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The Social Network: the kink meme!

It's Complicated: But sexy!

zuckonitkinkeme zuckonitkinkeme wrote in tsn_kinkmeme
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sorry about the delay in getting this up! please put all new prompts here.




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have fun!

THERE WILL BE UNMARKED SPOILERS. enter at your own risk! :D


i know you guys are enjoying this meme and i appreciate that but please can you put the SUBJECT HEADER on your prompt. you would REALLY be helping me out if you could do that. it just saves time for me when i'm trying to tag everything in delicious.

AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT repost prompts from parts three, four, five or six over here again. the delicious is around for people to find prompts they may not have already seen. (prompts for parts one and two are now up for reposting.)



[RPF] Andrew/Jesse

Andrew kisses Jesse (all.the.time.) just because he can.

Jesse is talking and then -moophmph- Andrew throws himself onto Jesse in a wild kiss.
Stolen kisses in the bathroom/between interviews/when no one's looking.
Andrew's lips are there and gone so suddenly it takes Jesse a moment to realize Andrew's kissed him.
Surprise kisses!
Being waken up with kisses.

And then that one time Jesse can't resist kissing Andrew.


keep me in your skin, 1/6

or "five times andrew kissed jesse and one time jesse kissed andrew"


It’s the first week of filming, the second week in the studio-rented condo on the outskirts of Boston. It’s a Thursday and filming for the Caribbean night scene is finished, so Andrew has dubbed it Community night in the Eisenberg-Garfield residence.

Or he intended to, but Jesse’s been rambling about god-knows-what for the past fifteen minutes. It started with Andrew, is that such a good idea? My cousin is obsessed with the big-eyed girl who wears a lot of sweaters and I don’t know if I can handle thoughts of him, um… whacking it to her, and now he’s having a full-blown debate with himself on whether he enjoyed The Brothers Karamazov or Notes From the Underground more. Trust Jesse to somehow shift the conversation from Alison Brie to 19th century Russian literature. Andrew isn’t even sure how the transition was made, he just knows that the DVR’s been on pause for a really long time and Jesse’s still insisting on having his friend Emma ship them some books from his apartment so Andrew can “educate himself”.

Jesse may come off as quiet, but get him started on Dostoyevsky and he won’t shut the hell up. That might be why Andrew does what he does next.

Jesse’s mid-sentence (“I mean, Underground is the first existentialist novel, allegedly, but Karamazov is legendary, and I can’t overlook—”) when Andrew lunges forward and captures Jesse’s lips with his own, propping himself up with his hands on either side of Jesse on the armrest he’s leaning on. Jesse inhales audibly, but he’s stiff beneath him and Andrew realizes oh god what did I just do no Andrew bad Andrew you’re an idiot Andrew you need to build a space shuttle and fly to another galaxy and stay there for the rest of your life oh god oh no why.

Andrew jumps back abruptly, coughing though there’s nothing in his throat, and retreating to the complete opposite side of the couch with his head ducked low. He feels like punching himself in the face before his agent or maybe Jesse does, because it would be even more of a knock to his ego if he not only weirded out the adorable co-star he’s been crushing on since he showed up to the table reading with bedhead, but also suffered actual physical pain as a result.

He stops thinking, though, when a warm weight presses against his side and he looks over to see that Jesse has crawled across the cushion that separated them and is now cautiously laying against the curled-up ball of his body. Andrew blinks a few times before smiling gently and reaching an arm out to wind around Jesse’s narrow shoulders. The room is quiet, so he finally clicks play on the DVR.

If kissing Jesse gets him to shut up, maybe he should never stop talking.

keep me in your skin, 2/6

aka the one with shameless celebrity cameos!


Press and promotion are always the worst parts of being in a film for Andrew. He’s fine with the acting, the grueling physical and emotional stress it puts him through—he can work with that, but it’s the interviews and the appearances that make him want to disappear off of the face of the planet. He’s already stuttered his way through countless web interviews and he’s got a Jimmy Fallon appearance coming up, which is fine, but he doesn’t see why he has to be dragged along to the VMA’s to introduce that one guy who played Jimmy on Degrassi and is now apparently a rapper when he’s never even met the dude and probably 93 percent of the crowd has no idea who he is.

He brushes past Jay-Z and Kanye West on the way to the bathroom and yeah, okay, that definitely just happened, and Chris Colfer smiles at him from the next sink over when he splashes his face with water before slipping back out, leaving Andrew alone in the bathroom until the door creaks open again. Andrew sighs lightly, preparing himself for yet another A-list celebrity who doesn’t have the slightest clue who he is, and he’s relieved to see Jesse in the doorway, looking as nervous and rumpled as he does.

“Hi,” Jesse says, crossing the room to brush his fingers up the sleeve of Andrew’s jacket reassuringly. “You disappeared and Emma told Kim Kardashian that you’re actually Spiderman. I think she believed it.”

Andrew barely lets himself laugh before he tugs Jesse close by the hem of his dark blue button-down and crushes their lips together feverishly. He’s all limbs and nervous energy, grabbing at Jesse’s shirt and shoving a knee between his legs once he’s got him pinned against the wall. His hands fly to Jesse’s zipper before the other nudges them away with a chuckle.

“Not in public,” Jesse sighs, taking Andrew’s hands. Andrew obliges, mostly because the stress of the world “public” maybe means that there will be some fun to be had when they’re out of the public. He lifts Jesse’s fist to his mouth, playfully biting at the index finger and kissing the knuckle right as the damned bathroom door opens again and reveals Justin, eyebrows raised.

“Dudes, if you’re done making out, we’re on in ten.”

keep me in your skin, 3/6


Okay, so Andrew feels bad.

Sorkin’s been talking for, like, four minutes about sociology and technicalities about the film and he hasn’t heard a word of it because to his right, Jesse is cracking joke after joke and Andrew can’t keep a straight face to save his life. It doesn’t help that Jesse’s curls are mussed and he’s wearing that ridiculous pink shirt that makes his skin glow and ugh, his boyfriend is so cute it’s seriously so, so stupid and he just wants to kiss him all the time but he can’t, not in public and certainly not in the middle of a press conference.

Not to say that the location’s stopping Jesse from affectionately squeezing Andrew’s hand and thigh and knee under the table. Or leaning over to whisper silly things in his ear just to get him laughing again. The fucker.

Justin’s glaring at them beneath his glasses from Sorkin’s other side, signaling for them to shut the hell up, but Jesse grins mischievously and keeps on saying ridiculous things about Justin’s endless supply of waistcoats in Andrew’s ear. (“Promise me when we’re done tonight, we raid Justin’s hotel room and give all his vests to random passersby.” “I—what? Yeah, I promise. I promise!”)

When Sorkin finishes up his ages-long answer, the next reporter asks Justin how his background in the music industry influenced his portrayal of Sean and Justin tries to be deep with his answer, but nothing he says can be taken seriously ever, Jesse reasons, because he’s Justin Timberlake, for crying out loud— he sang Dick in a Box.

He’s laughing so ridiculously hard, and Andrew physically cannot handle sitting next to Jesse without kissing him anymore, so he leans over, just as Jesse’s been doing for the entire conference, and pretends to be whispering something in his ear when, in actuality, he’s got his lips pressed to the soft skin next to Jesse’s cheek. His skin’s smooth and warm, even more so once he realizes what Andrew’s doing.

“I hate you,” Jesse whispers lightly when Andrew pulls back, smugly smiling as he dumps the rest of his water bottle into the glass in front of him.

keep me in your skin, 4/6


Jesse is literally the cutest sleeper in the world. He resembles a kitten, curled up in a ball with his cheek pressed to Andrew’s chest and his arm sprawled out across his stomach. Andrew swears up and down that the happy little noises he makes when he’s having a good dream are actually little catlike mewls.

It’s late November and press has come and gone, and there are still a couple of weeks before Andrew’s needed in Los Angeles to start filming as Spider-Man, so he and Jesse are living in their last moments in safe little domestic bubble of Jesse’s Chelsea apartment. It’s nothing like his new place in L.A. or back home in London, Andrew thinks, but there’s something wonderfully homey about the musky heated air, the creak of the old wooden floorboards, and the cat hair that litters literally every mildly adhesive surface of Jesse’s home.

Andrew loves it. He loves Jesse and the routines they’ve fallen into in the past year of dating each other, the habits they’ve picked up on, the way Jesse sleeps like a feline and watches Andrew with hazy blue eyes while he waits to fully awaken.

“Hi,” Jesse mumbles into Andrew’s bare chest, voice thick and heavy with sleep. He rubs at his eye with a lazy fist, but closes his eyes again and curls back into Andrew’s side.

Andrew thinks, in that moment, he’s never loved anything more than he loves Jesse.

He shuffles his body so he’s eye-level with Jesse, both of them laying on their sides with their arms wrapped around the other’s waist. Jesse’s eyes are still closed when Andrew slides in closer, touches his lips to the tiny smile on Jesse’s face. Jesse maneuvers his lips lazily until Andrew’s trail closer to the corner of his mouth, across his cheek until he nips at the stubbled skin of Jesse’s jawline and chin and he giggles like a child. Andrew pulls away and kisses his nose gently before burying his face in Jesse’s neck.

keep me in your skin, 5/6


It’s inevitable. They’ve known the day was coming for a long time now, but it doesn’t make it suck any less.

The Oscars have come and gone. Jesse didn’t win, and he’s strangely really content with that. The film lost Best Picture as well, and Andrew’s a little more than mildly disappointed, but he’d never show it. He’s trying to keep a brave face, trying to smile even though he feels like his world is falling apart around him, and not just because of a few lost awards.

It’s saying goodbye to Jesse that’s got him so down.

He’s known it was coming for a month now, that once all the festivities and fanfare were done, Jesse would be back on a plane to New York and he’d be staying in L.A. with Emma to finish filming. They wouldn’t be in a hotel room together for days on end, waking up to the other’s soft breathing and dreamy smile.

Andrew doesn’t like to think about the fact that the end of Awards Season means the end of his relationship with Jesse.

It’s the best idea for both of them, because Jesse’s got a new film to promote and Andrew’s dealing with all of the attention that comes from playing one of America’s favorite superheroes. Sure, it makes a hell of a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less that their agents are urging them to essentially break up.

“Jess?” Andrew says cautiously as he slips into the bedroom of the hotel suite. Jesse’s been packing his things up for what seems like an hour, but when Andrew’s eyes fall upon him, he’s not packing but staring out the window with tear-filled eyes.

“Love,” Andrew all but gasps, crossing over to sit by Jesse’s side on the bed and pull his arms around him. He can feel the tears burn the backs of his eyes but he wills himself not to cry, to stay strong for Jesse. Jesse crumbles into his body, mumbling about how nothing is fair and maybe he should just miss his flight and quit his job and become a pizza delivery boy or something.

“Jesse,” Andrew begins, lifting Jesse from his side and holding either side of his face in his palms. “I love you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, and I know for a fact that I never will. And yeah, this is shitty – god, it’s so fucking shitty that this has to happen – but one day, I’ll see you again and, hey, maybe things will work out better for us.” Jesse inhales and closes his eyes, blinking tears down his face. “You’re going to be so successful, Jess. I can only hope that in the future, you’ll still remember me. And it’ll work out. It will. I promise you.”

Jesse doesn’t say anything and he doesn’t need to. Andrew’s thumbs brush up his cheeks, drying up any tears that are lingering, and kisses him slowly, tenderly.

He just hopes this isn’t the last time he gets to.

keep me in your skin, 6/6


Jesse wakes up to an envelope waiting for him by the front door, hastily shoved through the mail slot. It’s pretty nice, as far as envelopes go, but he doesn’t think much of it until he opens it up to find a ticket with an attached Post-It note.

be my date? you don’t even have to put out ♥ emma, the note reads, stuck hastily to a ticket to the premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man. Jesse knows exactly what she’s doing, he’s gotten the million text messages she’s sent (garfield has been pouting nonstop for 3 months wtf and his spidey senses are tingling for u and once are u kidding me? he’s gayer than richard simmons and rupaul skipping thru a field listening to cher when Jesse asked if the paparazzi rumors of a Garfield-Stone romance were true), and there’s no way he’s going to the premiere to stare longingly at Andrew.

…Except that’s where he ends up on a warm night in July, practically pulled down the red carpet by Emma, who’s dressed to the nines in some ridiculous designer dress and… oh god, is she really—no she can’t be, why would she—

Yeah, no, she’s totally dragging him to Andrew. And Jesse’s stomach is doing ridiculous flips because, even though it’s been more than a year since they broke up, his feelings for Andrew have never wavered. He still feels the heat rise to his face when Andrew’s eyes catch his and positively light up, bringing the deep brown to life. He cuts his interview with the red carpet reporter short and bounds over to where Emma’s smiling smugly and Jesse is resembling a deer in the headlights.

“Jesse,” Andrew says so softly that Jesse can barely hear him over the roar of the press. He squeezes Jesse into a hug, completely unashamed. “You made it, I can’t believe you made it. I miss you.”

Jesse mumbles a weak “you have no idea how much I’ve missed you” against his neck and takes in the familiar scent of cologne and hair product and Andrew, still the same after all these months. Andrew lets him go slightly, now just holding his arms gently, smiling.

“You look incredible, Jess,” he tells him. Jesse doesn’t agree in the slightest: he may have worked out a little bit for Now You See Me, but he’s still gawky and skinny and pale. Andrew’s the one who’s a sight for sore eyes, all tan and angular with his first few shirt buttons undone and showing off a muscled chest.

He’s absolutely gorgeous, and God, how has Jesse managed without him? He’s about to say something when Andrew blurts it, the phrase he’s been dying to hear for the longest time.

“I love you, Jesse Eisenberg.”

Jesse doesn’t even bother with words. He pushes himself up onto his toes and thinks have fun with this, publicists before wrapping his arms around Andrew’s neck and slowly, gently lowering his lips onto Andrew’s. There’s a moment of shock before Andrew’s lips move perfectly in sync with his, just like they used to before everything happened.

And that’s the thing, it’s almost like none of it did because Jesse’s remembering every little thing like it was yesterday: the way Andrew smiles into the kiss, how he squeezes around his waist and lifts him a couple of inches in the air, off of his feet. It’s all so wonderful and familiar.

…Minus the paparazzi, who, when the kiss breaks, are going absolutely batshit. Emma’s doing her best to say absolutely absurd things to reporters draw some of the attention away, but there’s not an eye on the red carpet that’s not fixed on the sheepish-looking men still halfway holding each other. Security quickly whisks them away into the theater and Andrew can’t stop giggling the entire time.

“Sorry,” Jesse mumbles. “I, um… missed you.”

“Nonsense. This is going to be fun to explain,” Andrew chuckles without even a hint of sarcasm, pulling an arm around Jesse’s waist. He nuzzles his nose into Jesse’s tamed curls and touches his lips to his temple.

And yeah, okay, it’ll be excruciatingly nerve-wracking and there will be consequences, but maybe it’ll be a little bit fun too, if it means that Andrew can kiss him like this all the time.

i have almost anon-failed every reply, my god.
but eee i hope this is what you wanted! :3

Re: keep me in your skin, 6/6


OH MY GOD AUTHOR!ANON YOU ARE PERFECTION. HAVE YOU WRITTEN ANYTHING ELSE? THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY SUPERB AND I CANNOT...argh, I cannot! I. just. .. I was squealing half the time and literally could not read because I was crying and laughing too much. I'm not even kidding.

THANK-YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS OH GOD. I am printing it out RIGHT NOW and am going to keep it forever and ever and yay kisses and holy shit I cannot breathe from reacting too much and thank-you.

Re: keep me in your skin, 6/6

AHHHH I LOVE YOU RIGHT BACK. i haven't written much for this fandom, but i have a princess diaries au (http://tsn-kinkmeme.livejournal.com/9415.html?thread=18993863#t18993863) that is very much a wip and a fluffy hair-playing short fill from a few weeks ago that i think i've accidentally deleted from my bookmarks. :x

Re: keep me in your skin, 6/6

Adorable! <3

Re: keep me in your skin, 6/6

*flails* This is so. cute. I can't stop smiling. I love how you wrote them. and yay, Emma ♥ Matchmaker!Emma is my favorite!. Great fic, author!anon.

Re: keep me in your skin, 6/6