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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




IMPORTANT: please DO NOT post prompts about any non-public people as part of a prompt. for example: randi zuckerberg is fine as she is a public figure both on the internet and on facebook itself. priscilla chan is NOT as she is not a public figure.

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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



Eduardo/Mark, sleepy Mark

So, Mark falls asleep on Eduardo. Like, alot. And at first Eduardo might be kind of offended (like, is he really that boring that Mark can stay up coding all night and then play video games with Chris and Dustin for hours, but within minutes of Eduardo sitting next to him he's out like a light?) But then one time when Mark's half asleep he mumbles something appropiately markish and aborable that makes Eduardo realize that Mark always falls asleep on him because he makes him feel all warm and cozy and safe. And then Eduardo's heart explodes from love.

Basically, Eduardo is Mark's teddybear.

fill: i need your bedroom eyes (1/?)

--there is no hope for any sleep if you're not here. i don't even know omg. i keep writing fills for all the sleepy prompts brain what are you doing are you trying to say something here. i have the rest all planned out it just needs to be written; it'll probably be two or three more parts and should be done by tuesday. title from dum dum girls because bedroom eyes is the perfect mate for this prompt/fill

The first time it happens it makes sense; Mark'd been up doing code work on thefacebook for almost twenty hours straight, and after that, he'd been up working on assignments and going to classes for nearly ten hours longer, and then having video game and beer marathons with Chris and Dustin all day the next day. In the past forty-eight hours, he'd had almost no time to sleep - at least, definitely not enough time to get a long enough nap to function properly upon waking up.

So when it's Eduardo's turn to spend time with Mark, when Eduardo finally has enough time off of his own classes and assignments and Phoenix events to stop by their suite to hang out and drops down on the sofa next to Dustin, he understands when Mark seems to be visibly passing out on the spot as soon as he gets up from his computer to make his way to the tv area. Almost the same second he makes contact with the sofa, he's slumping back against the cushions with his eyes sliding shut and his hair a tangled, frizzy mess. He'd probably feel like that too, in a moment of downtime after nearly two entire days of not a single second of true, deep, wonderful sleep.

It's nearly two-thirty a.m. on a Thursday anyway; the tv program playing in the background is shitty and no-one was really paying attention to it, no-one's been drinking enough to have the energy to find a party or play any drinking games, and Chris confiscated and hid all of the video game controllers in the suite after Dustin lost three nights' sleep and spent two hours bent over a toilet bowl throwing up insane amounts of alcohol and redbull consumed during the course of a Halo tournament, so there's really nothing to distract them and keep them up any longer.

Eduardo's fucking tired, too, his brain overworked by algorithms and statistics and his body finally catching up to the long hours spent being tested by the Phoenix and not getting any sleep, either. He barely has the energy to keep his limbs from flopping around inanely, let alone keep up a civilized conversation; he's certainly not got the energy to be offended by Mark's lack of interest in the conversation.

He definitely doesn't have the energy to get up and go back to his own dorm - not like he feels like walking across campus at midnight in the chill of late fall, especially when Mark's suite's heater has finally decided to behave and is now blowing out blessed warm air from somewhere behind the couch, warming the floor under his feet.

Mark's sort of splayed all over him, anyway, and Eduardo doesn't care to spare the energy to push his sleep-heavy octopus body out from where it's glued to his side.

Also, Mark gets cranky when he's woken up unexpectedly, and Eduardo just doesn't want to deal with it right now. He promises to be angry at Mark in the morning for passing out on him instead of skipping video games that day and taking the time to sleep instead, in order to have the energy to hang out now.

Mark's body sort of tilts into Eduardo and his head lands in Eduardo's lap, and Eduardo's hand just sort of finds itself tangling in Mark's curls, fingertips pressing into his scalp. Dustin finds the energy to mumble, "leave you two adorable little lovebirds alone," and push himself off of the couch to slink towards his own bedroom, and Eduardo's brain can't really make sense of what Dustin just said, so he closes his eyes and tilts his head back into the cushion and passes out, instead.


Re: fill: i need your bedroom eyes (1/?)


fill: i need your bedroom eyes (2/?)

yep this might end up being longer than i'd planned because ideas spring ideas man idk also this is starting to be less and less eduardo-being-insulted and more eduardo's-heart-collapsing-under-how-adorable-mark-is but i hope you enjoy it anyway

The second time seems infinitely more insulting and at least a degree more embarrassing, seeing as how it occurs publicly.


Chris tells Eduardo he hasn't seen Mark eat anything with ingredients qualified to be considered nutritionalor filling or even real foodsince Tuesday morning, and it's Thursday night, and he needs Mark to preferably not die of malnutrition anytime in the near future, so he offers to take them all out to dinner at the sushi restaurant downtown because he knows Mark at least enjoys sushi a little bit.

Getting Mark up from where he's stubbornly seated in front of his laptop is an honest struggle, and he says something inane about not wanting to fall asleep at least twice while trying to fight the arms pulling at him and trying to get him to stand, but once he's up his stomach growls and he doesn't seem prepared to throw much of a fit over a free meal, so he grumpily zips up his hoodie and slides on his flip-flops and waits around for someone to shove him in the general direction of the door.

They pile into a cab and Mark is at least half crowded onto his lap the entire time, because Dustin is ridiculous and requires at least 30% arm space on each side at all times, and Mark yawns twice, widely, with his hands shoved into his hoodie pockets and his head pressing what must be uncomfortably into Eduardo's bony shoulder.

He stumbles ungracefully out of the car after Eduardo and then stumbles more than walks to the door of the restaurant and he looks so much like he's about to fall over with each step that Eduardo has to guide him through the tables with an arm around his waist so if he trips over his own feet one more time at least there'll be something solid to stop him from falling into some innocent bystander's lap and/or table.

When they're finally settled into a corner table, Mark is even less stable than he was to begin with, slumping forward into the table with his arms crossed and his face smashed indelicately into them. No matter how many times Eduardo pulls him back up to sit like a normal human being, he finds a new position to be in that does not require much energy: curled by the corner with his head tilted to pillow against the wall; back against the wall and face pressed into the back of the booth; hands bunching into Eduardo's shirt and face tucked into his neck; slanting over the table with his face in his hands. At least 70% of his more comfortable-looking positions include at least one of Eduardo's body parts - at one point, Mark lifts Eduardo's arm and maneuvers it so it's around his back to what can only really be described as snuggle into his ribcage and chest.

He's being surprisingly tactile, considering they're in public, Mark is sober, and that he's probably slept in the past 24 hours according to Dustin's dedicated "watch-to-make-sure-Mark-sleeps-at-least-two-hours-a-day" schedule. For a few absolutely futile moments, he attempts to keep Mark awake by immersing him in conversation, until the only sounds Mark can contribute are yawns and half-mumbles that aren't real words. He arches his back and and rubs his eyes with a loose fist and successfully ends whatever he was trying to say by shoving his face into Eduardo's arm.

When the waitress comes by for their orders, he orders for himself and Mark because Mark is apparently incapable of doing anything, finally settled, legs folded under him and making half-snuffling noises into Eduardo's neck that mean he's probably at least mostly-asleep. It's oddly endearing, until Dustin makes a bunch of cooing sounds and starts mock-planning their wedding.

He asks the waitress to doggy-bag Mark's dinner and then coerces Chris into ensuring Mark eats it later or for breakfast and squeezes Mark's side where his arm is wrapped around him.

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OP - (Anonymous), 2011-10-24 03:57 pm (UTC)(Expand)

fill: i need your bedroom eyes (3a/4?)

yeaaaaaaaaah sorry about the break honestly sometimes i just forget i'm doing something apparently for days at a time. cool. have some more while i wonder what i'm doing with my life. also, again: less mark falling asleep on eduardo while eduardo is trying to hang out with him, more just mark falling asleep on eduardo. hope you can dig it anyway.

The third time feels like he's starting to understand.


Mark is actually attempting sleep when he gets to their suite. Attempting, as in, Chris and Dustin are working to coax him in to attempting sleep, pushing him towards various beds and bed-like surfaces, and he looks close enough to passing out to actually allow it, but not close enough to passing out to actually pass out, still stubborn enough to try to stave off sleep and stay awake for a few more hours.

Until Eduardo arrives, of course. Mark looks across the room to Dustin with his trademark you wouldn't dare scowl on his face, and Dustin smirks back at him - of course he'd dare (although dare to do what, exactly, Eduardo doesn't know, and doesn't know if he wants to know.). Chris stands by Mark from where he had previously been trying to manhandle him through the doorway to Mark's bedroom and tries to look at both of them like he'd rather be somewhere else, but mostly just ends up looking fondly exasperated and somehow amused by their ridiculous antics, and Eduardo looks at them all, incredibly confused and feeling like there are some conversations being had telepathically that he can't understand.

Chris manages a familiar look in his direction, one that confirms his suspicions - one that simultaneously conveys both, yeah, Wardo, you're better off not asking, and go along with whatever Dustin wants you to do and don't say anything, and he tries to get to the couch to put his bag down and figure out just what the fuck is going on, until Mark stops him - paralyzes him, really - in his tracks just by giving him a look.

He should be used to ignoring that look and just rolling his eyes at Mark by now, but Dustin has, somehow, managed to cross the room in three steps flat and get a tight grip around his wrist before he can even process the idea of rolling his eyes, and he's not sure any of the things Dustin's planning right now are going to end well for him. Regardless, he allows himself to be dragged across the room.

"Mark needs to sleep," Dustin says, and he stops in front of Mark's bedroom doorway to give Chris a look which might be a suggestion to make an attempt to manhandle Mark onto the bed. Which, okay, obviously Mark needs to sleep, Mark always needs to sleep, after all, he is the one who makes sure Mark sleeps, but he's really not sure where he fits into this equation, or why Dustin is still holding his wrist. He assumes this is just Dustin being forgetful and tries to maneuver his wrist out of Dustin's hold, and is met with an incredible amount of resistance - obviously Dustin has a reason for this.

"Uh-huh," Eduardo grunts out, and then, "Dustin, let go of my wrist. Dustin." He doesn't really look like he has any plans to let go of his wrist, so Eduardo lets his arm go limp and sighs and asks, "Alright, what do you want me here for?," although it is less a question and more a surrender.

fill: i need your bedroom eyes (3b/4?)

Chris looks like he might want to smile but then thinks better of it and turns to get a hold enough of Mark to spin him towards the bed. He seems to have caught on to what Dustin has planned, and at least two of the four of them are officially on the same page - which is progress enough for Eduardo. Possibly three, actually, which means Wardo may be back in non-telepathy land.

Meanwhile, Chris has managed to strip Mark down to his boxers and get him in a somewhat horizontal position on his bed, and while Eduardo is still not a hundred percent certain what Dustin wants him here for, he has caught on that it somehow involves him getting Mark to sleep. Which, okay, he might get it now - if the last two times Mark has been this exhausted near him is any indication at all, he might be beginning to understand how this is supposed to go down.

Tentatively, he takes two steps toward Mark's bed and Dustin immediately releases his wrist, which he can only assume means he's probably on the right track. Mark makes an adorable noise that begins as a groan and ends in a yawn, rolls over onto his side, and tugs a blanket up around himself.

"Okay," he says, and his whole body sort of melts and he drops ungracefully down on the side of Mark's bed, swings his legs up to sit back against the headboard so that Mark's face is by his hip. It takes a moment, but Mark yawns twice and then squirms closer to him and lifts his head to pillow on his thigh and throws his hand across his lap. It takes another moment before he makes a cute sort of snuffling noise and turns to burrow his face into the space between Eduardo's hip and thigh and inhales deeply.

Mark's knees are kind of bent and if Eduardo slides his right leg a few inches to the right, Mark's knees will be able to lock around his own. He does it almost unconsciously and he's not surprised to find Mark's knees hugging his own a few seconds later; he lifts his hand and finds himself tangling his fingers in Mark's hair, massaging his fingertips against his scalp and down to his neck, pressing his face closer into his lap.

"Your body is a fucking furnace," Mark turns his head to mumble into the hem of his shirt. "I always warm up when you're next to me." It actually - it actually looks like Mark is hiding his face in Eduardo's hip, and his cheek is pink where it's showing, and Eduardo's heart is beating so fast he's sure Mark can feel it.

Eduardo tips his head back and laughs, and says, "Really? It's like twenty degrees in here." And it probably is, because Eduardo can hear Dustin abusing the furnace trying to get it to work - which means it probably hasn't kicked on in about a week; their heater stops working once it reaches approximately thirty-eight degrees out, and it's gotten below that in the past few days alone.

"I didn't exactly say externally," Mark murmurs, and then promptly passes out with his head pushed into Eduardo's lap, and Wardo can't help himself, he sighs fondly at the sight of him and his bare shoulders and he has to actively stop himself from leaning down to kiss Mark's forehead - which might take more effort next time, because he absolutely fails at doing so, this time.


Yeah, he sort of definitely understands now. Possibly. Probably.

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Re: fill: i need your bedroom eyes (3b/4?) - (Anonymous), 2011-11-13 04:25 am (UTC)(Expand)

fill: i need your bedroom eyes (4/5)

apologies for the wait, et cetera. i'm hoping there will be only one more part to this, but knowing me i might end up pushing it up one or two more parts. the next part should be posted later today. thanks for all of your comments, i don't reply to most of them, but do know that they mean a lot to me. i love this fandom ♥

Chris lets Mark get away with going just under three days without sleep, following that.

Eduardo is slightly more wary than is probably due, worried that Mark might become delirious from sleep deprivation if they let it go on any longer. Dustin just doesn't want to have to deal with a cranky Mark, and Chris could care less how many hours per night he does indeed sleep - he just wants to make sure Mark does sleep, because it's getting to be impossible for any of them to be productive study- or other-wise while they're all busy making sure Mark isn't dying; and he doesn't plan on flunking out of Harvard because he's preoccupied with Mark's sleeping habits, of all things.

Somewhere after the sixty-fourth hour, Mark starts writing nonsense into his lines of code, and Chris tries to find some other way for him to fall asleep; he forces him to sit in on a movie night with himself and Dustin, and keeps him between them whilst hoping that maybe one of them will have the same affect as Eduardo on Mark, and that he'll fall asleep on one of them before the end of the first movie.

Needless to say, he's still awake after an hour, and in a fit of frustration on Chris's end, Eduardo is stealthily texted over on the pretense that they just want him to come over and have a beer and sit in on their movie night with them, but they all know it's just so they can get Mark to sleep.

When Eduardo does get there around ten minutes later, he stops by the mini-fridge for a beer, and Dustin scoots toward the arm of the couch to allow room for Eduardo to drop next to Mark. Mark glares daggers in Dustin's direction, but it's kind of thwarted by the fact that his face softens and he yawns half a second later. Which makes them all smile, because there's nothing more adorable than a petulant, sleepy child who ends up falling asleep in the midst of an attempt to be grumpy.

It takes less than seven minutes before Mark's head thunks on Eduardo's shoulder - a feat, considering he's been up almost ten hours longer than last time, and last time he was out faster than that - and another minute before he starts making this soft noise that Chris knows for certain means he'll be out for a good eight hours, maybe twelve. Chris gives Dustin a look that Dustin accepts as his cue to get some pillows to make Eduardo more comfortable; he'll probably end up crashing there, being that, in this state, Mark is absolutely immobile, dead weight against whatever surface he's passed out on - lately, Wardo.

Dustin comes back a few minutes later with Mark's sheet hiding half of his face and two pillows stuffed under his arms and finds Eduardo maneuvering himself and Mark into a more comfortable position, Chris helping where he can - which is to say, not helping much at all.

They end up in a cluster of limbs, Mark curled on his side between Eduardo's splayed thighs, his head on Eduardo's hip, facing his crotch, Eduardo's hand in his hair. Eduardo manages to cram a pillow between Mark's head, and the back of the couch, in an effort to make sure Mark's neck won't break at any point in the night. The sheet ends up more on the floor than on the tangle of their bodies.

He realizes there's a good chance he'll wake up with a stiff back and a stiffer neck, but he's willing to suffer that if it means Mark gets eight hours of sleep for the first time in almost seventy hours. He looks down at Mark's head on his lap and this small, secret smile plays on his lips; it's nice knowing he's responsible for getting Mark to sleep, knowing he's the only one who can get Mark to sleep.

Mark's neck is cool against his fingertips, his breath hot where it puffs through the cotton covering his hip. He falls asleep before he lets himself think that he'd like to fall asleep with Mark curled into, on, around him, all the time.

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fill: i need your bedroom eyes (5a/5b)

a/n: wow so basically i have nothing to say for how long this took, but i really wanted to finish this before the new year. i wanted to make this a little longer but i'm really just half-assing it in a rush so i can be done before i have to start preparing for my evening (which consists of mostly drinking), so i might just post an elongated version of this with a few extra scenes at my journal later. also, fucking awkward character limit. sorry.


Dustin teases Mark about it for an entire week - in which Eduardo had been called over thrice - before Mark decides to try and pull a petulant child act.

He refuses to let Chris or Dustin call for Eduardo, and somehow manages to convince them that he's been sleeping on his own, for at least a few hours a day. His Red Bull consumption has doubled, but he manages to hide that decently enough - enough that he can maintain a level of awareness around them that they assume comes with the sleep he's allegedly been getting, and it's an easy enough act for him to keep up, so long as he lays in his bed with his eyes closed for long enough each day that Dustin believes it, when Dustin is around to watch him sleep - yes, he knows how creepy his friends are, and he has every intention to stop it from happening again in the future.


But it starts getting scary. He gets dizzy a lot more often when he's drinking, even after just a beer or two, and sometimes in the middle of a coding session his whole body will lock up and refuse to work. His sense of time is skewed; he misses entire days of classes on accident because it feels like it's been just a few minutes. He zones out and stares at things for hours at a time without realizing it, and by the time he comes back to himself, he's missed an entire day's worth of quality coding-time.

He starts looking like Death personified, even more-so than usual. Under his eyes are bruised purple-black all the time, his mouth is slack and he hasn't the energy to keep his limbs taut, or to keep any control whatsoever over any of his muscles; it's actually become difficult for him to maintain any control over his body at all -

It gets so that after two weeks, in which he'd slept a mere three hours in total, he's forced to call Eduardo over himself, nearly sobbing with how much he actually wants to sleep, frustrated out of his wits, embarrassed beyond belief that he needs another human being, his best friend, to even be able to sleep anymore.

But Eduardo comes over, and he sleeps for two days straight, and he wakes up warm all over, feeling incredible, and he thinks maybe sleeping with Eduardo in his bed all the time is fucking awesome, and why was he being so stubborn earlier, when he could have this all the time?

It gets a lot easier, after that.


Dustin or Chris will call him, when they think Mark is getting too sleep-deprived; or Mark will take the initiative, after a day or two when he's actually feeling worn-the-fuck-out, feeling that feeling he gets when he just wants to pass out for a couple of hours. Or days.

Sometimes they let him go almost two or three days, when they can tell he's just feeling more awkward about their situation than appreciative of it. Usually they don't let him get away with more than twenty-four hours of no sleep, though, and Eduardo is both still tentative about it but also pretty grateful for them being oddly vehement about it - Mark is his best friend, after all, and he is glad to see Chris and Dustin, and even Mark himself, sometimes, caring for Mark's well-being, when he needs it.

There are still a few days Mark gets too excited about new ideas for thefacebook and gets too caught up in coding to remember to sleep, and he doesn't fight him about it or try to get him to sleep during those times; he knows Mark's really eager to get the site up and running live, is proud of himself and the thing he's created, wants to feel accomplished about it, and Eduardo's not going to try to take that away from him.

fill: i need your bedroom eyes (5b/5b)

Sometime during the second month, in the middle of a coding spree, Mark saves his work and closes out, calls Eduardo, and falls asleep with his head nestled on Eduardo's stomach in the middle of asking Eduardo if it would be okay if he'd just sleep there with him forever.

Eduardo's answer is yes, regardless, even after six months, even after thefacebook has gone live and most of Mark's reasons for not-sleeping have dissipated.

And after a few more months, Sean Parker enters the picture, and Eduardo's still the only thing that can get Mark to sleep, and Eduardo's still sleeping in his bed, in Paolo Alto, a few months later, and Mark thinks he won't have to ask for an answer, won't be asked if maybe he'll be able to sleep without Eduardo yet - it doesn't look like Eduardo's planning on leaving his bed anytime soon, and Mark's not sure he'd be very happy if he did.

Eduardo falls asleep stroking the back of Mark's neck where Mark's curled up at his feet on the couch, and the last thing Mark thinks about is that he'd be happiest if Eduardo never left his bed, never left him.

Re: fill: i need your bedroom eyes (5b/5b) - (Anonymous), 2012-01-01 01:28 am (UTC)(Expand)

minifill - you're soft - 1/1

this is basically a five times fic, with only three times. hooray?

The first time it happens, Eduardo's sort of surprised.

Dustin and Chris are playing a video game, the sounds on low volume.

Mark's been awake for a day or two, and he's been stumbling around for a while, but as soon as Eduardo walked in, sat down, grabbed a beer, Mark's wrapped around him, curling his head into Eduardo's shoulder, asleep.

Eduardo tries not to feel offended, because this is Mark, it's not like he acts any differently around Eduardo than he does anyone else. This is probably normal behavior.

When Chris turns around, he raises an eyebrow at Eduardo, who can only shrug.

Perhaps it's not quite normal, then.

He manages to maneuver it so Mark's head is in his lap, one arm still loosely wrapped around Wardo's waist, head turned into Wardo's stomach, and the noises he's making are sort of criminally adorable.

Eduardo cards a hand through Mark's hair, smiles at the sort of snuffle Mark makes.

He isn't offended at all.


The second time, it's different.

Mark's been coding for hours, and Eduardo's been there for five minutes, sitting on his bed, talking to Mark's back.

Mark turns around, and the screen is dark. His eyelids are drooping, and he stretches, yawning, and - well, he's in college, and still he manages to look like a five-year-old doing that.

(Eduardo's thoughts about Mark are possibly inappropriate. He's only glad Mark can't hear them.)

Mark walks to the bed, steps slow and dragging, and lies down next to Wardo, head on his shoulder. "Good night," he murmurs, slow, and he's asleep in seconds, arm wrapped around Eduardo's waist, breaths deep and even.

And - well, Eduardo wasn't trying to bore Mark, was only trying to talk - and he tries to stamp down the insult, but it doesn't work.

He shifts so Mark's alone on the bed, wrapped around a pillow instead, and kisses his forehead, on a whim, tucking Mark in, careful.

He walks out, and falls asleep on the couch.


The third time, Eduardo can't feel insulted.

The four of them were watching a movie, and now Chris and Dustin are gone. Eduardo's talking, because if he doesn't keep up a stream of senseless chatter, he'll say something silly, something like I'd really like to kiss you.

Mark's head is on his shoulder, and he's curled up against Eduardo, and his breathing's slow. "You're soft," he mumbles, and snuffles, presses his face against Eduardo's shoulder.

Eduardo smiles, and wraps an arm around Mark, kisses the top of his head.

So Mark likes to sleep near him.

He can deal with that.


In the morning, Mark will wake up and Eduardo will be there, warm and soft. Mark will snuggle closer, and rest his head on Eduardo's chest, and Eduardo will wake up, kiss the top of Mark's head.

Mark will smile, and kiss him, properly.

It will be perfect.


Re: minifill - you're soft - 1/1

dsfjknsdkjna anon you are perfect

Re: minifill - you're soft - 1/1

This is perfect. anon, wonderful work <3

Re: minifill - you're soft - 1/1

Awwwwwwww. :D Nice work, Anon.

Re: minifill - you're soft - 1/1

This was adorable! ♥_♥


yay a second fill! I want to hug mark and wardo and you.