zuckonitkinkeme (zuckonitkinkeme) wrote in tsn_kinkmeme,

{mod post} hand-over

i don't think it's a secret that i kind of suck at being a mod lately. the meme deserves better and i know it does. i just want to apologise because rl has been kind of ridiculous for me lately and i've had to back out of a lot of stuff.

i'm making this post to put it out there; i need someone to take the meme off of my hands. obviously, i'll be speaking with my co-mod about this through emails but i just wanted to know what interest there was.

i don't think it's a surprise that thisissirius is my rl!journal. i'm just - if you'v friended me, you know i've been having a hard time lately and i need to take a step back from this meme. SO.

if you want to take it over, please email sissi.cakes@gmail.com and let me know if you have the time and/or want to take on the commitment of a full time kink meme.

you guys all know delicious has never quite been up to speed so it's going to need a real kick to get it up to date. i have all the info/email accounts etc and i'll be tidying all of them up for the hand-over but i really think i need to do this.

i would like to keep my account and still help out on the meme, i just think it needs a more active mod, so.

thank you for everything. i've tried my best to keep this place a friendly and awesome please with little wank and i hope i succeeded for the most part. i love everyone in this bar ♥
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