chocolates? But he wasn’t on a date. God, this is difficult.

“Dad?” Lucy says questioningly, squeezing Andrew’s hand. Right, he should probably knock.

Eisenberg opens the door almost right away, the familiar, friendly smile on his face. He’s ditched the tweed jacket and slacks in favor of a worn pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt. He doesn’t have his glasses on, but he has a gray cat draped over his shoulder like a scarf. Andrew can’t help but grin at the sight.

“Hello,” he says, smiling.

“Good evening, Mr. Eisenberg,” Lucy says, eyeing the cat curiously.

“Hi, please come in,” Eisenberg says and steps aside to let them inside their apartment. The cat scrambles to get down from Eisenberg’s shoulders, and he sets it down on the floor. Lucy immediately kneels down to pet the animal.

“Aww, you’re so fluffy!” She tells the cat, then raises her eyes at Eisenberg. “What’s his name?”

“Napoleon,” Eisenberg says, smiling. “I also have one called Emily, and another one named… well, Franklin.”

Lucy eyes him suspiciously. “Really?”

Andrew laughs, and Eisenberg bites his lower lip as if he were trying not to laugh himself.

“Yes, really,” he says. “I’ve had him for three years. Emily is new, and she’s a little shy, so you might not get to see her today.”

But Lucy seems to be perfectly content with the gray tabby Napoleon she’s cuddling. Then she seems to remember why she’s here, so she picks the cat up, cradles him in her arms and looks up at Eisenberg expectantly. Eisenberg smiles at her, then at Andrew, and leads them into the living room.

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FILL: To Sir, With Love (2b/?)

Eisenberg’s apartment is not big, but it has an air about it that makes Andrew feel instantly at home. The living room is full of mismatched furniture, seemingly old but in a good condition, armchairs and a sofa looking used and very comfortable. The walls are covered almost completely with full bookshelves. There are old maps hanging on those fragments of the walls that are not covered with books, and the entire room is lit by a couple of lamps hanging from the walls and giving off a warm, slightly dimmed light. There’s another lamp standing behind one of the armchairs, apparently intended to assist with reading. A black cat is curled up in the chair, sleeping soundly – must be Franklin, or Emily. There’s no TV to be seen, just a closed laptop sitting on the wooden coffee table.

“So, if you’d like to stay and wait for Lucy, make yourself at home,” Eisenberg says, gesturing around the living room. “Would you like some coffee or…”

“Thank you, I’m good,” Andrew says, smiling. “You go study, I’ll be fine here.”

“We’ll be in here, it’s my office,” Eisenberg says, and leads Lucy towards an adjacent room. The black cat gets up, jumps off the chair and trots behind Eisenberg.

“Franklin!” Eisenberg says. “Excellent. Come along, you can be of assistance.”

“As what?” Andrew laughs. Eisenberg turns around and shoots him a grin.

“Visual aid,” he says, and two humans and two cats disappear behind the door of Eisenberg’s office.

Andrew is left to his own devices in the living room. Fascinated, he walks around the room, examining the maps and endless rows of books. Some of the maps look really old, all of them look authentic. It figures that a history teacher would have a hobby like that, but Andrew doesn’t find it weird – okay, maybe a little, but in a strangely endearing way. Andrew stands there for a moment, breathing in the homely, comforting atmosphere (which might just be the smell of the dust on the books, he’s not sure), and then curls up in the armchair by the lamp with an Agatha Christie novel.

After a while, he feels like he’s being watched. Andrew doesn’t know if it’s real or just the effect of the book, but he looks up and scans the room carefully. Sure enough, there’s a pair of glowing eyes looking at him from behind one of the potted plants. Looks like he’s found Emily.

Andrew remembers what Eisenberg said about Emily being exceptionally shy, so he quietly returns to his book, careful not to make any sudden movements that could spook the white cat. He occupies himself with the novel again, but soon he feels something warm and fuzzy brush his neck – sure enough, Emily is sitting on the backrest of the chair, cautiously inching towards Andrew’s shoulder. Andrew keeps still, and the cat slowly pats at his shirt, as if she’s testing Andrew’s reaction, and when she apparently assesses that Andrew is not dangerous, she takes a leap and lands on his lap.

When Lucy and Eisenberg emerge from the office some time later, they find Andrew engrossed in his book and absent-mindedly stroking Emily’s white fur. He looks up when he hears them enter and smiles.

“So, how did it go?”

“Great!” Lucy exclaims before Eisenberg can say a word. “Dad, can we please stay for a while so I could play with Franklin and Napoleon? Mr. Eisenberg says it’s okay.”

FILL: To Sir, With Love (2c/?)

“I…” Andrew looks at Eisenberg, who looks like he’s fighting a smile. “Is that really alright?”

“Of course,” Eisenberg assures him. “I see you’ve met Emily.”

Andrew looks down on the cat that’s still curled up against his stomach. “Yeah, she was a little shy at first, but then she warmed up to me, I think.”

“Well, that’s a first,” Eisenberg says, and his smile gets wide. “She must really like you.”

Lucy is already on the carpet, getting the cats to chase after her moving hand. After a moment, Emily jumps down from Andrew’s lap and starts circling the other cats, observing but not quite getting close.

“I’m sorry about this,” Andrew says. “She loves cats, and we don’t have any pets, so…”

“It’s okay,” Eisenberg assures him. “They love people, well, at least Napoleon and Franklin do.”

“Still, it’s nice of you to let her play with them, I know we’re imposing on your time.”

“Not at all,” Eisenberg says warmly, and Andrew decides to stop apologizing. Truth is, he wants to be here just as much as Lucy does, though not for the same reasons.

“Lucy, we can only stay for half an hour, I have to be at the theatre at eight,” Andrew says, and Lucy hums in acknowledgment.

“Would you like some coffee in the meantime?” Eisenberg asks, going through the tiny corridor into what Andrew assumes is a kitchen.

“I’d love some.”

Eisenberg returns after a couple of minutes with two steaming mugs and hands one to Andrew.

“Thank you, Mr. Eisenberg,” Andrew says, accepting a mug.

“Please, call me Jesse,” Eisen… Jesse asks, looking at Andrew over the rim of his mug.

“Very well. I’m Andrew,” Andrew says, smiling, and receives a nod and a smile in response. Jesse’s blue eyes look dark and sparkly in the warm light of the lamps, and Andrew’s stomach does a strange twist.

“I really like your place, it’s so… cosy and peaceful,” Andrew offers, before he can say anything more stupid.

“Funny, most people who come here complain first and foremost about the lack of a TV,” Jesse comments.

“Nah, a TV would only spoil this room. I have one that I hardly ever watch, but then my apartment is not as nice as yours.”

Jesse looks down into his mug, smirking, like he doesn’t quite believe Andrew’s compliments.

“No, I mean it! I love your maps, is that a hobby?”

Jesse looks up, his eyes even more sparkly than before.

“Yes, I collect them, and sometimes even correct them, too.”

Andrew frowns. “Correct?”

“Yeah, with a sharpie. You know, marking the new borders on the old maps. These, though,” Jesse says, gesturing at the maps on the walls. ”They are too valuable, so I got them framed to stave off the temptation.”

Andrew looks at him incredulously and bursts into laughter. Jesse grins and takes a sip of his coffee. Jesse is something special, that’s for sure.

Before Andrew knows it, it’s seven thirty and time for them to go home.

“So, I expect you to ace the test tomorrow,” Jesse says to Lucy as they’re about to leave. Lucy nods and smiles.

“I will,” she promises solemnly, and Andrew laughs and ruffles her hair.

“You know, there are five more Founding Fathers to go, so if you want any help with them you could come again next week,” Jesse offers, looking more at Andrew than at Lucy.

“What do you say, Lu?” Andrew asks.

“Yes, yes, we will be back! Thank you, sir.” Lucy says, although Andrew has a suspicion she’s more excited about the cats than about the lessons. Oh well, as long as it keeps her studying.

“See you next week, then,” Andrew says. “Oh, and… you didn’t say anything, but these lessons are not exactly part of your job and they don’t pay you for them, so…”

“No, Andrew, it’s okay,” Jesse interrupts him, blushing slightly. “My principal is fine with me tutoring students as long as I don’t take money for it. Besides, I like doing it, so think about it as a friend doing another friend a favor.”

“Oh. Okay then, thank you,” Andrew says and shakes Jesse’s hand. His grip is firm and warm, much like everything connected with Jesse. “Till next Thursday?”

“I’ll be looking forward to it,” Jesse says, and it sounds like he means it.

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FILL: To Sir, With Love (2d/?)

“So, what was it really like?” Andrew asks Lucy on their way home. Lucy shrugs, but her smile belies the attempted indifference.

“It was okay, I guess. Mr. Eisenberg explained everything, and Franklin helped, it was better than school.”

“So he’s not as boring as you thought, huh?” Andrew laughs, and Lucy gives him a full-on smile.

“No, he’s really nice. Different than at school, less nervous.”

“Would you really like to go there again?” Andrew asks.

“Yes! We will go, right?”

“Yes, we will,” Andrew laughs. “As long as you’ll do some studying, and not just torment Je… Mr. Eisenberg’s cats.”

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Re: FILL: To Sir, With Love (2d/?) - eiirene, 2011-09-15 04:31 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: To Sir, With Love (3a/?)

The next time Andrew brings Lucy to Jesse’s apartment, there’s a steaming mug of coffee already waiting for him on the coffee table, along with a plate of cookies (they look homemade) and the novel Andrew started reading the last time he was here. The lamp beside the armchair is lit, and Emily is lounging comfortably on the top of the backrest, fluffy tail swishing back and forth.

Lucy’s run off to find Napoleon and Franklin as soon as they entered the apartment, and is now playing with them beside the coffee table, so considerately set by Jesse. Andrew looks at the arrangement, and then at Jesse, noting the way he bites his lip to keep from grinning. Andrew can’t help but give him a bright smile.

“Just wanted you to be comfortable here,” Jesse explains, unasked, and shrugs a little. Andrew doesn’t know what to do. He’s never met anyone as effortlessly endearing as Jesse. Every time Andrew looks at him, his heart swells with an unidentified feeling and he just wants to sit Jesse down, wrap him up in a blanket and curl up with him (and maybe with one of the cats as well.)

“This is lovely, Jesse, thank you so much,” Andrew says instead, then picks up the mug and takes a sip. It’s perfect, strong and sweet - of course Jesse would remember how Andrew likes his coffee even after the one time.

Lucy comes up to them, Napoleon in her arms and Franklin treading right behind. “Sir?” she starts. “Have you graded our tests yet?”

Jesse smiles. “Actually, I have. I shouldn’t show you yours till tomorrow’s class, but… wait a second.” He goes into his office and emerges a few seconds later with Lucy’s test in hand. “See for yourself,” he says, handing the sheet to the girl.

Lucy puts the gray cat down and takes the paper from Jesse. Her eyes go wide. “An A? Really?” She looks at the paper again, then holds it proudly out to Andrew.

“Really,” Jesse confirms. “You did wonderfully, you remembered everything we talked about. Just like I knew you would.”

“Lucy, this is amazing, great job,” Andrew says, kneeling down and giving his daughter a congratulatory hug.

“Now, if you want to keep this grade up, we have work to do,” Jesse says, ushering Lucy into his office.

FILL: To Sir, With Love (3b/?)

An hour later Lucy comes out of Jesse’s office with a determined look on her face. Andrew knows she wants something, and he has a feeling about what it is.
“Dad?” she starts, tentatively, approaching the chair he’s sitting in.

Jesse follows Lucy out of the office, gives Andrew a quick smile, then heads towards the kitchen. All three cats follow him, apparently hoping for a snack.

“Yes?” Andrew prompts. Lucy climbs onto the armchair next to him and tucks herself under his arm.

“You don’t have to go to work tonight, right?” Lucy asks, making her best puppy eyes at Andrew.

“That’s right,” Andrew confirms, pretending he doesn’t know what she’s about to ask next.

“Then we could stay here a little longer than last time, right? Please, dad?”

They really shouldn’t be imposing on Jesse’s time. It’s already beyond nice of him to sacrifice his free time tutoring Lucy, and staying longer so she could have a playdate with Jesse’s cats seems extremely rude and inconsiderate. But it also means getting to sit a little longer in this charming room, sipping coffee and talking to Jesse. And maybe, just maybe, watching the way the lamps light up Jesse’s eyes, making their blue irises look darker and warmer.

Truth is, Andrew wants to stay just as much as Lucy, probably more.

“I’ll ask Mr. Eisenberg. If he says it’s alright, I suppose we could…”

“I already asked him,” Lucy interrupts, looking the perfect picture of innocence.

“Lucy! You shouldn’t do that without consulting me first,” Andrew says, frowning. “And what did he say?” he adds, making Lucy laugh.

“That he enjoys your company and you’re welcome to stay as long as you like,” Jesse’s voice answers, and Andrew looks up abruptly. Jesse is standing in the doorway, carrying a tray with a teapot and three china cups.

They sit down next to each other on the couch, Lucy playing with the cats on the opposite side of the room. Jesse cradles his cup in both hands and looks at Andrew curiously.

“So, you’re not doing a show tonight?” he asks, and Andrew gives him a surprised look. He definitely hasn’t spoken to Jesse about his occupation yet.

“No, but how do you…” he starts, puzzled.

“Lucy mentioned you worked at a theatre the last time you were here. Besides, I saw you in a play several months ago.”

“You did? Wow, I wonder how I didn’t notice you, you must’ve been like twenty percent of the audience,” Andrew says, and Jesse laughs. Andrew allows himself to stare for a few seconds - of course Jesse has dimples, too. His face is getting more and more endearingly ridiculous every minute.

“You’re selling the play short. And yourself.” Jesse says, looking back up at Andrew. He’s not laughing anymore, just smiling, but wide enough that the dimples are still there. Andrew should really stop staring, there must be some rules about perving on your children’s teachers.

“So you like theater?” Andrew prompts, still amazed that Jesse went to see his play.

“I do. Musicals, mostly, but I’ll see any play if it’s interesting enough. Or has good actors. Or both, like the one in question.”

“Well, it’s ending soon anyway, but I’ve already started rehearsals for a new one. You should come see it, too, when it’s out. It’s a Chekhov play, The Cherry Orchard.

“Really? Wow, that’s… yeah, I’ll be there,” Jesse says, fast and a little flustered. He must really like Chekhov.

They launch into a heated discussion about plays, musicals and actors (“American Idiot is not real Broadway!” “Agreed, but the cast was brilliant!”), and Andrew doesn’t even notice when it’s getting late, much later than he originally planned to go home. Lucy doesn’t say a word, being perfectly happy with getting the cats (two of them, as Emily at some point claimed her spot in Andrew’s lap again) to chase after a fuzzy ball on a string, and occasionally stealing a cookie from the full plate sitting on the table.

When Jesse asks them if they’ll come next week, Andrew can’t say yes fast enough.

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Re: FILL: To Sir, With Love (3b/?) - (Anonymous), 2011-09-17 09:38 pm (UTC)(Expand)

FILL: To Sir, With Love (4a/?)

Andrew really loves his job. He’s been dreaming of becoming an actor since he was a little kid and one of his parents would take him to see matinées on West End almost every Friday afternoon. That was why he came to New York in the first place: to breathe in all the shine and glamour of Broadway, see his biggest dream come alive, unfolding before the eyes of the innocent eighteen-year-old he was back then.

And that summer he met Amanda.

Andrew felt his dream crumble into pieces when they found out Amanda was pregnant. Instead of chasing his dream, Andrew had to decide what kind of a man (barely nineteen, but he didn’t have the luxury to be a kid anymore) he was. And it turned out that he was the man to leave his home country, move in with his pregnant girlfriend, and get a dead-end job at a coffee shop to at least try to support his new, accidental family.

Amanda broke up with him before Lucy was even born. Andrew wasn’t brokenhearted about it, they were too young and dating for too short a time to really fall in love. But Amanda was carrying his baby, and he wasn’t going to let her go through that alone. He stayed in the neighborhood, working part-time and applying to possibly every acting school in the tri-state area. When one of them accepted him, it was the best day of his life.

Right until that cold, rainy October morning, when little Lucy was born.

Within a year Andrew experienced the worst night of his life as well – the day Amanda was killed by a drunk driver.

Ever since then Andrew’s been juggling between his Starbucks job, acting school, first auditions and first, small roles, all while trying to raise a kid. Amanda’s parents lived on the West Coast, and apart from sending a little financial support now and then, they didn’t offer him much help. Not that he needed it, nor was he inclined to turn his own parents’ world upside down by flying them from London to help him raise Lucy.

No, that was something he had to do on his own, with a help of a few wonderful people he had in his life. Emma, especially. He’d be lost without her – she is his neighbor, and always willing to look after Lucy on the nights he has a show, or when his rehearsals go on for longer than expected. She’s his best, dearest friend, and Lucy loves her.

All of that Andrew tells Jesse during their long, unhurried talks in the evenings, while Lucy is forming a serious bond with Jesse’s cats. Yes, after all, Andrew loves his life and his job.

FILL: To Sir, With Love (4b/?)

Which doesn’t mean that the hardships of acting aren’t taking their toll on him every now and then. Like that one Thursday in late March, the day of one of Lucy’s tutoring sessions with Jesse.

Rehearsal is wild that day. Nothing is going right, and at the end of the day the director just tells them to wrap it up, go home, and come back once they manage to pull their talents back out of their butts. Andrew gladly takes off, picks Lucy up from Emma’s, and heads to Jesse’s place.

He’s exhausted, though, so much that he can’t even focus on the book Jesse’s left on the coffee table for him. This has become a ritual of theirs - after Andrew finished the first Agatha Christie novel, Jesse started picking out Andrew’s reading for him, and his choices never missed. Andrew never said a word about it, but he devoured every book Jesse chose for him, although he was not sure if he liked the novels because of their literary value or the fact that Jesse gave them to Andrew. Probably both.

This time, though, Andrew is too tired to read. He tries, but as he sits in Jesse’s lovely living room, the retro clock on the wall ticking softly, and the book (Akunin’s He The Lover of Death, this time) a comforting weight in his hands, he closes his eyes and lets himself be lulled by Emily’s purring.

The next thing he knows, he’s startled awake by a distant clang of silverware against a pot (or maybe a frying pan, Andrew’s too sleepy to make the distinction), Lucy is quietly playing with Franklin, and Jesse is nowhere to be seen.

“Lucy? God, I’m so sorry, I must have fallen asleep. What time is it?” Andrew says, rubbing his eyes and then running his fingers through his hair, probably making them even more messy than usual in the process.

“Half past eight,” Lucy informs him. “Mr. Eisenberg told me to let you sleep and just play with the cats. He said you looked exhausted.”

Trust Jesse to notice things like that.

“I was. I still am, I think, it’s been a hard day at work. Come on, we have to go now, it’s terribly late.”

“But…” she starts, but is interrupted by Jesse coming out of the kitchen and into the living room. The sleeves of his navy blue button-down are rolled up to his elbows, his curly hair is in disarray, and he’s smiling the way he always does when he looks at Andrew.

“Jesse!” Andrew exclaims, standing up. “I’m so sorry, I was just tired, you should’ve woken me up earlier…”

“Have you eaten anything today?” Jesse asks, a non-sequitur if there ever was one.


“You heard me.”

“Uh… yeah, I guess, in the morning. I really haven’t had the time.”

Jesse shakes his head, his smile belying the gesture.

“Dinner in five minutes. Then you may go. You have to take care of yourself, Andrew, not just of Lucy.”

“Why? I have you,” Andrew says, and deliberately bites his tongue the very next second. What on Earth made him say that? He must still be delirious from sleep deprivation. And hunger. Yes, it must be it.

But before he can apologize and take it back, Jesse gives him a blinding grin, and Andrew forgets what he was about to say.

When they all sit at the table later, in Jesse’s brightly lit kitchen, sipping orange juice (Jesse offers to share a bottle of wine with Andrew, but Andrew has to decline on the account that he’s driving) and engaging in an easy banter, Andrew marvels at how domestic this whole scene looks. Andrew watches Jesse (and his dimples) as he laughs with Lucy about something that’s happened in class earlier that day, and feels like he wants to keep the three of them together at that table forever.

Which, considering that he’s only met Jesse two months earlier and he’s not (he shouldn’t be) anything more than his daughter’s teacher and his own tentative friend, might mean that Andrew is just a little bit screwed.

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FILL: To Sir, With Love (5a/?)

(A/N: I just want to make sure: I’ve warned you all at the beginning that this fic is nothing but a sappy fluff fest, right? Because I think I’ve just outfluffed myself.)

It’s the middle of April, but the weather feels more like November. Lucy’s been coughing and sneezing since the beginning of the week, but on Wednesday morning it gets so bad that Andrew has to call her school to let them know she’s not coming and drive her to the doctor.

It doesn’t make the director particularly happy when Andrew is two hours late to the rehearsal, but he doesn’t have a choice. He calls Emma, begging her to take the afternoon shifts at the shop she works in for a few days, but she just tells him to shut up and get his ass to work, she’s got it. So, Emma is staying with Lucy for the rest of the day, and Andrew is free to worry while at work instead of hovering over his daughter.

Andrew comes home in the evening and realizes there’s one more thing he has to cancel for Lucy: their appointment with Jesse.

So on Thursday night, instead of being at Jesse’s apartment, Andrew is sitting on a couch in his own living room with Lucy curled up into his side, a blanket tucked snugly around them both, and they’re just about to watch How to Train Your Dragon.

Just as Andrew is about to press play, somebody rings the doorbell. First Andrew just wants to ignore it, but the visitor is persistent and after the third ring, Andrew gets up and goes to get the door. Just to see Jesse standing there with a shy smile on his face and a paper folder in his hands.

“Hi,” Jesse says, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, like he’s not sure if he should be there.

“Hi yourself,” Andrew says with a smile and moves to let Jesse in. “Come in, it’s freezing,” he adds. He leads Jesse into the living room. Jesse smiles at Lucy, who beams at him from under the blankets, right before going into the next coughing fit.

“I just thought I’d bring Lucy the materials and assignments from the last class,” Jesse explains, putting the folder he was holding on the coffee table.

“Thank you, but… you didn’t have to do that,” Andrew says, looking at Jesse incredulously. Seriously, could this man get any nicer?

“I know, but… I felt out of place alone in my apartment tonight. Seems like my Thursday nights belong to you two anyway, so I might as well make myself useful,” Jesse explains.

Andrew feels like his heart just grew three sizes. He can’t say a word for a minute, because. Just. Jesse.

Andrew’s fully aware of the fact that he’s been steadily developing a heart-wrenching crush on Jesse for at least a month, probably longer. Jesse, who’s nice enough to sacrifice every Thursday night to help Andrew’s daughter keep up her grades and indulge her love for cats. Jesse, who so thoughtfully picks out books for Andrew to read when he’s waiting for Lucy, and who lets Andrew take them home when he just can’t wait another week to finish a particular book. Jesse, who’s so quiet and smart and nice and caring and absolutely, endearingly adorable. And who’s now standing in the middle of Andrew’s living room, looking uncomfortable and glancing at Andrew expectantly, like he needs reassurance that it’s okay for him to be here.

Andrew wants to tell him just how extremely okay it is, and how his own Thursday night didn’t feel complete, either, and how he pretty much wants to see Jesse every night of every day.

“Jesse, would you like some coffee?” he says instead.

“Oh… thanks, but I’m not staying. Lucy’s sick and you probably don’t need visitors bothering you right now.

“Nonsense. You’ve done us a favor, the least I can do is make you a cup of coffee. Please sit down.”

Going into the kitchen, Andrew can see in the corner of his eye as Jesse sits down on a couch next to Lucy, and she tucks herself into his side.

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FILL: To Sir, With Love (5b/?)

As he gets the coffee maker going, he can hear Lucy’s voice coming from the living room.

“Mr. Eisenberg, will you watch a movie with us?” she asks, her voice sounding raspy and miserable. If Jesse says no, it will mean he has no heart. But, well, it’s Jesse, so he can only answer in one way.

“Sure. What movie?”

How to Train Your Dragon. Dad says it’s good, but I haven’t seen it yet. Have you?”

Jesse laughs. “Yes, I have. And your dad, huh? I wouldn’t picture him the type to watch cartoons in his free time.”

“Right back at you,” Andrew says, coming back into the living room, carrying a tray with two cups of coffee and a mug of fruit tea for Lucy. “And I have a kid, which obligates me to be familiar with every Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks movie ever created. What’s your excuse?”

Jesse shrugs. “I like dragons, they’re warm and cuddly,” he says, which makes Andrew laugh out loud.

Lucy grabs Andrew’s hand and pulls him onto the couch. She is now wedged between Andrew and Jesse and looks really comfortable in her spot.

“Are we watching the movie or what?” she asks impatiently.

“Sure we are, sweetheart,” Andrew says and presses the play button on the DVD remote, then leans back against the cushions. He throws his arm around Lucy, his hand brushing Jesse’s shoulder, but Jesse doesn’t flinch away from the touch. He smiles a little, but his eyes are firmly fixed on the TV screen, so Andrew’s not sure if it’s because of this, the movie, or the fact that Lucy just tucked her hand into Jesse’s.

Which, okay. Andrew thinks his chest is too small to contain all the feelings he has at this sight.

When the movie ends Lucy can barely contain her excitement.

“I want a dragon!” she informs Andrew. “I’ll feed him, play with him, and he can fly me to school every day.”

“Dragons make terrible pets,” Andrew says, struggling to keep a straight face. “Sure, they’re cute, but they’re also big and noisy, and they can burn down your apartment if they’re miffed.”

“Not to mention they scare the cats,” Jesse contributes.

“I don’t have cats,” Lucy offers, frowning thoughtfully. “I could have a dragon, we’d just need a bigger house.”

“You have everything planned out, don’t you?” Andrew says, laughing. “Okay, you two chat about dragons some more, I’ll go make us some supper.”

“Do you need a hand?” Jesse offers as Andrew stands up.

“No, I’m good, I’ve done most of the work before the movie,” Andrew says, smiling. Jesse smiles back and returns to his conversation with Lucy.

Andrew can hear her voice as he retreats to the kitchen: “I’d rather have a cat than a dragon, though. They’re fluffier. I gotta get dad to buy me a cat!”

After supper, when Lucy is tucked into bed, Jesse decides it’s time for him to go home. All Andrew can think about as he sees Jesse out is how nice this evening has been, how good Jesse and Lucy are getting along, and how he himself wants to have this more often. Every night, if he can. So when Jesse turns to him to say goodbye, Andrew can’t help himself.

“Do you want to come over tomorrow?” Andrew asks. “I took a few days off work, and it’s a Shrek night!” he adds. Jesse looks surprised, and for a moment Andrew dreads the answer.

“Cool, more dragons,” Jesse says eventually, beaming. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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FILL: To Sir, With Love (6a/?)

It’s four thirty in the afternoon and Jesse is running late.

Lucy is watching Andrew suspiciously as he fidgets restlessly, looks at the clock and at the door, and then checks his watch for good measure. They are all telling him the same thing: Jesse is very late. In fact, he might not be coming at all.

It’s all Andrew’s fault, obviously. So what if Jesse came by yesterday, that was just because he cares about Lucy’s education. A teacher stopping by to give his student homework is perfectly normal. Inviting said teacher to join a family movie night isn’t. No wonder Jesse’s not here - unlike Andrew, he probably has a sense of propriety.

“Dad, I’m hungry,” Lucy complains. “Can we order the pizza now?”

Andrew wanted to cook a proper dinner, since they were having a guest and all, but Lucy insisted on pizza and she was sick, so who was Andrew to tell her no.

It doesn’t matter anyway now, since Jesse is obviously not here and it’s just the two of them.

“Sure, honey,” Andrew says, and picks up the phone. He orders a large pizza, just in case, then goes to put the first DVD in.

“Aren’t we waiting for Mr. Eisenberg?” Lucy asks.

“I don’t think he’s coming, sweetie. He’s probably busy,” Andrew says, sitting next to her on the couch and cuddling her close.

“Too bad,” Lucy states. “He’s fun.”

Andrew looks at her incredulously. “Really?” he asks. “Whatever happened to your ‘all teachers are boring’ theory?”

Lucy shrugs. “He happened. He’s not boring. I mean, he sometimes is, in class, when he starts talking really fast about some dead guy from a hundred years ago, but he’s not boring with you.”

“You think so? Why do you think...”

“Shh, the movie’s starting!”

Andrew shuts up, and resolves to focus on the TV screen instead of thinking about Jesse.

Thirty minutes later the doorbell rings.
“Well, at least we have pizza,” Andrew says, and goes to open the door.

But it’s not the pizza guy standing on the doorstep, it’s Jesse. He’s still wearing his work clothes, slacks and the immortal tweed jacket, and he’s cradling a box of chocolates in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. He looks nervous and apologetic, but Andrew can’t be mad at him, because he’s here. Obviously, it makes sense.

“Hi,” Jesse says, and offers Andrew a cautious smile. Andrew returns it and lets Jesse in. “I’m so sorry I’m late, I gold held up at work, but I got here as fast as I could,” Jesse explains.

“Well, you missed almost the entire first movie,” Andrew says, grinning. Jesse grins back.

“I might remember a thing or two from the plot, I think I’ll catch up.”

Jesse looks pale - well, more so than usual, and there are dark circles under his eyes. Even his curls look tired. Andrew wants to wrap him up in a blanket and feed him cookies until he doesn’t look so exhausted anymore.

“You haven’t been home at all today, have you?” Andrew asks, even though he already knows the answer.

“Not since this morning, no,” Jesse admits. “I was unforgivably late already, so...”

“So, I’m guessing you haven’t eaten as well.”

“Hey, that’s my line!”

“Not if you’re at my house. Well, we have pizza coming, and I think there’s a slice or two with your name on it.”

“Excellent,” Jesse says, smiling. “Now, let’s catch the end of that movie, shall we?”

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