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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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♥ both a pairing/character AND a prompt/kink must be posted.
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♥ we are slash, femslash, het, three-and-moresomes etc. friendly. (we are even incest friendly what with some of our characters being twins and all...)
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♥ long and short fics welcome. multiple responses encouraged!
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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)




Harvard era. Eduardo has a nasty, steamy, clandestine affair with a professor. Age difference, Anderson Cooper-esque looks, thin wire-rimmed glasses, and constant, hot, daddy-issues-filled, D/s-y sex STRONGLY ENCOURAGED/REQUIRED.

Re: Eduardo/Other

How explicit can the D/S be? Like, any squicks?


ahh! thanks for thinking of filling it first of all! and my only squicks are like.. watersports, scatplay, knifeplay. and i'm flexible on the knifeplay? other than that, no real squicks, though i haven't read any explicit d/s, i just really like power dynamics. BUT honestly, go at it, anon, i'm pretty open to anything! :))

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 1/5

UGHWTF. i don't know. this is pwp. they have kissed, once, before this, after class when they were discussing a book, lolz. and fuck, yea, he looks just like anderson cooper.
also this is the book they were reading http://tiny.cc/cekci


He knocks, and hears- "Come in".

He is still unsure. Because he knows this, he's seen the movies, the fucking pornos, but somehow it is still- ridiculous, that he is even here.

But no. It's just a meeting, with his professor. To discuss- the book.

With his professor, who kissed him the day before, in the goddamn classroom, mouth wet and stubble rough and tongue powerful-


He opens the door.

Professor West looks up from his desk. There is classical music, playing softly from a radio on his desk. He is wearing his glasses, thin dark wire-rimmed, and there is a ballpoint pen in his hand.

His shirt is unbuttoned further than usual.

Eduardo can't believe he can tell that. Jesus, he is such a creep.

"Hello," West says mildly. Eduardo nods, wipes his sweaty palms on the front of his trousers.

"Hi," he says, and West puts the pen down, leans back.

Doesn't say anything, just watches him, and Eduardo feels his face grow hot.

"I- finished the book," he blurts out, voice loud in the silence.

"You did," West says. "And what did you think?"

Eduardo looks down, then back up at him, his limbs gone heavy with some strange feeling.

"I- he wasn't happy," he says. "David, I mean. He was- miserable."

West laughs softly, leans back and nods.

"And you're chafing at the comparison, I suppose," he says, looking at Eduardo.

Eduardo shrugs nervously. "I'm happy," he says, and it sounds deeply unsure.

West nods slowly.

"I'm sure you are," he says, placatingly. "The comparison has its limits. You have a- sweetness, to you, that David lacks. Something warm, in you."

Eduardo's face goes hot.

"I- thank you?" he says, awkwardly, and West laughs again, that quiet knowing laugh.

"You see, you know who you are," West continues, folding one knee over the other, legs spread. "That's where David fails. The unhappiness comes with the dissonance, the gap between who he thinks he is and what he does. Do you understand? He can't accept his true character, and it drives him insane."

Eduardo nods.

"But you accept it, don't you," West says, throaty and quiet. "Your- nature."

Eduardo exhales shakily, watching him.

He really is so fucking attractive.

In a dangerous way, that makes Eduardo nervous, makes him feel- prickly, all over, prone to recklessness.

West coughs, and Eduardo realizes he's staring, silent. He looks down at his feet and coughs, uncomfortably.

"Did you come here to discuss literature, Eduardo?" West asks, and his smile is subtle, sly, lurking at the corner of his mouth.

Eduardo swallows.


"Do I scare you, Mr. Saverin?" he asks next, cocking his head, and Eduardo doesn't really know the answer to that one, either.

"Should I be scared of you?" he responds, holding that dizzying eye contact, though it makes his stomach flop nervously.

Professor West shrugs. "It depends. Would you like to be scared of me?"

Eduardo snorts, and it sounds juvenile, idiotic. "Why would I want to be scared," he says, lowering his voice.

West shrugs again, a tiny hitch of his shoulders.

"Because it might be- interesting," he says, detachedly. "To have some- authority, in that limitless world of yours."

Eduardo's skin is prickling, hotly. He swallows again, throat thick with some unknown emotion.

"I-" he starts, and stops. Sways dumbly like a scolded child.

West looks at him, his dark eyes warm, with an edge of steel beneath him.

"Why don't you come here," he says softly, and Eduardo heaves out a sigh.

That, he can do.

The questions make him feel probed, naked, but he can do that. He can- follow directions.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 2/6

He totters forward, breath strangely loud in the quiet room, soft piano still tinkling in the background, and West turns his office chair.

Pats his knee, a soft grin on his face.

"Take a seat," he says, and Eduardo flushes hard. He can feel sweat drip down the back of his neck, an inexorable slide down the skin of his back.

But he sits.

Carefully, face hot, and West steadies him with a hand, Eduardo perched on his thigh, and murmurs, "There's a good boy. Are you scared now, Eduardo?"

"No," Eduardo gets out, somehow, voice choky.

"Good," West soothes, and Jesus, this is so fucking wrong, this is fucking- sick, and wrong, and then West is putting Eduardo's arms around his neck and curling his hand around Eduardo's narrow waist and putting his mouth to Eduardo's neck and Eduardo stops caring.

His mouth is rough with stubble, scraping over the sensitive skin of his throat.

Eduardo shudders, skin tingling.

"My little businessman," West murmurs, voice darkly amused. Appreciative. "You know just who you are, don't you, darling."

Eduardo lets out a moan, soft and low, and West scratches his fingernails under Eduardo's shirt, pushing it up, turns his head and kisses him at the same time.

Again, this is something Eduardo can do.

He kisses back, soft at first, but West who is so controlled, usually, can't seem to keep himself still, he sucks at Eduardo's mouth, his tongue, bruisingly hard, lips hot, tasting faintly of mint and of- alcohol, some type, maybe scotch, or bourbon.

Eduardo gasps for air and West pulls back, his hand stroking idly over Eduardo's belly, soft touches that make liquid heat drip into Eduardo's stomach like sizzling coals.

"Would you like me to fuck you, Eduardo?" he asks in a low warm voice, and Eduardo tightens his arms around West's neck, reflexively, ducks his face into the warm hollow of his throat.

Nods, eventually, not trusting his voice.

"Have you done that before, darling?" he says next, still in that soft voice, and Eduardo pauses.

Nods again, because he has.

Drunken sloppy hookups- the boyfriend he had for a month last year, who dumped him three weeks after he took Eduardo's virginity, in a fucking bathroom at AEPi.

So yes, he has, but not- never like this.

"You have," West whispers. "With a Harvard student?"

"Yes," Eduardo mumbles into his neck. "Last year."

West nods, fingers creeping up Eduardo's shirt.

His hand reaches Eduardo's nipple, rolls it between two fingers, and Eduardo whimpers, both nipples tightening, skin tingling.

"Did he make you scream?" West mumbles into Eduardo's skin, and he reaches for the buttons of Eduardo's shirt, starts to undo them. "Did you feel good, when he fucked you?"

"No," Eduardo says, low, and West's fingers move faster. Eduardo exhales shakily as West dips his head, grazes his teeth over Eduardo's nipple, the skin rough and sensitive.

"I didn't think so," West says, voice muffled. "Because if he did, you wouldn't be here."

He lifts his head, kisses Eduardo on the mouth.

"You seem like the type of boy who could get addicted to sex very quickly," he whispers, biting Eduardo's bottom lip, and Eduardo moans, a little, a weak sound.

Nods again, frantically, because West is pushing his shirt off and kissing him at the same time, and then his shirt is on the floor and West's hand is squeezing gently at the bulge in his pants, cock trapped leaking against the fly of his too-tight trousers, and Eduardo pulls back, gasps, "I- fuck-"

"You're aching for it," West says, low and soft. "Poor darling. Here, why don't you- take your clothes off, the way you want to, huh?"

Eduardo moans as West scratches his fingernails over his cock, but manages, somehow, with West's gentle hands, to stand up.

Fumble with the zip of his trousers and pull them down. They are tight and they catch around his skinny thighs, and he gulps in air, struggles until he is kicking them onto the floor.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 3/6

"They're tight, aren't they," West observes, watching him with naked appreciation in his eye. "Your underwear, too. Do you enjoy how that feels? Being- confined, like that?"

Eduardo doesn't trust his voice to answer. He kicks off his underwear and he is naked, he is fucking bare-ass naked in his fucking literature professor's office, and he swallows, once, twice, cock humiliatingly hard in front of him.

"Mm," West hums. "You are really quite beautiful."

He is sprawled in his chair, fully clothed.

Eduardo can see his erection through his pants.

He looks big. Eduardo licks his lips, unconsciously, then flushes hard.

"You know, I can't take my clothes off, since this is my office, and- anyone could come by, at any time," West says detachedly. "You'll have to get fucked like this, are you all right with that?"

Eduardo is shivering with anticipation, with being so fucking turned-on he can't see straight.

He nods.

"Here you are, then," West says, and he unzips his trousers slowly, pushes them and his navy briefs to his knees.

His cock is out, leaking a little at the tip, and Eduardo sucks in a breath, loud in the quiet room.

He is big. Eduardo deeply, viscerally wants West inside him, and it makes his own dick twitch furiously, makes him wince and hold it with one hand.

"Condoms are in the second drawer," West says, lazily fisting a hand down his cock, shirt rucked up to his chest.

Eduardo has to bend over, to get them.

Which is what West wanted, obviously.

Or maybe not. Christ. Eduardo doesn't know. He's the one who's fucking salivating over his professor like a complete loser.

"Lube, too," West says from behind him, and Eduardo finds both, pulls them out.

He tears the package open carefully and West says, "Put it on me, Eduardo. Do you know how to do that?"

Eduardo nods.

Kneels in front of West, and West spreads his legs, watches him roll the condom slowly onto his cock.

At one point he fists his hand in Eduardo's hair, watches him gasp with pain and arousal.

"You're good at that," he murmurs. "I bet you're good at sucking it, too."

Eduardo coughs. "I am," he says, and his voice sounds so stupid, rough and fake-sexy, but West hums appreciatively and scratches his nails down Eduardo's scalp.

"I'm sure," he says, warmly. "You certainly have the mouth for it."

Eduardo closes his eyes, and West strokes his jaw.

"Come up here," West says softly, and Eduardo forces his eyes open, lids heavy, stands up.

West fists his cock again, bites his bottom lip.

"Lock my door," he says, softly, and Eduardo flushes hot down his chest at the thought that it hasn't been locked, till now.

He stumbles over to it.

"To the left," West instructs. "Yes, good. Now come back over here."

He beckons to him with a jerk of his chin, and Eduardo climbs onto his lap.

He can feel the hard press of West's cock against the cleft of his ass, and he shivers, presses his back to West's chest, sits down hard.

"God," he whispers. "God."

"Eduardo, darling," he says from behind him, with a smirk. "There is no God. You're a hungry little capitalist, you know that."

Eduardo's stomach clenches dizzily.

"Would you like me to loosen you up, before I fuck you, Mr. Saverin?"

Eduardo suppresses a whimper of Christ, yes-

Settles on nodding, pressing his head back into West's neck, turning his face and inhaling deeply.

He smells like rich cologne, like aftershave.

Like- male, primal and deep, and Eduardo shudders, suddenly feeling extremely naked.

West slips his fingers up Eduardo's inner thigh, skin tender.

His hand is rough and big and warm, and Eduardo's thighs clench, skin tingling.

"Mm, don't tighten up for me, darling," West murmurs. "Spread those legs, come on."

Eduardo shifts on West's thighs, opening his legs, breath shuddering, and West's hand reaches the crease of his ass, strokes reverently over the skin.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 4/5

His legs are hooked around the outsides of Professor West's, ass open, and he is shaking, skin twitching, when West presses his lube-slick thumb to Eduardo's asshole.

"Mm," he murmurs into Eduardo's neck, hands working beneath them. "There we are. You're tight."

"Fuck," Eduardo mumbles, wriggling back and down, wanting more. "Oh, fuck."

West works a finger into him, slow and wet and hot, and Eduardo spreads his legs as far as they will go, thighs aching.

Moans loud. He knows he sounds desperate, wanton, he knows how he looks, split open on this man's lap, but fuck, he doesn't care.

West ducks his head, bites gently at the back of Eduardo's neck, slips another finger in- scissors them, laughing as Eduardo chokes out a whine.

"You like that?" he asks softly.

"Yes, yes, yes," Eduardo hisses, and then there are three fingers in him, working him wide open, rubbing at his insides, pressing dizzyingly to his prostate, then away, then back again, hard.

"Oh oh oh oh fuck," he stammers, knee jerking.

"Are you open enough for me, pretty thing?" West murmurs, voice rough with want. Eduardo can feel his erection beneath him, hot and damp and throbbing.

"Yes-" he gasps out.

"You're ready for my cock?"

"Fuck, please."

West snorts softly into his skin.

"Since you asked so nicely," he whispers, and he lifts Eduardo up by the hips, settles him slowly down onto his cock.

Eduardo holds his breath until he is sitting, fucking sitting on his professor's dick, West pulling his thighs open with both hands, gently, murmuring comforting words into his neck.

"I- God-"

"Eduardo, darling."

"Just fuck me."

West grins, digs his fingernails into Eduardo's thighs. "Be patient, you greedy thing."

Eduardo groans, lifting himself up with both hands, biting his lip hard at the feeling of it, scratching that itch inside him.

"Please," he whispers.

West takes pity on him, starts to move his hips.

He is not even moving that much. Just minute shifts of his hips. Mostly he is pulling Eduardo down onto him, letting Eduardo rock himself, hard, go just as fast as he wants.

Which is fast.

He bounces on West's lap, groaning. The feeling of West in him makes Eduardo's eyes flutter shut, the steady rocking motion setting his head spinning, stomach clenching in hot throbs.

"God that's nice," West says, voice shaking just slightly, and Eduardo grins, at the closed door, flushes with pride.

West slips his hand up Eduardo's thigh and cups the tip of his cock, squeezes the head of his cock and pulling, at the hard flesh, until Eduardo wriggles, overstimulated, at the dick inside him and the fingers, clever and long, wrapped around his cock.

"Oh, I'm gonna- I'm gonna-"

"Come on, darling. Come for me, let's see it."

Eduardo bites empty air, throwing his head back, neck exposed, air cold on his body-

And West jerks his hips up, and slams against Eduardo's prostate-

And tugs Eduardo's cock at the same time, hard, slides his hand down to Eduardo's balls and cupping them in his palm, squeezing just slightly-

And Eduardo comes, all over his stomach, muscles shivering, a full body tremor that leaves him panting, groaning out soft weak exhales, West gentling him through it, rubbing his hand up and down Eduardo's come-slick belly, kissing behind his ear.

His cock is still hard inside Eduardo, and when Eduardo is calm, breath steady, he coaxes Eduardo back down on his cock, stroking his thighs like a horse.

Eduardo goes easily, lifts his hips, and it only takes three hard thrusts, Eduardo whimpering at the press against his prostate so soon after coming, before West huffs out a breath and comes, kissing Eduardo's sweaty back, pulling Eduardo flush to him.

When he has slowed, panting, he lets Eduardo away, lets him lift his hips, pulls out.

Eduardo whines at the loss, and West strips off the condom, leans with Eduardo on his thighs, tosses it into the trash can beneath his desk.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

Sits back up, yanks Eduardo's thighs open hard, and puts two fingers in him.

"Oh Christ-" Eduardo cries, shuddering, and West strokes his prostate, Eduardo arching his back off his lap.

"Oh God it's too much, it's too much-"

"Too much?"

"Oh oh oh yes fuck please-"

"Too much, huh."

Eduardo just groans, voice breaking.

"I think you can come again, can't you, my darling."

"I can't-"

"Yes you can. You're young."

"Ohh, fuck. Fucking- fuck."

"Such a dirty little mouth."


"I'm giving you just what you need, Eduardo. Quiet now."

He is stretching Eduardo out with three fingers, now, lube dripping slick hot out of him, and Eduardo cannot do this he can't he will explode, it is hot and wild under his skin, snarling to get out-

He comes again, nearly dry, West milking his cock with one hand, and when he is done he is done, spent and limp.

West lets him lie there, well-fucked and pliant.

But eventually he pushes him gently off his lap, onto shaky sore legs, Eduardo wobbling like a colt.

"Time to go home, darling," he says.

Eduardo sways dumbly. Everything seems foreign, alien, his naked body near-unfamiliar to his own touch, touched and stretched open and fucked hard.

"I- okay," he stumbles, and West hands him something.

After a moment of blank contemplation, Eduardo realizes it is his briefs.

He slips them on, hopping on one leg for a moment, and West steadies him, laughing softly.

"You are really something, Saverin," he says quietly.

Eduardo smiles weakly, reaches for his pants.

When he is dressed, buttoned up in his crumpled clothing, smoothing his shirt nervously, West pulls him close, kisses him thoroughly, stubble-rough mouth rasping against Eduardo's.

"Good night, Mr. Saverin," he murmurs into Eduardo's open mouth. "I have a feeling you'll sleep well, hmm?"

Eduardo tries to kiss him again, eyes closed, breathing him in, and West pushes him away.

"Go home," he says, softly.

Eduardo swallows, licking his lips- turns and goes.

Fuck, it is hard to walk. His thighs ache, deep and satisfying, and his ass hurts. His inside hurts, somehow, but in a good way.

In such a good way.

He pulls his coat tighter around him, biting his swollen lips, confused and cold and satisfied and sore.

Pounds up the steps of Elliott and climbs onto his bed, curls up with a pillow against his chest.

Professor West is right.

He sleeps like the dead.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

God, this is gorgeous. And lap sitting will never get old. Never!!

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5


Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

How in the world have I not seen this filled.
Can I just, HNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. oh why so hot anon? nghhh
and yes lapsitting. lawd.
the world needs more of these Eduardo/hot!older!omc stories. O the glorious angsty porn!

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

:DD thank you so much and i SO agree, i love eduardo with older guys. unf unfity unffffff. so glad you enjoyed!!!

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

I am SO glad that this got filled, this story basically made my day. The use of the word "darling" should not make me react in the way that it does, something's the matter with me. I get way too turned on by stuff like that.

Beautiful work, my dear. Bravo.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

uuugh i didn't know i liked 'darling' so much either, but it is soo so so nasty-hot and fun to write. :D so glad you enjoyed, you are too kind! thank you! <3

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5

"Eduardo, darling," he says from behind him, with a smirk. "There is no God. You're a hungry little capitalist, you know that." HA! Hilarious!

And the rest of it...omg, so so hot. I would have taken all of Professor West's classes.

Re: Eduardo/Other fill 5/5 - ymorton, 2011-10-13 04:35 pm (UTC)(Expand)